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In a recent Flypod Commentary, Commissioner Hughes implied the current Government is seeking to hide some large expenditure and slip it past the public without a referendum or public notice.

Currently, there has been no plan developed! The results of the very public joint Commissioner – Council meetings and the Charette were presented at the last Commissioners meeting including preliminary option cost estimates. The report was tabled to allow time to review and digest the suggested options, information and probable costs. The preliminary jail estimate is over $20 million and will, if it moves forward, require a referendum. No packages have been accepted to even move forward to further discussion. Commissioner Orschel and I inherited the projected $38 million project costs. All the efforts to reduce cost were not to get those cost below some limit; but, simply to reduce the costs for the taxpayers.

Ask Commissioner Hughes why he posted this commentary of misinformation one week before the election. Did he hope there would not be time to respond and set the record straight? Does he hope if I might lose, county government could go back to shutting the public out?

I presume he intended to damage my reputation; but, he has disparaged the other Commissioner and Council members who are seeking possible solutions to real problems.

Hughes has implied he is for open government.

Ask Hughes why in 2006, the Commissioners, including Hughes, worked to keep the Vieste plan secret. And even into 2007 when Vera Benning was replaced they continued to keep it out of the public view. They even resorted to serial meetings, where Vieste met individually with each Commissioner and Council member to avoid a Quorum and a public meeting. Mark Mitter and I refused to attend these meetings. Serial meetings are illegal under the Open Door Law.

Ask Hughes, why he and Fox passed the Vieste plan with minimal public notice, less than a 15 minute hearing and almost no public input! That plan was for almost $127 million and there was no intention to call for a referendum.

I made copies of the plan and made it public so that when the plan went to Council the next week there was a large public outcry against the plan and Council voted down the Northwest Quadrant part. The plan later failed.

Ask Hughes why he still supports that plan which would have replaced many farms in the Northwest Quadrant, that have been in many families for 4, 5 or more generations.

Ask Hughes why some realtors and elected officials knew about the plan before it was made public and were trying to buy up farm land cheap before anyone became aware of the potential huge increase in land value if the plan moved forward.

Ask Hughes why the County spent over $300K for Vieste, to do virtually nothing.

Ask Hughes why he eliminated public comments from the Commissioners meeting and voted against restoring it in 2007 when I suggested it be restored.

Ask why he kept a Deputy at the Commissioner’s meetings and who was used to remove people who wanted to have a chance to express a contrary opinion.

Ask Hughes why in 2008 before his bid for re-election, he and Mr. Fox instituted a series of meetings to study the jail and courthouse issues that were conducted in the basement of the jail and were not open to the public and even not open to some Elected Officials. When Mr. Fox lost his election, the whole program was dropped.

Ask Hughes why he said he didn’t know about the so called secret meeting, when he stated in his complaint that he was asked by Mr. Pickens to attend and declined by saying he had to be elsewhere. Ask him why he didn’t express his concern about the legality of the meeting to Mr. Pickens and then, as stated in his complaint, had the County Administrator verify the meeting took place, so he could file the complaint. The issue with the meeting was lack of 48 hours prior announcement.

Ask Hughes why when he went on the radio to publicize the issue he said he never violated the open door law, and Cary Pickens responded by naming dates and places where he had.

Ask Hughes about the unannounced, closed door meetings with the County Administrator, Mr. Fox and himself, excluding Vera Benning and later me.

Ask Hughes about the numerous sessions after the Commissioner’s meetings, with Pickens, Fox and other people at the Legion, without any public announcement and without Vera Benning or later me. And by the way, you have to be a Legion member or escorted by a member to gain entry.

Ask why the Bright Fire Protection Plan, from his district, was brought to Commissioners without proper public notice. Commissioner Orschell and I set up a proper public meeting at Bright Christian Church to allow the public to be heard.

Ask why he opposed the new Highway garage costing less than $1 million that will pay back all the cost in ten to fifteen years and save money for the County from then on, when the Vieste plan had almost $4 million for a new Highway garage.

Ask why during his term almost nothing was accomplished, except Vieste which cost the County over $300,000 and produced no usable result.

Ask why he thinks he is the guardian of open Government, when his record screams the opposite.

I was always taught, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

It is time for Jeff to grow up and become part of the solution.

If you have any questions, my cell number is 812 584-3974.

Ralph Thompson, Commissioner District 3

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Please listen and then forward to friends and family. This was my first time in a studio and I enjoyed meeting the host. Gary is quite a guy. Thank you for listening.

Bob Starks


Thompson and Listerman's trip to INDOT so far has gained $1 million for Collier Ridge Bridge.

Text of email from INDOT to Todd Listerman regarding Collier Ridge Bridge:

Congratulations. Dearborn County was awarded $1,000,000 for Bridge 55 yesterday. An award letter will be mailed next week.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Re-Elect Commissioner Ralph Thompson

Experience Matters

A Commissioner you can count on to represent you in county government.

Open Government
Proven Leadership
Fiscal Responsibility

Over the last four years, Ralph:

o Explored economical solutions for justice center campus, including revitalizing a historic building instead of spending millions to construct a new facility.

o Eliminated police presence and reinstated PUBLIC COMMENT at Commissioners’ meetings.

o Brought government to the people of BRIGHT moving the Fire District meeting to Bright Christian Church so citizens could speak out and receive information.

o Supported a county ordinance restricting forced sewer hook-ups for owners with working or repairable septic systems.

o Encouraged the county sewer district to fix existing sewer problems at High Ridge Estates.

o Continues working to retain and stimulate business in Dearborn County, to create a balanced tax base to offset tax losses from residential development.

o Approved unification of the county road districts and purchased the land and building for the County Garage off US 50.

o Brought municipal and county governments together to work on common issues, such as sewer lines, connector road behind businesses along US 50, and expansion of the county campus.

o Serves on the Plan Commission and considers the elements of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan regarding infrastructure, utilities, and schools when considering potential developments.

o Supported road improvements based on a prioritized plan based on condition and traffic load, not on politics. Approved other options such as road millings and chip seal to pave and maintain roads with decreased highway department funds.

