Saturday, May 30, 2009


By Stan Beeler, HVL

Being a rebuttal of letters to HVL residents from Dana Hensley, Ron Lask, and Phil Harmeyer regarding their claims of perfidy by Jack Arduin and Stan Beeler against the VRUC.

On the occasion of 2009 VRUC election in June, I am again required to compose long rebuttals of long letters by the board majority or their friends claiming to represent the real truth of the matter with regard to all things VRUC, but which are convenient vehicles for half-truths, character assignation, red herrings, and outright lies. By now, I am tired of it all, as I know everyone else is, and I intend that this will be my last written word on the subject of the VRUC or its personalities.

The two letters, one by Lask and Harmeyer, and the other by Hensley, are essentially identical, so I will treat them as one.

The crux of the matter this year, and the reason for the attacks, is a series of eleven issues proposed by me to be placed on the ballot in conjunction with the election. So that you will know what ruffled their feathers, and because those ballot issues were denied inclusion on the ballot by a vote of the VRUC board, I reprint that submission below.

1. There is a complaint about attendance records. The complaint is uninformed. My attendance record is as good as any on the board. And, the complaint is misdirected in view of the fact that if one of the majority cannot make a meeting, the meeting is cancelled. The majority four were all suddenly indisposed to attend the board meeting before last year’s election at which we had managed to place on the agenda several issues which they did not want to become public (all four sick at the same time; imagine that). They cancelled four consecutive scheduled board meetings this year because one of their number could not be there, knowing they dare not conduct a meeting at which they cannot produce the majority vote.

2. There is some undefined complaint that Jack and I cannot interpret the “actual facts”.
If the majority of the board would ever consent to a debate of the issues, or allow the membership to even hear of the issues, it would become immediately clear as to who is adept at concealing the issues (or facts) from the membership and public.

3. They claim (in the fashion of tyrants who cannot abide disagreement) that we are not loyal to the VRUC. The VRUC is a utility, a service provider, however inept, not demanding nor deserving loyalty. The eleven issues below, and their response, should indicate who shows greater loyalty to the interests of the membership, where loyalty should be directed. Hensley equates the betterment of the VRUC with the betterment of the HVL residents, but the conduct of the board has caused the VRUC to be a detriment to the interests of the residents since its inception.

4. They charge that we have personal agendas. Jack Arduin, Bob Ziegler, and I are the only VRUC board members who do not have ties to the real estate and banking interests in Dearborn County. We are the only current board members who do not have personal agendas. My only agenda has been to try to fix the VRUC (preferably by dissolution) and get the hell out.

5. They claim that we want to sell the VRUC to Greendale and SDRSD. We do, we did…but we cannot. That requires a vote of the VRUC membership (and they know it), but they will not allow the membership to hear the arguments pro and con, nor to address other options, nor even to hear their plans, and the consequences thereof, No one knows what their goals are, other than to keep control of the VRUC in their hands.

Also, they try to deceive their readers by omitting that the sale was to have been of the liabilities as well as of the assets. The liabilities are much greater, and much more meaningful, (given that half the water and sewer delivery systems are already owned by Greendale) than the assets (which in their present condition, are actually liabilities).

6. Their threat of annexation of HVL by Greendale is the most outrageous red herring. They know that Greendale has absolutely no interest in paying the bills for HVL and that it is an impossible idea. Cities are not generally interested in the annexation of residential properties. Commercial properties pay the bills that residential properties create.They use the empty threat to divert attention from the real issues of mismanagement and the certainty of increases in rates, and on the hope that some will actually believe in their charge. Greendale would not annex HVL if 100% of the residents petitioned for it.

7. They insinuate that the costs to repair and maintain the water and sewer infrastructure would be lower under VRUC management than under SDRSD and Greendale ownership. That is absurd on its face. The costs of the mismanagement of the VRUC by the board since its inception will be astounding when it becomes known. The economies of scale must apply everywhere but in HVL.

8. They repeat again the oft repeated lie of the famous lawsuit, claiming that Jack and I joined in a lawsuit against the VRUC. There was no lawsuit against the VRUC. A group of HVL residents, including Jack and myself, petitioned a local judge for a temporary restraining order against individuals to require them to desist from conspiring to commit election fraud in the 2008 election. The judge declined to intervene, having narrowed the list of charges made in the petition to those which could produce the most efficacious decision. The appeal of that decision was returned unopened because it was received late ( due to the problems of a pro se preparation and a miscommunication from the local court with regard to the transcripts). Such was their grand “lawsuit victory”, so reminiscent of the great socialist victories of the cold war (to be exaggerated to the greatest possible advantage, and to be repeated again and again).

