Thursday, August 27, 2009


September 1, 2009
7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Executive Session – 6:30 pm



1. Latest addition of the County Campus Plan – remain tabled from 7/7/09
2. Web Site Discussion – tabled from 7/21/09
3. Policy Recommendations from Animal Control Board – remain tabled from 7/21/09
4. RQAW request to evaluate Shumway building – tabled from 8/18/09
5. Hogan Water Corp. – tabled from 8/18/09

1. William Scharold – Discussion re: East Fork Rd. request to make one way

2. RQAW proposal for Charette

3. Signatures for YES Home Lease

1. Updates

VI. AUDITOR - Cary Pickens
1. Claims/Minutes




X. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.
1. Computer purchases for 911




Tuesday, August 25, 2009

24 August 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

24 August 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, President, Hornbach, Hoog, Lehman, Nelson, Thompson, Kraus Jr., Lansing, and Beiersdorfer.

McCormack, Director, and McGill, Attorney, and Webb, zoning Adm. were also present.

Major Revision and Waiver to primary approval of Morgan’s Ridge on Mt Pleasant Road in Logan Township. The property is zoned Residential on 114 acres. Maxwell Development was represented by Randy Maxwell. There were 9 citizens present and 3 spoke at the public hearing. This property was originally rezoned and approved in 2007. Maxwell asked to downsize the plans from 182 lots to 90, with 3 of them being unbuildable. As the density was decreased and the frontage increased Maxwell Development asked to have the connections reduced from 4 to 3, reduce the common area, add 2 private streets, and delete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. The private streets were requested to be 14 ft in width and actually be a private driveway essentially. Maxwell noted the turnaround radius would be adequate for a 3-point turn as most large vehicles do that anyway.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Director asked the plan commission what kind of standard they wanted for a private street. He noted that school buses are not required to go down them. They do need 16 ft width for 2 cars to pass and that 14 ft would be as narrow as you’d want to go for that. The road will be graded to 20 ft but paved to 14. He also noted a 50 ft ROW easement would be good so that they could upgrade later if they wanted to. The private street will have 8 inches of crushed stone and may be chip sealed. No asphalt planned.


Cynthia Harding- lived on adjacent property- her parent’s farm ( Weisgerber). She noted that the bulldozers improved the property and that her family’s farm is in two pieces. One of which is landlocked. It was part of the original Subdivision Plan to allow access in the future to that land locked piece. This new revision allows people with another access to have one added, but her family- with no access -is denied access in this plan. She felt they were not part of “the network” and treated differently than other adjoiners in this plan. She stressed that this was approved as part of a 20-year vision that the plan commission and Maxwell had for Logan. There were infrastructure improvements to Mt Pleasant that were committed as well. Future development was considered as part of this plan. They met with Maxwell as a family and felt he was not meeting his commitments to adjoiners. She wanted the PC to hold Maxwell to his original commitments to adjoiners. She noted their family has access on the front parcel to Lutz Road, but the 2nd parcel does not. Their parents live on the farm and plan to stay there until they die, She and her sister are heirs. Harding stressed that once this is developed they lose all hope for access to their landlocked piece. She did say that they did not want to pay for 2/6 of the private road to get to this plus maintenance. She only wants FUTURE access, not current access. They will pay for it in the future. She quoted Mitter and Listerman in the previous 2007 meeting as saying connectivity was required and dedicated ROW to the county for future access.
Nelson informed her that Maxwell did not CAUSE her land to be land locked! She said 35 years ago they didn’t have this problem. While it was still farm and golf course there was hope- but once decided to be a subdivision and built- they will not have the option. Harding said the 2007 meeting minutes state they did not want to end up like Bright. Stay focused on the VISION for Logan.

Sandra Weisgerber- owner of adjacent 57-acre farm (27 plus 30 acres landlocked) for 35 years. She said they didn’t ask Maxwell to connect in 2007- he committed to it when the county asked. They didn’t expect that to change. They expected the property would be developed responsibly. She agrees with her daughter who spoke first. There are two parcels that already have access to Steele Road and they get another access through Morgan’s Ridge. We don’t even get one! She notes the Phase numbers changed and Phase 7 near them is now Phase 2. She stated she asked 3 times about the access to them and they said yes- they had access. Listerman answered her question regarding private drives off private drives. He also told the PC that they could have dedicated 50 ft ROW and the road is NON- Maintained within that ROW. Weisgerber said that Maxwell told her family they were developing North and South and reserving the center for possible higher density.

