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Dennis Kraus Sr for Council D-4 on theflypod.com

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Monday, August 23, 2010

23 August 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

23 August 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Jake Hoog, Mike Hornbach, Dennis Kraus Jr., Dan Lansing, Mark Lehman, Ken Nelson, and Ralph Thompson.

ABSENT: Russell Beiersdorfer

Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.

Minutes approved for May 24th, June 28th with spelling correction, and July 26th with minor amendment.


Proposed changes to the Subdivision Control Ordinance were put together at the commissioner’s request regarding eliminating the letter of credit in favor of insurance or bank performance bonds. Certificates were redone to reflect these changes. County engineer (or designee) is the one who determines if the improvements are completed. Nelson asked if we wanted to have bank bonds if the FDIC isn’t even honoring them. Discussion noted that these weren’t bank bonds in that particular article; they were letters of credit. Cashier’s checks in the past were kept in a couple instances in the Auditor’s safe. The Auditor and County Engineer will be included in the monthly bond status reports in the ordinance. Monuments and markers was amended to be just monuments.

Ken Nelson motioned to forward a favorable recommendation to the commissioners with the above amendments with Mark Lehman seconding. All ayes.

Within the next week or so, Tucker’s bonds will be called, if not addressed or completed.

St. Leon is still proceeding.

Budget is at or below last year’s levels. Legals might require more money if any issues arise.

Residential/Ag zoning subcommittee will meet next Monday Aug 30th at 7 PM.

Drainage meeting will be attended by several board members.


Request modifications to the written commitments required during the Monday Feb 23, 2009 public hearing by applicant Tom Stone for 82 acres in Harrison township on Harrison Brookville Road for property zoned M-2 wholly in the TIF district. Owners are Tom and Joseph Stone and Carol Smith.

[NOTE: Has anyone addressed this use as being a desirable use for a TIF area? Why was automotive sales and service eliminated in the first place?]

77 uses were eliminated and applicant wants to reestablish one of them- automotive sales and service. This is to move Hirlinger Chevrolet from west Harrison just down the road to this new location. Accesses to this property need to be addressed with this request. Traffic study needs to be completed with a deadline also.

Tom Stone presented- saying that DCEDI started with this almost 3 years ago. They became a shovel ready site and the last leg is to get sewer ready. With the economic downturn they were not able to do what they wanted with development of the property. This fell back in his lap to pursue whatever avenue to get this property developed and sold. Government stimulus to GM wanted the remaining dealerships to upgrade. That is what Hirlinger is doing here at the Stone property and its higher visibility. The property Hirlinger bought across the way is being sold to the Redevelopment Commission and Hirlinger is in turn buying the Stone piece.

NO Public present to speak.

Thompson- No problem as it’s not a residential area. It will bring wealth into the county, though not necessarily many new jobs. Sewer is not there yet- so it isn’t really shovel ready yet.

Lansing said DCRSD will be at Council in Nov with different plans to provide sewage there.

Lehman said- it is a permitted use in a B-2 even.

Hall- there are already motorcycle sales, trailer sales, and fireworks in the area there.

Lansing- how many acres will Hirlinger use?

Stone- about 6-8 acres. Stone lives on the site near this. His mother wanted the farm sold and so it has been hard for him, he said. There was some issue with Phase 1 archaeological study earlier. He thought they got a little “excited” and wanted to create a preserved area in a county with riverboat revenue. They are using another archeological firm that John Maxwell recommended and they are redigging in sectors for about $7,000. He is not required to do this as a private property owner and could just do it by process of discovery. He is electing to do it to be responsible.
GM requested Hilinger put in a building of at least 39,000 sq ft.

Thompson moved that all other items stay intact as commitments and that they reinstate Item 11 under 1155 #11 based on the fact that it fits the comp plan, it is similar to other uses in the area, is desirable under the allowed uses, and it shouldn’t affect property values, and it’s responsible development. Lehman 2nded. All ayes- passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, August 20, 2010

County Budget Hearings Coverage

Denise Freitag Burdette attended County Budget hearings this week and will have the story in the Register newspapers next week. If you don't already subscribe be sure to pick them up to get news on what's in store for 2011.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

17 August 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 August 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Ralph Thompson, President, Tom Orschell, and Jeff Hughes
Also present: Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Jack Gay, Attorney.
ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor (at Council hearings)Connie subbing for Gayle who is at Budget Hearings

1. Tucker Development- Seldom Seen and Old Orchard- continued tabled- bond has been renewed for one- but unknown about the letter of credit on Phase 1. McCormack is following up on that per Listerman.

