Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In response to item #2 of Mr. Hughes concerns:

It would be nice to be quoted correctly and in context.

In the philosophical discussion of an individual’s rights and freedoms, the statement was made that the individual had the right and freedom to make his views known in any manner he chose. To which I questioned if he felt that meant one had the freedom to punch someone in the nose if they felt like it. I continued stating that our freedoms and rights end short of the other person’s nose! We have the freedom to express our opinion as long as we do not violate other’s freedom or rights!

For example, we have freedom of speech guaranteed by the Bill of Rights; but, we cannot legally slander someone, nor falsely yell “fire” in a crowded room.

The discussion was to indicate just the opposite of what Mr. Hughes’ statement has implied. At no time did I or any one else that I saw or heard intimidate anyone.

The issue goes to the discussion of property owner’s rights. Mr. Hughes has expressed that the property owner has the right to do anything with his property. We questioned, if someone wished to place a junkyard or factory on residential property, in spite of his neighbor’s rights, should he be allowed. He answered the owner had that right. He considered the subsequent devaluing of the neighbor’s property a “taking”; but, had no response when questioned how as to resolve that. The purpose of zoning is to protect all property owners’ rights and as in the free expression of freedoms and rights, our freedoms are limited by the rights of others.

Ralph Thompson
Advisory Board Member
County Commissioner- D-3


I requested this list of Commissioner Jeff Hughes’s concerns as is a citizen’s right under the Open Door Law. The following is what Hughes gave to the Mark McCormack (Plan Director), Mike Hall (PC Chairman), and Dennis Kraus Jr. (PC Vice-Chairman and County Surveyor) at their August 1st meeting with him. That meeting was to ascertain Hughes’s issues with the amendment to the Master Plan which includes the Future Land Use Map.
This entry below is printed just as it was submitted to them from Commissioner Hughes. I have added no editing, corrections, or comments.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Advisory Board member
Lawrenceburg Township

Hughes’s concerns:

{Other concerns that need to be addresses or investigated and reported on}
1) What changes occurred to the future land use map after the violation of the open door law. (The future land use process was discussed).
2) At the East Central public meeting Ralph Thompson a committee member and I were discussing individual liberty and freedom of choice. Ralph Thompson said “that means I have the freedom to smash you in the face,” I would like to known if he was willing to try to intimidate an elected official, how many other committee members were willing to intimidate private citizens. (Have there been any reported incidents to your knowledge)
3) Mark Hall tried to influence the Dearborn County Farm Bureau board to evict Mr. Kolb off of the board because of her presentation she gave from one of the working groups this is a form of coercion through intimidation. I spoke to the chairman of the Farm Bureau Board; he confirmed Mark Hall did perpetrate this act.(I notified the chairman of the plan commission was any action taken).
4) Did any committee members falsely portray the future land use maps as something that would stop eminent domain? We can not have quasi government board inaccurately informing and spreading misinformation to the citizens.

5) Did any plan commission members openly admit in a public meeting that they were tire of the land use process and just wanted to get done with it. ( apathy is a poor reason to vote )
6) What potential does a land use map have on denying property owners the ability to use their land for the purpose they see most beneficial? (Can a plan commission use this map to deny applications).

25 August 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Kraus, Jr. , acting chairman until Hall took over for the last items, Hall (arrived at 7:15), Hornbach, Laws, Lehman, Lansing, Beiersdorfer, Thompson.
ABSENT: Nelson
Also Present: McCormack, Plan Director, and McGill, Attorney.

3 sets of minutes March, April, and May were approved.


1. Elvin and Martha Miller’s request for a waiver on a drainage structure in West Miller Subdivision in Sparta was tabled until Sept 29th at the applicant’s request so they could do more research.

2. Primary approval for a replat of lots 18, 19, and 25 in Georgetown Acres Section 3 on Greenwood Drive Miller Township. Owners: Tim and Sharie Richter presented by Jeff Stenger, Surveyor. Parcel size is 9.545 acres and is zoned R.
The original plat of this was in 1976-7. They reason for these lots being unbuildable at the time was due to no frontage.

Current plans are to build a shared driveway past the original house on lot 25 and access the back two lots. Site distance is OK, the driveway has some steep grade per the pictures. Board had questions on the sewer letter from VRUC which specifically state they could provide service, but needed an OK from Greendale. The intent was to do laterals only as VRUC cannot extend mains per IDEM order. Floyd Ogden indicated they could issue only one lateral at a time. They can’t get multiple permits. So they would do lot 25, then the next and so on. [NOTE: This sounded like a way to circumvent IDEM’s requirements.] The intent is to connect on the property side near HVL. Proposed sites to build are on the gently sloping back lots. The lot numbers will change to 44-46. The owners propose to build on 45, hold 46 for their kids or if they need to sell, and sell their current house on new lot 44. The neighbors movable shed is encroaching about 2-3 ft over the line. Richter’s currently have a “nice Chaffee system- that cost an arm and a leg” for septic and this has to change in front of the house to fit the driveway in.

Thompson reminded them- you have to have sewage approval in order to get primary plat approval per code. Hall asked if they’d talked to Lampert in Greendale. Answer was no. Laws said they could reword the letter and leave Greendale out and then it would be OK. [ NOTE: YIKES!!!!!] Hall said a shared section of 2” line is like a main- laterals would HAVE to be separate lines.

Tom Lane- OK with it.

Ruth Ross- against it- she bought her 2 lots adjoining this in 1995 and was told no one could build behind her as it was restricted since August 16, 1977. A mostly dry creek separates the property. She is in a 2 bedroom house as 3 bedrooms would exceed the results of her septic perc test. She feels this will have an adverse effect on her privacy, cause noise, and devalue her property. Ross also noted that 2 months ago the Richters sent the neighbors a letter that they were moving to FL and wanted to sell the 2 lots at $50,000 each. She questioned if they were really staying. She also showed the PC pictures of her current view and what would be affected.

Julie Merton wanted to be sure her lot was unaffected – it touched on one corner.

McGill reminded the board that they needed to conduct it like a meeting and that this just has to meet subdivision ordinance. This stopped the interchange between neighbors and brought it back to the board.

Tom Lane said the covenants show one house per lot. He has 17 acres on lot 20. He said the Richter’s trees are the Richter’s trees. No one else’s.


Thompson wants sewer cleared up and was concerned about the restricted lot wording. The 2nd lot could be sold now if approved.

Laws- OK with the sewer letter now as it’s VRUC’s problem to get Greendale- not the PC concern. [NOTE: YIKES again!]

Hornbach- OK as Laws said. [NOTE: Hornbach is new- he may not know how this affects Greendale’s standing with IDEM or SDRSD.]

Lehman- Was there a max cap on the # of lots available in 1976-7? McCormack said not in any of their documentation, which was sparse.

Lansing- Why would VRUC put that line in the letter about Greendale unless they had some concern about approval? Would like to hear from Greendale.

Beiersdorfer- Greendale sentence is an issue- they (VRUC) are covering their butts with that one.

Hall- same thing. He asked McGill- do you think it has to be rewritten? McGill- well- after that lawsuit – yes.

Kraus, Jr.- would like to see a better sewer letter.

Hall motioned and Beiersdorfer 2nd to approve the replat of 18,19, and 25 to 44,45,1nd 16 CONTINGENT UPON getting a sanitary sewer letter satisfactory to McGill. All ayes.

3. Proposed Change to the Subdivision Control Ordinance- Articles 160,165 and related texts throughout the book on variances and waivers were forwarded to commissioners with a FAVORABLE recommendation so that the ordinance would be in compliance with state laws. All ayes.


1. McCormack plans to add Greendale to his list of approvals on sewage if VRUC is involved.

2. Bond report late due to Enf officer being sick for a week. It was noted that Linkmeyer’s Eden Sub’n will be off the list soon- they are getting it resolved.

3. Lawrenceville replat was tabled by commissioners as Ewbank- last minute- notified he was unable to make the meeting. Continuing to see if they can get a broader fix. People want low or no cost on this.

4. Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Future Land Use Map and the text changes)- McCormack, Hall, and Kraus, Jr. met with Hughes Friday Aug 1st to see what the concerns were.

Hughes had listed 4 or 5 items of concern:

2 isolated incidents he heard about with advisory board members that he said were intimidating. One involved Mark Hall and Laverne Kolb. One was Ralph Thompson.

Board members who dropped out were replaced and Hughes didn’t like the replacements. McCormack said they were replaced with people from the same organization or interest group. Example- The Chamber could send different people.

Retention of property rights.

Hughes has no particular timeline on revisiting it. Fox does not want to hear it again UNTIL HUGHES IS READY.

The board wanted to let the Advisory Board know the status of the plan so far as several have been asking. Hall said- it’s in the commissioners domain and it will stay there until they act on it.
McCormack is asking the state about setting some time limits on Comp Plans- the same as on zone changes. This isn’t logical.

Thompson asked Hall and Kraus to comment on their opinion of the meeting.

Hall said that Hughes was going to continue to do his research (the poll of large property owners?) But Hughes also said that the other 2 commissioners could do it without him at any time. Hall didn’t get the feeling that Hughes was asking them to formally respond to the concerns he raised.

Kraus Jr. said Hughes feels it’s going to violate personal property rights. Hughes does not want to pass what we forwarded. It seemed like he was just throwing out reasons not to approve it- there isn’t anything really wrong with the plan. Hughes didn’t give them a due time. And he is continuing with his survey of property owners.

