Wednesday, December 20, 2006

19 December 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

19 December 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, President, Benning, and Fox
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator.

No uniformed officer was present
Ralph Thompson, Commissioner elect, was present

Benning addressed the board and the audience, as this was her last meeting as county commissioner. She stated that it had been a journey over the past 18 years and that she’d written her comments down so as not to have her message wander as she knew everyone there wanted to get their business covered and get home. Benning said an Irish grandmother and mother who taught her to never be a quitter had influenced her. She said she was beaten fair and square, but she was not a quitter. She noted her father had worked for the Hamilton County Engineering Dept and so she had an appreciation for our highway workers. She named several good people she’d worked with over the years- Swales, Cunningham, Kraus, Fehrman, Wissman, etc.
She also said it was a great privilege to work with Fox and Hughes. She said Messmore, as administrator, would take the commissioner’s wishes to new heights that can only be imagined. She thanked everyone and ended with the phrase- only in America…
There was polite applause at the end.

1. CASA grant needed an account assigned and pre-approval to pay 2006 bills. Donna Thacker and Nancy Weldon presented stating the grant was for $100,000 for 5 years. Commissioners approved with Pickens concurring.

2. Greg Fox and John Gause of Apex Benefit Group presented Heath Insurance option to the commissioners. IN Assoc. of Counties has approved them and they agreed to evaluate any county for free to see if they could improve their insurance options. Fox and Gause have been employed there at 15 and 20 years respectively. The commissioners approved them evaluating the county plan for our 215 employees. Greg Fox noted that the county plan is ‘rich’ compared to others. Ewbank noted they have to conform to HIPPA privacy rules. They will get letters together to officially authorize the evaluation.

3. Cook Road Extension- Kraus, Jr. presented as county surveyor. He noted the request was withdrawn, because it’s not really an extension. He and Todd Listerman spent some time explaining how the road was actually still on the books and that small discrepancy in the distance was due to realignment around the new bridge put in along that roadway. (1.72 vs 1.67 miles)

Lisa Lehner represented neighbors, Jamey Ponte and Mike Frank. They were concerned with the width of the new road. They said they did not dispute that they needed access to their (Volkers) land. Volkers agreed to pay for and give fee simple title to the county for a turnaround there at the end.

Ewbank said- once a county has ROW it stays ROW until vacated. Inventory maps are just for funding. If the highway engineer is confident that this is the true end of Cook road then they should go with that.Listerman was confident.
Lehner attempted to argue about apparent ROW statute and stated she has seen no deed record that shows this ROW. In old days you could lose ROW by not using it. Ponte then went to the board to explain more clearly his position on the extension.
Fox motioned to maintain the county ROW to the end at Volkers and to get fee simple title from them for a turnaround there. Volkers were to pay for that. The road is about 10 ft wide and a mixture of gravel and chip seal. It used to join with Hartman and go to Yorkridge. Part of Hartman has been vacated. Approved.The record reflected that the original petition had been withdrawn per Lehner’s comments.

4. Tom Kent- Perfect View Zone Map amendment. Two members of the public spoke opposing the change primarily because of affects on their properties due to construction of roadway and equipment usage on a private section of Cambridge road. If the new commitments by Kent to be able to cut the hill but not build on any slope greater than 20% was NOT approved, then the map reverts to the original commitments.
Robert Craig complained that Kent himself and his workers were using his private section on a Y that goes to Cambridge road. He wants buses and neighbors to be able to use what HE BUILT, but not the new subdivision and definitely not the heavy equipment. Cambridge (the official road) was to be for emergency access only per the Plan Commission and building is not an emergency.
Bob Billups was concerned with the 8 ft berm that would create an unmowable section by his pond on SR 1. They referred him to Mark Brunner of INDOT and also stated that this could be considered a “taking” so he needs to look into that.
Fox and Hughes ratified and confirmed the changes in commitments. Benning abstained- didn’t say why.

