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29 September 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commissioners Meeting Notes

29 September 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Kraus, Jr., Beiersdorfer, Lehman, Laws, Nelson, and Thompson
ABSENT: Hornbach and Lansing

Also present: McCormack, Plan Director, McGill, Attorney, and Listerman, Transportation

Old Business:

Waiver regarding the establishment of a drainage structure in the West Miller Addition Subdivision owned by Elvin and Martha Miller on 2.779 acres on Rebecca Court in Sparta Township. This land adjoins Moores Hill and is zones B-1 and R. In checking the bonds for Miller the inspections showed the drainage on the plan was not constructed. Plans were done by Terry Crouch of Survey Co- Now called Land Consultants. One neighbor spoke to see if this would affect his pond- it wouldn’t. Elvin Miller produced documentation form IDEM and stated there was no reason to do the culvert and drainage pond as all the water ends up in the same place anyway. It’s working fine now- and he doesn’t want to mess it up
Listerman said there were no complaints from anyone in the area.- slope on the properties is minimal so velocity even in heavy rains will be low.

Nelson motioned and Thompson 2nd to approve the waiver with the condition that if the commercial section develops further the staff should review the drainage plans. All ayes.
New Business:

An appeal of the decision of the Tech Review granting primary approval for an 8-lot subdivision, Whitewater Point, developed by Maxwell Development and owned by Whitewater Point, LLC. This is located on Chappelow Ridge and Barber Roads in Logan Township on 127.6 acres. Current zone is Ag - reverted back after Maxwell Development decided against the road connecting Chappelow and Barber.

The appeal was filed by Helen and Charles Kremer. They were represented by Thom Blondell, attorney.

Randy Maxwell was present for questions. ( John Maxwell and Jeff Stenger , surveyor, were also)

[NOTE: This appeal apparently became necessary due to significant changes from what was presented to commissioners and the Plan Commission’s Tech review. There were also issues neighbors felt needed to be on public record.]

Thom Blondell presented the appeal based on 4 arguments:
That Whitewater Point was in fact a Major subdivision and not a minor one- as it was formed from combining two tracts.
That the number of flag lots proposed exceeded the number permitted for a major subdivision. (but not for minor)
That the site had no constraints that justified the use of flag lots, whether minor or major. (because the old road access made each lot accessible)
That the use of access easements and flag lots was improper per code section 315c. (This had to do with easement widths and serving more than 2 lots.

The PC contended that it was a minor subdivision. They did however ask several questions.

Nelson asked Blondell what the burden of the flag lots would be. Blondell said emergency service was the biggest concern.

Thompson asked how this plan compared to the proposal to the commissioners. Listerman said the difference was in the connector with Riverview Lane and the use of that Lane. It will be built to private lane specs- not street specs per Tech Review. [NOTE: But that could change- it could upgrade. It’s already changed a couple times.]

Randy Maxwell stated that he had always intended to connect Riverview with Whitewater Point. They started the physical improvements right after tech review approval. All lots would be addressed to Whitewater Point. He said that if they turned in certified survey tomorrow they could have one less lot and in 365 days they could do certified surveys again on these. This is subject to splitting in the future- BUT WE AGREED TO 8 BY THE COMMISISONERS – AND WE WILL PUT IT IN THE COVENANTS AS NO FURTHER BUILDING PARCEL SPLITS.

Helen Kremer said she was OK with 8 lots- but did not want a road connecting to Barber. She cited road issues with Barber Road being narrow and unable to handle traffic and also emergency access. She said Barber Acres could access Barber and Whitewater Point should access Chappelow Ridge.

Cliff Eibeck echoed Helen Kremer’s points about not joining the roads and hazards at Barber Road and SR 46.

Kathy Scott said her point was made previously.

Thompson asked Randy Maxwell- why the connection? Maxwell said it was for marketability, The access to I-74 is 10 minutes less this way. This will be a single lane driveway with passing blisters. All owners will contribute to the upkeep. They are limiting it to 8 lots total. All owners will have easements to access Riverview Lane.

Nelson motioned and Laws 2nd to DENY the appeal WITH THE UNDERSTANDING that the subdivision is limited to 8 lots, that maintenance agreements to all lots is included, and that this is a GATED community to control use of this road connector. All ayes.

ADMINISTRATIVE:1. Sections 305 n,o, and x were revised and sent back to Commissioners with a Favorable recommendation after they were rejected. The issue was cul de sacs and Maxwell and Stenger had spoken out to not limit them any further. Commissioners Fox and Hughes agreed and rejected it last time. Thompson said he was concerned with unlimited houses on dead end streets due to emergency situations. McCormack said they had a better chance of getting 305 n passed than the master plan maps. [ Chuckle]

2. The sign ordinance was revised and sent with a Favorable recommendation to the commissioners.
Rosewood Industrial Park amd Eden Gardens wil be going for acceptance by the Commissioners soon.

