Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DCRC Meeting Date and Time Changed for April


The Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission has 

changed their scheduled April 9, 2015 at 9 a.m. meeting 

to Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 10 a.m. The meeting will 

still be held in the Commissioners’ room at 215-B West 

High Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025.

NY Times and INDY Star on Religious Freedom Law

Two links to INDY Star and NY Times on Religious Freedom Law



Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kathy Hess Free Pending Trial Over 2013 Patient Death

Kathy Hess Free Pending Trial Over 2013 Patient Death

Register Publications report on the latest in Kathy Hess alleged involvement in Woodland Hills Patient death. Click the link for the story. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The following link is to an editorial by Denise Freitag Burdette relating to questions of nepotism raised at the end of the County Council Meeting March 17th. See Council Notes on the blog for details also.


17 March 2015 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

 17 March 2015 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Randy Lyness, President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich. 
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Summer Art Program- Ruth Ann Batta- Not here and she wasn’t at commissioners either.

Aurora Public Library- Board Appointment- Mary Alice Horton- tabled as she was not present.

Clerk- Rick Probst- Transfer Funds Election- Pennington was here for Probst. These are funds of$2480 from election board clerks into part time services. Approved.

Solid Waste Management- BJ Ault- Recycling Programs and Vehicles- Mindy presented in Ault’s absence. $18,877 for recycling and $80,593 for vehicles. It is out of their grant funds and the county is a pass thru for this. Approved.

SERCC- (SE Indiana Regional Community Corrections)- Superior Court Probation- Steve Kelly:
Parent Training- evidenced based treatment class. Parenting skills. This is part of home detention program. $3,000 to be trained for this. Approved. These had been approved by Dept of Corrections and Community Corrections Board. Approved. Morris sits on that Board- thinks is a good program. 
Power Consulting- is partnering with SERCC. Combining Probation and Community Corrections. This will get data. $12,600 is the cost and it is paid for out of user fees, They have a $300,000 balance in that account. This consulting is for one year only. This will measure the results of their programs. Approved for $12,600.
Salaries JCAP and Salaries SERCC-Kelly said that in grant programs they are requesting additional JCAP counselor for the additional 32 beds in program. Additional funds also requested for more work release. This will help with  the expansion of the jail requiring more help. Ullrich said they can keep work release separate from jail population. The work schedule is all over the map including weekends for these work release inmates. They need that extra person.[NOTE: Thought the new jail was to be Staff neutral???] Pennington said she has to send this up to DOC and so Council has to vote on doing that. 

Highway Dept- Todd Listerman- Bright I-74 Study- Randall presented for him as he is on vacation. $40,000 transfer out of MvHA funds to match the Federal funds to study the connector. $160,000 is from INDOT for a $200,000 for the study. Kraus said that this is a $54 million project and if it is 80/20 our share would be $11million. We can’t afford this. This is part of OKI 2040 plan. Discussed more. Approved with Kraus Nay. 

Sheriff- Mike Kreinhop- Purchase Spillman System- Most of the Council had seen the presentation or were familiar with it. They decided to skip the presentation. They opened up for questions. Kraus  asked questions about the money saved. He questioned the amount they said they were saving money. He said that the $45,000 they would pay the current company is not a savings. It turns out it is a $10,000 savings. Per the Commissioners meeting- the contract is total cost $797,604 and $518,443 comes back to us. County share is $281,000 about.There is a maintenance cost to this also of $94,000 annually. This is a savings of $11,000 per  year on maintenance per Sheriff Kreinhop. Kreinhop said that Spillman has been in business since 1978. The old company we use now has not had an upgrade and we have had it since 2003. The upgrades with this new system are included. Kreinhop said- the maintenance could increase- that he wanted them to know that. Lyness asked about the life of the system. They have one in Lake County since 1982. They had to get a new server but all updates included. [NOTE: Wonder what the server costs?] Lansing asked Brandt what he thought- He and Ullrich both gave high marks to Spillman. Kraus said he liked the system and what it could provide with data. Lansing asked how long to pay- 30 days. And that’s for the municipalities. Asking that the entire amount be approved tonight. Council decided to take it out of Riverboat Savings. It is the only account that has enough. Then the Municipalities will reimburse to that account also. Half is due now and half will be due in 14-16 months. Approved for $797,604 out of Riverboat savings.

