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Progress on Collier Ridge Bridge Construction- Beams Set

Collier Ridge Bridge photos submitted Sept 19th by Todd Listerman, County Engineer.

First Beam set on Collier Ridge Bridge

Overhead view of all three beams set on Collier Ridge Bridge

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

16 September 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

16 September 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.
ABSENT:Teresa Randall, County Administrator.



Clerk of Courts – Rick Probst
Public Notice of Polling Place Locations- This is required by law. 45 precincts in 35 locations. Only change is the 3 Sparta site are in the senior center in Moores Hill. Approved.

DOXPOP Contract Approval- Allows Doxpop to make court cases and court schedules to be available to the public. The contractor pays for it by charging attorney’s offices access fees. No cost to the county. Juvenile cases and social security and financial info is not published under privacy rules. Our three judges have signed off. 88 counties currently have their info accessible on the internet. So far the scanned files won’t be accessible yet was stated in response to McHenry’s question about what is available online in this proposal.  I asked why the probable cause affidavits and other items that are public record if you walk in and ask for it are not able to be available online on Doxpop in Dearborn County yet. Baudendistel explained somewhat tactfully that this is a first step and the next things would be to see what is allowable and then the judges and commissioners have to agree on that.  [NOTE: Reading between the lines-it seems there is not complete agreement with all judges on this open and transparent possibility.]
Commissioners approved Doxpop contract for the first step of limited access to some court documents.

Planning and Zoning – Mark McCormack

Zoning Map Update (Amendment)- R to B-1 zone change for Badinghaus on the old church property on Stateline Road . McCormack gave the background and went over the maps and area. See the notes from the previous 2 Plan Commission meetings on this blog for more details from their public hearings. He went over the restrictions suggested by the Plan Commission. He also went over the 5 findings necessary for approving a zone change. There were some neighbors at this meeting also. The written commitment excluded 8 uses in the B-1 zone change. They were excluded to get rid of certain nuisances associated with these uses that would conflict with residential uses in the area already.
Mike Hall- surveyor for the project spoke on behalf of Badinghaus. He said they did not want any restrictions in the original request. He went over the current use proposed and how it would benefit the tax base and the community. Traffic would be far less than the previous church had. He is making custom cabinets there.

Doug Denmure- attorney for the applicant spoke in favor of the project. He felt like they had made a lot of progress in their negotiations getting the zone change approved so far.
Shirley Gardner- noted that noise is an issue as some people complained about church singing and the insulation in the building is not enough to cover that noise. Badinghaus has a 30x50 ft building that he works in now with more ground- why is he moving from that? There were supposed to be other retail businesses to go in there and have heard nothing about them. Quiet tenants won’t go there with the noise in this business. So what kind will go there? Everyone in the neighborhood except for one person was at the other meetings and we all had the same concerns. She talked about the traffic concerns there also and the number of wrecks into the adjoining property’s and their fences.
Dan Badinghaus- lives on 7 acres on top of a hill. Has himself and 3 other employees. Access issues.

Baudendistel did not have the ordinance prepared yet but they would be able to approve it with written commitments at their next meeting. The applicant wants to be able to start site plan review even though the ordinance for the zone change is not prepared and signed yet.
Lynch motioned and Little 2nded it to approve the zone change contingent upon the written commitments for R to B-1 for the Badinghaus property. In response to my question about the 5 crtiteria needing to be addressed in the motion,  Baudendistel said that the reasonable regard to section 540 and the 5 criteria for a zone change will be in the written ordinance. 

Plat & Right-of-Way Vacation in Hogan Township for Wilmington. This was addressed in detail in the August Plan Commission meeting- see notes on this blog. Dennis Kraus, Jr. was the surveyor for this application. Mark McCormack gave an overview of the properties involved.

Kraus, Jr.- gave some more info.
Priscilla Probst- lived in Wilmington all her life. She protests the part about access to the cemetery there. She wants it to be left open- the same as it has been since the 1800s. She thinks there should remain 2 accesses to the cemetery. She likes the town to remain historical. Baudendistel said that the cemetery association can maintain that access on the 20 ft portion they will still have.
Jason Probst- caretaker of cemetery. There is a power line there so there is nothing to gain by changing this. He is on cemetery board- and 4 of the 5 members don’t want this access changed. He is speaking for the cemetery. It is only Water St that he is objecting to. The alley way is OK to change.
McCormack said the 50 ft ROW won’t probably be needed to access the cemetery- they are often one lane roads. Baudendistel said that vacations have no affect on the easements of record per IN code.
McHenry asked about why the owners wanted to vacate the cemetery part. Kraus Jr. said that they figured it might as well be vacated too since it won’t ever be a road. McHenry said that he prefers to see the cemetery part be left alone. There is a way for the property to be deeded all to the cemetery separate from this vacation process. It would be a private agreement with the owners. Setbacks increase with this in place.
Lynch motioned to table until the owners requesting can be present. Commissioners agreed to TABLE.