3. Per Todd- the state now says the minimum ROW for a public street has to be 40 ft.

4. No change in the Comp Plan with respect to Commissioner’s decision.

5. US 50 Collaborative will have another meeting in October. Hall is working on a preliminary design with INDOT for Walmart intersection area. Arlinghaus Industries is not participating. (?)

6. Fiscal impact testing done- still not ready. OKI will meet with county reps sometime to explain the model.

7. St. Leon ordinances on-going.

8. The grant for W Harrison Park will be done by Nov deadline.

9. Letter from Greendale Manager regarding concerns of false information from Ogden and VRUC regarding sewer access for lots off Georgetown Road.

Meeting adjourned at 10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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Presidential Debates are tonight. Check your TV Guide for time and channels.

A recent website containing essays from experts at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is available at www.faithfulcitizenship.org/media

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To the Citizens of Dearborn county:

As the election date gets closer, I want to disclose some personal information about my past. I do not believe this has an impact on my ability to represent the citizens of Dearborn County, but I want to be honest.

In 1993 and 1995 I was convicted of Class A misdemeanors.

In 1993, I plead guilty to having a gambling machine in my café, I served 15 days in-home detention. I placed the machine in storage and out of operation.

In 1995, I plead guilty to possessing a gambling machine. I paid my fines and court costs and served 30 days in jail.

Because, I did not contest the charges, the county did not incur prosecution costs. I served my time, paid my fines and moved on. I recognized my mistakes and learned from them.

I chose to voluntarily disclose the very personal information in the hope you may forgive my past. I want us to move forward toward a better and brighter future for Dearborn County. My family, my friends, and I have all worked so hard to ensure our community will have a good candidate on the ballot in November. I hope to earn your respect and support in the fall.

Tom Orschell
County Commissioner Candidate
District 2

23 September 2008 Dearborn County Council Special Meeting Notes

23 September 2008 Dearborn County Council Special Meeting Notes

Special meeting notice indicated it was called for unpaid bills.

Present: Dennis Kraus, Acting Chairman, Tom Cheek, Bill Ullrich, Dan Lansing, Maynard Barrott, and Liz Morris.

ABSENT: Charlie Fehrman (didn’t make it back in time from Indy.

Also present: Cary Pickens, Auditor, and Bryan Messmore, Administrator.

1. Listerman presented a request for $210,000 to get 14,000 tons of millings from Rohe Paving project as discussed in the last commissioners meeting. Cost is $13.35/ton vs. $54-55 per ton for asphalt hot mix. Cost is about half to pave low volume roads with this including chip seal overlay. Plans to lay Schantz and part of Rumsey this year to test this material out. Kraus also asked Listerman to check Graf Road to fix a ravine between Bradley and James. Tim Grieve knew exactly the spot as he had recently encountered it.
Council approved $210,000 from the $1.2 million set aside for next year for the millings.

2. Lisa Rich from Dept of Children’s Services (Welfare)- received an advance of $1 million for their fall bills. Advance was approved from the Rainy Day Fund. To be paid out of their assessment as it comes in.

3. Parks “Dept.”- Terry Stephens and Shawn Simonson asked to transfer money from the capital improvements fund to the general maintenance fund to get to the amount of $38,000 needed to cover bills incurred plus the end of the year maintenance. Dick Bower had researched their funds. Pickens said there was now $118,000 in cap improvements and a little over $9,000 in Maintenance. The land acquisition fund has $28,000 and Covered Bridge has $4,950. Council decided to leave the park funds alone and approved $27,000 out of the contingency fund.

Stephens and Simonson mentioned something about getting a park plan together and Fortner had talked to someone- but they weren’t sure where that was. Pickens reminded Council that a Plan was drawn up when Beckley was commissioner- no need to do more. He also suggested they seek out Jack Sutton from G-dale to help- he said he’d do it for free.

Bill Ullrich mentioned filling Scott Fortner’s vacancy with Jim Red Elk. Terry Stephens said Bryan Messmore had also brought up Margaret Minzner at their last meeting. Pickens suggested they ask Jack Sutton. Stephens indicated he didn’t want to get into this discussion at this time.

Stephens also asked about getting a used truck with a dump bed and trailer to haul their tractor and bushhog around. No decision on that. Possibility of used one from Transportation Dept next year.