Hall added- Hughes said- he’s not feeling any pressure from people to pass it. No one is pushing him to make a rush decision. Not enough people saying anything. [NOTE: RUSH DECISION??? Tabled since November??? How slow does this guy work?]

Hughes also asked about tax implications. [NOTE: I asked for a copy of Hughes’s specific list of concerns. It will be sent from the Plan Office.]

Kathy Scott- Laws had asked what this board could even do. This board should put some pressure on commissioners- write a letter- ask them to decide one way or the other.

Jeff Stenger- You work for the commissioners- they don’t work for you.

Chris Mueller- The Commissioners work for us- the people- and I think we need to let the advisory board know what’s up and if they are so inclined, they can talk to the commissioners. There is no way the people know what is going on- all these talks are behind the scenes.

Stenger- Copy the letter to the advisory board for the commissioners do it is all above board.
McCormack will draft the letter for teh board's approval.

5. US 50 Collaborative is discussing access mgmt at Walmart intersection now. Fill areas and costs are being looked at. This is entirely in L-bg and Aurora’s jurisdiction. Decisions are theirs – we are just helping with our expertise- cheaper than hiring it out. There are 3-4 property owners affected by Phase 1. 8 acres behind Post Office is where Orschelns is going. Some attended this last meeting to see how their businesses were fitting in. $15-20 million tentative costs for Phase 1. FILL IS PLANNED FROM NORTH SIDE TO SOUTH SIDE. [NOTE: Has anyone talked to Army Corps of Engineers? ]

6. Test cases for Fiscal analysis by OKI are being tried soon- US 50, Sugar Ridge, 56 acres Commercial Industrial by St Leon TIF area, and the DeNoma Greendale area. These are just trial runs to see how the project works.

7. Ashley Webb started work as new planner- working on grant application for west Harrison.

Meeting adjourned 9:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, August 22, 2008

21 August 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to provide a summary record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events or issues.


Present: Chairman, Dave Enzweiler, John Maxwell, Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Brett Fehrman and Steve Renihan.Also Present: Sue Hayden taking notes for Benning, Executive Secretary; Tom Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; John Draper; Jerry Jacobsen; and Ralph Thompson. Bryan Messmore briefly.

Meeting started at approximately 7:45 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room after the Executive Session. The meeting was NOT recorded.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes for August 7, 2008 approved.

Treasurer's Report
County Study Account $ 49,914.42
High Ridge Account $106,236.58
Aurora Debt Service Account $ 3,949.50
Sewer District Savings Account $ 2,422.92
Serenity Ridge Account $ 22,491.39

Special Requests

Serenity Ridge
Quinn indicated the construction is complete except for some retainage to be paid and this is complete as an item. There is some retainage to be paid on lot # 1 for tap-in.
West Aurora/ Highridge Project
Quinn indicated he had a discussion with IDEM and the lagoon will have to be cleaned out by DCRSD.
Quinn submitted a proposal for the work with money included for the cleanup.
Enzweiler indicated they would take time to review the proposal.
Quinn indicated Hrezo will do the site work and the surveying, which will be extra.
Maxwell asked if the the plant could be benched on the property.
Hrezo indicated it will fit with little or no retaining walls.
A discussion ensued at the bench with Maxwell and Hrezo and later others over a drawing about the siting of the plant much of which was unable to be overheard.
Enzweiler indicated the Executive Session dealt with the acquisition of part of lot # 70, which will be subdivided by Draper, contingent upon access between lots # 19 and 20 and the property being suitable for the purposes of DCESD. They will also need an easement to Hogan Creek.
Fehrman moved and Dennerline seconded to proceed with the land acquisition. All approved.
Enzweiler directed Hrezo to do the survey and clearly mark and determine if the property is capable of sustaining what they need. He was also directed check the easement between lots # 19 & 20.
Quinn indicated Hrezo will provide monuments.
Enzweiler indicated the remainder of lot 70 will remain in Draper's possession and he didn't see a problem if they discharged all the way or only part way down the hill. He said " One more land mine out of the way for this project."

New Business
None was noted.

Enzweiler stated that a letter had been sent to Ziedan, Lischkge and DeVille.
Draper indicated that DeVille didn't own the property, his brother Ron owns it. DeVille is apparently on vacation and no one was sure if he had received the letter yet.

Hrezo Engineering for construction administration. $1534.00 and $514.00.
Asked about the status, Hrezo indicated the project was invoiced to 90%.
Fehrman moved and Dennerline seconded to pay the claims, all approved.

Kramer indicated he had contacted the Dillsboro Town Board. Dillsboro provide water to the subdivision and metered it electronically, he hadn't heard of that before. (Note: Most water companies are switching or have switched to electronically read meters.) He indicated Dillsboro could not help with turning off the water for non payment, they would have to use lien provisions. Dillsboro indicated they would work with them on maintenance and billing on an equitable basis and cooperate. IDEM or IRUC wouldn't allow them (Dillsboro) to turn off the water to the residences.

Next Meeting

Adjourned at approximately 8:03 PM.

Ralph Thompson
Washington Township


Voter registration application available on line at:


Voter registration due by October 6, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Date: August 21, 2008

Time: 2:00 pm

Location: Commissioner’s Room

Meeting called by:
Bryan Messmore

Participants: Mike Clark, Donnie Hastings, Jr., Mark McCormack, Bill Miller, Jim Kinnett, Mike Hall, Jim Ude, Erin Peterson, Margaret Minzner
cc: Board of Commissioners

Purpose: Continue discussion on DC transportation project with focus on “Wal-Mart Intersection “ in Aurora.
(as requested by Trans-Sub-Committee)

Desired Outcome: 7/17/08 : Identify opportunities to enhance commercial development and traffic mobility in the area.
8/21/08 : Determine – “Ownership” & “Pace”

Agenda Items:

Review details and maps modified from 7/17/08 discussion

NOTE: *Please send representation if you can not attend.


A request for Aurora to annex 7 acres off Dinah Drive and Ind. 148, rezone the property, and allow setback and other variances for the property will be discussed at 2 back to back meetings at Aurora City Hall- Council Chambers- 235 Main Street on Thursday evening, Aug. 21.

The first meeting, at 6 p.m., will allow Aurora Plan Commission to consider a request to rezone the property from R1, single-family residential, to R3, multi-family residential.

The second, a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. before the Aurora Board of Zoning Appeals, will review the annexation and variance requests of Emmert Leffler and Tom Kent.

Kent, Leffler and Mike Hall approached city council in April with preliminary plans for the property adjoining Dearborn County Country Club. The area is immediately to the right of the club. 55 units are in the preliminary plans.

19 August 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Fox, and Thompson
Also present: Pickens and Messmore
ABSENT: Ewbank- in INDY [NOTE: This caused commissioners to table several items tonight]
No uniformed officer was present from the sheriff’s dept. (unless they are counting on Doug Taylor from Lawrenceburg's force.)

Candidates present: Tom Orschel-D2 Commissioner, Doug Taylor- D-1 Commissioner, and Phil Darling- Council-at-large.
Judge Sally Blankenship and Prosecutor Aaron Negangard were present but not listed on the agenda.

1. Hughes informed the public that due to Ewbank’s absence they would not be hearing any of the items under Planning and Zoning. He then called Kraus, Jr. to inform him- but he showed up later with Greg Trabel, who really wanted to have the alleys in Lawrenceville vacated so that he could get his pole barn built. It remained tabled till next meeting and Fox pretty much assured him it would pass- if Ewbank was OK with the legalities. Kraus, Jr. was to get their material to Ewbank.

2. Margaret Minzner- GIS received approval and signatures on the Indiana Map participation agreement- a data sharing agreement with eth state that she said we were already doing. This formalized it and allows us to be eligible for $17,000 from Homeland Security funds.

3. Gary Hensley Sales disclosure- was not addressed.

4. Benny Dyer- citizen- regarding Lake Dilldear dam deterioration was not present and was not addressed.

5. The Doctor and Nurse agreement was signed for the Juvenile Center.

6. Kenneth Ingram was reappointed to the hospital board.

7. Carl Fryman got signatures on the ordinance between the county and the state and also the approval; to waive fees for charitable entities (festivals etc)

8. Transportation Dept- Todd Listerman- gave a 20 minute report:
Freightliner was awarded bid for snow plow dump truck chassis at $134,448 (1 of 3 bidders)
Kaffenberger was awarded the bid for the dump bed, plows, spreader box and conveyor at $80,200. (only bid)

Listerman detailed the concerns of Marlene Enzweller on Van Wedding about RR track safety at crossroads. He examined all the crossroads and they are all marked with crossbars, striping and some have warning lights as well. Signage is also in place. There will be 2 trains per day from the Honda plant- one in and one out. Fox asked him to get back to her and tell commissioners next meeting what her response was.

Highway is holding on purchasing a Durapatcher until asphalt costs stabilize. Instead, they are purchasing a work truck so the mechanic can repair in the field. These trucks are greatly discounted now- he thinks he can get a good deal.

Rohe Paving is selling the county their millings from the SR 262 repaving project. The county will do Rumsey Road for $18,000 with it- - 3” deep x 20 ft wide from Coyote Run to North Hogan. They will also do Schantz for $73,500 at 16 ft from Gutapel to North Dearborn. This is essentially a test to see how this all holds up. There will be a single chip seal on top of these compacted millings. This works well on park roads and low volume areas. Heavy equipment could be an issue on these roads, The cost is about half of asphalt. IF IT FALLS APART- the solution will be to add hot mix over it. It still saves money as there is less hot mix required.