Zoning Text Amendment- two items: Mark McCormack- Both were unanimous recommendations related to keeping of animals. This was approved years ago also- but commissioners wanted the animal control ordinance finished first. Since it is finally done they revisited it and proposed the text which now is before you.
Article 10, Section 1010 – Principally Permitted Uses (Residential Districts)
Article 27 – Definitions for Domesticated, Household Pets; Undomesticated, Non-Household Animals; Keeping of Animals
Public comment opened and closed with no more comments. As McHenry noted- most people have their heads down and/or are sleeping. Laughter.
Commissioners approved both text amendments.

Health Department – Mary Calhoun- grant request to go before Council- Mike Hankins- $74,914 grant total for 2 combined grants. No match required.This saves us money in the general fund per Pennington. Local Health Maintenance Fund and the Indiana Local Health Dept Trust Account is what these are from.

Final Jail Project Draw Down Appropriation for Council- Approved for Randall to go to Council for this.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Claims approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel – nothing more

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch apologized for being late. Was in Indy for meeting. Staff member form Coats office came down. Lobbyist Barnes and Thornburg sponsored events with 10 state senators regarding riverboat revenue. Last week Terri Randall and he attended Barnes and Thornburg even and shared a meal with speaker Bozeman and tell our Dearborn County story. They continue to do a nice job for us as lobbysists.



Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, September 15, 2014

Agenda Sept 16 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting

September 16, 2014
5:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

I.          CALL TO ORDER


            1.  Clerk of Courts – Rick Propst
                        1.  Public Notice of Polling Place Locations
                        2.  DOXPOP Contract Approval

            2.  Planning and Zoning – Mark McCormack
                        1.  Zoning Map Update (Amendment)
                        2.  Plat & Right-of-Way Vacation
                        3.  Zoning Text Amendment
·         Article 10, Section 1010 – Principally Permitted Uses(Residential Districts)
·         Article 27 – Definitions for Domesticated, Household Pets; Undomesticated, Non-Household Animals; Keeping of Animals
                        3.  Health Department – Mary Calhoun
                                    1.  Grant Request

                        4.  Final Jail Project Draw Down Appropriation for Council

V.        ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall

VI.        AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1.  Claims/Minutes



XI.        ADJOURN

Thursday, September 11, 2014

11 Sept 2014 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

11 Sept 2014 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Present: Dave Deddens, Chairman, Jim Helms, John Rahe, Jim Deaton, and Dennis Kraus, Sr.
ABSENT: Dusty Burress (non- voting school board member)

Also present: Terri Randall, county administrator and economic development director, Andrea Ewan, attorney, Sue Hayden, minute taker, Gayle Pennington, Auditor and DCRC treasurer.

Randy Maxwell, consultant, showed up at 8:50 AM

Minutes from August 14th meeting approved.

Unfinished Business- Rahe asked about contacting the property owner in Aurora industrial park letter- Randall said she was on it.

Randall- Working with FTC&H on flood study. They did some modeling to look at the flood plains in Whitewater River to see if it had changed so that some parcels could come out of flood plain for FEMA. There were 2 steps in that process. They did bids and got surveys done on the river for depth at various stages in the river. That took some time. Once that data was there then FTC&H would look at the data. They wanted $5000 but she got them to agree to $4000 and has the agreement with her now. You can decide to use the report or not once it is done. She was just glad to get it down another $1000. She asked Ewan to take a look at the agreement to see if it was OK as she had just gotten it last night. Deaton asked if the areas that looked promising were the same areas that we are looking at now. Randall said that we need to look at whatever lots became available with the new study. She thinks it is a beneficial study to see what is available to pick up as parcels or options.

Rahe asked about the web page for DCRC- Randall said they’d wait to see what Oren Turner is doing on it- when he comes in at 8:30.

The discussion then went back to the agreement. Ewan said that she wanted it to have their original terms added to this agreement. Randall said it is pretty straight forward. All approved the contract with those changes. Kraus reminded her to change the $5000 to $4000 in it. Randall said that she would email it to the board to look over some more after the meeting- in case they wanted to read more and a had any objections
New Business: Financials- all approved. Randall clarified some was the grant fund from city of Lawrenceburg. $5065.18 was approved for claims.

Lead Economic Development Officer’s Report- already covered pretty much. She will be on vacation next week and CVTB is having their regular meeting on Tuesday at 8:30 AM at the Chamber office. DCRC has allowed them to come and ask again and make a case for the $50,000 they want CVTB to continue to fund to DCRC. A couple DCRC members will attend in her stead.
Because of reports that they had to upload to DLGF she discovered didn’t have big maps of TIFs to upload. Kunkel before he left in 2013 had done some maps. She had Planning and Zoning print them up and put them in poster frames for her office so they can use them. Red is non-TIF collecting so far and green is TIF tax producers. She will get copies of these maps to each DCRC member. This map was printed before the Mills came in. They can make changes as new ones come in. 

