Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lack of Integrity Never in Short Supply...

Many of you, especially if you're a registered Republican, may have received a 8-1/2 by 14 inch glossy political ad promoting Libertarian candidate Greg Knott who is competing(?) for the 9th U.S. Congressional seat currently held by Baron P. Hill. It is a slick ad highlighting Greg's conservative values.

It is sham. It is not from the Libertarian Party nor is it from their candidate Greg Knott. It is from the INDIANA DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

The intent is obvious. Greg Knott has absolutely no chance of garnering even a fraction of the votes cast for this seat. The Democrat's realize that if they can persuade someone to vote for Knott, they will not vote for Baron P. Hill's only real viable opponent, Republican Todd Young.

The ad was strategically delivered on the Friday before a two day weekend, leaving only Monday before the election for word to spread of their chicanery.

Any mixed feelings I had about the choice between candidates for the Indiana 9th Congressional District position are now erased. I will vote for Todd Young if this is the respect the Indiana Democratic Party has for Indiana citizens.

Think about this before voting. A vote for Libertarian, Greg Knott is a vote for Democrat Baron P. Hill


There Should Be A Law Against It...

Come election time it is often difficult to know which candidate is the right one to pick. Voters are faced with candidates they either know little about or about whom the reliability of what they know, either from word of mouth, the media, or the candidate himself, is questionable. Occasionally, however, a situation arises that speaks for itself. The voters of Dearborn County are experiencing just such a moment in the current election.

There has been much attention focused in the recent past on the likelihood that several individuals seeking public office have violated the Hatch Act, which might be enough in and of itself to inform your decision as a voter. Similarly, one might be swayed by the knowledge that a candidate is spending extraordinarily large sums of their own money to secure positions of power. Of course, those with an interest in these candidates will dispute the issue with discussion of events fortuitous to their circumstances so lets consider another aspect of this election. Sometimes the right decision is clear simply by examining the logic of the situation.

Before I lay out the case, let me first say, that I do not know either of the candidates for Commissioner in District 3 and have no reason for any personal reaction to one or the other. That being said, I have to believe that no right thinking person could possibly vote for Shane McHenry under the current circumstances and expect a happy outcome, and here's why:

It is astonishing to me that the Sheriff's Office would permit one of their officers to be diverted from their official duties by a political campaign and the potential loss of productivity it, and subsequent hours spent actually filling the office should that be the outcome, would mean. It is possible that this is simply evidence of negligence in the Sheriff's duty to the citizens of Dearborn County. If not, I can see only one reason why this would be permitted, namely, as the primary source of income for this individual, the Sheriff becomes the defacto controller of one third of the county executive. For my own part, I wouldn't want Mr. Listerman in control of a commissioner swing vote by having one of his road crew serving in that spot, nor would it be acceptable for any other county agency to have a similarly incestuous relationship to the county executive. How much less acceptable should it be when that agency's employees are armed and have arrest powers? Would it be unfair to question the wisdom of this arrangement, given that millions in bonds are being considered for jail facilities?

Now, I don't know what Mr. Combs' position on this might be but voting for him would not necessarily resolve the conflict. Assuming he does the ethical thing and does not pressure his employee to act on behalf of his organization he is at best handcuffed in personnel matters regarding Shane's service as an officer, and risks a role reversal with his employee, as commissioner, telling HIM what to do. On the other hand, contemplate the consequences if he were to do what any other employer would likely do, make Shane choose between employment as an officer and serving as commissioner. I am guessing, but I think it rather unlikely that Mr. McHenry would impose the financial hardship on his family that abandoning his position as an officer would bring, given the part-time, no benefits conditions under which a commissioner serves. Under this scenario, your vote for Mr. McHenry is not only invalidated, but usurped by the Republican Party apparatus who would be free to appoint a commissioner of their choosing.