4. Pickens asked for approval for the Prosecutor ( Negangard) to have his own checking account for the Special Crimes Unit, funded from a federal grant. Approved with Cheek voting Nay.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


To get a request form for absentee ballot for November election by mail- go to :

Download form ABS-2, fill it out and mail it in to Clerk of Courts, 215 W High St, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025-1909
You can call Phil Weaver's Office if you have questions at 537-8867

They will mail you a postage paid ballot. Be sure to allow enough time for mailing when you decide to use this.
You can also hand-deliver them.

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16 Sept 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

16 Sept 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Fox, and Thompson
Also Present: Kramer (Attorney, substitute), Pickens (Auditor) and Messmore (Administrator)
ABSENT: Ewbank (Attorney)
No uniformed police officer was present.

Commisisoner Candidate Tom Orschel was present.

1. Level 1 Travel Advisory was ratified for Sunday Sept 14th Wind Damage. A Disaster Declaration was also signed in case Bill Black can get aid for the county if we reach a certain level of damages. Commissioners discussed the opening of a shelter- Black decided to help case-by-cases instead as neighbors and families were helping each other. A church offered showers and Heart House offered showers and freezer space. Greendale and the County both sought and found loaner chippers from other counties and towns to help clear debris. There were still about 40% without power in REMC and Duke areas as of 3 PM Tuesday.

2. Carl Fryman’s letter of information was signed and sent to cities and towns in the county regarding the Building Dept status.

3. Darryl Sears of Sears Pendleton Architects had plans and services reviewed for the Animal Shelter. Changes need to be implemented, so this was TABLED until October meeting. They hope to break ground in January 2009. [NOTE: Kramer (for Ewbank) met with Sears prior to the meeting to go over the issues and changes needed by the county.]

4. Listerman Transportation Director- gave a 15- minute report. Listerman, Pickens, Messmore, and Fox were still without power in their sections of the county. Thompson’s came on Tues afternoon. South Dearborn going on 2 –hour delay Wed. Sunman Dearborn still closed as some of their buildings are without power. Lawrenceburg never closed.

Chassis and body bids for service truck came in under estimate at $76,401 total. Woody Sander chassis at $35,778 and Kaffenberger body at $40,623. Haag and Bloomington also bid for chassis.
Salt bid is 100% increase over last year at $98-99 /ton. We have 3200 tons guaranteed and hope to be able to get more if needed, but there is a shortage. Last year we used over 4,000 tons. 3200 is a 5 year average.
Some counties can’t even get quotes this year due to shortages and will be using sand or cinders. We mix ours with sand.

Listerman was approved to go to Council for milloings from Rohe’s project on SR244 north of Greensburg. Rohe will store the millings at their Penntown site for the county.

Triple Whipple hopes to be painted and finished by October 31.

Bridge 20 and Chesterville- beams set today and completed hopefully by Thanksgiving.

SR 1 is open tomorrow (Wed Sept 17) at 8-9AM. They are still working on issues, but the road is usable.

Fox asked about all the accidents on Pribble- Listerman looking to get something to rough up the pavement on the hillside there. Road damage as alternate route for SR1 not too bad.

5. Pickens tabled minutes for Hughes’s corrections and had commissioners revote on sheriff’s fund as it didn’t come through on the tape of that meeting. It was already signed. Claims signed.

6. Messmore- Administrator- NOTHING unless you have any questions for me. He was asked about the wind disaster and said he had a debriefing session with Bill Black on what we’d do differently if this happens again. Referral programs for assistance maybe. Hughes asked for a better way to communicate with utilities locally. Messmore said the Pubic Info Officer for the utilities needs to give consistent clear messages and we need updated phone numbers for these people. There were issues with how to clear trees with wires down and no one to contact. Listerman said he goes thru Bill Black for that.

7. Thompson said the Horse abuse and Horse Rescue issue in Franklin County is being looked into by that county.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I know the notice is short, but I am having a "Meet the candidate and organize the events" Party on September 20, 2008 from 5 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. in the Dearborn Adult Center on Tate St. in Lawrenceburg (next to the swimming pool and across from the fire house).

There will be food and music and the main purpose of the activity is for us to organize help for the remainder of the campaign. If you would like a yard sign you can pick one up at this event. If you would like to volunteer, this is the time and place to do it. You can pick up a T-shirt here. If you have time,materials, services or even money to donate this is the place, but this is not a fund raiser, per se, just an organization event for any one who is interested in helping in any way or who would just like to talk about the issues. Feel free to bring any friends. For purposes of having enough food, please respond to this email barbwyly@yahoo.com with a head count of how many are coming.

If you cannot come on Saturday, but would like to help, please respond to this email, or contact my husband at jameshwyly@yahoo.com . He is managing the campaign and can tell you where the services are most needed. Please let us know which precinct you live in or give us your address so we can look up your precinct. The big need currently is for help in voter registration before the deadline on October 6.