9. Hughes called Kraus Jr. (surveyor) to the podium at this point to explain why they’d tabled Trabel’s request for vacating the roadways in Lawrenceville. Kraus explained that Trable has lost $2,000 so far in the delays on this. Fox chimed in that it would be worse if we proceeded and there was a pole barn built on a problem. Pickens joked: “Remember Murphy was born in Dearborn County.”
Fox pretty much assured Trable it would pass and to get it all ready for next meeting. Hughes said- we still have to have a public hearing on this.

10. Pickens- Manchester EMS contract signed, claims approved, minutes approved with Thompson abstaining on the ones from the special meeting. (the one putting Fryman in charge of Building Inspections) He had requested they insert a line to indicate that Hughes had read a prepared statement. Hughes asked- what’s wrong with being prepared? Thompson only asked that it be stated so that it reflected he prepared the wording and said he’d abstain- they would still pass. [NOTE: Not sure why they wouldn’t want to state it was a prepared statement. Doesn’t seem to be a negative to prepare other than that it indicates the person has made up their mind in advance. In this situation, there would have been no need to call the special meeting if Hughes hadn’t made up his mind to pass it. Of course, the communication behind the scenes could be troublesome in some cases.]

11. Pickens also noted that Council wanted a CUM JAIL fund set up Thompson agreed to look into it at the state for them. They are currently using cum cap fund.

12. The December 2 meeting is moved to MONDAY DECEMBER 1st to avoid conflict with a commissioners conference.

13. Messmore- NOTHING unless they had questions.
Fox immediately asked about Gladys Russell Park- there had been complaints of the trail needing more upkeep. Messmore said he walked it- it was pretty out there but it was long- Fox joked about it being no problem for a jogger like Messmore. Messmore thought it was OK- but that it could perhaps be mowed more often. He got highway crews to trim overhead branches and help out.

14. Thompson reported that Pickens had given him a number and he’d started checking on the cum jail fund possibility.

15. Fox – brought up video arraignment- and repeated a couple times that he was just going to be blunt about it. He also said- see Ralph I’m reading a prepared statement. [NOTE: What’s all this issue with prepared statements. It sounded like they were trying to pick a fight.]
Fox mentioned that video arraignment was “like putting a band-aid on a skull fracture.” Fox said that Messmore had been working on this with all the stakeholders and it needed solid work. Fox said- he was motioning to put Messmore in charge of getting all these studies and have a comprehensive plan for the jail and courthouse. He said something about Messmore laddering out and getting bond funding. Fox thinks they have a good bond market and can do the jail without raising taxes.

Hughes said it has been studied to death before and he’s here to protect the taxpayers and individual citizens. Hughes was in the courthouse today and saw FIRST HAND the drug-testing going on in the public restroom. He wants Bryan Messmore to be the point man and get it done in 90 days. [NOTE: Conveniently past the election.]

Fox asked if that was a 2nd to his motion. Hughes said yes. [NOTE: It was assumed here that Thompson wouldn’t second. The chair usually seconds only when they have to.]

They opened it for discussion before voting. Pickens said – he hoped you’d include the whole site here.

Hughes insisted it HAS TO GET PAID WITH NO TAX INCREASE! [NOTE: Now that might be tricky.]

Hughes then asked for Negangard (who was not on the agenda) to address them. Thompson asked if he could say a few words first.

Thompson said he’d been working with Bryan and RQAW for some time and it has been studied- it needs refinement and it does need to look at the whole campus.

Negangard said that it has been studied from Crowe Cizek to RQAW and Messmore has all the info. He can do this with that information. He doesn’t want more studies. It can be done for less than the $44 or 26 million suggested previously. (He’s referring to the Vieste group plans using some RQAW info) The jail is overcrowded and the lawsuits would cost us more than the $44 million.

Thompson said- we have 7 alternatives- I’m not asking for another study- I said we need to refine the plans we have. WE’RE NOT IN DISAGREEMENT.

Blankenship said that when she was appointed judge- she was told to remember that our job is to serve the people. There is a serious issue in the courthouse with space- and we can serve the people more appropriately and confidentially than we do now. She wants no more wasted time.

Fox interrupted and said that he didn’t think it was a waste because we have 2 years of plans and people have realistic ideas now.

Blankenship said she’s been in public service for 18 years and feels we need to make positive steps forward now. The comprehensive plan makes sense.

All three commissioners voted Aye to have Messmore produce these plans in 90 days along with costs.

[NOTE: This item was not on the agenda and yet it took up a fair amount of time and constitutes a big money and time commitment for the county. Prepared statements are fine- how about preparing the agenda?]

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Saddleback Forum-
Each candidate gets an hour- questions are the same- some are quite tough. It is done in mostly 10 minute segments so you can stop at any time and go back as well.

If you didn't watch it, this might be well worth it:


Friday, August 15, 2008

Notes of St. Leon Town Council Meeting, Monday, August 11, 1008, 7:30 p.m.

Members in Attendance: Kevin Alig, Andy Bischoff, Jerry Stenger, John Watson,
Attorney, and Darlene_______(Treasurer)
Doug Farrow was absent

Others in Attendance:
Sewer Board Members: Chuck Hail, Lou Thaman, Dave Bischoff, and Andy Zeigler
EES Employees: Frank Leonard, Robert Curry, and Steve Carter
Bose McKinney & Evans LLP: J. Christopher Janak, Attorney
H. J. Umbaugh & Associates: Scott A. Miller, CPA

Note: The meeting was held outside, in the covered picnic area. Several citizens were
in attendance. The meeting did not start until approximately 8:10 p.m., when
Jerry Stenger arrived.

Previous Board meeting minutes were read and approved with changes (unable to hear what changes were made). The Treasurer gave a report concerning revenues.

Officer Wendt gave his report of recent activities in the area, and warned that there have been many daytime burglaries in Dearborn County, and stated that if anything, or anyone looks out-of- place, call the police.

Andy Bischoff then said that tonight’s meeting was to discuss the rate study, along with expansion. He then introduced John Watson.

John Watson gave a summary stating they had a preliminary rate study, and were also engaged in studies about where we are with the plant (sewer), and capacity in the future. Watson continued that he, Fred, and Steve met with Scott Miller of H. J. Umbaugh.

Bob Curry interjected that Christian Knock (sp.) of the Bond Council met with them also.

Watson continued they will go one way or the other, they are reaching capacity (at the
St. Leon Wastewater plant). We will not be able to have anymore taps, and there are consequences if we don’t go forward, and if we do go forward, Scott Miller has a rate study to discuss. Watson said we have not raised rates since 2002, that is 6 years down the road. They have experienced increases in costs, and the preliminary study indicates rate increases are necessary with or without plant expansion. The bottom line from Umbaugh is to go forward with the rate increase, and in terms of expansion the lion share will be applied to expansion. Watson said Frank and Bob will address the terms of capacity at 90% , IDEM, and a moratorium.

Frank and Bob showed an exhibit which demonstrated when capacity would reach 90%, and it coincided with plans/dates set for expansion. Frank concluded that expansion from 300,000 to 600,000 was an appropriate expansion. They tried to get the county to cost share, but the county never got it in place. Plans were approved by IDEM, and bids were received in 2007. Four good contractors made bids; the low bidder was 3.74 million dollars, approximately $600,000 under other bids. The project has been on hold since then. Frank said he checked with the contractor, and we are in a position where if we have to rebid we would not get a better bid than we had. Costs have increased 4.6% on average. If we move forward, the expansion will be finished the middle of 2010, and that would be consistent with 90% capacity. We have lost 7-8 months. We need to process the application and get into the first phase.

Bob Curry, engineer, said John (Watson) called him in May to review documents, quality and spacing of bids, and after viewing everything, found it was in perfect order, and the spread was about what you expect for a wastewater plant. Curry explained that you must have on line and add customers by May 2010. We need to proceed as quickly as possible because if IDEM sees you made commitments beyond 90%, we would not only be in violation of commitment to developers, but have problems with IDEM as well.

Watson said that IDEM can make an agreed order, and stop all further development, until the wastewater plant is completed. When an order is issued, they go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Watson asked the attorney, Christopher Janak, if IDEM can order you to make an increase.

Mr. Janak said there are utility issues all over the state, if your utility reaches capacity and they can’t hook up, and capacity is certified at 90%, you will get letters and visits and orders from IDEM. Mr. Janak said he has never seen where they tried to get you to expand with an agreed order. He has never seen it happen.

Frank Leonard said not to sound too negative, about expansion and future rates, the fact is that all commitments have been made—let’s do this.

Watson said regarding the financial component, a rate increase is necessary regardless.

Chris Janak said here is where you are from a rate perspective. In 2002, there should have been a 45% rate increase. The Town thought growth would take care of expenses, so they only increased rates by 5%. But rates are not covering expenses. Costs have to cover. IN revenues are not covering costs, unless you use gaming revenues. As you use up more and more of gaming revenues, you have a timing perspective, and you’ll have to get financing. You have to show rates are enough to cover cost. You need to raise rates to get bond loans. It will take 60-75 days to get financing. You have a 15-18 month project, if you started today to get legal rates.

Scott Miller stated it is a paradox, growth helped keep rates lower. The challenge is how can we get the project done. I can’t use customers not connected yet, give you time to get them connected. An estimate of projected costs is $4,680,000. You have $575,000 funds applied, and $310,000 available funds on hand, which leaves $3,795,000 to borrow. You will need an underwriter, and besides others, we can consider a local bank.

You have to borrow short-term for 5 years. You go to a bank and place with a bond for $3,795,000, to do the project. That allows you to get customers, and five years from now you will get a long-term bond issued for 15-20 years, which buys you time. The more customers you have, that is a financing solution.