5. Todd Listerman- Transportation Dept-
will run a public notice announcing plans to be unveiled for reconstruction of North Dearborn Road from SR 1 to McCann on Jan 25th at North Dearborn Library form 4-8 PM with formal presentation at 6PM.

RFPs for Bridge inspections came in. Out of 12, Listerman picked #1 and #2 to negotiate a fee. If 1 is unsatisfactory, he’ll move to #2 and so on. American Consulting , Inc is #1, and Bernardin, Lochmiller is #2. American Consulting is in process of name change, so that might look different by the time the contract comes in..
Commissioners authorized with Benning abstaining- again with no reason why.

Utility easements for the SR48 area around DCH had to be redone due to property ownership changes. Commissioners will sign when finished.

6. OLD BUSINESS: Benning presented the Siemers report on Energy Savings from the Courthouse Renovations. [NOTE: These are required annually to justify the expense and grants.]

7. Messmore- asked Listerman to present the letter of request from Seymour district office on STATE road priorities for the county. This was INDOT’s call for projects and the commissioners signed the letter as drafted. It stated the following priorities:

1. The intersection at SR1/US50?I-275 (Greendale’s Belleview area)
2. US 50 Corridor Study and OKI/County Land Access Management Study (Gateway Project)
3. Entire SR1 Corridor study for access, truck lane on the hill, and upgrades rather than just spot fix.
4. Ramp on I-275 to KY/OH- fix the lane change problem spot
5. Bridges 95,15, and 159

Messmore- also stated the property liability proposals should have recommendations by the end of the week.

He met with each town to get more input on the Gateway Study and by 1st week in Feb will get findings out to the public on Gateway Study of Access Management.

Jan 16th will have the Comprehensive Capital Management plan. [NOTE: This is Vieste/Level 5 Engineering and London Witte. This plan attaches economic values to the county “wish list” and to road projects and economic development. Paying for these items will require several options, including increased taxes and maybe even instituting new ones as allowed by state law.]

Jan 23rd- the Council will get the same presentation as Commissioners get on the 16th.

Jan 25th there is a special meeting for DCRSD to have Woolpert Sewer Study presented.

IT services with the county have bids due by Dec 29th for award in January.

8. Claims and minutes signed

9. Ewbank noted the county still hasn’t been sued this month.

10. Fox thanked Benning for her service to the county and though he didn’t always agree with her, he thought she’d always done what she thought was best for the people in her heart. Benning said she didn’t want to get tearful, said everyone was wonderful, and wished them “Godspeed.”

Benning motioned to adjourn, Fox 2nd. All ayes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

18 December 2006 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

18 December 2006 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Jane Ohlmansiek, Acting Chairperson, Tarry Feiss, Nick Held, Mike Hall, Jeff Hughes, Robert Laws, and Dennis Kraus, Jr.
Absent: Patrick deMaynadier
Mark Mitter, Chairman and Council rep, resigned last month.
Also Present: Arnie McGill, Attorney, Mark McCormack, Planning Director, and Kate Rademacher, Enforcement Officer.

Minutes from Aug, Sept, and Oct meetings were approved.

Proposed changes to the County Subdivision Ordinance were decided as follows:
These items go to the commissioners with a recommendation- final approval rests with County commissioners.

1. Article 5 Section 520 on Zone Map Amendment requirements was given a favorable recommendation as corrected with “should” changed to “must or shall”, all geotech studies must reflect the current conditions of the land, and landscape plans be generally described.

2. Article 3 section 315 on conditional use requirements (as related to multifamily uses) was TABLED to get language reflecting steps to be outlined.

3. Article 10 Section 1010 Residential Animal Allowances and Article 27 related animal definitions was given a FAVORABLE recommendation to be stricken from the code.

4. Article 25 Section 2576 on water supply and sewage disposal was TABLED.

5. Article 25 Section 2512.5 on setbacks from watercourses and drainage easements and storm water structures was TABLED for clearer language and possible disclaimer.