The Mills are set for a March 2015 open date. Randall is having lunch with them today. They are into the history of mills also and she wants to see how far they are now in construction. She said they will offer tours to DCRC members if they want to go out. Randall noted Kathy Scott in audience and brought up some of the issues regarding the chemicals used there and getting a plan for emergencies set up for the area residents and businesses. Randall is working with Bill Black and others to have a plan set up and Hazmat plan is in place. She has called all the owners of the Mill to get them at this meeting. Randall said that she knew people were working on this.

Randy Maxwell and she met with Harrison’s economic director and their mayor to touch base especially as we use their services and they benefit from some of our development. Randall said that even though they are competitors in Ohio and KY, they also cooperate on projects that benefit both areas.

Deaton said he read in INDY paper that another mill is going in up there also. This one is bigger than the one in West Harrison. Our mill reaches pretty far out for their wheat- as we can’t provide it all. Kevin Lynch is on Farm Bureau board and they stay in touch with our farmers on the grain production.[NOTE: Farm Bureau is only one way to get in touch with some farmers. County Extension, FSA, Soil and Water, and the Ag-Coop would be some others.] ADM is the company going in INDY on SE side.

Board was reminded that the farm land in the TIF was still taxed to county. The improvements in the TIF are the only things that add to the TIF coffers- anything beyond the base prior to improvements. Hirlinger is going to TIF money now. What are we doing with non- TIF parcels that we are collecting on?  [NOTE: What is that about???In Washington Township Jeff Stratman is looking into that. Apparently Aurora has a TIF there per Pennington.

Randall said that what got her onto that was looking thru all the old records for the DLGF reports. Randall thinks that maybe they should have London Witte or Umbaugh and Associates out to look at the TIFS and see if we are doing all these right.

LIST OF THE Redevelopment FINANCIAL BALANCES passed out:
Cash balance of fund 4931- $401,727.36
**Fund 4932- Commission match- $500,000
**Growth and development fund- $500,000
Fund 4301- TIF Washington Township- West Aurora- $164,357
Fund 4302-TIF St. Leon Kelso- $79.559.64
Fund 4303- TIF St Leon Harrison Township- $40,553.43
Fund 4304- TIF West Harrison- $12,502.43
**Fund 9139 Econ Development Research Grant- $95,229.76
** means the funds are restricted.

Met with realtors but we don’t have access to MLS and they do so they can help us and we help them sell properties. Oren will work with them and comb thru the real estate websites. He will prioritize properties based on which ones are in the TIF. 

She said that there are people asking about places along US 50. The 3 cities are working in those areas too. She thinks they should be getting options on more parcels. Geotech on sites and drainage is important. Some properties already have those reports. They should have those reports before they try to market. [NOTE: They should have those reports before they get options or buy parcels. It determines how valuable the property might be.]

Dennis Kraus said that economic development is to help the taxpayer so it might be more beneficial to have business outside TIF also. [NOTE: Kraus is right- why add to TIF districts if we can get business without having to give tax money away?]

Randall said - you contracted with Randy Maxwell to do the master plan for the West Harrison TIF- so he is working on that. [NOTE: Does that master plan get publicized? How does it get communicated so that existing and future business knows the plan? Oh- and do the taxpayers get to know it too?]

The big project- no news yet- but they are still in the running. 

Attorney’s Report- none

Other Business- Oren Turner on the website. They now have a link and we have a Twitter account @edidearborn
They are leaving EDI intact- Deaton asked why we are continuing EDI website etc if it doesn’t exist anymore. Randall said that using that name is still good and people know that name and site so for now they are keeping it. She also noted that they were evaluated by the mystery shopper and they said the EDI site data is stale and outdated- that needs to be updated. Oren said that he is trying to get it set up so they can look for properties on the site and the state is offering this data up for free. Deaton said the towns also have properties to offer to the right person. And Dillsboro might put in a stoplight even!

Oren said it is slowly turning into a viable website. There is a button on the county’s website for redevelopment and economic development. They need to get all the Redevelopment board members and contacts for all communities in the county. Deaton said that they need a map too on that to show all TIFs- not just the county ones. Oren said they are also communicating with Work One- so that those incentives can help with worker pools for businesses. 

Purdue will be coming tomorrow to look deeper at the stats that they can analyze for free. That is with the so called Visioning group from the 3 cities and the county. Purdue has been provided with the labor shed study that we paid for from UC and also from OKI and the zoom prospector with the state on this.

McCormack will be invited to next meeting to see what else they can do with TIF maps etc.

Rahe pushed further to get more info on the West Aurora TIF and Randall said that they have worked on the ones that have more interest. Not so many are asking for property there.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Agenda- Sept 11 DC Redevelopment Commission Agenda

September 11, 2014
8:00 a.m., 3rd Floor Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

I.              Call to order

II.             Approval of Minutes
1.  August 14, 2014 Meeting

III.            Unfinished Business

IV.          New Business
1.  Claims & Financials
V.           Lead Economic Development Officer’s Report

VI.          Attorney’s Report
VII.         Other Business

VIII.        Adjournment


Karen Arland of Ice Miller LLP Indianapolis, IN  (in 2012) gives a 40 minute presentation on the Open Door and Public Records Access Laws in Indiana. This overview incorporates the recent law that allows civil fines of up to $100 per incident for first offenses and up to $500 for second or more offenses. She states in her presentation that the fine is not optional- the law says SHALL, not MAY.

