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28 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

28 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich.
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Leah Bailey, Financial Controller of Auditor’s Office

Register Publications was present.
 Bright Beacon was also present for part of the jail/shriffdiscussion . Terri Randall County Administrator sat in on the sheriff and jail discussion.

10:10 AM


Charlie Ashley- Budget similar to last year. Some items moved to his budget such as radios and they are trying t o see if the funding comes from each entity or thru EMA with Bill Black.  800 to 700 MGHz and all radios in emergency services get rebanded. Cost is about $50 for portables. This changeover in the state comes in October.

Morris asked about money coming in to 911 from the 911 statewide fund. That monthly amount went from $6000+ DOWN to $5,000+.
They are asking for a new staff member- that will be covered at Friday meeting. This one will be a floating person to cover vacations (47 weeks to cover) and they need 3 to cover all the time. There was discussion of holiday pay versus overtime pay. Ashley keeps it separate so he can track how much overtime he is using up.
Ashley said he shaved $15,000 from last year’s budget already. Council urged him to cut, so he took out uniform allowance and general supplies cut to $2000 and Equipment repairs to $6000. That way he has to come back if he needs more next year. Taking computer down to $3500.

The accounts for agreements with the other entities goes to a separate fund. Aurora pays into that now and there are other entities that are signed up- so the total should come to about $120,000 per Ashley. Some of that goes to pay for the new person needed to cover all the 911 calls. Ashley returns tomorrow at 8:45 AM for the additional help in his dept as advertised.

10:30 AM


Mike Kreinhop- showed up with 6 others, some from jail staff. Introduced  Dr Norman Johnson- physician and advanced care- the health care provider for the jail. Bill Wilson Monroe county jail commander for jail analysis, Ken Witner- jail inspector for IN former 2 time sheriff. John Lee IT , Dave Hall Jail Commander and also the assistant Jail Commander. [NOTE: He obviously anticipates some tough questions.]

Sheriff budget:

McCready and Keene- submitted calculations for police pension. 22.58% increase over last year’s per Morris. ($48,000 extra) Kreinhop said he didn’t know what changed and Morris continued to grill him on that huge increase. He didn’t  know what percent the firm gets for doing those calculations. Charlie Keyes said the statute may have mandated the increase same as PERF did to make the pension funds actuarially sound.

Merit board allows for a monthly meeting at $20 per member. They only meet as necessary- only had 3 meetings last year.

Overtime $60,000. They cut it back $5000 this year. Supplies same as last year. Cut $1500 out of forms. Cut $2500 out of police supplies.

Canine is $5500. This is the first year they are asking the council to support the bloodhound. Past funding was donations or commissary. This includes vet bill etc. Sometimes get vet services for free unless it is special services. Council gave them $500 for this dog.

Routinely buy 5 new cars a year. New tires are an ongoing expense. Has an additional appropriation for gas pending now. Tires cut to $7500. Body armor last 5 years and cost about $600. This is mandated by statute. Travel and mileage is paid for use of own vehicles or community corrections etc – Cut $2500. Education is at $4000. Sheriff dept is covered in part by county liability insurance and the other amount is to cover deductible. Last year had 3-4 this year 0 accidents so far.  $30,000 is maintenance oil and repairs and transmission. About 35 cars in the fleet. Vehicle installation costs $25000. It costs over $6000 per car. They use Midland. Vehicle costs were discussed also and places to buy.

 Budget is still higher than last year. The pension is the reason. Lansing asked about number of sheriff employees- those are the same as last year- just reduced the rank of one to sergeant as the captain retired and filled with a sergeant. He added a couple part timers. Kreinhop said - It pays to house inmates. Lansing corrected him- you meant costs...

Jail budget:

Jail officer is filling in for IDAC coordinator.

Staffing analysis indicated they needed more staff. They expect 25 more inmates than last year. 285 inmates this year. Kraus said they were told that the jail would be staff neutral. Morris chimed in and grilled further as she was on the committee. Kreinhop said HE didn’t say neutral. Hall said it- and she said- well he works under you! She said she was told it would be staff neutral with 144 more beds even. He demurred and indicated that didn’t mean with people in them. ( WHAT!?) [NOTE: Silence when those around you are pitching it as staff neutral isn’t the right thing to do. If you know that the committee was being misled, speak up. Morris was a string advocate for the jail; it was not a good idea to mislead her.]

He estimated they can make over million a year if we put 50 more outside inmates in there. Keyes said- you wouldn’t approve jail over 4 additional staff? Morris said- I would need the info and know what was coming. Kraus said we were lied to.  Or misled. Keyes said we should know that all those beds would require more staff no matter what they were telling us. Keyes said- if they haven’t been approved- they don’t exist. So take these 4 off the budget.  You need to take these guys to the committee to get your 3 additional. Keyes said- by rights we shouldn’t be talking about it- same as Charlie Ashley has to come back tomorrow for his. Kreinhop said these are to reduce liability. Built to protect the county and staff it to protect the county. Hall said that he is not a liar- and that he said they could do it by combining the low risk and cut staff coverage there. They have 5 jailors covering 270 people sometimes. They are claiming the sentencing guidelines and also more felony staying local is the cause.

Bill Wilson- Monroe County Jail- had a lot of jails built in the 1980s and staffing was lax. As the increasing liability risk- the staffing increases. All criminal justice is run differently- some are tough, some sit in jail longer, some have work release etc. YOU are # 5 in the state on the number you lock up per 1000 residents. That is where the county is at. Several counties are grappling with these issues. You can’t have unsupervised people in jail.

Bill Ullrich- said the county is tough on crime- if you come to the county you may leave on probation. We are tougher than the other tristate areas. We hold people accountable. Problems with cramming people together- they get testy. Safety for staff and the inmates. Potential powder keg. Try to give them more space and keep low risk offenders away from high risk ones. Staff neutral was a pie in the sky dream I think. Logic alone tells you – you will need more staff for more inmates.

