Tuesday, October 25, 2005

24 October 2005 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

24 October 2005 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, Acting Chairman, Mike Hall, Nick Held, Tarry Feiss, Robert Laws, and Dennis Kraus, Jr.
Absent: Mark Mitter, Patrick deMaynadier, and Jane Ohlmansiek
Also Present: Travis Miller, Planning Director
Arnie McGill, Attorney, and Mark McCormack, Enforcement Officer, were not present.

1. Andy Scholle represented Alan and Marcia Stenger who were stuck in Key West, FL due to the hurricane. Permission to access Chesterville Rd., a collector and a driveway variance of less than 230 feet from existing driveways in Sparta Township was requested. No public comment.
As this was the 9th parcel to be created from the parent tract, permission was also needed to create the 9th lot, because it is a major subdivision at this point.
Kraus, Jr. motioned and Held 2nd to approve as long as the Health Dept. approves a 2nd septic site. Passed

1. Travis Miller presented the agenda for the Nov 5th Future Land Use Map workshop for the advisory board and Plan Commission. Public may attend this- but can only participate via written comments during the workshop. Time is 10:30-3 PM at Lawrenceburg High School. Lunch provided by Hava Java for the advisory board and the plan commission. This is the final work for the advisory board prior to the land use maps going for public meetings, which will be in December or January. Tarry Feiss is unable to attend and Robert Law’s attendance is still in question.

2. The draft calendar for the 2006 meeting schedule was passed out to be approved at the November meeting.

3. Annual report is being prepared and Travis requested a short bio from 2 members who haven’t completed theirs yet.

4. Hamilton Co. has Greg Dale for their final seminar this year. Bob Laws has attended all 4 seminars this year. He and Patricia Baker from the BZA (new members this year) are attending this final seminar.

5. Travis Miller discussed the orthophotography options for GIS data. They have not submitted a contract yet, but will check into the prices compared to the previous versions they’d considered.

6. School district issues were discussed, particularly in light of recent large developments proposed in the Sunman Dearborn district and their building issues and teacher layoffs.
Plan commission members noted they have no jurisdiction in these issues. [NOTE: Isn’t this similar to the issues with roads and sewers, where Health Dept, IDEM, and INDOT or County Highway and Commissioners decide? The Plan Commission can turn a request down, when they see the dept with jurisdiction has not achieved – or has no plans to achieve- a significant change in the infrastructure. Common sense should prevail in these cases. It would seem to be irresponsible to flood a school system, where the tax base cannot keep up with the building needs and/or the staff salaries. A better mix of uses is needed in that district or else it needs to be subdivided or reapportioned with districts in the rest of the county.]

7. A letter from a resident regarding the tabled Buckhead Development was discussed briefly. Mike Hall wanted to respond to it personally. [NOTE: I discussed the ethics considerations of this with him after the meeting, as it was a tabled item and plan commission members are not to have ex parte discussions on pending issues. They will probably check this with Arnie McGill, Attorney.]

Meeting adjourned. 8:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, October 21, 2005

DCRSD Meeting Notes for October 20, 2005

DATE: October 20, 2005

Board members Present: Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Pat Holland, Brett Fehrman - Acting Chair, David Entzweiler, Greg Volmer

Others Present: Lisa Lehner, Doug Baer, Tom Quinn - Quinn Engineering, Jeff Bittner, VRUC, Vera Benning, Jeff Hughes, others in audience.

(Note: Some of the Board members did not speak up or clearly and there were multiple conversations at times. There are gaps in the information denoted by ________ .)

Minutes were reviewed and approved.

Treasurers Report indicated $366,931.48 in Seed Money Account and $75,961.03 in Lawrenceburg Community Grant Fund Account.

The City of Aurora has provided the variance to add sewage from Stewart Road and Cole Lane for submission to IDEM. IDEM appears to be in favor and an answer is expected by November 3rd. Debbie Dubinsky(?) is the person at IDEM.

VRUC Letter of Understanding:
LL (Lisa Lehner) has been discussing revisions with VRUC. They talked about the penalty structure for I & I. They wanted to break the service area into sections and work on sections with reporting of the results. Wanted to change to penalties could be assessed. Additional charges would be passed through to VRUC. They have enough consensus to move forward.

Jeff Bittner said they have determined which sections need the most work. They plan to ‘TV’ the lines and then fix either using VRUC staff of by Contractor. They plan to start with section 11 & 12 this year. The L of U provides the framework to move forward.