9. They claim that Jack and I failed to do something to benefit the residents with regard to the vote by the board to lower the quorum from 30% to 10%. Jack was not able to attend that hastily called “special meeting” which members were specifically prohibited to attend, so they do not know how Jack would have voted. And, it is a lie that I abstained. I refused to vote, arguing that the entire meeting was illegal and that the decision as to what the quorum ought to be should be decided by the membership, not by the board.
One of the eleven issues submitted by me to be placed on the ballot was the lowering of the required quorum. The four horsemen picked up on it only after Jack and I indicated that we would be willing to run again, cynically claiming that they were always for it, while knowing that they could not get us off the board without it. I, and I believe Jack, have no problem with the 10% quorum (it should be a majority of the votes cast, although my proposal was for 25% but as a decision by the membership). The change in quorum is required to be a by-laws revision, but neither the language of the motion nor the 3-0 vote reflected the passed motion to be a by-laws change, i.e., the language was not in the proper form.

10. Mr Hensley claims that there were no other loan options available when the board voted to accept what I believe to be a very bad offer from UCB. That is a lie. Jack had been working to obtain a more favorable loan from 5th/3rd when Bittner suddenly stopped the negotiations by calling off a meeting with the bank. You will understand if Jack, after all of his preparatory work in setting up the meeting, might be unhappy. If you are an HVL resident, you will be unhappy to know the terms of the 2.5 million dollar loan. I voted against the loan because I believe it to be a disaster. A variable rate loan starting at 7%, with a 2% annual cap will be unmanageable within only a few years. It was a very good deal for the bank, not so good for the residents.

11. Mr. Hensley now claims that the “entire board” negotiated the 2006 water and sewer contract with Greendale. The four were never involved in the negotiations with the City, and Mr. Hensley voted against the contract (or abstained, claiming conflict of interest?, I am not certain).It was only through the extraordinary efforts of Jack Arduin and Bob Ziegler, and the relationships they were able to forge with the City of Greendale officials, that the contract was realized. The four had nothing to do with it, fought it all the way, and would have defeated it they had known of anything else to do.

12. Mr. Hensley disparages the City of Greendale and its elected officials at every opportunity. He insinuates, and actually believes, that the City would go out of its way to harm HVL, that the City would charge unreasonable rates (disproven by both the water and sewer contract negotiated in 2006 and the draft contract to assume control of the VRUC infrastructure), that he is more honorable than they. He is delusional. In the interaction that I had with Greendale officials during the negotiations, they displayed more professionalism, reasonableness, understanding, and willingness to work together than Hensley and pals could ever dream of.

This argument is about much more than personalities, than “them” vs. “us”. It is about how we define the success of a utility, of a service provider. It is clear from their letters that their criteria for success of the utility is:
1. That Greendale not annex HVL
2. That the utility be owned by the residents
3. That the opinions of the board members be entirely homogeneous
If there are any corollaries to those propositions, I leave it to Mr. Hensley to explicate them.

My criteria from the start was, as I stated three years ago, the best possible service at the lowest possible cost to the residents. The necessary corollaries to that proposition are:
1. Board accountability to the residents, with specified mechanisms to accomplish it
2. The absence of customer complaints
3. Total transparency of board activities (the Open Door Law)
4. Member involvement in and oversight of the management of the Corporation
5. The requirement for ethical conduct by board members
6. The elimination of the pollution to the environment caused by the poor condition of the infrastructure

When I learned what I could about the history of the VRUC three years ago, I determined immediately that the VRUC itself is inimical to the interests of the residents of HVL, and that the only solution was the dissolution of the VRUC. I originally thought to give it to the POA, but thought it would not help. The concept of a regional sewer district with SDRSD at its core is more appealing to me, and I think is inevitable. The pollution caused by the small operations such as VRUC has got to stop sometime.

I believe, and will be berated for that belief, that the desire to maintain the VRUC with its current organization is all about the desire to control the lives of others. (“The Lives of Others/ Das Leben der Anderen” is an excellent German film on DVD, with English subtitles. One could learn a great deal about HVL from it.).

Here is what I submitted for the ballot.