Provided By Committee to Re-Elect Ralph Thompson

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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Show #1 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: BOB FOGLE -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Bob Fogle, a Republican candidate running for Dearborn County Sheriff. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link:


May 5, 2010
7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indian



1. Jail security proposals - tabled from 4/20/10 (to be handled in Executive Session at next meeting)

2. RQAW – tabled from 4/20/10

1. Surety Bond on Old Orchard Subdivision – Phase II

2. Surety Bonds for Public Works discussion

3. Sugar Ridge residents – petition

4. Jeannine Summers – Youth Career Advisor, Work One

1. Updates

VI. AUDITOR - Claims/Minutes


VIII. County Coordinator – Bill Ewbank


X. COMMISSIONER – Tom Orschell

XI. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Campaign Donations For May 4 2010 Primary Election


Don Rowland- Itemized donation $500 from himself. Expenditures $385.20

Ralph Thompson- Total donations $3980. Expenditures $2156.19
Unitemized- $1180
Itemized $2800:
Alan Freemond- $1000
Mark Hall- $250
Irwin Diehl- $500
Jerald Jacobson- $500
Kathleen Scott- $550

Shane McHenry- Total donations- $8423. Expenditures- $6168.21
Unitemized $3373
Itemized- $5050:
Gene Cleary- $200
Art and Ruthann Little- $200
Milton and Sandra Carley- $200
James L Thatcher- $250
Paul J Ravenna- $ 250
Leroy J Foster- $200
Robert Foster- $200
Robert Dunevant- $100
Robert Carson- $300
John J Dornette- $250
JD and Donna Largent- $250
Richard and Birdie Ungerbuehler- $250
Vernon Hensley- $300
Lori A McHenry- $200
Kathleen S Prarat- $2,000
Joe Kisor- $100


Jack Addison- Total donations $1000 from himself. Expenditures $531.03

Charles Combs- Total donations- $3287.75. Expenditures- $3287.75
Charles Combs- $1887.75
Rob Combs- $550
Charles Combs, Jr.- $250
Tom Holt- $100
Bruns Gutzxiller Inc- $100
Weisbrod Masonry- $200
Bricklayers Local #4- $200


Linda Jordan Estes- All unitemized donations- $155. Expenses $93.63

Robert Fogle- Donations $1400 all itemized. Expenditures- $1313.21
Andrew Seaver- $100
Quick Cash- $100
Walston Landscaping- $50
Bob Fogle- $1000 (loan)
A Bail Bonds- $150

Mike Kreinhop- Donations all itemized- $11,149.21 Expenditures- $11015.30
Richard and Birdie Ungerbuehler- $200
David and Carolyn Lusby- $250
Ken and Sharon Cleeter- $300
Michael Kreinhop- $10399.21

Brian Noble- Total donations $6768.12 Expenditures $6303.26
Unitemized- $2468.51
Itemized $4299.61:
Brian Noble- $689.61
Scott Engler $500 in kind- signs
Randy Peak $150 in kind-fundraiser entertainment
Gary Trabel $400
Chad Miles- $200
Enhanced Telecommunications –$760-in kind- website
Whitewater Motors- $300
Dangerous Jim and Fab 4 -Jim Miller –$400- in kind entertainment
Club 14- Kim Hubbard- $300
Pure Grain- Brian deBruler- $400
Marley Land Acquisitions $200


Mary Klump Booker- All zeros


Robert Starks- Total donations $445.25 Expenditures $440.25
Unitemized $50
Itemized- $395.25 from himself.

Glenn Wright- Donations all itemized- $2700 Expenditures- $2084.85
Glenn and Donna Wright- $2500
Richard and Birdie Ungerbuehler- $200

Marvin Gilbert- Donations $100 all itemized Expenditures $519.89
Rabbit Man Vending- $50
Tom Tepe’s Car Country $50

Barbara Tibbs- Donations all itemized $200 Expenditures $681.02
Rick and Sharon Probst- $200


District 1

Dan Lansing- all zeros

District 2


Liz Morris- Total $1231.91 Expenditures $810.57
Cash on hand $31.91
Liz Morris - $1000
Art Little- $100
Milton Carley-$100

Rick Pope- Donation all from himself- $267.50 Expenditures $267.50

District 3


Jerome Hoog – Donations $25.81 from self. None spent.


Dennis Kraus, Sr
. all zeros

District 4-


Tom Cheek- all zeros



Gayle Pennington
all zeros



Gary Hensley- All zeros



James Humphrey- Cash on hand $1153 Expenditures- $300

Bob Bischoff Representative Democrat- D68 added $1533.76 to his war chest bringing the total to $25,796.95. Expenditures $824.51

Randy Lyness Representative Republican- D55 raised $14,985 and spent $7944.03
Unitemized - $3985
Itemized $11,000:
Harry Lyness- $500
David Lyness- $250
Greg Gavin- $500
Mark Sutton- $250
Steve Gehring- $200
Greg Lyness- $250
Kelly Ravenna- $300
Linda Maxwell- $2500
Clyde Perfect, Jr.- $2500
Randall Lyness- $2000
Niles Kinerk- $1000
Ravenna Heating and Cooling- $500
Ed Brack Ins.- $250

26 April 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

26 April 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Dennis Kraus Jr., Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Mike Hornbach, Ralph Thompson, Dan Lansing, Jake Hoog, and Ken Nelson
Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.


1.Sugar Ridge- county att’y checking on whether financial guarantee exists or was destroyed as bank indicated. Witte found that the bank should have kept the document longer than they had indicated they had. Pursuit of legal options didn’t seem to be fruitful. There were over 4.5 million being pursued with Tuke and Macke. We’d be in line behind all of them.

Executive session was held this month with commissioners regarding this. Thompson was limited in what he could say. He said Tuke was suing Macke also for $4-5million also. We don’t see immediate solution – it’s not dead but it’s not moving forward either.

McCormack said there are federal agencies investigating the whole situation. They are meeting with some of them this week. So there are other options maybe.

Barriers to establishing a TIF to help solve this. Only commercial can be captured for the TIF- and all of that was built prior to setting a TIF. Maybe the multifamily. Costs of setting up a redevelopment district and TIF might absorb more costs than the road would cost. Information from the legal people in INDY regarding TIFs ( Barnes and Thornburgh and baker and Daniels ) Bottom line is not enough commercial/residential to make this viable.