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AGENDA September 23rd Dearborn County Council Meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 23th, 2014
6:30 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


II.             CALL TO ORDER

III.            CIRCUIT COURT – Judge Humphrey
Purchase copier

IV.           SUPERIOR COURT II – Judge Blankenship
Public Defender Fees

V.            COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS – Steve Kelly
Budget Modification

VI.           PROSECUTOR – Aaron Negangard
Children’s Advocacy Center

AMENDED- HEALTH DEPT- Mary Calhoun- grant

VII.          COMMISSIONERS – Terri Randall
Final Draw down for Jail Addition and Renovation

VIII.         COMMUNICATIONS/911 – Charlie Ashley
Overtime funding

IX.           PLANNING AND ZONING – Mark McCormack
Attorney/legal fees

X.            EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT – Bill Black, Jr
                        Radio Equipment Account
                        Repair/Replace equipment                                                                                        

XI.           SHERIFF/JAIL – Mike Kreinhop
Sheriff – Gasoline
Jail – Inmate meals
Jail – Jail addition

XII.          PARK BOARD – Jim Red Elk
Bright Meadows Park security

XIII.         AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
Resolution 2014-009 for signatures

AMENDMENT- add- Budget Review Forms and Proposed Salary Ordinance


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

News from County Commissioners Office on County Website

Commissioner's Office

Commissioner Kevin Lynch and County Administrator, Terri Randall enjoyed an evening with the Governor Mike Pence at the Indianapolis Colts exhibition game against the New Orleans Saints on August 23, 2014.  The event was a thank you and networking opportunity for county economic development representatives.  The Commissioner and County Administrator jumped at the chance to chat with the Governor about priorities and projects in Dearborn County; especially areas that may require support from his office and the State of Indiana.  Despite the Colts’ disappointing loss (23-17), opportunities to discuss Dearborn County’s concerns and goals with the Governor are always a win!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

2 September 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

2 September 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Vacancy on Miller Township Board- Art Little said that Jim Thatcher will do it now that he is retired from IRS. Approved.  McHenry joked about being on board until he said IRS.

Request to Support State to Cover Various Therapies for Veterans- Baudendistel said that had read resolution last time. The therapy is hyperbaric oxygen for TBI and PTSD. Approved the resolution.


2015 Harrison Contract- Chief Hursong- this is to reimburse Harrison for Fire/EMS Protection. There is a $10,000 reduction as agreed to previously. Harrison wants that corridor to develop as well. They have helped with sewer and water service. Randall said it was a testament to Harrison wanting to partner with us- keeping fees low. Lynch thanked them for being great neighbors. Baudendistel reviewed it already. Cost is $107,493 for EMS- signed. Randall said that Hursong was instrumental in getting Whitewater Mills covered and a HAZMAT plan. They were really thinking of all the safety issues.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer

Bridge Inspection Contract-between INDOT and the county to reimburse the county $184,800 which is 80% of our contracted amount. Commissioners approved the contract.

Change Order Bridge #8 Johnson Creek box beam type project- 7 change orders-all for guardrail removal $8387.50. The contract is under-running the total cost so this is OK.

Change Order – Removal of Asbestos on Bridge 55 for a house that had to be removed. This is Colllier Ridge Bridge. Cost is $9039.10. This is covered 80/20. Approved.

They will be closing Stateline to do slip replacement  and there will be community corrections working to get the trash out of there.

Striping starts when rain stops.

Rohe- Wilson Creek and Cole Lane paving weather permitting
EMA- Bill Black- Proclamation for September as Preparedness Month- said that they also work well with Harrison – as they helped with the incident this morning on the Whitewater.  Commissioners signed the proclamation. Getting Emergency preparedness kits in homes, businesses, and schools.  Little said that Bright Lions fill 5 gal buckets for classrooms possibly. Water, flashlights, portable radio, etc. Need at least 72 hours of coverage in your kit. Also get a plan set up. Black has sample kits for groups to look at and copy.
$15,000 grant to rewrite their emergency plan required for federal disaster money.  Baudendistel wants 25% up front and 75% on completion. They are contracting with Indiana University to do this. $3750 up front and $11,250 on completion. They will have 3 meetings and will work with GIS also for info.  Approved and signed.

Lynch asked Black about mutual aid agreements with other counties in KY. He has not done a lot with Hamilton County as they have run into a stalemate there. Campbell County is already agreed. Boone County is still talking- one of the issues being water rescue coordination. Lynch said he will see judge executive Gary Moore from over there at an event.