2. Langley Heights- Ordinance to Vacate- tabled from July 6.
John Wright spoke again giving statements from one of the tenants near the bus and Rumpke’s turn-around. This stated where turnarounds occurred. Landlord Pat Kerns told us not to have people turn around. Documents from John Moore on ROW around the York Road area- and shows that it is already deeded to him. Document to show Ridge Ave- now called York- by 911- shows the actual width of that strip of land as 20.5 ft wide at the angle piece. 30 feet elsewhere. Produced Siemantel Avenue’s actual length documents. Some are really driven ROW and some are roads. Others are unmaintained but reserved.
Orschell went up there and thinks a 25 ft turnaround N and s on Stedman at Siemantel as driven. They would vacate the other ROWs. Johnny Wright would keep the gate on out as private. If developed they would have to replat and build roads to county standards. Hughes said we don’t normally replat unless someone asks. The owners would rather leave as is. Orschell said the county engineer would rather clean it up- not have it on the books. Earlier on people had asked for vacations back in the 1950s. County owns the land between the litigants and Judge Cleary brought the county into the suit due to this. This was platted in 1891. Orschell thinks that vacating would get the county out of this civil litigation.
Orschell motioned to vacate everything that is not driven except for the turnaround on Stedman at Siemantel and the ROW to Wright’s property and the gate belongs to Wright.
Worried about access to Aurora’s water tower.
York Avenue to Dale Benjamin’s property is driven and dead ends into his parent’s property per son of Dale Benjamin.
Thompson suggested he reword the motion to what we will NOT vacate might be easier.
Listerman said he needed turnarounds at the end of each maintained road for county maintenance. This would also serve the busses and garbage trucks.
Johnny Wright does not want Stedman Avenue vacated as he needs that as access. Wieman Avenue is basically a ditch. Water run-off issues. Johnny Moore requests part of the old York vacated. Sutton OK to vacate if it makes it easier for the county- half goes to Kern, half to him.
Motion died for lack of 2nd.
Orschell wants to vacate all not driven except for Siemantel and Stedman with 25 ft turnaround at Stedman and Siemantel and legal county ROW to Wrights’ property. Includes Wieman for access to water tower. Hughes won’t second. Thompson said it was a sticky issue- to clean it up and get the county out of the middle of this he 2nded. Passed. Hughes Nay.
Gay will redraft the ordinance to reflect the motion. Ordinance will give sheriff the legal rights to keep ROW open.

3. DCRSD Appointments – tabled from July 20- tabled until commissioners could meet the people on the resumes.

4. Animal Control fee and ordinances tabled to be discussed at the next day meeting. Ordinance requires humane treatment of animals. If left without food or water, this was enforceable. Ordinance was put together back in May. Commissioners approved the new ordinance unanimously. Sheriff is working on getting ACO’s deputized for enforcement of this ordinance.
Animal control fees- raised most prices. $6 for dog tags if spayed/neutered and $11 if not spayed or neutered. Impoundment fees are $20 first day and $10 each additional day. Adoption is $60 dogs and $25 cats. Euthanize an owned animal will be $50- though they would like to not have to do this. Other fees were listed as well.
Adopted new fees with the exception of the tax lien option for fee collection.

5. Charity Roadblocks – tabled from Aug 3- Ewbank summarized and got public comments from Beacon on it. Cities don’t really have anything on this. Hughes doesn’t want piles of legislation of something that doesn’t have shelf-life. Orschell and Thompson agreed that it was a safety issue and it often involves children. Commissioners agreed to have Gay draw up a ban n charity roadblocks ordinance.

6. OKI Memorandum of Understanding/grant application info- tabled from Aug 3- needed a signature to meet deadline- so commissioners ratified Thompson’s signature.


Juvenile Center Doctor Agreement signatures- approved.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT- Todd Listerman-gave a 30- minute report
Went back to Langley heights- do the commissioners also want me to put that 2nd turnaround up at the top of the hill? Yes- about a 20 ft one. This will help with safety on that hill.

Agreements with Beam Longest and Neff are not completed yet. They want to include costs so that they can see costs with doing the 27 legal descriptions. Andy Pikel from Beam Longest and Neff spoke. Engineering will remain the same- but if you get a property by donation you can eliminate all the appraisal fees, unless the owner wanted it for tax purposes. If over $25,000 you have to have review appraisal too. Thompson said we are looking for an NTE with costs. Ready for next meeting.