Considering all of this, the only vote that represents a vote for the person who will actually, ultimately wield the power of the office of Commissioner, District 3, would be a vote for Mr. Schuler. Anything else is a gamble on an illusion.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Agenda for WEDNESDAY Nov 3rd Commissioners Meeting

This is a Wednesday meeting due to election

WEDNESDAY November 3, 2010
7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

EXECUTIVE SESSION - 6:30 / Discussion regarding real estate property



1. Tucker Development – Seldom Seen I, II & III/ Old Orchard (continued tabled)

2. DCRSD appointments (continued tabled) - Need to address Steve Renihan’s term and re-appointment

1. Charity Road block Ordinance
Sheriff Lusby comments

2. RQAW, Brett Dodd - Pre-Design Update

3. DCRSD - Request to go to Council for Guilford study

4. Hoosier Square Purchase


VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington


Harrison, OH Fire Protection/EMS Renewal


X. COMMISSIONER – Tom Orschell

XI. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26 October 2010 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

26 October 2010 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Maynard Barrett, Liz Morris, Bill Ullrich, Bryan Messmore, Dan Lansing, and Tom Cheek.

Bill Ewbank- Financing presentation from Umbaugh and associates. She (could not catch her name) has been associated with the County for the years, she is talking about the financing regarding the jail etc. She was a confidant of Cary Pickens and Bill said he was more than willing to listen to anyone Cary talked to. This will also affect any other capital project the county undertakes.
Put together a few schedules to talk about. Debt limit at 2% of the tax base- or about $15.6 million. There is also a building lease option. All the numbers we will talk about are maximums or worse case scenarios.
If we assume the bonds are at 5% repaid over 20 years- $16.9 million bonds could occur.
$1.445,000 is our annual payment on current bonds (courthouse and jail rental payments total this.) The last jail payment in 2011 and $339,000 set aside for this project.
$18million in bonds could be supported.
In 2011 you could issue general obligation bonds to pay for preliminary costs for the jail. Bonds cannot pay for roads and bridges.
If lease financing were approved- those payment would go for another 18 years.
Approached this to not raise property taxes.
RQAW has done preliminary study. Our role is to present different financing options for your consideration. We can then help this thru the referral project.
Construction manager supervises the project . County attorney will work in conjunction with bond counsel.
Underwriter is the bank.
May or Nov election to do the referendum. Timetable is driven by the county. Jan or July determines the May or Nov election.
This assumes there will be property taxes pledged to the jail project.
DLGF will tell them to give the maximum annual financing on the ballot. Courthouse came out of RR and jail came out of property taxes.
Bill Ullrich said the tax RATE will stay the same- but if the assessed value goes up- you will pay extra taxes. Council took this as information.

Art Wenzel- SDRSD- presented Jeff Stenger needs to be legally reappointed retroactive to last January., He was actually appointed to fill out an old term. Council approved his reappointment.

Reassessment- per Kraus- needs to be decided. Council decided to keep the reassessment rate where it is. Tom Cheek and Messmore voted against that. Vote was 5-2. Passed.

Park Board and 911 were not present for their request. ( see end of meeting notes)

Wesley Holt asked for more money ($6,000) to make payroll for coroner- his office has been hit hard. Approved out of Riverboat revenue. Holt also passed out an update to show what the coroner’s office has been working on. Coroner has to review hospice cases- considered deaths at home. 69 out- of- hospital deaths and 59 in the hospital. Already 50 more than last year. Out of 127- only had 37 autopsies. He has issues with getting doctor records for these cases. Often requires a subpoena.

Steve Renihan- DCRSD- needed to get something ratified regarding their budget. Gayle Pennington said they needed to do this- Council didn’t know about it. They tabled this till November. Guilford study will also be discussed then.

No Veteran’s Service officer present- but Bill Ewbank presented the $4,000 needed to get to the end of the year for vehicles and drivers. This will come out of Riverboat- approved.

Tom Cheek asked about mowing costs for August for Park Board. They will wait till the park board shows up. Capital projects to non-reverting fund for Parks was approved.

$32,000 requested for 911 to get to end of the year, and he’s collecting $40,000. Charley Ashley was not here to discuss. Messmore said that it appears 911 collection is shrinking. Liz Morris said the cell phones need to raise 911 fees- on prepaid ones. Only the state can do that- not locals. Council talked to Ashley on the phone. This is the trunk line contract. This covers to the end of 2010. This will come out of Riverboat revenue. Messmore said we have to find out what other depts. are doing as we are dipping into riverboat a lot. The council said that they will give him $32,000 with the understanding that when he gets his funds they will reimburse Riverboat revenue. Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Greetings to our listeners and subscribers -- Here are some shows of local interest.