Scott Miller continued the current operating expenses were $381,000, and additional operating expenses were $19,100 for chemicals etc., all prices are going up. The debt services, three outstanding, total $312,400. The proposed 2008 interest will be $170,800 for 5 years, to be built into the rates and charges until we get the long-term bond. An allowance for replacements, is $93,700. The revenue requirements will be $933,900, and rates and charges need to cover it, plus interest.

Miller continued that money collected, including riverboat sharing which amounts to $88,100, totals $825,800. The additional revenues required (to meet expenses) is $108,100. An increase of 15% is needed to cover the $108,100.

Chris Janak and Scott Miller discussed that rates and charges have to cover principal and interest and another 25%, which is why you need 15%, not just 10% or 12%. Anything less than a 15% increase will not get you debt service. You can put in more gaming money, but the market is tumultuous now. If you go with 15% in place, you will have more money at the end. In 5 years you will have to replace the initial bond, with a long-term bond issue.

Chris Janak said they did not like being the bearer of bad news, either you will need to do this, or commit more gaming money, and what will happen if gaming revenues are reduced?

Watson said we are revisiting the rates, it has been 6 years now (since an increase).
Steve Miller said at the 15% increase, it averages to 2-1/2% per year. Some communities have an annual increase built in for 15% every year.

Watson said we can start the process for a bond ordinance parallel with the rate ordinance. We will advertise, have a public hearing, issue an ordinance.

Steve Miller said we look at banks, it has to be competively bid, and area banks can participate.

Watson stated that if we don’t go forward, we will need to increase rates to cover costs. We will have to tell people there is no more capacity to be committed.

One of the speakers stated that they are digging at Maple Ridge now.

(I raised my hand to ask Andy Bischoff to clarify something for me, as follows.) There was a moratorium in 2004, and later at a Dearborn County Planning and Zoning meeting, Mark Mitter stated they had a meeting with the St. Leon people regarding capacity, and the St. Leon people told them they could cover developments being proposed.

Andy Bischoff said there was a moratorium for a short time, and that for 10 years total, plus or minus, (capacity) could be covered.

Andy Zeigler said they had 13 hookups in 2008, we won’t make 29 (average per year?).

Frank Leonard said 76 (hookups) would be the amount to cover entire debt service.
An estimated 50 customers signed due to customer connection enforcement.
Curry stated rate increases with each (new) member.

Cliff Eibeck asked if they could have a copy of the financial information. Watson said it was public information. Andy Bischoff told Cliff to go to the St. Leon office tomorrow, and fill out the request form, and they would give him a copy.

Andy Bischoff stated we have been discussing this for over a year. The Dearborn County Regional Sewer District (DCRSD) was to fund them 40%, but that is not going to happen. Even with a 15% increase, we will be taking about $100,000 from riverboat money. We have purchased land for over $300,000, and want to have a Town Hall and a park. Andy Bischoff continued that he did not think they should double capacity. There is nothing promissory out there, the economy is not good, there are no businesses asking to come here, projects have been downsized.

Andy Bischoff stated he understands that we were to ask for 45% increase in 2002, but only asked for 5%. Riverboat money pays for police, and it would be good if they did not have to use riverboat money (for the wastewater plant).

Discussion followed with Andy Bischoff, Janak, and Miller regarding how pledged money has to be there regarding bonds.

Andy Bischoff stated they should think about a smaller scale expansion.

Frank Leonard said it can be done into two phases.
Steve Carter said building two smaller (plants) is not going to be saving half—there are additional considerations to be made, like the sludge handler, etc.

Frank Leonard said they recommended this expansion because it is the most cost effective deal for the town.

Andy Bischoff stated he did not want to use riverboat money. (The wastewater plant expenses) was designed to hold its own. That hasn’t happened here. Go back and look at this 15%, the rate increase has to do it, and we downsize expansion. Townspeople didn’t want the sewer to start with.

Watson said let me lay it out for you. You recognize the need for a rate increase and expansion. If (decision) is to lower expansion capacity size, and cut out riverboat dollars, we have to redo work and redo funds. We better hurry.

Curry asked Andy if they are going to cut out riverboat funds (from financial proposal), and Andy said to cut it out.

Chuck Hail said to reconsider if we get a re-bid on the number where we are now, even if we get a re-bid at ½ the capacity we (might not) beat the price we are at now.

Andy Bischoff said that is a 4 million dollar gamble that those buyers are going to be there.

Chuck Hail said they could have future customers, but they couldn’t talk with them until we knew what Dearborn County was going to do.

Andy Bischoff said Dearborn County is not going to fund 40% of our property. This can come up again after the first of the year after the elections.

Chuck Hail said we won’t have capacity if we are not going to build.

Discussion continued. Watson stated we can cut in half to get capacity, and the other half in two more years. Frank Leonard said how is this line going to go from a hydraulic standpoint? Curry said we have to have a fast track to get IDEM to approve it, this requires careful watching.

Andy Zeigler stated that time wise regarding engineering, it takes just as long to design a 100 gallon tank, and a 1 million gallon tank. Let us hold-off until the first of the year, the economy is slowing down, we won’t hit 90% until July 2010. We have a cushion, hold off another five months.

Janak stated you can increase rates in the meantime.

Watson said whatever town wants, I’m there. From a legal perspective, Watson continued, to redo a smaller project, directions have to be given to Bob, Frank and Steve for a January 2010 deadline, we have something of a timetable.

Andy Bischoff said to them, you/we recklessly used capacity.

Watson asked if they wanted the rate study in place. Andy Bischoff said they will make a decision tonight. Watson said you’ve held off a long time.

Chuck Hail asked if it would make us look better if we asked for 10 (%) now, and 5% next year?

Andy Bischoff said no one wants to increase rates. In 2002, we were told to ask for a 45% increase, and we only raised the amount 5%. I make a motion we vote on a 15% rate increase. Jerry Stenger seconded the motion. All ayes.

Curry asked if they are to eliminate the riverboat money (from the future proposals).

Andy Bischoff said yes. Andy Bischoff also stated that this is the first time the St. Leon Town Board has refused a St. Leon Sewer Board request. Andy Bischoff continued, we have postponed the expansion decision until the first of the year.

John Watson and Andy Bischoff agreed they will issue an ordinance, and the public hearing of the ordinance will be next month, regarding the 15% increase, to be in effect after October.

Many people left, and the remaining part of the meeting was held at the table with Andy Bischoff and Jerry Stenger, with others standing around.

Andy Bischoff said regarding landscaping they are going to hold off until spring.
The Girls Scouts/Boy Scouts are helping with the greenery.

Jerry Stenger, said we need to get in there and so something with the property (purchased for the town), and do it right. He referred to other people being successful in acquiring grants, and thought they should try and request grants themselves for playground equipment for the park area, as an example.

Paul Horner asked Andy Bischoff if there was any available property from the land the town purchased, because St. Joseph’s cemetery was running out of room. Paul said they would just like them (the Board) to think about it for now. Watson also said that Doug Farrow called him and asked him to mention this matter at the meeting.

Andy Bischoff said they would have to see, they have not completed their plans yet for the property. Andy continued that they wanted to do something historical for the town and the townspeople.

Jerry Stenger said he wanted to leave something from his term in office, to be there in the future.

At that point Bob Curry came over and asked if they every thought of getting Dept of Commerce grant for $500,000. A discussion followed about going to the Southeast Planning Office at Versailles and talking to the grant administrator regarding grants available for the wastewater plant.

The meeting ended at approximately 10:20 p.m.

Helen Kremer
Logan Township

Note: A 15% increase will estimate approximately as follows:

Single dwelling unit @ $57.00 to $65.55 bi-monthly
Typical residence* @ $85.32 to $98.12 bi-monthly
*typical residence using 10,000 gallons per bi-monthly period

Thursday, August 14, 2008


DEARBORN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES from 12 August 2008 contained a passage that Hughes essentially READ at the meeting. It is being posted for those wishing to see the complete statement along with a press release regarding the Building Department.

“President Hughes stated that the last commissioners meeting (8/05/08) was called to address the resolution regarding the Dearborn County Building Department and the state department of code enforcement which is now under the Homeland Security. The subject was brought up at the last meeting but fell short of our less than 5-day policy. The thought was that the county should refrain from breaking policy although policy was not law. The people of the county (Bryan Messmore, Don Townsend, Carl Fryman, and Jeff Hughes) have been in constant contact with the State Department, certain state elected officials, the business owners that the state singled out and the mayors and community managers. The county also consulted with engineering firms and code enforcement officers. Person thanks went out to the gentleman who had initialized organizing the meetings and contacts. President Hughes reviewed the information in detail and tried to ascertain the effects on the resolution business meeting in the department. He also expressed that he wanted to move forward with a county resolution.”

(The above is typed exactly as they released it with no corrections for person, tense, or typos.)

Press Release- from Bryan C Messmore Dearborn County Administrator [ NOTE: Way to spin it, guys!]

August 13, 2008

Dearborn County Commissioners approved a resolution that will help secure re-instatement of the inspection responsibilities in Dearborn County. Dearborn County Building Department has reached a milestone achievement towards a new set of standards for “inspectors” in our county. Carl Fryman has completed “state inspector boot camp” and has been assigned the task of translating his training to the balance of the department.

In coordination with this effort, Don Townsend has announced his retirement effective year end 2008. Don suggested this timing to help offset the economic downturn that has reduced the workload in the department. Don and Carl will work closely together throughout the rest of the year to transfer the remainder of the office responsibilities.