6. Article 7 Certificate H for Auditor’s certificate language was given a favorable recommendation.

McCormack presented info on Judge Mitchell finding in favor of Red Pine Properties (Andy Temmel) on his writ of certiorari. He wanted direction from the board as to appeal or not.
Feiss noted that she was not at that meeting even though minutes indicate she was there. [NOTE: Meeting notes on the blog for that meeting list Feiss, Laws, and deMaynadier as being absent.]

Subdivision Ordinance 232 #29 states applicant has to provide proof of sewage.

Board decided to take this to executive session on Thursday at 2:30 PM

Public briefly gave information.
Maria LaRosa passed out November VRUC violations to board.
Chris Mueller asked how a judge can state primary plat approval is given if the board did not consider all the other points for the approval at that meeting (such as roads) and also because there have been accessibility changes since this plat was considered.
Jim Maupin specifically outlined the HVL access was recorded as being vacated and is now unavailable.
McCormack told the board that the recorded HVL piece passed through Planning Office.

Next meeting for PC is Jan 22 at 7 PM

McCormack discussed with the board that applicants bringing in new material the night of the meeting should automatically be tables so that staff can review that material. Board seemed to concur with this thought.
Issue was most recently seen at the approval of the Maxwell development on Mt Pleasant at the Lonnie Steele property. What was discussed in tech review and recommended by staff apparently changed with Maxwell’s presented plans at the meeting and now only one section of roadway is being fixed, when the tech board thought others were included.
[NOTE: If the PC board is also unclear on this- perhaps Maxwell needs to be brought back for clarification of his REAL roadway plans.]

Advisory Board for master plan to meet in mid January (17th) and also a public meeting planned at the end of the month- the 31st.

New ass’t planner position is posted and St. Leon and W. Harrison are sharing expenses. So far 3 replies. McCormack hopes to have the position filled by the end of January.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, December 11, 2006

Of Sewers and Subdivisions...

I do not believe that we should have a yearly evaluation of Dearborn County septic systems. I go back to my same question that no one in any sort of official position will answer. Have we had endemic diseases or epidemic diseases related to waste water? Think of E coli, anterior polio myelitis, parasitic intestinal infestations. I have not been aware of these disease being endemic nor have we had epidemics nor pandemics.

The question in my mind is what is it that Mr. Andres and his organizations are really trying to accomplish. We know that developers want sewer systems essentially paid for by citizens who do not want, nor need a sewer system.

We all know that some people have become potential millionaires by having a sewer system service their land. There is a parcel of land along I-74 near St . Leon that has been serviced by what is in my opinion circuitous routing of the St. Leon sewer system. That land is now on sale for 55,000 dollar an acre.

Mr. Hanklins of the regional sewer board who is obviously medically sophisticated has spoken of the "Gold Standard" as everyone serviced by a sewer system. That is a typical and understandable urban opinion. It is not a rural opinion nor desire.

Essentially the less government tweaking with our lives the better off we will be. If a developer wants a sewer system in his subdivision let him put in his own. Too Expensive? Well then don't develop. Let's not stick ordinary Dearborn Countians with the costs of servicing a wealthy developer's project under the guise of "we're here to protect your health".

Perhaps the developers of subdivision should add the cost of a localized sewage system to the purchase price of the houses they build. This would increase the assessed value of the houses leading to higher property taxes that might help offset the increasing costs of adequetly educating the children.

Alan Stanley Freemond, Sr.
Tanners Creek Farm
Jackson Township

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chuck Andres Clarifies A Potential County Wide Septic District Proposal

Chuck Andres Clarifies A Potential County Wide Septic District Proposal

It is unfortunate that Doug Baer and none of the DCRSD gave a complete and fair idea to the public regarding the proposal I made to the DCRSD on behalf of the RWWTF (Rural Waste Water Task Force) to partner with the Task Force in establishing a County wide Septic District to address the issues with septic tank problems through out the State. This district need not be separate but part of the current District. The $200 figure was established in the Allen County Septic District and included charges for a long list of items that would not be necessary in all Districts. This was not a figure that was recommended but rather as a idea as to what it may cost that would include a whole list of specifications which Baer obviously left out.

