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Meet the Democrat Candidates Night

Meet the Democrat Candidates Night

County Commissioner- D2 Candidates:

Tom Orschell and Jerome (Jake) Hoog

County Council at- Large Candidate:

Phil Darling

Superior Court Judge Candidates:

Barbara Wyly and Tom Blondell

Come meet the candidates, hear their views, & ask questions.

Thursday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m. St.Leon Legion Post Rd.

For more information contact

Thank You!

Tom Orschell

Thursday, March 27, 2008



My name is Barbara Wyly and I am running in the Democratic Primary for the position of Superior Court 1 Judge. If I win the primary, I will face the winner of the Witte-Cleary primary.

My office is on Stateline Road in Bright. I have practiced in Indiana for 13 years. I have practiced law for a total of 28 years-longer than any other candidate for Judge. I have practiced as a Judge Advocate in the Air Force on active duty and in the reserves. My practice has spanned four states, one foreign country and I've even dealt with an Indian tribal court. I was an Assistant United States Attorney in Oklahoma, Chief Prosecutor on a military base and a federal and state public defender before I moved to Indiana.. I also do a substantial family law, juvenile, personal injury and estate planning practice in addition to my criminal law and public defender work. For twelve years I represented the State of Indiana in child abuse and neglect cases and was responsible for ensuring that the children in our community got a fair shake before our courts. Over 100 abused and neglected children from Dearborn and Ohio Counties are in safe, permanent homes because of my efforts as an advocate for children.

Like most of you, I am a native Hoosier. I was born in Richmond and raised on a dairy farm near Cambridge City. I was the first person in my Dad's family to go to high school or college. Early on, I learned how to work hard taking care of animals, raising what we ate, and even making the clothing I wore. I won a Hoosier scholarship to Purdue and majored in psychology with a minor in biology. My husband and I both went to school at the University of Utah, which is where I worked on a masters in educational psychology before I went to law school and graduated from law school. After law school I went into the Air Force and served 5 years of active duty, including an overseas tour in England, and four years in the reserves. Since my extended family remained in Indiana, I did my reserve duty in Indiana. After the Air Force, I set up a solo practice near Hill AFB, Utah, but we moved back here in 1994 when my husband's employer, Fidelity Investments, transferred him to the Cincinnati office. Both of my parents were ill by then, and all my family was here, so I was glad to be home.

Jim and I have three grown children. Bryon and his wife, the former Melissa See, have three children, Jacob, Katelyn and Sophia and live in Lawrenceburg. Rachel and her husband Jeff Irwin live in Guilford, and David lives in Springdale, Ohio.

I want to be your judge because I think I have the LEGAL EXPERIENCE, the TEMPERMENT, the COMMON SENSE, the BALANCED PERSPECTIVE, the DIVERSE EXPERIENCE, the WORK ETHIC, the INTEGRITY and the PEOPLE SKILLS that are necessary to be a Judge. The ability to read people is as important as the ability to read the law. I will be a Judge of character. I will be a Judge with character. I believe that Jefferson was inspired when he said that "all men (and women) are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" (Declaration of Independence) I memorized these words in high school and I believe these words with all my heart. I served my country for these ideals, I want to continue to serve you, as your judge, with these ideals in mind.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

25 March 2008 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

25 March 2008 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Fehrman, Chairman, Cheek, Kraus, Ullrich, Morris, and Barrott.
ABSENT: Lansing

Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Listerman, Transportation Director, and all three commissioners

Also present in the audience were CANDIDATES: Phil Darling, Council, Tom Orschel, D-2 Commissioner, and Kathy Scott, D-1 Commissioner.

Judge Blankenship and Prosecutor Negangard were in the audience

This special meeting was primarily for Capital Projects and lasted nearly 3 hours. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ROAD PRIORITY LISTS CONTACT THE HIGHWAY DEPT.

Scott Fortner of the Park Board presented a request for Riverboat Revenue to help with the wash out of Guilford Park in the recent flood. They need wiring and rip rap and the county hwy dept. will help with a backhoe etc to get the park usable again. Council asked them to come back in May with an estimate.

Rick Fox began the Capital Projects Discussion and stated that Liz Morris, Maynard Barrott, and Dennis Kraus sat in on the Capital Projects group. They looked at the 2030 plan for road improvements and he thought it would be beneficial to show the people that they are starting to do something.