The following proposal ( eleven issues referred to in my resume’) for the VRUC annual business meeting election ballot was rejected by the four members of the Board who constitute the majority (Bittner, Sypniewski, Armbrecht, and Hensley) at a secret, executive session of the Board of Directors on 23 Apr 09, they, refusing to allow, without comment, discussion or debate, the issues to be placed on the ballot. Clearly, that is illegal (cf. VRUC By-laws, Sections 3.06(a), 3.08(a), 3.09 and Indiana Code IC 23-17-10-1(d) & (e), and IC 23-17-8-2), but as a request for a restraining order to require a fair election last year proved, the law is of no help in these matters ( which restraining order request Floyd continually calls a law suit). The eleven issues proposed for the ballot were proposed previously, all more than on one occasion, during the last three years, and all being voted down by that same majority. While being only some of the issues raised during the last three years, the eleven issues provide a fair representation of the differences in management style and philosophy of government of the two Board factions, between those who support open membership discussion and vote on the issues (Jack Arduin, Bob Ziegler and myself) and those who oppose such discussion and vote by the membership (Bittner, Sypniewski, Armbrecht, and Hensley).

Proposals to be balloted in Conjunction with the 2009 VRUC Annual Election

In accordance with VRUC By-laws, Sections 3.08 and 3.09, I, Stanley J. Beeler, 19534 Longview Dr., owner of lots 1490, 1491, and 2866, do hereby attest that I am not in arrears of any rates, charges, or fees owed to the Corporation, and herewith give notice to the Corporation’s principal office on or before 20 Apr 09, as a member of the Corporation and as a member of the Board of Directors, of the following proposals (issues) for ballot to be voted upon by the membership in conjunction with the June 2009 annual meeting and election.

The members/owners of the VRUC herewith direct the Board of Directors to: (Please vote yes or no on each issue, although it is not necessary to cast a vote on all issues in order that a vote on any issue be counted.)

Issue #1: Prior to any increase in fees, rates, or charges by the VRUC to its members, the board shall: enter into negotiations with the South Dearborn Regional Sewer District and the City of Greendale, and any other governmental entity as may be necessary or useful, for a contract or contracts to sell the assets and liabilities of the VRUC to one or more of those entities; provide for a minimum of two (2) public hearings to inform the Corporate membership of the final proposal(s), and of any alternative proposals; and provide to the membership a ballot for a binding vote to sell the assets and liabilities of the VRUC and to simultaneously dissolve the VRUC in accordance with Indiana law (IC 23-17-22).
YES__________ NO___________

Issue #2: Immediately revise the VRUC By-laws to require that no director, group of directors, or VRUC employee may engage any attorney on behalf of the VRUC for any billable work product without prior agreement by the Board of Directors by a majority vote at a regular or special meeting of the board, which meeting is open to the public.
YES___________ NO___________

Issue #3: Immediately revise the VRUC By-laws to adopt the Indiana Open Door Law (IC 5-14.5) as a governing principle for the conduct of Corporate business.
YES___________ NO____________

Issue #4: Revise the VRUC By-laws to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order for the conduct of all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors.
YES ____________ NO____________

Issue #5: Revise the VRUC By-laws to require an Oath of Office by all directors and a Code of Ethics as a standard by which the actions of the directors may be judged.
YES___________ NO____________

Issue #6: Revise the VRUC By-laws (Section 3.07) to reduce the quorum of members required to effect a binding vote in conjunction with annual meetings or other meetings of the membership from 30% to 25% (except where otherwise required by Indiana law).
YES___________ NO____________

Issue #7: Revise the VRUC By-laws to allow members to vote in person or by proxy at any time up to and on the day of the annual meeting/election at the time of the start of the meeting.
YES____________ NO_____________

Issue #8: Revise the VRUC By-laws to delete the requirement for a signature of the voter on any ballots, and that the vote be by lot number vice first name on the deed.
YES___________ NO_____________

Issue #9: Revise the VRUC By-laws to require the Corporate office to provide after the election to any member upon request a list of lot numbers casting ballots in the previous election.
YES___________ NO_____________

Issue # 10: Revise the VRUC By-laws to require that no ballot of a member of the Corporation may be declared invalid or spoiled except by a vote of the Board of Directors.
YES___________ NO_____________

Issue #11: Move the location of the meetings of the Board of Directors from the garage to the POA Community Meeting Room.
YES___________ NO_____________

