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16 September 2015 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

16 September 2015 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Present: Dave Deddens, Chairman, Jim Helms, John Rahe, Jim Deaton, Randy Lyness
ABSENT AS USUAL- Dusty Burress (non- voting school board member)

Randy Maxwell was present for the executive session only. Jason Semler of Umbaugh and Associates was in it also but stayed for the main meeting too. Main meeting started late. Several large boxes marked Apple Cinnamon were pushed into a closet at the end of the executive session and prior to the main meeting starting. At least three of the boxes were carried out later by the DCRC attorney and two DCRC members to their cars. [NOTE: See the following story for more information: 

Also present: Terri Randall, county administrator and economic development director, Andrea Ewan, attorney, Sue Hayden, minute taker.
ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and DCRC treasurer.

VERIFICATION OF EXECUTIVE SESSION DISCUSSION- the members verified that they only discussed the types of items listed on their public notice. 
ACTION OF EXECUTIVE SESSION- approved for Randall to offer incentives discussed in the executive session to the company discussed in the executive session.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES- July 9th minutes approved

Update on meeting with businesses on Randall Avenue- Randall asked rate to take about it. He said Randall was going to get the cost of the land and she said she will get that done this week- to see if they will sell just a parcel of the entire piece. Randall took over and said they also discussed the sign and made it clear we would help with it- but the management and updates to it would be their responsibility from there on. They were happy we were out there to discuss the sign and growing the industrial park. She will have that for next meeting. Rate said he was asked dot check with McIntosh about that sign. They had an oral agreement with the owner about the sign. The family had some issues with it originally but with the new owners they have been more inclined to work with us. The industrial park owners want to get a whole new sign. Ewan told them that the hotel is one Patel owner and the sign plot is another. Once we get it we can go to Planning Dept to see what we need to do per Randall. 

Claims from ED Research Grant approved- Oren Turner’s pay was approved thru the end of the year. His contract is for a year, but we can use him as long as we have the funds- $100,000 fund is being used for some more items per Randall. $51,000 left in that. She said we just don’t have him after that or figure out something then. 
Regular claims approved.
Workforce development conference in INDY was well attended- was able to make new contacts. $227.00 was Randall’s cost to attend.
Financials reviewed- Pennington was not here- but Randall said nothing much has changed from last month.

Jason Semler- Umbaugh and Associates- TIF reports were due and Randall said she wanted Jason to come in and talk about the TIFs. 
Semler introduced himself. They do TIF feasibilities and bonds. They also work with over half the counties in the states in 360 TIF areas. TIF neutralization worksheets that adjust the base value of each of the TIF areas.You need the base to see what the increases are based against. There are annual adjustments based on the tax assessments. When the assessed values go down these bases will also. And also when they go up. The auditor’s office is responsible for this. You want to check on this to be sure we get what is due. There are due dates like July 1 for pass throughs. We can run numbers for you for these prospects for you. In TIF areas you have to be sure with parcel splits that the TIF area goes with it to get the funds. Residential parcels can be in TIFs- but that can cost you and they can’t help you now with the new laws.It doesn’t hurt to have GIS to check all these parcels. 

Randall said with the West Harrison TIF changes and also Aurora TIF, we need to look at this. We are starting to get people looking at property for sale. We have to have something to market. Businesses aren't going to go in unless the parcels are ready. Maybe there are some things that don’t belong in the TIF now because things have changed. People just went out there and drew some lines. We can see that it won’t be developed. It’s about adding parcels and taking some off. They shouldn’t TIF something until you are ready to develop. Umbaugh can help us.They will get us a baseline and see what we have. Jan 1st you have to have things done before the end of 2015. 

Rahe said the county does not get hurt when it is not developed in the TIF. We need to be sure we are getting all the money we can from each TIF. 

Randall said that will help her when we actually go to market these properties. I think we can do more- people are finding out about us. 
Rahe said by the way what about the 22 acres we were considering. 

Semler said to go back to their legal description and compare those GIS properties with the auditor’s office.Then also amend plans to weed out or add parcels. Someone should be looking at TIF for that 22 acres we have been discussing. 

Board authorized Umbaugh to do a TIF review. No mention of the cost. Jason Semler wants GIS to do the parcels to push down his workload and the cost to DCRC.    
[NOTE: Do his ( Umbaugh's) numbers count or do the Auditor’s?]   



Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sangamaw Road Open and Bridge #9 Pictures

Bridge #9 is complete and Sangamaw Road is open.

Todd Listerman, Dearborn County Engineer

15 September 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

15 September 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

Zone map Amendment- Tootles Trust/Maxwell - tabled until the survey is prepared- probably for first meeting in October per Baudendistel.

Planning and Zoning: Mark McCormack- Zone Map Amendment Request - owned by Richard and Rita Renck. 12.9 acres ( now 12.11acres) in Kelso Township on Hyland and SR1 area. Request to be rezoned to B-2 for storage units. Remaining acreage will remain Ag. Voluntarily removed 14 and 25 as uses in a written commitment. 15 letters were sent out and 14 were returned as received. McCormack went over the presentation as given at the PC- see that August meeting for details previously posted on this blog. There are already storage units on this property. This will increase that use. 242 units proposed as part of the addition. He also gave them the 5 criteria for  zone change. 
Dennis Kraus, Jr. surveyor for this request. Asked if they had any questions. He said they asked for B-2 because as B-1 they would have had to go thru BZA as a conditional use. The majority of the extension is in a wooded area and there is  fence.
Commissioners approved with NO discussion and no statement showing why they believed it met the 5 criteria. They also signed  the written commitments that the Rencks had also signed at Baudendistel's request.