Fox said the traffic counts on Stateline and Jamison are about 6,000 (Listerman said 6300) and the project to fix that area with turn lanes was $2.5 million. Cheek thought that 5 years ago we had set aside money to do this. Pickens said there was money to do it. But at some point we have to tackle these long-range plans like North Dearborn too.

Listerman said we use the OKI ranking system to prioritize the roads- using 7-8 categories and a point system.

Stateline is the only one off line from the Special Capital Project’s Committee’s list. [NOTE: How did that become added to tonight’s requests- without the committee’s approval? Who added it?]

Fox went on to discuss the Special projects list of slips- Collier Ridge for ½ million, West Laughery for $50,000 using county labor, and Wilson Creek geotech work only for $100,000. The Wilson Creek construction project may cost $1-1.5 million per Listerman.

Pickens said there is $816,000 in Major Moves money (this is the last year of that- it was a 2-year program)

Cheek asked if the work on Wilson Creek itself by Walmart was contributing to that slip. Listerman said it didn’t help – but it would be hard to prove.

Cheek said the North Hogan and Lower Dillsboro slips with closed roads- where are they on this list? Listerman said- those all occurred AFTER we did this list.
Pickens tried to get the Council focused back onto the list.

Listerman- we also have Bridge 15 on Bell’s Branch, which will be let in July now per INDOT. Cum Bridge will cover the $300,000 match we need for that.

Fox presented the handwritten list for bridges which Listerman said were prioritized and they’d set aside the ones they could get federal money for. Bridges to be done included Cold Springs, Collier Ridge and Bonnell.

Striping list was $125,000, Equipment was $410,000 and paving existing arterial upgrades on Mt Pleasant, Huseman, and Johnson Fork was 1.06 Million.

Fox said- People want to see some results- some improvements. We want to return some money to unimproved roads for about $1.5 million a year and keep this in place to keep up on a priority system. I’m sure all of you are getting calls. This is a chance to take some of the money you’ve saved and give it back. Fox doesn’t want it perceived that we use old data- he wants new road counts on these gravel roads. [NOTE: Traffic counts from one year to the next are not likely to change much on these little roads.]

Fox said he didn’t want them to allocate the money to CERTAIN ROADS- just give us a number and we’ll do the ones with the highest priority first. He wants to use traffic volume as a priority. Fox later said something about counts needing to be done while school was in session like on Ennis Ridge.

Listerman said there are 80 miles of unimproved roads- this list is the THROUGH ROADS that are unimproved and is about 30 miles.

Fox wants a system that we can defend.

Cheek said the Riverboat revenue was to fix roads- we should do that. What’s to say that a higher traffic count road is in greater need than a lower one?

Fehrman asked each member to weigh in on whether Major Moves should be spent on one time repair or on an ongoing project. Most said one time capital expense.

Pickens gave info: Major moves has $650,000. The MVHA will be used for line striping, equipment and paving for 3 roads. The highway dept. has $1.5 million in county general, which can only be used to pay salaries. They wanted to swap this with MVHA and use the contingency fund also. There is also a projected $1.2 million surplus in county general this year. This leaves $166,000 in Major Moves to perhaps work on Lower Dillsboro Road etc.
[NOTE: Now here’s an example of accounting in motion. Can’t this be more straightforward?]

Fehrman told Listerman that for fixing those slips- if he gets the grant we’ll fund the match for federal funding.

Council then took the following actions:
1. They approved $650,000 from MVHA (using the Major Moves portion from there, leaving $166,000 in Major Moves.

2. They approved $300,000 for Bells Branch bridge match.

3. They approved $1,635 million for line striping, equipment, and paving 3 roads.

They then discussed what to do with the unimproved roads list. Listerman said 4.5 inches of asphalt would be put on after they mill off the olds stuff that is crumbled. Pipes and ditching will be done but they will only pave existing lengths and widths.

Kraus said- people just want to drive on a road without choking on the dust.
Fox- We’re asking for $1.5 million to start. Listerman said we’ll do the top 4 roads (they were already listed.)

Fehrman said- the money we’ve saved for N Dearborn for 5 years- the federal money is not there anymore. Should we use this for something else? Messmore concurred.
The Bright project- Stateline- is all local- no federal and 10 years old!