Friday, May 29, 2009


June 2, 2009

7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana




1. Bond Commission President position needing filled – tabled 4/21
2. DCRSD – Sewer Line for US 52 project – tabled 5/19

1. Kevin Gick, Chief, Bright Fire District

2. Ken Griffin, State Department of Health-District 9

3. Condition of Jewett Drive, Dillsboro, IN

4. Ginny Daum
Volunteering for Emergency Preparedness

5. Chris McHenry
Discussion regarding microfilming ALL Dearborn County records

1. Updates

VI. AUDITOR - Cary Pickens
1. Claims/Minutes




X. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Wednesday, May 27, 2009

26 May 2009 County Council Meeting Notes

26 May 2009 County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus Sr., Charlie Fehrman, Bill Ullrich, Liz Morris, Maynard Barrett, Dan Lansing, and Tom Cheek.

Also Present: Cary Pickens, Auditor (and Jessica Tibbetts, Financial Controller)

[NOTE: This meeting was 4.25 hours long. There are items that were discussed that were not on the agenda and there were items advertised and discussed that were not on the agenda. The agenda needs to be accurate.
The sound system was not working properly- several microphones were out.
The length of this meeting also seems to indicate that Council should meet more often. It is difficult to maintain concentration and make good decisions toward the end of a 4.25 hour meeting.
Also worthy of note- nearly everything advertised was taken out of Riverboat Revenue Contingency Funding and not the normal fund where they were advertised. Some were advertised under both funds. Council is using Riverboat Revenue Contingency Funds to cover nearly all extras. So what happens when or if those funds dry up or decrease? Are we living within our means or are we playing a shell game with the Gambing money?]

1. Ruth Ann Batta- Summer art project ( 22 years in existence) for about 100 kids – 4 classes- $2,000 approved from Riverboat Youth Fund.

2. Kathy Piche- YES HOME- $1,000 approved form Youth Fund for Washington DC trip for children in Independent Living program there. They also receive funding from other sources.

3. Greg Townsend with Joey Casteltine- Special Olympics representing 21 athletes- $1,000 from Youth Fund.

4. Aurora Lions for Farmer’s Fair Grandpa Cratchit for kids- $1,000 from Youth Fund.

5. Pat Acra for Pregnancy Crisis Center- $1,000 from Youth Fund for Baby Quilts made by Amazing Grace Quilters for 90% of the pregnant girls there who are under 18.

6. Aaron Negangard- Prosecutor- additional appropriations- is using “burn money” of $58,000 that is figured from the federal gov’t for two years salary for an adm. ass’t to the special crimes unit.

Negangard requested a salary ordinance amendment allowing him to pay Bryan Messmore the ENTIRE annual salary allotted for Victim’s Advocate Coordinator for about 10.5 months of actual work. Discussion ensued and Negangard answered that the bottom line was that he promised that pay amount, he said the money had to be spent or it would be “lost” and that it would NOT be reimbursed the following year at the same rate if they used less this year.

[NOTE: The Taxpayer’s tea party people would have fun with this policy- as it does NOTHING to help curb spending. What if the person hired is less qualified for the job? What if it went unfilled for 6 months? What if the employee had not been Messmore? Their logic fails to explain this.]

This item was further discussed under Jessica Tibbetts time and eventually passed with Morris and Ullrich motioning and Cheek and Lansing voting NAY.

[NOTE: There is an apparent political element to this, concerning Messmore, his previous position as County Adm. and his brief time out and rehire as Victim’s Advocate Coordinator. Council asked about the ongoing investigation and Commissioner Thompson said the county attorney was researching it before and should have an answer in July, when he returns. Negangard indicated he would have to negotiate for an even higher salary next year for this spot and would “find” the money in that grant somehow. Cheek felt that Messmore was being paid twice essentially, as he was getting the full year's salary and that was allotted for time that Messmore had been working as Administrator for the County.]

Negangard was approved for $2972 out of 4D budget for office furniture, which will get 2/3 back from state to that fund. ( Cheek and Lansing were Nays)
$10,915 for intern was approved from pre-trial diversion fund. [NOTE: There are many little funds that the courts and prosecutors have.]
$17,000 form Riverboat Contingency for a document server to get started on Prosecutor’s paperless office files. Thompson spoke in support of this for Prosecutor’s office to help with space issues, etc.
Copier was denied and will be requested at budget time for 2010.