Rick Probst- County Clerk-( added to agenda)  Grant request- to be reimbursed, $2598.10- for magnified readers in the poll places. These are required by law. Approved. Handicapped voters who cannot stand will require a table to pull wheelchair up for.  Little said that they (judges) used to help them individually at the polls in prior years. Probst said that iIt is discouraged now to have someone read to them. They want them to have privacy and do as much as they can on their own. Ballots ordered and moving forward for Nov election.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- some emt units have asked about basic emt class up to $250. They want to know if they can use this for advanced class. It is first come – first served. Total budget for year is $4000.Baudendistel- remembered that they had this discussion for the bridge class when this first started. Tabled to check the original resolution.
County is testing the website and some departments are lagging behind in getting their content up. Hayden and she are going out helping each dept get trained. Randall on vacation- will miss next meeting but hopes to have roll out for Commissioners.
Courthouse Annex- she is looking at additional drawings for courthouse annex, she was up there last week. Looking at cost reduction and looking at additional options.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Aug 19 minutes approved. Claims approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:

Presentation of Animal Control Resolution Signed at last meeting-  authorizing entering into all the other citoes and towns wanting to be covered.

Ordinance for Animal Control Fine Schedule -working out kinks and individuals can pay a fine within 2 weeks and prevents cost of Baudendistel filing to collect and it costs $141 in court costs. The fine is to be paid to Animal Control. First thru third offenses in a 12 month period.  Max would be $1000. This schedule keeps things uniform. Council also has to approve this. C infractions start at $25. $1000 ones are for vicious dogs and interfering with Animal Control when handling a case, etc. The fines are to help with expense of Animal Control Enforcement. Approved.

Definitive Agreement Between Lawrenceburg and Dearborn County for SCU (Special Crimes Unit) Building- this will be the agreement with how the money will be distributed- escrow agreement with UCB bank. Nothing drawn out of escrow Mayor of Law’bg or a Commissioner will be on a board to settle disputes. City will own and county will lease for $1 or $10 a year. MCHENRY ABSTAINS FOM ALL DISCUSSION OR VOTE. No discussion. Approved by  two other Commissioners.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch- Health Dept employee Bob Skidmore retired after 24 years. It reiterated the dedication and service of some employees. Lynch also thanked the website committee as there are some new things to interact with. Thanked Auditor and her staff to prepping for the budget hearings. That week sets the tone for the coming year. Also congratulated $218,000 grant to Shelton and Building dept to work on blighted properties. McCormack also helped get that grant. It is tremendous to see employees get involved and get this help. Justin Stephens – from Senator Coats office will be here at 11AM Wednesday for issues we have.

Little said Region 9 was impressed that we had gotten out application in so early. McCormack also said there is more money available as others have not applied.

McHenry- also thanked auditor and council for difficult job with cutting budget. Also keep Penny Schroeder in thoughts and prayer as her husband passed away. She was instrumental in Animanl Control and PAWS alliance.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Celeste Calvitto- Bright Beacon- wanted more info on how to do the roadside cleanup- as they have volunteers. McHenry wanted to be sure the citizens were in a safer location for liability issues.  She also brought up a form used for the Whitewater River Cleanup

PUBLIC COMMENT- Kathy Scott- lives on Barber Road- and asked about the issues regarding the flour mills project and the potential for fire and ems being able to handle it. Sure that the silo is state of the art and wanted to be sure that we are prepared for any problems. This silo contains chlorine gas as that is what it is bleached with. They have to keep large amounts on site. The emissions are negligible in the processing- but the storage is the potential issue. A fire here would be a huge issue. She thinks the county would benefit from having a committee that devises a plan for this silo. Who will bear the cost of the fire dept?  Would the silo owner’s insurance bear any cost? She said looking at IDEM site would give the info. McHenry said that he agrees- and Aurora does this with theirs. We also have agreements with Cincinnati. He will definitely make sure that is what is going on and is sure that Harrison’s chief is already checking on this. She hopes the plan can be shared with the community. She also said that you can look up silo fires online. Lynch said that Whitewater Mills has been working with the fire and ems on this. He appreciates Scott bringing it to their attention.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, September 01, 2014

Agenda Sept 2 Commissioners Morning Meeting



September 2, 2014

8:30 a.m., Commissioners Room

County Administration Building

215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana




1. Vacancy on Miller Township Board

2. Request to Support State to Cover Various Therapies for Veterans


1. 2015 Harrison Contract – Chief Hursong

2. Highway Engineer – Todd Listerman

• Bridge Inspection Contract

• Change Order Bridge #8

• Change Order – Removal of Asbestos

3. Proclamation for Preparedness Month – EMA Director, Bill Black, Jr.

V. ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall

VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington

1. Claims/Minutes

1. Presentation of Animal Control Resolution Signed at Last Meeting

2. Ordinance for Animal Control Fine Schedule

3. Definitive Agreement Between Lawrenceburg & DC for SCU Building





Thursday, August 28, 2014

28 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

28 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich.
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Leah Bailey, Financial Controller of Auditor’s Office

Register Publications was present.
 Bright Beacon was also present for part of the jail/shriffdiscussion . Terri Randall County Administrator sat in on the sheriff and jail discussion.