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Barbara Wyly, Candidate for Judge, Superior Court 1 Dearborn County

Thursday, September 11, 2008


For subscribers click onto http://www.dearborncounty.blogspot.com/ to access the editorial cartoon.


Russell Lee Cunningham of Aurora, IN, died Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at his residence.
He was born Tuesday, June 12, 1929 in Ohio County, In, Son of the late Benjamin Franklin Cunningham and the late Josa Bell Cunningham.

He was a member of the Lawrenceburg Masonic Lodge, Shriners of Southeastern IN, Lawrenceburg Eagles, Lawrenceburg American Legion Post #239, F.O.P., Aurora V.F.W., Retired after 34 yrs. from Lawrenceburg Fire Co. #2, First Church of Christ of Greendale.
He began his career in 1966 with the Lawrenceburg Police Dept., Police Chief 1971, 1976-1980, Ass't Chief 1980-1986, Dearborn County Sheriff 1987-1995.

Surviving are his wife, Bonnie Minks Cunningham, Step-son, William (wife Penny) Wagner of Moores Hill, IN; 2 Daughters, Robin Lynn (husband John) Bower of Greendale, IN, Karen (husband Richard) Dubs of West Harrison, IN; 2 Grandchildren, Ashley Lynn Cunningham Meyer, William Wagner V; 2 Great-Grandchildren, Russell Cameron Cunningham, Avery Michael Meyer.

Friends will be received 4:00 - 8:00 PM, Thursday, September 11, 2008 at the First Church of Christ,Greendale, Indiana.

Services will be held at First Church of Christ, Friday, September 12, 2008 at 1:00 PM with Pastor Tim Russell officiating.

Interment will follow in the Riverview Cemetery, Aurora, IN.

Contributions may be made to the Church of Christ or Relay for Life.

Fitch Denney Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. (www.fitchdenney.com)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

States Forced to Delay Millions of Dollars in Highway Contracts

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
The Voice of Transportation
44 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 249
Washington, DC 200001, (202) 642-5800 www.transportation.org

Contact: Tony Dorsey
September 9, 2009 202-624-3690

States Forced to Delay Millions of Dollars in Highway Contracts

States have put the brakes on millions of dollars of highway construction projects and are scrambling to substitute scarce state funds for the federal funds that have been cut off due to the crisis in the Highway Trust Fund.“States are suspending new contract awards, halting right-of-way acquisition and looking for ways to stop on-going construction while maintaining public safety,” said AASHTO Executive Director John Horsley. “It is truly a crisis that Congress must resolve immediately. Every day the federal IOUs are piling up and the states’ financial hole gets deeper.
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters announced on Friday that the federal government would slow down reimbursements to the states, and would likely be able to make only partial payments beginning next week, due to insufficient funds in the Highway Trust Fund. She has urged Congress to enact by the end of the week an $8 billion transfer from the General Fund to preserve the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. Action is pending in the Senate.More than a dozen states have detailed the impacts of the federal default on state programs, either in news releases or via media reports.
Those impacts are available on the AASHTO website www.transportation.org.


VERSAILLES, Ind. (Sept. 9, 2008) - Governor Mitch Daniels joined
executives from international auto parts maker Belletech today to
announce the company's plans to locate a new manufacturing operation
here, creating more than 100 new jobs by 2012.

The company, a supplier of plastic parts and automotive glass to Honda
and other automobile manufacturers, will invest more than $4 million to
build and equip a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the
Versailles Industrial Park located along U.S. 421 south of the
1,700-person southeast Indiana town.

"Honda's choice to build its new North American production facility in
Greensburg is creating more new opportunities in Indiana. Honda
suppliers are already bringing hundreds of new jobs to great small towns
like Winchester and New Castle, and now Belletech is doing the same in
Versailles," said Daniels.

The company, a joint venture between AGC Flat Glass North America, Inc.,
PPG Securities Industries, Inc., and AGC-Takahashi Co. Ltd., will begin
constructing the new facility later this year and plans to begin hiring
managers, production associates and administrative specialists in 2009
ahead of the facility's completion in mid 2009. Once operational, the
company will supply automotive glass assemblies to the new Honda
production facility in nearby Greensburg.