We could look into general obligations like bonds. To try impact fees would make a case for unequal enforcement and the commissioners did not want to punish all the people for the sins of this developer. Thompson stated.

Banquet hall/clubhouse- no longer on lot 175- this was approved for residential. We don’t even know if this will ever be built. Non-compliance issues have mostly been addresses and a few a pending still.

Unofficially county has done snow removal and small maintenance type work.
Thompson said we didn’t let the letter of credit lapse- these aren’t enforceable and have no mechanism go after that. Listerman and McCormack would rather have performance bonds as would Thompson.

Nelson- when I used letters of credit- they couldn’t draw against it without the city signing off via the executive officer of the city.

Text that PZ is supposed to get on letters of credit is often not written as we required per McCormack.

Witte said it wasn’t enforceable per Thompson. Nelson said- get the language that MAKES it enforceable. Nelson said – not every developer can get a bond. [NOTE: If they can’t afford one or are not eligible- perhaps they shouldn’t be developing anything that big.]

Nelson said bonds are harder to deal with- because you are dealing with some guy in INDY who writes the bond and there may be disagreement on that.

McCormack would want to strengthen our language on letters of credit if we used them. Nelson said- it became routine in Ohio to use these and call them as necessary.

Nelson said- he suspects the smoke and mirrors went into the banks with letters of credit also.
Replatting was an issue- he’d borrow money on one plat and then replat and borrow again.


Carl Steckle (sp?) – Insurance agent- bonds do not shut out the little guy. Bond is not insurance. With bond- you sign your life away. Bonds require you to sign an indemnity agreement. If the bond pays out on your behalf- you will personally have to pay them back. If you are not financially strong- you won’t get the bond.

The little guy has to pay about $1500 extra money to have his financial records gone into. He still pays the same rates as the big guy. Bonding company- you pay 1-3% depending on how financially strong you are. Bond covers the job- it doesn’t matter how long it takes. You pay the bond.

You got a revocable letter of credit. Get an irrevocable letter of credit. It actually costs MORE for a letter of credit. And you pay it annually.

Jim Espelage- What has PC recommended to Commissioners regarding the repair of the road? Nothing- PC has no jurisdiction to do that- Commissioners decide on accepting the road or not.

Carl Steckle- will the commissioners decide this at their next meeting. Thompson said it was not on agenda- and doesn’t know when the other research will be completed.

McCormack said all the commissioners know about this. If you want to forward something to the commissioners the staff is willing to help with that. Board wanted to have info on what other communities do in this case.

Lehman said there was a big one over in Sycamore Township like that.

McGill noted that PC recommended only taking bonds and commissioners changed it to allow letters of credit. Thompson pushed hard to have bonds.

Chris Mueller talked about the need to protect TAXPAYERS not developers. We should not be on the hook for their lapsed bonds. Historically, this has been an issue for 15 years. The people of Sugar ridge have a problem with road acceptance through no fault of their own. If the road is as good as a typical county secondary road, can it ne accepted on that basis and not as a collector standard.

Todd Listerman- Bases on core data it would pass secondary road status – but it won’t shed water as well and will deteriorate faster than a sealed road. Oakmont does NOT meet spec- only 3 inches and needs another 1.5 inches. Augusta was to collector standard and would get another 1.5 inches. There are several locations needing deep patch. 70 miles of our county are still gravel. Budget is low and we’ll never really be able to maintain it fully at current budget levels. Millings are being used to help keep some of the roads intact. 4 roads closed with bridges out.

McCormack- Review letter of credit language and process and see how others are doing this. Take what we get to our legal rep and see what they recommend. Hoog suggested checking out in Indy rather than Ohio- as laws are different. Referring people to commissioners to get this worked out- acceptance and maintenance goes to highway and to commissioners to get that done.

Nelson asked – if we put it on subdivision agenda to grant a waiver for accepting a lower standard on the road. Would that help move this along?? Discussion was that the people want their road finished properly- patched and top coated.

Commissioners will have it on Wed May 5 Commissioners meeting. They can ask to approach Council for funding also.

Carl Steckle- In the event that this comes back onto the people in the development- how will it be paid for! Will you be able to explain those options to us. Lansing- could it be done like the sewers are being done. Thompson noted the various ways the High Ridge Sewers are being paid for.

May Harmer (sp?) asked what exactly they should do. Doesn’t consider clearing the road as a favor. Others also asked about future development. Thompson noted that maybe they could capture some of the money out of the future sale of lots perhaps. Can’t seem to find a legal mechanism to do this. Seems the fairest way to do this.

Robert Irwin- owns Villages of Sugarglen- are there a typical type of multifamily that work for TIFS? It has to be considered commercial- as for example apartments might be per McCormack. Irwin said these would be about 20 million dollars in improvements. The point would be to get all the people to build them in a way to qualify. McCormack doesn’t have a more specific answer to this. That might be a mechanism, Irwin thought. Others wouldn’t really want rentals out there. Plus it would have a lot of hoops to go through with redevelopment commission etc.

Sugar Ridge is coming to May 5 Commissioners meeting and will be on the agenda. They will present their petition and perhaps ask to go to Council May 25th for funding.

2. Listerman presented road bonds:

Tucker Road issues- Phase 2 Old Orchard Subdivision- Listerman said he had a bond for $125,000 set to expire in Sept 2010. No changes made since 2008 as requested. Sent certified mail to him to explain how he was to fix this. Listerman said he has no jurisdiction to enforce it- but to make recommendations to this board. Main deficiency is Beehive Court is built with no grade for water shedding. No 2% grade. Some catch basins and stations not built to plan. Cider Circle not built out but Beehive Court has most built. PC told him you do NOT wait till the bond expires to pull it- notify them now. Recalculations of storm water will need to be redone as it was not done to spec. 290 feet of road done incorrectly. Kraus Jr. said we will need money and perhaps engineering to be sure we know if we can cover it with $125,000 bond. Tucker historically brings info in late and they have been notified of this in other circumstances. Listerman said he was hoping Tucker would come in as requested by their letter to explain what he was going to do to fix this. [NOTE: That’s not the Tucker way.] Our enforcement is that 90% of our developers want to do it right so it gets accepted.