Auditor- Gayle Pennington- Minutes- approved.When asked by Lyness they did not do anything about Terry Stephens party affiliation on Park Board- decided to let it alone. Pennington also did some housekeeping items.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Chris Mueller addressed 3 items: 

The contract with Maxwell Constructiion for the Construction Management of the jail was for $359,900 and the actual payments out of that account and fund total $564,000+. That is about $200,000 over the flat fee contract. I had also addressed commissioners on his at the meeting just before Council. I advised them that the Council budget has not been exceeded yet, but that it is hard for the Auditor’s staff to track the contracts if they are mixed in with the total construction budget. I suggested they might need to separate contract agreements into a line item with nothing else in them  so staff can stay on track in the event that the vendor or the dept. submits more bills than Council and Commissioners had publicly agreed to pay. 

I asked about having so many day meetings ( like the 10 AM annex committee meeting last week) and noting that the public cannot make them. It excludes them from the process. Dan Lansing said that it excluded some of the Council too as they had jobs. Council noted that and some also commented that the public rarely attends the night meetings even. I said that it would be more encouraging to know that they can come, than that they are being excluded. That just makes people give up. The county has some big projects and the taxpayers have a right to know what is being decided and to participate if they want.

I asked Randy Lyness about the nepotism issue and if he had addressed it regarding his relationship with Maxwell Construction and the annex project that was in process. Terri Randall said she could address that, but I stayed at the podium as I was not finished and want ed to hear what Randy said. Commissioner McHenry quietly told her to let the lawyer address that. Lyness went on to say that he had heard about the issue in Florida and called his brother-in-law, John Maxwell to see if Randy’s sister was an owner in the company- NO. And then he came to find out that his son, Jeff Lyness, is a part owner in the company. Randy said that he had not known that. I told him, well our kids don’t always tell us everything. ( There are nephews and brother there too)  He said, “Nothing I did was ever about Maxwell.” 
I told Council the bottom line is that I wanted to pre-empt a problem, and since the nepotism law has two parts to it, the county has them sign off on the part relating to county employees as relatives. But they also need to consider the part about contracts with relatives and funding relatives. Lyness said that perhaps he had been naive and that he wanted to be open and honest. He will stay as far back from the issue as he can and probably not vote on it. 
That prompted Liz Morris to say that she had consulted with attorneys in the past on conflict of interest law and that as long as they publicly disclose the relationship they can vote if they choose to vote. She also said that everybody knows about the relationship. I told her that new people to the county may not know. And Randy is in a leadership position now. 
Council members discussed the options and Ullrich mentioned they had to look at potential financial gain.  Lyness does not personally gain- but his son Jeff is listed in both jail and annex contracts for construction management as the Project Director. 
Lyness said he did not know we had contracted with Maxwell for the construction management of the annex already. He thought they were just doing a study. Neither did Lansing. Lyness will get with the attorney regarding this.  Ullrich said then there will be an official opinion. 

[NOTE: After the meeting Lyness shook my hand and we talked briefly about this. I have no argument with the choice of Maxwell for managing this ,BUT I wanted to get this right before it became an issue, not play “gotcha” later. We also talked about how the Plan Commission handles these conflicts of interest. They do everything they can to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest including leaving the room- not just sitting back and not voting. Lyness is President- he has a lot of influence on what happens in Council.]

At the end of this McHenry told Council he would be sitting in with Gayle to get the info on my first question and he would get back to them regarding Maxwell’s overpayments. I corrected him- to say that it may be for work he actually did- but it was more than the flat fee stated at the beginning of the contract or in the meeting approvals.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Detour Route Selected for SR 62 Road Closure

Per Todd Listerman, County Engineer:

Regarding the Agreement for INDOT closing SR-62  @ Davies Road which Commissioners signed tonight.  Closure to start April 1 and last no more than 30 days.

Our unofficial detour route that the county has chosen is From SR 62 to Sangamaw Rd to Grelle Rd to South Farmers Retreat to SR 62.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Negangard Says Grand Jury Indicts Kathy Hess

Negangard Says Grand Jury Indicts Kathy Hess

See Breaking news Register Publications by clicking link below:


17 March 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 March 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.   
Century Link Agreement- 911 Director Jared Teaney- Attorney Baudendistel has reviewed and is OK with the terms and conditions. The Cinti Bell one has already been signed at the last meeting. $2600 is the one time fee. They have to have this product and services agreement because Century Link is the local carrier. Commissioners approved the agreement and signed it. 