POLITICALLY CORRECT: JAKE HOOG -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Jake Hoog, the Democratic Party candidate for Dearborn County Council (District 4), running against Republican Party candidate Dennis Kraus, Sr.. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link:

25 October 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

25 October 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present:, Dennis Kraus Jr., Acting Chairman, Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Mike Hornbach, Ralph Thompson, Dan Lansing, and Ken Nelson

ABSENT: Mike Hall, Chairman and Jake Hoog

Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.


Primary Plat Approval for 19-lot subdivision called Havencrest on 11.53 Acres on Georgetown Road in Miller Township. Applicant is Bayer Becker for Owner Larry Rutenschroer. The property is zoned residential. This was previously presented on December 2009 and some more material from Sept 2010. This property backs up onto HVL on the back.

Two major issues were the water issue and the sidewalks waiver request. Regarding the issues, there are letters from VRUC, Greendale, and the Journal Press article from 2009, and Rosenberger, and Rutenschroer. Ogden from VRUC letters indicate that Greendale has final say on capacity thru VRUC. They think there is a 2” line from North Dearborn Water Company (Mr. Gaynor) on Georgetown. There is a question regarding the capacity of this line. There is also Tri-Township Water (Mr. Blasdel) in this area. there are no current water service letters.

There are 2 lots with slopes exceeding 20% on portions.
The applicant did not want to install sidewalks as there are none in the area to connect with ( HVL and Georgetown have none.)
Letters were sent out to adjoiners. Approximately a dozen public members were in the audience.
Mark Rosenberger presented for Mr. Rutenschroer. Lisa Sullivan, daughter of Larry Rutenschroer, read a statement from him. This letter stated that VRUC is the provider. Not Greendale. He said that Greendale cannot be considered the water provider. He said this simple correction of the PC’s mistake would avoid costly litigation. This area is included in the sewer availability, but not the water service per Rosenberger.

Rosenberger agreed with staff report on #8 and on #9 want the waiver for sidewalk as this is not really appropriate here. IDEM and other agencies besides Greendale and VRUC say that Greendale has final say on water. Lansing said it’s about capacity and Greendale is saving it for further development on US 50. North Dearborn is not sufficient capacity and Tri-Township is apparently too expensive.

Lisa Sullivan, Rutenschroer’s daughter (and attorney?), showed a color coded map on the August 2007 agreement area shows a green shaded area for their current (2007)water and sewer service from Greendale and the Rutenschroer property is in that area. It’s not like Greendale is opening up capacity for a large area by doing this.


Larry Monnig- 20 year resident of the county. He’s lived on Georgetown for a year. He thinks 1/3 acre lots are NOT rural. They moved there to get away from buildup on Stateline. Against the project.

Ron Noth- He said Rutenschroer told him that the trees behind him were dedicated greenspace. He’s there and the selling point was that no one could build a house behind his house. He thinks 19 more houses are too much.

Randy Anderson- owns 5 acres south of the subdivision proposed. He has a pond and lots 1-6 will runoff to it. He is concerned for his horses that use the pond. He’s against the project.

Galen Barga- bought property that was originally built by Rutenschroer. Many are disappointed with this. There is a 2-family home here- cheap home. Unfortunately a 16-year old girl died here of an overdose. He thinks the type of home will attract low-income. Many of these homes are on leach fields. It drains to this area. He thinks it is not the proper place for this.

End PUBLIC discussion.

Thompson- said he thinks Greendale’s approval is necessary as there is no possibility from the other 2 water companies. He asked McGill if there was any change in his advice on this. McGill said unless there is another letter- his opinion stands. Sidewalk waiver- not a big issues. None of the others had anything to add.

Thompson moved to deny the request due to lack of complying with the requirements to provide a letter of water service in the area and thus the application is incomplete. Lansing 2nded. All ayes to DENY.

Rosenberger asked about the VRUC letter that says they can provide. The board said- they said they can if Greendale agrees and Greendale says they cannot.