"As a just-in-time, sequenced supplier to Honda Indiana, it was
imperative that we have a location within an hour drive of the Indiana
plant," said Mark McIntyre, vice president of Belletech. "After
consideration of several sites, both in Ohio and Indiana, Indiana became
the clear choice. The favorable business climate, support from state and
local governments and our positive interaction with the community made
Versailles, Indiana the best choice for our new manufacturing

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation offered Belletech up to
$770,000 in performance-based tax credits and up to $36,000 in training
grants based on the company's job creation plans. The state will also
provide Ripley County with a grant of up to $120,000 to offset the cost
of infrastructure improvements needed to serve the new facility. Ripley
County will provide the company with property tax abatement at the
request of the Ripley County Economic Development Corporation.
"Belletech's investment in Ripley County brings new opportunities to our
community and further strengthens our position as a destination of
choice for business in the region," said Robert Reiners, president of
the Ripley County Commissioners. "We welcome Belletech as the anchor
tenant in our new industrial park and look forward to building upon this
success and recruiting new job-creating investment to Ripley County."
The Lawrenceburg Economic Development Fund, managed by the city of
Lawrenceburg and funded by entrance tax revenue at the Argosy Casino,
will provide Belletech with a grant of up to $630,000. Designed to
leverage gaming revenues to support economic development in southeast
Indiana, the fund has committed to issuing more than $17.6 million in
grants to economic development projects throughout the region in the
past three years.

"Building the region's economy by investing in projects that expand our
commercial and industrial environment is paramount with our Regional
Economic Development fund," said Lawrenceburg Mayor William Cunningham.
"It is our hope that with investments such as those we have made in
Honda, Cummins and others that Indiana will maintain and improve its
reputation as a Midwestern economic powerhouse."

Belletech's decision to locate its new operation in Indiana marks the
third announcement of a Honda supplier to locate in Indiana since the
company announced its plan to site a new production facility in
Greensburg. Located on a 1,700-acre site along Interstate 74 in
southeast Indiana, Honda's new Civic automobile production center is
expected to employ 2,000 associates. In 2007 interior parts provider TS
Tech announced plans to site a manufacturing operation in New Castle,
creating 300 new jobs, and metal parts maker Tomasco announced plans to
expand its operations by more than 140 employees in Winchester.

About Belletech

Belletech Corporation is an automotive supplier with international
affiliations dedicated to supplying the highest quality parts in the
industry. Sophisticated robotics and integrated systems are used in the
production of automotive glass assemblies, component subassemblies and
plastic injection molded parts. These processes combined with design
capabilities and complete logistics programs helped make Belletech a
leading supplier committed to exceeding our customers' expectations. For
more information about Belletech, visit www.belletechcorp.com.

About IEDC

Created by Governor Mitch Daniels in 2005 to replace the former
Department of Commerce, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation is
governed by a 12-member board chaired by Governor Daniels. Indiana
Secretary of Commerce Nathan Feltman serves as the chief executive
officer of the IEDC. Since Daniels created the IEDC, the state has
posted three consecutive years of record-breaking commitments for new
jobs. For more information about IEDC, visit www.iedc.in.gov.

Source: Indiana Economic Development Corp.

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4 September 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to provide a summary record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events or issues.

4 September 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Chairman, Dave Enzweiler, Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Brett Fehrman and Steve Renihan. John Maxwell was absent, the seventh board position has not been filled.Also Present: Benning, Executive Secretary; Tom Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; Terry Klenest(sp?), Lischge, John Ziedan, Jerry Jacobsen; and Ralph Thompson.

Bryan Messmore arrived later, left shortly after arriving.

Meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. The meeting was NOT recorded.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes for August 21, 2008 approved.

Treasurer's Report
County Study Account $ 49,914.42
High Ridge Account $106,236.58
Aurora Debt Service Account $ 4,490.00
Sewer District Savings Account $ 2,423.02
Serenity Ridge Account $ 20,455.79

Special Requests
Terry Klenest(sp?)
Mr. Klenest(sp?) wanted to talk about sewers in Hardintown. Greendale told him they need a letter from DCRSD for him to get sewer. Greendale already has a sewer line in the area. The Board approved giving him a letter. Kramer will check with Richard Butler for format and protocol.

Serenity Ridge
Nothing to report

West Aurora Project

Quinn indicated he had done nothing as yet and presented a contract for design services (only) to the Board. There were questions about the scope of work and a missing Notice to Proceed form. Quinn indicated the contract was only for work to provide a submission of plans to IDEM. Bid and construction services were not included.
Enzweiler indicated they needed a total cost from beginning to end. Quinn indicated he needed price from Hrezo for his services.

When he heard that, Dennerline said that the Health Department was 'between a rock and a hard place' and may have to start proceedings soon. Some member of the sewer board (DCRSD) called IDEM. The Health Department will have to act. Enzweiler still wanted all the costs. Dennerline ask if the lagoon cleanup would be part of all the costs. He said they are in bankruptcy, don't buy it and it will go back to state.

Renihan asked who called IDEM. Dennerline said that when you call IDEM in an election year, it forces the Health Board to act. DCRSD has to act. Fehrman indicated that as long a s DCRSD doesn't take a position.....

