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Sunman Dearborn School Board is meeting in Executive Session to discuss Assistant Principal,Steven Deutsch’s performance review at 7 PM followed by a PUBLIC meeting in the East Central Library at 8:30 PM on Thursday March 1st.

The only item on the public meeting agenda is listed as personnel matters. Mr. Steven Deutsch has been on paid administrative leave since Nov 29th.

Parents, students, and staff members concerned about this issue are requested to attend this PUBLIC meeting.

Register Publications will be covering this meeting.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21 February 2012 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

21 February 2012 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Jim Hughes, Liz Morris, Maynard Barrett, Bryan Messmore, and Bill Ullrich.
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor

ABSENT: Bill Ewbank, Acting County Administrator

Hoosier Hills Literacy League- Laura Priebe- Black White Read Literacy Program is for Dearborn County only but they serve 5 counties in our area. Black Beauty for kids and Great Gatsby- for adults are two books being encouraged this year. Kids can get a free book each month in this program. They are planning a quilt program for kids aged 10-17. They are seeking funding for that program. This is the first time they have requested funding. They are active in GED also. 7-10% of adults can’t read above a 3rd grade level in the 5 county area. Council approved $1,000 for them to provide a match for that amount.

Sheriff Mike Kreinhop- Road sergeant-$ 1493 to bring his salary up in line for his rank and service time. Council approved this out of Riverboat as Pennington recommended not approving anything out of County General at this time.

Patrol K-9- tabled at Kreinhop’s request.

Approval to hire replacement of part time civil process server and a full time jail officer. These are current positions and there are salary ordinances already in place for them. Council committee on this recommended approving. These positions were advertised for other county employees to apply. Council approved and Bill Ullrich abstained.

Gayle Pennington read the Solid Waste District letter listing all the amounts that the sheriff has recycled.

Health Dept- Doug Baer- tabled. No one was here from the health dept.

Commissioners- Bill Ewbank- 2012 Workers Comp- Pennington presented in Ewbank’s absence. Approval to transfer $10,000 to worker’s comp and an additional $1130. This is because our rates went up. Council okayed.

Jail Expansion Project- Tom Orschell asked for $72,000- For construction manager for $50,000, $5,000 for Umbaugh to do some work on the numbers, and $12,000 for some soil testing and a cushion of $5,000. Ullrich said they are going in the right direction. It’s a reasonable number. Barrett motioned to approve and Morris 2nded from riverboat revenue. Four ayes and 2 nays (Hughes and Lansing)

Parks and Recreation- Steve Walker-Timber Salvage- storm damage and wanted to get a portable sawmill to come in and create materials at 23 cents a board foot to use for bathroom building. Requesting $2100 for this. They will air dry it and store it in one of their sheds. Approved.

Mowing- Commissioners approved the old highway building and YES home and animal control center request for parks to mow. $7,700 is the additional needed for mowing including more land at Bright Parks. His former contract was for $17,000. $1500 for animal control and $2700 for YES Home. So $6200 would be the cost minus the Animal Control. Approved $6200 for Parks mowing as detailed above.

Flood Damage Repair- Guilford Park- the rainfall resulted in extensive damage there. Terry put together a list of what was needed. $9,000 was needed. Kraus said that was justified. He asked if they’d thought about a levee around part of this park. They thought about elevating an old fort there and helping deflect some of the water there. Ohio Valley gas is working on a pipeline near there and they may be able to restore some things to the park’s advantage. Approved $9,000. Walker also left a CD of the flood damage.

Auditor- Gayle Pennington- minutes from Dec 20, 2011 and January 2012 meeting were approved. Other housekeeping requests from Pennington were to clean up requests that were appropriated from another fund per DLGF as they weren’t advertised out of the appropriate funds. Council decided to table and wait for documentation from DLGF via Pennington. This will come via mail. Assessor – PTABOA Superior Court 2- Computer Maintenance and Repair Clerk- CSI Support Contract were also to be revoted appropriations.

CVTB contract with county- needs council to sign off on as the commissioner already had. This is an administrative contract- approved.

Highway – Tim Greive- had a shortfall in the budget- DLGF cut $132,000 from budget. MVHA has $400,000 in it. Approved transfer of funds to keep highway operational.
Issue on North Dearborn Road on Dover Hill. $300,000 estimated to repair this slip. FEMA won’t cover this. He’ll be coming back in the future for funding this. Soil baling is what they might use and some wire baskets.