Proposed changes to the Subdivision Control Ordinance on Article 4 Financial Guarantees and Article 7 Certificates. This was in response to the commissioners proposed changes to this request. McCormack went over the proposed changes for the board. Staff did not have any objections to these changes. The PC can make a new recommendation to the commissioners. Nelson motioned and Beiersdorfer 2nded to accept the commissioners suggestions and forward it back with a favorable recommendation. All ayes. Passed to go back to Commissioners.


Performance Guarantee report- Maxwell is updating his performance guarantees on Morgan’s Ridge and Hidden Acres. Still working on Tucker’s subdivisions.

Updates for the Dearborn County Zone Maps- hoping to get some preliminary feedback on this color coded map. Found mistakes on the Mylar map and some annexations to update. Zoning corrections are shown on this color coded map. They will also do some insets for Guilford and other areas that are small. He’s hoping to digitize this so that people can print off the section questioned whenever someone asks. Feedback requested on whether you want 8 panel maps like we have or a single digitized map like this. Colors are better than the hatching used in the current panels. OKI wanted an accurate update of ours also. Next year with GIS getting up- citizens can zoom in and get detailed versions for themselves. This is NOT changing anyone’s zoning- just updating the maps to reflect the zone changes that were made. Commissioners will then get it to approve this corrected new version.

Printer faxer scanner is 7 years old and after the 5th year it’s a 10% increase every year. That adds about $40 per month. PC approved McCormack to go to Council to LEASE a copier to level out their monthly payments with favorable terms and save money. Highway and GIS are sharing this machine!

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bob Bischoff -State Rep Candidate- on

Greetings to our listeners and subscribers -- Here are some shows of local interest.

Show #1 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: BOB BISCHOFF -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Bob Bischoff, the Democratic Party candidate for Indiana State Representative in District 68. He is running against Republican Party candidate, Jud McMillin. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Podcast on WSCH for Candidates Night Oct 19

Click on podcasts in the middle area of the page to get to the live broadcast of candidates night from Oct 19.

There are several segments to this so you can break up the 90 + minutes of audio.
It starts with the state reps and moves thru the locals starting with sheriff and commissioners and ending with the recorder's candidates.

Listen and learn BEFORE you vote.

News articles and interviews are coming in the next couple weeks from Register Publications as well.



Morton J Marcus is an economist formerly with the Kelley School of Business at IU

-----Original message-----

From: Morton J Marcus
To: Morton J Marcus
Sent: Mon, Oct 18, 2010 22:36:31 GMT+00:00
Subject: Letter to the editor


On Nov. 2nd Hoosiers will vote on making property tax caps a part of our state constitution. The Governor and most state-level politicians support the caps. I will vote NO.

First, the state legislature understood that property tax caps would reduce local government revenues. Some think this will force localities to become more efficient. Instead we are more likely to face deteriorating public services.

To meet the potential catastrophe, localities have been given toxic remedies. The local option income tax has been forced upon our communities by the General Assembly. This tax is levied on households only. The state did not give localities the power to tax local corporations. Therefore, a reduction in property taxes is enjoyed by all property owners, but paid for exclusively by households.

In addition, there are now referendum opportunities for local initiatives. These are expensive options that deny the benefits of representative government in favor of emotional campaigns in opposition to progress.

Second, I believe in the potential of local representative government. A constitutional amendment for property caps puts concrete shoes on a struggling institution already in deep water.

Local governments struggle to support police, fire, parks, and sanitation services. Winter weather can devastate local budgets. Local schools are the essential tools for economic development; they attract responsible citizens and send forth well-prepared students. Local libraries serve persons of all ages with information, connections to the internet world, and inexpensive entertainment.

As far back as the property tax reforms of 1973, Indiana degraded local government and shifted power to state government. The legislature has increased its control of our schools. Cities and towns have become prisoners of the state in the tax wars. Libraries have been forced to defend their very existence.

Yes, some local governments have built attractive city halls and some schools corporations have modernized their facilities while beset by local opposition. In retrospect, those objections often prove to be ill-informed attempts to prevent our communities from moving into modern times.

