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27 February 2017 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

27 February 2017 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes
Present: Dennis Kraus, Jr., Chairman, Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Art Little, Dan Lansing, Jim Thatcher, and Eric Lang
ABSENT: The county extension member who will replace Mike Hornbach who retired, and Jake Hoog.
Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.
Baudendistel read the Title VI statement as required by law.
January Minutes were approved.
Old Business: none
New Business:
Request for a Zone Map Amendment from Ag and Highway Interchange to entirely Highway Interchange. Applicant: Dennis Kraus Land Survey Co. Owners are Joe Leonard and Allison Johnson. Site Location is Harrison Brockville Road/SR 52 on 17.12 acres in Harrison Township. 
Jeff Stenger was present for Dennis Kraus. Dennis Kraus, Jr. left the room as he worked on the project. Mark Lehman presided in his absence.
Mark McCormack presented that the applicant is rezoning 14.875 of Ag acres to H-1. The area north of the RR tracks is already H-1.This area was designated for commercial uses on the master plan. They want to allow a series of commercial uses such as but not limited to storage buildings, office space, landscaping sales and market spaces. Staff recommends a written commitment if this is given a favorable recommendation. He showed aerial views of the site. This parcel is within the West Harrison TIF expansion area from 2006. The storage units proposed would have to be elevated as they are in the 100 year food plain area. Future development area is all in the 100 year flood area. Not enough traffic will be generated by the proposed uses right now to require a traffic study. One may be required in the future depending on what is proposed. Staff wants this a s a written commitment if this is given a favorable recommendation. Fire and EMS from New Trenton have not sent their letter on this proposal though they have been contacted.  Visibility from the site per the pictures looks good. RR tracks and canal area are shown in the site pictures. He also listed the 5 criteria to consider for a rezone from article 5 section 540. 13 letters went out and only 2 were unable to be reached. They did answer questions from some neighbors who called in. 
Jeff Stenger presented briefly. Noted it was in a TIF area and slated for commercial. He said that New Trenton was generally slow on getting letters to them. He said if they can handle the fireworks  business, they can handle this. He asked for any questions. Lehman asked if anything needed more access are they going to get more points from the RR? Stenger said most likely the answer is no. They will allow them to upgrade the one they will grant. He didn’t honestly see them getting that much traffic in this space. 1500-2000 trips per day would be needed to get to needing the traffic count. Doesn’t think they will get there. 
Karen Schlacter- representing Barb and Dick Wessling who are in FL - is their daughter. Their concerns- the farm has been in their family for generations. Why did they buy in the flood plain? When they raise the land it will drain and affect their crops. They have flooding issues from other developments. The river flooded up close to Barber Road last year. They are worried about their fields. Lang said they will be required to control the water runoff from their land. They will be limited to a certain amount of fill by the Army Corps in the flood plain. She said the property across the street was in the flood area and their home was moved up the hill many years ago due to floods and typhoid. McCormack said they will look at storm water and get a catch basin or piping to take care of these issues. Corn and soybean alternating years are planted on her family farm. She is concerned about traffic trying to get around the farm there- already have the Brockville Lake traffic. Constantly chasing people off their property and someone took their post and sign down. They have 300 acres of farm on both sides of the road. Lang said that they can’t dam it up on them or let it flow onto them. When they get into the details of the engineering these will have to be addressed. This happens after the zone change. Also wants to know the distances they can develop from the property line. McCormack said his setback is 50 ft. from their property line. She is the POA for her parents and wants to be notified whenever they have any more hearings or  proposals. Asked about fencing. Stenger- there will be fencing the storage units. 
Stenger - they are proposing a chain link fence with landscaping. Only 2 ft of fill needed- and the existing building is out of flood plain. The pond is shown there to catch the water as it is in the low spot. Setbacks would require a variance if they were less than 50 ft. The dirt that is currently there was hauled in before they hired the survey- they have stopped it now. They know to not do any more until they get their permits. 
The Plan Commission - Little had no problems with it- nor did Thatcher or Lansing. Lang said he was on the edge of commercial uses, but the flood plain will self regulate what he can do. Beiersdorfer said it already has H-1 at the front and it’s part of the TIF. Agrees with Lang on the good plain stopping too much development. 
Lang motioned for a Favorable Recommendation County Commissioners from H-1 and Ag to H-1 entirely with written commitment for traffic study when the site generates 1000 vehicle trips per day, uses stricken from the entire list of uses be stricken on the commitment, and they get a favorable letter from the EMS for coverage of the property. Seconded. PASSED. 
March 21st will be probable meeting at Commissioners for the zone change. 
Kraus. Jr returned as Chairman.   
Interlocal agreement with Aurora is updated and approved by Commissioners. West Harrison and St. Leon will be similarly finished up. Building Dept agreements  and Highway Dept will also be in these agreements plus their fees. The fees went from $25,000-$30,000. There is a 90 day notice to terminate. They can re-negotiate for price increases. The board approved the agreement and signed it. 
Bond report next month.
Ordinance discussions next month. 
Meeting for sound system discussion next month. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Saturday, February 25, 2017