7. Jessica Tibbetts, Financial Controller/Payroll- was referred to as our magna cum laude CPA by Cary Pickens. Tibbetts went through several materials in the packets the Council had including fund sheets with fund balances, why she was adding benefits to the requests for salaries so the entire picture of costs were available, etc. They discussed several salary ordinances- beyond Messmore’s. The Animal Control Officer – a part timer that will be requested as full time for 2010 after the Shelter is up and running. Pickens thought they might need a dog tax. Thompson said the Board was looking at $20 adoption fee increase to fund this. Greendale has turned their animal control over to the county with an interlocal agreement. No money.
Tibbetts received teh following approvals:

Planning and Zoning approved for $20/hr for minute taker.
Treasurer approved for $ for part time help.
Building Dept for $10-15/hour for part time.
Animal Control Officer part time FAILED with 3 NAYS, Lansing, Cheek and Kraus. (Needs 5 to pass)
Health dept- part time nurse $17.20/hour.
Child Advocacy Center Coordinator passed IF the grant comes in.
Jessica Tibbetts then gave short presentation and will use LOWS software instead if Excel at Budget time and will be there to add all info in for the Council.

8. Mary Alice Horton (Aurora Library) and Sally Stenger ( Lawrenceburg Library)- received signatures on the 2nd year of the Library Capital Projects Plan.

9. Carl Fryman- Building Inspector- Is mostly self funded from inspection fees. A good year for commercial inspections as businesses are relocating from the area around the new bridge. By the end of 2009 there will be one full timer and 3 part time inspectors- saving $120,000. He’s paying the part timers $24,000 total for 3.

10. Wesley Holt- Coroner- answered questions on autopsies and noted they are required in drug relate deaths- he has 207 deaths in 2008 and 42 autopsies. In 2009 97 deaths and 33 autopsies for drugs. $15,000 was granted from Riverboat Contingency to cover autopsies.

11. Suzanne Ullrich- gave information on Mental Health Board and Tom Cheek agreed to serve as Council’s appointee. Ullrich read the list of board members and noted they were a prestigious group. Cheek joked- “well there goes the neighborhood” at his appointment.

12. Judge Sally Blankenship- Superior 2- addressed her space issues again and is implementing some changes to help with it in the interim. Her office space is tight with not enough electric and about 6 inches of space to get behind desks.
She was granted:
$4662 for office furniture and $1600 for an evidence storage cabinet, $7,000 plus benefits for overtime for court reporter, all out of Riverboat Contingency.
County General was the source for $936, $72, and $64 to clean up some funding on Special Court Program Coordinator. Blankenship will apply for the probation officer $32,000 and intern at budget time.

13. Gary Hensley- Assessor and Troy Fryman of Tyler Technologies received approval for the contract Commissioners signed for $449,353 for Reassessment. Contract was due by April 1st.

14. Gayle Pennington- Treasurer- had Council approve and sign the ordinance transferring congressional school funds to the state. The CD of funds totals $29,221. This is mostly a bookkeeping issue.

15. Ric Hartman- Maintenance- received approval for $10,000 plus benefits for overtime request missed in the budget hearings from Riverboat Contingency.

16. Overtime for 911 Communications was approved for $7500 plus benefits.

17. Communications Matrix errors fixed for about $15,000.

18. Clerk of Courts Perpetuation Fun- $6778.50.

19. Circuit Court transferred $600 to Central Supply.

20. Judge Humphrey wants a Council rep on Community Corrections Board. Ullrich to research the meeting times etc.

21. $5,000 in legal fees approved for Pickens Auditor out of Riverboat Contingency.

22. Council approved keeping COIT tax the same- no increase.

23. Council signed contract with Frank Cummings, GFC for Auditor’s office.

24. Parks Board- Steve Walker, President, with Jim RedElk and ?? Stephens presented budget issues with Parks. Walker expressed gratitude for Council helping them out of budget woes in Nov, 2008. They requested $27,370 for operational budget for 2009. They had been allotted $25,000 and traditionally they operate on $42-52,000. The parks have gone from 170 acres to 450.

Parks Board did NOT receive approval for capital expenditures yet, but will be requesting it again at budget hearings for almost $70,000 of equipment needed to mow and care for the grounds. They have volunteers on their board to help- but only one large tractor. They contracted for $14,000 to get mowing done this year. They will bid this out next year.
Council approved $1,000 for lights, $1100 for water faucet, $450 for chainsaw, and $7,000 for picnic tables from Riverboat Contingency. They also approved $5,000 from Youth fund for picnic Shelter at the Bright Park per Liz Morris’s suggestions.