I also serve on the State Department of Health's Onsite Septic Task Force that is looking at establishing new rules for installation of septic systems, new technology, maintenance, and many other aspects of onsite wastewater collection. By my working with both of these State wide groups, I felt it would be a great opportunity for the County to engage in a 'Pilot' program that would have the support of ISDH and IDEM. Sad to say the DCRSD was interested in closing their meeting that night rather then listen to what I had to say. I thought it would be great if Dearborn County would for once be in on the ground floor of something 'new' that would be beneficial to the lifestyle of the citizens of this county and go a long way toward protecting their health rather then be forced into something down the years.

There are Counties in the State that understand the problems and want to correct them and will be willing to partner with the RWWTF to establish pilot programs that will eventually be adopted throughout the State. Hopefully when we have the ground rules formed I will have another opportunity to present it to the County and they will be more willing to participate.

Chuck Andres
St. Leon

Friday, December 08, 2006

7 December 2006 Dearborn County Regional sewer District Meeting Notes

7 December 2006 Dearborn County Regional sewer District Meeting Notes

Present: Hankins, Chairman, Pruss, Dennerline, Fehrman, and Holland

Absent: Enzweiler and Maxwell [NOTE: By-laws state that a member can only miss 6 meetings a year or 4 consecutive meetings. Maxwell has missed 6 of the 16 meetings that I have covered this year: Feb 16, Mar 2, Mar 16, July 6, Sept 7, and Dec 7. Ironically, Maxwell was appointed by Council to replace Greg Vollmer and they cited numerous absences as their reason.]

Also present: Kramer, Attorney, Quinn, Engineer, Messmore, Adm./Liaison, Baer, Health Dept., and Benning, Sec’y (?)

Minutes from Nov 16 approved and there was no treasurer report.

Special requests:
Ralph Meierjohn of Ameritech asked about DCRSD serving SR1 development (Glenn property). Hankins said there was nothing new on that yet. Meierjohn also asked about Gabbard property and was told that it was beginning to look more and more like they were going to have to locate a waste water treatment facility up there between Aurora and Dillsboro to clean up High Ridge Estates too. Ameritech is still willing to work with DCRSD for lift stations, pumps, locating them on their lands, and also line costs. Hankins noted it is up to the state as to whether Aurora can connect them ultimately.

Old Business:
Serenity Ridge- Hankins met with Jay Tucker and told him DCRSD was opposed to their expansion into 2 more sections. LMH was not averse to serving Serenity Ridge. DCRSD is to bring the line to the street and tap to LMH’s lines across the street from it. Kramer is drawing up the interlocal agreement for this.
2 reps from Serenity Ridge’s 5 homes wanting service were present asking for costs and timeline. Board let them know that realistically it would be about a year before they saw actual service if all went well. These citizens are bearing the entire cost of the service and engineering studies. Baer is to email them when interlocal agreement is in place. DCRSD will be LMH’s customer for this. And the citizens work with DCRSD. They can’t work with LMH, because that is not LMH’s territory.
DCRSD does not have a hard and fast rule on enforced hook-ups yet. Hankins said the gold standard for the future is to have EVERYONE on sewers.
There are 19 lots and 9 are built. The lots sold to some of these people requesting sewer were sold as buildable lots- but with septic rules- they would have to build their homes in the creek…
Citizens were worried that others in the development wouldn’t sign up and then the costs would be born by just them. Later those people could hook on and those costs would NOT be refunded to the original payers per Hankins.
If LMH owns the lines, these people would not be forced on, because they are a private sewer company.
The one citizen noted she’d like to sue because they were sold a bill of goods- a buildable lot that isn’t really buildable. She said that was not the realtor’s fault. [NOTE: when Plan Commission approved Serenity Ridge, it was noted that there were UNBUILDABLE lots in it, unless sewer became available. Neighbors were opposed to that, and the comment from the Planning board was that it was “buyer beware.”]