Public bond for Listerman himself signed.

OKI says $39,000 in funds- and sign inventory costs about $130,000. So Listerman is trying to get interns etc.

Highway safety funds can be used for new installations of guardrail per Mark Payne of OKI. He will check with Howard Barth and assoc. and see what they can do with that $39,000. Locations have not been selected yet.

Got quotes and bids for work in the county. Two one ton trucks for smaller roads in county for snow plows were approved by the council. Last year they had to take 2 13 year old trucks out.
Haag at $78,300 was low bid on these truck chassis.

Equipment to go on it by Kaffenberger as low was $36,400.

Indiana Sign and Barricade from INDY for line striping -$22,999.90

Garage door for $8,600 from Maxwell Construction for Randall Ave Bldg

Water proofing for $7,020 from Maxwell Construction for Randall Ave Bldg.

$27,000 to reclaim old SR 1 to Gaynor using millings after they have reground the old road. This will regrade, recompact, and chip seal. 1.2 miles of road. Listerman wants to ask Council permission to do this as a test of this procedure. Thinks this is a good solution for our low-volume through roads. This has worked in other places- just the first time we try it here. OK’d to go to Council.

Woliung Road and Konradi were done this year and he wants to go to Council to get $41,000 to do chip seal on these and finish them. Approved to go to Council.

Rohe Paving in Aurora has 6,000 tons of millings available for $81,000 from Ohio County state project. He wants to go to Council to get approved for this from 172 fund. OK’d to go to Council.
Three bridges that qualify for funding- #24 Cold springs and #138 Bonnell at Burzelbach, and North Dearborn at #102 Creekside. He has funding for designs on North Dearborn and Cold Springs. Collier Ridge Bridge is already approved. The feds are 80/20 on design on this also. This is very competitive. To get the edge- he wants to start the actual design. INDOT will do the environmental review. They will give DES numbers. He wants approval to get design started on this. We can pay 100% of our own funds if we don’t want to use federal funds on this. They would do 2 this year and one next year. OK’d to proceed.

ANIMAL CONTROL- Marlene Underwood- getting way too many cats. Getting a lot of out of state residents for adoptions. Local business owner will be putting two animals’ pictures in the paper for adoptions. Someone is also doing videos of the dogs to help with adoptions on facebook and You tube. Uniforms soon and vehicles lights.

AUDITOR- Connie Fromhold-Claims and minutes signed, except for Aug 3rd, tabled for review.

ATTORNEY- Jack Gay-none


Jeff Hughes- what did we recommend for county raises for employees. They said it would probably remain the same.
Tom Orschell- none
Ralph Thompson- should we notify Judge Cleary of the Langley Heights issue. Gay will do that. Also the 5 requirements from Planning and Zoning ordinance are included in the discussion and acceptance.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- DC approved for grant funding for supplies and material for medical reserve corp to get assistance during emergencies.

Sandy Carley- the video on dogs are awesome- and would like to put a link on the Petfinder and their home page for PAWS to do that also. Because they are county animals she wanted to be sure. Commissioners approved.

Howard Luke – provided papers as requested at previous meeting. Commissioners and the attorney received copies. Commissioners decided to review these and have a response by the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, August 16, 2010

DRAFT Agenda August 17 Commissioners Meeting

August 17, 2010
9:00 a.m.
City of Lawrenceburg
Administration Building
230 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Tucker Development – Seldom Seen I, II & III/ Old Orchard (continued tabled)
2. Langley Heights – Ordinance to Vacate (tabled from 7/6)
3. DCRSD appointments (tabled from 7/20)
4. Animal Control Fee (tabled from 7/20 – will be discussed during next day meeting)
5. Charity Roadblocks (tabled from 8/3)
6. OKI – Memorandum of Understanding / Grant application info (tabled from 8/3)

1. Juvenile Center Doctor Agreement signatures


VI. ANIMAL CONTROL - Marlene Underwood

VII. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington





XII. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Sunday, August 15, 2010

FAQ on Wheel Tax or LOHUT

Is this another possible way to pay for our roads?

Wheel Tax or LOHUT Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LOHUT?