Kramer stated that Draper won't deed any land till DCRSD cleans the lagoon. Enzweiler said he (Draper?) came to him after the meeting.

Renihan asked if they are in bankruptcy is there a place for the plant?

Kramer said the deal for the land depended on the lagoon.

Renihan indicated not to do anything until IDEM told them (DCRSD) what to do.

Dennerline stated they promised (Lynn) Newlon (IDEM), they would fix the problem. Have to stop the effluent.

Kramer said we need to know what's going to happen. Quinn asked if cleaning the lagoon is part of the solution?

There was a discussion of what that might cost and whether Council would OK money for cleanup.

Kramer said they needed a letter from IDEM. Dennerline asked if they were in bankruptcy, how could they give the land? There was a discussion about how to find out if they were in bankruptcy and Kramer wasn't sure they were in bankruptcy. Enzweiler directed Kramer to find out.

Enzweiler asked how to clean it (the lagoon), drain it, fill it, pump it? Someone suggested pumping the lagoon through the new plant (this is not a good idea! Even SDRSD did not want to accept the sludge from the lagoon in the previous meeting notes.)

Dennerline want to stick with the package plant and didn't think the lagoon should be their problem. Kramer stated he (Draper) was not willing to deed land till they solved the lagoon. He also suggested talking to Lischge in the audience.

Renihan restated proceed to submit plans and let IDEM tell DCRSD what to do. Kramer stated they were opening a can of worms. Renihan wanted to proceed to submit plans and install the plant and worry about the lagoon later. Quinn said IDEM could make it a condition of the permit approval.

Fehrman said DCRSD cannot take on responsibility for the cleanup. There ensued a discussion with several people talking about the lagoon and whose responsibility it was, whether DCRSD should stay away from the whole problem and how the cleanup costs would be very high. Dennerline indicated they can't go to Council till they have plans. Kramer said there are 2 problems - land acquisition and IDEM permits.

Renihan moved to move forward with the plans and go for permit. Kramer said they don't have the land!

Dennerline seconded the motion. The Health Department will send the letters to everyone on the road, that they are contributing to the pollution. Then they will be brought before Judge Humphrey, who will tell them to abate the problem. After 60 days he will access a $25 a day fine. When asked what then, Dennerline wouldn't say in the meeting. "Hard ball."

Enzweiler suggested listening to Kramer and get the answers. Pruss asked if IDEM would stop them from solving the problem (effluent continuing to flow).

Kramer stated they needed to find the total cost of the project. It could be not economically feasible to fix. And we cannot tell the owners their cost till we know our own. Need to find out the cost and determine the rates and where the money is coming from
Pruss said the other choice is to condemn the houses. If IDEM won't let the plant proceed, what choice is there, raw sewage? Renihan reiterated go fix the plant and deal with the lagoon later.
Fehrman asked if they can continue with the land acquisition. He wanted IDEM to tell them what to do.

Kramer said they need to know the costs before hand to place the plant and pump the lagoon and cosmetically fix the lagoon. (Note: If the plans are developed and IDEM requires the lagoon to be cleaned and the cost is too high, the $22,000 design fee will have been wasted.)
Quinn said IDEM won't let it go through. Dennerline - won't pay Quinn if the project doesn't go ahead.

Enzweiler said we need numbers and asked Thompson for an opinion. Thompson said listen to your legal adviser. The next Council meeting is in November, you have time.

Fehrman asked about contingencies. Dennerline: "Contingent on the land."

Enzweiler indicated "We don't know the costs, we're wheelin' and dealin' and we don't know the costs. Had 54 homes (for the previous cost) then, not current now. Too many issues to design the plant and not have plans to do it." " We jump into it and hit the wall. If it can't wait one one year, it won't get done."

Enzweiler took the vote: Renihan and Dennerline voted aye and Fehrman and Enzweiler voted no. Pruss indicated in a year they (the houses) may be gone. He voted Aye with contingencies. There were several overlapping comments about the vote.

Enzweiler indicated to proceed. (Note: There were only two Ayes, Pruss voted Aye with contingencies, which is different than the motion and the Quorum for the Board is four!).

John Ziedan was asked to speak. He said looking from the outside in one could see the picture better.
There followed a discussion with Ziedan and the board members on the costs, hidden costs and how the costs were to high for Ziedan to tie in unless DCRSD brought sewer lines over to his side of the highway. Ziedan suggested having the Advisory Committee again.

After the discussion Enzweiler directed Kramer to proceed with land acquisition with Draper.
Lischge suggested checking the record on the bankruptcy or will they file bankruptcy if the costs are too high. He wanted it cleaned up.

Kramer said we're not going to get agreement without the lagoon.