AGENDA and packet materials Feb 27th Plan Commission Meeting

AGENDA  and packet materials Feb 27th Plan Commission Meeting


Tuesday, February 28, 2017
6:30 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


PAWS –  Robbin Pelfrey
Yearly report

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT / 911– Jason Sullivan
Rave Alert / Smart 911

PARK BOARD – Jim Red Elk 
CF Water Line
Playground Mulch
BM Camera Install
BM Fence Repair
Baseball Field Dirt

State Line Road Project
West Harrison TIF
Mt Tabor Project

New computer and hardware / software for office

Draw $2,000,000.00 for Courthouse Annex (advertised in 2016)

AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
Minutes from January 24, 2017
Salary Ordinance Changes


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

21 February 2017 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

21 February 2017 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little (arrived at 8:54 AM) and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Connie Fromhold, covering for Gayle Pennington, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator (who arrived at 8:50 AM)
ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Art Little

Baudendistel read the Title VI statement as legally required. 


Hardinsburg Vacation- Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack- Ordinance Vacating Certain unmaintained roads in Hardinsburg-Bayer Becker Engineering applicant for three alleys and one street known as West Street from the January 2017 meeting. They received favorable recommendations except for the southernmost alley which was underwater in one of the pictures, which received an unfavorable one. McCormack showed the map of Hardinsburg from 1840s and also the vacated areas over the years. Greendale sent info to the Plan Commission showed sewer manhole and some utilities in the area. Oxbow adjoins this area around the alley underwater. Clarks have a landlocked 2 acre piece there. 7 letters were sent to property owners and two were returned. If this is approved, there will be surveys done to get the transfers of ownership properly recorded.
PUBLIC COMMENT: Bayer Becker represents 600 Land Inc. they own some adjoining land. He wanted the commissioners to consider the additional alley as the Clarks are land locked even with that alley as it doesn’t extend to them. Baudendistel said that both Clark and Oxbow asked them not to vacate the last alley. 600 Land is cleaning up the land to get those roads off the county books. Bill Weis sp ? of 600 Land is to use it for concrete and fill dirt. OxBow’s objection was based on their farming lease for tractor turnaround.  
Tim Mara- representing OxBow- has a problem with the alley between them and 600 Land Inc being vacated. OxBow cooperates with Clarks to allow them access beyond the alley and the alley gets them closer to their land locked land.
Mara reminded them that the hardship to an owner is a condition in their code. ([NOTE: removing the access for their farmer and turnaround was a problem for them] 
Terri Randall - got up to remind them that as an economic development person with future uses for visible area at the entrance to the county and improvements to the area with trails etc. They will always be hypersensitive to this area because it is so visible. 
Little said he spent 2-3 hours looking at this at PC meeting. He wants to do it as the PC recommended and leave that last alley there. And taking into consideration the 4 articles that pertain to vacating roads and alleys. Lynch after some questions 2nded it and the motion passed to vacate West Road and two alleys, but NOT the third one by OxBow.  

PAWS Update- Patricia Hawkins, the Secretary Treasurer of PAWS introduced two board members Sandy and Penny, and the new director and staff. They have been in existence since 2011. They also provide services for Animal Control. They show a decrease in animals form 2015-16.  955 -899 dogs = 144 less dogs. Cats decreased by 318 in the last year. Operating expenses though have increased. The county contributes about 18% of these. They discounted adoption fees to save lives. Cats and dogs were adopted by less fees in the surrounding area. Hard to keep volunteers for the hardest work there too- so have had to hire some. They are reducing their head count through attrition on the staff. They are going to get an in house surgical area. This saves on transport expenses. They will be paperless by 2018. Aggressively looking for grants also. They want to ask for the ordinance to allow cats to be returned to unidentifiable  owners of trapped feral cats that are fixed first. This is modeled after Boone County KY’s ordinance. The language is modeled after Hamilton County IN. McHenry thanked them extensively for their service and the commissioners allowed the county attorney to work with PAWS to fix our ordinance.

National Day of Prayer- Connie Riegel- 5th annual and she has been in contact with construction manager. First Thursday of May at 11:30 AM to have people pray for our nation. And commissioners are invited. Approved. 

Interlocal agreement with Aurora- Planning and Zoning Services- McCormack said the Building Dept has been added to this agreement with their own fees and the Highway Dept has also for driveway permits. Baudendistel said he has cleaned it up and this should not have to be redone each year. Commissioners approved the agreement as revised.

IDOC Grant- Court Services- Steve Kelly- $493,000 received from IDOC and it requires commissioners to sign off. This goes to funding community corrections for their staff and JCAP and probation officer. Same as previous years. This is the application- but he does not anticipate any problems as it is the same as each year. Commissioners signed the application.

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer- Ratify signature on letter for Assistance with Bonnell Slip- Randall presented the letter in Listerman’s absence. McHenry  read the letter he had in his packet. 25% of the cost is county and they are requesting Commissioners to sign letter which applies for assistance die to rains.

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- going to council for another drawdown for the annex. She said the project is going well and it’s exciting. Looking as Oct or Nov to get prosecutor over first so they can get that area renovated for the clerk. Address will be on Mary Street officially. 

AUDITOR- Connie Fromhold covering for Pennington-  Claims and Feb 7th Minutes approved.
Holiday Calendar change- Friday November 10 is holiday and open Nov 13th.

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- none

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch had none and Little apologized for being late. He commented on how good our weather is.
McHenry recognized local wrestlers and mentioned several who went to state level. This is probably more than other areas in the state and how their dads and coaches supported them. 



Meeting Adjourned at 9:50 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Sunday, February 19, 2017

AGENDA- Feb 21 MORNING Commissioners Meeting

 February 21, 2017 
8:30 a.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1.  Hardinsburg Vacation – Director of Planning & Zoning, Mark McCormack
Ordinance Vacating Certain Unmaintained Roads…Hardinsburg

2.  P.A.W.S. Update – Patricia Hawkins

3.  National Day of Prayer – Connie Riegel

4.  Interlocal w/City of Aurora – (Planning and Zoning)

5.  IDOC Grant – Court Services, Steve Kelly

6.  Ratify Signature on Letter to NRCS for Assistance with Bonnell Slip

V. ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall

VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1.  Claims/Minutes

2.  Holiday Calendar Change
VII. ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel




Tuesday, February 07, 2017

7 February 2017 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

7 February 2017 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

Baudendistel read the Title VI statements legally required.

Interlocal agreement with Lawrenceburg EMS Baudendistel presented it with Lawrenceburg’s signatures. This is a special agreement required by Lawrenceburg’s attorney. Signed and approved for 2 units- $40,000.

Cyclical Review- Gary Hensley, Assessor- Requesting permission to go through a bid process for 2018-2022. This includes new construction. $ 202,847 was previous cost for 2014-2017 and so he expects the cost will be no less than that. They want to look at 24% of the properties each year to get a more real time image of the tax assessments. The county multipliers are decreasing. He thinks we may get a lower AV than previous years. Permission to seek bids granted. 

CASA Updates- Donna Thacker- documentation sent and also had copies. This is done for their grant approvals so the Commissioners can see what they are doing. Program for the younger grades called What is My Spark? They have a youth summit - have had 11 of them. Projects at different schools. Art shows - ultimately became a comic book that illustrates a positive and a negative choice for a girl at a party. Working with counseling services for overdose victims. Church groups, speakers, etc- always looking for ways to educate the community. Resource guide put out. They are asking permission to get the grant money released. Quick response team has gone out 3-4 times in Lawrenceburg since October in response to McHenry’s question. Permission granted. McHenry said getting to them in the elementary school is the best opportunity to head drug abuse off. Thacker also noted that they have to give kids the feeling that they can rise above it- if they are already living in the situation. 
McHenry cited example of kids extracurriculars being something as a motivator like in the Sparks program. This can also improve their school grades at times. Discussion of the options available in the community. Thanks expressed to Donna for all she does for the community. 

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer:

Plan Sheets for Bridges #43 Platt Road and #77 Woliung Road- Commissioners signed the cover sheets. #43 is out to bid on the 23rd of Feb. This is all local funds. Hope to start on April 1. Platt will be closed till Aug 1. local detour uses Ama and N Manchester. On #77 waiting on final permit for DNR, then go out to bid on the Community Crossing Grant project.

INDOT Contract for ROW services- Stateline at Georgetown Road- Straightening the S curve there- the highest accident location on Stateline. Federal Aid thru OKI- 80/20 % $131,525 is the contract and we pay 20%. Baudendistel reviewed and Commissioners approved. Passing blister will be there for Georgetown access also per Listerman. 