LOHUT is an acronym that stands for Local Option Highway User Tax. It was coined by the staff of the Indiana LTAP Center to minimize confusion over what is commonly referred to as the “wheel tax.” In actuality, the wheel tax is one of two taxes that must be levied together as a pair. The other is the “excise surtax.” Each of the taxes apply to different types of vehicles, so no one would ever pay both taxes on the same vehicle, but almost everyone would pay one or the other on any vehicle.

What is the difference between the “wheel tax” and the “excise surtax”?

The excise surtax only applies to passenger cars, light trucks (less than #11,000), and motorcycles. The wheel tax applies to everything else that is not considered exempt.

What is considered exempt?

Very little. The Indiana Code allows an exemption only for vehicles owned by the state or any state agency, political subdivisions of the state (such as counties, cities, towns, school districts, etc.), and some types of buses, including church buses, school buses, and buses owned and operated by a religious or nonprofit youth organization.

How much are the taxes?

It depends. The fiscal body of the county must decide how they want to enact the tax. The excise surtax can be imposed either as a percentage of the excise tax or as a flat fee. The percentage can be as low as 2% or as high as 10% of the excise tax, but never less than $7.50. The excise tax used is the excise tax before the state cut excise taxes by 50% several years ago. If the flat fee option is selected, the fee can range from as low as $7.50 to as high as $25.00. The wheel tax can range from as low as $5.00 to as high as $40.00. The wheel tax rate can also be varied among different types of vehicles and even within different weight classes within the same type of vehicle.

How much will it generate for my county to build and maintain roads and streets?

That depends on the number and type of vehicles registered in the county, and the rates at which the county council impose the taxes. The LOHUT generates over $14 million per year for Marion County (cy 2004) because of the large number of vehicles located in that county. Smaller counties would obviously generate a lot less. For an estimate of the potential revenue for your county, contact the Indiana LTAP Center and a projection can be made based on the most recent information available from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. A sample printout from the LTAP software is shown on the opposite page.

How much does the Bureau of Motor Vehicles keep for collecting the tax?

The BMV charges are only 15 ¢ per transaction. Most people feel that this is a very low percentage of a fee that could be as high as $40.00. This is good for the local agencies because it leaves a higher percentage to be distributed locally.

How is the tax distributed?

The proceeds of the LOHUT, after the BMV fees, are distributed to the county and all of the cities and towns within the county. They are allocated based on the same formula used to distribute Local Road and Street funds. That means, for counties with a population of more than 50,000, that 60% of the money is based on relative population and 40% of the money is distributed based on relative mileage. For counties with a population of less than 50,000, 20% of the money is based on relative population and 80% of the money is distributed based on relative mileage.

Is it a “fair tax?”

Some people think it is, others do not. It is fair in the respect that the only people that pay it are the people that license their vehicles and use the roadways. Also, all of the money generated in the county stays in the county, save the BMV fees. It can also be fair in that a higher fee can be charged to heavy trucks that cause more damage to roads that lighter vehicles. It can be unfair in that the tax may not be proportional to use, like a gasoline tax would be. Everyone that buys a license plate will be charged the same rate, regardless of how often they use it.

Why don’t we just increase the gasoline tax?

Granted, the gasoline tax is a more proportional tax, but increasing it above current levels is up to state, not local authorities. Efforts have been in place for years with little success in increasing the gasoline tax, especially for local units of government. Furthermore, it can be shown that the LOHUT, imposed at average rates, will generate nearly twice as much money for a county than a four cent increase in the state gasoline tax. This is true even with the assumption that the increase is shared equally (ie., two cents to the state and two cents to local units), which is a larger share than local units have received in the past.

How many other counties have enacted it?

The tax has been available since 1980. Since its inception, forty-three counties have imposed the tax. Many of those have taken that action in just the last several years, since the special distribution from the state general fund was discontinued. The map shown below identifies the counties that have enacted the tax.

What can we use the money for?

The statutes allow the LOHUT funds to be used only to “construct, reconstruct, repair, or maintain streets and roads under its jurisdiction.” The funds may also be used to establish a “multiple county infrastructure authority.”

Will I have to pay the tax on my farm equipment?

This is a very commonly asked question, so we posed it directly to the BMV. The response was that the statutes allow for rates to be varied for different classes of vehicles and for various weights within a class, but has no provision for different rates based on use (ie., farm vs. commercial). So the answer is that there is no exemption for agricultural vehicles.

Will I have to pay on the school bus I own?