Nelson- MOTION- Old Orchard Phase 2 is not constructed per plans so the Commissioners should proceed to call the bond by notifying the developer and the bonding company. Beiersdorfer said Tucker has the option to redo bond again and fix. Yes- but the commissioners are requested to pull the bond.
Board voted to approve Nelson’s motion

Listerman noted Seldom Seen phases 1,2, and 3 and Laurel Valley. Roads have not been accepted into county and no bonds.

Harvest Ridge bond being reduced as some is finished. Maxwell wants to come in to make a change in Phase 2’s improvement plan. Bonds are still active on this.

Old Orchard Ph 1 and 3 coming due in Oct. Ph 1 is done- but not accepted as trucks use it to get to 2 and 3 and it might get damaged. Keeping bond on that active is necessary.

Chapel Thorne- Tom Kent wants to finish in fall and get top coat. 4 houses built and 4 to be done this summer out of 23 total. Wants to get road accepted.

Trying to get roads accepted earlier and builders have to fix any damages after that.
Hill Spring is in court between developer and builder- have till Feb 2011 on that bond. (Rollander and O’Mara)

3. Potential staff projects were presented by McCormack.

There were problems with some flood maps- so that may take some time.
Working on grants, financial guarantees, changing zoning ordinance, thoroughfare plan, permitting, etc. H e wants some direction on what to work on- perhaps prioritize it.

Nelson thinks the permitting process needs to be refined. It scares him when he hears the things he heard tonight.

Chris Mueller asked if there were things there that should be accomplished during a slow development time so that they are ready when development comes up again.

The issues related to zoning ordinance changes such as break down of Ag or Res zones would be better during our economic slowdown time. Board discussed how this would be beneficial.PC said they should have working meeting before we invite Advisory subcommittee to meet on this.

Meeting adjourned 9:45PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, April 23, 2010


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Show #4 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: LINDA JORDAN-ESTES -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Linda Jordan-Estes, a candidate running for Dearborn County Sheriff. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link:

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Greetings to our listeners and subscribers --

Show #1 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: GLENN WRIGHT -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Glenn Wright, a Republican candidate running for Dearborn County Recorder. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Greetings to our listeners and subscribers --

Show #2 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: LIZ MORRIS -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Liz Morris, a candidate running for Dearborn County Council. To listen to this interview, turn up your speakers and click on the following direct show-link:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 April 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

20 April 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Ralph Thompson, President, Tom Orschell, and Jeff Hughes
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, and Mike Witte, Attorney.

Executive session on Sugar Ridge Litigation preceded this meeting- no action taken from that meeting.


Ordinance on fee for tax list- continued TABLED from 3/16/10

Corporate Cost Solutions tabled from 4/6/10- Ewbank spoke with the rep Friday and is not sure when he can get back to presentation regarding audit for workers Comp rates. Tabled indefinitely and Ewbank will research more companies to do this in Indiana.


Commissioners signed SE Regional Community Corrections State funding for $499,417.

Sheriff Lusby – Jail railing and recording proposal- Tabled and will handle executive session due to security reasons.

Jackie LeBerth- SE Indiana Small Business Development Center- funded in part by Small Business Adm, State, and Chambers and other business groups. Gives free counseling to existing businesses and start-ups. Made materials available to commissioners. This is free. In this region there were over 2000 small businesses that took advantage of their services. Can do a 15-20 min presentation on 2009 stats at some future date

Bill Black EMA- Grant signatures- $50,000 for District Coordinator and another for $38,432.46 for reimbursement for last year’s wages. This is straight to the county- not the district. This was cut back from last year. Commissioners signed both.

RQAW- Charette report- Charettes were held Saturday April 10th. Brett Dodd presented results. Stakeholders were all present- about 30 people total. Total report passed to Commissioners. Candid input and historical plans. Getting priorities was a major step. Options were also discussed. Some people toured courthouse during lunch to clarify issues. Each of the 3 teams had very similar solutions and priorities. Consensus reached and adjourned around 2 PM. PRIORITIES were a big step. Solving jail problems top priority. Probation issues 2nd- esp drug testing restrooms. Civil rights being compromised would be a legal issue. Rest were of lower priority.

Conclusion- Phase it by priority as we can afford it.

Phase 1- Add 200 beds in the dormitory style. Kitchen, laundry, and training rooms etc. on first level. The dormitory on the 2nd level. Renovate existing intake-booking area

Buy or lease Hoosier Square for probation depts. A soft renovation of Courthouse- trying to address fire marshall issues in basement. Need space for attorney conferencing. Maybe move archive storage to adm basement to free up basement courthouse space.

In the future to address courthouse issues- would expand courthouse and build new juvenile center near the EMA site. May have to relocate EMA in future. Also need to get more parking space. Shumway Building wasn’t favored by any of the teams to any great extent. So that is taken out of the equation. Dodd is worried about cramming all of community corrections in with probation in Hoosier Square. May want to add Community Corrections to the Courthouse addition ultimately.

Cost- Top down is to see what we have and fit costs. Bottom up is to see what these items cost. No design done at all yet. Mean is about $50million with range of $14-16million. 5-7% cost of materials is expected in the near future. Addition is about $10million for dormitory. Soft costs- Renovations and connectors and demolition- no elevators- can be 15-35%. They assigned it at 28%. Hoosier Square acquisition may be lowered if L-bg helps. Overall mean cost $21 million +or- 2 million. Bonds coming off can be used without impacting taxes. Timeline typically 6-8 month design, 1 month bid and 14-16 month construction. So if decision made- 2 years to occupy building. Hoosier Square could proceed quickly to take some pressure off courthouse. Some companies will build you a jail and lease it to you and at end of lease you own the building. Bonds and cash also can be used. See what the county can afford. Then let RQAW know.

Hughes said there is a tax impact- bonds coming off would lowered taxes if we didn’t renew them. TABLED to allow commissioners to review the material. Dodd will be called back to answer questions. Orschell asked about how lease experience could be checked out. Dodd said Harrison County does a lot. Leasing is a temporary solution. Long term goal is to reconsolidate. Dodd seems to like the advantages of the lease arrangement on jails- he spoke of the advantages. Thompson thanked RQAW for sticking thru us for this long and arduous process. Orschell also thanked all dept heads who took time to meet on this.

Council President told Thompson to get appraisals on Hoosier Square Building. Commissioners approved.

DCRSD- Steve Renihan – Funding change for High Ridge Estates. Bob Hrezo Engineering present as well. Need a safety rail on the High Ridge plant required by OSHA- was not included in original design, High Ridge now operational. Several items need to be fixed to correct infiltration problems. TVing the system found a crack in the system. $44,954 is total for change orders to date. Goal is to FIX problems and High Ridge was number 1 priority from Health Dept. Renihan said DCRSD is going to bid out engineering on all projects in the future. He commended Hrezo for helping them fix the problems as he came in partway thru the project. Commissioners approved going to Council for additional $17,554 for High Ridge changes.

Funding for Huseman Road- pictures of untreated waste from septic and a quasi system put in by developer in the 1970s.
A home at 10391 Huseman burned down and they couldn’t rebuild because lot too small for septic system. Many lots too small for septic. Can put gravity or forced main. Don’t want to put a package plant to have a lot out there. Engineer found the low pressure forced main to be most cost effective at $856,504. Health Dept sending a letter out to 36 residents there. Commissioners consider asking health dept to wait as we have a potential fix. These problems exist mostly in the low income areas, Renihan said- you just don’t see these problems in the high income areas of the county. Have to be able to do it in a way for those folks to afford it over a long period of time. County employees are volunteering to go out and survey for possible low income grants. Commissioners approved DCRSD to approach Council for $860,000 for Huseman Rd.

Animal Control- Marlene Underwood, Lisa Wittenstrom, and Lisa Harrison – took in 88 dogs 45 cats. 41 dogs adopted and 10 cats plus 19 cats at Petsmart. 16 dogs and 1 cat returned to owner. 14 dogs and 10 cats euthanized for health or temper.

Currently -65 dogs and 60 cats. Had to buy a new washing machine. Had to patch holes in floor under washing machine.

On call rotation schedule in use for 4.5 years. For 8 years prior to that no one was on call. Each takes a week at a time – which includes 10 days work in am row. Worked well when we had 4 officers. With 3 this is wearing them down. They propose a 4 week rotation and one week with no one on call. Orschell said they could discuss this at the working session on animal Control this afternoon. Thompson said in his experience they need the 4th. They also suggested closing on Sunday – except for staff feeding and cleaning. Still on call at home. Also closed on Wed to the public to do testing etc. That’s the catch-up day. They still do emergency calls that day. Commissioners approved the Sunday closure.

Highway Dept.- Todd Listerman- 30 minute report- O’Mara pavers finished Yorkridge mainline paving. Approaches and stone work on edges will be done next. Trying to start North Dearborn and North Hogan to start June 1 to avoid school busses. Has to be approved by Federal highway adm. These should easily finish these by fall.

Collier Ridge Bridge at INDOT meeting. INDOT suggested splitting it in 2 for bridge funding and the road funding for approaches. Applications will be submitted by May 21 and find out in June for road funds and find out 29 of April for bridge. It would still take 3 years- to construct. If we don’t get it Hughes wanted to know if they’d talked to E&H bridge decking and classify it as an emergency. That could cost $300-500,000. Drew Barth took a quick look and gave an evaluation- he recommended a new structure rather than repair over the narrow bridge- plus more inspection costs on old bridges. He would get a proposal together if they wanted to pay for this. That’s normally around $10,000 on a fracture critical bridge. Commissioners and Listerman plan to look at ALL options. He may be able to use the decking for other structures in the county by doubling it up. Commissioners wanted drew Barth to get the letter to them with his recommendations.

Going to May Council and will transfer money out of 172 account for over $300,000 for millings to do roads.
Has about $350,000 left to spend this year and wants to spend it on equipment needs- 2 one ton dump bed snow plow- about a ford F550 size to handle the subdivisions up in the Bright area. This will give us a full fleet back. Garage staff extends the life of all vehicles. The one ton would not require a CDL and they could hire part timers to run them. Narrower sub’n streets are better with these. Wants to ask for $150,000 for this. Hughes voted nay – passed.
Striping requirements changed to 6000 vpd and centerlines only on 3000 vpd. Only 3 qualify- Old US 52, Stateline- only the main section in Bright and Jamison to W Harrison. Can give commissioners numbers on roads and costs to decide what we want to do. Can’t do $100,000 of striping like we used to do. If we go to 3000 vpd and this would add Wilson Creek, Georgetown, and Cole. He doesn’t see any roads being resurfaced this year with budget constraints.

Auditor- Claims and Minutes- Pennington- minutes corrected and approved. Claims signed. Hughes abstained as he hadn’t reviewed all the claims. West Harrison EMS contract will be reviewed with Witte first as it covers more than a year.

Attorney- Witte- no new litigation or tort claims. Recommended no action on Sugar Ridge from executive session at this time.

Temporary lease agreements for all private locations used for elections for insurance carrier. Ewbank said the poll workers are covered as employees for that day as we pay them. But insurance company suggested the lease arrangement would cover them for sure. Witte to research and give advice by the main election- not by the primary per commissioner’s motion.

County Coordinator- Bill Ewbank- Commissioners approved Incident report- reviewed by attorney and safety committee. These forms will be in every county vehicle and workspace. This form also covers non-vehicle incidents. Witte developed it from their research. This does not replace existing supervisory or police reports.


PUBLIC COMMENT- Cathy Albert- regarding Collier Road Bridge was worried about cost increases as the time to build the bridge goes out 3 years. Commissioners were told by INDOT they could only ask for $1million. Two other neighbors reiterated concerns about how long it will take, costs, emergency services, and wanting a cheaper repair and not a replacement. Listerman and commissioners explained their prospects and will be going to Council the end of May.

NEXT MEETING MAY 5 as May 4 is Election Day.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


In these difficult times it is important that we have experienced and dedicated people in all levels of our government.

For this reason it is important that you please vote in the coming primary elections on May 4th.

My resume follows and I ask that you please consider me for the position of Dearborn County Recorder. Please feel free to share this information with others in Dearborn County.

My name is Bob Starks and I am a Republican Candidate for the Dearborn County Recorder’s office. I live at 20902 Ridgecliff Court with my wife Bonnie. The duty of the Recorder’s Office has been defined as: “It is the primary duty of the County Recorder to record instruments submitted for recording and maintain those records for perpetuity”. This process requires full time management of the office and particularly the budget in this increasingly complex field of Document control. My 30 years of management in the field of automation will be a significant benefit to the Recorder’s office.

My business experience includes (30) years in managerial positions for highly sophisticated and automated manufacturing systems and processes. At Cincinnati Milacron, I was the Area Manager for the Aerospace and Special Machine Tool operations which spanned three assembly plants and during the height of our business included more than 300 technicians. During this tenure I was a leader in the implementation of ISO 9001 process certification and Six Sigma process training and improvement. I understand document control and the methods necessary to achieve success.

I recently retired after serving ten years as the National Service Manager for an International Machine Tool Company. My responsibilities have included all aspects of Machine tool installation and sales of services including office management, purchasing, warehousing, delivery and accounts receivable operations. I am computer literate in Microsoft Office and also in financial software. During my tenure we encountered a completely unexpected event, not once but twice. Our Parent Corporation, SIP, which stands for “Societe Instruments Precision”, went bankrupt not once but twice. Our parent company supplied the machines and corporate engineering services that we sold and serviced here in the USA. On both occasions when our parent company became bankrupt, we struggled to survive but with effort and ingenuity we did survive to the utter amazement of the parent company. I tracked down parts suppliers, created our own engineering and sold enough service that I could keep our employees working. We got together as a team and cut our expenses. At one point we even reduced our own pay, but we all continued working together and we survived for a year without our parent company on two occasions. These experiences have taught me the irreplaceable value of teamwork, sticking to a budget and working smart as well as working harder. If I am elected I will bring my education and business experience to support the Dearborn County Recorder’s office. I believe that I share the experience and values that are needed in our government today.

For the past two years it has been my privilege to serve as the President of the Hidden Valley Lake Board of Directors. We have made many improvements including those to our baseball and soccer fields. We have added a new playground and also several new fields. This sports complex serves many youngsters in our County and in particular, youth baseball and youth soccer programs for residents all over Dearborn County.

My back ground and training is uniquely suited for the needs of the Recorders office. I have a proven track record for setting realistic goals and to work within the budget. My experience in document control, quality control and my ability to work constructively with others will enhance the success of the Recorder’s office.

Please vote for experience, vote for Bob Starks.

Thank You.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My Name is Barbara Tibbs and I am currently running for Dearborn County Recorder.

It is a job that requires effective supervision combined with understanding and knowledge. I have almost 6 years experience in the Recorders Office; I loved my job and enjoyed helping the public and many law firms & title companies researching the material to find what they were in search of and to process the documents they needed to record. I worked under two different recorders who I have gained tremendous knowledge from and greatly respect. I have been trained in the office of Recorder and I maintain the knowledge and awareness of the applicable laws and regulations needed to run the Recorders Office in a professional & efficient manner.

I am the granddaughter of the late Edward & Evelyn Probst, daughter to Retired Major Rick & Sharon Probst. I was raised as a military child, moving often and learning the culture and ways of each place my father was stationed. I learned that every military man, woman and child sacrifice a lot and I have the highest respect for those that serve our country. I remember as a child visiting Aurora and always wanting to return home to the people my family always shared memories of, and to the family I often visited during my summers. Seventeen years ago my childhood dreams became a reality for me.

I am now the wife of Larry E. Tibbs Jr. & mother of Samantha-14, Deryk-9, & Austyn-4. I am very involved in my children and their activities. I am Secretary for the South Dearborn Choral Parents Association, Food Coordinator for Opening Knights Show Choir Steering Committee and Popcorn Chairman for Aurora Cub pack 673. I am always willing to get involved in any of the other activities that are in need of assistance. I have been active with soccer all my life, from coaching, refereeing and participating. I participate with many organizations throughout Dearborn County. I am a member of the Main Street Aurora and St. John’s Church, and I believe in supporting local charities.

On May 4th please vote for Barbara Tibbs, candidate for Dearborn County Recorder. Experienced and qualified to be the next Dearborn County Recorder; but your vote and support are needed. Please help spread the word and promote my campaign to become the next Dearborn County Recorder.

Thank You,
Barbara Tibbs

Don't forget to vote Tibbs May 4th!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DON ROWLAND interview on

Greetings to our listeners and subscribers --

Show #1 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: DON ROWLAND -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Don Rowland, a candidate running for Dearborn County Commissioner. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link:


Greetings to our listeners and subscribers --

CANDIDATES: QUESTION AND ANSWER -- This event/program took place at the Lawrenceburg Public Library on the evening of April 13th. Sponsored by We The Hoosiers. Candidates attending and speaking at this gathering were

MARTY BRUNER (District 68 candidate);
LINDA ESTES (running for Dearborn County Sheriff); and
RALPH THOMPSON (running for Dearborn County Commissioner - District 3).

To listen to this program, click on the following direct show-link (this link will remain active until May 5th, 2010):

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Candidates Night- Get Informed BEFORE you Vote!

Eagle 99.3 WSCH will be hosting local election Candidates Night on air starting at 7 PM on Tuesday April 20th.
The candidates will be aired live from the Dearborn Adult Center on Tate Street.

DRAFT Agenda April 20 Commissioners Meeting

April 20, 2010
9:00 a.m.
City of Lawrenceburg
Administration Building
230 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

EXECUTIVE SESSION – 8:30 AM / Sugar Ridge Litigation



1. Ordinance regarding fee for tax list – continued tabled from 3/16/10

2. Corporate Cost Solutions – tables from 4/6/10

1. Signatures for Southeast Regional Community Corrections State funding

2. Sheriff Lusby
a.) Jail railing proposal
b.) Recording proposal

3. Jackie LeBerth – Southeast Indiana Small Business Development Center

4. Bill Black, EMA
Grant signatures

5. RQAW – Charette Report

V. ANIMAL CONTROL – Marlene Underwood

1. Updates

VII. AUDITOR - Claims/Minutes


IX. County Coordinator – Bill Ewbank
1. Approval of Incident Report



XII. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Sunday, April 11, 2010


Greetings to our listeners and subscribers --

Show #1 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: RICK POPE -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Rick Pope, a Republican candidate running against Liz Morris, for Dearborn County Council. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link:

We hope you enjoy listening to these shows. Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers about New-Media Network. Also, check out the OPEN FLY FORUM feature on our website -- you can create your own broadcast, immediately! We are quickly becoming a leading "local world" source of programming in the new digital-media age. Any person can sign up on our website to begin automatically receiving "New and Notable Show Alerts". It's 100% free and we will never, under any circumstances, share your email address with any person or organization.

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206-337-1716 Listener Feedback Line
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Friday, April 09, 2010



Commissioner Thompson and Transportation Director, Todd Listerman went to INDOT in Seymour on Wednesday April 7 at 2:30 PM to plead their case for bridge money for replacing the Red Bridge on Collier Ridge.

INDOT only has $4M available in the bridge category. They recommended the county apply for only $1M under the bridge category and the rest under Group 4 monies, because there are fewer applicants for Group 4 money.

They could not give them an answer, but were very positive. The decision will be published in late April.

Todd Listerman is working on the Group 4 application this week.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010



Date: 4/10/10

A. Introduction
Introduction of participants and Charette process.
Discussion of issues, deficiencies, space/
operational challenges, etc. 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

B. Project History/Previous Options

1. Presentation of previous relevant studies.

2. Discussion of previous studies advantages,

disadvantages and positive/negative attributes. 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

C. Charette

1. Introduction and discussion of charette tools.

2. Divide into teams and charette. 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

D. Lunch

1. Lunch

2. Extended charette period if needed. 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

E. Team Presentation

1. Presentation of each team’s charette product

2. Discussion of the presented products. 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

F. Consensus Building

1. Develop group consensus for a viable option to

resolve the immediate and long term space

needs of the County.

2. Discussion of a possible phase implementation

plan. 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Team 1

Tom Orschell
Dennis Kraus
Judge Humphrey
Prosecutor rep(?)
Barb Kaffenberger Recorder
Gary Hensley Assessor
Bill Black, Jr., Emergency Management
Bill Ewbank, (Veterans) County Coordinator
Bruan Monahan Sheriff Dept
Joe Mrak, RQAW/Team Leader

Team 2

Jeff Hughes
Dan Lansing
Judge Blankenship (?)
Aaron Negangard (?)
Treasurer's Office (?)
Phil Weaver Clerk
Scott Schwing Juvenile (?)
Mark McCormack Planning Zoning
Bill Ullrich Sheriff Dept/Council
Mark Van Allen, RQAW/Team Leader

Team 3

Ralph Thompson
Tom Cheek
Judge Cleary
Prosecutor rep (?)
Bill Shelton Bldg Dept
Terri Dillard Communit
Health Dept rep (?)
Beth Blair Juvenile (?)
Terry Van Winkle Sheriff Dept
CorrectionsGary Fisher, RQAW/Team Leader

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

6 April 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

6 April 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Ralph Thompson, President, Tom Orschell, and Jeff Hughes
Also present: Mike Witte, Attorney and Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator.

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor (illness.) Cathy Heist serving for her tonight.


Purchasing Agency Ordinance- Witte said no further questions from last month. Personal services contracts are to be reviewed by the attorney and approved (or not) by commissioners. Commissioners vacated and amended the purchase agency ordinance regarding personal services contracts. Commissioners passed a new ordinance requiring that all personal services contracts including those less than a year in duration that could be negotiated by dept head will all come to commissioners for approval.

Cathy Dwyer and Jan McMullin –gave info on the Clothes Line Display on Friday for awareness of violence against women especially sexual violence and rape. They will be doing Take Back the Night at Tate Street next week too. Indiana will have a new license plate also to end violence.

Ordinance regarding fee for tax list tabled due to Pennington being back in the hospital. Witte told commissioners that he has gone over this with her. This fee is to cover the work involved in preparing these lists for requesters. He thinks they can do it, as she is Ok with the ordinance. Commissioners untabled this and then approved it.


Commissioners ratified Ralph Thompson as OKI Committee member for Clean Water Act.

Proclamation for Mental Health Awareness Month. There is as major federal grant and the month of MAY will be proclaimed as Mental Health Awareness Month for children and youth and their families. Movie month in Aurora for these families on May 15th- weather pending. Commissioners approved.

Ruth Ann Batta was approved to go to Council for Summer Art Program that she has held for 23 or 24 years. Last 7 years have been funded with a grant from Council. Had 96 last summer. This summer they get to tour animation dept at Ball State. Request will be for $2000.

Corporate Cost Solutions- Bill Ewbank presented proposal to audit our workers comp for the past 3 years to determine if the premium calculations have been correct. May get refunds or lower future rates. Contingency arrangement is that they get 50% of what they save us over the 3 year period evaluated. Witte reviewed the contract per Ewbank. They claim between a 10-20% recovery. Our premium is about $300,000. Tabled so that Hughes and Orschell could meet with the company or they will be scheduled to present at next meeting.

Bill Black- EMA Contract signatures- district wide grant for $680,000 for all 12 counties. A video conferencing setup is include in this. About $800,000 was requested. County will administer it- but it is for the entire district. Grant signed.

Black had done quarterly reports for 10 different grants. Harrison received their certification from the state now. Would like the commissioners to set a date for an auction as Listerman has unloaded many vehicles there. Ewbank will coordinate an auction date and see if other depts have material to be auctioned. Hughes asked about getting vehicles for other government agencies also.

Margaret Minzner GIS Updates and working with Aurora. Parcel project will be delivered by Sidwell on the 21st. Have to decide what to do about maintenance of the parcels. She doesn’t want it to take too long and lose what accuracy they have. There are about 3 people certified. Need to get more people certified.

