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20 December 2011 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

20 December 2011 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Jim Hughes, Liz Morris, Maynard Barrett, Bryan Messmore, and Bill Ullrich.

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator and Andy Baudendistel, County Attorney.

Steve Renihan- DCRSD -Sewer Board- and Bob Hrezo, Engineer, passed out information to Council and an update on all projects and progress of DCRSD. He apologized for absence last month. He wants to get the contingency fund back up to $10,000. He gave an accounting of their expenditures and they only have $818 in it now. They need to have money available for things that come up during the year. Collected $99,000 from customers from Highridge Plant- so that is in a separate account at UCB. He thinks they should keep that money for future maintenance and repair on that plant. It is a county asset. They could turn it into the sewer account and then have to come back to council for it. Kraus said they can deal with that in January. $23,682 has been collected on Stewart road and Cole Lane. The West Harrison TIF is almost done. Hueseman Road is proceeding. Morris motioned and Ullrich 2nd to approve $9200 to that account. Messmore voted Nay- rest Ayes- passed.

Sheriff Kreinhop- wants to replace his civil process server. He wants the individual he has selected to be approved. He hadn’t even advertized it yet. Kraus said the committee recommends 7 days to advise council. No one backed Kraus up on this- and apparently the council doesn’t enforce the county policy to advertize positions and open them to the public. Council approved it anyway.

IRS requires an amendment to the police pension and it has no financial impact on the county. Baudendistel has reviewed- no problem. Merit board pres. And Kreinhop has signed. Council approved Kraus’s signature on these amendments.

Medical expenses for inmates- the fee schedule was amended and commissioners approved and now it needs Council president’s signature. Approved.

Liz Morris presented the 911 fee before in November and Pennington pulled off the fees for 2010. AIC (Association of Indiana Counties) suggested language for funding for gas tax revenues and 911 issues. Morris said this is asking our reps to approve legislation to addresses these issues. Council approved signing the 2 resolutions.

Pennington also asked Council to set their January organizational meeting for board appointments etc. . Council will meet the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 in January.

Kraus said he will take the SEIRPC (SE Indiana Regional Planning Commission) spot now that they want an actual Council member and not Mark McCormack as before. Council approved Kraus Sr.

Council approved a 2.5% raise for county employees, with Bill Ullrich abstaining. [NOTE: Apparently he recognizes a conflict of interest since he is a county employee. Messmore-Victim’s Advocate Coordinator- did not abstain. Perhaps his and his boss’s positions are not paid by the county?]

Council approved the October Budget adoption minutes. Lansing and Hughes weren’t at the meeting so they abstained.

Andy Baudendistel- County attorney- searched ordinances- 1998- written motion indicating a 7-0 aye vote was to approve the riverboat savings. It was never passed as an ordinance.
Kraus found it reaffirmed in 2003 and 2006 minutes. It was also in newspaper articles.
You can change it even if it were in a written ordinance.
To change how it’s done now would be a simple vote. [NOTE: The county attorney also works in Judge Sally Blankenship’s drug court and his mother works in the probation dept. He’s juggling a lot of duties and allegiances here.]

Morris said- that even now we can vote to spend it as a simple majority.

Lansing said it was disrespectful to those who sat here for the last 15 years. Lansing doesn’t think it’s good to rely on the riverboat for everything.

Morris said that once we get economic development then we won’t be relying on riverboat. (Is she saying the jail expansion is economic development?)

Lansing noted ongoing yearly costs of the jail- what’s paying for that?

Morris said we can’t ignore the problem. It’s about safety.

Ullrich said the best case scenario you move the people thru as fast as you can. The judges are trying to do that. He said the programs to help people- we don’t have enough space for all of that. If they keep the sentences- then we can send them up state. We can house Ohio county prisoners again. We used to do federal prisoners. [NOTE: Ullrich works for the sheriff’s dept and transports prisoners. Should he be in this discussion or vote?]

Lansing brought up Gardner’s article and thinks that we are doing things differently than most other counties.

Morris said- we passed this last month.

Ullrich’s main concern is no additional impact to the taxpayers.

Jim Hughes would like to let the people vote on it.

Ullrich said the federal prisoners were the best ones you could have.

Jim Hughes said we shouldn’t be in the business of housing prisoners.

Messmore said the plan is not to house other prisoners. [NOTE: Then why do the sheriff and Ullrich keep bringing that idea up in campaigning and meetings?]

Ullrich said we need to do Ohio County.

Lansing asked RQAW rep what the 72 extra beds that would go to the empty shell built now would cost. He said a few 100,000s of dollars.

Tom Cheek former councilman of 12 years. He said at the bottom of every riverboat sheet at budget hearings the 7 vote requirement was written and signed. The charettes a few years back – the jail surfaced as the top project. The project was at $14 million. Now it’s whittled down. And it still says that won’t achieve the goal. He challenged Morris on why not put it to the voters? Why are we afraid to do that? There is a presidential election. He also said that 3 people are involved in these decisions that shouldn’t be- conflict of interest. [NOTE: He’s referring to Commissioner Shane McHenry, Councilman Bill Ullrich, and Councilman Bryan Messmore- all employed by the county sheriff and/or prosecutor. McHenry also has a mother (probation) and step- father (sheriff’s dept) employed there. He's also juggling a lot of allegances.]