Third, home-owners think they are going to realize benefits from the caps, but that is not likely for the vast majority. A study by the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) showed that only four percent of the tax reductions from the existing caps went to home-owners. Farmers got virtually nothing from the caps. Nearly 60 percent of the caps benefitted the owners of small rental housing units, commercial apartments, and second homes, with about 36 percent going to commercial and industrial properties.

If you believe in making local decisions locally, then vote against the tax caps.

If you believe that all property ought to be treated alike and taxes should not be shifted to households from businesses, vote NO on caps.

If you believe that local government services are the foundation of your community’s well-being, defeat the property tax caps proposition on the ballot.


Morton J. Marcus is an economist formerly with the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

October 17, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet the Candidate Night WSCH TONIGHT

TONIGHT Tues 7 PM Meet the candidates at the Tate Street Adult Center. This will be broadcast also on WSCH.
Public is welcome to attend.
Get some information - BEFORE YOU VOTE!

19 October 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

19 October 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Ralph Thompson, President, Tom Orschell, and Jeff Hughes
Also present: Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Jack Gay, Attorney.

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor - (Connie Fromhold covered for her)

[NOTE: Cliff Eibeck-who faithfully attended county meetings as a community watchdog for over 15 years passed away last week.]


Tucker Development Seldom Seen and Old Orchard- continued tabled
DCRSD Appointments- continued tabled


Mark McCormack- Planning Director- Zone change from Sept 28 2010 PC- Harrison Township- rezoning a portion from Ag to B-1 on 1.263 acres to match existing B-1 on the remainder and in the area. It received a unanimous favorable decision from the PC. Planned for mini-warehouse storage uses. This requires a trip to BZA should the rezone be granted. No significant concerns from the public. Jeff Stenger of JDJ Surveying was present to answer questions for the applicant. He detailed the plans for the front lot and potential user for the other lot. The will fit in with the adjoining area. There are also B-2 uses in the area there. No public spoke. (none present) Commissioners approved the zone change in accordance with the five principles and in accordance with the draft ordinance from Planning and Zoning.

Burn Ban Ordinance- Jack Gay presented the ordinance but it won’t be effective until two weeks have passed from publishing date. They can also put into effect a burn ban via proclamation- with no real teeth until this is in effect. Commissioners adopted the Burn Ban proclamation because of ongoing drought and fire dangers using their emergency authority and then adopted the ordinance. Charcoal grills are OK- if they keep the charcoal in the grill until completely extinguished. Outdoor fireplaces are OK- not an open burn.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT- Todd Listerman gave a 20-minute report:

Agreement signed with Howard Barth Associates for inspection of construction work on George Street Bridge.

Change order signed for Yorkridge Road for $0 – just transfer wede money to patching on that stimulus project.

Pictures for memorial plaque on Thurs Oct 28th 10 AM to dedicate it to John Graf who had worked pro bono often to get the Triple Whipple rehabbed.

Kaiser Road vehicle restrictions for semi- trucks due to the angle and narrowness of the bridge (#61) Jack Gay will write the appropriate ordinance for this for next meeting.

Had a request for deaf child sign on county road. They set a deaf child area sign policy. This establishes a process for putting signs of that nature up. Commissioners approved this policy.

Design replacement of Bridge #102 on N Dearborn road east of Happy Hollow. Howard Barth agreement to do all engineering and design and prep of bid documents, etc for $37,400, which is under 10% of proposed contract construction which is a good price. There will hopefully be limited ROW to acquire. Hope to start in summer of 2011. One other was near 15%. Hughes wants documentation that others are higher- tabled until that occurs.

Listerman is working to install school warning flashers on county roads. Should hear something by end of Oct. INDOT did look at Manchester school on SR 48 and did approve those. INDOT will pay for and install those probably by December.

Collier Ridge has been reclassified as a major collector. That means Pribble and Collier Ridge to connect SR1 and SR48. This helps secure additional funding for the bridge etc on that road. Trying to get the additional $2 million to realign the road for that bridge.

Submitted the paperwork for the design consultant for the work on Collier ridge.

Holt Road and wage rate hearing are set and hope to get contract soon
Waiting on one last appraisal for Shortridge road and will acquire last ROW to finish that up so it can be let soon too.