The IDAC officer is already approved. Will discuss that tomorrow morning. Brandt said to have sheriff go to PAC Personnel advisory committee- for the other 3 before adding or discussing them.

Dr Johnson- CEO of Advanced Health Care. Nurse has to do Physicals on inmates. Looking at our first lawsuit since a non- trained person got in the way of medical care. Looking for a full time LPN and cost effective rather than an RN. There will be 24/7 coverage eventually. There is more money for supplies and medications. There is no way around this. This large a jail should not be operated with one nurse. Jail nurse and medical assistant. She does not have the correct licensing. Also a $400,000 request for medical. The medical assistant is not in that number. If Advanced Medical provides the nurse- then they are liable if sued. If we do- then we are liable. They plan on hiring LPN.

84% of all lawsuits are civil rights lawsuits in jails. NOT Medical malpractice. Per Bill Wilson- former jail commander Monroe.

Randall gave the commissioners perspective she said. She said Commissioners had some concerns about the language in the contract. DCHospital is excited about providing the service at a lower cost. Contract has not been put out to bid. That is just to be sure we get the best value. Insurance company has been brought to the table. Keep current provider for now and look at this. Still use the Personnel advisory committee for what it was designed for. However the sheriff makes this decision. But the county is the one who has to deal with the liability. Majority is about civil rights- did we make the right decision about medical care. Hospital will have a proposal in the next 30 days. [NOTE: News to me - This was not discussed at commissioners meetings.]

Council decided to have $300,000 in there and if we need additional they can come back for that. Dr Johnson reminded them that DCH works with them now on patient care there. Leaving the nurses as they are for right now.

Office supplies- cut back to $5000. Bedding and clothing suspect they need $40,000 and put in $25000 for now. Plan on purchasing 100 bedding sets and clothing sets right now. He recalculated meals so that he hopes to get reimbursement for the higher level felony cases that stay beyond their 5 days here. They made over $500,000 in last couple years on that. He thinks we will get 310 inmates at $1.24 per meal. $421,000 per year for meals plus juveniles adding $30,000. Historically they spend about $400,000 annually.

John Lee spoke to campus security. Cameras and DVRs were all on the list. Security touch screens, X-ray and metal detectors etc. Council continued questioning and cutting thru each line item.

12:35 PM


Debbie Smith – Brandt said- this is self funded. Smith said less money coming in. They do have 168 more rooms for innkeepers. If we approve it at this level- they still can’t spend anything if it isn’t there. Smith said a lot of their new marketing and business will come from the new convention center. We operate as a Commission Board- 7 members. Riverboat money is quarterly and she can monitor it closely. Frank Cummings recommendation is anticipating receipts of $1.2million. They take their innkeeper’s tax money in one lump and haven’t got their 2014 money yet. They may not get the $800,000 till end of 14 per Leah Bailey. Smith said the hotel won’t be done till November. She said Doubletree will be great looking forward to the restaurant.

12:45 PM


Sandy Carly- gave a quick update and agreement is due in October. They are trying to get on an annual agreement to start in Jan again to get on a calendar year. She has been working with Randall and the county attorney to comply with that. So they fixed a bylaw to work with this. Bailey said the money is there and money is approved. The dollar amount is not changing. They just need to extend the contract 3 months to fix out this year. No other questions. She said the Facebook page has good pics of new animals .

Departed at 1 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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27 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

27 August 2014 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich.
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, and Leah Bailey, Financial Controller Auditor’s Office

1 PM

Dearborn County Superior Court II

Judge Sally Blankenship – scheduled jury break time to be over here. Said budget was pretty much the same as last year except needing more public defender fees as the current budget is not enough.  Need $1700 for the court reporting system to cope with outside noise in hallways. $2000 for locker for more evidence.  Additional labeling machine- $600. Morris noted that other courts having public defender fee issues also. Some comment about going to another system that they keep trying to push onto us. Unclear what that was about. Blankenship said that if they cut the public defender fees she just has to come back for an additional. She just wants them to be aware of the impending expense. Travel and mileage is up a bit. They cut that back to the $850. Cut public defenders back to $10,000. She will have to come back to request. They apologized for that, but they have to balance it.

Superior Probation and Community Corrections

Steve Kelly-Morris said- Some of this is state mandated pay raises. Kelly said- $43,470 -some are at that and they will stall out from year 4-9 and then after year 9 is goes up again. He goes to CASA and gets a $25,000 grant every year. They use grant first and county money last. The 3 and 3 drug court had one person go out for 4 months so the others doubled up then. It’s not something they can sustain long term. He said he will try to use user fees and whatever to avoid having to come back for additionals.

Trying to get low risk people and not do as many drug screens on them as the high risk ones. Wants to be careful not to cut too much as this keeps people out of the jail. And if they go to the jail it increases spending there. Take some money from drug testing for now. They are looking at charging the convicted person a fee for their drug testing. $100 for felonies and $50 for misdemeanors would yield about $80,000. If they only got 50% collection of that it would yield $40,000. He encouraged people to call them for services to the community for the Community corrections people to do their service hours. They send 2 officers out to monitor the crew also. Kelly does hope to start those fees and it will cut his additional requests.
All salaries are coming out of the grant now. Operating expenses come out of user fees. It makes it easier for auditor’s office to track. 11 full time staff for Community Corrections. This is funded out of Dept of Corrections. Their free rent at Hoosier Square is what the county pays.

They are looking at JCAP by 2016 to combine with Community Corrections by state law. They are already now paying some J-CAP salaries with user fees. They are trying to look at a vehicle from the used ones in the pool. DLGF looks at this budget? Yes. Lyness was worried about them not letting us use user fees some day. Collect $35,000 a month in user fees now. Last fall we were collecting 51%- up to 60% and hope to be 75% at some point. They have to be paid in full or you can’t go on work release. They also can’t grocery shop etc unless user fees are paid in full.

3 vehicles now and need $15,000 requested to repair. In the past they didn’t track vehicle repairs- so he is guessing on this. The one van is brand new. So not much maintenance on that. Gas was in that amount. Kraus said they need to break that out separately. $10,000 for gas as last year they spent $9000. Kraus didn’t like the repair expense- said they aren’t taking good care of the public vehicles.
Monitoring equipment- $62,400- was budgeted by previous person was grossly under done. They always spent about $160,000. It was an expensive and unreliable one. The new one is $230,000 but more reliable. DOC gives about $500,000 grant money and $400,000 operating fees. House Bill 1006 will mean Community Corrections will double in size as Felony Level 6 don’t go to state prison they go to local jail or home detention.

Computers can be slashed to $5000 as they used a grant for some. Furniture can be cut to $1500 from $3000. Counseling has been cut to half. This will be phased out completely by the end of 2015. Community liaison is being done by Gwendolyn Emery as part of her job- so cut that old one out. Lansing asked if they could spread the idea of user fees for Bradley to try in his probation dept also. Kelly said he would speak to him. Lansing said perhaps have the others assessed also. So far they brought it up 30 points in 6 months said Kelly.

Kelly said it can be tough standing up in front of you guys. But I like having checks and balances and it helps me.

2 PM


 Alan Beneker - thanked them for money since 2008 to fight domestic violence. We provide all different services at the Shelter in Batesville and covers 5 counties. Just opened an office in Dearborn County- but it is not at a published address for security issues. They have a2 4 hour hotline. Prevention piece is about Coaching Boys into Men. Law enforcement training for two hours is free to local law enforcement.

Our services are increasing at a large rate. Some at 20%. Served 253 individuals from Dearborn County last fiscal year. $90,000 gap in their funding. 40% federal and state and 60% from locals. Ripley is considering $20,000, Batesville, $15,000. Lawrenceburg gave $6300, Sunman gave $2000. They would hope for $20,000. Ryan Brandt said his experience as a police officer they do a great job. BUT as we said in our first day of hearings we are dropping many of these. Community Foundations will not help with operating costs. 30% go back to abuser. Our rate is only 8% going back to abuser. Which is a great rate. Ullrich said maintaining is a possibility. Alan kept saying that he completely understands. Our last amount was $5000. Lansing told him he was a good front man for them – you have a good attitude. Council will work on this at the end of the hearings.

Miscellaneous Discussions:

Kraus- Regional Sewer Board has asked for a raise for Part time help. Discussion from council was they had been told the person who is doing it is virtually incompetent. There has been an issue of billing problems. Discussion about why should they reward incompetence.

Eric Hartman –Maintenance Dept.- Kraus said if they pay him overtime it is appropriate. $55-60.000 should be his salary. But with $48,000 plus overtime he is there. They are going to leave that as is. Morris said he does prevention as well as maintenance. Ullrich said he responds quickly.

Judge Cleary is not scheduled to appear as his budget is less than last year. He did relay info that he would be glad to have them come over if they had any questions for him.

Council continued to discuss places to cut in each budget.

2:15 PM- I left.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Council Budget Hearings August 26, 2014

Budget Hearings August 26, 2014 

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich.
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Leah Bailey, from Auditor’s office

Started Monday morning- but I was unable to attend those sessions. 

Council was advised by their accountant firm that they need to cut almost $3 million dollars.

8:45 AM

Solid Waste District- Mindy Smith – BJ Ault not here
17 employees  5 hourly and 2 salaried full time
$959,000 budget 10% increase
$959 fees so far and about $4000/month selling recycles.
Tax dollars were $693,000
They get their budget approved separately as they have their own taxing status and board similar to the library.

Commissioners COUNTY GENERAL- Terri Randall and Shane McHenry and Sue Hayden

Kraus- Some things need to come out of redevelopment budget- her ( Randall’s) part of salary $15,000 and adm. assistant for redevelopment ( Hayden)$4000

Computer maintenance- changing firewall and security thru Midwest data now so increase costs. $2000 initial cost or annual renewal of $985. $3000 initial or a 3 year contract for $3200. Randall looked to Hayden to check this out as she apparently had the details.  See below for Hayden’s input after checking with Midwest Data to verify.

Equipment repairs- a couple laser printers and copier. So old they don’t have maintenance agreements on it.

Expert fees are for legal fees if needed. – so they cut it as they haven’t use it.

$25,000 for Redevelopment Commission in Commissioners budget.  Kraus – they ( Redevelopment) have $600,000 in their account. They should use that and we cut our $25,000 from it now. Terri said Economic Dev. has always done that with contract.  Lansing where else do they get money from? TIF is getting some in. The Mill is the only new thing. Hirlingers will have TIF coming in. Terri asked Shane to speak to her salary issue and where the money was coming from. Liz Morris said it would be clearer and cleaner to have Redevelopment Salary coming out of that Redevelopment budget. She thinks it is important and that Redevelopment will grow. We came late to the party. We are in a better position now- and critical to move forward. BUT keep the lines of financial responsibility straight- be sure what is paid for each part is clearly coming form that particular budget. It was advertised in both budgets per Pennington.  McHenry has no problem with separating it. They put it there based on what council had said before. Morris wants it separated so as not to muddy waters. If the job increases for Redevelopment then it is clearly a separate job. [NOTE: This allows the Commissioners and Redevelopment to adjust these positions from 2015 onward. And it helps to keep the checks and balances in place on pay and duties.]

Hayden gave the numbers and $700+ savings on prepay to council. Decided to do one year contract on technology and security because it changes so fast- it could be cheaper or something new comes in so the 3 year contract may be obsolete. (see computer maintenance comments above)

EMS moneys – Council asking questions about that and also the paid units from outside the county that we contract with. Doing the $100,000 program again- a volunteer equipment program. Performance based on their runs completed. Sunman submits for $20,000 per squad just like those inside the county. Liability insurance is high.  Randall thinks the experience is improving- maybe our rates will.

Animal Shelter is now thru PAWS via contract agreement. The shelter numbers are separated from the animal control numbers.
 CMHC is on the Commissioners budget too.

McHenry said there is a senator NOT up for reelection who is coming hard for riverboat money again. He’s from Boone County, IN. Lawrenceburg lobbyist confirmed this per Randall. [NOTE: Are they trying to justifying lobbyist fees? This big threat always seems to emerge at budget and lobbying contract times. Then we hear very little from the lobbyist or about their so-called reports.]

Progress on ADA compliance still – signage in Braille still to do etc.


Terri Randall and Dave Deddens- Jim Deaton was here but left before this started. Budget is the same. Previously $25,000 was from the county. Kraus has only been to a couple meetings as rep to Redevelopment so far- in answer to Morris question on his thoughts. Flood plain study is coming out of budget. Maxwell’s monthly  contract is in there also.
Question about the Economic Development Research technician working under a grant from Lawrenceburg for 3 mayors and county. $100,000 is going thru the county as we administer it. He gets a 1099 from the county. It is just out of grant money.
 March 2015 is Mill opening. Already talking with Naegele for the next coordinating business to the Mill. $2000 for bonds that are not needed so Kraus wants to cut it. Randall believes that DCRC has to have audited financial statements.

Lyness says it’s his opinion- but he feels it’s their (Redevelopment)
money and they should  they spend it wisely. If they aren’t spending wisely then the budget stays but then he thinks some people would need to be changed. [NOTE: Actually –I think of it as TAXPAYER money and the Council needs to be a check and balance on the system.]


Mike Hornbach- explained his budget and what Purdue covers of it. 1% increase plus $13 over last year’s budget. County has no control over salaries there. Mileage was increased. If it is left over it goes back to general fund. They have only had to ask once for a mileage additional. Cleaning costs had no increase since 2008. Checking out to see about covering contents under county policy. Cutting postage a bit as a way to trim with less pain. They are trying to email more. Cutting travel and mileage a bit to last year’s amount. Postage $3500, Communications is landline only with unlimited long distance- necessary for their calls.

10:15 AM

I left at this point.

Tuesday afternoon- 2 PM

Building Dept.- Bill Shelton  finishing up his budget- trying to cut pieces out of his budget- like mileage and seminars and conferences by reducing amounts in those sections. Shelton was moved up from Thursday morning on the schedule.

WAITING FOR NEXT ITEM: Discussion about getting an IT person to do all of the county rather than hiring outside contractors all the time. There is no consistency in the security programs between the courthouse and administration building, They also said there was something that they had brought up with the county administrator to look into. Pennington said that nothing had been reported back about that to commissioners. [NOTE: So the county administrator has not finished getting the website up and they have no input yet on managing it in-house. Websites need updates and an experienced and savvy IT person is something that would put the county out to the public (and economic development) in a way that reaches the most people. Pooling the computer maintenance resources might yield enough money to pay for this. The ripple effect of having it done well COULD be a big efficiency and economic plus.]


 Aaron Negangard – (Bryan Messmore was also present)  discussed several different accounts for his budget. The Council pulled out several different sheets from their packets:
Basically asking for same money as last year. With any additional raises you grant we would like to be considered for those too. Couple of problems- witness fees and professional witness fees. We have had more jury trials coming. AIT –the lab we use is causing more witness fees for drug and driving cases. State dept of toxicology is not up to par so they have increases in getting tests done elsewhere. There is a problem in prosecutor deposition and spent $30,000 in 6 months and only had $10,000 allotted.  There is more audio and video evidence than before. We have to videotape now by new rule and had an audiotape they had before wouldn’t be admissible. Those also have to get transcribed. Spent $3000 to get tapes transcribed on one case. He anticipates that may exceed $60,000 next year. They may hire a full time transcriptionist in the future- but doesn’t want to have to do that. Messmore and their IT guy (Who is their IT guy? ) have created a schedule to replace the laptops. They are paying for new ones right now out of seizure funds. Only approve same as last year and I will take care of the rest out of seizure funds. He wants them to be aware of the actual cost of those for the future- in case they don’t have seizure funds to cover that someday. [NOTE: Just how much money is in seizure funds?]

Pre-trial Diversion - Fund 2502- asking for what was done last year. Asking for a new investigator position. That was frowned on – and now it will be paid for from seizure funds. Assigned to SCU and investigating financial crimes similar to the Acapulco case. Doing this basically to level the field there and continue to receive seized fund. [NOTE: This sounded like they are targeting cases like this for the seizure fund “income”.]

APS shortfall – Adult Protective Services- this is a bureaucratic nightmare. Fortunately we have the money to fix this. State assigned this to prosecutors- elder Abuse and fraud cases- about 20 years ago. RPAPS workers serve 5 county areas. Dearborn County is projected to have 80% of population over age 65 in 30 years. Get APS money from July to July on a fiscal year and the budget is on a calendar year. I couldn’t get reimbursed for health insurance plans properly. We spent more money than we get reimbursed for. They are $30,000 in the hole. Negangard says they got an $8,000 increase in our grant and there is a deficit. We need to pay that deficit off out of forfeiture (seizure account ) money so that we don’t get hit by SBOA -State Board of Accounts -again for it. [NOTE: Again using seizure money to pay off.]

Adult Protective Services - $98,895 and an $80,000 grant comes in two pieces.  They used a bait and switch- add money if you add another person- but then they didn’t give us enough for the extra person.

Child Support gets reimbursed at 66% and then we get incentives. The incentive money is up to $100,000. Prosecutor, clerk and county share in this money. They originally sent Child Support to the Prosecutor’s office. They changed the rules so that it can only be spent for Child support services now. [NOTE: How unusual – to actually spend it for what it is named.]  Money has accrued there so we will use it for computers or whatever. $17,000 of this was used to supplement one person’s salary. 4D money is reimbursed at 66% so only costs the county 1/3. Also have to separate out these expenses. Some of this we share with 4D as it is reimbursed at 66%.

Lansing asked- How do you keep all of this stuff straight? Negangard said it has taken him quite a while.

Negangard said he had to send in an additional request to Council for court reporters who aren’t paid up yet.

CAC- Childrens Advocacy Center- he will be making a request for that sometime later- that is money well spent- but that will have to wait for another evening.

3:05 PM

After break- Kraus said- they need to add Prosecutor to that Advisory Board on the personnel  for deciding if they grant new position. He has a new position in Fund 4905- a $50,000 position for new investigator.  Kraus said- the money isn’t a problem- He has over $3 million in that pool. (Seizure account) No one knew what the new position was for.

Public defender- is officially Gary Sorge per Ullrich- in answer to Brandt’s question.


Judge James Humphrey- looks like most are the same. The main things to highlight are on attorney’s fees. They have a new law requiring an attorney for all juvenile beginning hearings. They can’t waive an attorney without an attorney being there. They would like to have a chief public defender ( 2 of them) under contract. They would assist the current public defender. They are also having a problem with attorney guardians ad litem. We are having a huge number of people representing themselves pro se. Over half of divorce cases are being filed without attorneys now. Also need to set up funds for guardians ad litem to take on a set number of cases for a set fee. That’s his goal. It’s his best judgment to try this to get some limitation on this. He was told not to come back to the office unless I mention getting a new copy machine. Liz Morris said that they should put in the additional for him at the next meeting so they get it done and he doesn’t have to come back for it.

Humphrey said that in Ohio County there is less volume than here. Humphrey said that he is looking to add those 2 public defenders as 1099 employees. There was one case with 25 defendents last year. He had to go all over the tri-state to get those covered. There were 2-3 who hired their own attorney. He said that he had to hire attorneys in about 95% of cases. They do get some reimbursement for that.

Almost all juvenile delinquency and criminal cases get appointed attorney. The other big growth is in the attorney guardian ad litem cases. Heroin in the community is causing big problems in the families in some cases. Either Magistrate Schmaltz or he have to make decisions as to how to protect the kids. When he first started it was unheard of for people to file their own dissolution. Even without kids there are pension plans, debts, and real estate to consider. $130,000 in public defender fees collected. $14,390 in the guardian ad litem account.  Doesn’t want to touch that account as 20 years ago or so they had a case that used up $250,000 in attorney fees. They want to be able to cover a major case like that.
He anticipates at least 3 more major jury trials this year if things continue as the previous part of the year. If it’s a regular dissolution – they don’t have to appoint an attorney, unless there are children or a question of competency or a contempt action. (He keeps wanting to not use much in that emergency account.) But said he is willing to do it for one year to meet budget. Council was needing him to use $20,000 out of that account. That $130,000 account (Pauper attorney) only grows by $8-10,000 a year.

Liz Morris said it is surprising how people can find money if they want something bad enough.  Sometimes grandparents… Humphrey said that he can’t use extended family funds to evaluate their ability to pay.

 I left at 4:05 PM  after Humphrey finished.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, August 25, 2014

25 August 2014 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

25 August 2014 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Dennis Kraus Jr., Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Mike Hornbach, Art Little, Jake Hoog, Dan Lansing, Jim Thatcher
Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, Vinnie Fazzino, Assistant Planner, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.
 Minutes for July 28th meeting were approved.

Zone map Amendment from Residential to B-1 Restricted Business For Daniel Badinghaus on Bond road and Stateline Road on 4.2 acres in Miller Township. See previous notes on this from the July Plan Commission also. Mike Hall stepped down and left the room as he was the surveyor on this project. Dennis Kraus, Jr.  acted as chairman for this item. Mark McCormack gave a brief overview of the proposed zone change for those who were not here last month for the initial presentation. Fire and EMS letters provided. Sewer district working on an agreement with LMH. The owner does not wish to limit his potential uses in the B-1 zone change. There is a need for traffic analysis if this is given a favorable recommendation.
Terry Hall presented on behalf of the applicant/owner. She addressed noise as being handled by the finish work he does and that he does the work indoors. Light trespass is addressed in the regulations. They addressed the parking and buffering. The owners signed off on non residential use of the church which was previously on these lots. The land was disturbed by the church setup and so septic is not workable. She noted similar uses granted in the Jeb Road area.
Dan Badinghaus – applicant- they want to improve the current building to look better than it does now. Theyy will be about 4 workers to start there with a cabinet finishing business. He asked for  a favorable vote.
Shirley Gardner- had several questions about what is going on. She does not think the size of the lot restricts what he can do there. Black top was the reason the septic cannot happen now. she said he has been advertising for several months as retail space is available. She wants to know about that and what response he received. She wants to see a traffic study done on this. Kraus, Jr. told her that traffic studies are required in the code under certain conditions. This hasn’t met those yet. She asked what the notification process was and whether or not their input would be listened to. She said if most everybody in the neighborhood has been there and objected to this. She is the biggest property owner there and she definitely objects to this. McCormack explained that the objections have to be legally justified.  It is just not enough to say you don’t like something there. She said she thought she had done that with the traffic issues, the noise issues, septic issues etc. They have a packet of materials that were submitted as to why he did not want to limit his uses. She said how would we know that these were submitted to even review them? Kraus, Jr. then read off what was in the packet for the audience. Kraus also agreed that he could tear down the building and do anything else in B-1 if given the zone change. She said- so we are all just left in the dark and whatever happens, happens. She worried about property values going down with a business going in next to homes. She said there are restrictions with the subdivision and they were given to everyone they sold property to. The Recorder’s Office did not have the restrictions in their paperwork per Kraus, Jr. She thinks they are recorded with the deeds in the courthouse. If something was signed with the church it may have voided all those Kraus, Jr. said. She said she thinks her concerns are legitimate. There was some question about him putting another storage building up. Kraus said he could do that now- without the rezone. They did discuss a storage area outside for his trailers.
Mrs Kelly- agrees with Gardner about the traffic issues getting out of the side streets along Stateline there. She thinks the metal building will not shield the noises from the equipment. She is worried about the commercial real estate ads for this as it is a far cry from the church use.
Gloria Holton ??- lives on Bond Rd- also traffic issues and the metal building will not shield the noise. We all bought houses there as it is all residential. It is beautiful out there. Now we have someone putting a business there.
Sandy Whiteloff ??- concerned about noise and traffic and a specific issue last month when a Dollar General semi went over her daughter’s car. Owner is Jeff Reed- and what is his relationship to Dan Badinghaus? Was Reed the one who allowed Hoosier Wallbed Company doing what they did before the July meeting. They are strongly opposed to this and it sets a precedent for others to open business there. She wants to know if there is a tax benefit from this? She wants to retain their property values.
Brigid Essert- Can we being here make a difference in what is decided? Or is it all legal stuff? If it gets zoned to B-1 can you put restrictions and written commitments on it? No one will want to buy my house if they have this. And s business wouldn’t want it as I only have an acre. Kraus told her that the Commissioners make the final decision on this. If he brings the sewer does everyone in the pathway have to hook up? DCRSD normally only does that if the septic is failed.
Tom ??- Is there a legal noise ordinance? McCormack said that there has never been enough noise created to trip this. If this passes and there is a bunch of noise there- who do we come back to? To plane  wood will make noise. The county police enforce some noise issues. The Plan Dept will check some of these outs.
Mike and Stella Basham- they did not buy their home for noise and business to be there. They also have seen a wreck there about every weekend.  
Jim Smith- Do you have any idea how this will affect traffic? Kraus said that Badinghaus has explained his traffic patterns and they show limited affect. Raising the speed limit form 35-45mph was a big mistake. There are numerous accidents. He has digital photos of one that came thru his front yard- over a tree and by his porch. It is dangerous and semis pulling in and out won’t help this. He was given Listerman’s card to contact him also. Consider that if it was your parents or your kid’s property, how will this affect them? If there were anyway to know how this would affect property values. That would be nice.
Cindy Bachelor- she is right behind it and she will hear everything- she is OK with him- but not a garage or etc. If he is unwilling to strike anything then I don’t agree with it.
Nick ?- wants to know when they will make a recommendation. Kraus said it will most likely be tonight. Or they could table it again.
Terry Hall said that should this be approved- future owners would be limited by the layout and size of lots that Badinghaus is. Badinghaus said that no one would be forced to hook-up unless failed.
Badinghaus said that Jeff Reed, the owner, is a partner of his. The building is insulated with 5/8 drywall and R-18 insulation and metal outside. Hoog asked if he would consider increasing insulation if he expanded and had more noisy equipment. He said he would consider that of course.
Board discussion:
Mark Lehman went thru all 39 uses. But some of the ones that would impact would also have traffic study issues also. He sees that it meets all the conditions- esp on a main arterial. But what about the future?
Beiresdorfer- We should put a big condition- so that if he sells they will need a traffic study. He doesn’t see property values going down- his taxes always go up.
Mark Lehman- would love to strike about half the uses.  
McCormack said a 1000 trips per day trip a traffic study. They should bring up speed issues at commissioners if this goes to them. The commissioners will probably be at an evening meeting in Sept or Oct.
Lehman and Hornbach went over the uses and said which ones they would like to limit or strike from the potential uses. Hornbach thought the proposed use would be a good use for the existing building and spruce it up as well.
Baudendistel said that commissioners could add restrictions but they could not eliminate any that the PC sent over without the applicant having to essentially start over.
Lehman – motioned to give a favorable recommendation to rezone to B-1 with a written commitment striking the use of #1,2,4,32,31,34,36, and 29. And also add a traffic study if the trip generation exceeds 1000 trips per day. Hornbach 2nd. All ayes except for Beiersdorfer who said Nay.
8:50 PM

Vacate a portion of streets and alleys in the platted town of Wilmington for Dana and Phyllis Weisickle. The site location is Water Street and to unnamed alleys adjacent to Probst Road in Hogan Township on 0.276 acres of Agricultural zoned land.  Dennis Kraus, Jr stepped down and left the room as he was the surveyor. Mike Hall resumed spot as Chairman.
County Engineer Todd Listerman had no objections. McCormack went over they pictures and law that they must adhere to in considering the vacation request.
Dennis Kraus, Sr. presented for the applicant. He said Mark was so thorough that he didn’t have much to add to the presentation. He said that these alleys are not being used any longer. They create no land locked pieces by removing these. No one accesses property with these anyway. The cemetery would get half the ROW anyway per Hall if they were encroached upon. This wa sin response to Art Little’s question about the cemetery.
Priscilla Probst- both she and husband grew up and lived there all their life. Their son maintains the cemetery. They don’t want Water Street vacated. The other one that goes to their pasture in back has been there 150 years. It hasn’t bothered anything before. They are against that. The one around the cemetery allows for  a potential circular driveway in the future.
Mary Calhoun- a member of the Wilmington Cemetery- the lots are pretty much sold out and the power lines limit more lots. It would give cemetery additional footage if vacated. They wouldn’t be able to afford paving Water Street circular driveway someday. The cemetery is well maintained.
Eleanor Heim- she owns land by part of this and would have to quit claim to keep the whole building that was built over the ROW. Kraus Sr showed her the plat so that she could see better what was proposed. She wants to keep all her trees by her fence. They agreed to let her keep her trees and fence and the Weisickles get their shed. Kraus Sr. said he can make that happen in the survey.
Kraus Sr. said that 20 ft is enough for the cemetery driveway. Hall re-explained to Priscilla Probst that it would be an advantage to the cemetery to have the half of the ROW.
Phyllis Weisickle said that they are not trying to take anyone’s trees or the cemetery land, they have maintained and mowed this all along- they take pride in their property.
Beiersdorfer motioned to send a favorable recommendation to vacate the two alleys and street according to section 280 and 282.  Lehman seconded.  All ayes.
9:30 PM

 Proposed changes to the Dearborn County Zoning Ordinance related to animal control and the keeping of animals. This has been done to clarify the text for legal purposes. These text changes define what animals they are referring to being allowed in residential zones. Potbelly pigs are larger than 150 lbs at maturity so they wouldn’t be allowed on less than 2 acres in residential zone. They can request a variance for things not mentioned here. Exotic animals are also governed by the animal control ordinance.  They are defined as being native to a foreign country and then lists some animals. Baudendistel wants them to reference the animal control ordinance. Examples are lions tigers, antelopes, yaks etc. Animal control is under the sheriff’s dept. They are going to insert the proper cross references. They have a favorable recommendation as amended.
Old Orchard – was revisited and all completed except for signs being put in. We are holding $10,000 for possible maintenance issues for the next two years. That means it will go off the list in the next couple months.  Mike Hall signed the development agreement for Old Orchard.
Comp Plan meeting can be in September as there is no regular meeting. He’s thinking of doing it on Sept 29 so other cities and town reps can show up.
Website will be rolled out in September hopefully and the PZ one will change.
Budget is pretty much the same as usual that is being presented to Council this week.
Adjourned at 9:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Agenda for Budget Hearings with County Council August 25-19

Budget Meetings (For Year 2014)
August 25 - 29

August 25th, Monday

8:30 AM
8:45 AM
9:00 AM Budget Analysis--Frank Cummings
9:15 AM
9:30 AM
9:45 AM
10:00 AM Lifetime Housing--Carla Burkhart
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
11:15 AM Auditor--Gayle Pennington
11:30 AM
11:45 AM

Break for Lunch 12-1 pm

1:15 PM Highway--Tim Greive
1:30 PM Cum Bridge--Todd Listerman
1:45 PM
2:00 PM
2:15 PM
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
3:00 PM Soil & Water--Brad Dawson
3:15 PM
3:30 PM Clerk--Rick Probst
3:45 PM
4:00 PM
4:15 PM
4:30 PM

August 26th, Tuesday

8:30 AM
8:45 AM Solid Waste--BJ Ault & Mindy Smith
9:00 AM Commissioners--Terri Randall
9:15 AM
9:30 AM Redevelopment Commission
9:45 AM County Extension Office--Mike Hornbach
10:00 AM Treasurer--Phil Weaver
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
10:45 AM EMA--Bill Black
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
11:30 AM Recorder--Glenn Wright
11:45 AM

Break for Lunch 12-1pm

1:15 PM Juvenile Center--Traci Agner & Beth Blair
1:30 PM
1:45 PM Animal Control--Marlene Underwood
2:00 PM
2:15 PM
2:30 PM Prosecutor--Aaron Negangard
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
3:30 PM Circuit Court--Judge Humphrey
3:45 PM
4:00 PM
4:15 PM
4:30 PM

August 27th, Wednesday

8:30 AM
8:45 AM Assessor--Gary Hensley
9:00 AM Park Board--Jim Red Elk
9:15 AM
9:30 AM Maintenance--Eric Hartman
9:45 AM
10:00 AM Circuit Court Probation--Steve Bradley
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
10:45 AM Regional Sewer District--Steve Renihan
11:00 AM
11:15 AM Health Dept--Dr. Scudder
11:30 AM
11:45 AM

Break for Lunch 11:50-12:50pm
1:00 PM Superior Court 2--Judge Blankenship
1:15 PM
1:30 PM Superior Probations and Community Corr--Steve Kelly
1:45 PM
2:00 PM Safe Passage--Becky
2:15 PM
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
4:00 PM
4:15 PM
4:30 PM

August 28th, Thursday

8:30 AM
8:45 AM Building Department--Bill Shelton
9:00 AM Coroner--Steve Callahan
9:15 AM Surveyor--Dennis Kraus
9:30 AM Lifetime Resources-- (Dawn Landwehr 432-6260)
9:45 AM
10:00 AM Planning and Zoning--Mark McCormack
10:15 AM
10:30 AM Sheriff/Jail--Mike Kreinhop
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
11:30 AM Convt Visit Bureau--Charlotte Hastings & Debbie Smith
11:45 AM

Break for Lunch 12-1pm

1:15 PM Veteran's Service Officer--Mike Burgess
1:30 PM PAWS--Sandy Carly
1:45 PM
2:00 PM Historical Society--Chris McHenry
2:15 PM
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
4:00 PM **Charlie Ashley will be in at 8:45 on Friday to discuss the
4:15 PM Communications budget as well as an additional
4:30 PM appropriation

Friday, August 22, 2014

AGENDA August 25th Dearborn County Plan Commission

Monday, August 25, 2014
7:00 P.M.




1. Request: Zone Map Amendment from a Residential (R) to a Restricted
Business (B-1) District
 Applicant: Daniel Badinghaus
 Site Location: Bond Road & Stateline Road intersection
 Legal: Sec. 1, T6, R1, Map #06-01, Parcel #’s 068, 069, 079, 081, 087, 089
 Township: Miller Size: 4.2 Acres
 Zoning: Residential (R)

1. Request: Vacate a portion of streets and alleys in the platted
 Town of Wilmington
 Applicant: Dana & Phyllis Weisickle
 Site Location: Water Street and 2 unnamed alleys; adjacent to Probst Road
 Legal: Sections 35 & 36, Map #08-35, 08-36, T-5, R-2
 Township: Hogan Size: Approximately .276 Acres
 Zoning: Agricultural (A)

1. Proposed changes to the Dearborn County Zoning Ordinance related to animal control
and the keeping of animals

STAFF REPORTS for the above items can be viewed later Friday August 22 also on the county website

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SCU- Special Crimes Unit- will get $509,000 new headquarters in Lawrenceburg

SCU- Special Crimes Unit- will get $509,000 new headquarters in Lawrenceburg

The Lawrenceburg Resolution link is also on this webpage at Register Publications.

Project appears to be paid for by the County SCU with $200,000 in funds given to them by Lawrenceburg and Seizure Money from the County  SCU. 
The County SVU pays for the building and the City of Lawrenceburg owns it.
The County SCU then leases the building from Lawrenceburg.

The story does not mention a bidding process for this building.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

19 August 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners MeetingNotes

19 August 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners MeetingNotes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.



Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack- Zone Map amendment request- Oxbow of Indiana request to rezone about 905 acres in Lawrenceburg Township to Agriculture. This request received a unanimous favorable recommendation from the 8 Plan Commission members who were present at their meeting. The existing zoning was M-3 (Manufacturing 3). Most of this is in flood plain or in the flood way. Greendale and Lawrenceburg Conservancy District were notified of this request. Most of the surrounding area is Ag. Most is wetland areas and some is farmed. McCormack showed pictures of the subject property and maps of the surrounding properties. Section 540 and the 5 criteria to pay reasonable regard to before rezoning. There were some property owners at the Plan Commission meeting that had no problem with the rezone but some requested that they not rezone their own properties. The buffer distance is about 60 ft with the new ordinance that is to be up for adoption soon. The Plan Commission recommended that be set to half the buffer distance if needed for adjoining properties. Baudendistel read the ordinance rezoning the Oxbow’s various parcels in Lawrenceburg Township. There were two exhibits attached to the ordinance showing color coded map and a list of the property owners.
Public discussion – Tim Mara representing Oxbow and their 3 other property owners spoke and gave a history of the land acquisitions over the years. He also said the flood plain was frequently flooded and they felt uncomfortable having a Manufacturing-3 zone given their purpose. They also lease a number of acres for farming to promote the agriculture in the county. The president of Oxbow was alos in the audience.
The commissioners passed the ordinance rezoning the Oxbow area to Agricultural zoning.

Resolution Regarding SCU- Special Crimes Unit- Building-Andy Baudendistel presented the ordinance. Lawrenceburg owns the building and they will lease it to SCU. They also gave $200,000. This resolution is substantially similar to Lawrenceburg’s resolution as required. Any additional money is coming out of the seizure fund. Shane McHenry said that he will be abstaining from this discussion due to his previous involvement with SCU. Tom McKay said- The building will be located by the Lawrenceburg City Garage is. Commissioners approved the resolution and agreement between the county and Lawrenceburg. McHenry abstained.

Steve Kelly- has a grant for Core Soft to help with the ankle bracelet system for Community Corrections. They are the first pilot program for this in Indiana. They have $150,000 and a match for $150,000 for total of $300,000 which is about $4,000 over the budgeted amount. 54 participants for Aug 15 of 2014 – June 30 of 2015.. They will have a separate fund for this grant. Pennington has that set up. Commissioners approved.

 ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall:  Jail Project Update- thanked citizens who came out to the jail tour on Saturday. Had a big turnout with 50 and then 30 on the 2nd tour. Has nothing more today.

Change Orders- Brad Rullman- Maxwell Construction- Commissioners have advance copies. All were approved by Commissioners: First two are additional. Third is a deduction:

$2838- for power to switch off water supply Security Nation Systems.
$11,252.21 Banta Electric – to change 45 lights from recessed to surface mounts
$4,066  Breckenridge Kitchen Equipment- 3 new double ovens were switched to only needing two.

Project Update- some unforeseen conditions but are still within the contingency. They are 85-90% complete with the project. The final phase is renovation of eth kitchen and booking area.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- had Sue send you a memo for an appointment needed for a vacancy on Miller Township board. Art Little was asked what to do. He will have a name for next meeting- Tabled.
Minutes for August 5th were approved. Claims approved.

EMS reimbursements for $250 each for EMT class- both were for Greendale EMTs. Approved to pay.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Interlocal with municipalities regarding Animal Control Ordinance- probably not entirely necessary but wants to cover all their bases. The municipalities need to know that the ACO’s will only be enforcing the COUNTY ordinance. They are not compelled to enforce the city ordinance if it is different from ours. Greendale is not included in this at this point. They may elect to opt out of this. As of now though Greendale is still covered under this ordinance.

Baudendistel said that Sue Hayden said that the Veterans are asking the state to cover various therapies. Tabled to hear from the Veteran’s Officer on this.

Baudendistel reported that the County has a $25,000 escrow account for Tucker to complete Old Orchard. They will keep $10,000 and the existing bond will be released and a maintenance bond  required for 2 years. $15,000 will go back to Tucker. Listerman created a punch list to be completed by September 15. The agreement was approved to be signed by McHenry in front of the notary tomorrow. I asked if Tucker had any other outstanding unfinished projects. Baudendistel wasn't sure but said that he thought there were other bonds out on those. [NOTE: It is important that the county be protected for all unfinished roadways etc in subdivisions.]

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch thanked everyone who participated in the job fair with 74 companies and 260 applicants and 17 people were hired on the site. This is a 50% increase form last year. A great feeling of collaboration in our community.

Little- said that the tours of the jail were really interesting. He jokingly said it’s like a retirement home- but wouldn’t want to be locked up in there.

McHenry was watching kids soccer on the tour date which was like being in jail-



Meeting adjourned at  6:00 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, August 18, 2014

Agenda August 19th Commissioners Meeting

August 19, 2014
5:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

I.          CALL TO ORDER



            1.  Planning & Zoning – Mark McCormack
·         Zone Map Amendment Request  
·         Ordinance Rezoning Various parcels in Lawrenceburg Township
V.        ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall
            1.  Jail Project Update
2.  Change Orders – Brad Rullman, Maxwell Construction

VI.       AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1.  Claims/Minutes
            1.  Resolution Regarding SCU Building
            2.  Interlocal w/Municipalities Re: Animal Control Ordinance