Surveyor- Dennis Kraus, Jr.- passed out estimates for restoring the old county survey books that are deteriorating. The old auditor plats were stored in the auditor’s office. The rag paper on these is falling apart. Some of the survey books are around 1860s. Cost will be over $100,000. Asking Council to approve and support a grant application to the Dearborn County Foundation. Even if they get partial they will do it in pieces. Approved for supporting the grant application.

Pennington wanted to set budget hearing dates. Set for September 4-7 right after Labor Day.

Lansing addressed the Council. He wants to kick the can on the jail expansion a little longer because he sees 30% less revenue when Ohio boat comes in and now KY is looking for casinos. This will also affect our revenue stream. We used to get $12 million. We’re in a good spot now- and he’d hate to see us get stuck in a hole. He’d like to extend it a bit to see how things work out. If we use 30% less revenue- then 30% less people and hopefully 30% less arrests perhaps. Perhaps the jail needs upgraded- but having a hard time pounding 9 million there. He does not want to spend our savings. If someone told you you’d have 30% less revenue would you be running out and putting an addition on your house? Kraus wants and ordinance to say the savings can only be used for capital projects and infrastructure only- never for salaries. Morris said an ordinance can always be changed. Kraus also said there is a double standard the sheriff’s dept goes one way and then the rest of the county. Sheriff dept got $3,000 raises!

Lansing would like to see 7 votes needed to spend the savings again. Kraus agreed he’d like to have that as an ordinance. Lansing went on- we need to see the train coming on down the tracks. Barrett said we spend thousands from riverboat every month. How do you decide? Ullrich said- Dan was talking about the savings portion of riverboat- not the other parts of it.

Lansing made a motion to change the vote back to 7 votes. Hughes 2nded. 3 ayes- Kraus, Lansing and Hughes. 4 nayes Ullrich, Messmore, Barrett, and Morris. The Riverboat Savings will still be accessed by simple majority. Motion failed to pass to change it back.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

21 February 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

21 February 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

ABSENT: Bill Ewbank, Acting County Administrator He left after the executive session.

Preceded by executive session on administrator position. Commissioners plan to appoint an administrator in March.


Appointments County Farm- tabled again


Juvenile center- Nurse and Doctor Agreement- reviewed by attorney, Baudendistel- no problems with it. Commissioners signed the agreements.

John Zeidan – Starlight Reception Hall- sponsoring for a grant from Lawrenceburg- he has resided in the county for 20 years and owned the hall for 9 years. He is asking support for his grant application from Lawrenceburg . He said they bring in taxes, support businesses, and visitors. They need help to fix the parking lot and lighting to improve their business and bring in more taxes for the county. He also had some support from other member s of the community and passed those papers out to the commissioners. Hughes suggested that he go to the Chamber also to get a grant writer. Zeiden said they have been there already and they sent us to the county to get then to sponsor us. Hughes has no problem with a letter of support . Zeidan noted that the county needs to balance their support- that being on the west side of the county is like being separated from the county. He wants to grow the county businesses. Orschell asked if this was setting a precedent supporting private businesses. Zeidan said he had a letter from planning and zoning also. Orschell said he had no problem with an individual letter of support but wasn’t sure about one from DC government. McHenry also agreed that if they write this letter- they have to write one for any business that comes in. Tabled until they can do more research. They can come back to this in March.

Bart Brown- Indiana Region 9 Workforce Board – Transitioning to a Workforce Investment Board- offices are on High Street. Marty Hon- board member- was also present. Changes going on there and want the commissioners to sign an agreement on their board transition to an investment board. 2004 the governor took control of workforce development. In 2008 more changes occurred to improve how these boards work. Region 9 waited to do some things. If they stayed with the state of Indiana they found out that they would be charged for services. Other regions and region 9 became a full work force board and were eligible for federal funds. By becoming a Workforce Investment Board the state does not have control. The region has more say in how their money and training works. The Dept of Labor is in control. They need 16 more board members. Each county still has an appointment to the board. Lawrenceburg has a member on this board also. There were some workforce boards that did not spend money appropriately. This was money that the local units were responsible to pay back. Now they are a not-for- profit. They will post a performance bond to cover this issue. The chief elected officials- commissioners and mayors come to the meeting to approve budgets etc- each 6 months. Total budget is about 2 million a year. They also get grants and other monies. There are 11 Regional Boards- and 7 of these have become Workforce Investment Boards. They don’t want to give money to the state that could be coming in for training. This restructure gets them into compliance with the federal statute. Deadline is July 2013 to complete this transition. They will send a draft agreement to the commissioners to review and be back at the end of March or early April for this. Commissioners made no decision at this point. Orschell noted that the new facility that spun off from P&G used workers trained by Workforce. They sent them 400 applicants.