The wheel tax does apply to buses, but in the definition of a bus (IC 9-13-2-17) it clearly states “the term (bus) does not include school buses, or motor vehicles that are funeral equipment and that are used in the operation of the funeral business.”
Are apportioned vehicles subject to the tax?

Apportioned vehicles (vehicles that cross state lines and are subject to the International Registration Plan) must pay wheel taxes if the carrier’s business address is located in a wheel tax county.

Friday, August 13, 2010

County Council Budget for 2011 Meeting Schedule

County Council Budget for 2011 Meeting Schedule
All of these meetings are in the Commissioners Room at the Adm Building and open to the public
TUES AUGUST 17, 2010

8:30AM-12 noon- binding and non-binding reviews
12 noon- Superior Courts 1 and 2 and Probation- Judges Cleary and Blankenship and Jennifer Lyness

Break for Lunch 12:30-1:30 PM

After that no one is scheduled

WED AUGUST 18, 2010

8:30- Park Board- Jim RedElk
9:00 – County Extension Office- Mike Hornbach
9:15 –Maintenance- Eric Hartman
9:30 – GIS- Margaret Minzner
9:45 PAWS – Sandy Carley
10:00 – Animal Control – Marlene Underwood
10:15- Juvenile Center- Traci Agner
10:30- Soil and Water
10:45 Regional Sewer District- Vera Benning
11:15- Commissioners- Bill Ewbank
11:30- Carl Fryman

Break for Lunch 12-1

1:15 – Circuit Court- Jim Humphrey
1:30- Circuit Court Probation – Steve Bradley
1:45 – Community Corrections – Terri Dillard
2:00- Health Dept- Dr Scudder
2:30- 911 Communications – Charlie Ashley
3:00- EMA- Bill Black
3:30 – Auditor- Gayle Pennington


8:30 – Building Dept- Bill Shelton
8:45- Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack
9:00- Assessor- Gary Hensley
9:30 – Veterans Service- Mike Burgess
9:45- Clerk- Phil Weaver
10:00- Surveyor- Dennis Kraus
10:15- Recorder- Glenn Wright
10:30- Treasurer- Barb Kaffenberger
11:00- Sheriff- Dave Lusby

Break for Lunch- 12-1

1:15 – Prosecutor- Aaron Negangard
1:45- Highway- Todd Listerman

FRI- AUGUST 20, 2010
11:00- Coroner-Wes Holt

Lunch Break 12-1

NOTE: Council often uses open times to discuss further items or riverboat revenue and capital projects.

Friday, August 06, 2010


Dearborn County Council Annual Budget Hearings Aug 16-20 from 8:30-4:30

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

3 August 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

3 August 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Ralph Thompson, President, Tom Orschell, and Jeff Hughes
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Jack Gay, Attorney.


Tucker Development- Seldom Seen, 1, 2, and 3 and Old Orchard- Tucker met with Tech Review and waiting for engineer. Old Orchard bond has been renewed (Phase 2) He will talk to Todd on Seldom Seen and have Orschell in that meeting.

Langley Heights- Ordinance to Vacate-Stratton- attorney for Aurora present for Mayor Hastings. The city of Aurora does not have an opinion one way or the other with the exception of the paved roadway that gets Aurora back to their water tower there. They own a significant number of lots there- but they are in the city limits section of Langley Heights.
John Watson-attorney for Johnny Wright opposes the vacation. Most of the citizens are opposed to the vacation.
Larry Eaton attorney for Kern requested nothing be decided until he returned from his trip. (He has land that he is considering eventually developing and the ROW would affect this.)
Orschell stated that a turnaround is needed for garbage trucks and school busses. Because it is a legal ROW now- he wants the truck to be able to turn around thru the gate by the water tower and go back out. Gay says that this is county ROW. Watson says that Wright owns that. Wright does NOT want them turning around on his land. This was done back in the 1990s. He has a gate there that was approved by the county. Someone else created this problem. Rumpke has to find another place to turn around – not thru his gate. !986, 1991, 1994 and court cases were mentioned.
Commissioners decided to table this until they got their documents to the county engineer, If needed they can call a working session beforehand. They did not require Wright to open his gate until proven that this was NOT his property. They will turn around at the bottom of the hill for now.

Library Appointment- Don Siemers and Dan Toon were considered. Don Siemers was appointed to the board.

DCRSD Appointment-tabled to get more info.

Animal Control Fees-
to be discussed during the next day meeting August 17th.