Respectfully submitted,

Bryan C Messmore
Dearborn County Administrator

14 August 2008 Dearborn County Council Budget Hearing Notes

1. Superior Court - Judge Witte presented. This budget is reduced as was last years. The referee position is eliminated. The person holding that job knew that it would be eliminated when she took it in 2005. Budget reduction is $24,000.

2. Witte took the opportunity to address the Council as this was his last hearing for the 24 years he has been in office. He shared things that he has personally talked to council and commissioners about over the years. This time he stressed that because of his experience and knowledge he felt that these items should be addressed. The judicial branch is the 3rd co-equal branch of gov’t. Witte wants it to continue to inspire confidence and not be run as “individual fiefdoms.”

Witte said that THERE IS NO NEED FOR 3 PROBATION DEPARTMENTS AND NO NEED FOR 2 DRUG COURTS. He said they should have a uniform pay scale. Most of the U.S. has a single probation dept.

The Indiana Commission on Local Gov’t Reform chaired by Shepard and O’Bannon recommended that we transfer funding to the state for ALL courts and probation depts.. to eliminate conflicts with county gov’t and get economies of scale. Witte said he supports this- unlike most of the judges in SE Indiana and reiterated his desire to eliminate individual fiefdoms.
Witte said that if we wanted to make a room bigger we could knock out walls and add to it OR we could put mirrors all around the room and make it LOOK bigger. Similarly- you can make a place look more crowded than it already is by adding cubicles and a moving files and scheduling courts all at one time so the area fills up. The state can handle public defenders also- all we would have to do is create a board of attorneys and citizens to administer the public defender system. Witte said he proposed these things in 2005 before we even knew which judge would be in that court.

Witte talked about a case where Kevin Taylor (NOT the one in Greendale) has cases in 3 courts here and has 3 separate public defenders and 3 sets of billable hours. These cases should be rolled to one court per Witte.

Witte ended with saying that he is willing to consult for Council if they want to call upon him after Jan 1. Fehrman said that it has been a privilege to work with Witte under a variety of circumstances over the past years. Thompson later reiterated that Hamilton County has 12 judges and only one probation dept. as back-up for Witte’s position. [NOTE: Looking through the various budgets on the probation departments- Witte’s stance makes sense.]

3. Witte also spoke during the Community Corrections – this dept is funded totally on state grant and project income. Their Director is paid $50,104 and the assistant is $38,496. This money comes from Ohio and Switzerland County also. Switzerland County may separate by 2010.The only thing they needed was money to pay the health insurance for 3 new employees that they want to take to full time. Fehrman took them to task for not paying for their gas from the sheriff’s dept. Apparently they get that money for gas as they request it – paperwork needs to get done. Corrections began in 1989. Up to now they’ve oaid it all themselves with grants and project funds etc. They generate over $300,000 a year. They have not asked Swizterland (15%)or Ohio Cty (7%) to help with the health insurance. No decision yet.

4. Superior Court 2- Judge Sally Blankenship presented. She said her alcohol and drug education programs were all on fees. She has $45,000 for an additional public defender spot in addition to the 70,000 already there. Blankenship added $750,000 for space needs ( a new courtroom). She said the microphones in the Commissioners Room that she uses for trials are not suitable for jury trials because the jury can HEAR what lawyers are saying at the bench. They aren’t suppose dto hear that BUT it does have to be picked up on tape- so a split system of some sort is needed. Her case load has gotten high- she says it’s at 1.4. She is managing with different staff and budgets to get help for pauper attorneys etc. She paid an intern $11/hour but he is now finishing law school. She has split jobs like deputy court reporter with probation dept. Fehrman urged her to keep fighting the fight to get her court space. Blankenship brought up the bathroom facilities that are public and also used for drug tests in the courthouse.

5. Circuit Court Probation- Steve Bradley- passed out information on how HEA 1001 affects Juvenile Court. He said Judge Humphrey is apprehensive and he himself is just scared of what it will do to the juvenile system. Decisions will be made by people who never see the kids or families.

They are asking for a Placement Coordinator- $25,000. Humphrey’s office is willing to put $5-7,500 towards this. This position is only for juveniles. The chief probation officer is paid $ 55,565 and Juvenile Probation is paid $47,467. Other probation officers make between $40-44,000. There is a strain with Child Services as they change procedures and Corrections isn’t told about it- so they feel as if they are trying to hit a moving target. Juvenile office now files applications for Medicaid cards for kids they put in placement. It costs $300/day for kids in a residential facility. [NOTE: It only costs $45/day for prisoners per yesterday’s hearings on the sheriff dept. Kids eat more- but not that much more!]

Fehrman put a note about putting a building dept person into the Placement Coordinator spot. No decision.

6. Superior Probation 2- Chief probation officers here make $45,447 and regular officers can make between $29-34,000. The chief officer here made more than $45447 because she said the judge supplemented her when she came to work for her. [NOTE: In other words she was paid more than the standard pay scale by Judge Blankenship.]

They are attempting to do more intensive work in this dept to supervise, make more home visits and do more counseling so that there are less probation violations. This will keep the jail from overcrowding. They have $25,000 as rent in their budget to get more facilities- they will need additional security if they move out of the courthouse because thet treat released felons etc. The new hire would also need a new computer.

7. Prosecutor- Aaron Negangard- first gave a replay of presentation that Commissioners saw a while back and video on the Region 15 Child Advocacy Center which will be self funded eventually by grants etc, but they need start up money. This will build the first one in the state of Indiana. The center will be in Kim Schmaltz’s old law office in Dillsboro and is 15 minutes from the Versailles ISP Post. They are raising $500,000 and have $100,000 so far. Negangard said 1173 children in Dearborn County are reported as abused. Liz Morris and Maynard Barrett both strongly backed Negangard. They believe this lessens the trauma to the child and also saves money as cases get pled out rather than go to trial. Kraus asked if we’d be funding more employees- Negangard said NO. They will be a non-profit and funded from other revenue streams. Ullrich wanted to give then $75,000- Council went with $50,000 like Switzerland County. Lawrenceburg is also helping out. Council voted to give then $50,000 from the contingency fund.

8. Prosecutor Budget- Deputy Prosecutor 1 makes $70,038 and there are 4 more ranging from $40,400 – 54827. The supplemental deputy prosecutor fund is $40,000. The prosecutor budget is about 60% local funds and 40% state funds and grants.

Negangard wants two new positions- legal secy at $26,000 and Investigator at $30,000 (with Sheriff paying his benefits as they share this). Negangard says DEARBORN COUNTY HAS THE LARGEST METHADONE CLINIC IN THE US AND THE LARGEST RIVERBOAT CASINO IN THE US. Cincinnati doesn’t deal well with it’s criminal element and we get some of that too.

Victim Advocacy is all grant money.

Negangard is going paperless and working with Messmore to pursue grants for this. They put $80,000 in the budget for that. [NOTE: That might help the space needs too. If doctors and hospitals can go paperless- surely the lawyers can too.]

9. Building Inspector- Carl Fryman- Building Commissioner gets $41,562, other inspectors range from $30,213 – 34,909. Fehrman noted they have been going through some turmoil in the dept.- but they are on the mend – getting fixed and thanked Fryman for stepping up. Townsend is retiring and they are not replacing a position for 2009. This will leave 4 positions. One is in ROTC and leaving in 2009 (Pat Ohlaut) sometime and another is 65 and can retire if he wants (Tom Smith). Fryman will be there and the last one is the new hire- Joe Zoller.

They are handling Weights and Measures and only need one person there. – for about 2-3 days a week. Fryman is certified and so he can sign off on whoever he sends to do the weight tests. Once a county hits 30,000 they have to have this dept. There are other tests that can be done but are not required yet- per Messmore.

Fryman says they are cleaning out files to obtain space- none have ever been done. [NOTE: I hope someone tells him about record destruction having to be approved by the records committee.]

Fehrman said it seems silly to lay off Joe Zoller if Pat goes or Tom retires. Perhaps he can work seasonal for the highway and also animal control. [NOTE: Why is Council meddling in the Building Dept. hiring of SPECIFIC employees? I thought Council wanted to stick to functions and positions and not get personal. Liz Morris said this was inappropriate yesterday- it should be inappropriate today too.]

Fryman said he wanted to keep his options open and would like to take applications to get the best employee we can get. Thompson said we had an inspector who left because of the dept problems and would like to return if the dept goes back to “doing things right.”

Fryman said he was Clay Township trustee for 8 years and he knows about finances. He stressed that this was his personal circumstance to work with.

Thompson asked why there was no gas money in this budget. Fryman noted they had just implemented a route for inspectors to save gas and keep consumption low. They are 35-40% down from last year.

Cheek asked if Fyman gets the Building Commissioner’s pay if he’s doing the work. The answer was NO- as Townsend doesn’t retire till Dec 31st.

Council adjourned for lunch. Afternoon id County Extension budget and they will work on the entire set now to see if they can fit salaries etc. in.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


13 August 2008 Morning Only- Dearborn County Council Budget Hearings

Office holders received a letter from Charlie Fehrman- Council President- preceding the budget hearings which said:

Dear office holder,
After receiving the latest projections from the state regarding our income and looking forward to the changes from the sweeping HB 1001 legislation that will grip us next year, the default decision of the Council will be to approve the same amount for your office that we did last year. Our consultant is actually recommending that we reduce the number to below last year’s budget. We are working to avoid this.
When you come to budget hearings, please be prepared to discuss ONLY any areas of new requests you have, or if there’s an area of increase from last year, why that increase is imperative to your office’s duties. That will help us greatly. If neither one of these situations applies to you, there is no need to come see us. We might even consider that a gift! Enjoy your weekend…
Thanks ,

All Council members were in attendance at the hearings. The three commissioners were present at intervals.
Phil Darling- candidate for Council was present.
Register Publications also covered the meeting.

At the hearings this morning- items of interest included:

1. The Division of Family and Child Services asked for an advance on their funds again- of $1.4 million. In Jan of 2009 that dept will belong to the state.

2. Bright EMS contract was signed and they received $24,000 retroactively from last year.

3. Veterans Ofice was approved for $10,000 for vehicle and transportation fees.

4. $10,000 was granted to Cheryl Lohmiller for Animal Control part time help.

5. $80,000 for gasoline was approved 4-2 from Riverboat revenue. [NOTE: There are issues with other departments using Sheriff’s gas and not paying for it- such as Community Corrections.]

6. Projected funds for 2009 were 12,800,000 income+ 4,000,000 riverboar revenue = $16,800,000 total. According to Frank Cummings, the consultant, this leaves only $500,000 for raises and additional appropriations.

7. Fehrman showed that 1% raises were $86,000, 2% $172,000, 3% $258,000, and 4% were $344,000.

8. Tom Cheek – we may need to cut some people out to get appropriate raises for the rest. There is waste in the system- and I know I’m sounding like you all ( Republicans) and I’m on the other side of the aisle. But we have to look at what the economy is doing and see companies cutting jobs. The tax cuts are affecting the smaller entities the most. Pickens noted that Dearborn has few properties that will meet the 1% cap.

9. Cheek and Fehrman noted that even freebies like the Animal Shelter COST- as they add two more employees!

10. Fehrman said retirement will eliminate some salaries. Cheek asked why keep the building inspector if he can’t do the work? Fehrman said he’s transferring his duties to Carl Fryman. Pickens said we are back on track now- in 3 months instead of the projected 18 months- and we can do inspections with Fryman and collect our fees. Carl is doing all the work. Kraus said we can’t do anything about this this year- but we CAN about NEXT year.

11. Liz Morris agrees with Dennis and Dan- these employees have generous benefits and they have a JOB!

12. Council decided to make no decisions on raises until they have ascertained the needs of the offices first.

13. There was NO PUBLIC COMMENT on the budget process so that part of the meeting was opened and closed quickly. [NOTE: Not many members of the public would know what to comment on until they’ve seen the process in action. One portion of the process that would be helpful would be for the screen to be visible to everyone in the room. That may require two screens.]

14. Commissioner’s budget was presented by Hughes- who wanted it to be known that he was not requesting any raise for himself. He had suggested that any salary of $50,000 or more be limited to a 1% increase.

15. Sue Hayden- the adm ass’t for the commissioners should be at 1st deputy pay rate – but isn’t as the jobs were traded with GIS last year. ($27,458) Discussion of all the work she does ensued and someone asked how to find the money. Then Kraus said- get rid of the Administrator pay. [NOTE: Hayden is in the front line and many people have learned to ask her directly rather than go thru the Adm office as she is usually the one who gets asked to do the job anyway.]

16. High salaries in Commissioner budget: Administrator - $71,080, 2 Commissioners - $45,830, President of Commissioners- $25,248, 6 Council members- $49,974, and Pres, of Council- $11,329.

17. Planning and Zoning- McCormack presented showing a 4% wage increase request, lowered legal services, increased office supplies to 2007 level, increased computer maintenance and certif. fees. The net increase for the office MINUS salaries was $450. He noted that he’d done performance evaluations on his staff and offered those to each Council member should they want to see them.

18. Fehrman asked with less building due to economy what is their workload? McCormack gave a list of items they were working on for the county- grants for the parks and Manchester, doing the website in-house to save thousands of dollars, and digitizing the records back to 1981 to eliminate file space issues. Cheek noted after McCormack left that his presentation was EXCELLENT.

19. High salaries in PZ Office: $58,450- Director, $38,480- Enf Officer, and $32,136- Assistant Planner ( half paid by W Harrison and St. Leon)

20. Assessor – presented by Gary Hensley- feels his office is directly affected by HEA1001. He said it is recommended each staff handle 2750 parcels. We have 30,000 parcels of land and his staff is well above the recommended work load. He wants to keep the 2 staffers he was given in July 2008. Mass reassessment is due 2011. It costs $15 per parcel = $450,000. He’s added $500,000 to the budget for that. The PTABOA (tax appeals board) get $50,000.

21. Hensley says staff gets 1.43/ parcel- the lowest in the area is Jefferson Cty at $1.92/parcel. Hensley is asking for $1.76 per parcel. There are new construction assessors that are vended out at $50,000 for 1200-1500 properties. He needs money to get certified also to Level 2 and 3.

22. Assessor salary request was $52,000 and Morris said Boone Cty Assessor gets $45,880- and they are about our size. Staff in the office is in the $27-29,000 range.

23. Clerks Office- Phil Weaver- salary $35,896. Weaver was asking for $5,000 per employee ($45,000) to get the pay rate up to others in the Courthouse- as they lose people to the judges, etc. Morris said we have to try to get a study of what levels and functions these positions require. Not look at the people but at their FUNCTION. Barrott- but the judicial system is affecting this. Kraus- get a time study and see how many we can get rid of, then pay the rest.

24. Highway- Listerman presented a budget of what would be “ideal.” He realized it would be significantly cut. High salaries: Engineer- 72,100 ($20,000 of this comes from the state), Ass’t eng. – 38,100, Bridge foreman- $42,000

25. Staff was rearranged to yield 2 seasonal workers instead of 1 year round. This was afforded as seasonal don’t have benefits. The funds will be supplemented from 146 Riverboat for about $1.7 mil to get to the same as last year for paving etc.

26. Listerman made a pitch again to increase Hwy Asst Supervisor to $50,000 as he has no OT. He works at about $40,000 and has “earned “ the $7600 so far in OT this year that is not paid as he is salaried at the $40,000 range. Not decided yet.

27. Sheriff- presented by Lusby who is the high salary at $81,690. Discussion of gas issues and people using but not paying for the gas- particularly community corrections. Lusby noted they used 9,000 pal less the first 6 month of 1008 than 2007. Gas prices more than doubled. In Boone Cty the cops pull over each hour for 15 minutes and turn the car off. Fehrman wanted the sheriff to deactivate the community corrections cards so they can’t get his gas. Cheek noted that this will then cost taxpayers MORE as cty depts. have to get their gas at increased prices on the open market. DLGF warned them and Council did too. Fehrman said he’d be the bad guy so the sheriff didn’t have to. [NOTE: Lusby can’t be the “bad guy” and shut off the non-payors???]

28. Pension funds were overfunded so they will save some money there and they amended the sheriff’s retirement plan to bring it in line with the state code.

29. Inmate meds only went up 1% last year. The matron was recommended to get a larger freezer at $150,000 (part of cost is remodel to fit it in)- but Lusby wants to wait to see if they will be adding to the jail first.

30. $150,000 to house inmates out of county- there is $70,000 left in that fund. Per diem is $45 for the housing. The jail has 6 cooks, 27 jail officers, 4 jail corporals, and 5 jail sergeants. The inmate population is 200. [NOTE: It would appear their ratio is about the same as student teacher ratios in an elementary school only on a 24/7 schedule.]

I left the hearings at noon on Wednesday. These 30 items are the first 4 hours of Council hearings.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 August 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Special Meeting

Present: Hughes, Fox, and Thompson
Also Present: Pickens – Auditor and Messmore- Administrator
ABSENT: Ewbank- Attorney

Hughes read a prepared statement stating in part that Bryan, Don, Carl, and he have been in constant communication with the state inspectors. He received information in detail and has tried to determine the effects on the people of the county.

Fox said he’d talked to Don and others in the department and thinks they are all up to speed on the resolution. Fox then motioned and Thompson 2nd to pass the Resolution of Dearborn County IN Regarding Building Codes and Standards. Passed.

This resolution states that:

“Carl Fryman, Dearborn County Building Inspector, be designated to administer and enforce the building codes and standards within the jurisdictional limits of Dearborn County In and the certain municipalities with which Dearborn County has enjoined for inspection duties, adopting the State Building Codes within their respective jurisdiction upon the acceptance of the Dearborn County Board of Commissioners.”

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, August 11, 2008

7 August 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to provide a summary record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events or issues.

7 August 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Chairman, Dave Enzweiler, John Maxwell, Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Brett Fehrman and Steve Renihan.
Also Present: Benning, Executive Secretary; Tom Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; Walter McCann, Jerry Jacobsen; and Ralph Thompson. Bryan Messmore arrived later.
Meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. The meeting was NOT recorded.

Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes for July 8, 2008 approved.

Treasurer's Report
County Study Account $ 49,914.42
High Ridge Account $108,120.50
Aurora Debt Service Account $ 3,535.50
Sewer District Savings Account $ 2,422.82
Serenity Ridge Account $ 74,766.27

Special Requests
Walter McCann
Mr. McCann is ready to get a permit for his house on Serenity Ridge. He cannot get a permit till he has the appropriate paperwork from DCRSD. Kramer has the agreement letters to send to Doug Baer of the Health Department to indicate the sewer is in operation. DCRSD still has not signed an agreement with LMH (still negotiating prices for treatment). McCann asked if there was an additional tap fee. Maxwell indicated there was no other tap fee. Renihan said the only other cost was that to hook in. Dennerline moved and Fehrman seconded to approve the customer agreement. Approved with Renihan abstaining.
McCann indicated a start in 2 to 3 weeks with a completion in spring. Maxwell asked if there were any other forms needed for Health Department or LMH. Kramer said the Owner's agreement bound the owners to abide by the LMH regulations. Benning indicated she didn't have customer applications for each Payer. Kramer said this is all the Health Department needs.