Surveyor’s Office- Grant Application Approval – Dennis Kraus Jr.- asking for a grant to restore 2 historical survey books in his office on legal surveys prior to 1945. This will be from the Community Foundation. This could cost $100,000. These records are important. They have found one of the old survey markers deeply buried out along Ester Ridge. He will take the best bid- not necessarily the lowest to be sure they get this done right. Commissioners approved the grant application and signed the letter.

RFP- Shumway and Votaw Buildings- Orschell said Ewbank wants to send out RFPs to see what it would cost to demolish these. McHenry said there are some people who want to take the beams and maybe bricks. They will have to see if they can figure out a way to do this. Approved to seek RFPs. Baudendistel prepared a hold harmless and right of entry on an old RR right of way and home by this to be protected. Mayor Carr of Lawrenceburg signed this and the county needs to sign it also. Commissioners want to be sure to protect the levee also. Hughes signed the hold harmless and right of entry agreement.

Alvin Brown Building- Moores Hill- Update –Clerk Treasurer of Moore’s Hill- updated the title search and $8,286 in back taxes owed. There are other fees owed and liens. They want to request a 2nd commissioner’s sale. US Bank has agreed to donate their property to Moore’s Hill that is next door to this. They have researched demolition and think it can be done for $21,000 or so compared to a similar issue in Dillsboro. They will pursue grants. They don’t intend to do anything but improve public safety. They intend to make this part of the town administration building. They could do a library, grassed, or a parking lot. Some of their current offices are in unheated space in the basement of the adult center. The Community foundation seems receptive to this. They could use town funds for demolition and grants to redo things. Pennington explored with SRI on having a commissioners sale. They can award the certificate to another government entity like Moores Hill. They tabled to March 6 until they can get the info needed from SRI. McHenry said they were appreciative of all Moores Hill’s hard work to get this researched. The Clerk treasurer will have one of other Board member’s present.

DCRSD- Board Appointment Opening- Orschell said Renihan had some candidates. Mike Hankins was appointed to fill Rodney Dennerline’s seat by the Health Board. Barry Pruss’s seat has to be filled. Tabled to hear from Renihan. Commissioners will send letters of appreciation to both Pruss and Dennerline.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer- recommendation for acceptance of the George St Bridge project. Signed by Commissioners.

Orschell wanted to have a meeting with the highway dept to express appreciation and see if they have any questions. They will set a date for this and get back to Hughes and McHenry.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- letters from Solid Waste District passed out recognizing the county dept’s for recycling efforts.

Acceptance from District 9 by American Legion for Boy and Girl Scout troops. FEMA passed out 10-man tents to sheriff’s department which is NOT using them. They have to pass them to non- profit groups. These 2 tents went to 2 local Boy Scout troops. There is one tent left and if the Girl scouts don’t take it it will go to another Boy Scout troop. Joked about using it for jail expansion.

Claims signed.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Fire and EMS agreements with Harrison Township and the city of Harrison needed a separate local agreement. $10,000 is the cost. This takes care of the issue the township is having with the state board of accounts. This is the same agreement operating under for years. It was just required to have separate agreements now per Pennington.

Ball State evaluation of Fire and EMS is getting back together with their survey question results per McHenry and Bill Black.

Sunman Legion post is designated as emergency post for our area. Commissioners signed a letter of support for their grant application for an emergency generator.
McMenry discussed redistricting. Weaver told him they are not required to notify people of their voting precinct changes. Commissioners want to be sure voters are notified. McHenry will look into this.

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Bill Ewbank- not present.




Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, February 20, 2012

Council Agenda Feb 21st 6:30 PM Meeting

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
6:30 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana




IV. SHERIFF – Mike Kreinhop
Road Sergeant
Patrol K-9
Approval to hire replacement civil process server


VI. COMMISSIONERS – William Ewbank
2012 Workman’s Com
Approval to Transfer
Jail Expansion Project

Timber Salvage
Flood Damage Repair

VIII. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
Assessor - PTABOA
Superior Court 2 – Computer Maintenance and repair
Clerk – CSI Support Contract

IX. HIGHWAY – Todd Listerman / Tim Greive

X. SURVEYOR – Dennis Kraus, Jr.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Agenda for Feb 21st 9 AM Commissioners Meeting