Fehrman and Dennerline motioned to have Kramer do the interlocal agreement and Quinn to do preliminary engineering simultaneously on this project. Approved.

Stewart St and Cole Lane- Hrezo Engineering contract amended to include $1585 maximum in inspection fees. Dennerline and Quinn thought a 3rd party needs to inspect it all (Hrezo) Approved- and the notice to proceed was signed also.
Hrezo will make daily informal reports to Aurora, which will suffice for them, and they won’t have to duplicate inspections on Aurora’s part of this project.

Quinn presented a preliminary estimate for line to Guilford from Greendale.
2 miles to Guilford, with 47 homes and 38,000 gal per day to 2021
4” forced main- $25/ft
8” gravity $90/ft
Forced total cost $329,000
Gravity total cost $950,000
Going under Salt Fork CR not in the estimate.
Figures the forced main is 1/3 the cost of gravity. [NOTE: This is always going to be the case with initial costs- it’s the long term investment that needs to be considered and maintenance.]
Quinn says a 4” main can hold 230 homes.

SDRSD update- pledged to continue discussing, trying to create an entity that will better serve the county. SDRSD meets 10 AM Tues Dec 12.

St. Leon Interlocal agreement- presented by Kramer from Watson for them to look over till Jan. meeting. Kramer has a call in to Watson to get the numbers for it.

Vieste, LLC/ London Witte- Hankins said DCRSD is trying to create a utility where none existed before. He asked Dick Robertson of Vieste to put a proposal together to help DCRSD get on their feet- like what they did in Clay County. He expects something form them soon.

Aurora agreement- Kramer made changes to the language and board voted for him to send that back to Aurora’s attorney for their approval or changes.
$500 and $2080 tap fees waived if sign on in first 60 days. $3500 to have pump (pump cost is $2650) installed, $250 to pump out and destroy septic tanks.
$260,000 is the DCRSD cost for Cole Lane and Stewart St. Long discussion about how to pay for part and finance the debt for part of this. Pay $160,000 and finance $100,000 at 1-2% from the bond bank, hopefully. Bond issue would be 40 years.
Average out of Aurora limits sewer bill is about $50 for 4,000 gal per month. That is going to $60 or so.
Kramer asked if this new line goes into the trailer park. Dennerline said it goes to the lift station where the old line was. He has the only property for the lift station, as most people don’t want it in their yard.
Dennerline said- it’s still cheaper than putting in septic again. Baer said cost of a new septic system is about $7,000 for gravity feed. [NOTE: And no monthly fee- just pumping periodically and routine maintenance.]
Fehrman worried that residents can’t afford all these fees. And also worried about setting precedents.
Will Aurora annex this soon? Dennerline- L-bg Bond bank won’t loan money without Woolpert Study.
Pruss brought up a neighbor on Mt. Tabor road filing a complaint soon regarding another neighbor’s sewage running off into his outbuildings. Dennerline said- wasn’t that in our original target area? Yes.
Non-working septic systems are defined as anything with a discharge per Baer. [NOTE: Does this mean a contaminated discharge or just water?]

Board decided to do a monthly fee of $12.35 to get 85-cent billing fee for Aurora and $11.50 for debt service reduction. The feeling was that people could take that easier than an up front tap fee.
Baer noted that Aurora does NOT want to force anyone on- and hopes the county won’t either. Hankins kept saying it was mandated- not forced

Baer told them Chuck Andres thinks the county needs a separate Septic Maintenance district to inspect tanks. – Testing yearly would be about $200 to the homeowner.

Board voted for Hankins and Frank Kramer to work out details with Aurora and then Hankins can sign the agreement.