Working to get flashing speed sign to let people know their speed. This will help educate the public to appropriate speed.

AUDITOR- Connie Fromhold covering for Gayle got the minutes and claims approved.

ATTORNEY- Jack Gay- nothing to add.

COUNTY COORDINATOR- Bill Ewbank- Jail security cameras- proposal from sheriff’s dept to upgrade the campus security recording system. They need to get additional memory and storage for up to 2 years. Cost $78,000 for 2010. The memory storage was $70,000. Too costly- so they got a new proposal. They dropped the 2 years of storage as it has not been mandated by IN. Total cost is $68,000 on the newer proposal. Commissioners approved this. This will cover all existing cameras and will cover additional cameras for the system.

Tom Orschell-
wanted to know if 2 weeks after publication required to get animal control ordinances in effect. He wanted to get these published. Commissioners decided to publish the Animal Control Ordinance now.

Asked about Hoosier Square negotiations. They are about $1000 apart per Jack Gay.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, October 18, 2010

Campaign Finance Reports for 2010 Election

Campaign Finance Reports for 2010 Election

These numbers are year to date amounts.

Bob Bischoff- State Representative- Income $240,593.03 Expenses $150,917.44
Jud McMillin is not required to file his CFA in Dearborn County.


Shane McHenry- R Itemized $7675, Unitemized $4523 Total $12,198 Expenses $10,741.81 Remainder $1,456.19
Dale & Rachel Lutz $100,
Gene Ferguson $400
Bonnie Jo Kelley- $100
Vernon Hensley $200
Willis R Connor $250
Davis Hizer $125
Lou Broghamer $200
Linda Baker- $250

James Schuler-D- Itemized $2200, Unitemized $548,Total $2748 Expenses $588.27, remainder $2159.73
Dan Schuler $750
Alan Freemond- $500
Cynthia Schuler- $500
Susan Kraisinger $150
Lawrence Schuler- $200
Jeanne McCarter- $100


Tom Cheek D- Itemized $2820, Unitemized $1972 Total $4792 Expenses $3684.58 Remainder $1107.42
Alan Freemond $200
Joyce Witte $120
Plumbers Pipefitters- $1,000
Asbestos Workers- $200
IBEW 212- $500
Dearborn OhioRipley Bldg Trades -$500
Carpenters Local 1142 $100
Laborers Local 741 $200

James Hughes- R Itemized $2285, Unitemized $300 Total $2585 Expenses $2585
Jim Hughes- $2285

Liz Morris- R Itemized $1301.91 Expenses $1149.56 Remainder $182.35
All donated by candidate herself

Dan Lansing- D-no opponent- no form on file

Dennis Kraus Sr- R Shows expenses $540.62 and no income- assume candidate funded himself

Jerome ( Jake) Hoog-D- Itemized $537.69 Expenses $562.50
Alan Freemond- $200
W August Hillenbrand $100
Jerome Hoog- $138.69


Charles Combs-D- Itemized $6419.75 unitemized $3,000 Total $9419.75 Expenses $7414.17 remainder $2005.58
Charles Combs Sr,- $2669.75
Charles Combs Jr- $500
Local 212 $1500
Plumbers and Pipefitters- $500
Dearborn Ripley Bldg Trades- $100

Michael Kreinhop- R- Itemized-$15336.47 Unitemized $1419 Total $16755.46 Expenses $17387.81 Remainder $415.26
Steve Miller DVM-$300
Mike Kreinhop- $13.049.21
Dave Lusby-4300
Vytautas Bielaskas PhD $150
Sharon and Ken Cleeter $350
Richard and Birdie Ungerbuehler - $250
Jerry and Penny Rollins $220
Bill Yelton- $517.26
24 Individuals $1419


Aaron Negangard- R- no opponent and no form on file


Gayle Pennington- R – no opponent and no form on file


Gary Hensley- R- listed $649 from himself and $261 unitemized with $910 spent

Joan Seitz-D- no form on file


Glenn Wright- R itemized $3700 Expenses $3508.16 Remainder $191.84
Glenn Wright- $3500
Richard and Birdie Ungerbuehler- $200

Mary Klump Booker – D- Expenses of $831.84 all contributed from herself


James Humphrey- Total contributed $1153 with $363.15 spent and $790.63 remainder assume the candidate contributed this as no one is listed on the form.