Dennerline wanted to correct the last meeting minutes that Draper owned the property not DeVille, in case there was any correspondence. There ensued a discussion as to how to change the minutes and exactly what should be in the minutes or if they should be changed.
Dennerline said they needed a title search to find if Draper can give them title to the land. A discussion followed about how to find out the land status and how to conduct a title search and where to look. And the status of the easements.

Kramer stated that Lischge was invited and suggested he be allowed to address the board.
Lischge was interested in hooking up; but, said it depended upon how much it would cost, actual monthly fees. He wouldn't want to pay thousands. He understood he would have to cover the hook up; but, wouldn't want a huge cost. He would have to see.

Pruss asked if he wanted the plant on his property.

Dennerline said they needed to get the costs to $100 to $110, otherwise we couldn't afford to proceed. Ziedan said if it were on his side he would hook up, there is no way for him to cross.
Fehrman suggested looking at alternate sites. Put it elsewhere and let IDEM force Draper.
Someone asked Lischge if he wanted to donate some land for the plant? (no response.)

New Business


Benning included a copy of the Newsletter from the Indiana Association for Regional Sewer Districts for information of the board members, especially for the list of potential legislation.

Enzweiler directed Kramer to proceed and said he had nothing else.

Kramer contacted the association regarding the procedure to shut off users, who don't pay. IDEM does not control shut offs. Most of the Association members don't have a policy. Three do. He will contact them for a copy of their ordinances and procedures.

Dillsboro won't shut them off. There is a device - a bubble valve - to shut off the sewers. With the cooperation of the Health Department they can shut them off. There should be penalties and costs to reconnect.

Enzweiler said where he works when they won't pay, they cut off the water.

Dennerline said that's what Lawrenceburg, Greendale and Aurora do. If they won't allow us to do that, do the "ballooning". "About two days off, they'll have sewage in their basement."
Enzweiler thought the Health Department would stop them. Dennerline said they gotta pay their bills.

Next Meeting
Benning asked if there would be another meeting this month.
There was a discussion as to how long a title search and other activities would take and it was decided the next meeting would be October.

Fehrman asked about the problem at Highridge (the sewage not reaching the lagoon and leaking on the ground at the pipe break on a home owner's property). Dennerline said they 'gotta' get permission and the Health Department could not condone it. He asked about the video (video camera in the sewer lines).

Quinn said if they wanted to video the line they would have to clean it first. Enzweiler said it was a waste of money and not to do it.

Dennerline can't condone fixing the pipe because it's Draper's and it's his to fix.
Enzweiler wanted to send or have the Health Department send a letter directing them to fix it.
Dennerline stated the HD can't. It is illegal to do, because they would be restoring an illegal discharge. They can send Doug out to say it would be nice to fix. IDEM revoked their discharge permit. And to order restoration of an illegal discharge would be an illegal act.

There was discussion as to where the break was and on whose property and if anything could be done. No result came out of the discussion.

Adjourned at approximately 8:20 PM.

Ralph Thompson
Washington Township

How Will My Taxes Be Affected By This Election?

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat. But I don't like being lied to, and I assume you don't either. So when you're watching the next Presidential campaign ad about taxes, you may want to consider the following facts:

If you earn between $66K-$112K a year, you will save, on average, $1,009 with John McCain, and $1,290 with Barack Obama. If you earn between $38K-$66K, you will save, on average, $319 with McCain, and $1,042 with Obama.

These are the facts as presented by each campaign's policy team. You can read them here:


If you prefer, you can watch CNN discuss the tax policy breakdown here:


Lastly, some people still believe the economy grows faster with a Republican President in office.

Historically speaking, this is also untrue.

Data for the whole period from 1948 to 2007, during which Republicans occupied the White House for 34 years and Democrats for 26, show average annual growth of real gross national product of 1.64 percent per capita under Republican presidents versus 2.78 percent under Democrats. That 1.14-point difference, if maintained for eight years, would yield 9.33 percent more income per person.

You can find this fact here:


I hope you'll share this information with others you think are uncertain about how each candidate will affect their taxes.

A more detailed breakdown can be found at the website of the Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan policy group.

Brian Groh
Lawrenceburg Township

Sunday, September 07, 2008

ST. LEON POLE RAISING- Democrat tradition- on the flypod.com

ST. LEON POLE RAISING: INTERVIEW WITH RUTHANN BATTA about the upcoming October "pole raising". This St. Leon tradition has been going on for 164 years. Every four years, it's "party time" for the Democrats. You'll find this show to be informative and fun. To listen to this show, click on the following direct show-link:


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2 September 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Thompson, and Fox
Also Present: Ewbank, Attoprney, and Messmore, Administrator.
Absent: Pickens (Cathy from PZ subbed)

No uniformed police officer was present

Democrat candidates present: Doug Taylor (D-1 Commissioner), Tom Orschel (D-2 Commissioner), and Phil Darling (Council at-large)


1. Greg Trabel was granted his request to vacate the roads and alleys on his properties in the town of Lawrenceville. Discussion includedTrabel’s $400 permit fees, his $1800 survey fees, and that records prior to 1981 were destroyed. The commissioners also voted to have McCormack refund his county fees for this as they intend to work on the town plat (from 1836) and fix the entire set of old ROWs there.