25. Ralph Thompson-President Commissioners- went into detail on the Animal Control Issues in another attempt to get the animal control officer approved for the rest of this year and added at budget for next year.
He said they NEED 4 ACO’s and a director. They currently have 3 and the new director. The previous director was acting as an ACO thus unable to really handle directing the facility.

County Commissioners accepted the new adm. job description and will be running ads, unless Council objects. No one objected. He noted Sue Hayden was covering a lot of slack and so was he- they needed someone in that spot.

He said the court fire that Jefferson County had in Madison reminds us we do NOT have plans for things like this. Need to address that.

Space issues are critical in courts etc. They had wanted $32-40 million to do this, and he is working on finding solutions. Blankenship has insufficient space, we could move the building dept to the North End of the EMA building temporarily, and put Blankenship’s probation right next to community corrections in adm building then. Basement of the courthouse is available for storage, but no one has used that option yet.

He has some budget costs and is NOT going to pursue video arraignment, as no one seems interested.

Jeff Lyness and John Maxwell gave budget estimates on the project of $81-82,000 for a temp facility and it would have to come out of cum cap. Pickens agreed they should meet in July again and proceed ASAP.

Council reiterated it was OK to pursue administrator and that ACO for Animal Shelter should be pursued at budget hearings.

26. Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- Said the stimulus money is capped at $3million max and they will let all 4 projects by the end of June. Anything over the $3million has to be covered locally. There are differences of opinion on that number- it could be $200-700,000. As all bids were below estimates before- hoping it’s the low side. He needs $500,000 set aside for this match- from 147 and there is $1.267million in there now. Projects are sections of Old US 52, Weisberg, Yorkridge, North Dearborn, and North Hogan.

Fehrman argued to NOT raid 147 as it was for Stateline and North Dearborn projects. Said they could use 172 blacktop money for that. Council also asked if Larry Smith and others were donating ROW. Council approved taking $500,000 out of bituminous to match and will reimburse it when riverboat money comes in.

Approval granted for the following:
Stripes on roads of 3000vpd now- so saves about $60,000.

Need one more snow plow truck to swap out the 1997 set for $120,000.

New crack seal machine for $60,000

Need $3,500 for oil filter crusher due to new Rumpke recycle rules. (Someone suggested they run over the filters.)

Approved to use millings for some less travelled roads from Rohe Paving SR 46 project for $100,000

Approved to use $500,000 on Carolina Trace, Stout, and Pribble hill if stimulus match doesn’t use it up.

He will need a design engineer for Stateline @ August budget meeting.

Council agreed with the move to Randall Avenue with $450,000 as down payment and possibility of securing rest from L-bg bond bank. They can pay for loan with savings from the move. Cost should be less than $1million. Pickens said – NO LOAN- we’ll find funding somewhere. Thompson noted they would move EMA out there too.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

19 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

19 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell
ABSENT: Pickens, Auditor (Cathy Miller, sub)
Also present: Jack Gay, Attorney

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept- went first due to other commitments this evening. Listerman (and Pickell from Beam Longest and Neff) gave a 10-minute report.

1. Gay provided Commissioners with interlocal agreement with Aurora on widening Indiana Avenue. Commissioners signed it and the county will provide the work force. This provides an alternate route for the closure of Lower Dillsboro Road around the area of a small structure that failed there.

2. Commissioners signed the 2008 report.

3. Andy Pickell Beam Longest and Neff provided commissioners with a supplementary agreement of about $52,000 for re-studying the Stateline Road widening project from Salt Fork to Jamison. A new cemetery plan has to be added by state law for $3400. They will subcontract that and also the part of Phase 2 locations of gas tanks for $9300. Environmentals and plan prep increase costs of $14,800 and design increases are $26,800. If the county wants construction oversight, that will cost $131,000. Commissioners tabled this item for further review.

The executive session preceded this meeting. The commissioners TABLED the 2 medical claims for further research.

Due to a potential conflict of interest in 2 cases pending, commissioners voted for a waiver to be signed for the case involving a mortgage claim, so the attorney could represent the county and the treasurer.