Fehrman asked about the rainy day fund, then said- forget I said that.

Pickens said we could use the contingency fund and spend all $900,000 out of that. Listerman said- INDOT capped their projects at #3million and we won’t get that until 2015-2016. Fehrman said – take $600,000 from County General and $900,000 from contingency to get $1.5 million for unimproved roads.

Thompson said- Remember the tax appeals finish in 3 weeks or so- some appeals may reduce this. Don’t spend it all – we have road slips to fix.

COUNCIL APPROVED $750,000 with 600,000 from county general and 150,000 from contingency. (1/2 of what Fox asked for) Listerman will have updated vehicle counts in May.

Fox said he’d like to thank you guys- wise move- basically Dennis’s idea to get the ball rolling. Barrott said this was the way to do it- there were disagreements, but a tremendous idea.

Fehrman said we have to wait on the 2030 list until we hear what RQAW- Brett Dodd has to tell us. (Stateline project was essentially tabled.)

Pickens introduced Dodd from RQAW who was doing this design for free rather than paying for a study. Costs of construction up to $150/sq ft. Plans were passed out for renovation of courthouse [NOTE: Didn’t we just do that a few years ago? Are the bonds even paid off yet?] , Adm Bldg, the area across the RR tracks possibly etc.

Dodd said we could move probation out and make the courthouse essentially a court area with a secure access elevator. He wasn’t sure if the elevator could actually be done there yet. The Adm Bldg would become Probation, Prosecutors and Community Corrections. Prosecutor would have the entire top floor- 6,000 sq ft.

The potential new building will be the Adm Bldg Annex built on the old scrap heap from L-bg on Maple and William St. It would cost $10-12,000 to see what contaminants are there. [NOTE: Or we could ASK Lawrenceburg what’s in it!]

The annex could have 50 parking spaces and 2-3 floors plus add 90-100 spaces where the house and trailer are on that street perhaps. We’d keep the building development groups together- for one stop permitting etc. Perhaps add a FITNESS PLACE for employee health. [NOTE: At taxpayer expense? Though perhaps the county administrator would be more accessible if he could exercise in the building.]

Total costs would be $8-9 million contingency percentages built in. They could schedule this all out with the new annex being first built so that they could move in, then prosecutor, probation could move, and then courthouse could be renovated. Total finish date Oct 2010 if they start in April.

Dodd said- We are also studying another option now.

Council talked about taking $12,000 out of econ dev fund to see if contaminants are on the old dumpsite for the annex. Ullrich said he was having a hard time seeing this across the RR tracks with those houses around it.

Dodd from RQAW said- We’re talking to Maxwell to see what they can do also – looking at the Shumway Bldg again. [NOTE: Benning wanted this building during her term. This building was appraised, inspected, and found to be a bad choice just a few years ago. What changed?]

When asked their opinion Fox said- we’re just looking at this like you are. Thompson said I don’t know anything about this yet.

It was then stated that the contractor (Maxwell???) saw deficiencies first hand when on jury duty. They are looking to work this out with Lawrenceburg and maybe get a 1.5% loan. The contractor is representing the attorney and Fortune Management.
Dodd said the jail would then be next. 80% of the inmates were drug offenses and could go for work-release programs. Cheek asked if the judges know about this. What about Witte? Negangard said this was the first he saw it.

Cheek asked- Where is this coming from? The commissioners are in charge of buildings and this is the 1st they knew of it. People have tax increases.

Fox said- I’m not insulted- Cary – whatever- Lawrenceburg approached us with free ground. It’s low cost to look. Cary said he’d heard from the mayor. Cheek said he talked to Mario Todd at Solid Waste 2 weeks ago and he didn’t know of land for sale.

Fehrman said- I heard the mayor say we could work out a deal for a $1 on that. [NOTE: Where and when and with whom did he hear that?]

Dodd said- wait on the $12,000 till we look at the other option. Ullrich said- the city of Lawrenceburg probably knows what’s under it. Morris said- they wouldn’t give us something bad.

Fehrman- should we schedule another joint meeting to look at other options.

Meeting set for APRIL 22nd at 7:30 PM in ADM Bldg

Judge Blankenship said she’s not familiar with this either- she appreciates Cary doing this. Pickens said he did it to get the ball rolling- nothing was going on.