Business Property Lease- City of Aurora and Extension Office- Increase is to $18,000/year. Baudendistel said they have  three year lease and they may discuss putting them in the basement of the annex per some Council members. Commissioners approved Shane McHenry to sign the lease. Aurora does want to keep Purdue extension in Aurora. 

Supplemental Insurance Information from BOST Benefits Corp- Katie Miracle- passed out material. Mike Kraemer introduced her to the county she said. They specialize in voluntary benefits. She said they can reduce some costs and improve the underwriting. They market several products. They also communicate the benefits to their employees. This frees up HR dept. She says they can save 40% on short term disability benefits. Currently AFLAC is the carrier. Want to get a group plan to get these savings. Also can use Tele-Doc. (Correction- Teladoc) This prevents having to go see their own primary care physician. They also can do all forms for ACA- Affordable Care Act and have electronic signatures for that too. To utilize computer for many services sets up a program for a cost of $5-7/month for each employee each month. Switzerland County is her first client in IN. They have Vandalia and Xenia in Ohio. Commissioners took the info under advisement.

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- GIS perpetuation fund has $9,200 and it hasn’t been accessed for a while. She checked to see what purposes that money could be used for. They can use it for a license $4,950 to PSRI for ARC GIS license and annual maintenance fee of about $1200/year. Andrea Shuter took the lead on this per Randall. There are certain safeguards in the agreement as to the uses for this info. Approved by Commissioners.

Randall said when we got additional EMA funding, they had incentive payments for groups making all their runs. It’s been challenging to get more volunteers and the course is now $1200. The county pays $400 of that. Feedback is that it needs to be centralized. They want an emergency services website to consolidate. They can keep their own individual website. They want to see if the fire chiefs also want to participate. This will help for recruitment, Contract with Bill Beinkemper Creative who works for L-bg and Convention and Tourism Bureau for $15,825 to build and host the site. The group wanted REAL people on the website and talking about it themselves. Create a short video to speak to what it means to be EMS in the county- about 2-3 minutes. DCH is likely to offer a first responder class for $500 to see if people want to go further after that. She researched a lot of county and videos. Most counties have a page to be able to access this info. Marketing will go on too. They need to put in parameters for the scope of work, but make it adaptable. 
Lynch said he knows Bill Beinkemper and they have worked with Greendale. McHenry said he has had experience with him too and was satisfied with how that came out. Approved by Commissioners. 

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Claims and Minutes of Sept 1 meeting approved.

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- nothing

Art Little- almost fall- looking forward to it.

Kevin Lynch- Thank all department heads and trying to make us more business friendly. Also wanted to thank everyone in the county who participated in the OKI luncheon. The community really came out in support and hope to have it there at the event center next year also.

Kathy Scott- asked why our meetings are at this time, when you say you want to have more people here? Maybe try to have it next year at a time that is open for people who work to get here. Maybe 6:30.
McHenry said he never gets any calls complaining about this. He said he bets if he moved it to 7 PM they might get 5 more people a year. Lynch said that he thinks they should maybe think about it. McHenry agreed.
She also asked them to think hard about Tele-Doc- and the potential for issues with care being missed as people cover up problems and are seen over the phone and not having the same doctor etc. Liability too.
She asked if Commissioners get health insurance- answer- Yes
She asked about paramedics vs EMTs. They weren’t sure about who had the paramedics- probably Lawrenceburg. Hoping to get paramedics. Dual training would be preferable. Lynch said that cross training is the trend with firemen having emt training.  


Meeting Adjourned at 6:03 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, September 14, 2015


September 16, 2015
9:30 a.m., 3rd Floor Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


Call to order

Verification of Information Discussed in Executive Session

Action of Executive Session 

Approval of Minutes
July 9, 2015 Meeting 

Unfinished Business
  1.  Update on Meeting w/Businesses on Randall Ave.

Claims & Financials
1.  Approval of Claims for ED Research Grant
2.  Approval of Regular Claims
3.  Review of Financials

New Business
1.  Jason Semler – Umbaugh

Economic Development Officer’s Report

Attorney’s Report
Other Business


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AGENDA Sept 15th Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 
5:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1.  Zone Map Amendment Request - Tootles Trust 

1.  Planning & Zoning – Mark McCormack
a)  Zone Map Amendment Request
b)  Ordinance to Change Zoning Classification

2.  Business Property Lease – City of Aurora / Extension Office

3.  Supplemental Insurance Information from BOST Benefits Corp - Katie Miracle 

V. ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall
VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1.  Claims/Minutes

VII. ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel




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DC Redevelopment Commission Executive Session Time Change Notice


Executive Session

The Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission

will hold an Executive Session on

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.