10:10 AM


Charlie Ashley- Budget similar to last year. Some items moved to his budget such as radios and they are trying t o see if the funding comes from each entity or thru EMA with Bill Black.  800 to 700 MGHz and all radios in emergency services get rebanded. Cost is about $50 for portables. This changeover in the state comes in October.

Morris asked about money coming in to 911 from the 911 statewide fund. That monthly amount went from $6000+ DOWN to $5,000+.
They are asking for a new staff member- that will be covered at Friday meeting. This one will be a floating person to cover vacations (47 weeks to cover) and they need 3 to cover all the time. There was discussion of holiday pay versus overtime pay. Ashley keeps it separate so he can track how much overtime he is using up.
Ashley said he shaved $15,000 from last year’s budget already. Council urged him to cut, so he took out uniform allowance and general supplies cut to $2000 and Equipment repairs to $6000. That way he has to come back if he needs more next year. Taking computer down to $3500.

The accounts for agreements with the other entities goes to a separate fund. Aurora pays into that now and there are other entities that are signed up- so the total should come to about $120,000 per Ashley. Some of that goes to pay for the new person needed to cover all the 911 calls. Ashley returns tomorrow at 8:45 AM for the additional help in his dept as advertised.

10:30 AM


Mike Kreinhop- showed up with 6 others, some from jail staff. Introduced  Dr Norman Johnson- physician and advanced care- the health care provider for the jail. Bill Wilson Monroe county jail commander for jail analysis, Ken Witner- jail inspector for IN former 2 time sheriff. John Lee IT , Dave Hall Jail Commander and also the assistant Jail Commander. [NOTE: He obviously anticipates some tough questions.]

Sheriff budget:

McCready and Keene- submitted calculations for police pension. 22.58% increase over last year’s per Morris. ($48,000 extra) Kreinhop said he didn’t know what changed and Morris continued to grill him on that huge increase. He didn’t  know what percent the firm gets for doing those calculations. Charlie Keyes said the statute may have mandated the increase same as PERF did to make the pension funds actuarially sound.

Merit board allows for a monthly meeting at $20 per member. They only meet as necessary- only had 3 meetings last year.

Overtime $60,000. They cut it back $5000 this year. Supplies same as last year. Cut $1500 out of forms. Cut $2500 out of police supplies.

Canine is $5500. This is the first year they are asking the council to support the bloodhound. Past funding was donations or commissary. This includes vet bill etc. Sometimes get vet services for free unless it is special services. Council gave them $500 for this dog.

Routinely buy 5 new cars a year. New tires are an ongoing expense. Has an additional appropriation for gas pending now. Tires cut to $7500. Body armor last 5 years and cost about $600. This is mandated by statute. Travel and mileage is paid for use of own vehicles or community corrections etc – Cut $2500. Education is at $4000. Sheriff dept is covered in part by county liability insurance and the other amount is to cover deductible. Last year had 3-4 this year 0 accidents so far.  $30,000 is maintenance oil and repairs and transmission. About 35 cars in the fleet. Vehicle installation costs $25000. It costs over $6000 per car. They use Midland. Vehicle costs were discussed also and places to buy.

 Budget is still higher than last year. The pension is the reason. Lansing asked about number of sheriff employees- those are the same as last year- just reduced the rank of one to sergeant as the captain retired and filled with a sergeant. He added a couple part timers. Kreinhop said - It pays to house inmates. Lansing corrected him- you meant costs...

Jail budget:

Jail officer is filling in for IDAC coordinator.

Staffing analysis indicated they needed more staff. They expect 25 more inmates than last year. 285 inmates this year. Kraus said they were told that the jail would be staff neutral. Morris chimed in and grilled further as she was on the committee. Kreinhop said HE didn’t say neutral. Hall said it- and she said- well he works under you! She said she was told it would be staff neutral with 144 more beds even. He demurred and indicated that didn’t mean with people in them. ( WHAT!?) [NOTE: Silence when those around you are pitching it as staff neutral isn’t the right thing to do. If you know that the committee was being misled, speak up. Morris was a string advocate for the jail; it was not a good idea to mislead her.]

He estimated they can make over million a year if we put 50 more outside inmates in there. Keyes said- you wouldn’t approve jail over 4 additional staff? Morris said- I would need the info and know what was coming. Kraus said we were lied to.  Or misled. Keyes said we should know that all those beds would require more staff no matter what they were telling us. Keyes said- if they haven’t been approved- they don’t exist. So take these 4 off the budget.  You need to take these guys to the committee to get your 3 additional. Keyes said- by rights we shouldn’t be talking about it- same as Charlie Ashley has to come back tomorrow for his. Kreinhop said these are to reduce liability. Built to protect the county and staff it to protect the county. Hall said that he is not a liar- and that he said they could do it by combining the low risk and cut staff coverage there. They have 5 jailors covering 270 people sometimes. They are claiming the sentencing guidelines and also more felony staying local is the cause.