Thompson said there were discussions with RQAW and Messmore last year so there wasn’t “nothing going on.”

GIS- Margaret Minzner- approved $394,000 from Growth and Dev fund for Sidwell from St. Charles, IL to do our GIS mapping. They were lowest bidder.

Pickens got salary ordinances signed and got rid of deputy titles and created two new ones for professional positions in his office- financial controller (plus $2500) and the other one for increase of $1500 per year.

Pickens got the rainy day fund resolution signed to get the extra COIT distribution of $2.1million. There is a $3.9 million surplus and can use 10% of that for rainy day fund also. The uses are same as county general and you can always add up to 10% of your total budget if you have a surplus any year. Approved as written. [NOTE: We keep getting told there is no money- but then we see these SURPLUS funds…]

Sheriff Lusby sent info that they need $14,000 to upgrade and improve security cameras to eliminate a 4-minute delay. Vote for next meeting- not tonight.

County Farm will advertise for $16,000 for mower and money to enclose the firing range.

Negangard presented request for $10,880 that will later be reimbursed to put reception area out into the Courthouse lobby to secure the flow of traffic. Approved with Cheek NAY.

Bill Black got low bid for gutters and downspouts from Your and Kuhn Sheetmetal for $27,273 approved. Cheek NAY.

Black was glad GIS done as Fire and EMS have been complaining about needing the maps.

Cheek brought up a lawsuit letter he received and also the one settled for strip search at the jail. It costs the county as they pay the $5,000 deductible and the premium increases. He hoped the offending officer was fired.

Pickens said the assessor will need another employee in July as township assessors are being eliminated by state law. Thompson said Assessor is asking for another vehicle also.

Council approved the addition of 6 line items in the budget for probation costs in the dept of child services.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

24 March 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting

24 March 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting

Present: Hall, Chairman, Kraus, Jr., Held, Laws, Lehman, Nelson, Beiersdorfer, and Thompson
ABSENT: Lansing

Also Present: McCormack, Planning Director, and McGill, Attorney.
Listerman- Transportation Director was also present.

In the audience were the following CANDIDATES: Kathy Scott, D-1 Commissioner, Jake Hoog, D-2 Commissioner, and Phil Darling, Council at large.


Richard Schmidt, one of the developers, presented the variance request for White Pines Subdivision to develop in 4 phases. This is along North Dearborn, Short, and Gaynor Ridge Roads.

They want phase 1 with 24 lots, 2 with 22 lots, 3 with 14 lots, and 4 with 15 lots. When the 35 the permit is issued, they will complete the connector Road with Gaynor Ridge, as suggested by Listerman at the last meeting.

Three members of the public spoke.

Clint Crocker represented several families along Short Road. He gave a slide presentation of the types of berms and tree shielding they would like to see from their front porches. He showed what he called their “million dollar view” right now and was concerned that the buffering would not be done as development occurred. He said that they didn’t want to see it done- “as dirt became available” as discussed in the previous meeting. The slide presentation contrasted good looking berms, fences, and trees done artistically with ones that looked more like fencing a penitentiary and thin lines of hills with trees on them.

McGill asked what this had to do with the phasing question.

Thompson said the covenants were done at the last meeting- you are a month late.

Kraus Jr. said we would be reviewing things at the 2ndary plat stage so we will look at this.

Tom Gaynor said he wanted to see phases 1 and 2 done before they connect to his road- for safety reasons. Gaynor Ridge is not ready for the traffic. Then again- maybe the houses won’t sell – so we won’t have to worry about it.

Ralph Geis – wanted to know if the dips in the road will be fixed and was concerned about kids in his woods, etc.

Listerman explained that the 35 home cut off was used as a variation on the number of homes that should be on a cul de sac- versus a through street.

Thompson motioned and Held 2nd to approve the variance for phases but put the in order of 1, 2, 4, and then 3, with the 35th permit being the trigger to connect Bristlecone with Gaynor Ridge. They addressed the 5 criteria for the variance item by item, in a fashion similar the applicant version of meeting the criteria and noted that topography was the issue as is unique to this design and the need for the variance was not due to something the applicant did.
Nelson asked if flipping the phase numbers was a problem with sewer phasing. Schmidt said no. All ayes- passed.