New sanitary permit:
Sending a letter to IDEM on the permit for the SR.46 & 1 with collection lines into St. Leon. Notified Levi Solcraft(??) RSD wanted to be notified, but, were not sure RSD had any standing. A letter will be drafted to Ken Lee(?) to request DCRSD be notified directly in future of any work in the County. It is too late to file on this permit by time limit; but, IDEM may allow comment. St. Leon did not object to permit and they suspect it may be turned over to St. Leon. DCRSD is trying to consolidate the County.

Aurora Interceptor Line:
RD spoke to Randy Turner about the interceptor. Considering using an 8" line ___ with vacuum purge near "Hopping's" on US 50. Also talked about a 'reversal' at Conwell Street. A tank may need to placed at "Hopping's" in case of buildup and may have to treat the holdings. Need to do everything to help finalize.

Interceptor along Rt. 350:
No discussion.

Six RFQs wee sent out, five returned. Top three firms were Woolpert, Black & Vietch & GRW (Note: This is the firm they complained about not finalizing numbers and finishing work.) All top three have offices in Cincinnati. DE will meet with the firms regarding what the Board wants and expects.

Attorney - $1719.21, approved to pay (Note: Lehner has been paid $37,946.86 from May 2003 to the end of 2004 and $17,109.94 through September 2005 for a total of $55,056.80 in fees.)

Aaron Koslowsky(?):
Aaron Koslowski(?), regarding Conaway Property wanted to know when the sewer line down Huesman Road was to be installed. They are planning on reopening the campgrounds and were looking for sewer availability to determine if they needed public sewer or onsite treatment. With the bottleneck in Aurora, RSD has no time frame for the Huesman Rd. line.

St. Leon:
St. Leon (Frank Leoni) requested to indicate how much capacity needed to serve additional area in Dearborn County. Estimated 550__gallons ___. ___working on additional discussion between St. L & DCRSD regarding Commercial area (TIF0 near I 74. There is currently no source of income; but, could pay when income is generated. The usage would be light industry, would change the treatment requirements. The TIF was created by DC to develop commercial (approx. 350 acres) ___ surrounded by St. L. This was put on the 'back burner'. The have people wanting sewers and it is not feasible to become involved now; but, might be a future opportunity. St. L wanted a resolution as to whether DCRSD wanted to be a part of the treatment option. Should DCRSD expand its boundaries to force St. L to notify of any plans to expand and so they can't run lines elsewhere in the county? Pat Holland opposed growing to big so that DCRSD can't accomplish anything. PH said boundaries would be ridiculous, especially bounding by areas, such as ridges where construction is likely to occur.

DCRSD is trying to get control of the County. Want something be passed to get control of the County or force notification. Inform IDEM DCRSD is an interested party. LL to contact St. L.

VRUC had indicated in their newsletter that DCRSD would take over VRUC. DCRSD contacted Jerry Hacker and they had to print a retraction.

DCRSD to contact SDRSD to see about getting a non voting member status. DCRSD doesn't have cash to buy into SDRSD. Will contact Dennis Fichtner(?) indicating they can't afford to buy in; but, would like a non voting membership.

Tom Kent:
TK is working on a project on Salt Fork Rd. approx. 1 1/4 mile line to Greendale. Lampert (Greendale City Manager) recommended to talk to County. Greendale wants DCRSD to give permission. DCRSD has no territorial authority over tunincorporatedis an unicorporated area and Greendale does not plan to annex. This could be a stepping stone for DCRSD. If they want to control, would have add area; but, there is no income to solve the problems. Again question, should DCRSD expand boundaries. There is no rate structure, if DCRSD took over it would be responsible for maintenance, etc. Would only consider accepting line debt free. Growth could be moving north. Hold off till enough funds are collected. TK has some additional property to develop. Invite TK to next meeting. Guilford is a target area next.

Tom Quinn:
Mr. Quinn's credentials are not yet approved. He called today and the Engineering Board was meeting; but, he would have to be notified in writing and pay an additional registration fee. If not registered, he could hire an associate, who is licensed in Indiana. DE expressed concern about hiring associate.

Meeting Adjourned.

PS: I was talking with Jeff Hughes, Commissioner in the Corridor when Vera Benning, Commissioner interrupted and said she had to talk to Jeff. Does this constitute a meeting without public notice, since a quorum of Commissioners were meeting at a public location? Was DCRSD to be discussed, in which Benning has a particular interest?