Carl Anthony- lives on Mt Pleasant and alerted the PC to a safety access issue near the dip in the road way there by his home. Kraus Jr. said the driveway permit etc would have to pass sight distance rules before they build.


Thompson- zoning tries to balance people’s rights and so he was trying to figure a way to get ROW instead of an easement that would make a future road if needed. He’s in favor of the lower density and notes the private street by the lake makes sense.

Nelson- agrees with Thompson

Lehman- we write regulations for a reason. Panhandles are to get access. We should always try to keep the access options.

Hall- agrees with private drive to limited number of lots. It doesn’t do any good to have lake access. Legal documents need to be done to keep maintenance up on private streets.

Hoog- Like s reduced density- thinks 16 ft might be better than 14 ft width on private drives do people can pass.

Hornbach- Likes reduced number of lots and eliminating some flag lots, like s the idea of ROW instead of easement for access.

Lansing- when weather is bad- roads shrink with snow piled up. But there are only a few homes on them.

Beiersdorfer- agree with others. If the 6 homeowners want the road upgraded they would have to deed it up and transfer ROW to county.

Kraus Jr. Nothing more to add really.

Hall- Asked about private street ending up with problem in 1200 ft cul de sac rule- only if adjoiner was too long.

Thompson motioned and Nelson 2nd ( I think) – for approval of a major revision of the primary plat to 87 buildable lots, relieving curb, gutter, and sidewalk requirements, allowing for privates streets of 14 ft width on easements in the N, S, and W side of the lake and the private street on the SW corner is to be on a dedicated 50 ft ROW to a proposed cul de sac and then a 50 ft ROW to the property line to Weisgerbers to enhance the quality of life in the area, enhance long term development, and property values. It will not burden Maxwell to build a county road at this time of economic downturn. (There is no bonding for the ROW as it is not a public maintained area.)
Maxwell asked if this set a dangerous precedent. Nelson said no- this is a waiver- not everyone gets a waiver- it is the exception and not the rule. Listerman said the county would not maintain the ROW until the road is upgraded and accepted at some future time.

Maxwell asked – what if I develop all 4 lots as one piece or as flag lots with no private street. The PC said he HAS TO COME BACK to do that. [NOTE: It would seem unfair to charge him a reapplication fee if he’s requesting something that is allowed under the code though!]

All ayes expect Lehman- Nay. Passed.


New comp plan books are completed and cheaper than expected.

Almost all advisory board members are committed to return to the master plan process for updating.

They’ve been working on grant administration for Manchester and West Harrison.

The website is completely revamped.

Wed Sept 2 is the next meeting for St Leon Zoning Codes.

McCormack has been off for back surgery and is coming for half days next week. Hopes to be back to work full time soon. Noted that staff is doing a good job in his absence.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 August 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

18 August 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes
Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes
Pickens, Auditor, and Witte, Attorney, were also present



County Campus Plan remains tabled.

Web site discussion – Hughes is happy with the current web site manager- says they need direction and we have not given them any. Hughes said he may have contacted them once (Hughes was the president of commissioners) Orschell thought McCormack’s proposal was the most economical and he already works for the county, so he is accessible. Orschell thinks the website for the PZ Dept is excellent. Thompson noted he could not get information and response time from the current provider was poor. Hughes has problems with McCormack’s website links- there are some he does not think should be there. [NOTE: Hughes is referring to a link to the Dearborn County Public Forum Site www.dearborncounty, - the one you are reading this on!]
Hughes asked if there was ever a board motion to direct the current web person. Pickens said not that he recalled. Thompson said it should not take a board motion to keep the website up to date. Hughes wants an independent agent. Thompson was concerned that web site duties might take too much time from planning for McCormack. At the end of the meeting at Orschell’s request for advice- Witte advised them to avoid that potential conflict and also that McCormack could be approached during regular hours by staff to help with the web and it would lead to ghost employment issues. TABLED for further review.