Thompson asked if the run-off addressed at the February meeting would be an answer to Jack Gentry’s letter in the file. Yes.

ADMINISTRATIVE: (was addressed before new business)

Clarification of March 28, 2005 motion regarding a variance request on the Chappelow Ridge Road extension for Maxwell’s Whitewater Point Subdivision. Mark Lehman excused himself from the board for this. ( I was told later that this was because prior to his last employer- Fischer Homes, he used to work for HC Nutting ,who did the geotech on this)

McCormack explained the applicant was trying to keep to max of 10.5% slope per code, but now has a new road plan that would require that previously requested variance. Nelson said- 5 of us weren’t part of that hearing- so how would we know what they meant?

McCormack said Maxwell and others were working under the perception that 14% slope was granted, though it wasn’t listed on the application form. Nelson said- they have to come back and request it.

Thompson motioned and Beiersdorfer 2nd to have them come back to request the variance. All ayes.


Proposed changes to the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.

Kathy Scott was the only public member who spoke during this section. She presented her concerns on being fair to all developers not just making it so subjective.

Article 3 Section 315C was forwarded with a favorable recommendation to the Commissioners. (flag lot arrangements)

Article 24 Section 2408 was forwarded with a favorable recommendation. (driveway clearances)

Article 2 Section 220 was TABLED to be reworded. (phasing subdivisions)


1. Bonds are getting up to date. Some are still outstanding.
2. New ordinance books will be in 3-ring binders to ease corrections and amendments.
3. McCormack is still trying to get with Jeff Hughes to answer his questions on the Comp Plan Future Land Use map. He has met several times with Rick Fox and is hoping to get the maps back onto the commissioner’s agenda.
4. OKI is getting a different consultant on the fiscal impact study- so that is delayed.
5. The 2030 plan for OKI did not have the SR 1 at I-74 bridge enhancements on it. They are still being essentially ignored by INDOT on this issue. That bridge and ramp will be a problem just like Batesville and Harrison had and McCormack wants to see it addressed BEFORE the development gets there and fixes are much messier. [NOTE: Our local reps and senator should be all over this.]

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


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Monday, March 24, 2008

Karen Swales-Shell - HVL POA Candidate's Statement
Karen Swales-Shell
444 Hidden Valley Drive

I am Karen Shell. My husband Dave and I have lived in HVL for 22 years. We have 3 daughters, Christina, Deborah, and Angela. We have 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandsons.

I have had the privilege of serving the people of Dearborn County in various elected offices and boards. My public service credentials are as follows:

Harrison Township Trustee 1982-1986
Dearborn County Treasurer 1989-1994
Dearborn County Auditor 1995-2000
Dearborn County Commissioner (District 1) 2001-2004
Solid Waste Board 2000-2004
Past member Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau
Former member of Indiana Association of Counties
Republican Precinct Committeeman ( Lawrenceburg 8)
Former Director of Board of Juvenile Detention Center
Member of Dearborn County Credit Union
Former advisor to Dearborn County Comprehensive Plan
Past member of HVL POA Board of Directors
Board of Directors of Tri-Township Water Corp.

While in offices of auditor and commissioner I saw that HVL received 2 police cruisers for $1.00 each. Linda Estes and I worked together to make this happen.
Also while in office as Commissioner I saw that the back entrance to HVL off Georgetown Road was blacktopped and line striped. I also took care of some of the drainage problems. It had been years since anyone had addressed that issue.

I feel I have good people skills and that I want to give my talents and energy to the POA of HVL.
I also feel any major issue, i.e. incorporation, should be given back to the people to vote on it. Whereas each of us has a vested interest in HVL you should have the opportunity to express it by your vote.

My goal is to continue giving service to the residents of HVL in an honest and straight forward manner, so that they may maintain the quality of life they want and deserve.

If you have questions or want to discuss issues, my number is 812 537-4343.

Karen Shell

REIMAN is Candidate for HVL POA BOARD


Vella Kay Reiman
21283 Alpine Drive
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

Hello, as stated above, I'm Vella Reiman. My husband, Wayne, and I reside here in Hidden Valley on Alpine Drive where we own 2 adjoining lots. We have lived in HVL for 2 years now. We have 2 grown children, a Daughter, Michelle and son, Matthew. We are the proud grandparents of 7 grandchildren ranging from 14 years to 1 month.