Notes by: Ralph Thompson, Jr., PE

Monday, October 17, 2005

Future Land Use Map Focus Groups Notes on Web

The first three focus groups for the Future Land Use Map for the County Master Plan have met and the minutes that Travis Miller has summarized are on the county planning web site: http://www.dearborncounty.org/planning/
Agriculture, Open Space/Parks, and Residential are finished. Commercial meets this Friday at the Lawrenceburg Library from 2-5. Check with the Planning Office before attending to be certain the time hasn't changed.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

11 October 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

11 October 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Benning, President, Fox and Hughes.
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, and Ewbank, Attorney.
Absent: Messmore, Administrator

This agenda was rearranged and assessor report added. Also the Emergency Management request for advertised bids to be opened was not on the agenda and was NOT heard. (See note at end)

1. US 50 Corridor Study- tabled from last meeting was represented by Travis Miller. Miller explained the coordination of the County’s study with OKI and the INDOT study on US 50 Corridor, showing the need for both and the possibility of improved economic development along the corridor if the county study is done too. The scope of work for the INDOT version being awarded to SIECO/ STRAND does not concern itself with land uses- just with moving traffic and environmental concerns.
Miller also stated that the INDOT version has 3 chances for public input in 18 months. He stressed that the 9-month study for the county will have more public input and that the new Tanner’s Creek bridge location is to be decided in the first 3 months. INDOT wasn’t sure another bridge would be needed- they aren’t to that point in their study. [NOTE: It seems ludicrous- it even defies common sense- that a 2nd crossing over Tanner’s Creek wouldn’t be necessary in the most populous section of the county. It literally could cut off the economic life of the county. INDOT should know this.]
Bob Koehler of OKI also spoke citing that this will add value to the INDOT study.
Commissioners voted to approve the memorandum of understanding with OKI to do the study. Council approved the funding already.

2. Joan Seitz, Assessor was added to the agenda- reported that a PTABOA (Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals) would need to have 2 freeholders with appropriate backgrounds appointed to it. She gave out info to the commissioners for future appointments.

3. Listerman gave the Hwy Dept recommendation to accept O’Mara as the bid winner for Sawdon Ridge widening and paving. Inspections will be in-house. Commissioners approved.

4. Bids for trucks and bedliners were opened and taken under advisement until next meeting:
Two trucks:
Freightliner- $108.870
McCluskey- $106,000
TriState- $112,348
Miami Valley Int’l - $126,416
Sterling Int’l - $121,810
Bedliners(dumps, snow plows, salt boxes):
Kaffenberger: $58,600 with an option for stainless steel for the salt trucks.

5. PAWS still has not decided whether to use the DC Foundation to raise money for the animal shelter building. Fred McCarter at the foundation is checking with his boards to see if they could accommodate this request. Bill Ullrich (Council member who sits on Animal Control) stated that the Council has an account that is in place and could be used for this to eliminate the middleman in the fund raising. Fox was concerned that the public would think TAX money was spent on it if the county fund was paying it- co-mingling money perhaps. Ewbank was pushing the foundation process again. He thinks it will be a source for matching money as well as safer for the contributors and a source for people’s wills to donate. The possibility of using a trust fund at a bank was considered. [NOTE: Is the money insured in the foundation, the way it would be if invested in a bank?]
PAWS was given the OK to unveil the plan at the Bark and Wine next week. No collections would be done with the county’s blessing until the fund investment is settled and operational cost estimates are completed.

6. Pickens wanted all ordinances to be recorded at the Recorders Office- no cost to county. He is also looking to put minutes on better paper- linen stock like in the old days to survive longer. This is REALLY expensive paper per Pickens.

7. Hughes asked about Stateline and Stephens Road and turn lanes etc. They are looking to use the savings from White’s Hill there per Pickens. Still checking on those monies. [NOTE: It appears that the road accounts are being moved around a fair amount. White’s Hill had extras on it- where did the “savings” come from?]

8. Benning brought up 911 moving to the jail space and Sheriff Lusby wanting to be able to discipline them as they were under his roof now. Fox and Hughes wanted to investigate that further, as they thought Charlie Ashley was in charge. Benning said that 911 is a VOLUNTEER BOARD. There is a specified set of people on it per Bill Black. [Note: Commissioners appoint members to it. Why have two bosses for these workers?]