Chris McHenry Retirement as County Historian - Shane McHenry read the Commissioners letter commending her for her 22 years as historian. It detailed all her activities, writings, awards, educational work, genealogy, and work on local historical figures. They thanked her for all her work and dedication. 
Chris McHenry spoke and joked about being glad he didn’t call her Grandma! She also introduced Joyce Baer as the new historian. She said she has had so much help along the 
way she feels guilt accepting this award for herself. Shane presented her with the award.
And called her Grandma! There was a brief break for punch, cookies, and cake.   

Summer Arts Program- Ruth Ann Batta- not present Commissioners removed this from the agenda until she calls in again.

Planning and Zoning- Nicole Daily:
Road Name Change discussion- Jeb Drive Lane- Art Little was able to weigh in on this as it was in his district. Commissioners approved changing the private part of Jeb Drive to Jeb Lane.
Road Name Change Request- Professional Park Drive and Business Center Drive- Tabled at Daily’s request as there is more information coming in on this. Jeff Tucker asked for clarification on the dedication of the road. He said it is dedicated- but the improvements haven’t been approved yet. 
Future Road Name Change Discussion- Hardintown Area- These streets have been on the list that duplicate street names that are in the same zip code. They want to send out letters to property owners to let them know what is being considered for those 11 property owners who own multiple properties there. Commissioners were OK with this being on a future agenda. Prefer an evening meeting.
Proposed Vacation Plat- Lafayette Street in Morgantown- This was forwarded from the PC with a Favorable recommendation. Dennis Kraus, Jr was available for questions. Morgantown is by Lawrenceville. Baudendistel explained the area was previously vacated of most of those old ROWs. Kraus, Jr. went into more detail about the request and that the heirs to the estate can’t deal with the estate without this vacation. The commissioners approved the vacation request after Shane read the entire ordinance into the record. Kraus, Jr. had stepped down at the PC meeting since he was surveyor for the heirs. No public spoke on this. The old name of this street was Lafayette Street. The legal descriptions were attached to the ordinance. 

EMA- Bill Black- Amendment to Services Agreement with IU- This is to help write their mission plan. This is the performance period-from Sept 2014 to April. No cost change. Approved.
Black also had the commissioners sign another yellow travel advisory from March 4-6. Approved.
Flooding is being monitored and he is in contact with highway dept and EMS. The Moose and Eagles are the only two businesses in Aurora with water coming in. Thursday should have it below flood stage.

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall- 
Todd Listerman is on vacation and had emailed a letter of understanding for closing parts of SR 62 for detour for road work.

Randall said she submitted the DCRedevelopment Commission annual report to the commissioners so that it was out in a public meeting. They don’t approve this. [NOTE: It just was for their info?? Or because it was not presented or approved at the DCRC meeting. It was due yesterday.]

AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington - Claims/Minutes- Minutes were tabled as the commissioners hadn’t seen the minutes yet. Claims were approved. 
Tax bills are printed and will be out soon.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:
These are all based on a contingency- they will require Council to fund them at their meeting after this one. This is the public safety computer software. It will get all the police and sheriffs dept. on the same software. The towns are all passing this also. Some have already passed it
Resolution for Entry into Interlocal Agreement with municipalities for Spillman Contract- approved
Interlocal with Municipalities re: Spillman Contract- approved
Spillman Contract- Total cost $797,604 and $518,443 comes back to us. County share is $281,000 about. 
There is a maintenance cost to this also of $94,000. This is a savings of $11,000 per  year on maintenance per Sheriff Kreinhop.

Baudendistel said the sheriff has had a lot of seized property that has piled up. He researched this and after 90 days of trying to seek owners of evidence etc. they can auction this. He was approached by Jack Prarat in the dept, McHenry abstained as he had worked on some of these cases. Lynch said that they can’t warehouse things indefinitely. Baudendistel will research this further.

Lynch- said Happy St. Patricks Day and reiterated congrats to Chris McHenry. 
Little- also congratulated Chris McHenry.
McHenry- concurred- And Chris McHenry said- it’s hard to take credit for something that was so much fun. And she is NOT retiring from being a reporter.