2. Article 2 Section 220 on phasing of subdivision developments and consolidating bonds was approved. This eliminates hard minimums on phases and lets the PC decide.

3. Article 3 Section 305N of the Subdivision Ordinance was DENIED by Fox and Hughes, (Thompson voted Nay as he wanted to approve it.) This item was given a FAVORABLE from the PC with one NAY that night from Robert Laws who wanted cul-de-sacs to be longer. That however was not in the changes. Unfortunately- because of the cul-de-sac issues the rest of these changes on turnarounds and stub streets also went down. The law as it stands is based on materials and standards approved by the Home Builders Association, Highway regs etc.
One person spoke against the changes- John Maxwell. Maxwell said that he doesn’t usually speak out against things- he’s usually trying to get things done. In the old days plans were drawn in pencil sketches on eth back of the applications. The 30-lot rule hasn’t hurt anything to date. He went on to give examples of the spirit of the law being violated with “fake” connections on areas of land that were steep or were not likely to be opened up any time in the future. He used Harley Springs, and the Render (sp?) property as examples. Maxwell cited the long ridges in this county as reasons for allowing longer cul de sacs.
Fox said- people don’t like connectivity later- after they have lived on the dead end. Hughes said he grew up on a mile long gravel road (dead end). Fox motioned and Hughes 2nd to Deny. Thompson Nay. [NOTE: Normally Commissioners do not disregard the PC recommendation.]

4. Article 24 Section 2428 on Construction access points was approved. Mud issues like those on SR 48 across from DCH were cited as reasons for having this per Listerman. It gives the county a way of getting damages from trucks taking off the edges of county roads also.

5. Bill Black Jr- EMA- received signatures on his grant for $43,691.63 for reimbursement of salaries from Oct 06- Sept 07. He mentioned that the Red Cross was handling 8 families evacuated due to Gustav in Hamilton County.


1. CAC (Children’s Advocacy Center) in Dillsboro- Sarah Bricknow (sp?)- Project Director- turned it over to Messmore to present the Grant Adm Proposals for signatures. SEIPC was selected as they were the only application. Messmore took each section of the interlocal agreements and had them signed separately (CABG, civil rights, etc.) [NOTE: Normally these are all done in the one agreement. Not sure why the big to-do over signing each separately. The state requires all of these sections to be approved- so there is NO OPTION to separate them really. I just makes it look more complicated that it really is.] Sarah said that these other 5 counties didn’t have to do anything except say they support Dearborn- the lead agency. [NOTE: What happened to everyone contributing a share to this- Council appropriated funds for this.]

2. Todd Listerman- Transportation- gave a 10 minute report on railway crossings and that he’d informed Ms. Emzweiler of his actions and requests on signage, pavement markers etc. They can’t mark pavement on Happy Hollow as it is gravel. Trains blow the whistle at all intersections. There will be two a day rather than 1 a week soon on the Central IN Railway between Cincinnati and Greensburg. Most cars slow down near tracks or stop- so as not to damage vehicle on rough tracks.

Deck on Triple Whipple poured last week.

Chesterville and Stitts Hill will be done early next week.

SR1 will open but NOT be finished in mid Oct. They relocated a gas line where guard rail goes- so have to fix that.

Fox asked about guard rail by Covered Bridge and SR46 – Listerman has called 3 times- state still not got it done.

INDOT required to see if local gov’t wants the riveted steel truss bridge at Salt Fork for use elsewhere. Listerman will deny that- can’t see any use and would take too long to rehab it. Has to be maintained 25 years if we take it. The bridge is only 26 ft wide. Work on that starts next year.

3. Claims and minutes amended and signed.

4. Messmore: NOTHING unless they have any questions. [NOTE: Commissioners had no questions- however Messmore is to be working on a 90 day project about jail/courthouse expansion etc. and also doing some work for Council on the salary scales for all employees to try to stop the courthouse from stealing staff by offering higher wages for what is seen as the same levels of jobs. No updates? ]

5. Ewbank- Attorney- Commissioners approved a request for wheelchair replacement for an employee’s child- on appeal from Med Ben.
There were 4 reviews of vicious dogs- Animal Control is handling it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township