In the case involving Don Townsend- former Building Inspector- the commissioners voted that Townsend have his own attorney. Hughes voted Nay- he said Townsend should be covered by the county attorney, as he was working for the county at the time. The issue is a property in Lawrenceburg that is required to have sprinklers by state law, and the inspector allowed it without sprinklers.

Bond Commission President remains tabled.

Cum Cap Ordinance was prepared, read, and approved by commissioners. It is effective upon 2 publications. This brings our ordinance in line with state statute.


Mary McCarty of SEIRPC presented the grant application for the Children’s Advocacy Center for signature again. Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor was present for this also. The Commissioners signed it as sponsors for ANOTHER reapplication for consideration and approval by September. The 3 previous ones were denied. The last time it was for budget formulation, despite the fact that the same budget was used for all previous applications.

DCRSD Sewer line for US 52 was TABLED at DCRSD’s request.

Claims and minutes were signed- including the infamous March 17th set that Hughes had revised several times. (March 17 was the Master Plan Map Amendment meeting)

Tom Orschell said he spoke to the new Bright Fire Chief and his assistant and wanted them to come together with citizens in Bright to find funding without raising taxes.

Orschell also asked Hughes when he wanted to go see the Manchester Hwy Dept site. ( All 3 commissioners plan to do this at 10 AM Friday and will announce that as a public meeting)

Thompson asked Hughes about the Animal Control Plans, Hughes reviewed them and said he was doing that ongoing. Thompson said they needed an answer at some point, to get started.


Three citizens of Mt Tabor Road area in the no burn zone came to complain about that. David Rogers, George Cooper, and Mary Ann Rucker spoke with sympathy for the resident whose lung problems prompted this. They want to have the rule amended to allow burning at specified times perhaps, now that the resident has gotten the house resided and new windows etc. done. They think she might be able to just stay inside on those specified days. Thompson said they would look into it and check with her physician etc.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, May 15, 2009


May 19, 2009

7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana




1. Bond Commission President position needing filled –tabled from 4/21 & 5/5
2. Cum Cap Ordinance Amendment

1. Mary McCarty - Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (SEIRPC)
Grant for Children’s Advocacy Center – Signature

2. Dearborn County Regional Sewer District (DCRSD)
Sewer line for US 52 project

1. Updates

VI. AUDITOR - Cary Pickens
1. Claims/Minutes




X. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Sunday, May 10, 2009


Please share the good news! Attached is a printable PDF file or feel free to forward this e-mail from the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce.

Dear Chamber Members …

The Chamber is launching a Buy Dearborn campaign to encourage resident and local businesses to buy products and services in the community.

The campaign will feature newspaper, radio and TV advertising explaining why it makes good sense to Buy Dearborn (value, convenience, buying from someone you know and can trust, impact on the local economy and jobs).

A key element of the campaign is use of the Chamber’s web site and our new web site to help members promote their products and services and also special Buy Dearborn offers.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

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Michael Rozow, Jr.
President and Chief Operating Officer

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

5 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Gay, Attorney

Commissioners covered Old Business at the end of the meeting.


Bill Ewbank- Veteran's Officer- informed commissioners that he will have office hours on Thursdays at the VA Clinic on Flossie Dr. He gets 20% of his referrals there. Ewbank will post signs notifying the hours change.

Aaron Negangard- Prosecutor- (presented also for Sheriff Lusby)- Received approval for JAG grant to hire and administrative assistant for the Special Crimes Unit. The grant this year is for $58,000. Last year was $12,000. The hiree requires no health insurance per Negangard. Pickens advised him to get it set up so that the person also doesn’t use the $100 per month allotted to those who opt out of health insurance.

SE Indiana Regional Community Corrections Grant agreement- Commissioners signed the agreement though there was confusion over the amount. ( $330,145 vs. $344,346)

Margaret Minzner- GIS- Introduced Tim Whitson (sp?) of Pictromotry. There was a short presentation showing the images available on each property site and their uses for items needing permits to law enforcement. They have up to 25 images per lot, oblique and orthogonal views. We are currently under a 2-year contract with Pictrometry.