A little about myself: I was born to Mike and Barbara Westrich and raised in Bright, IN living on Georgetown Rd. I attended Bright Grade School and Graduated from North Dearborn High School. Wayne and I enjoy attending Bright Christian Church.

I have worked outside of the home until my retirement 5 years ago. I've been a dental assistant, and an office assistant but the last 30 years I spent as blue collar worker at Campbell Hausfeld, Harrison, Ohio. When I first started I was a Machinist, where I became a member of the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers. What can I say, seeing the things I witnessed and experienced I became a Union steward, then onto committee chairperson. I also was a officer at our Local Lodge for 20 some years. As the years went by my interest in the working of Union and Management grew. I furthered my education thru the IAMAW attending their Leadership Training Center in Placid Harbor, Md. There I received my degrees in Negotiating, Leadership 1, 2 and 3. I then became the candidate to become" Train the trainer". I enjoyed being a part of the union movement, which the true meaning of union leadership is "giving of ones self for another." I also furthered my education thru the union by becoming affiliated with the Ohio State AFL-CIO. I spent 25 years representing the employees of Campbell Hausfeld ( Scott Fetzer) in their workmen compensation claims. I furnished the IAMAW member with a no cost representative to get them thru the process with the Industrial Commission of Ohio.

Over the years I have volunteered for many organizations: i.e. Heart, Cancer, MS. (fund raising)
I am a people person. I enjoy helping People. Since my residence here in HVL I have enjoyed meeting people from the valley by becoming a member of the "Safety and Elections Committee.” I've been active on this committee for a year or more. I gladly assisted Linda Estes and other members of this committee with the HVL Drug Awareness Program. I also attend the POA Board meetings each month, to hear the issues involving our community. I'm a true believer that each and every Property Owner has a say for the decisions made for this community and the right to be heard and vote on such.

I feel I would be a asset to your HVL POA Board. I feel HVL needs leadership that will listen to the people, work with the other committees, officials, and personnel and work to keep HVL up to the standards the Property Owners expect and deserve.

Thank you for taking your time to read my resume.


Vella Kay Rieman

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Health Board Postpones Meeting

The Health Board meeting for tonight has been postponed until April 23rd at 7:30.
The DCRSD- Sewer Board meeting is still on for tonight.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Dearborn County Health Board has scheduled a meeting to address potential sewage disposal problems in the neighborhoods around HighRidge Estates. The meeting is set for Thurs March 20th at 7:30 PM in the county administration building- Commissioners Room. The Sewer Board (DCRSD) will meet with them.

In the February 25th 2008 letter to residents of the area the Health Board states:

At the January 27, 2008 meeting of the Dearborn County Board of Health, potential sewer problems in your neighborhood were discussed. Failed or failing onsite sewage disposal systems (septic systems) are a health hazard and can lead to a myriad of disease causing organisms.

The Dearborn County Board of Health has been working with other county agencies to try to address this unhealthy environmental issue. While this cooperative effort is still ongoing, the problems continue to pollute the road ditches, streams, and groundwaters of your neighborhood. The onsite system (septic system) serving your residence may be contributing to this situation.

This meeting is being called to provide you, and other residents, an opportunity to show why your respective residence is not part of the problem. A more comprehensive approach including, but not limited to, individual residences being screened, additional water sampling of the affected areas, and necessary enforcement action being pursued, could be employed.

You are encouraged to attend this very important meeting. If you have any questions concerning this meeting, or your onsite sewage disposal system (septic system), please feel free to contact the department office prior to the meeting date.


Gary E Scudder, MD, Secretary
Dearborn County Board of Health

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18 March 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

18 March 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson.
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator
A uniformed police officer was present.

Tom Orschel, D-2 Commissioner Candidate, Rick Pope, D-1 Commissioner Candidate, and Phil Darling Council Candidate were present in the audience.

1. Personnel Manual was adopted with corrections from Thompson. There are three separate personnel policies- one for sheriff, one for 911communications, and one for everyone else.

2. Ruth Ann Batta was given permission to go to Council for the Summer Art program funding. Council already appropriated money. The program is in its 21st year.