Animal Control Policy Review remains tabled.

Jewell DeBonis- Lobbyist- State House updates- the gambling revenue is safe for the time being. School districts are able to get loans from riverboat communities for construction or renovation- but not for ongoing expenses.
Governor Daniels still wants to bring county government reform back to replace Commissioners with one executive, but she does not think it will pass. He will continue to bring it back she said- sometimes it takes years for bills to be passed.
There is a bill for a Gaming Study Committee with a report to be due by Dec 1. Gary Indiana wants to move one of its two boats to I-94- which will require legislation. This brings up a lot more movement and wrangling as Ft Wayne wants one, Terre Haute wants one, and others are worried that moving boats will cut into their current revenue. Grand Vic moving to Jeffersonville or Madison or wherever has Harrods and Belterra worried. Racetracks get into the mix as well. Etc. DeBonis said with eth tracks it is not about the horses, just greed.
Casinos are complaining that they are treated like any other business with regard to admission taxes etc.
State revenue shows a $74 million shortfall for July.
DeBonis urged Listerman to follow up on one of our road stimulus projects being pulled from letting and to get Nugent involved. The county did get two through already with stimulus money.


Norman J Crampton- US Census Bureau- urged the county to push residents to return census reports next year as it affects MPI- Money Power and Intelligence. He can provide speakers and materials as well as put something on our website. Forms will be mailed mid March and April 1, 2010 is Census Day. The amount of money is grants etc is determined by population stats- so census numbers are important. Short forms will be sent next year.

911 Dispatch Governing Board was revised to add Aurora Police Chief Brian Fields when Dana Cotton resigned from Aurora.

Bill Black EMA- Commissioners signed to return Homeland Security Money for the district to them to the tune of $109,594.10. This money was already at Homeland Security- signatures released it back to them.

Black said- GIS can get a 2-year grant for $14,000 if the state can use info from the site. Federal gov’t will not give disaster assistance as75% range if it is the 3rd time and no mitigation has occurred- it drops to 25%. Orschell and Black are still working on safety committee. Lawrenceburg wants to give the county 3 sirens they no longer use. Currently it costs $10,000 to maintain the 33 we have. Lastly- Black wants to get rid of the junk cars and rec vehicle in their parking lot. County needs to have a sale soon.

Eric Wolf- and Jack Kraus – Construction Control Inc gave a pitch to be considers to manage the county’s construction projects. They use subs in eth community. Their ties to the area include knowing Fitches- of Fitch Denney Funeral Home, The Lawrenceburg school projects including the new middles school and the elementary renovations. He criticized range estimates that RQAW provided and said an estimate should be an estimate. He also does not like value engineering as it cheapens the project and puts dollars in the contractor’s pockets. They work on a straight fee. No decision.

Denise Knueven- Purdue TAP- ( Tech assistance program)received approval to seek money from Council- they work with local businesses all over the state. This money helps them maintain their office and continue to help businesses grow. They have worked with Honda as well- looking for $50,000 for this area with L-bg and the county. Jim Kinnett told them L-bg could not fund it, as this is not part of their action grant. [NOTE: However L-bg could possibly fund it another way.] Commissioners allowed her to go to Council, though doubted there was that much money to spare.

LuAnn Male- received the signature for her revised CBDG from last meeting- the county is not providing money for the match on the rehab Housing Grant.

Hogan Water Corp- tabled for further research with Susan Craig of SIRPC- they need the county to be lead agency to administer their $600,000 grant application to repair pipes etc.

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept- gave a 20-minute report:
1. Change order for Bells Branch signed- $4254.95

2. Bridge rehab completed for Johnson Fork, Sagamaw, and Salt Fork.

3. Asphalt finished on Pribble hill, Carolina Trace and Stout Roads.

4. Striping completed and also added centerlines to Stout Road, Mt Pleasant, and Huseman as recently paved and black at night. ( added $7,000) Centerlines reduce accidents by 33% and edges by 11%.

5. Old 52 paving starts Monday and we will get millings from that as well as SR 46. Paving with those is 25-30% of hot mix costs for Ennis Ridge and Mossmeier.