The purpose is to discuss interviews and negotiations with

industrial or commercial prospects or agents of industrial or

commercial prospects by the Indiana economic development

corporation, the office of tourism development, the Indiana

finance authority, an economic development commission, a

local economic development organization (as defined in IC 5-

28-11-2(3)), or a governing body of a political subdivision.

This is classified confidential by state and federal statute:

IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b) (4)

And also for the purposes of discussing strategy with the respect

to the purchase or lease of real property by the governing body

up to the time a contract or option to purchase or lease is

executed by the parties.

This is classified confidential by state and federal statute:

IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b) (2) (D)

These meetings will take place at the

Dearborn County Administration Building, 3rd Floor

Commissioners Room,

215 B West High Street,

Lawrenceburg, IN  47025

The Catch Phrases of a Political Sham

The Catch Phrases
Of a Political Sham

by Ryan Cummins

My experience on a city council, in business and as a taxpayer tells me to beware when the government action being proposed is “for the public safety,” “for the kids” or “for economic development.” When you hear those words, grab your wallet and hold close your liberty; there is a hidden agenda.

Another dependable “tell” that your elected representative is gambling with your future is when, in the midst of a budgetary crisis, he proposes incidental cutbacks such as in office supplies, cell-phone use, take-home cars and the like. You can be sure that if the councilman understands your city’s predicament he doesn't plan on doing anything about it.

My hometown newspaper the other day carried comments that a councilman was “concerned” about the city budget and urging “fiscal responsibility.” This same fellow had voted yes to every salary ordinance and budget increase for two decades.

Fiscal responsibility? Many have no earthly idea what it might mean. In any case, it is the job of journalists to hold politicians accountable on a day-to-day basis. The rest of us need to get to work delineating the principles of sound governance long term.

To begin with the obvious, voters deserve to know what principles guide those they elect to office, what he or she will do when the time comes to raise a hand yes or no. Otherwise, democracy is a sham exercise. Meaningless are vague references to a “common good,” “Hoosier values,” “working in the best interests of the people.”

There are four principles that I would look for:  limited government, free markets, property rights and individual responsibility. Let me offer my definitions:

1. Limited Government — Holding a government (at any level) to only the protection of life, liberty and property. Stated differently, it means that any government is only legitimate and can only claim to operate at the consent of the governed if it can only legally, ethically, morally and righteously do the things that an individual can also do legally, ethically, morally and righteously.

2. Free Markets — The free and voluntary exchange between one person or group of persons and another is where our needs will be most efficiently and effectively met.  

3. Property Rights — That every person has a fundamental human right, which cannot be legitimately violated by the state, in the fruits of the labor and in themselves as a human being.

4. Individual Responsibility — I am responsible to meet my needs and the needs of all those for whom I voluntarily choose to be responsible. That is my family first and then my neighbors.  

It is my experience that the these principles are most likely to be violated in the name of economic development. There is nothing that happens when a person is elected or appointed that transforms him or her into an economic superhero. Again, a person is elected only to act as an agent for the individual citizen to ensure that government operates to protect their life, liberty and property.  

When an elected official goes beyond that, then always and everywhere the result is ultimately destructive. Jobs are lost, opportunity is reduced, and wealth and property are compromised or destroyed — regardless of intentions, 

Citizens don’t depend on the mayor, commissioner or economic-development director to find projects in which to invest tax dollars. We never do that. When a parking garage, apartment building, convention center, stadium, industrial building is not built, it is not a failure of civic vision. Quite the contrary, it is because citizens, entrepreneurs, investors and businesses have weighed the pros and cons and decided that this isn’t the best use of their money and property at the time.

Once more, limited government, free markets, property rights, individual responsibility, freedom and liberty stand with the individual citizen when such decisions are made. We need to keep it that way.
Maj. Ryan Cummins, an adjunct scholar of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation and the owner of a family business, is past chairman of the appropriations committee of the Terre Haute Common Council. This is based on his presentation to the summer seminar of the foundation.

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1 September 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

1 September 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
ABSENT: Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

Brief moment of silence for the passing of Bill Ewan, former attorney, and Ruth Ann Batta, long time art teacher in the county.

Zone Map Amendment Request- Tootles Trust/Maxwell- Tabled

Harrison EMS Contract- Chief William Hursong- found that people are using more EMS in the past 2 years. Some are in worse shape too. Proposed two different options- a one year and a three year contract. The three year has a 30 day out clause and a $10,000 savings over the three year period with compounded interest- per Randall. We wont’t be in any shape to take that over in three years. Year 1 is $109,640 year 2 is  $111,836 and year 3 is $114,073. Approved.

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer:
Railroad Agreement for Bridge #138 Bonnell Road- by Burzelbach Road. Because the bridge goes over a drainage creek and a part of a driveway. Needed a temporary crossing for RR and this agreement provides that with Central RR of Indiana. The owner wants to have the temp become permanent but RR says the old one is to be kept. That puts the driveway back where it was for the past 50 years. Baudendistel said that they looked at other options for a way out. None were feasible. It would be up to the owner to deal with RR on this. ( Not likely to be successful- even the county can’t get them to agree) This is the worst bridge in the county. If not replaced it would close Bonnell per Listerman. Approved for the RR agreement above.  

Tri-Township Utility Relocation Agreement- Reimbursable agreement for the Stateline Road widening project for $415,383.77. They have bids and the total cost is $355,737.50, so the cost is less than what the agreement is for. The NTE is the original amount- but they are looking to have it less than that barring any contingencies. Savings could be about $60,000 to the county. Approved. 
Water line should be in the week of Sept 14 and Cincinnati Bell also in then. Then when work is complete- bids in Nov-Dec and awards in Dec-Jan. Hope to have project start in the spring. It started in 1999 and now we are finally getting it done. Listerman thanked Art Little for helping get the utilities used to getting things done.

Holiday Calendar for 2016- approved. Judy Smith had called in to get the calendar so Judges could set their schedules per Baudendistel.

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- Interlocal agreement for $2500 for dispatch for 911 for West Harrison. Still waiting on Moores Hill and St. Leon. Baudendistel will contact John Watson- the attorney for both of those towns. Approved West Harrison agreement. 
During Budget hearings- several items were moved to Commissioners budget- such as fuel etc and also point them to read the entire email on that. There was also discussion on the lobbyist and no longer have Lewes and Kappes represent the county. Just keep Barnes and Thornburg. Council wants to be included in all emails from lobbyist and can sitting on all conference calls with them.

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Claims approved. Minutes of the August 18th meeting approved. 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- $10,000 rent and $5,000 for utilities. Increase to $18,000 total for 3 years with 120 day opt out period for Purdue Extension. That agreement will be ready for the next meeting. 

Shane McHenry- attended the ground breaker for the IVY Tech Advanced Manufacturing LAB- eye opening to hear about all the gap in training needed in the county for manufacturing. This helps people wanting to change jobs or restart careers too. Great idea to partner with IVY Tech, this will give us a leg up on our competition. It will help get business here.
At Little agreed. 



Meeting Adjourned at 9:03AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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Ruth Ann Batta Obituary

Ruth Ann Batta Obituary

Andres Wuestefeld Funeral Home in charge of arrangements:

Visitation Monday, August 31, 2015 Parish Life Center, St. Leon, IN 4:00- ­8:00 Services Tuesday, September 1, 2015 St. Joseph Church St. Leon, IN 10:00

Friday, August 28, 2015

Agenda Sept 1 Morning Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 
8:30 a.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1.  Zone Map Amendment Request - Tootles Trust 

1.  Harrison EMS Contract – Chief William Hursong

2.  Highway Engineer – Todd Listerman
1.  Railroad Agreement for Bridge #138, Bonnell Road

2.  Tri-Township Utility Relocation Agreement

3.  2016 Holiday Calendar

V. ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall
VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1.  Claims/Minutes

VII. ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel




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A second Sampling of County Council Budget Hearing Notes from 27 August 2015

27 August 2015 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Randy Lyness, President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich. 
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Leah Bailey, Comptroller and Connie Fromhold for a while.

I came in at 9:30 AM while Council was finishing up with the County Clerk, Rick Probst

Clerk of Courts - Rick Probst- voting costs seem to be up significantly. Council tried to cut education and training- but that was JUST for poll workers and Probst said it was down to the penny. The poll workers need to be trained annually- as some are new and some have been off a year and need reminder training. Council made some cuts with the expectation that Probst will have to be back for extra later.

Sheriff Dept- Mike Krienhop and his “posse”- the jail matron ( Jo) , Jack Prarat, and John Lee (?). Addressed $100,000 for inmate meals that was an additional over 2015 budget. Meals run about $400,000 a year. So far they have spent $242,000. Inmate population has decreased. People have been able to make their bonds. Averaged 280 and now averaged about 250 inmates. Ullrich said the judges are trying to make the bond affordable. Morris moved and Brandt 2nd to approve $100,000 out of Riverboat Revenue for inmate meals for the rest of 2015. 

Lansing asked about the salary change- and Kreinhop said it was the law- but he didn’t ask for it last year so he personally saved the county $30,000. They are expecting an employee to retire next month- an evidence technician ( Ed Lewis). If the new deputy is hired- then the evidence technician can be deleted. 2007- had 30 sworn deputies. Presently we are at 28 sworn deputies. Average deputies for 50,000 population counties is 35 deputies. Kraus said the Personnel Advisory Committee did not recommend adding an extra post. If we aren’t going to listen the PAC then why have it? Council did want to keep listening to PAC advice. Kreinhop later talked about being short on deputy and Kraus said essentially that he still stands by the PAC decision. 

Lansing asked if the jail would need more officers too. Kreinhop said yes , he is asking for more there too. Ullrich backed up that need plus said they have their own in- house lab now so they hope to speed up evidence analysis. They won’t have to get experts from INDY to testify then. Big discussion on the number of deputies going down. Jack Prarat got up and said that we are doing our part and getting grants for the lab etc. Trying to find money to offset these things. They have an incinerator to get rid of the evidence and drugs. We have to have that. Police pension was discussed. The county is listed at 92% GOOD in funding the pension of all the 92 counties. They set the range of funding for the pension as $244,182 this year. 

The PAC Committee said they wanted to see the additional money for the tech officer to go for an additional jail officer. The actual minutes were read out by Dennis Kraus. Kreinhop kept up the pressure trying to get the extra deputy. He has a nice balanced schedule right now. ( So why does he need another body?) Council moved on- to decide it firmly at  the end. 

Merit Board has 5 members. Sheriff appoints 3 and the other 2 are elected by the merit deputies. They get $100/meeting and meet 4 times a year. Law enforcement supplies is separate from police supplies. Cuts were made in each. Gasoline was discussed and only billing the sheriff for what they use. They allotted $110,000 for the sheriff gas. Body armor costs. Always need for new officers and any that outgrow theirs. Probably needs about 5-6 in 2016. The vests are good for 5 years. Each costs about $800. Training expense $3100 this year so far. They have 35 vehicles in the dept. The oldest is a 1999 15-passenger van with 120,000 miles on it. 
Liz Morris hit the idea of not having family in the sheriff cars and also in the Walmart Parking lot etc. Sheriff said- Family members are authorized to be in the vehicles. The presence of a police vehicle is a deterrent to crime. Example taking the family to church in a police cruiser. The sheriff determines the policy. He is elected.

Sheriff asked for 4 new jailers. Morris went on at length about them claiming numerous times it would be staff neutral. Because of the technological changes- it would be staff neutral. She wants to hold to the one additional. They can revisit in 2017. If he  -the jail commander -was unsure of his answer then he should have stated. He works for YOU. He speaks for you. And you were there for these discussions and questions also. She is not changing her mind on this now. Kreinhop went on about liability and needing more personnel to supervise inmates. He calls it preventative. Staff analysis recommended 23 additional officers and he’s only asking for 4. Lansing said he’s tried of the constant threat of being sued. Kreinhop said that this is preventative measure. WHEN WAS A STAFF ANALYSIS OF JAIL DONE? BY WHOM? Lansing asked the sheriff as he didn’t know either- Kreinhop answer: done in January of last year - Jan 2014. Was it for when the jail was full? Kreinhop - We really didn’t address that. (So how DID they determine staffing?) 

Nurse for jail. Overtime expenses. They have an inmate that goes to the hospital for long term care and have an officer that has to go with him. Mental health and dental. Those costs go above and beyond our contracted health provider. They allotted $300,000. 

Sheriff IT costs. John Lee spoke- here are still some costs until they get the new computer and IT services with Spillman until 2016. Cum cap and cum courthouse is covering some of this. Lot of equipment on battery backup. The cameras take up more hard drive space now as resolution increases. $267,767- Lyness asked- what if we have to cut this- can he move money from other spaces. Cum Courthouse and Cum Capital Development.

Lunch break. 11:45- 12:45PM

Three judges were covered from 12:45-1:30 PM- only changes in pauper attorney funds essentially.

Council began discussing various cuts.

The lobbyist issue was first. Council wants to be copied on all the Barnes and Thornburg communications related to their jobs. Lewes and Kappes will be out. Barnes and Thornburg helped with federal grants also for the justice dept. and prosecutor. Pennington will notify Lewes and Kappes of their termination and Barnes and Thornburg of the need for Council communications. They will also notify the cities and towns, as they paid a portion of Lewes and Kappes. 

YES home fuel oil bills were discussed. They had to be sure heat was covered. 

Riverboat Revenue Funds:
1191 RR fund- based on admissions tax:
For 2015 $5 million total 
97% went to county gov’t. operations
2 % went to private schools
1% went to park board capital improvements

7303 fund- other RR fund:
For 2015 $7million
9% Capital Projects Long Term- Fund 4924
17.5% Growth and Development Fund 4915
9.5% Emergency Appropriations Fund 4914
8% Transportation Infrastructure
6% Bridge Renovations
5% EMS- 21 departments
25% Shared Gaming Admissions tax with municipalities
20% Highway 4916- requires annual plan approved by majority of Council before release

FOR 2016- the total for 1191 RR will be about $4.6 million so those go down by about $400,000
For 7303 the 2016 total would be about $6,500,000

Tax rate brings in 6.4 million ???
COIT brings in $6.2million ???

Brandt- don’t want to hire any more employees than what we have.

Lyness- what about the health plan we have? We need to look at this.Asked Gayle Pennington to get him the number from 10 years ago and then current number.

I asked the Council about Umbaugh’s numbers and analysis that shows on p10-12 that Riverboat Savings had about $11 million and then went to a bit over $7 million by the end of this year. I thought that we had $9 million in Riverboat Savings? There was some discussion about this and Phil Weaver came over with numbers and Council kept checking things.

Council compared Frank Cummins numbers and Umbaugh’s and they think they like Cummin’s numbers better. 

Liz Morris said she was done in and wanted to stop for the day and start fresh tomorrow on that. Council agreed.

Council adjourned at 3:15 PM and will reconvene tomorrow at 9 AM to finish up.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Redevelopment Commission to Meet with Aurora Industrial Park Businesses


August 18, 2015

TO: Business Owners: Aurora Industrial Park, Randall Avenue, Aurora, IN

FR: Terri Randall, County Administrator & Economic Development Officer

RE: Aurora Industrial Park Signage / Concerns & Solutions

On behalf of the Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission, I am writing to make you aware that the board shares concerns that have been raised regarding difficulty or inability for your business to obtain and/or change signage on the shared Business Park sign located on the corner lot (US 50/Randall Avenue).

Not only is the sign in poor condition but it has come to the board’s attention that businesses on Randall Avenue are unable to market to the public because they do not have access to add or change signage. Part of the issue is the physical (legal)  location of the sign and the fact that the parcel on which it sits has been in transition to a new owner. The good news is that we believe we have made 
progress and the current owner seems willing to work with the businesses to make improvements.

Also, the area is a “TIF” region and, as such, the redevelopment commission has funds that may be able to be utilized to assist in improving the situation. Because it is important that we work together to help grow Dearborn County, the board invites you to attend a meeting to discuss the signage and impact on your business.

When: Thursday, September 3, 2015

Where: Craig Distributing Conference Room

Time: 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.


Please email: or call (812) 537-8894 to speak to 

Sue Hayden with your RSVP or any questions.

Randall Avenue - Industrial Park

A Sampling of County Council Budget Hearing Notes from 25 August 2015

 25 August 2015 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes
Present: Randy Lyness, President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich. 
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Leah Bailey, Comptroller

These notes are for the morning hearing and start with the 9:30 AM Agenda item. I did not attend the afternoon session.

Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack- copier doing well- and Council asked if any other depts. had one like theirs. McCormack agreed that they have  good one and that maybe they can have one or two per floor in the building and share. They lease theirs and the maintenance is included. They have the economic impact model with OKI on the Economic Development and an impact model. They don’t take schools into account in this model. This model is $2600/year to use. They input our yearly tax info and we are on a maintenance cost only with the economic impact model. The model tells what the tax impact would be as part of the property tax. This assumes no tax abatement in the process. The per diem for the board members was not sufficiently funded by Council even though Council members themselves set it as $75 for PC and $55 for BZA members. Legal services are all up from enforcement violations. There is an increase in subscriptions, training, and education or conferences due to GIS moving to them. He thought GIS salary was under PC now. $36,000 is the salary.   

Kraus asked about some of the projects and services they provide. McCormack said they are being asked by Commissioners, one of whom sits on the PC, to do some projects and studies for Redevelopment or Economic Development etc. They want things done in house and they appoint 5 of our members of the PC. 

McCormack did not put in an increase for salaries and wages. The assistant planner and zoning administrator spot were discussed at Personnel Advisory Committee. Blight elimination project has used a lot of work time.They want hours for adm. assistant like she had several years ago. He thought removing minute taker could combine with that perhaps. Hours spent have gone up 25% from last year to date this year.

Keyes said to move all GIS to commissioners so that PZ budget could be the same and it can be tracked better. Council agreed as did McCormack. There is also a $12,000 GPS item to locate hydrants etc. 
Andrea Schuter - GIS tech- said they use it for corner markers etc. They want to be able to locate utilities accurately, building corners, sign inventory etc for several different departments. Its a 2005 piece of equipment and is off by a foot. They are looking to be more accurate. 
Kraus said he is not sure they need to buy it at all. Council left it at that for now. 

Recorder- Glenn Wright- same budget as last year. Perpetuation Fund is for restoring and preserving county records. Most is paid for by user fees. 19 books restored for $47,000. His copier is 3-4 years old. It’s a black and white one. Council asked a lot of questions about their copier trying to ascertain cost differences within the departments. He buys paper by the pallet instead of by the case. They use letter, legal and ledger size papers. Glenn said he tries to run it efficiently just like they do on the farm- you make do with what you have. He also expressed condolences to Dan Lansing on his Mom’s passing. 

Prosecutor- Bryan Messmore- Keyes asked about if he was ok’d to present for this. Messmore said the trial was still on the prosecution today and tomorrow for Ohio County murder trial. Witnesses had come into town. 

Brandt asked about the budget witness fees. They reduced to previous years fees. They will have to come back for additional expenses on witnesses. Prosecutor pays for depositions on prosecution witnesses.Deputy prosecutors are all lumped into one salary item. Messmore asked if there were any exceptions- none - so he didn’t have to go back to Aaron with that. There were essentially no questions on this budget.

Commissioners- Shane McHenry and Terri Randall-  Randall said they have few changes to their budget. Thought GIS moved to their budget. Council added the GIS contract $38,810 to their budget too. Lawsuits amount increased- because they have been coming back each year on those for additional funds. They run $35-40,000 each year. Randall said for a lawyer, $10,000 doesn't get you very far. Sue Hayden is moved from 2nd deputy to first deputy. She is listed as executive assistant. $28,000 for commissioners and $4,000 for Redevelopment work. 

McHenry said she has been 2nd deputy for 6 years- good employee- he feels it is time to move to first deputy. 

Ullrich agreed. Workers Comp has improved. Life insurance- is part of Med Ben bill- but that is in this budget. All Medical benefits come out of COIT fund. All other county benefits get paid out of general fund. 

Gas line items were questioned by Keyes. Is there a way to put remaining gas fund in Commissioners budget and get it out of sheriff budget. Randall said that would let them know we are looking at them for their gas use. 

Randall said she is already getting the reports form each dept. on the gas use. (So they are already seeing these numbers??) Council just wants to increase accountability. The sheriff uses about $120,000 out of the $300,000 gas bill Keyes said. 

Liz Morris asked about non-county employees in county vehicles. Liability. 

Randall said we discourage it- but it might happen and then we are covered per the insurance company. 

McHenry said that the talk to sheriff about the business of having family in the car as they pick up kids and head to Walmart. Then they cannot respond to a call after hours as family in car. Sheriff said they drop the Mrs and kids on the curb and run off to take care of business. Morris said - it creates ill will for public to see them using taxpayer funded gas for personal use. 

Kraus- agrees with raise for Hayden - goes above and beyond call of duty. Why do we have to spend almost $200,000 for lobbyists? One for Commissioners and one for Council. Lewis and Kappes and also Barnes and Thornburgh? 

Randall said that if she had to have just one- that Barnes and Thornburgh has gotten her a seat at the table with legislators. More useful to her. When they come out of legislature sessions, everyone wants to take to Barnes and Thornburgh, Randall said.  Lewis and Kappes has lost Aurora in the fee schedule. Even though he does well for us and we think the world of John Bond (sp?) per McHenry and Randall. Lewis and Kappes is a county wide effort. That contract comes up soon again. Randall said we need to put the other cities and towns on notice if we are going out of that ($35-40,000 our share of the nearly $80,000) Lewis and Kappes contract. 
Ullrich agreed that Barnes and Thornburgh is the way to go. Barnes and Thornburgh get about $120,000 for both contracts with the county. They also work with the judicial system to get grants.

Pennington- In 2016 every employee that touches money will have to be bonded. She likes to keep business local with Seitz but they may have to get bids on this as it will be a bigger expense now. 

Randall - ADA money is being needed to get us all ADA compliant. They have not done the Braille on signage yet as they wait till the new building comes in. Also adding stops on wheel chair ramps for Joe Johns and others etc. Morris said - these are unfunded federal mandates. There’s no money to help us do this. 

Morris suggested and they put that $38,000 into cum cap development to continue this. Decided to move to cum cap.

Randall pointed out the $5,000 with Harrison EMS increase.  PAWS stayed the same. 

Brandt asked about the computers and copiers- trying to get them under one contract. Randall said she could try to get on that in 2016. She has not had time. Not as straight forward as it seems. Advantage to having different ones so as not to be held hostage. She has not been able to tackle that one. 

McHenry thanked the Council for all their efforts.

Redevelopment Commission- Terri Randall- just the same as last year. nothing to discuss.

I left hearing at lunch break. 
I asked about the Umbaugh Budget Analysis from Monday morning and received a copy of their presentation materials as did the newspaper. 

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, August 24, 2015

24 August 2015 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

24 August 2015 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus, Jr., Chairman, Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Mike Hornbach, Art Little, Jake Hoog, Dan Lansing, Jim Thatcher.
ABSENT: Eric Lang
Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, Nicole Dailey, Assistant Planner, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

ACTION ON MINUTES- July 27th meeting minutes approved. Mike Hornbach and Dan Lansing abstained. 


 Request: Zone Map Amendment Applicant/Owner: Dennis Kraus, Jr. / Richard and Reda Renck Site Location: Hyland Road and State Route #1 Legal: Sec. 23, T 7, R 2, Map #02-23, Parcel #006.000 & 006.001 Township: Kelso Size: 12.9 + Zoning: Currently Zoned Agricultural and B-1

Dennis Kraus Jr. stepped down as he had prepared the survey. He did not leave the room.  Mark Lehman lead the meeting as acting Chairman then. 
Mark McCormack went thru the staff report as below. He also showed a powerpoint and pictures of the area.

Staff Report:
3) This property—Kelso Township, Township 7N, Range 2W, Section 23, identified as being part
of parcel # 006.000 and all of parcel # 006.001—located on the southwestern portion of the
State Road 1 and Hyland Road intersection—is currently located within (both) Restricted
Business (B-1) and Agricultural (A) Zoning Districts.
4) During the Comprehensive Plan Update process, County staff identified these parcels as being used for Commercial and Agricultural purposes. The proposed development site is bordered to the west and northwest by Golf Course Uses; to north and northeast by Moderate-Density Residential and Institutional Uses; to the east by Moderate and Low-Density Residential Uses, and to the south and southeast the property is adjacent to Agricultural Uses. There is a cut out area around the existing house. They are proposing 52,000 sq ft of storage. 
5) The Applicants’ concept proposal estimates that additional development of the property will generate approximately 30-35 vehicle trips per day for the proposed use—based on the
volume(s) of the existing business. Please note: The Dearborn County Technical Review
Committee has the authority to require a full Traffic Analysis (in accordance with Article 23, Section 2320 of the Zoning Ordinance) during a Site Plan Review process, if necessary or applicable.
6) Please refer to Article 25, Table 25.1 of the Zoning Ordinance regarding the minimum
dimensional standards and maximum density requirements for a General Business (B-2)
District. A General Business (B-2) zoning classification would allow for a maximum building density of 15,000 square feet per acre. There is currently 36,997 square-feet of structural storage approved for the 4.1-acre property with the existing storage units. An additional 52,000 square-feet of structural storage is proposed with the Applicants’ proposed rezone. At this time, the proposed overall building density (approximately 6,900 sq. ft. / acre) is well below the maximum density that would be permitted in a General Business (B-2) Zoning District.
7) Please refer to the Goals and Strategies of the Comprehensive Plan, pages 59, 72-74, 95,
110, 116, 121, 148-149
8) Land Use Designation Criteria:
Please refer to the Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Element, pages 124, 142-149
 Moderate and Steep Slopes: As stated in the Comprehensive Plan, slopes with
gradients over 20% should be avoided for clearing, re-grading, or construction. There
appear to be no areas identified in this project that are intended to be developed that
meet or exceed this (20%) threshold.
 Floodplain/Flood Prone areas: No portion of the subject property appears to be
situated a one hundred (100) year flood hazard area (Flood Hazard Zone “A”), as
determined by the applicable FIRM Community Panel Map.
 Transportation Infrastructure / Functional Roadway Classifications:
 Hyland Road is a Category I Local Road—with a paved width ranging from
17 to 18 feet in this area.
 State Road 1 is a Category II Arterial Road—with a paved width ranging from
24 to 25 feet in this area. (Traffic = 6,822 vehicles per day in this section)
*The transportation figures included in this section have been determined by referencing
INDOT traffic counts and County staff’s field inspection(s). These measurements are not
intended to imply that there are uniform conditions on the roadways referenced.
 Sanitary Sewer: This proposal does not require a new connection to public sewer at
this time—or expanded sewer service. The existing property is served with sewer from
the Town of St. Leon.
Technical Review Committee Recommendations and Findings:
9) Please refer to the Technical Review Report / letter from the July 6th, 2015 Technical Review Committee Meeting. Please note that as of Thursday, August 13th, these items remain incomplete or questionable:
 The letters / documentation confirming an acknowledgement of the site’s fire and EMS
 A description of the site’s proposed security measures and lighting (as recommended).
10) Please refer to the Applicant’s Zone Map Amendment statement(s) and enclosures copied to the planning board.
They need to consider the written commitments if they give a favorable recommendation. The area around the house needs to be considered to make it a bit bigger to make it shielded from potential future uses in the B-2 zone. 

Dennis Kraus, Jr. spoke as the surveyor. There is central sewer. Electric is the only utility serving the storage uses. He never could get a letter from St Leon Fire Dept. There is an electronic gate across the driveway with a keypad. There are fences around sections of the property. Access has to be three the electronic gate. The original zoning did include the parcel across SR 1 that is essentially unusable for building, so there is probably no benefit to being zoned B-2. Most of it is in SR 1 highway right of way. This old rezone was from the 1980s. Lighting would be consistent with what is already there and on the existing buildings. There is one security light out front that would be freestanding. There is existing detention and more is being considered for the site. Kraus then left the room.

Sam Renck- There is security lighting every 50 ft. We live in the house - so we have on-site security too. 

Mark Lehman and the board want to move the north line all the way from the house to SR 1 to shield the house. 

Beiersdorfer- Where is closest fire plug? In the church lot across the street. 


Mr Bardell (sp?)- property is just south of the Renck property. How does this affect our property? If we wanted to be B-2 also? Lehman explained that it would fall in line with the current uses- but they would have to come to the board with a site plan. My parents owned this land initially. The land is just sitting there- growing weeds and groundhogs I guess.


Art Little- thinks it is already there- no problem with extending it. 
Jim Thatcher- Good with it.
Jake Hoog- Falls in line with what is there and it fits all five of the criteria for a rezone. It shouldn’t affect the property values any.
Dan Lansing- This is fine and it shouldn’t affect traffic.
Russ Beiersdorfer- OK- but change the line to the SR 1 from the house and across the road it should move to Ag. Any other businesses moving in would have to have  traffic study possibly.
Mike Hornbach- agrees along the same lines and a traffic study IF the use changes to get 1000 per day. 

Beiersdorfer motioned and Hoog seconded for a favorable recommendation for B-2 for 12.9 (+ or - with changes) acres contingent on the resurvey of the south side of the B-2 are to be north of the house straight out to SR 1 and if another rB-2 business comes in there needs to be a commitment for a traffic study. The area east of SR 1 be changed from B-1 to Ag. All ayes Passed.

Garrett Walker- started as new planner. From Ball State.

Next will be working on the Comp Plan. They will format everything to get a consistent feel to the plan. 

Nicole is working on demolition projects. 

Aurora had code court for the first time with the county. They are working with BZA there and met with Historic Preservation there too. If there is too much time involved- Aurora will have to pay more or we will have to change our involvement there. 

St Leon is starting update of their plan that will last about 6 months to a year. 

Budget hearing for Planing is tomorrow. We have more expenses as we absorbed GIS into our office. Asking for $12,000 for equipment that will locate fire hydrants etc. Some of the old equipment is off by a considerable amount. Kraus Jr. said he doesn’t think it’s off that much. There have been a lot of changes  in GPS world- so it might be good to have this replaced as the old one is 10 years old. We were going to increase the per diem. Only because they didn’t give us enough for our boards should all members show and all meetings occur each month.
He also requested more money for the assistant planner in order to keep them for more than 2 years. ( It’s costly to rehire and retrain too)
Legal budget is going to increase probably. We have to be more selective with enforcement. 

Going to bring some more ordinance amendments in the future on cell towers and signage.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township