PUBLIC COMMENT- Chris Mueller- I told the Commissioners about some of the data regarding the Maxwell Construction Manager’s contract for the jail and the actual payments for it that APPEAR to be about $200,000 over the contract price of $359,900. The contract was supposed to be  a fixed fee so that it would remove any conflict of interest should there be an increase in the cost of the project. There is a section of the contract that allows for other expenses, but Maxwell bid it with the idea that they were local and so no charges would be made for travel, meals or lodging etc. I told them that the auditor was going to check into those claims to see what the increases were for. McHenry then said he would sit with Gayle Pennington and go through those claims. 
I also told them that there is another contract with Maxwell for the Annex management that s far is all accounted for. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:08 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, March 16, 2015

AGENDA- March 17 Commissioners Meeting

 March 17, 2015 
5:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1.  Century Link Agreement – 911 Director, Jared Teaney

1.  Chris McHenry Retirement as County Historian
2.  Summer Arts Program – Ruth Ann Batta
3.  Planning & Zoning – Nicole Daily
       a. Road Name Change Discussion - Jeb Drive/Lane
    b. Road Name Change Request – Professional Park Dr. & Business Center Dr.
    c. Future Road Name Change Discussion – Hardintown Area
    d. Proposed Vacation Plat – La Fayette St. in Morgantown

4.  Amendment to Agreement for Services w/ IU – EMA, Bill Black, Jr.

VII. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1.  Claims/Minutes
1.  Resolution for Entry into Interlocal for Spillman Contract
2.  Interlocal w/Municipalities re: Spillman Contract
3.  Spillman Contract





Friday, March 13, 2015

AGENDA March 17 Council Meeting

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
6:30 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana




Board appointment

CLERK – Rick Probst
Transfer funds - election

Recycling programs

Parenting training
Power consulting
Bright/I-74 Study

Purchase Spillman System

AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington


Thursday, March 12, 2015


Committee Meeting for Annex Project
 10 AM March 12, 2015

Present: John Maxwell, Art Little, Liz Morris , Shane McHenry Terri Randall, Scott Carnegie, Alissa Rullman, Randy Lyness, Andy Baudendistel, Dennis Kraus, Sr., Bill Ullrich, Phil Weaver, Gayle Pennington, Brad Rullman, Leah Bailey.
 14 people were in the audience.

This meeting began with Terri Randall instructing the architect to set the Computer TV screen up in the left corner of the room so that the committee could sit around the large table in the alcove there. The audience could not see the screen or hear the discussion well. Chris McHenry said something to Bill Ullrich about that being a problem for the public in attendance and he tried to get them to reconsider. Randall told him he could join them at the table. And then someone decided that arrangement needed to change and they sat at the regular meeting chairs and faced the public. Shane McHenry directed and ran the meeting then. [NOTE: This meeting was a public meeting and is being held during the work day when most of the public cannot attend. To then not face the public seems to demonstrate an attitude that runs contrary to what we expect at a public meeting. This  same arrangement happens at the Redevelopment Commission meetings which Randall also sets up. It just makes attendees feel less than welcome.]

[NOTE:RANDY LYNESS - Council President - did not step back from this discussion or address any conflict of interest issues. Maxwell Construction has a contract with the county for $343,000 for this project and Lyness’s son Jeff is listed as the Project Manager for it. Looking up the principals and staff of Maxwell Construction shows 3 Maxwells and 4 Lynesses. Lyness has a brother in law, son, brother, and nephews working for that company. Was this a violation of the nepotism law?] 

Randall said- The purpose was to figure out where they want to go next. Questions about options and funding. Drawings and info are available.
Randall made sure Maxwell, Alissa, and Scott Carnegie sat with her to answer questions.

Dennis Kraus, Sr asked the first questions showing that 20-21,000 sq ft were determined to be needed. He showed it in several emails and meeting notes. He compared it to Ripley County building. 
Alissa said the 20,700 sq ft were for the depths. The 12,000 sq ft are in the extra basement. They have 16,000 over that. Included is the basement and 3000 sq ft The inmate transport is in the basement. Entryway level one and lobby level 2 has more public space for congregation and security required for the single entry.

Shane McHenry asked why they are looking at the basement option. Alissa went on to talk about inmate transport and holding areas, inmate restrooms and the secure elevator. 