3. CASE members (Citizens Against Sewer Enforced Hookups) came for an update on Ewbank’s research. Mary Lyn Hertel (sp?) spoke for the group. Thom Hammond arrived later as the 20-minute meeting was adjourned.
Ewbank spoke to Watson and Watson concurred with CASE’s numbers and said that he must have mis-spoke. He talked to him about errors in the original letter’s terms and Leininger, the lawyer for the CASE members being sued said he was representing only 8-12people.
Hertel told Ewbank that all the members paid for the lawyer- he represents them all. Apparently, nothing is being done about the “false” statements from the sewer board as they have now corrected them.

4. Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- had the commissioners sign off on a corrected contract for Bridge 15- Bells Branch and noted that Ohio County will be paying on the invoice for their share of Triple Whipple in the next few weeks. They will cover the Bell’s Branch share this summer.
Listerman on the 31st will present a case for federal funding for three bridges on the county priority list- Cold Springs, Collier Ridge at Bonnell, and Burtzelbach.

5. Pickens- Claims and Minutes signed. The county has saved about 622 citizens $16,000 on the prescription program.

6. Bryan Messmore- NOTHING to report.

7. Ewbank- no new suits so far- insurance is reviewing claims on US 50 accidents mostly.

8. Thompson- has received a preliminary proposal from Kim Cobol (sp?) on video arraignment and will talk to Sheriff Lusby about it.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, March 14, 2008

Strip Search and You...

This information comes to us from Doug Garner of Zerbe, Zerbe & Garner, LLP. We provided it to you for two reasons; 1) It is your money being spent, and 2) while we hope not, you just might be a member of the class and have a need to know...

Class Action Settlement

Dearborn County has agreed to a proposed settlement of a lawsuit against the Dearborn County jail which will cost the County as much as $321,000.00. The lawsuit started when Dearborn County jailers strip searched Deborah Smith without a good reason for doing so. After her charges were dismissed, she sued on behalf of a class of people who were stripped searched at the Dearborn County jail between May 12, 2004 and May 12, 2006. The jail policy at that time required strip searches of all persons charged with a felony without any specific reason to believe they were secreting weapons or contraband.

The County has agreed to pay up to $321,000.00 to settle this lawsuit. The County taxpayers or the County’s insurance company will have to pay at least $150,000.00 and as much as $321,000.00 depending on how many persons apply for proceeds from the settlement. The Dearborn County jail further agreed as part of the settlement to not strip search pre-arraignment detainees without reasonable individualized suspicion that the strip search could produce contraband or weapons. The attorney for Ms. Smith and the class was Lisa T. Meeks of the law offices of Newman and Meeks, LPA, 215 East Ninth Street, Suite 650, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FREE Write-up for Candidates in the Local Paper

Candidate Information from the Register/Journal Press

Register Publications allows each candidate to submit a declaration-of-candidacy story and photograph. Type it double-spaced. You may send it by email as an attachment and pasted into the body of the email. Send it to

Stories must arrive no later than 3 weeks (21 days) before the election and may not be published the week before the election. Stories are subject to editing and published as space allows.

A candidate whose story is published before the primary is not entitled to another story before the main election.

Register publications will also do their news stories on opposing candidates for both elections.
More information is posted on the Editorial Page of the local paper.

Call or email the Register for further information or questions.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Meet The Candidate Night

County Commissioner candidate Dist#2 Tom Orschell
County Council at Large Candidate Phil Darling
Superior Court Judge candidate Barbara Wyly

Come Meet The Candidates, hear their views, & ask questions

Thursday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m.
St.Leon Legion Post Rd.

For more information contact

Thank You
Tom Orschell

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

4 March 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

4 March 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator

A uniformed police officer was present.

D-2 Commissioner Candidate Tom Orschel and Council-at-large candidate Phil Darling were also present.

[NOTE: The items presented for the large expenditures under transportation were only listed as updates on the agenda. They were finalized in meetings Tuesday afternoon with the Transportation Advisory Committee and needed to be approved tonight to get to advertised for the Council meeting on March 25th.]

Personnel policy was tabled again- Thompson had reviewed it and had a few more questions for the writer. He also questioned the need for separate texts since the 3 versions (for the different departments) were so similar.

Bill Black – EMA- Commissioners signed the Level 2 travel advisory proclamation and cancellation from Feb 22. They also authorized the Chairman- to sign these in the future.