February 21, 2012
9:00 a.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Appointments – County Farm

1. Juvenile Center – Nurse and Doctor Agreement
2. John Zeidan – Starlight Reception Hall
- Sponsorship for Grant from Lawrenceburg
3. Bart Brown – Indiana Region 9 Workforce Board
-Transition from a Workforce Board to a Workforce Investment Board
4. Surveyor’s Office – Grant Application Approval
5. RFP – Shumway & Votaw Buildings
6. Alvin Brown Building (Morse Hill) – Update
7. DCRSD – Board Appointment Opening

1. Updates

VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1. Claims/Minutes

VII. ATTORNEY - Andy Baudendistel






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Attorneys celebrate Lincoln’s birthday in the classroom

Attorneys celebrate Lincoln’s birthday in the classroom

INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 8, 2012) – The Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA) will sponsor “Why Lincoln Was a Lawyer,” a statewide community outreach program that matches lawyers with local schools on March 15. The program is an opportunity for attorneys to speak in classrooms about Lincoln’s life, career and the impact he made on this nation.

“I believe we can all learn more from Lincoln the lawyer – and Lincoln the president,” said ISBA President C. Erik Chickedantz. “In homage to his life traveling a city-to-city circuit providing legal help, the Indiana State Bar is proud to lead this program.”

The following lawyer will be participating at a school near you:
David Lynch, Attorney at Law, of West Harrison, and N. Alan Miller, Zerbe Garner Miller & Blondell, of Lawrenceburg, will speak at Bright Elementary School in Lawrenceburg on March 15.

For more information about this program, please visit www.whylincolnwasalawyer.com. If you would like to attend this event or talk to the attorney and/or teacher, please contact Carissa Long at clong@inbar.org.

Founded in 1896, the Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA) is the single largest legal organization in the state. With more than 12,000 members, the ISBA serves and advocates on behalf of its members, their clients and the public interest as the independent voice of the legal profession. The ISBA’s office is located in downtown Indianapolis. For more information about the State Bar, visit www.inbar.org .

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

7 February 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

7 February 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Bill Ewbank, Acting County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor (Connie Fromhold took minutes for Pennington)


Discuss executive session held January 17, 2012- Commissioners denied the Med Ben Appeal.

Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance freedom for Options Form- Hughes asked for an up or down vote on this. He guessed it would be a denial. He wanted to do that so he could approach it from another angle later. He may break it into 2 parts- zoning and compensation. This will allow him to take it off the website. Hughes motioned to accept it and no one would 2nd. Orschell said- sorry I can’t 2nd it. Shane McHenry said he had some points he understood where he was coming from. Failed for lack of 2nd. Not passed.[NOTE: Finally this will come off the front page of the county site. this couldn't be helping the county attract business.]

Appointments- BZA – Orschell nominated Phil Darling- he has his resume and he has attended county meetings for years. McHenry met with Phil and hadn’t met with Linkmeyer. He said he would second Phil as he was confident that he would do a good job. Phil Darling was approved. Hughes voted nay as he had proposed Linkmeyer and felt he should support that- he said it was no reflection on Darling.

County Farm was tabled at Earl Dawson’s suggestion delivered via Orschell. There is an account with money that has to be dealt with.

Planning and Zoning- Proposed amendments to Article 2 Section 200, Article 3, Section 300,325,330,355, and Article 25, Section 2570 of the Zoning ordinance and proposed amendments to Article 3 section 305R and Appendix A of the Subdivision Control Ordinance. McCormack went over the details. Alternates for members of the zoning board and membership qualifications have changed due to state law. They also discussed written commitments for zoning approvals. Cemetery requirements were changed as a result of Art Wenzel’s research to be consistent with state regulations. The ADA compliance rules required changes as well regarding sidewalk access for disabled persons. They will probably be looking at whether or not they will be requiring sidewalks in some of the same circumstances or if that will change in the future due to all these requirements. We have had 15 years to get in compliance with these laws- now the feds are using federal funding as the carrot to get these done. There was no public discussion when the commissioners opened it for the public. All were approved. Hughes voted Nay on the ADA compliance one- section 305R and appendix A.

Food bids for jail- all were approved
for flexibility. Commissioners thought they’d done this last meeting. US Foods and Ellenbee Leggett were the only two bids received.


Ratify Signature for Prosecutor’s Annual Certification Report- Commissioners ratified Hughes’s signature.

Suellen Cauble- Human resources- Med Ben Info – they did a new plan summary document to reflect all the amendments made over the last few years. Approved.