Shane McHenry asked what the cost differential was without basement and with it. Maxwell said they based it on 2004 study and reviewed it. He was’t sure how to fit buildings together and see how to do it with infill or not. It’s a third more gross area than asked for. Our duty was to sort thru the hundreds of thousands of dollars of studies previously done. They didn’t consider a basement in the studies. The transport came thru after consult with DLZ. They found a better way via the basement approach. 

Shane answered Dennis that video arraignment can only be used for initial hearings. Ullrich said there is activity once a day for that. 

Ullrich went on that this design does an excellent job of maintaining the security of prisoners and the staff and the public. Perhaps this could be turned into underground parking?

Lyness said that this would not be a lot of parking? Hardly any parking could fit per Scott Carnegie.

Lyness asked if Denny was satisfied with that answer to the square footage?Denny said- he didn’t think anyone could satisfy that. It’s just too much gross sq footage!

Carnegie said that they wanted to have the courts on one floor to get all walking easier to courts etc with staff.

Dennis Kraus said- all the security is for the courts- so why not separate the courts from administrative people like Ripley and Decatur county? Ullrich said the general public will be separated from prisoners. 

Liz Morris said we can adjoin buildings and are blessed to have that space.
She said the cost of housing adm people elsewhere wouldn’t save much. [NOTE: Has anyone priced this out?]

Lyness asked about parking. Shane said the EMA lot will be paved to get 36 more spots  as they got a good price on that and will make up for the 8 lost in this building. They need to get employees to use the lots appropriately. 

Randall said someone needs to address how Lawrenceburg will require a formal parking study. Liz said Lawrenceburg may not have allowed enough for the event center.

Lyness asked about more parking- McHenry said that there are options for some land. 

Andy Baudendistel said that our 3 courts are doing work above an average court load per INDY evaluation. There could be a 4th court at some time. 

Kraus asked about the rotunda taking 17% of the building. Carnegie said it was a security issue. 

Kraus said- we are not afraid to come here to work. 

Randall said she is here many nights and anyone can walk in. She went on at length about how anyone can come in etc, (This was a real eye opener about how afraid she thinks we all are.) Costs of active shooters etc. She said they haven’t be able to come to a better solution tan this to get all this. Insurance rates are better by doing all this. They have to sign that they are doing things to stay safe.

Based on that - every bank should have an armed guard at the door.!- Dennis Kraus

Glenn Wright- we did have an issue in the recorders office once. They called the sheriff’s dept and have one of their officer’s step over here. The sheriff said they are not in the county jurisdiction- It was Lawrenceburg’s. This ADM building with taxes, auditor etc. has no security.

 McHenry said that the it was ignorant of sheriff employee that said that. 

Ullrich agreed. 

Shane said Dennis and Terri have points. He doesn’t want to do things based on fear on insurance issues or whatever. 

Dennis said he thinks this is going overboard. 

Shane said we are talking about the cost of the extra basement. 

Dennis said- don’t build something we aren’t going to use. 

Art Little went on about the cheapness of the basement space in construction. Like Shane said- the space will get used- we will go again. If this building lasts as long as the Courthouse- it will be used. 

Lyness asked about taking square footage out of that. Can we cut each floor down.

I asked about the ongoing maintenance of the extra space for heat/cooling, cleaning, the cost of security for night meetings. I asked about the ongoing costs to the taxpayers. 

Randall asked about the space needs. 

Liz said that the amount of space Maxwell asked for originally is solid. The basement is an expense because of inmate transport. So financially it makes sense to expend it now to get the extra space. 

Dennis asked if Prosecutor would mix with this building. NO- he gets the first floor of new annex.

Lyness said he is comfortable with this design. We picked someone we trusted to look at this. [NOTE: He is related to the people "we" trust.]

Randall went on at length again justifying all the costs of the other ideas- and we just want direction on this. 

I asked about paper load vs computer storage. It seems like the medical profession has gone paperless, is the legal profession getting to do this yet? 

Slowly getting there per Baudendistel and Probst.

I asked about whether we are going to move the back wall in again and cut more space? 

Lyness said he is comfortable with the basement space and it doesn’t cost that much. 

I asked- if they knew the cost difference? Because facts would be useful. 

No. But.. and then Maxwell spoke about how many times they went around this. And the cost is ugly he said. But this maintains the functions the best way they know how. The empty space in the basement is 7,000 sq ft for $500,000 difference for that vs infill and slab per Maxwell and Alissa. Maxwell stressed that they listened to DLZ as they were the experts on this. 