Minzner spoke with Randy Turner and Mayor Hastings in Aurora- there are layers of GIS they are interested in having. They are willing to help fund this, if they can find people to do this. Digital sewer, water, and utility lines would be useful. This would improve data for all work in the area. She will proceed with checking into this as commissioners agreed
Paul Pearson- Spy Glass- Communications Auditing Company. They look at phone bills, and any communication bills to see if they can cut or reduce the bill. He has spoken with Ewbank and Thompson. They audit our records looking for unused lines, faxes, modems, etc. The recommendations come back- if the county approves, they will then work with the phone companies etc. Retroactive statements- get a 50% share of what they save. Going forward they charge the monthly savings times 12 as their fee. No charge if they don’t find anything. Witte has reviewed the contract. If we want a cell phone audit- there is a flat fee- because thesecontracts usually end at different times- fee is $4,000 for that. Commissioners decided to sign a contract to audit the landline communications- not the wireless yet.

PERF (public Employees Retirement Fund) – authorizing agent- no longer necessary as Auditor has been appointed and does this.

Highway Dept- Todd Listerman gave a 40-minute report followed by public for 15 minutes on Collier Ridge Red Bridge comments.

Annual salt bid went out and will know sometime in June who the supplier will be for next winter.

Working on a $10,000 grant application with PZ help to get a new salt facility at Randall.

Hartford Bridge on Ohio County side- and our side-to be fixed with no cost to us. Have to certify that we own the approach there. State just needs the ROW agreement from county.

April 14- public meeting at North Dearborn Library to present the Stateline road improvement plans for the heart of Bright business area.

Hired a co-op student this summer. Imperative to meet new mandates for signage requirements he learned road school. Engineering student from Rose Hulman who lives in Bright will be doing that.

Highway Maintenance worker spot that is vacant and needs commissioners’ approval to go to Council to fill this. Commissioners approved.

Red Bridge at Collier Ridge – problem discovered by Doug Graf- cord had fractured. Listerman and Grieve went out to inspect it 10 days ago on a Sunday. Trying to get federal funds for this- but none appear available. Going to Seymour tomorrow to seek them again.

County bridges $700-750,000 per year from property taxes received from 3.5 cents rate and we can go to 10 cents max. No one wants to raise taxes. $1.7-1.9 million needed annually. This is the 4th bridge in the last 2 years we’ve had to close - Holt, Kuebel, Lower Dillsboro, and now this one.

This one could be a connector and may raise its priority. This is the 3rd time he will go to INDOT for this bridge. Collier Ridge only carries about 200 vpd. That may work against us. He will be at Seymour District tomorrow with Thompson to try to get this funded. Shortridge Bridge has plans from years ago- also needs to be replaced. Hughes noted it takes a long time to get federal funding. Todd said that had been shortened to about 3-4 years. Red Bridge takes about $950,000 for just the structure. (Something like what they fixed on Chesterville)
Hughes thinks we should try to go to Council to get this done with our funds maybe and not realign perhaps. This would keep it open. Federal does give us 80/20 but also more rules to follow and more expense. Some requirements have been taken out to speed things up at INDOT. This is a country-wide problem.

Thompson said they will try to avail the county of funds tomorrow. Council does not meet till May. This is a historic- non-select bridge- but there are many like this- not like the Triple Whipple or Guilford Covered Bridge.

Orschell asked if someone would be able to tear it down for what it’s worth. Thompson said the problem will be lead paint on the bridge. Worse the bridge is- the higher it will be rated in one category in the rating system with INDOT. We have 8 fracture critical bridges in the county that have to have more inspection done every two years. The old truss bridges run $8-10,000 on inspections.

Neighbors (about 25 showed up) using Collier Ridge spoke asking about the ratings showing deficiencies on the bridge and explanations of their meaning. Todd said it was structurally deficient if 50% or less. Todd looks at the reports to see what the county is required to do. He will check with INDOT about the official and unofficial comments as they seem to be contradictory on this bridge. Comments include the fact that this is a problem known for a long time. Fire dept access is an issue, as are truck routes. Perhaps just fix it with something similar to what they have now. Manchester will be first responders because the fire trucks can’t go over the bridge as rated regarding weight. Comment that Pribble and Kaiser also limit truck traffic due to winding road. This leaves no good connection for SR 48 for deliveries. Worried that INDOT said if the bridge not fixed in 5 years they just chalk it up. The governor’s office said there was $650 million in stimulus. ( this has been spent or allocated already) Bischoff said he’d like to be at the meeting when the commissioners went. Thompson said he had talked to Bischoff and he needed a month notice to get to the meeting. Scenic and good environment. Most people happy with a one lane bridge. Get it done as soon as possible. School bus issues now because of the bridge being out. Now a 13-mile trip. Todd had contacted Sunman Dearborn- Chris Wilson about a turn-around there to let kids out. An engineer living on the road gave detailed ideas of how the bridge could be repaired. He stated that the cord was broken a long time- not recently – in his opinion. The question is whether we fix it short term or long term. Lower the weight limit to 5,000 lbs maybe. A certified structural engineer would have to look at it per Thompson.

Listerman will try to get an operating budget for bridges from Council- he doesn’t have one currently in the budget. A woman noted you have to wait 6 weeks to get to Council?? You probably could do better with a hand out on the road collecting…. (laughter)

Auditor- Claims approved. No minutes were prepared.

Attorney- Witte – still have the grant approval ordinance to be prepared. Probably have it next meeting. No appeal on the Greg Davis case. County is out of that now.

State legislature created a loophole for charitable organizations to get refund on property taxes. Woodland Hills Nursing Home applied for this. The legislature closed the loophole and reversed what they did last year. County no longer has to worry about this property tax loss possibility.

County Coordinator- Bill Ewbank- Commissioner Orschell had requested a working session to develop a new ordinance regarding the new animal shelter run by PAWS. Wants to schedule it for April 20th at 1 PM. Approved.

Veterans Fund donations from Cary Pickens have been substantial nearly $22,000 to date received from 60 donors so far.

Commissioner Hughes- nothing

Commissioner Orschell- nothing

Commissioner Thompson- Veteran’s Officer Appointment- Mike Burgess- a military resume and also corporate human resources experience. Many qualified candidates and his stood out in that group. Commissioners approved and he will report at 8:30 AM.

Signature for Reaction PC Contracts not done- as contracts have not arrived yet.

Late Arrivals- none

Public Comment- none

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township