Bill Wilson- Monroe County Jail- had a lot of jails built in the 1980s and staffing was lax. As the increasing liability risk- the staffing increases. All criminal justice is run differently- some are tough, some sit in jail longer, some have work release etc. YOU are # 5 in the state on the number you lock up per 1000 residents. That is where the county is at. Several counties are grappling with these issues. You can’t have unsupervised people in jail.

Bill Ullrich- said the county is tough on crime- if you come to the county you may leave on probation. We are tougher than the other tristate areas. We hold people accountable. Problems with cramming people together- they get testy. Safety for staff and the inmates. Potential powder keg. Try to give them more space and keep low risk offenders away from high risk ones. Staff neutral was a pie in the sky dream I think. Logic alone tells you – you will need more staff for more inmates.

The IDAC officer is already approved. Will discuss that tomorrow morning. Brandt said to have sheriff go to PAC Personnel advisory committee- for the other 3 before adding or discussing them.

Dr Johnson- CEO of Advanced Health Care. Nurse has to do Physicals on inmates. Looking at our first lawsuit since a non- trained person got in the way of medical care. Looking for a full time LPN and cost effective rather than an RN. There will be 24/7 coverage eventually. There is more money for supplies and medications. There is no way around this. This large a jail should not be operated with one nurse. Jail nurse and medical assistant. She does not have the correct licensing. Also a $400,000 request for medical. The medical assistant is not in that number. If Advanced Medical provides the nurse- then they are liable if sued. If we do- then we are liable. They plan on hiring LPN.

84% of all lawsuits are civil rights lawsuits in jails. NOT Medical malpractice. Per Bill Wilson- former jail commander Monroe.

Randall gave the commissioners perspective she said. She said Commissioners had some concerns about the language in the contract. DCHospital is excited about providing the service at a lower cost. Contract has not been put out to bid. That is just to be sure we get the best value. Insurance company has been brought to the table. Keep current provider for now and look at this. Still use the Personnel advisory committee for what it was designed for. However the sheriff makes this decision. But the county is the one who has to deal with the liability. Majority is about civil rights- did we make the right decision about medical care. Hospital will have a proposal in the next 30 days. [NOTE: News to me - This was not discussed at commissioners meetings.]

Council decided to have $300,000 in there and if we need additional they can come back for that. Dr Johnson reminded them that DCH works with them now on patient care there. Leaving the nurses as they are for right now.

Office supplies- cut back to $5000. Bedding and clothing suspect they need $40,000 and put in $25000 for now. Plan on purchasing 100 bedding sets and clothing sets right now. He recalculated meals so that he hopes to get reimbursement for the higher level felony cases that stay beyond their 5 days here. They made over $500,000 in last couple years on that. He thinks we will get 310 inmates at $1.24 per meal. $421,000 per year for meals plus juveniles adding $30,000. Historically they spend about $400,000 annually.

John Lee spoke to campus security. Cameras and DVRs were all on the list. Security touch screens, X-ray and metal detectors etc. Council continued questioning and cutting thru each line item.

12:35 PM


Debbie Smith – Brandt said- this is self funded. Smith said less money coming in. They do have 168 more rooms for innkeepers. If we approve it at this level- they still can’t spend anything if it isn’t there. Smith said a lot of their new marketing and business will come from the new convention center. We operate as a Commission Board- 7 members. Riverboat money is quarterly and she can monitor it closely. Frank Cummings recommendation is anticipating receipts of $1.2million. They take their innkeeper’s tax money in one lump and haven’t got their 2014 money yet. They may not get the $800,000 till end of 14 per Leah Bailey. Smith said the hotel won’t be done till November. She said Doubletree will be great looking forward to the restaurant.

12:45 PM


Sandy Carly- gave a quick update and agreement is due in October. They are trying to get on an annual agreement to start in Jan again to get on a calendar year. She has been working with Randall and the county attorney to comply with that. So they fixed a bylaw to work with this. Bailey said the money is there and money is approved. The dollar amount is not changing. They just need to extend the contract 3 months to fix out this year. No other questions. She said the Facebook page has good pics of new animals .

Departed at 1 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

27 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

27 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich.
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, and Leah Bailey, Financial Controller Auditor’s Office

1 PM

Dearborn County Superior Court II

Judge Sally Blankenship – scheduled jury break time to be over here. Said budget was pretty much the same as last year except needing more public defender fees as the current budget is not enough.  Need $1700 for the court reporting system to cope with outside noise in hallways. $2000 for locker for more evidence.  Additional labeling machine- $600. Morris noted that other courts having public defender fee issues also. Some comment about going to another system that they keep trying to push onto us. Unclear what that was about. Blankenship said that if they cut the public defender fees she just has to come back for an additional. She just wants them to be aware of the impending expense. Travel and mileage is up a bit. They cut that back to the $850. Cut public defenders back to $10,000. She will have to come back to request. They apologized for that, but they have to balance it.