Randall said the Construction Manager gets a lump sum price so they don’t get anything more for extra sq footage. And its an extremely reasonable fee. He beats on the architects and there was great dialogue. It has been argued about with great sincerity. [NOTE: And though Maxwell has a lump sum price to do the management, DLZ does not. Their fee is based on the project cost per their contract with the county.] 

Audience question- what is sq footage of each courtroom in new annex. It is big enough for trial courts. 

Liz thought they are 2800 sq ft. They could flip courtrooms for less populous hearings. 

Shane said the judges seem to want to keep their own as they keep going back and forth. 

Dennis asked if we attach to Courthouse will it no longer be allowed to get historical grants again.

Scott Carnegie said that depends on which entity is the grantor. 

Chris McHenry said that they could eliminate the columns and echo the rounded doors and windows and have a plainer front.The architect said They will continue to refine as they meet with more depth etc. [NOTE: Then they could perhaps join the two buildings with a complementary color of brick  like the library did also and not have to do some brick staining etc.]

Eric Hartman asked about the ADA items and if all the buildings will have to be revamped. Essentially - they should think about doing that for the public anyway.They were also concerned about HVAC system upgrades needed also. 

Randall and Carnegie said they want to get this on a central system. 

In answer to my question they said- This HVAC for ADM BLDG is NOT part of the scope of his system. And the ADA is NOT part of the scope for the ADM building. 

I asked about the joining of the buildings then if they are not in the scope of the project. Since it was causing issues with the grade elevation and requiring the extra basement and all, would it be better to keep the adm bldg separate. 

Randall said that they joined it for the single entrance and security.

Randall said that the longer we wait the more it costs.

Art Little also agreed.

Randall did not have money sources for funding this project. 

Dennis asked about the money in Riverboat savings. $10million but jail is not finished paying out it’s final allowance. 

Lyness said- Cost is $11.4 million and if we make changes and save money that’s good. Our revenues are going down. 

Gayle Pennington said that the funds that Terri copied from the treasurer were not funds that could be used for a project. They are all checking accounts that serve other purposes. The fund balances on Leah’s other report were up to date. 

Hartman asked about the time frame on this project. Shane said he wants it sooner rather than later. He doesn’t want to just shove it down someone’s throat. He wants to bring it before his board.

How much money is available?

Answer- 10 million in various savings accounts. In all the ones there is $16 million but that would deplete it all.

Liz explained that Growth and Development has amounts that are used for highway a very few times. 

Carnegie said 5.5 months to get construction documents set up. Then a few weeks for bids etc. Construction is about 15-16 months. 

Tax and bonding questions- I asked if they would be raising taxes to pay for this. 

McHenry and the rest of the committee did not want to do that. 

Then I asked if they intended to bond it. They are thinking of a mix of savings account and bonding. Then I asked who was responsible for paying off the bonds- answer taxpayers. So essentially this comes back to the people of the county to pay for this out of OUR savings and taxes. 

Liz Morris explained how that works. They also will get numbers from Umbaugh to see the impact. I reminded them that the county has an aging population and it would be a shame to have elderly people taxed out of their homes or off their farms. 

Lyness said maybe we can get more people involved and see what to do.He wants to chew on this for a while. He does want to talk about numbers.

Randall said that they have meetings for Council and Commissioners next week. 

Lyness said they need to get with Umbaugh to see what they recommend. Council can’t act on this for next week. He thinks there should be another one of these committee meetings. 

Dennis said they can reduce some of the extravagance of this. There are things they still need to talk about.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

12 March 2015 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

12 March 2015 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Present: Jim Helms, John Rahe, Jim Deaton, Randy Lyness.

ABSENT:Dave Deddens, Dusty Burress (non- voting school board member) and Gayle Pennington, Auditor and DCRC treasurer.

Also present: Terri Randall, county administrator and economic development director, Andrea Ewan, attorney, Sue Hayden, minute taker.

Jim Deaton took over as Chairman in Deddens absence.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES- February 12 minutes were approved.

Property on Randall Avenue- Randall said she had been sharing emails with Denmure’s office with the board. There is still some paperwork to have the estate settled before they can pursue this. The widow lives in KY and may sell the property eventually. They may also allow the DCRC to move it off the property possibly or buy or lease it or the ROW.