Hankins reported that the Woolpert Study to come to DCRSD by Dec 21 and will be “massaged” until they are ready to show it to the public on Feb 1st at regular DCRSD meeting.

Paid Woolpert mid way bill- probably another $50,000 owed after this.

Benning was told by Hankins to draw up a letter to commissioners recommending they reappoint Pat Holland.

Meetings for next year will be advertised as 2/month same as this year and they will cancel one of them probably.

Tom Kent asked about his SR1 development. DCRSD is not giving Greendale authority to serve it yet so he can’t get primary approval.

Next meeting is the 1st Thursday in January.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Thursday, December 07, 2006

When Does the Public Get to Hear Vieste's Plans for the I-74 Corridor?

After my reading of Mrs. Mueller’s notes about the County Commissioners’ meeting and the Public Meeting on the Future Land Use Map, both held on December 05, 2006 one begins to wonder what’s going on here.

When the principal of Vieste made his sales pitch to Dearborn County and offered brochures he was rather effusive. We learned all about his proud heritage going all the back to the village Vieste, Italy situated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Sentimentally he named his company after this little village.

Since then we have learned nothing about what this company is doing. Recently this company, Vieste, was paid 22,500 dollars of taxpayers’ money. Does this not beg the question “paid for what?” Mr. Robertson of Vieste had opportunities on the evening of December 05 to report to his payors, the public, as to what Vieste has done and is doing. He said nothing.

This is worrisome as secrecy seems to be the hallmark of some of the denizens of the Dearborn County Courthouse. Additionally the secret meetings and closed door meetings of that clubby group of wealthy movers and shakers of Dearborn County the DCEDI adds to one’s concern about secrecy regarding the use of taxpayer’s’ money.

Has the local government put a gag on Vieste? Has the DCEDI with its vast influence and money recommended or demanded a gag on Vieste?

How about it Honorable Commissioners Fox, Hughes and Benning, say something! Demand that our hired consultants report to us. Or tell us why you won’t demand periodic public reports.

Are there other hired consultants who are not publicly reporting their activities?

Alan Stanley Freemond, Sr.
Tanners Creek Farm
Jackson Township

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

5 December 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

5 December 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, President, Benning, and Fox
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney
ABSENT: Messmore, Administrator.

No uniformed police officer was present.

A public hearing on an unsafe building violation was held at 5:30 prior to this meeting. There was no announcement of the decision from that meeting.

1. Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- reported to commissioners that he had opened bids for aggregates, fuels, and asphalt Dec 4th and moved to accept all bids. Commissioners acquiesced to that except for the asphalt bid, which went to Rohe Paving, which had the higher base bid but no escalator clause in it. O’Mara will be sought as an alternate in the event that Rohe can’t produce the asphalt as needed on some days.

Aggregates went to Harrison Sand and Gravel, Newpoint Stone, and Hanson.
Fuel went to Laughery Valley Ag Coop and Rexner (sp?) Energy.
Asphalt went to Paul Rohe with per ton prices for base at $33, intermediates at $36, surface at $38 and cold mix at $86.O’Mara’s bids were base-$30, intermediate- $ 32, surface $35.50 and cold mix at $75. Plus an escalator clause.

Triple Whipple Interlocal agreement was reworded by Ohio County’s attorney- with Ewbank’s approval it was resigned by commissioners. Total cost to be $1,644,500 with $1,325,600 paid by a federal grant.