Randall Avenue Property- for Transportation Dept- Commissioners reviewed the property and discussed pros and cons of obtaining it for the county garage again. Orschell thought it would be wise to move operations there as D-3 was already there and they could then clean up the Manchester site on County Farm Road. They would also keep salt locations in Manchester and on Jamison. Costs were an issue with current people being laid off. Thompson thought payback would be in 10-15 years. He said IDEM spot inspections will eventually catch up to the issues at the garage. Hughes wants to be a good neighbor in Manchester and clean it up first. Thompson said they have to get out to clean it up. Orschell invited Hughes to come out and look at it with him sometime. Pickens and Thompson told Hughes that Hensley can’t appraise as it would be a conflict of interest. Hensley is County Assessor. Orschell motioned and Thompson 2nd to get new appraisals and go t Council for funding. Hughes voted Nay- he wanted to spot check Manchester first.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Dept- gave a 15-minute report.

Structure 212 on Lower Dillsboro Road was closed last week. He met with Mayor Hastings and also Brett Fehrman of Aurora Council. All 3 Commissioners visited the site separately. Jack Gay will prepare an interlocal agreement with Aurora. The City of Aurora will pass an ordinance making Indiana Ave a 2- way street after the county widens about 85 feet of it to qualify for 2-way. This will allow east bound access to US 50 for the 2 residents there. It costs far more to repair the structure than to reroute the traffic.

There is a meeting next week with 275 Artemis reps and designers. The agreement gets finalized through Indy. This is 100% federally funded and OKI will pay INDOT who will reimburse the county the $60,000 that we have to front as lead agency. Listerman was approved to go to Council for the $60,000 that will eventually be reimbursed.

Beam Longest and Neff looked at Stateline projects in Bright and will present findings at the May 19 Commissioners meeting. This will give commissioners time to review the info in advance.

Commissioners approved United Consulting to do ROW engineering and negotiations for North Dearborn Road project and to use that for part of the 20% match. Orschell talked to 3 residents involved and all were willing to get the roadway fixed. Listerman has $1 million for this so far. He will be going back to INDOT for the $2 million needed to complete.


County Administrator Position Job Description- Commissioners approved the 2009 revision of the job description and will proceed with ads and interviews. All ayes.

Bond Commission remains tabled until Bill Ewan returns. Rocky Schroeder is the last remaining member per Pickens. Pickens will sign off to keep the bonds in play. These bonds retire in Jan 2011.

Cary Pickens- Claims ( including emergency $9835 for tax bill postage)signed.

Minutes signed except for March 17 (Master Plan Amendment Map Hearing.) Hughes continues to have issues with the minutes and revisions he wants. Pickens said Carolyn Miller is losing a lot of time revising. He wants just summaries and not all the “he said/she said” language. Discussion about the DVDs being kept. Pickens said they aren’t the legal minutes anyway once the minutes are accepted. If they want anything included verbatim they should say first: “FOR THE RECORD…” Commissioners agree to summaries for minutes.

Pickens wants cum cap development ordinance amendment on the agenda before they sign it- next meeting.

Jack Gay- Attorney- presented RQAW amendment for phase 1 from last meeting and Commissioners signed it with Hughes noting his NAY vote.

Ralph Thompson- was approved by commissioners to sign 2 Lifetime Housing Rehab grants for 406 Park Ave Aurora and 13447 SR 350 Moores Hill.

Thompson also informed commissioners of $500 expense to fix faulty microphone and more troubleshooting on the sound system and potential hall speakers. Pickens will see if Eric Hartman has maintenance funds or commissioners’ budget has them to complete this.

Thompson asked for comments on the Animal Shelter for Daryl Sears, Architect. Sue Hayden will get paperwork to them.


Mike Hall- presented the US 50 Access Grant Acceptance for signatures- this will be $1,850,125 from Lawrenceburg for the Sycamore Area by Walmart- Phase 1 access. Commissioners signed. Hall will take it to Lawrenceburg for their signatures.


Chris Mueller- advised commissioners that they will probably need more than summaries on zone changes in order to show commissioners approved findings of fact and followed the law for zone changes. (Particularly if court case comes up) She suggested that the DVD’s might be referenced and saved in those instances.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, May 01, 2009


May 5, 2009

7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Administrator Position Description – re-tabled from 4/21
2. Bond Commission President position needing filled –tabled from 4/21

1. Bill Ewbank – Veteran’s Officer
Office Hours Schedule Change Request

2. Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor & Sheriff Lusby
Discussion of Grant

3. Southeast Regional Community Corrections
Signatures for Grant Agreement

4. Discussion on Randall Avenue Property

1. Updates

VI. AUDITOR - Cary Pickens
1. Claims/Minutes




X. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.