9. Benning asked Hughes to bring up Pruss Road (in District 3.) He stated that the county maintains the first 100 ft.
Benning went on to talk about vacating the old road and accepting the NEW ROAD WHICH HAS NO NAME. [NOTE: She’s referring to what they previously were calling Rump Road over a year ago. It accessed her daughter and son-in-law’s property and the properties of a neighbor who has moved to Miller Township. It seems like every tie we get new highway people or new commissioners, this Pruss Road issue comes up with Benning, who also lives near there as do her in-laws.]
NO decision.

10. Bill Black asked about opening the 800 MgHz bids as he had advertised them for that meeting with bids to be awarded by Friday. Benning said that would be next meeting, he was not on the agenda. [NOTE: Joan Seitz wasn't either. Neither was Pruss Road. Next meeting is advertised as CLAIMS ONLY]

Commissioners quickly adjourned at that point. [NOTE: Benning then went over to Ewbank at his seat and exchanged the kind of elaborate handshake routine that I have previously witnessed only in gang members, teenage boys, fraternity brothers, and movies with secret societies. One can only wonder what that was about!]

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Two Duplexes granted approval in Ag zones

11 October 2005 Dearborn County BZA Notes
Two Duplexes granted approval in Ag zones

Present: Jim Deaton, Chairman, Mike Hall, Jane Ohlmansiek, Jake Hoog, and Patricia Baker. Also present: Arnie McGill, Att’y and Travis Miller, Planning Director.
Mark McCormack was absent.

1. Front yard variance for a garage closer to the road for Daniel Badinghaus on Sneakville Road in Miller Township was approved. Ohlmansiek motioned, Hall 2nd. All ayes.

2. Conditional use to allow a duplex on 15 acres of Ag zoned land in Jackson Township owned by Carol Vassil was approved after much discussion centering on potential rentals later, rather than a family plan now. 5 neighbors spoke in opposition. Mike Hall stepped down, as he was surveyor for this land. Ohlmansiek motioned, Hoog 2nd. 3 ayes. Baker Nay. Baker felt that it did not meet all the criteria of a conditional use, as it was different in function and character from the rest of the properties that were already in use.

3. Conditional use for a duplex on 2 acres of the 119.95 total of Beiersdorfer’s property in York Township was approved. Two neighbors and one via phone were in opposition citing noise issues with singing and late night parties at the current trailer. The current use was approved in 1982. Deaton read the VERY SKETCHY minutes on that. As the use was the same, but the building was an improvement, the board felt the duplex should be allowed. (This duplex- though two 3- bedroom units functions more like a dormitory) Hoog motioned and Ohlmansiek 2nd to approve per site plan (no additions). All ayes.

4. Front yard variance for Marvin Guss Sr on Market St in Center Township was approved per site plan. Hall motioned and Baker 2nd. All ayes.

Kaiser and Kroger of TEK Development complained about the lack of screening for Tedesco’s strip center and Shell gas near Sneakville Rd
. Apparently Tedescos have not complied with all the requirements of their approval and over a year has elapsed regarding the screening and fence between them and the condos TEK is trying to market.
Legal proceedings are beginning this month.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Thursday, October 06, 2005

DCRSD Meeting Notes

DATE: October 6, 2005
Board members Present: Mike Hankins, Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Pat Holland, Brett Fehrman, David Entzweiler, Greg Volmer

Others Present: Lisa Lehner, Doug Baer, Tom Quinn - Quinn Engineering, Jerry Hacker, VRUC, others in audience.

(Note: Some of the Board members did not speak up or clearly and there were multiple conversations at times. There are gaps in the information denoted by ________ .)

Minutes were reviewed and approved.

Treasurers Report indicated $366,939.28 in Seed Money Account and $76,014.03 in Lawrenceburg Community Grant Fund Account.

The City of Aurora is preparing a variance to add sewage from Stewart Road and Cole Lane to the _______ (couldn’t hear) Street Lift Station. As soon as it is finished, the Mayor will sign and forward to the DCRSD (RSD) for submission to IDEM. Tom Quinn has already begun engineering for the work for Cole Lane and Stewart Street. LL will make sure all is in order. LL asked if the Board needed to extend the Contract time for Tom Quinn. Mr. Quinn does yet have his engineering license in Indiana. RSD will need to contact all affected parties and property owners. Plans and specifications should be ready November 1, 2005. Status of project is unsure since IDEM must approve all.

County Community Sewer Meeting Update:
No new information, met with Jim West, DCEDI, but, no discussion.

Meetings were being held with entities through out the County on a one on one basis. ( Note: no records of the meetings were indicated.) There is difficulty between VRUC and Greendale. Met with Mel Davis of Lawrenceburg regarding a new trunk line from Oberting Road to the Fair Grounds. There is a Letter of Understanding with VRUC to build the line. LL reviewed L of U. They will enter into a Contract with VRUC and SDRSD in the end to provide service. VRUC would not have to build a treatment plant. (Note: Why build a treatment plant or a new line when a line exists to Greendale? What will Greendale have to say?)

Jerry Hacker wanted to see a copy of the L of U. LL handed a copy to Mr. Hacker. They needed commitment from SDRSD and VRUC before they will undertake engineering. RSD is concerned about VRUCs inflow & infiltration (I & I problem). VRUC will need to fix or will face penalties. LL to e-mail a copy to Jeff Bittner. The Project is not in the District, RSD will need to amend the District.

Aurora Interceptor Line:
Fehrman talked to Aurora about their plan to run an interceptor to Conwell St. via US 50in lieu of by _____Run. Randy Turner was asked if SDRSD is ready to proceed and affirmed it was. Aurora is under a Order from IDEM and has a fine and schedule for correction of the Notice of Violation.
Combined sewer problem in down town will take up to 10 years to resolve. Aurora cannot handle any more sewage. Only an interceptor can help. The Aurora Utility Board is ‘broke’. RSD might consider cost sharing. RSD to try to obtain current engineering from Aurora. Aurora cannot unincorporate areas and give them back to the County. RSD might need written permission to share engineering. GRW had done some work previously. RD to talk to Randy Turner to coordinate. Phase I for Aurora should be about 15 months and cost approx. $3.5M. Aurora apparently cannot get the money. Lawrenceburg has $18M from gambling and is going to ‘cut out’ all others including the County.

Interceptor along Rt. 350:
There was discussion about an interceptor along Rt. 350 to handle continuous flow and cross the bridge . The work would need to be done during school shut down. ____ use gravity flow and possibly pick up Moores Hill IDEM wants a min. 8” Line, a 10” or 12’ line would be preferred. (Note: This is also outside the District.)

Without IDEM approval they cannot serve Highridge Estates. Highridge Estates may have to be condemned. (This was one of the avowed purposes of this District to solve the Highridge Estates problem.)

St. Leon:
Discussions were held with St. Leon, Frank Leoni, about SL’s ability to expand. They want to expand to handle a commercial area for development. A TIF area. SL is looking for help. A 325 acre area for Commercial development (approx. 0.5M gallon flow0 with industrial type treatment requirements.

____ gravity main on Rt. 46 (8”) does have capacity for growth.

Sawdon Ridge to be extended for future development____ .

IDEM as approved a Construction Permit for Grayhill Robbins (?) at 46 & 1 inside St. Leon. RSD wanted ability to review or appeal. There is another meeting____ to appeal this decision.. LL to talk to Lynne Newlon, IDEM.

Jordan Jones(?) is criticizing LL for not returning calls. LL refused to accept. Call should go to DE. RFQ was sent out to six firms to respond by October 15, 2005 (five will respond). If JJ(?) can’t understand, they probably can’t handle the work.

Letter of Understanding:
VRUC didn’t like paragraph 5 of L of U. LL to ____.

Meeting Adjourned.

Notes by: Ralph Thompson, Jr., PE

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

4 October2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Benning, President, Fox and Hughes.
Also Present: Messmore, Administrator, and Ewbank, Attorney
Absent: Pickens, Auditor. Stephanie Disbro was subbing for Pickens.

1. Sawdon Ridge widening bids were opened and taken under advisement until the Oct 11 meeting. O’Mara bid $96,878.52 and Rohe bid $149,475.50. [NOTE: Bid numbers this far apart should be checked out- something in the specs might be a problem.]

2. Work Force One- tabled from the previous meeting was reopened and the paperwork signed. DL Ransom from Dillsboro is the business representative and Vera Benning is the Elected Official Contact.

3. Burns Road issues with signage at SR48 due to Carlee Acres subdivision were finalized. Tom Kent redid the signage per INDOT and MTCD (federal Manual for Traffic Control Devices) guidelines. Residents expressed concern over stopping at he top of the hill in bad weather times and would prefer a yield sign. Safety issues with the new subdivision however require the new stop signs.

4. Janet Luebbe of PAWS and Daryl Sears of Creative Shelter Architects (Montgomery Ohio) presented the drawings and plans for the proposed new animal shelter. PAWS would run fundraisers for the 17,00 sq ft $1.3-1.6 million project. Issues discussed included geothermal heating to lower costs and have a 5-year payback time and sewage issues. Animal Shelter Director- Cheryl Lohmiller noted they would need one more full timer by 2007 and some part time weekend help also. Fox was concerned with costs of utilities, etc and the taxpayer consequences if we are also building a new jail complex. There is about $100,000 in the county funds for the shelter use and $40,000 in PAWS account. Benning wanted to be sure they consulted Council as well. PAWS noted that they needed to see commissioner’s first- which was why they were there. Ewbank suggested they set up fundraising through the Dearborn County Foundation to avoid any potential improprieties and also to maximize donations from wills and bequests. Fundraising is starting in October. Commissioners took this under advisement until Oct 11 commissioners meeting.

5. Minutes and Claims- claims were signed except for Felling Hotel $8,000, Michelle ??? a public defender, and a Voyager Fleet card bill. Because the claims were around $4 million, Benning stated they needed to go through them carefully. [NOTE: Shouldn’t they ALWAYS go through them carefully?]

6. Messmore- Administrator- announced that the Transportation Steering Committee met and the PUBLIC COMMENT FOR THE FINAL TRANSPORTATION PLAN is set for Oct 11 from 1-4 PM in the Commissioners meeting room. The plan then goes to OKI by the end of the year.

Residential and Commercial Focus groups meet for the future land use plan this month and the PUBLIC MEETING FOR THE FUTURE LAND USE PLAN WILL BE A WORKSHOP on NOV. 5th form 9 to 3 at Lawrenceburg High School.

Messmore stated that even though it was not on the agenda- they had met with AFLAC and Colonial insurance for the county health care supplement and wanted to move forward with Colonial. Commissioners approved that choice.

Travis Miller will come to the Oct 11 meeting to go thru the supplemental study to the US 50 Corridor study to focus on the land use portion. Council approved $400,000 with the stipulation that a site for a 2nd bridge across Tanner’s Creek be found within 3 months of the study being started. OKI will manage this study. The idea is to make the road and bridge plans coincide with land uses that exist and are planned. This was tabled until Travis Miller presents on Oct 11. [NOTE: INDOT has totally stalled on the US 50Corridor Study. It should be noted that the scope of work in the INDOT version falls far short of what is needed to do a comprehensive plan of US 50 and any bypasses or alternate routes. This is why the county is stepping in to assess the needs that INDOT won’t.]

6. Ewbank reported that Barnes and Thornburgh is proceeding through the court system with the federal lawsuit case against the county for the sign on Barber Road. No new tort claims.

7. Hughes wanted the county to put taxes on a website so that the office staff wouldn’t have so much time away from tasks. Residents could look up their own taxes online.
Messmore reported that GIS committee is working on this by assessing the needs of each office staring with the assessor so they can fix this comprehensively. The goal is to improve customer service via the Internet.
Stephanie Disbro is getting a list of all county appointed Boards and members together. Hughes wants resumes on file for people who want to be on these boards.

8. Fox discussed county road issues- he wanted to be sure that roads we have approved at a public meeting should be done. He doesn’t want the dollars going elsewhere. “We have to be people of our words…money should be locked up on these…HANDS OFF for other projects…the safety net has to be big enough to finish the projects.”
Hughes wants a turn lane at Stateline and HVL/Stephens road so as not to have cars stacked back to US 50 for Left turners. Todd Listerman reiterated the long term plans. Ewbank noted that Greendale controls Stateline to HVL. Davis said they are working with Greendale. The developer paid for the light- BUT NOT THE TURN LANE! [NOTE: How did THAT happen? Usually a development that changes traffic counts to that degree is required to help with the costs of improvements to the infrastructure.]

9. Benning reported Triple Whipple Bridge and INDOT meeting is on Oct 6. Records destruction committee will oversee the blueprint destruction from the Building Dept. at 11:30 on Oct 6 also.

Meeting adjourned 8:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

South Dearborn School Board Meeting - 10/03/05

1. Minutes Approved

2. Resolution unanimously approved to give Todd Bowers, South Dearborn Middle School Principal, power to act as an agent on behalf of South Dearborn Community School Corporation in small claims court for the purpose of suing parents who have not paid the book rental fees.

3. Resolution unanimously approved to give Tom Book, Superintendent of South Dearborn Community Schools, authority to reduce lines one and two of the budget at the Tax Board Hearing. (I believe lines one and two of the budget are Instruction Regular Programs and Instruction Special Programs...in other words they fund teacher salaries. In my opinion other areas of the budget should be trimmed...not any direct student services.)

4. Crystal Lewis was hired to a Drill Team position. Unanimously approved.

5. The proposal to hire Kristen Magic to a Drill Team position was unanimously tabled. The Board had concerns about her parents being listed as her only references. They also had concerns about her age. They wanted a more complete application and more information before approving her appointment.

6. It was proposed Seth Ketchum, the brother of current head football coach, be hired as the Freshman Basketball Coach, an assistant position to Coach Archer. Seth is currently serving as an assistant football coach.

Sue Cutter raised concerns that the same application used to hire him as a football assistant was presented for the Basketball Position. The board knows nothing of his basketball qualifications.

A motion was made to table the resolution to hire Seth Ketchum.

The point was made that conditioning for basketball has already started.

Terry Luhrsen pointed out that Head Coaches have been told to hire who they want.

The main problem with the hire was a matter of paperwork.

Gene Ferguson expressed his disapproval that Rob Morehead (SDHS Principal) and Foster Harris (SDHS Athletic Director) had sent a recommendation to hire this individual with incomplete paperwork.

Tom Book pointed out that practice in the past has been to use applications on file to assign lay coaches to other duties after their initial hire.

Karla Raab spoke in defense of the Principals stating they have been working under considerable hardship this year. They lost an assistant principal to an injury and they have also been dealing with the construction. (My opinion...short and long term disability insurance should be paying the injured principal. If the position is essential another individual should have been hired as an acting associate principal. This should not have had an impact on the corporation budget.)

Terry Luhrsen expressed his concern that failing to hire this individual would hurt the kids. He doesn’t want that to happen.

Daryl Cutter said the coach had previously been approved and it wasn’t necessary to approve him for this second position. (It is a different position. A different job. Since he has already been approved once perhaps he can also fill the position as a drill team instructor. The board knows even less about his basketball qualifications, than they knew about Ms. Magic’s Drill Team Qualifications. What they know is Mr. Archer wanted to hire Seth Ketchum and Mr. Reynolds wanted to hire Ms. Magic. Is this a double standard?)

Rodger Ullrich stated he didn’t recall ever bringing a coach back to the board to be re-approved. (I recall the board meeting they failed to extend the Basketball Coaching Contract of an individual with several boys on his team who wanted to speak in defense of their Coach. Wasn’t that bringing a coach back to the board to be re-approved?)

The motion to table failed and the board aloud the hire of Seth Ketchum as a Basketball Coach.

7. The motion to Pay vouchers was unanimously approved.

8. The Post Secondary Enrollment Policy recommended by the Indiana School Board’s Association was noted and board members were asked to review the policy for later approval. (This policy was not read aloud. Perhaps it should be. The public will be unaware of what policy the board has passed if they fail to share it with the public.)

9. Construction Report.

Pool was promised complete by October 1. There is water in the pool and it is being tested. The carpet and tile has been and is being cleaned. Construction work is still ongoing in the area. But it has been said the pool would be ready next week. (That is October 10.)

From the discussion regarding installation of glass it appears the Gymnasium will not be complete by the start of Basketball Season.

Verkler representative stated they have begun working with the Bonding Agency with regards to the Glazing Company. (Due to delays.)

Lurhsen insisted temporary glass be installed at no additional cost to the Corporation and the Gymnasium be ready by November 1st.

Lurhsen and Ferguson both expressed concern about Epoxy being applied in the building at this time. Individuals have told them it is making people sick.

Change Orders were briefly discussed, but costs were not shared with the public.

10. Drawings for Aurora Water Tower Easement with ingress and egress were supplied by Corporation Attorney Kim Smaltz. (Note she is also Aurora City Attorney.)

Resolution was unanimously passed to give Bob Rollins authority to execute the Mylar.

(This is the water tower that South Dearborn is contributing land and money to build. It will also raise Aurora Water Rates. This water tower will be in Hogan Township. Hogan has a water company too. What are the implications?)

11. Dearborn Community Foundation awarded a $750,000 Lilly Grant to help the three school corporations improve attendance and reduce drop out rate.