Superior Probation and Community Corrections

Steve Kelly-Morris said- Some of this is state mandated pay raises. Kelly said- $43,470 -some are at that and they will stall out from year 4-9 and then after year 9 is goes up again. He goes to CASA and gets a $25,000 grant every year. They use grant first and county money last. The 3 and 3 drug court had one person go out for 4 months so the others doubled up then. It’s not something they can sustain long term. He said he will try to use user fees and whatever to avoid having to come back for additionals.

Trying to get low risk people and not do as many drug screens on them as the high risk ones. Wants to be careful not to cut too much as this keeps people out of the jail. And if they go to the jail it increases spending there. Take some money from drug testing for now. They are looking at charging the convicted person a fee for their drug testing. $100 for felonies and $50 for misdemeanors would yield about $80,000. If they only got 50% collection of that it would yield $40,000. He encouraged people to call them for services to the community for the Community corrections people to do their service hours. They send 2 officers out to monitor the crew also. Kelly does hope to start those fees and it will cut his additional requests.
All salaries are coming out of the grant now. Operating expenses come out of user fees. It makes it easier for auditor’s office to track. 11 full time staff for Community Corrections. This is funded out of Dept of Corrections. Their free rent at Hoosier Square is what the county pays.

They are looking at JCAP by 2016 to combine with Community Corrections by state law. They are already now paying some J-CAP salaries with user fees. They are trying to look at a vehicle from the used ones in the pool. DLGF looks at this budget? Yes. Lyness was worried about them not letting us use user fees some day. Collect $35,000 a month in user fees now. Last fall we were collecting 51%- up to 60% and hope to be 75% at some point. They have to be paid in full or you can’t go on work release. They also can’t grocery shop etc unless user fees are paid in full.

3 vehicles now and need $15,000 requested to repair. In the past they didn’t track vehicle repairs- so he is guessing on this. The one van is brand new. So not much maintenance on that. Gas was in that amount. Kraus said they need to break that out separately. $10,000 for gas as last year they spent $9000. Kraus didn’t like the repair expense- said they aren’t taking good care of the public vehicles.
Monitoring equipment- $62,400- was budgeted by previous person was grossly under done. They always spent about $160,000. It was an expensive and unreliable one. The new one is $230,000 but more reliable. DOC gives about $500,000 grant money and $400,000 operating fees. House Bill 1006 will mean Community Corrections will double in size as Felony Level 6 don’t go to state prison they go to local jail or home detention.

Computers can be slashed to $5000 as they used a grant for some. Furniture can be cut to $1500 from $3000. Counseling has been cut to half. This will be phased out completely by the end of 2015. Community liaison is being done by Gwendolyn Emery as part of her job- so cut that old one out. Lansing asked if they could spread the idea of user fees for Bradley to try in his probation dept also. Kelly said he would speak to him. Lansing said perhaps have the others assessed also. So far they brought it up 30 points in 6 months said Kelly.

Kelly said it can be tough standing up in front of you guys. But I like having checks and balances and it helps me.

2 PM


 Alan Beneker - thanked them for money since 2008 to fight domestic violence. We provide all different services at the Shelter in Batesville and covers 5 counties. Just opened an office in Dearborn County- but it is not at a published address for security issues. They have a2 4 hour hotline. Prevention piece is about Coaching Boys into Men. Law enforcement training for two hours is free to local law enforcement.

Our services are increasing at a large rate. Some at 20%. Served 253 individuals from Dearborn County last fiscal year. $90,000 gap in their funding. 40% federal and state and 60% from locals. Ripley is considering $20,000, Batesville, $15,000. Lawrenceburg gave $6300, Sunman gave $2000. They would hope for $20,000. Ryan Brandt said his experience as a police officer they do a great job. BUT as we said in our first day of hearings we are dropping many of these. Community Foundations will not help with operating costs. 30% go back to abuser. Our rate is only 8% going back to abuser. Which is a great rate. Ullrich said maintaining is a possibility. Alan kept saying that he completely understands. Our last amount was $5000. Lansing told him he was a good front man for them – you have a good attitude. Council will work on this at the end of the hearings.

Miscellaneous Discussions:

Kraus- Regional Sewer Board has asked for a raise for Part time help. Discussion from council was they had been told the person who is doing it is virtually incompetent. There has been an issue of billing problems. Discussion about why should they reward incompetence.

Eric Hartman –Maintenance Dept.- Kraus said if they pay him overtime it is appropriate. $55-60.000 should be his salary. But with $48,000 plus overtime he is there. They are going to leave that as is. Morris said he does prevention as well as maintenance. Ullrich said he responds quickly.

Judge Cleary is not scheduled to appear as his budget is less than last year. He did relay info that he would be glad to have them come over if they had any questions for him.

Council continued to discuss places to cut in each budget.

2:15 PM- I left.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township