Request to have County Administrator’s Job description adopted was approved. Suellen said they blended the old administrator position and the coordinator position descriptions.

Discuss Interviewing Project Managers for Jail Project- Bill Ewbank brought them up to date on the $9.3 million project. Council approved it but would not decide on financing until they had a firm budget. They wanted the commissioners to get that. The commissioners have no funds to do some of the construction manager etc. He recommends $72,000 to conduct necessary soil testing and additional funds for financial analysis and retain a construction management firm to get a firm budget number. Orschell said we are at a point where we need to get a construction manager to move forward. McHenry agreed and said we need to do this to move forward. Orschell said we need to get talented people on board to give us some good advice. Criminal Justice community is getting information together for Ewbank. McHenry motioned and Orschell seconded to have Ewbank approach council for this funding for the construction manager and soil testing. Hughes voted Nay- approved.

New Appointment for Convention Visitor and Tourism Commission- Ian Abdon has left Hollywood and Debbie Walter from Hollywood was approved to replace him.

Commissioner Appointment for PAWS Advisory Board- Orschell was appointed. McHenry said he’d attend whenever Tom had a meeting conflict.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:

$5666.66 was reimbursed- for fed highway administration and Mt Pleasant slip. (Tim Grieve has worked to get these funds and the North Hogan one)

INDOT agreement for North Hogan repair from fed highway funds $ 17,750.46- signed.
Change order 6 for George St Bridge to fix sidewalk and railing for ADA compliance- $2974.79. We only pay 20% of this number.

Moving the North Dearborn road project has been moved up to start this summer. There is an agreement to move utilities for 20% of $17,013.50 with REMC. Approved and signed.

Agreement with Tri Township to move water line $109,500 for North Dearborn project. (20% of this)

Highway Construction inspection on North Dearborn project to be done by Doug Graf of Howard Barth and Associates. He lives 4 miles from the site. Hughes questioned as to who else was in the county who could have done this. He knew of someone in HVL. Doug Graf is the son of John Graf who designed work on Triple Whipple Bridge for free. $366,464.59 will be the cost of the inspection. (We owe 20% of this.)
Bridge inspections have to be done every two years. United Consulting completed their report on this for 2011. Contracts on this work are also 80/20 with federal highway money.

Trying to acquire ROW for Short Ridge Road Bridge. This is the worst bridge in the county. Mr. Irwin is still holding out on the ROW. Appraisals were done. The next step is court to get appraisals approved for .693 acres of ROW and .415 temporary ROW. Irwin’s number is twice the county’s appraisals. Orschell wanted to talk to him to give it one last effort to avoid court. There is an old school house by this and he wants to put a memorial there someday and is worried about affecting the foundation. The ROW is near that area. Irwin does agree that the bridge needs to be replaced. If condemnation occurs then the court decides per Baudendistel. Orschell will meet with him – the others may go with him. Baudendistel is also willing to go. 250 vehicles per day cross that bridge.

Highway Administration requires a certain amount of reflectivity on our signs. We have come up with a system to replace these. The policy is to replace them within 10 and 12 years. Our signs last 12-14 years. We are annually replace 9-10% annually to achieve the goal. Interns are doing the sign inventory this summer. This will benefit our aging population with night time driving.

Tim Grieve and Listerman told Commissioners that SBOA is requiring them to cut $133,000 from their preciously approved budget. They want to transfer funds and requested to go to council for this. These funds were equipment and utilities etc. This was cut because projected MVHA is not what we thought it would be. Gas tax is not getting it done. The funds have not really increased in the last 10 years. Approved to go to Council.

Tim Grieve presented a new slip on Dover Hill on North Dearborn Road. There is an expert in town for the Stateline project who will look at it and give us some recommendations. The whole area is steep and it is slipping in several places. This project does not qualify for federal dollars. They hope to pin and catch it before they lose the road. This would reduce costs. They will seek money – this is a major collector in the county.

AUDITOR: Connie Fromhold presented for Pennington- $40,000 for 2 EMS units for Aurora approved and contract signed.
Lewes and Kappes lobbying group contract and interlocal agreement was signed. Cities and towns share this expense. Minutes and claims approved.