6. Dearborn County has 7 bridges listed as Scour Susceptible in floods. We have until Nov 1st to get a plan or revision to get them off the list. Calling the bridge inspectors to get that done. If we have to fix- they are 80/20 with federal funds.

7. Ohio Cty Commissioners are sending us a letter to get an ordinance prohibiting jumping off Triple Whipple Bridge.

8. 10 AM next Wed- the Triple Whipple will be dedicated and the plaque for John Graf will be dedicated also.

Pickens- Auditor-Claims ( Hughes abstained- he had not reviewed all the claims) and minutes signed.

EMS contract for Manchester signed for $20,000.

Witte- Attorney- Will check on the bridge ordinance- though he sees no liability. He has jumped off a few in his youth in Bloomington.

Council has to set up a fund for H1N1- funds for the vaccine.

Aurora City Attorney asked if the county wanted to partner with them on code enforcements- Aurora has staffing issues- this is just a preliminary contact. Greendale has asked about it too per Thompson.

Witte said YES home has lease issue-as their 25 year one expired in 2006 and insurer will not carry them without one. Commissioners extended a 90-day lease effective immediately, under the same conditions, until they can research the issue. There may be a 99-year lease that was done after renovations out there in early part of the decade.
Witte clea
red up the issue on the accident victim buried on his family farm. He had given statutes to Thompson and Thompson helped them navigate state agencies. Final conclusion was he was allowed to be interred in a mausoleum on the farm- per State Rules.

Hughes proposed the Commissioners recommend 0% raises for the Council budget hearings until the recession is over. All agreed.

Orschell received clarification from Witte on McCormack serving as web site manager and also being employed- see notes under old business.

Thompson noted conflict with Sept 3 meeting in the morning- so it will be an evening meeting still.
Thompson read seven Animal Control Shelter Bids ranging from a high of $2,526,000 to a low of $1,749,900 ( Maxwell) The average bid was $2,097,769.07 No decision.

Thompson said RQAW requested $2,000 to evaluate the Shumway building for renovation for county offices. TABLED

No Public spoke.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, August 17, 2009


August 18, 2009
7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Latest addition of the County Campus Plan – tabled from 7/7/2009
2. Web Site Discussion – tabled from 7/21/2009
3. Policy Recommendations from Animal Control Board – tabled from 7/21/2009
4. Jewell DeBonis / State House Update – tabled from 8/4/2009

1. Norman J. Crampton, U.S. Census Bureau

2. Signatures for 911 Dispatch Governing Board

3. Bill Black, EMA – Signature for State Grant

4. Eric Wolf, Construction Control, Inc.

5. Denise Knueven, Purdue TAP – Budget request

6. Luan Male, LifeTime Housing – CDBG Grant application signatures

7. Hogan Water Corporation Representative – Sponsorship of non-profit study of a Water District

1. Updates
2. Change order Bells Branch Bridge #15

VI. AUDITOR - Cary Pickens
1. Claims/Minutes




X. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Saturday, August 8th
8pm – 11pm

There will be a talent show at the beach in Hidden Valley Lake. This is open to the public, to watch or participate!

Refreshments will be available to purchase or BYOB. There will be a free will offering to benefit “Indiana Operation Thank You”.

Please come and bring your lawn chairs. It was just a great time last year and it’s for our troops so what better cause, if you need one!

If you want to perform, contact Terry Potraffke

4 August 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

4 August 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes


Thompson, Chairman, Orschell, and Hughes

Also present: Witte, Attorney, and Pickens, Auditor


Latest edition of the county campus plan remains tabled as there has been no action from RQAW to review.

Website discussion was tabled so that commissioners could review two more proposals from Dave Wyly and Mark McCormack.

Policy Recommendations on Euthanization remains tabled so commissioners can see what budget hearings propose for the animal shelter. The shelter is running out of funds for 2009 and decreased euthanizations will increase animal care costs.


Sheriff Lusby decided to be removed from the agenda to further research on Lieberman Technologies.