Ed Opp and Dino Schmaltz
- EMS and Fire Advisory Board- County survey- Opp said they are looking for a way to get best bang for the buck. 24/7 service and paid personnel are desirable, but funding is an issue. They’d like to send a questionnaire out the residents of the county and ask where they would like to see fire and ems services in the county. As long as it’s being sent- perhaps the county would like to add questions regarding road services etc. There will also be questions on how to pay for it. All the chicken frying in the world won’t support all these services. Tax levy might be needed perhaps. We have 9 FD and 7 life squads right now in the county. May have to combine some services. Orschell suggested Purdue University students could do the surveys and data gathering. Thompson said that about a dozen ems have met to help get this discussed. Ewbank will delve into this to see if we can get the survey done and at what costs. They are looking for an IMPARTIAL survey.

OKI- Memorandum of Understanding signatures- they tabled it to see if this was the same thing they had signed in early July.

HIGHWAY DEP’T- Todd Listerman – gave a 15- minute report.
Working with INDOT to get their RFP for Bridge inspections for 2011-12 on their website to get proposals. They will rate consultants and negotiate from this. Because of federal dollars- they do it this way- Feds pay 80%.

Collier Ridge Bridge was posted also and they will rate proposals and negotiate. Presently there is $1million allocated. Hughes wanted a site visit set up. Consultant will come up with all potential costs. They will also look at different bridge types as alternatives. Listerman is gone Mon-Wed next week with German foreign exchange student orientation.

Andy Patel ( sp?) here from Beam Longest and Neff regarding Stateline Road project. 34 parcels need to get ROW. Conversations have proceeded well with owners. Proceed with engineers and assess market value of the property and appraisals get reviewed to double check the work they have done. Once complete the offer will go out to landowner and they have 30 days to respond. Even if donated they still need to get engineers involved. Orschell said folks were vocal- many want to know exactly where it will be and how their property will look. They could do a paint line on their property to help show this. The agreement had estimates last year with $80,000 ROW engineering and $111,000 in other services. This can be lower if some are donated. This is an hourly contract with a not to exceed number. Because state law on ROW changed from earlier work they will have to redo some of this. There will be numbers based on previous work to estimate what this costs at next meeting for agreement. We’ll also have to see what we want to phase. County Council has set aside about $300,000. Thompson wanted to know if they had a SWAG on this (Super Wild A$$ Guess) People will see the benefits to this, and so will businesses as congestion clears. Commissioners definitely want a NOT TO EXCEED NUMBER.

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington-minutes and claims were approved. June 15 minutes were amended and passed out 1.5 weeks ahead so that they could review them. Approved. July 6th approved. Executive session minutes July 20 approved. July 20 minutes tabled for them to review.

ATTORNEY- Jack Gay- reported “to the relief of everyone” that he had nothing.

COUNTY COORDINATOR – Bill Ewbank- 2011 Holiday Schedule needed because the courts were scheduling cases. Approved.

The charity roadblocks were tabled to see what state law was. He talked to Celeste at Bright Beacon and they carried a story resulting in him getting 25 emails, 4 letters, and 1 call. Only 2 were in favor. Most wanted a ban on it. Ewbank to check the cities to see what their ordinances are on this.

Good news- a good year on property and casualty insurance and will get a return of about $3,000 on a return of premium. Our fee next year will remain flat or be reduced. Pennington suggested we take the check so as to leave a paper trail.

Hughes- thinks they should recommend an ordinance on salaries for county employees for Council.
Hoping to hold the line on budget per Pennington.


Greg Ritzi from Collier Ridge bridge 55
. Asked about the RFP that was posted with INDOT for 3 weeks. INDOT gives approval to negotiate with the consultant. This will take at least 2 months. Negotiations are relatively easy as there are typical numbers with INDOT on these. The site visit with commissioners occurs before this.

Bruce Goddard (sp?)-Langley Heights- Johnny Wright said he will bring a survey in. Langley Heights- even if he has it on paper- what about the pins on the ground? Wight has pulled mine out and thrown them on the ground. There is a civil lawsuit pending that he is party to. He has problems with tenants who cannot get garbage picked up. He was encouraged to bring in whatever records he has.

Howard Luke- was at July 6 executive meeting. Tried to find out if there was another meeting scheduled in addition to the one special meeting he was able to go to on his son-in law. Tried to get Ken here tonight-but he is so depressed he wouldn’t come. He was concerned about suicide . He was told to get his questions in writing to county attorney to see about another meeting perhaps.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township