EIBECK Clifford R. passed away October 14, 2010. Age 71 years. Private services will be held by the family. Radel Funeral Service, 451-8800 serving the family. If so desired memorials may be made to Hospice of Cincinnati,P.O. Box 633597, 45263-3597.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Greetings to our listeners and subscribers -- Here is a show of local interest.

Show #1 - DEARBORN COUNTY: JAIL PROJECT -- Host Gary Puckett, along with guests Tom Orschell (County Commissioner) and Bill Ewbank (County Administrator), holds an open public forum on the Dearborn County Jail Project. To listen to this program, turn up your PC speaker volume then click on the following direct show-link:

Friday, October 15, 2010


Thursday, October 28, 2010: General Meeting featuring debate between Jim Schuler, Democratic and Shane McHenry, Republican candidates for County Commissioner District 3.

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Place: Dearborn Adult Center

311 W. Tate Street,Lawrenceburg, Indiana

a link to the site.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


SR 48
Manchester, Dearborn County
School Speed Zone Flashers

Dear Todd (Listerman):

Per your request we have investigated the above referenced school location for possible installation of school speed zone flashers. We have also contacted Mrs. Janet Platt, school Principal, regarding the flashers. This is to convey to you the results of our investigation.

Based on the results of our investigation we have concluded that this school location satisfies the requirements for the installation of school speed zone flashers. This work will be accomplished as soon as the flashers can be procured and our signal crew scheduled.

We appreciate your concern for school traffic safety. If our office can be of further assistance, please contact us at any time.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Agenda Oct 19 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting

October 19, 2010
9:00 a.m.
City of Lawrenceburg
Administration Building
230 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Tucker Development – Seldom Seen I, II & III/ Old Orchard (continued tabled)
2. DCRSD appointments (continued tabled)

1. Mark McCormack - Planning and Zonning
Zone change

2. Burn Ban Ordinance


VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington


Jail Security Cameras


X. COMMISSIONER – Tom Orschell

XI. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Thursday, October 07, 2010

JIM SCHULER, DISTRICT 3 COMMISSIONER CANDIDATE, ON the Podcasts" to shout@theflypod.com3:34pm
Greetings to our listeners and subscribers -- Here is a show of local interest.

POLITICALLY CORRECT: JIM SCHULER -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews candidate, Jim Schuler. Mr. Schuler is running for County Commisioner from District 3. He is running for the Commissioner position current held by Ralph Thompson. His opponent is Shane McHenry. To listen to this broadcast, click on the following direct show-link:

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

5 October 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

5 October 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Ralph Thompson, President, Tom Orschell, and Jeff Hughes
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Jack Gay, Attorney.

An Executive Session preceded this meeting with a discussion on real estate.

Commissioners discussed a counter- offer on the real estate and commissioners decided to have the county attorney to negotiate a reasonable offer. All ayes.


Tucker Development- Seldom Seen I, II, and III and Old Orchard (continued tabled)

DCRSD Appointments- tabled since 7/20- continued tabled for questions involving territory covered by appointees to be resolved.


Doug Baer Health Dept- H1N1 grant extension- CDC and the state have more money to health depts. Each county is to get a plan to handle flu pandemics. Health dept has to submit a grant application to obtain some of this money. Approved by commissioners to send out grant application.
Baer said they now get $10,000 under a base grant and can get an additional grant for being in the larger region. This could help with the clinics. They are under no obligation to continue the job once the grant is up. This has to be signed by the Auditor attestation of Scudder’s signature. Jack Gay reviewed the grants and commissioners approved the auditor's signature because of the grant application ordinance.

Kitty Allen- Discussion on yard sign ordinance- Orschell said that he talked to her and she wanted to have P&Z revisit the sign ordinance. She wants to keep a sign in her residential zoned yard. She has no problems with P&Z . Ashley Webb said that planning dept was already reviewing that ordinance as part of their general review.