Hylant Group County Insurance- ended their 3-year proposal and is negotiating for a 5-10% rate decrease for the county on Property and Casualty Insurance. They also handle the Workers Comp. Three years ago the consultant handled all the bids for this for $20,000 and saved us $40,000 in costs. Commissioners decided NOT to rebid but to sign on with Hylant again as they are proposing further rate decreases. Pickens was in support. Thompson and Orschell voted aye and Hughes wanted to rebid and voted nay.

Jewel DeBonis lobbyist to the state was unable to attend because of weather travel issues. She is scheduled for the next meeting.

LuAnn Male form Lifetime Housing requested signatures on a Community Development Block Grant Application. She also wanted the county to fork over $12,500 to show local gov’t support to get an additional 5 points on the application. Commissioners denied that but did allow her to access the IHFA bank match of $10,000 that has accumulated to date. That will be used in addition to the over $4,000 they have from the previous grant that was not used up. Signatures will be provided at the next meeting when she completes the application with those parameters. She may also request DC Foundation funding.

Seat Belt and DUI checks grants for Community Corrections were approved and signatures ratified. Lawrenceburg handles administration of the grant.

Doctor’s agreement for the juvenile center for $10,395 retroactive to January was signed.

Mission statement for the animal control center was approved. Pickens had helped the staff develop it. It reads:
The mission of the Dearborn County Department of Animal Control is to assure the safety and well being of the county’s citizens by maintaining full compliance with the ordinances concerning the proper licensing and control of animals and through the promotion of humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

Amendment #2 for Reassessment contract was signed- Hensley is OK with it per Orschell and Hughes. This is due to the state postponing reassessment for a year.

Highway Dept- Todd Listerman gave a 30-minute report:

Paving contracts for 2009 were awarded to O’Mara- lowest bidder at $314,748 for Stout, Carolina Trace and Pribble hill only. Rohe came in at $410,000. Paving will proceed next week and hopefully be done before school starts.

Dump truck bid was awarded to Fyda Freightliner at $69,793. The spreader box, bed, belt conveyors etc were awarded to Kaffenberger- only bidder at $39,800.

Triple Whipple Bridge is finished- FINALLY! They will dedicate it Aug 27 at 10 AM. This is part of the Lawrenceburg to Aurora to Rising Sun trail. They plan a bronze plaque in memory of John Graf, engineer for Howard Barth Associates who worked, sometime pro- bono- to get this completed. The bridge is the only one of its kind in the USA.

Randall Avenue -Kerrisand Lane (.19 mi) and Lindsay Lane (.14mi) - were accepted into road maintenance pending final plat approval of PZ for the land. Hughes voted nay on this as he did not want to have any undue leverage for this sale to the county.

Wilmington Hills South Section 4 of .30 miles was accepted into the county road maintenance. This is an old section of Elvin Miller’s subdivision.

Public officials bond for Listerman was signed.

Line striping came in low and so now all roads of 1000vehicles per day will be striped. For about $54,000.

Listerman meets with INDOT Friday regarding old US 52 to see when Rohe can start and to check on millings from Rohe’s SR46 project.

Listerman found out that that our request for funding of the Reconstruction of North Dearborn Road East of SR-1 at Hiltz Road has been approved. Official INDOT letter will be sent to Commissioners next week. The total Federal funding for this project is now at 2.8 Million Dollars. Right-of-way should begin the end of August. The project is listed for funding in 2013; however, if R/W is cleared by next summer this project will be shelf ready and could move up if other projects in front of it are not ready.

Yorkridge will be resurfaced Aug 26th with stimulus money of about $1million. North Hogan also is being considered for stimulus as is North Dearborn.

Pickens- Auditor- Claims and minutes signed.

Witte- Attorney- informed the sheriff that he could only research the noise ordinance if the commissioners requested it. The sheriff was worried that a floodgate would open pending some of the discussion at last month’s meeting.

Hughes- nothing

Orschell- He will be working with Greg Henneke- Hylant Ins , Bill Black, and Eric Hartman on an evacuation plan for the county buildings.

Orschell also brought up day meetings – Pickens is in favor. Hughes voted Nay. Meetings changed- see the note at the top of these meeting notes for the specifics.

Thompson- Bid due dates on Animal Shelter have moved to Aug 7 at 2 PM.

No Public wished to speak.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township