Update Blight Elimination Program and Funding- P/Z Administrator- Nicole Daily- 2014-2015 they were awarded 2 different funds. $215K  with $84K left and $150K and $15K left were awarded. The 9th one will be demolished in round 1. In round 2 they had 6 to do and 3 were accomplished. They will do 5 structures this spring and another demolition this fall. There is one removed from 5 Points Corner. There was a lot of vandalism on that structure. Neighbors in these areas are happy about the demolitions. Lynch thanked her- he thinks it’s a tremendous project. Helps with pride of ownership for the neighborhoods. Little agreed. 

Services Contract with IN Office of Technology- GIS- Andrea Shuter- updated to a 6 inch instead of 1 ft imagery. State will pay for the one ft- but we pay difference  $18,416  and we have some help from OKI grant for 80% of our 20% and we pay 20% out of county general of about $3,000. The state pays $10,000. Commissioners agreed to the upgrade as it benefits many departments.  

Park Board Membership- Jim Red Elk- Park board had sent in  2 resignations for Red Elk and Burger. The park board recommended Commissioners appoint Red Elk to Burger’s spot. Commissioners appointed Red Elk. [NOTE:This is due to the park board having all republican members and the law stating they have to have a politically balanced board. The board has known about this imbalance for several years. This has become a game of musical chairs for appointments. This board needs to become an actual board and not be serving as employees of the parks. They also need to get some new younger people involved so as to have a succession plan. The Council and the Circuit Court Judge (Humphrey) are looking for 2 democrats to balance this board.]] 

Signatures for Health Dept Memo of Understanding Agreement- disaster preparedness for use of the equipment and facilities during that exercise. Signed. Annual financial report to DLGF passed out also. Just needed them to be able to review it and contact her with any questions. 
ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- none

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Claims and Minutes from January 18 approved. Annual financial report to DLGF passed out also. Just needed them to be able to review it and contact her with any questions. 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- none

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS: Lynch exciting to see the annex now and appreciates the county administrator’s help with it. Going to Washington DC with OKI for the annual visit. Meeting on infrastructure and see Todd Young on the Port project.
Little- exciting times in the county- need a lot of help with they infrastructure to handle the truck traffic if a port comes. 
McHenry- nice to look at the positive aspects. Appreciates all the media we have at every meeting. He especially noted Denise’s editorial on the South Dearborn project- very fair- minded. Asked Eric Krantz why he was here- said his servers were down so he thought he’d take a walk.



Meeting Adjourned at 9:27 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, February 03, 2017

AGENDA- Feb 7th Commissioners Morning Meeting

 February 7, 2017
8:30 a.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

I.          CALL TO ORDER


            1. Interlocal with Lawrenceburg for EMS

1.  Cyclical Review – Assessor, Gary Hensley

2.  CASA Updates – Donna Thacker

3.  Highway Engineer, Todd Listerman
            1.  Plan Sheets for Bridges #43, Platt Rd. & #77, Woliung Rd.
            2.  INDOT Contract for R/W Services – Stateline Rd. at Georgetown Rd.

4.  Update Blight Elimination Program & Funding – Zoning Administrator, Nicole Daily

5.  Services Contract w/Indiana Office of Technology – GIS, Andrea Shuter

6.  Park Board Membership – Jim RedElk

7.  Signatures on Health Department M.O.U. Agreement

V.        ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall

VI.        AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
            1.  Claims/Minutes
VII.       ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel



XI.        ADJOURN

Thursday, February 02, 2017

2 February 2017 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

2 February 2017 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Present: Jim Deaton, Chairman, Dave Deddens, Jim Helms, John Rahe. (Goodman was present for executive session but left before the meeting.)
ABSENT: Alan Goodman, and Jamie Graf (non- voting school board member)

Also present: Terri Randall, county administrator and economic development director, Andrea Ewan, attorney, Sue Hayden, minute taker, Gayle Pennington, Auditor and DCRC treasurer.
Deaton didn’t read the Title VI statement because I waived the need for it- being the only member of the public here.
Verification of information discussed in executive session. Deaton read the purpose and the board verified that was all they discussed.
Action of Executive session- Proceeding with the offers on parcel number 1 and parcel 2 was approved.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES- January 26, 2017 minutes approved
Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Agenda- DC Redevelopment Meeting Feb 2nd

February 2, 2017
8:20 a.m., 3rd Floor Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


  1. Call to order

  1. Verification of Information Discussed in Executive Session

  1. Action of Executive Session 

  1. Approval of Minutes
January 26, 2017 Meeting 

  1. Adjournment