Jerry Tucker was present for the acceptance request for Brookstone Subdivision. Commissioners approved the 7 roads in it and accepted them into county inventory after Listerman reported they passed core sampling and all corrections to signage, ditches, etc. were completed.
Benning then asked about Seldom Seen I, II and III, wanting to accept them contingent on completion of Listerman’s corrections requested of Tucker. Benning said she wanted to accept it because it had been out there so long. Ewbank advised against that. Commissioners decided to wait until the core samples were complete and corrections made.[NOTE: YIKES! YIKES! YIKES! Unbelievable- that a commissioner who is elected to protect the taxpayers would want to accept any road that hadn’t passed it’s testing yet. Benning and Tucker were chatting amicably in the audience chairs prior to this meeting.It should also be noted that there is a section of Seldom Seen that has a split roadway that was the subject of a strongly worded letter in the road files from Larry Smith, County Engineer at the time. He gave me a copy of this letter dated Jan 24, 1994, when I was researching road bonds. The road in question is a section of Campground Drive and Smith’s letter states that there is an increase in maintenance as well as liability costs to the county. He states that 1. It’s an example of a developer of a developer getting approval for 1 standard and then building to another. 2. It sets a precedence of allowing grade separations to exist on any new subdivision roadway. 3. This change causes an increase in the maintenance as it increases need for guardrail, drainage structures, mowing and sign maintenance. It has site distance problems with the hill. 4. The area will inhibit emergency response as vehicles may need to turn around to gain access to a residence and may not be able to turn into a driveway as the roadway is only one lane wide.He states to allow this would not be a wise decision and cannot be justified. He asked Commissioners to not allow this change.]

2. Vieste Update- Dick Robertson said he had no report [NOTE: Commissioners claims indicate $22,500 paid to Vieste. Yet they have nothing to report.]

3. NACO Prescription coverage. Hughes reported that the county insurance consultant had no problems with this conflicting with county health plans. Commissioners signed the agreement. Pickens noted that the paperwork for the “mom and pop” drig stores may slow this implementation down by a few weeks, but it should be up and running in about a month. They will get a press release out to county residents announcing this plan.

4. Easement papers for Dearborn County Hospital were tabled until Listerman could research exactly what they were.

5. Ewbank:
Commissioners signed the offer to purchase insurance with Mutual of Omaha so that their underwriters could verify health histories and decide whether or not to indemnify the county health plan.

DCEDI asked Commissioners to ratify their board of directors:Bill Ritzman- President, Pete Resnick, VP, John Maxwell, Treasurer, and Jim West, Sec’y. Approved.

Ewbank also reported that the county hasn’t been sued in over a month.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Highlights from the 4 Dec 2006 PUBLIC MEETING on the Future Land Use Maps

Highlights from the 4 Dec 2006 PUBLIC MEETING on the Future Land Use Maps

About 50 people attended the first public meeting where 6 versions of draft maps for Dearborn County’s future land uses were unveiled. The meeting was held at Sunman Dearborn Middle School Cafeteria in the St. Leon area.

Mark McCormack, Planning Director gave an overview of the process and historical timeline of the Comprehensive Plan. The public could comment on written sheets last night, mail them later, or fax to the office. They also could speak orally to Plan Commission members and have their comments written by them, and lastly, they could vote with red, green, or yellow stickers on the land use definitions and principles as drafted so far.

McCormack asked the public to look at the current land use maps and report any errors to him as well. In his press release McCormack noted that the 60- person Advisory Board has dedicated over 320 hours to this project in the last 18 months. [NOTE: It should also be noted that of the 60-person panel, only about half faithfully attend the meetings and workshops. This means that the fate of the county is in the hands of around 30 people, who hopefully are trying to represent their areas and not just there for their own personal goals. That is why it is critical to get public input at these meetings. The more people who comment, the better our chances of getting a truly representative plan for the county.]

Dick Robertson of Vieste/Level 5 Engineering was present but again gave no public comments or presentation of their work on the I-74 Corridor development plans to date. [NOTE: This is unfortunate- as it would have been a golden opportunity for them to reach out and engage people in the area that they are “studying.” It would also have allowed them to gauge public response to some of their plans, which to date have not been publicly aired. ]

McCormack’s overview talked about the master plan process beginning in Dec of 2003 and adopted by September 2004 by the Commissioners. He added the Sewer Maps, Road Maps and Fiscal Impact study preliminary results from 2005. McCormack noted that the Woolpert Study on consolidating sewer services was waiting for the master plan to complete their overview. The transportation 2030 plan was placed out for the public to view and is available at the planning office also.