Brett Dodd-RQAW- Progress report on jail expansion study- started preliminary design phase with the folks down at the jail. They are doing a facility analysis. There will be an existing space analysis to update from the one in 2004. They have discussed with users and maintenance staff etc. They found out that the building is well maintained. It is 20 years old. There are some technologies that need to be updated. Jail is designed for 144 people. Kitchen serves 250 meals plus 11-12 for juvenile per day. They also assessed laundry. Some material need to be better matched as repairs. HVAC needs attention in one section of the building. Goal is to be finished up with potential solutions in February 2011. They would like to bring preliminary designs to the public for feedback as they go along.
Oct 13 is their kickoff meeting. The more they hear and the more perspectives they get- the better the project will be. They will do this kick-off during lunch as the judges are available then. They will also get a planning committee together at that meeting, that is comprised of a broad base of the users of this facility. Thompson said this effort will continue in making this a public process. Messmore, Kraus,Sr., and Morris from Council and one commissioner, along with other staff are proposed. Dodd said he would try to get electronic copies of these plans for the building as Thompson had requested be available when this is completed.

HIGHWAY DEPT- Todd Listerman gave a 20-minute report:

Time extension change order for chip seal/fog seal on North Dearborn and North Hogan was signed. There is no change in cost. This was requested so that appropriate humidity etc was present when the project was to be done.

Signature for the Holt Road Bridge #219- this project will be let Nov 1 and construction in the spring. Another signature for Regional 401 permit for IDEM on the Holt Road Bridge project.

Commissioners approved Howard Barth and Assoc for design of small structure on Lower Dillsboro Road to be under construction by summer 2011 for $22,000 for hydraulic engineering, and all documents for letting.

Met with INDOT this morning for the installation of variable message signs on US 50 as part of the Artemis project ITS system on I-275. These are 100% fed funded. One sign is by McDonalds and another by Wormies and the Vet office. There are separate phases for construction. Up to $50,000 is set aside for this. This will hopefully be constructed by fall 2011.

Working with Clyde Perfect and Joe Schmeltzer to work the intersection of Pribble and SR1. This will add a turn lane and passing blister there. All will be at Perfect North’s cost. Commissioners gave their approval of Perfect’s to pursue this. They will not be able to change the Pribble approach to SR 1 due to lack of land to get the proper grade. The turn lanes will help soften the turn angles and make that safer.

Private lane signs are brown with white lettering here and do meet federal standards and proper letter sizes. When a NEW sign goes up it will meet new standards. Old signs stay as is. Approved.
Chip seal projects and striping have been completed.

Mark Payne of OKI went with him to INDOT and discussed the flashing sign applications for the schools.

Orschell on SR1 at the bottom of Mt Pleasant the pavement is falling by inches a day. Listerman said they have state sub-contractors to be working on that by the end of the week. This could be a serious hazard.

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- claims and September minutes approved as amended.
$20,000 contract for 2010 Bright Fire and EMS signed. times 2 for 2 units)

ATTORNEY- Jack Gay-nothing to add- and has 4 ordinances for review in November

COUNTY COORDINATOR- Bill Ewbank- web site domain name will be renewed. 20 year term is $279.80. He wants to re-register and .gov. So 2x $279.80.
Some position swapping will be addressed by Council and Commissioners OK’d that. [NOTE: the original domains were assigned by the state - each county had their own name followed by Ours was Is it necessary to get these other domain names?]


PUBLIC COMMENT- Phil Darling- York Township reported semi trucks with long trailers coming up that road (Burzelbach Rd and Bonnell) One got hung up two weeks ago on a Sat morning. Asked for signs at Guilford to warn them away from those double 90 degree turns. Todd Listerman will try to get signs similar to the ones on Pribble Road and get them by Yorkridge.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, October 04, 2010

Jud McMillin D-68 Candidate for State Representative on

Greetings to our listeners and subscribers -- Here is a show of local interest.

Show #1 - POLITICALLY CORRECT: JUD MCMILLIN (OCTOBER) -- Show host Gary Puckett interviews Jud McMillin, Republican Party candidate for District 68 State Representative. He is running against Democratic Party candidate, Bob Bischoff. To listen to this interview, click on the following direct show-link: