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12 July 2018 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

12 July 2018 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Present: Jim Deaton, Chairman, Dave Deddens, Jim Helms, John Rahe, Alan Goodman
Jamie Graf (non- voting school board member)- arrived at 8:37 AM

Also present:Sue Hayden, county administrator and minute taker, Andrea Ewan, attorney, Connie Fromhold, Auditor and DCRC treasurer.
Title VI statement read as legally required by Jim Deaton.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES- July 7th minutes approved. John Rahe commented on the new Indiana Law about more meetings they will be required to attend. That will be covered later in this meeting. 
TIF Fund Claims (One Dearborn Payment)- Payment taken equally from the 3 TIF funds and made in two payments. Approved. 
Whitewater Mill TIF Fund claim- Connie Fromhold brought the bond claim paperwork. Assessing years and pay years are different. She wants to pay the whole amount of $62,904.50 since the money is not getting interest. Approved to pay this to FCN Bank.
Stone Property Loan Payment- for purchase of the 14 acres- this has already been paid and is due June 1 and Dec 1 each year until paid off. $37,411.30 was paid previously and this is just verifying these payments. They also made a motion to make these payments on time for the rest of the year. Approved.
General Fund Claim- Andrea Ewan annual bill for July 2017-18. Approved. 
Financials- passed out to the board previously. No comments. 
Cushman Wakefield Proposal to Market the Stone Site- Deaton said they were recommended. Terri Randall said that projects for the Stone property had been looked at and they fell through. One Dearborn wanted to aggressively market the land and they want to get into a different audience. Indiana and REDI Cincinnati are in big pool. There is a broker network in the area. They often develop for large corporations. One of the largest in the area is Cushman Wakefield. Some brokers have issues because they are not licensed in Indiana. Jim Deaton joined her with the initial meeting with Cushman Wakefield. They came back with a proposal to market it but they get a commission. 6% for anything under 20 acres and 5% for anything over 20 acres. If it comes thru other brokers they will split percentages with them. They recommend they rename the property to something more attention attracting. Want to market it as a business park. Niche for us is probably several smaller companies. They will market it regionally and nationally. They suggest we revise the concept plans. Site layout is not as efficient. They would like to use Bayer Becker for resurvey as they have worked with them before. 
Rahe asked - if there is a shortage of large sites why would we not keep offering that. Randall said they could still use larger parts depending on what comes in. Even if you give the land you will have to pay a commission on this. Randall wants to have this under contract for 1 year.  They would use about $40,000 per acre for the value versus the $55,000 per acre we paid for it- per Deaton. Helms asked when commission is due- answer 90 days. It’s not a sale of land until it has changed ownership. 
Deddens asked about Hirlinger 5 acres request. Randall- no answer yet. 
Goodman said that we may be able meet smaller company needs easier than larger. They can use the $10,000 for marketing this property. 
Suggested names can use Whitewater or Stone or Dearborn County in the name - but add enterprise park, or industrial park etc. 
You can decide to use a virtual spec building on this site. they can tell you what size can work per Randall. They can co market with One Dearborn also. They talked about some drone aerial videos. The board can make a decision to move along with Cushman Wakefield. Or they can have them meet with Cushman Wakefield’s 3 person team. One from Indy an 2 from Cincinnati.
Deddens wants Andrea to review it. They should meet with Cushman Wakefield BEFORE signing a contract. This should be tied to the one year with One Dearborn and push that land. 
Randall brought up that all the things needed would be over $10,000 that we have from Duke site readiness money. She had also taken to K&K Consulting. They had recommended Cushman Wakefield. 
They will set dates for a meeting with Cushman Wakefield. July 26 at 8:30 AM or August 9 at 8:30 AM for options. Randall wants a birthday cake for her if it’s the 9th. 
Update on Meeting with School Superintendents- Randall said that Sunman Dearborn had asked about sharing the TIF money. They thought they’d have to be fair with South Dearborn too as they also have a TIF district. So they met with both superintendents. Deaton said the schools were interested in future TIF income sharing. There might be a way to do that in the law. One part of the law authorizes them to distribute up to 15% of their TIF income with the schools. No decisions made at that meeting but he thought they could use this to fund programs to prepare students for the workforce we need. 
Randall had given them an overview of the TIF options available in their area and that it wouldn’t produce huge sums of money.They would also need Umbaugh or Barnes and Thornburg to see what they could even do.  
Jamie Graf - the schools are frustrated- they want the TIF money. There are schools that went thru litigation to get their money. Randalll said those are in large TIF areas where the money made it reasonable to pay the legal fees. Graf- they want to get the deal in place so that as future growth happens the school gets it’s share. 
[NOTE: What is missing from this is the idea that the basic TIF concept itself is not school friendly.]
Deaton asked if the attorney for SD School district could prepare something that would comply with the law, that they could all look at. They should also note that the revenue is small for now. 
Deaton- Schools are an important part of quality of place. We want to be good citizens. Employment is important for the schools. 
Aurora Business Park Sign- meeting with Batesville Products next week so this may add more options to this. Table this till the next meeting. Randall wants to find out the opinions of the tenants of the Aurora Business Park. Decided to wait to make the choice. Rick Craig is no longer interested in his company name (Budweiser) on the sign per Kevin from the sign company.  
One Dearborn Contract Renewal- not ready for this until next meeting. Tabled.
Pricing and Recommendations for Duke Energy $10,000- Tabled until Cushman Wakefield meeting.
Matt Zimmerman- Updated Website Review- Randall said he was part of Indiana Bond Bank and also with OCRA with grant administration. She’s glad One Dearborn hired him and shows commitment. He was married 3 months ago and wanted to relocate to Cincinnati. Almost everyone on One Dearborn is trying to get an inventory of all business properties. Randall feels like they turned a corner and are making an investment in a steering team from all communities  going thru an economic development planning process. Trying to provide new data to everyone. 
Zimmerman- getting close to finishing the website. About 25% to go. Hoping to go live by end of July. Most important audience is site selectors. Board welcomed him.   
ATTORNEY’S REPORT- Ewan- prepared the billboard lease. There is one inconsistency in one that has maintenance issues. Deddens indicated that they will all renew for one year only. Board decided to make all lessees be responsible for their signs. These will be effective July 1 and she will send them out. Payment due in 30 days. 
OTHER BUSINESS- Rate said Lischge is moving from the Round Barn. Some people are suggesting using it for a County Music venue. Should we use contacts? Deddens said we should stay out of it. It’s not in TIF district.  
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

AGENDA- July 12th DC Redevelopment Commission Meeting

July 12, 2018
8:30 a.m., 1st Floor Henry Dearborn Room
Dearborn County Government Center
165 Mary Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

  1. Call to order

  1. Title VI Statement for Compliance

  1. Approval of Minutes
June 7, 2018 Meeting

  1. Claims & Financials
1.  TIF Fund Claims (One Dearborn Payment)
2.  Whitewater Mill TIF Fund Claim
3.  Stone Property Loan Payment 
4.  General Fund Claim 
5.  Financials 

  1. Unfinished Business 
1.  Cushman Wakefield Proposal to Market Stone Site
2.  Update on Meeting w/Superintendents
3.  Aurora Business Park Sign

  1. New Business
1.  One Dearborn Contract Renewal

  1. One Dearborn Report 
    1.  Pricing and Recommendations for Duke Energy $10,000
    2.  Matt Zimmerman – Updated Website Review

  1. Attorney’s Report

  1. Other Business

  1. Adjournment

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 Stateline Road Closure – Culvert Installation

Stateline Road will close to thru traffic beginning at 8 am on Monday, July 9th. and remain closed for approximately 2 weeks, weather permitting.

Work area will be on the Hill section of Stateline Road between addresses 20142 Stateline and 20749 Stateline.

Augusta Drive will be the detour .

Denise Strohl

Dearborn County
Highway Department Office Manager
Telephone – 812-655-9394
Fax – 812-655-9424

Tuesday, July 03, 2018



Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Jim Thatcher

Also present: Connie Fromhold, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Sue Hayden, Administrator

Rick Probst- Republican candidate for D-3 commissioner was also present

TITLE VI STATEMENT FOR COMPLIANCE was read by Baudendistel as legally required.



Highway Engineer - Todd Listerman-  ROW for Bridge #44 Turkey Point Rd-  County has acquired 2 parcels, but need to condemn 2 more. One is an unknown owner, and this was best way to settle R/W according to Denny Kraus and Andy Baudendistel. Parcel # 15-05-28-400-040.000-019 is the unknown owners and heirs property.The total piece is a “large piece”- over 1/2 acre. Approved the condemnation procedure. 
The other property is a small sliver owned by Edward and Joyce Donaldson. The County (Planning and Zoning) has sued them him the past over R/W on Willoughby Road. Listerman had spoken to Mr. Donaldson who has rejected offers on this project too and he said he will not settle without going to court. a 50x50 of permanent ROW and a 30x30 piece for temporary ROW. .053 acres of permanent ROW. The county only did this once before with Baudendistel- and the Stateline project and that was settled after the county filed and so it didn’t go to court. County offered $6500 for permanent and $3200 for temporary for 5 years to Donaldsons.
Commissioners asked what the objection was- and it’s more the back history on the previous court case with them and the county that made him politely decline per Listerman. The offer was generous to attempt to avoid condemnation and court costs. Commissioners approved beginning the proceedings for the condemnation on Donaldson’s property.  

Duke Energy ROW request on Jamison Rd- Small sliver of property that county owns along Jamison by UDF wanted for ROW easement for Duke Energy. Signatures for the easement were approved for that sliver of property. 

Georgetown Rd opened yesterday. 

Paving projects are getting finished - they have until end of August to complete contracts for Community Crossings projects. Community Crossings applications will be in 2 stages from here on. 
There will be replacement on Georgetown hill before school starts also. 

OKI Funding Contract for 2019- $16,415.00 for fiscal year 2019.- Sue Hayden presented the contract- same as every other year. The amount is based on population. Baudendstel reviewed. Approved.

ADMINISTRATOR – Sue Hayden- nothing more

AUDITOR – Connie Fromhold  -Claims/Minutes from June 19th approved.  

ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel- Barb Rowe is retiring from Judge McLaughlin’s office.

Thatcher- stay safe with fireworks- McHenry reiterated with a joke about kids and fireworks  and Little wanted people to remember the purpose of the holiday.




Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Sunday, July 01, 2018

AGENDA July 3rd Commissioners MORNING Meeting

 July 3, 2018 
9:00 a.m., Henry Dearborn Room
Dearborn County Government Center
165 Mary Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana




1.  R/W for Bridge #44, Turkey Point Road – Highway Engineer, Todd Listerman

2.  OKI Funding Contract for 2019

VII. AUDITOR – Connie Fromhold
1.  Claims/Minutes

VIII. ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel




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25 June 2018 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

25 June 2018 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes
Present: Dennis Kraus, Jr., Chairman, Russell Beiersdorfer, John Hawley, Mark Lehman, , Michael Lynch, Jake Hoog, Bill Ullrich, Jim Thatcher, and Eric Lang
Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, Nicole Daily, assistant planner, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.
Title VI statement read as legally required by Baudendistel
ACTION ON MINUTES- April 23 and May 21 minutes were approved.
Request: Primary Plat Approval for a Major Subdivision; Morgan’s Ridge Subdivision, Phase VI Applicant: Maxwell Development, Inc. Site Location: Th western portion of Raiders Ridge Dr., approx. 1,300 feet from the intersection of Raiders Ridge Dr. and Mt. Pleasant Rd Legal: Sec. 29, T7, R1, Map #01-29 Township: Logan Size: Approx. 38.61 Acres E.

Mark McCormack presented the staff report. This is in the area where General Drive meets up with Raiders Ridge Drive. Recently they looked t about 11 acres of this area. Many of the lots are in the rezone area from April meeting. There is a fair amount of existing residential development in that area. Some of this is zoned Ag due to topography. This is a major subdivision according to the code book. There will be more detail in the second phase of the review process. Existing structures will remain per developer. Emergency access needs to be discussed. Stormwater will be designed and calculated at the next stage in the improvement plan stage. Site distance issues are not really a problem at Mt Pleasant. There is a pond on the site near the roadway proposed so they may talk about that for a potential barrier. There is construction activity along General Drive. McCormack showed pictures of the site from all directions. Developer is open to getting a bike trail or multi modal trail in there. The road section to extend Raiders Ridge will only be serving 12-13 units. Original traffic study done will cover this part of the subdivision also. Seven letters sent with 6 confirmed received. The owner of the pond asked about the walkway and if there would be any additional phases. One letter was sent back as unclaimed. 
Mark Lehman asked about the other phases having trails or sidewalks. McCormack said none were done. He noted that a bike lane MIGHT be able to be painted in.  Lehman noted that our ordinance now requires some greenspace between the road and the path. McCormack thought the ordinance needed to be updated on that concept anyway. Also some people are trying to get this area connected to Bright. Lehman asked also about the existing driveway to the house on Lot 90 that wraps around the stormwater facility. Steele Rd access does in around lot 86 and wraps around the southern edge of the pond. There are sharp turns. 

RANDY MAXWELL- had nothing to add really. He discussed the options for the pathway and connections to the convenience store for example on the north end of Raiders Ridge. 

Public Discussion:
Sandra Weisgerber- (sp?)- Basically from what she heard tonight and before she thinks they are concerned about developing in a responsible manner. She is concerned about a north entrance. She knows she has no control over that. She wants to know of this is responsible development. She thinks this is to Maxwell’s favor, but not to hers. 
Cindy Harding- daughter of Sandy and Mike Weisgerber- she heard a comment about using something as an emergency access as a worse case scenario. Steele Road access has not been resolved in her opinion. Do you have a plan for that? This goes thru Phase VI flat- and goes thru the heart of that property. It’s been pushed over to make it steeper as shown in plans. She showed a diagram to the board of that on her phone. Multimodal would not be heavy enough for emergency vehicles. She wants to hear a resolution as to how they will fix that - for a major subdivision. 
Sandra Weisgerber- asked Maxwell directly if why would provide access to the north of their property. 
Randy Maxwell-  told her those two lots were already sold. They did provide access on another phase. She is 800 ft away. He is not trying to intentionally hurt anybody.

End Public discussion.
Board discussion:
Eric Lang said this appears to be a logical progression of what is already developed. They have accommodated some topography issues. 
Mark Lehman- this its very close to our ordinances and no variances were requested which means it fits our ordinance well. 
Dennis Kraus, Jr- there is an opportunity for a multimodal trail here. 
Russell Beiersdorfer- wants to see it in writing so that they know it is going to have a trail that is useful. He commended Maxwell on the trail and Maxwell said they would do it and put it in writing.

Lang motioned and Lynch seconded- Preliminary Plat was approved as presented.

Review Ordinance changes- McCormack wants to do more research before presenting this.
Comprehensive Plan Update- The board has had that for about a month. They had started this process a couple years ago. The Port and some Transportation studies are possible considerations. Projected to get older in the county and lose our younger population for  while. 
Thatcher asked if this update has been shared with One Dearborn. 
McCormack said that spending time getting a current land use map updated would be really helpful. 
Public Safety and Economic Development from the Port potential should be looked at. 
Chris Mueller- Getting current accurate data would be the biggest help to decision making. updating all our maps for current uses. 
McCormack will finish more of the update tomorrow. He may work with the cities to see about doing land use work in their areas. 
Probably no July PC Meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM 
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Glenn Wright Podcast Interview as INDEPENDENT Candidate for District 3 Commissioner

Glenn Wright Podcast Interview as INDEPENDENT Candidate for District 3 Commissioner

Clink on link below to listen to the podcast:

Wednesday, June 20, 2018



The following editorial was posted on the Dearborn County Register website and is a copy of an email letter sent to all DC Redevelopment Commission members from Dr John Rahe, who is a long time DCRC member as well. He requested it to be forwarded to local media as well.

An issue has come before the Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission about which I believe the public should be aware.  About fifty years ago the old Aurora Chamber of Commerce originated a project that became the Aurora Industrial Park and it has retained that name ever since. Now the Budweiser Company is putting pressure on the Commission to change the name of the park to Budweiser Park if they pay for a sign for the park.

Now and in the future “TIF” monies (tax monies controlled by the Commission) will be used to make improvements to the park and to provide incentives to attract new businesses for the park.  These improvements and incentives will essentially promote the Budweiser brand, if it is named Budweiser Park.  I believe it is unethical and fiscally irresponsible to take tax monies from Williams—Aurora Casket Company, Zimmer Tractor, Batesville Products, and a number of other companies to promote the Budweiser brand.  Recently the owner of Crescent Brewery in Aurora informed me that he owns property in the park.  Tax money from improvements to his property would also be used to promote the Budweiser brand.  Any reasonable person can understand the unfairness of doing that. 

Some members of the Commission are somewhat inclined to change the name as an incentive to Budweiser.  The Budweiser people have vilified me for my stand opposing their push to change the name of the park.  I believe the Commission is in danger of establishing an unfortunate precedent.

The Redevelopment Commission would appreciate knowing the public’s opinion about this issue to support whatever decision they make.  Please let them know!

John Rahe, Commission Member
 Aurora IN

Board Members:
Jim Deaton, President
Dave Deddens, Vice-President
Jim Helms, Secretary
Dr. John Rahe
Allen Goodman
James D. Graf (non-voting School Board member)

Andrea Ewan, Board Attorney
Connie Fromhold, Board Treasurer and Dearborn County Auditor

Sue Hayden, Minute Taker and Dearborn County Administrator

Thursday, June 14, 2018

AGENDA for June 19 MORNING- 9 AM Commissioners Meeting

 June 19, 2018 
9:00 a.m., Henry Dearborn Room
Dearborn County Government Center
165 Mary Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

This meeting was originally scheduled for 6:00 p.m. 





VII. AUDITOR – Connie Fromhold
1.  Claims/Minutes

VIII. ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel




AGENDA Plan Commission June 25th meeting

Agenda and packet of materials for the June 25th Plan Commission can be accessed by clinking the link below:

Thursday, June 07, 2018

7 June 2018 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

7 June 2018 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Present: Jim Deaton, Chairman, Dave Deddens, Jim Helms, John Rahe, Alan Goodman, and Jamie Graf (non- voting school board member)
ABSENT: Dave Deddens (who listened in on speaker phone), Jim Helms, and Jamie Graf. 
Also present:Sue Hayden, county administrator and minute taker, Andrea Ewan, attorney, Connie Fromhold, Auditor and DCRC treasurer.
Title VI statement read as legally required.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES- May 10th minutes approved.
CLAIMS AND FINANCIALS- Financials were passed out and approved
Resolution 2018-DCRC-002- Determination to Capture Tax Increment Revenue- read into the record. The DCRC determined the need to capture ALL the TIF revenue  and there was no excess revenue to distribute. They approved the resolution. The DCRC changed all the words secretary to President and/or Secretary for the signature line. 
Signature on Letter to Distribute to Taxing Units- The President signed and the letters will be sent to all the taxing units.
2019 Budget- 3% raise to Sue - same as all County employees- rest is same as last year. The total budget sits at about $93,700. Council has to approve this also even though DCRC runs on its own money-  Approved. 
ONE DEARBORN REPORT: Deaton will attend a meeting Monday June 11 with One Dearborn to talk about funding formulas. Jim Thatcher will be there per Goodman.No one from Council was listed on the agenda.  
ATTORNEY’S REPORT- needs to send the new leases on the billboards to Dave Deddens. Deddens wanted to know if Shelton Fireworks had responded for his lease to any of them. She will go ahead and do Shelton’s
OTHER BUSINESS- John Rahe wanted to know if all the money was going into the West Aurora TIF- and Zimmer and Aurora Casket will also be helping to pay for the Industrial Park area. 
The new law requires a meeting from DCRC and Commissioners to explain what the TIF is spent on etc. Andrea Ewan suggested getting Tom form Barnes and Thornburg to have a canned format and see if they can use that or if Barnes and Thornburg will do that. 
JULY 12 will be next meeting at 8:30 AM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Town Hall Meeting for old AEP Fly Ash Pit Closure

Town Hall Meeting for old AEP Fly Ash Pit Closure  

IVY Tech Riverfront Campus June 5, 2018  from 7-9 PM
Lawrenceburg City called the meeting.

Channel 19
Local media from Register Publications, WSCH, and Bright Beacon
8 video cameras were running during this meeting.

Del Weldon- L-bg city attorney welcomed the group. IDEM had 4 members and CDC had 4 members at two tables up front.
WSCH reported this was also a published closure plan meeting from ELT and so Weldon said they wanted all to know about it.

Del- We are the same as you wanting to ask the questions and get answers.
700 acres in this property from power plant started in 1951. Active coal fired power plant until closed recently. 

3 ponds and one dry landfill on the property. Fly ash, flue ash was taken out of the stacks taken out, wet down, and dried and then stored in the ponds. 

About 2 years- Oct 2016- ago ELT, CDC, and Tanners Creek LLC took over from AEP. They remediate and make them safe and prepare them for a future use. 

From day 1- we were interested in this being done safely to protect our water and environment. We maintain a relationship with IDEM. 
IDEM is in charge of monitoring this. They maintain a VFC- Virtual File Cabinet in order to get the information first hand. 

ELT has entered into an options contract with the Ports of Indiana. This is to be able to decide whether or not that sale should occur. Lawrenceburg maintains a relationship with the Port etc, to be sure it is one to the standards to benefit the most residents here- NOT the state of Indiana at our expense. Continually promised to maintain an ongoing active relationship with ELT and IDEM etc to keep environment safe.
Olen Clawson will present later for LMU.
Always monitoring our water. Key access to knowing what is happening there. 

Russ Becker- from Tanners Creek Dev LLC- slides- showing the process to close one of the Fly Ash ponds.
Demolition started in 2017 thru 2018- asbestos is done, demolition almost complete. Site cleanup and restoration is ahead. Redid the closure engineering for the Fly ash pond. Submitted those draft plans to IDEM. Still ahead is engineering and closure of main ash pond and other ash areas. in 2020 closure of ash landfills. THIRTY years after that it is monitored.
The areas on site are: Fly ash pond, ash land fill, ash pond, coal pit ,and slag processing areas.

Fly ash-pond 20 mil 1/4 in liner synthetic geomembrane in 1977-8 
Bringing the liner all the way down around the perimeter dikes.

Matt Miles asked about the dikes that were not done properly.

Becker reexplained that the liners and caps will go beyond the upper and lower dikes to secure the ash inside. Cover soil 6 in plus 30 in of protective soil. Drainage layer is geo-textiles. Impermeable cap - 40-60 mil geo-membrane. 

Audience question about leaking in the membranes with the jackhammer demolitions of foundations on the property. There is an independent engineer that has to oversee this per Becker. By keeping water from infiltration it keeps leakage from occurring. These liners are used worldwide to adjust to movement. HDPE and LLDPE liners. Geocomposite drainage net on top also to get water away. Construction work will have several quality assurances in the process.

Post Closure
Semi annual inspections and reports. Maintenance. Analysis and samples of about 20 wells. The parameters will be mostly metals tested for due to the fly ash. Groundwater sampling will be done by a certified sampling firm selected by CDC. All paid for by Tanners Creek LLC.

Miles asked about the testing. EAG is testing and they are the same company essentially as CDC. 

A guy from EAG answered this and said that they do things with integrity on all their sites. Wells that were installed and tested were installed by AEP. CDC is the company that they do exclusive consulting for. There has not been a violation in these testing wells. Repeated that several times.

Olen Clawson LMU- Everyone of those power plants and utilities self test. They report under penalty of law.

Russ Becker- sampling process for groundwater are very rigorous and records have to be submitted with the sample. Chain of custody process is included for hand offs.

DeBruler asked about a fugitive dust cloud April 12th and a water truck broke down and this happened. This is not the first issue. It looked like a picture from the dust bowl. They now have another plan to suppress dust.

THIRTY years to continue to monitor. 
Plans for closure available at the library and on IDEM’s site at VFC. Thirty days is the comment period. 

IDEM- Rebecca Yonerschcaan sp? - they have been working with Tanners Creek LLC since 2016. They are getting close to approving a closure plan. Once the cap is done the dust problem should go away. They viewed the site today. They have been looking at the proximity of the drinking supply wells. They want to set up a system to anticipate any issues to have an early warning system.

Monitoring wells are installed around the pits. They do not produce drinking water. She reiterated the plans for testing and chain of command. John Guitteraz sp? and staff review those reports. Then they need to create mitigating plans if there is a release. These are small wells to just get a few gallons as samples. 
She hesitated a bit on the older liner of this pit. (It’s 20 mil as opposed to the 40-60 mil liners they are capping with.)

IDEM does not monitor the demolition materials!!!!!

CDC said the demolition bricks and concrete get reused as much as possible. It can be used as back fill for basements and structures. Asbestos is monitored, mercury switches and electrical waste are regulated. They are removed prior to demolition. Inspection will occur for those items once per month. 
Restricted waste site landfill review occurs next and by August there will be a closure plan for the main ash pond by the river. That has not had a plan submitted yet. 
More discussion on the age of the liner. Staff is focused on these issues at IDEM. 

Olen Clawson- LMU- very concerned about our water quality. They test LMS and Auroras wells also. They compare their data with CDC’s test results. Boron gets brought up  at 10,000 ppb and one of our wells tests at 1,000 pub at WHO standards. There are no standards in Indiana for Boron either. Things on Facebook cause fear in some of our residents as to water quality.That concerns him. If there is a problem that warrants it - no one will scream longer or louder than LMU. 

IDEM was encouraged that LMU is sampling water and looking at water that is at their well. They would like to have that info shared with IDEM.

Brian DeBruler- asked for IDEM to introduce themselves.

Becky Yonershcaan ( sp?)  from IDEM introduced the other IDEM people- John Hale and Amy McClure, John Guiterritaz,(geologist) in office of land quality with 11 other geologists. He said they look at results in detail and often make more tests be done.

Brian DeBruler went on about our concerns. 2015 EPA updates require liners now.

Becky IDEM- said they developed rules recently to get public informed and able to comment on the plan. The fugitive dust incident resulted in a warning per Weldon. 

Jerry  ?? last name asked- How many fly ash ponds on the property? Just one- There is also a Main ash pond and and old ash pond. There is an ash landfill.There is boiler slag or bottom ash. 
The main ash pond was constructed with CLAY- no other liner. There are 3 wet ponds and one dry landfill. 

Matt Miles said there is silty clay there and has documents. Monitoring wells are there to monitor the release from the landfill. He wants to know whose responsibility is it to take care of the issues with the entire property. John G said it is IDEM’s problem if they get their additional monitoring wells and they get it. 

Chris Mueller- I drink the water and I like it. I asked what happens if arsenic gets into the groundwater? Basically it gets really expensive.- pump and treat and large containment plans and the company that monitors has to provide water for the area, etc. 

Another resident asked about what is happening to the asbestos etc. Russ Becker said they have done it all prior to demolition. Who monitors that stuff being buried? IDEM? Becker said they CAN come in- but apparently haven’t. Re-explained about the clean demo parts and the stuff that has to go to special landfills etc. Solid waste compliance inspectors can come out to look at these materials per Becky IDEM. Asbestos abatement is monitored by their office of Air Quality. Complaint needs to be filed.

Weldon- anytime any one sees something- say something. Call IDEM or local officials. 

There is a required financial insurance mechanism posted with IDEM to insure the company for leaks etc. 

There are many ways to clean up heavy metals per CDC rep…

Radium does not show up in our water per Clawson.

Randy Turner Aurora Utilities- LMS water and they use the wells. AEP assured Aurora that they will continue to monitor their water. He’s impressed all the people are here, This water is one of the best assets of our area. Well head protection started 15-20 years ago. He said the Ohio River also produces a water supply that many people in Ohio drink. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township



Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Jim Thatcher

Also present: Connie Fromhold, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Sue Hayden, Administrator

TITLE VI STATEMENT FOR COMPLIANCE was read by Baudendistel as legally required.



Signature for Release of Lien – Mary McCarty, Project Development Mgr., SIRPC- Back in 1999 DC was the applicant for them on housing repair grants and there is a lien that should be released from 2004. Margaret Koons property. 228 East Tate Street. Approved to release lien and signed. 

FEMA Grant Application – Tim Grieve, Highway Superintendent- Grant is approved by Council already. Apply for FEMA funds and it is a 75%.25% grant. He has applied for a bit over $1 million. Council’s signature was on this. Approved and signed.

Text Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance - Mark McCormack, Director of P&Z presented- unanimous favorable recommendations for the following changes. This eliminates residences from having to go thru the Plan Commission  for some of these applications. They can get handled by tech review and they can grant waivers rather than a public hearing. Cost  now is 3-5 times more for applicants. This would save money for applicants also. Commissioners approved the changes with no public  wishing to comment. 
Article 24, Section 2406 – Minimum Spacing of Driveways
Article 24, Section 2408 – Minimum Corner Clearances of Driveways
Ordinance to Amend Article 24 of the Dearborn County Zoning Ordinance

Contracts w/Indigital for New 911 Equipment – Jared Teaney, 911 Director presented 3 agreements and they were reviewed by Baudendistel. 
Equipment Purchase and Sales Agreement $139,037.73
911 Services and Software License Agreement Want to provide notice annually to get the price list and review the services with 90 day notice required. 
Support and Maintenance Agreement $7,683.82 per year after first year per appendix D with 90 day notices annually.
Commissioners reviewed the terms with Teaney and approved and signed the agreements. 

Interlocal for Dispatch with Lawrenceburg & Dearborn County- Baudendistel presented- most automatically renew. Lawrenceburg required a new signature this year per their clerk treasurer. The amount is the same at $60,000. Approved and signed. 

ADMINISTRATOR – Sue Hayden- nothing to add.

AUDITOR – Connie Fromhold  -Claims and Minutes from May 15 approved and signed.

ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel- Margaret Stotler Trust giving 25% of her trust to PAWS and 25% to Animal Shelter. Each 25% is worth $22,000. They wish to use it all for PAWS because they are handling the animals for former animal shelter now. Her attorney, Brian Pack, wrote a letter to that effect. Baudendistel prepared a letter to allow them to donate the 25% for the old animal shelter to PAWS also. Commissioners approved and signed.  

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Thatcher thanked Jared Teaney for his tour of 911 center and was impressed with their facility.
Little- Enjoy the beautiful day. 
McHenry will be out for the next meeting. 

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Jason Sullivan- $70,705.00 for defibrillators was awarded by Lawrenceburg Community Foundation. Commissioners signed off on these. deputies are trained and others will be trained. McHenry wanted to know if they needed volunteers for them to practice on. Thatcher said- “Don’t look in this direction!”  

Thatcher said they had also walked thru Jason’s Emergency Management facility and it is also impressive. 



Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Saturday, June 02, 2018

PUBLIC NOICE - Commissioners to attend June 5 with Lawrenceburg Meeting at IVY Tech



Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Indiana Code § 5-14-1.5-5, that on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 7:00PM the City of Lawrenceburg will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the closure of the former AEP power plant site.  It is anticipated that, at a minimum, a quorum of the Dearborn County Board of Commissioners will be present at said meeting to observe and receive information about the closure, which may constitute a “meeting” pursuant to the relevant State statutes.  
Members of the Dearborn County Board of Commissioners may also be called on to participate in the meeting, however, no final action (as defined by Indiana Code § 5-14-1.5-2(g)) of the Dearborn County Board of Commissioners will take place at this meeting, it is merely for informational purposes.

The hearing will take place in the Ivy Tech Community College – Riverfront Campus located at the following address:

50 Walnut Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Dated:  June 1, 2018