Margaret Minzner GIS updated the info on the Beacon site numbers which are increasing. Orthophotography is being done this year. She will tell them when that flight is happening. Dispatch maps for 911 are going well. They are looking into automatic vehicle ID for the sheriff’s office. Working together with other units could gain an economy of scale. I-pads are being used in some departments. Voting precinct layers are available too.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- notice of a federal suit with training of canine units that were trained at this particular facilities. No money sought- just trying to get the canines trained there to not be used as they allege improper training. Baudendistel has a conflict of interest on the case as he has clients with the canine unit as part of the case. Canine sniffs of the cars during routine traffic stops are to stop. McHenry said our dog is out of service now as he’s retired. If we request assistance form Aurora that would be a problem. Greendale and Lawrenceburg are not named in this suit. Terre Haute is trying to combine info on this. Bill Ewbank will contact them.

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Bill Ewbank- Hoosier Square Change order- This was for $4,875 for pumping in the back parking lot as water stands there after heavy rains. Approved the change order.
Barnes and Thornburg Contract Renewal- for $5,000 per month. This is a month to month for an indefinite period of time. McHenry is very satisfied with the work they do. Orschell was impressed with what they did with Route 1 also. Approved.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Ewbank- read disaster plan with Health dept- to have mass clinic space for inoculations for infectious diseases available within 8 hours of said request. This has been the same agreement for past 5 years. Signed.

Earthquake drill today in all the county offices went well.


PUBLIC COMMENT- Chris Mueller- regarding the voting and procedures of the last morning meeting asked about Roberts Rules of Order and what the commissioners plan to follow, if they aren’t going to use them as all the previous commissioners had. Hughes said he had consulted the attorney about this and it was ok. I questioned further regarding why they were using Roberts Rules for some things like public comment during hearings and what would they use as a policy if NOT Robert’s rules of order. I told them I was concerned about the legitimacy of decisions if the votes were improper. Hughes said some of what they do is prescribed by state law. I asked what that was based on. He didn’t know. As I left the podium Hughes said he’s done thing illegitimately befor and I said- I wouldn’t say that on the record.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, February 06, 2012


What: We the Hoosiers – General Meeting
When: Thursday – February 9, 2012 at 6:30 P.M.

Where: Meeting Room of the Lawrenceburg Fire Department

W. Tate Street across from the Adult Center in Lawrenceburg

Again – ‘Get ready!’ - 2012 is such an important year in which each of us must be a more politically active citizen. Learn about your candidates – make your decisions and share your knowledge with others. Encourage everyone – young and old – to VOTE!

On Thursday, February 9, ‘We the Hoosiers’ is hosting the third of four of 'The Informed Voter' series that introduces candidates of both parties seeking nomination in the 2012 primary for U. S. Representative from the Indiana Congressional District 6 which most of us are now in. This meeting is open to the public.

We are pleased to welcome back Don Bates, Jr., an enthusiastic, well-spoken business owner from Wayne County. You can learn more about him at his website: www.batesforcongress.com.

Also joining us is Kristin Foster - B.A. Catholic University of America, DJP, University of Arizona. She is a partner in Foster Law Group in New Palestine, Indiana. Other achievements are 2011 Woman of Achievement by Xavier We the Hoosiers – Thursday, February 9 - General Meeting - Candidates College Preparatory Academy, Co-founder Henry's Hope, and Assistant Attorney General.

Hope you will attend. Remember, the meeting will be in the meeting room at the Lawrenceburg Firehouse on West Tate Street across from the Adult Center at 6:30 p.m.

Be sure to visit our website: www.wethehoosiers.com . Poke around in it. It contains
interesting articles, our elected officials information, event calendar, link to Podcast presentations, etc.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Agenda for February 7th Commissioners Meeting

February 7, 2012
6:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Discuss Executive Session held January 17, 2012
2. Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance Freedom for Options Form
3. Appointments - BZA, County Farm
4. Planning/Zoning
a) Proposed amendments to Article 2, Section 200, Article 3, Sections 300, 325, 330, 355; and Article 25, Section 2570 of Zoning Ordinance
b) Proposed amendments to Article 3, Section 305R and Appendix A of Subdivision Control Ordinance
5. Food Bids

1. Ratify Signature for Prosecutor’s Annual Certification Report
2. Suellen Cauble
a) Present Med Ben Info
b) Request to have County Administrator Job Description Adopted
3. Discuss Interviewing Project Managers for Jail Project
4. New Appointment for Convention, Visitor & Tourism Commission
5. Commissioner Appointment for PAWS Advisory Board


VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1. Claims/Minutes

VII. ATTORNEY - Andy Baudendistel

1. Hoosier Square Change Order
2. Barnes & Thornberg Contract Renewal