Bryan Messmore
Messmore (County Administrator) wanted to share a thought and start a conversation about the things happening on County Farm Road with the four county agencies, the YES Home, Animal Shelter, the Park and the Highway Department. He wanted to know if it made sense to continue a conversation. Dennerline thought it was an opportunity. Messmore indicated the projects were in various states of planning and the YES Home's existing system was failing. Dennerline indicated the critical path was a discharge point.

Pruss indicted this would be another site for a package plant.

Maxwell indicated this would open the area for public expansion. If we go out there it would be available for public accessibility. Do we intend to foster development out there.

Messmore said this creates an opportunity for the Park Board.
Fehrman asked about the timing.

Thompson indicated there were many different issues and time schedules, as well as, some problems, including effluent from the highway maintenance, status of the Animal Shelter, undefined plans for the park and condition of the YES Home septic system.

Messmore said the YES Home is affected by the Health Board. The system is failing and they have a bid due for replacement. This is under the authority of the Commissioners.
Dennerline indicated the Health Board would work with the YES Home, they had put up with Highridge for a long time.

Quinn asked it there were any streams out there.

Thompson indicated there was a swale at the maintenance facility. The issues involved and the plans for the various facilities needs to be defined and the conditions of the existing facilities and site need more information before any planning can start. Thompson ( District 3 Commissioner) directed Messmore to obtain the necessary background information and status of plans for the facilities and requirements before the DCRSD proceed any further, since they don't have the basis to develop any plan or direction.

Serenity Ridge
The user agreement was approved previously. The LMH fees discussion needs to be completed.
Renihan asked about how the user fees will be collected.
Pruss indicated DCRSD will accomplish that, the new computer program will handle it.

West Aurora Project
Enzweiler indicated, he Steve, Brett, Tom and Dave met at the site and walked area.
Quinn indicated he had a long discussion with Lynn Newlon (IDEM) and she is OK with the project. He also called the chief of the group, who issues the permits. He had to be brought up to speed on the project. He was OK with the plan to do the 54 houses and asked if it could be made larger. He explained the intercept of the pipe to the lagoon to install the package plant. The chief wants to by pass the lagoon. Quinn said the pipe enters on a 45 degree angle and could be extended around the lagoon and connect back to the pipe to Hogan Creek.

Maxwell asked why not move the plant. There is a partially level area 200 feet down the slope. There was a discussion about an easement to the plant and whether the easement was a utility easement or an easement and could be used. Quinn indicated the drawings indicated a 25 foot easement at lots 19 and 20 was shown and a 12 foot utility & drainage easement. John (Draper?) said they could be paved.

Enzweiler asked about the status of the lagoon. Quinn indicated the bacteria will eventually decrease the sludge. May have to dewater ad remove the sludge. Quinn indicated that IDEM made no comments or direction about the lagoon and provided no requirements for its disposition. IDEM had nothing to say specifically about the lagoon.

Fehrman asked if they would have to own it. Quinn said they would prefer not to own _______ could section lot 50.

Renihan asked what IDEM had to say about the lagoon. Enzweiler said Quinn said they had nothing to say about the lagoon. Enzweiler proceeded to say they probably needed to clean up the mess to prevent disease. They have go for additional money.

Quinn talked about what to do with the lagoon including pumping the contents to SDRSD and drying the sludge. There were issues of access and Quinn was concerned about buying an easement to the site. Thompson suggested they consider a temporary easement. Jacobsen (a member of the SDRSD Board) indicated that's activated sludge and asked how much there was (discussions with SDRSD after the meeting indicated SDRSD really did not want the sludge). Quinn and Enzweiler indicated an area of 1 1/2 to 2 acres of unknown depth and discuss how to determine the depth by hauling a boat down to the site and 'sticking' the lagoon to measure the depth.

Maxwell asked about their liability. They may not have to do much; but, need to know. Enzweiler asked who the determining factor was. Quinn responded - IDEM. Enzweiler instructed him to check on it and continue on.

Quinn checked on the review process and indicate the first review would take about a month (Quinn indicated he had one in Ohio EPA that took 2 1/2 months). Quinn has submitted a proposed contract amount of $20,000 for design up to submission to IDEM, which includes some costs for Hrezo for site plan work. Is was the standard agreement for the design.

Jacobsen asked if Ziedan is interested in connecting to the system. Enzweiler said it was discussed at the last meeting and it was decided to concentrate on Highridge. They are under the gun and John would have to cover the cost. Quinn indicated he could make inquiries.
Fehrman asked about the original proposal for 300 houses and now it was down to 54 houses. There are 12 houses nearby and DeVille, Lischge and Starlight. He doesn't want to make it too small. Quinn said they can expand it. Fehrman talked about the houses down 50 and not wanting to make it too small, what is the expansion cost. Renihan said they could run the numbers. Quinn indicated there is a 20% expansion capacity now and not all the houses are there now. This is based on 310 GPD (gallons per day). Fehrman indicated the contract is tailored toward the 54 houses wants to consider more.

Dennerline suggested 100 homes and feeding Hueseman from Aurora. Maxwell suggest 20,000 GPD approx. 65 houses. Dennerline said Starlight is no longer in business (legally). He is out of compliance as of March, 2008. (Note: This was all discussed in the prior meeting and it was approved to proceed on the basis of 54 houses).

Maxwell indicated they are tired and need to fix the original problem. Opening up the discussions again is time consuming and confusing. Let's do it now. We have 7,000 GPD. If they open it up to the public again they will just get beat up. The public is tired of it.

Fehrman asked if a plant designed for 100 houses can be viable for 23 houses. Quinn indicated plant can be compartmented and expanded. Enzweiler asked if there is room to build bigger. Quinn said they could double the size eventually.

Fehrman what is the cost to get a little bigger. Quinn would have to do the costs. Fehrman wondered about the subdivision costs.

Quinn didn't know what it would be in 5 years. Enzweiler indicated if it grew rapidly, they would have to move to a different site. Renihan suggested sizing the plant for 20,000 GPD.
Dennerline said if they have discussions, there are back to not getting anything done. Pick a number and get on with it without further public discussion. If people have problems, they will come to DCRSD.

Maxwell said 20,000 GPD is a reasonable number. If other streets are forced to connect will run into other discussions. "Let's go - let's do it."

Enzweiler indicated the 54 houses are not dedicated to Highridge, only 23 are. Maxwell indicated 20 houses are not even there. If they invite more people they will get into the same crap. Renihan suggested to do 20,000 GPD, that's 3 times the 54 houses. Maxwell agreed, and said then ind out about the existing lagoon.

Fehrman if they got with Dillsboro. Kramer said their meeting is the third Monday. He talked to Scott Fortner.

Quinn said he will do the numbers for 20,000 GPD. Maxwell said if we meet in two weeks they could have the public hearing and review the numbers.

New Business
Del Products $252.10 (Benning indicated that should be all the office supplies they will need into next year.
Per diem for Fehrman, Renihan and Enzweiler for the site visit to Highridge.
___________motioned to approve, Dennerline seconded, all approved.

Next Meeting

Renihan asked who knew Ziedan, "At least let him know." Dennerline said he is under a court order. Pruss said he won't spend the $2,000 now. Dennerline said he will want the sewer board to furnish the lift station and pipe, it's gone past the that now. He can come to DCRSD or hire Tom (Quinn) or whatever. DCRSD can help with easements. He (Ziedan) will want about $50,000 of stuff. He was shut down as of April.

Renihan: "At least talk to him."

Dennerline said one year ago he and Richard Butler told him he would be shut down in March. Fehrman said he is still having weddings.

Maxwell suggested telling him "We are building a plant, do you want to connect." Have Kramer or Benning send a friendly letter to DeVille, Lischge and Starlight to advise them and see if they are interested. Renihan said it is the right thing to do.

Enzweiler said those three are close enough to connect, go with those. Maxwell agreed. Dennerline said send information letter. Starlight has accepted plans and drawings and doesn't want to do it. Enzweiler said to send the letters. Maxwell and Renihan suggested he be invited to the next meeting.

Enzweiler directed Kramer to send the letters.

Enzweiler noted that while they were up there between lots 19 and 20 he noticed the pipes were broke and wastewater was coming out of the ground. He wanted to know if the Health Department needed to be informed. Nothing is currently going to the lagoon.

Next meeting will be August 21, 2008 at 7:00 PM. for the regular session and an Executive Session after the regular meeting to discuss land acquisition (At the last meeting Draper was going to donate the land - why an Executive Session?)

Maxwell wanted the Quinn proposal on the next agenda. Enzweiler directed Kramer to get with Benning to provide the proper advertisement and call Draper. Thompson reminded them to cite the Code section for the Executive Session authority.

Adjourned at approximately 8:10 PM.

Ralph Thompson
Washington Township

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

5 August 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

5 August 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Fox, and Thompson
Also present: Ewbank, Attorney

ABSENT: Pickens, Auditor, and Messmore, Administrator (in TX)

Candidates present: Phil Darling, Council , and Tom Orschel and Doug Taylor, Commissioners

Hughes immediately tabled Minzner’s GIS report (she had family things) and Gary Hensley Assessor on sales disclosures (so auditor and assessor could discuss it first)

Marty Hon of the 9th district Development Board gave Hughes a letter regarding certification of the Dearborn County Foundation, said he wanted to do “their thing” (the commissioners) and not “his thing” stressing communication.