$583.34 to Oren Turner- approved from fund 9139.
Accounts payable- includes salaries, bond renewal, web hosting- approved. 

IVY Tech Campus President- Mark Graver- Advanced Mfg Expansion Project Presentation- postponed- moved to April meeting per Randall.

Bond Signatures- $100 bonds for Deaton and Deddens were to be signed. Lyness filled out his paperwork for his bond.

March 16 reporting deadline- Randall said that London WItte used to do this and it will be finished by March 16. it is not done yet and she will be emailing it to the board then. [NOTE: Don’t they have to approve it first in a public meeting?]

Randall gave an update on the Genessee Wyoming Railroad- and the Brookville section. The RR company is filing for a $300,000 grant and working with OKI and Lynch and Portune on this. They are looking for match dollars from each community. It costs $6 million for 36 miles- Dearborn County has 7 miles of that total. She said that the proportions of community dollars need to be determined and what is the economic impact of that. She suggested that the next step would be that they have  meeting with OKI’s Portune and Lynch and the economic development people in each affected county. She said she understands the project a little better and this project is a long way from happening. She wants to be supportive of Whitewater Mill but also to have facts.

April 17- Whitewater Mill Opening is being handled by the Mills and Randall said she will respect that they want to run it themselves. They have selected people to invite. The tours will be around 1 PM that day and opening is 4 PM. The Mill wanted to do a cake cutting instead of a ribbon cutting. And all the items served will be made with their flour. 



ADJOURNMENT - 9:17 AM- next meeting is April 9th.
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Agenda March 12th DC Redevelopment Commission Meeting

March 12, 2015
9:00 a.m., 3rd Floor Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Call to order

Approval of Minutes
1.  February 12, 2015 Meeting 

Unfinished Business
    1.  Property on Randall Ave.

Claims & Financials

New Business
1.  Ivy Tech Campus President, Mark Graver
Advanced Manufacturing Expansion Project Presentation

2.  Bond Signatures

Economic Development Officer’s Report
1.  March 16th Reporting Deadline

Attorney’s Report
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Reminder Notice- The Courthouse Annex meeting is Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 10 a.m. Commissioners Room

Master Plan Advisory Meets March 23 and Parks and Recreation Element Amendment from Dec 10 Meeting

Hello -I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that our next Comprehensive Plan meeting has been scheduled for Monday, March 23rd at 7:00pm at the Dearborn County Administration Building (Commissioners Room).  We hope that you will be able to attend and give your feedback and recommendations as we begin discussions related to a new planned Element of the Comp Plan, regarding Economic Developmentof the Plan update. **I will be sending you an additional email with some background information materials relevant to this Element, as well as items related to area attractions, cultural centers, tourism, etc.

I have also attached the information related to our recent discussions on the Parks & Recreation Element—including amended / updated goals and objectives for this section of the plan. If you have any questions, comments, and / or recommendations on any of these items, please call or email me at your earliest convenience. Please note: The highlighted text in the attached document represents new or amended text from the previous Plan and / or notes from our last meeting.

If you have a conflict for the March 23rd meeting, please call or email me or another member of our staff so that we can prepare accordingly. If you would like to send an alternate person in your place, please call me to discuss this option if it has not already been arranged previously.

Thank you for your time, patience, and continued support with our Comprehensive Plan Update efforts!

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Mark McCormack


KEY ISSUES: (TEXT THAT HAS BEEN HIGHLIGHTED IS PROPOSED AMENDMENT OR ADDITION)                                                                                        

Need to inventory all park areas, recreational opportunities, and trail systems to determine what we have and what we need (collectively). All alternatives should be considered for park and recreational lands / areas that are not in active use or that do not have planned uses.

Existing facilities are not utilized to full potential. Need to publicize through better communication/advertisement of existing park resources and improve existing facilities to increase use

Need to consider the desire and viability of the community to have a regional area or State Park (e.g. Glenn-Collins property)

Need to provide linkages between existing and planned park areas and recreational opportunities—including those outside of Dearborn County but with regional accessibility

Need more passive recreational opportunities such as bike paths, hiking, walking, as well as those involving water features, access, and uses.