This week was declared severe Weather Awareness Week. (Retroactively to Monday?)

March 14- Black is going to Goshen IN to deal with eth contractor on the new mobile command unit.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- gave a preview of what was coming to Council for funding at the commissioner’s requests. He received approval to approach Council for ALL these requests below. (It is unclear what the source is for the funds for #4 and 5):

1. 2008 Capital Expenditures has $1,635,133.95 in the Riverboat MVHA funds. Requests for this include line striping of roads with more than 1000vpd ($125,000) of all as on the previous year’s lists except possibly adding Jackson Ridge and part of Salt Fork. Roads( or sections of these roads) to be striped are: Carolina Trace, Cole Lane, Dutch Hollow, Gaynor Ridge, Georgetown, Jamison, Johnson Fork, Kaiser, McCann, North Dearborn, North Hogan, Old SR1, Old SR52, Pribble, Salt Fork, Sand Run, Sawdon Ridge, Schuman, St. Peters, Stateline, Trojan, Whites Hill, Wilson Creek, and Yorkridge.

Equipment Expenditure ($410,000) - 2 dump trucks with plow spreader, loader, and durapatcher

Resurfacing ($1.1 million) Mt Pleasant- entire road, Johnson Fork, and Hueseman

2. Special Project needs for 2008 with about $800,000 available from unappropriated MVHA. This leaves $150,000 as a cushion for these projects.
Collier Ridge Slip- -$500,000
West Laughery - $50,000 repair of bank as at Wilson Creek last year
Wilson Creek- $100,000 for preliminary geotech work to be repaired in 2009.

3. Bridge #15- Bell’s Branch- have $620,000 in cum bridge and asking for $300,000 to fund our share of federal rehab of bridge 15.

4. Unimproved THROUGH roads in the county- 30 miles (there are about 80 miles total- but the other 50 miles are not through streets.) The top two on this list are Ester Ridge and South Hogan. This program will take $3.6 million and they are asking for $1.5 million to start the program. THESE ROADS WILL NOT BE WIDENED- THEY ARE TO BE PAVED WITH ASPHALT AT THEIR EXISTING WIDTH.

5. #1 Road improvement project from priority list is Stateline from Jamison to Salt Fork including their two intersections. It has 6,000vpd. They are asking for commitment to complete the project through 2010. Cost- $2 million.

6. UPDATES: Part of the geotech preliminary engineering for the 1200 ft of Wilson Creek is $25,000. Triple Whipple will start March 24th. Bridges at Collier Ridge, Cold Springs, and Bonnell are all going for fed funding.

Pickens- Minutes approved and Claims approved conditioned on Thompson or Fox reviewing them tomorrow (Wed). When Thompson said he hadn’t had time to go through them, Fox said he hadn’t either. Neither could 2nd the vote.


Ewbank- reported on 3 claims that were being settled or in the process. All three apparently involve the sheriff’s dept. and excessive use of force issues were mentioned. (Jordan, McHenry, Simpson were the claimants)

Hughes - Appointments were approved to Redevelopment Commission- Al Abdon is replacing Grant Hughes (resigned) as Greendale’s rep and Jim Helms new Pres of DCEDI is replacing Jim West (resigned). Thompson said he knew enough to appoint these two- but asked again for CVs or resumes for these files. (The other members of the County’s Redevelopment Commission are John Rahe, John Maxwell, and Rick Fox.)

Hughes said Mayor Hastings of Aurora needs to save $40,000 for 11-7 shift on dispatch and is thinking of having the county do that for them. Bill Black is to see about the tech aspects and Ewbank to draw up the interlocal agreement should they decide to do this. [NOTE: Here is one place the county and cities could save tax money by consolidation of all shifts.]

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township



From the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of GovernmentsRegarding the 2030 OKI Regional Transportation Plan:


Come see the transportation recommendations for your community! We need your input.

Open House will run 4-7pm., feel free to stop by between these hours!

Thursday, March 6
Dearborn County Administration Building
215B West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Monday, March 03, 2008



Judge G Michael Witte's website is available online at

If you like what you see, Judge Witte asks that you pass the information on to 10 (or more) of your friends, family, and neighbors. Any comments for Judge Witte can be emailed to him via his website under the CONTACT US link.