He then introduced Denise Knueven for the Purdue TAP (Technical Assistance Program) Knueven gave a report that centered on their abilities to advance economic prosperity and the quality of life in the region. They help develop skilled work force, improve processes and productivity, and boost sales. So far, they have worked with over 400 companies in 69 counties last year. There is an office in Rising Sun, funded by Rising Sun. Companies like Honda don’t need TAP, but their feeders and smaller ones have been helped by TAP. They are promoting green workforce development for sustainability. “Green equates to lean” which leads to a better bottom line.
They have 40-hour programs and can bring Purdue professors to a training site. (FREE to the company- as it is paid by grants, which come from econ dev taxes)
Grants available allow max of $3500 per employee with max of $200,000 per year to a company for accelerated training and another max of $200,000 per company for skills enhancement. Companies can qualify for both = $400,000 per year. This goes away by the end of the year so application has to be in by December 2008. So far, Dearborn County has applied for $0 in this.
They have a Career Adv Grant where 1-20 people can come from various companies also. The grant applications are online. There is also a Master of Science Program with 3-5 weekends/ semester and no thesis available in Columbus
Fox said he couldn’t imagine people weren’t taking advantage of this. Knueven said they were trying to get the word out, Hughes said I knew Hon would be aggressive when I appointed him to this. Thompson acknowledged Rozow (Chamber and DCEDI) in the audience and urged them to use chamber contacts to get the word out. Knueven talked about Columbus doing that and they are the best chamber in the state.

Carl Fryman- Bldg Dept- asked for a waiver of fees for non-profit organization’s festivals. To change to ordinance it would have to go to state and homeland security per Ewbank. Hughes didn’t think it made sense to collect fees from fire dept’s and then give them back to the county, when we’d paid the fire dept in taxes. There seemed to be consensus not to charge but no motions were made.

Norm Gellert was reappointed to the Library Board at their request.

Bill Black EMA- got commissioners to sign off on a tower change in Batesville, which would help NW Dearborn County also. Grant signing was tabled as it hadn’t arrived yet. (It’s for reimbursement for ½ their salaries of about $44,000)
Black has been working about a year with Motorola to get Jamison area resurveyed for tower coverage. They are also getting $53,000 more for hand-held radios.

DLGF (Dept of Local Gov’t Finance) letter was signed giving permission to have IT information.

Sheriff Dept- grant ratification for impaired and dangerous driving grant was signed.

Highway Dept- Mark Seiler presented in Listerman’s absence. Two change orders were signed for the Chesterville Bridge project- $719 to relocate 3 water mains and meters and $126 to extend a 4” pipe another 5 ft for improved drainage.
Commissioners signed the engineer’s bond for Listerman also. Seiler said the paving contract is completed and they were under bids as they got good prices on asphalt.

Claims signed- minutes tables as Thompson hadn’t received any.

Messmore- absent- no report

Ewbank- Attorney- had commissioners sign a resolution prepared for PAWS and Animal Control Fund to assure public that the funds collected for the Animal Control Center Construction would be used SOLELY or that.

Ewbank said there were no new lawsuits filed. Thompson asked if he’d received the tort claim and passed it down. Ewbank said if it was at his office – he hadn’t seen it yet. Claim was for $100,000 filed by Matt Zerbe for Greg Davis on High Street against the County and Building Dept. It alleges damages as Townsend said he didn’t need a sprinkler system and the state laws require it for 3 story buildings. This will be forwarded to the county’s liability carrier. [NOTE: There is an ongoing issue that apparently isn’t completely resolved regarding the state and our building dept. Commercial inspections are being overseen by the state now- costing extra time and apparently fees for builders and developers of those properties. This doesn’t make for a very friendly environment for economic development and is particularly a hardship during the economic downturn now. How many of these suits are out there? Taxpayers do not want to have money wasted on lawsuits triggered by our own employees!]

Thompson- relayed results of meeting with Judge Blankenship and Humphrey last Friday regarding video arraignment equipment. Blankenship had decided a trip to Noble County wasn’t necessary and that she understood enough about the equipment so far. She was concerned about some of the particulars of the installation. Thompson said they needed to get permission to go to council to allocate money for it for next year. Equipment was divided into 4 packages with TOTAL costs to be under $200,000. It includes jail, 3 courts, and commissioners’ room with extra screens for presentations in commissioner’s room and also included DOC (Dept of corrections.)
Fox said Thompson’s feedback was different from what he was hearing. Wait till Messmore gets back to verify the facts on where they want to head. Hughes said he wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. Fox asked about costs. Thompson reiterated the 4 packages. Hughes said he knows Bryan has been working on this.
Thompson said he asked for this to be on the agenda Friday after his meeting with the judges etc. [NOTE: Why would Thompson – a commissioner- not be able to add something to the Commissioner’s agenda? Did Hughes not give “permissions?” Hughes controls the agenda. Now it appears he even controls what the other commissioners themselves are allowed to put on it.]
Fox said he still wants it verified. Hughes mumbled something about legislature creating new judge and space issues. He wasn’t sure if they’d use it or not. Thompson said it was simply a matter of if they wanted it or not- and to let him know- and he’ll quit wasting his time on it. NO DECISION.
[NOTE: The equipment is wireless- so installation and moving it when they build the new jail space and move courts around might not be a big issue. Is the staff etc is comfortable with using it? Are the judges themselves on board – or is there some issue in the sheriff’s dept? And why would people be telling each of the commissioners different stories? Fox and Hughes seemed reticent to move without Bryan’s input (permission) Communication with these 3 is not stellar.]

Thompson – updated commissioners on Lawrenceville ROW issues and possible replat of the town as discussed at the Plan Commission.

Thompson- asked Hughes what was the result of his meeting Friday with 2 Plan Commission members (Hall and Kraus, Jr.)and the Plan director regarding the Master Plan Map amendment. Hughes said he gave them issues to research and they’ll get back to him. [NOTE: None of the issues that Hughes brought up at that meeting was pertinent to the map itself. He is stalling and waiting for after the election. Hughes has issues with zoning as he thinks it infringes on property rights. It’s easy to take a stance like that when you live in a planned community like HVL. For the sake of county residents who are affected by zoning, Hughes needs to let this item get back on the agenda and deal with it. Even if he says no- at least MAKE A DECISION!]

Thompson- reported that he’d put the resolution to get commercial building inspections done in the county (final step) on the agenda and Hughes took it off. Thompson said he’d talked to the state and this would get us back on track with inspections in the cities faster. He noted we are $60,000 down in revenue from last year on fees in the building dept, but some of it is due to economic downturn. Contractors have complained about the fees and time delays.
Hughes said he talked to Walt Knapple (state building dept) and this resolution is not a state mandate. [NOTE: Hughes doesn’t understand- the state isn’t forcing it- it’s just a way to get us back on track faster- the county can CHOOSE to do that or not.]
Thompson said this is the last piece to get the county recertified. The state worked with Fryman on inspections and is satisfied with his performance.

John Maxwell- in the audience- raised his hand to speak at this point. Hughes gave what seemed to be an embarrassed smile but did not ask him to speak. [NOTE: I knew that little agenda rule would eventually come back to bite them.]

Fox- I want to skip back to Lawrenceville … I’ve been out there. Thompson explained Greg Trable’s issue and Fox said he understands where they are now. Doesn’t want to set a precedent- keep us informed. [NOTE: Nice try to defuse what was heating up to an embarrassing situation for two commissioners (Hughes and Fox) trying to keep a tight lid on a boiling pot. They are protecting their dept head- Townsend- and they are also hurting developers and the construction industry. Nice way to be friendly to business and growth! (sarcasm on). Are they going to let this sit till November too?]

Meeting adjourned at 7:25- quickly.

Hughes then immediately asked John Maxwell to come to talk to him privately. From what was overheard- Maxwell was not happy about the extra fees and time the inspections were taking. [NOTE: The Building Dept issues have widespread effects in the county and the cities and towns that the dept serves (all but Greendale, which does its own inspections) There are several places in this meeting that this has surfaced- including tort claims being filed. When one of the county’s largest local developers takes the time to sit through a meeting to address the issue – that means the problem is not being addressed in a timely manner administratively. It may be generally worthwhile to allow an employee to retire at year’s end – but that may have to be accomplished in a way that does not cost the county taxpayers or the county businesses as much as this seems to be costing. Five more months of this is not acceptable.]

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Sunday, August 03, 2008

INDOT Approves $1 Million Funding for Local Road Project

Driving Indiana’s Economic Growth

July 31, 2008

INDOT approves Funding for Local Road Project

Seymour, Ind.- The Indiana Department of Transportation(INDOT) recently awarded Dearborn County $1,000,000 in Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) Group IV funds. These funds will be used to fund road reconstruction which will include shoulder widening on North Dearborn Road in Dearborn County. County offi cials made their case for federal funds before an award panel at the INDOT District offices on June 30th.

These federal funds, which are administered by INDOT, may be used as reimbursement for the construction phase of each project. These funds may not exceed 80 percent of costs.

Dearborn County was one of eight municipalities competing for roughly $5 million in Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) Group IV funding. Dearborn County has agreed to pay 20 percent of total project Cost.

INDOT Seymour District Contact: Marvin Jenkins, (812) 524-3733 or mjenkins2@indot.in.gov