Preliminarily the fiscal impact workshop with FSG noted that a statewide average of $225,000 house was needed to provide enough taxes to pay for the public services that home requires. They recommended impact fees and parkland donations from developers. Preliminary county data analysis showed that for Residential development for every $1 taken in they need $1.18 in services. For Commercial/Industrial for every $1 taxed they require $0.64 and for Ag they only use $0.36. This data was given so that a proper balance of land uses in the county could be achieved and taxes could be controlled.

In late 2005, four focus groups met and devised some main ideas and maps, which were then combined into a series of overlays on a master map, which was also displayed last night. The focus groups were, Ag, Residential, Commercial/Industrial/ and Open space/Greenspace.

Lastly in Nov. 2005 the advisory board met again and compiled land use maps for the future. These were redone this year and presented as a series of 6 options last night.

McCormack also noted related efforts currently going on with regional sewer studies, The Gateway US 50 study on land uses, and the INDOT Us 50 Corridor study. He also brought up the 2030 Transportation Plan and the Capital Management Program, which the County has hired Vieste/Level 5 and London Witte to conduct. It looks at Economic Development, County Facilities, and Infrastructure. [NOTE: This was where Robertson could have done a presentation and apparently elected not to do so.]

All materials from last night are available at or by calling the Planning Office at 537-8821.

We welcome any and all input from the public.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township
Citizen Member- County Master Plan Advisory Board.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Citizen Watch
Dearborn County, Indiana Dearborn County Citizens’ Committee for Responsible Development

Issue 3 November 29, 2006

IMPORTANT MEETING - OPEN HOUSE FOR MASTER PLAN Monday, December 4, 2006 - 7 to 9 p.m. Sunman Dearborn Middle School Cafeteria YOUR ATTENDANCE IS IMPORTANT !

This meeting is to determine the public’s response, and seek comments from the public regarding the Dearborn County Plan Commission Advisory Committee’s work-in-process, regarding the future land use of Dearborn County.


On August 18, 2005, Comprehensive Advisory Committee members, representing cities, towns, and county economic development initiatives were invited to the first meeting. The Plan Director, Travis Miller, stated anyone in the county, interested in future land use designations was welcome to attend. Focus Group Workshops were held to discuss Agriculture, Green Space, Residential, Commercial-Industrial and recommendations were made by these groups. Travis Miller resigned at the end of the year, and Mark McCormack was designated the new Dearborn County Plan Director. On September 20, 2006, the Dearborn County Plan Commission had the first (re-organizational) Future Land Use Meeting with representatives of all areas, and interests in the county.

There have been additional meetings: The OKI Land Use Commission Meeting on October 16, 2006, and Future Land Use Plan Meetings with the Advisory Committee on October 18, 2006, November 6, 2006, and November 20, 2006. Future Land Use Designations are Agriculture, Rural Residential, Residential-Low-Density, Residential-Medium Density, Residential- High Density, Commercial-Services/Retail, Commercial-Office/Hi-Tech, Industrial, Mixed Use-Residential & Commercial, and Mixed Use-Corridor Area.

Although the Board of Commissioners and the Plan Commission already approved TIF areas for businesses before this process was completed, it is important that citizens become aware of the categories, and impact, the Future Land Use Plan will have on Dearborn County. Citizens of the county may express their opinions in support, or make suggestions regarding land uses to reflect their view of the county. There have been many man hours spent on this process, and citizens are now invited to give their input on the Advisory Committee’s work so far.

Please take the time to review the Advisory Committee’s work.

If by some chance you cannot attend, Mark McCormack, Planning Director, stated this is the first in a series of several meetings planned in the community to spread awareness of the Future Land Use Plan.

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