Need indoor park and recreation opportunities such as a sports complex

Need more park and recreation areas and facilities that offer varied uses - most existing (areas and facilities) are single use and small

Need a number of viable mechanism(s) to obtain land for parks, recreational areas, and trails as the Dearborn County population and demand for these uses and facilities grow

Need better coordination and prioritization between community park boards and other entities, including, but not limited to: the conservancy district, the oxbow conservancy, the visitor’s and tourism bureau, etc.

Need to collaborate with regional park providers beyond County 

Need to recognize security as an important component of planning for, and providing, parks, recreational areas, and trails.

GOAL: Provide a park system that enhances the quality of life for Dearborn County residents.

Enhance existing park and recreational facilities to include a greater variety of activities and opportunities available to users by adding attractions and providing activities for all seasons.

Assist in the coordination of planning efforts that involve parks, recreation areas, open lands, and trails—among all of the local, State, and Federal agencies and organizations.

3 Encourage the acquisition and donation of property for a variety of park, recreation, and open space use(s) by establishing funding and incentive mechanisms.

4 Encourage a significant trail system—connecting parks to other parks, recreational facilities / areas, and other amenities where feasible in the County and within the OKI Region.

5 Assist in the development of a long-range plan for future recreation needs in accordance with population growth projections and in coordination with the resources available for acquisition and maintenance. 

6 Encourage residential and commercial developers to either provide open space or allocate funds to purchase, create, upgrade or maintain parks, recreational facilities, trails, or supporting infrastructure and services (as part of the housing and / or business plan).

7 Encourage private property owners to explore public and private conservation easement options.

8 Consider purchase of development rights (PDR's) or transfer of development rights (TDR's) to secure open space.

9 Encourage parks, trails, and open spaces to be integrated into infrastructure and service projects such as those involving roadways, drainage improvements / areas, and utility corridors.

10 Promote the education of citizens about parks, recreation areas, trails, and open spaces and encourage volunteerism wherever possible and practical.

GOAL: Preserve historic and / or culturally-significant sites and important natural features.

11 Conduct a cultural and natural resource inventory to identify and prioritize potential preservation areas.

12 Preserve unique or distinctive historical, natural, and cultural resources by encouraging Best Management Practices of those areas, where possible and practical. 

Favorite activities / uses of our parks and recreation areas
(entire Dearborn County community):

Enjoy / watch nature
Family activities
Picnics / use shelters 
Promote health
Walk dogs

Missing activities / uses in our parks and recreation areas
(entire Dearborn County community): 

Well-maintained fishing areas / ponds
Shooting / archery range
Indoor recreation opportunities
Increased number of hiking and biking trails
Camping opportunities
Need more soccer fields, baseball fields, and basketball courts
Need more playground equipment
Ice skating opportunities
Possible Park & Recreation Areas (to be mapped):
State Park along State Road 1 (Glenn-Collins property; across from Nowlin Ave)
Whitewater River area
Oxbow area (near I-275 community entrance)
Laughery Creek area
Tanner’s Creek area
Hogan Creek area
County Farm (expansion)

Specific trail opportunities that have been identified include:
Providing better connectivity within the 6.7-mile Dearborn Trails system, specifically by the Hollywood Casino area in Lawrenceburg and in the urban section of the City of Aurora. (The trail in these 2 sections is virtually non-existent; people are required to exit the main trail and enter the city streets / sidewalks from the levee or travel through areas with higher, more intense vehicular traffic.)
Providing location / identification markers for almost all trail heads / entrances.
Providing mile markers within, or adjacent to, the trails for 911 / emergency responses.
Providing linkages to existing and proposed regional trails—including those that tie into southwest Ohio along the Ohio River as well as the Shawnee Lookout, Miami Whitewater Park, and Whitewater Canal areas.
Providing connectivity to the entire community’s park and recreation areas.

General comments:  
There is $250,000-$300,000 of funding currently set aside for County park land acquisition.
A community park along a river, such as the Whitewater River, would be desirable. This type of area would have many ecosystems that do not occur in the uplands.

 We need park area(s) in the northern part of the County, where a good portion of our population and our growth is expected to occur. The centralization and combination of parks and recreational areas / opportunities should be evaluated / considered.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015



Due to pending weather concerns, Commissioners have decided to be proactive and cancel the Courthouse Annex meeting for tomorrow.
We have rescheduled for next week – Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 10 a.m. Commissioners Room

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