12. The Career Center has a promotional CD showcasing their programs. Mr. Book offered to allow board members to borrow it.

13. Enrollment report is complete. The ADM (Average Daily Membership...Kindergarten children are counted as 1/2 a student) is down by 62 1/2 students. This is a 2% drop from last year. It was noted last year there was a 50 student increase in the ADM from the year before.

Drops in enrollment at Moorse Hill and Aurora were noted. Also the graduation of a large class.

Daryl Cutter looked at drops in enrollment from last years freshmen class to this years sophomore class and etc. These drops were not large, but they were significant.

Both Daryl Cutter and Pat Rahe were concerned with the Drop Out Rate. Rahe wanted to know what reasons were being given in the exit interviews for the drop outs. Tom Book assumed the interviews were happening and the question was being asked, but he didn’t know the answer. (Reducing the Drop Out Rate was voted the number one priority of the board. Shouldn’t Mr. Book be exploring this?)

Karla Raab wants the Trimester Schedule revisited. The principals of the Middle and High Schools have been asked to bring information to the board about the trimester schedule. (Trimesters are very unpopular with many parents and some teachers. High School ISTEP scores continue to hover below average and so do SAT scores.)

Pat Rahe said we can do better with quality.

Karla Raab thinks a Gifted and Talented Instructor could bring students back to our schools. She wants the school to be best for all of the students. (In my opinion, One Gifted and Talented Instructor for 1,500 elementary school students can not solve this problem. Class size needs to be decreased in some grades and schools, And for part of the day, everyday, in each elementary school students need to be grouped with students of like ability to be instructed in Language Arts and Math at the appropriate level.)

Rahe wants our graduates better prepared to write. She spoke of a former student who thought she was well prepared for college level writing but found she was not.

Raab would like to see the formation of a school improvement group including citizens, teachers, administrators and board members.

Book dismissed the idea...saying it had already been done with public law 221.

Raab’s concern seemed to be more community involvement.

Gene Ferguson stated that he thinks that “overwhelmingly the community is pleased” with the quality of education South Dearborn is providing. His communication indicated that in our community the children are not capable of reaching that higher level.

Rahe expressed concerns about getting parents motivated to help their children. (In my opinion it is the school’s responsibility to provide a first class education for every child regardless of the level of parent cooperation, socioeconomic status or involvement.)

Lurhsen wanted to know what all day kindergarten would cost. Book said five teachers would need to be hired. Administrators acted as if the money couldn’t be found. Daryl Cutter said class size would have to go up in other areas. (They ignored the fact that the state does provide grants for full day kindergarten.)

Raab (a certified Kindergarten Teacher) said all day kindergarten is difficult for the age. (Several years ago the kindergarten teachers recommended a 5 1/2 hour extended kindergarten program. That is what our children need. They don’t need all day. Parents may need it for Day Care purposes, but children do not.)

Heller (administrative assistant to Book) talked about all day kindergarten providing more Art, Music and Socialization. (That is exactly was Kindergarten Students need. They already have too much ABC and 123. If our students are to succeed, we must be age appropriate.)

Bob Rollins (administrative assistant) said we need a little of all of these things...full day kindergarten, nurses in every building, and guidance councilors. But there is a difference between what we need and our ability to pay for it.

(Please don’t forget they just issued Bonds that sold at over 40 million dollars for a building project that adds no new programs and no new building capacity. The board approved budget has a $3.147 million increase in capital project funding and a $1.215 million increase in debt service funding. Before this building project South Dearborn already had more debt than 90 percent of Indiana Schools and 11 cents of every dollar spent per pupil was going towards debt service. The $4.362 million dollar increase in this years budget related to this building project could have gone a VERY LONG WAY to improve direct student services.)

14. Mr. Book told the Board the Wilson Center is an education service center that does much more than rent films and videos. It helps the school buy certain equipment and supplies at a discount.

15. Next Board Meeting November 7 will be help at 7:30 at Aurora Elementary School.

The public will be invited to share with the board what they would like done with Aurora Elementary School when the building is vacated.

Board members indicated many organizations want the building, but don’t want to pay for it. One board member actually was approached by someone who wanted to buy it.

(At the Tax Board Meeting in Indianapolis where the building project was given funding approval. A member of that Board stated the building must be offered to the township at no cost if it was acquired from the township at the time schools were consolidated.)

The board wants to make it known, there are “no done deals.”

(Prepared by Karen Loveland)