Judy Howard- Aurora- Harmony Hills- spoke passionately and directly- I’m sick of hearing that it won’t cost the taxpayer. It’s a bold false lie and you know it. There is no such thing as a free lunch. I hope that if you learn nothing else- you learn that this is not the truth. Mr. Ullrich- you stated that this won’t cost anything additional to the taxpayer. What if you don’t have the base anymore? I’m 73 years old and I’ve gone thru hell and heaven in my life. I hope that you know what you are putting on the taxpayers. There a lot of inmates in this county. It isn’t free- that $15 million in the savings account- is the people’s money. It’s the citizen’s of this county. I want you to promise that you won’t lie again.

Liz Morris- I’d like the record to show that I resent being called a liar.

Stephanie Libbert- taxpayer. I have questions and I get now answers. Why do we have 2 bonds in this county? It makes it harder for people to get out of jail.

A surety bond is tacked on to cash bond when they are from out of county per Ullrich.

Libbert- why not show us you are trying something besides just adding jail space? What about first time offenders? What about crimes with victims?She told a story of a woman writing bad checks at several stores including hers and when she sought help with the prosecutor- it wasn’t done. You are not protecting us- and she was a victim at this point. Why did you not put it to a vote of the people? How can you represent us if you do not ask? I work every day- I pay taxes so that you can take them from me. Use survey monkey- and modern technology to get in touch with your people. Get your own blog. Grant money is tax money too. Government creates their own problem as you all demonstrate. I agree with the whole conflict of interest here.

Ullrich said he does not have a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is when you have a monetary interest and I don’t have one in this project. [NOTE: YIKES!!!]

Jerry Jacobsen- Greendale- we have bad economic times and the Riverboat Revenue is used as a buffer against these times. It’s very important that you keep it. If you bond it you get 90 cents on the dollar. Do we need the jail expanded? If you are going to spend your cushion I think you need to put it to the people. That would be the politically expedient way.

Cindy Luchow- I think you should stick to the 7 or at least 6 to decide. I would be interested to see the statistics on the jail. Once charged with a felony or ending up in jail – they will lose their jobs. I think the conflict of interest is a valid point- you need to think about that.

Harley Ohmansiek - Aurora- has there been any discussion of a federal mandate if they force building a jail? It hasn’t happened yet.

Tom Cheek- clarification- DLGF looks at Riverboat money as a tax- a gaming tax. But it’s not a property tax.

Morris reading from a prepared motion said the current jail is a maximum security facility built by federal judge’s mandate. We should take matters into our own hands. I would like to put it in the minutes that the county attorney said this should be in our minutes. Morris and Barrett motioned to make the simple vote to get it out of 197 savings. Four ayes- Morris, Barrett, Ullrich, and Messmore ayes. Lansing, Hughes, and Kraus, Nay.

[NOTE: Morris clearly ties the change in vote for 197 savings account to the jail expansion. In this vote and prior discussion are two people who ethically should not be part of the jail expansion decision. Their paycheck and their boss’s favor is part of the system. If ever there were an argument about county employees also being elected officials- this is it.]

The actual funding of the jail project will be on the January agenda. The council will decide how MUCH of the Savings account will be spent on this. They could do portions of the savings and a bond or tax. They could do all savings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

20 December 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

20 December 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance Freedom for Options Form- Baudendistel researched into how a Comp plan was construed within the courts Ogden vs. premier properties- 2001 Evansville- comp plan was a GUIDE ONLY. It is one of several things to consider in rezones. Other case comp plan was a general long term blue print- and pay reasonable regard to the plan- a guide- rather than an instrument of land control. Nothing in statute that says gov’t HAS to follow the comp plan. He also read our intro to our comp plan in Dearborn County. Based on his research he thinks the comp plan is not binding- it’s a tool.
Hughes said this was helpful and not what a lot of people thought on the future land use committee. It is confusing- you have to take it into consideration- but it doesn’t stand alone. TABLED again for further review. This item has been tabled since April.

Ratify Life Time housing Payroll Authorization Letter- Bill Ewbank- a time sensitive document that was presented to Hughes- this is the payroll for rehabbing the homes we previously approved for a grant. Commissioners ratified the signature.

Overtime Policy and Actual Hours Worked- Shane McHenry- 3.17.1 overtime- Gayle Pennington changed a sentence to accommodate the vacation that is counted as scheduled as workdays. It has to be a pre-scheduled time to count towards overtime. Orschell said it should go to the personnel committee first.
Dennis Kraus, Sr. said the Personnel Committee that he is on had given an unfavorable recommendation – they had decided not to make any changes. He also said that anyone who would be a recipient of this money generated by overtime should NOT be voting on it. [NOTE:He’s referring to Shane McHenry having a conflict of interest on this issue, as he has a "pecuniary interest." Kraus is right about that, and McHenry stopped talking on the issue and did not motioon, 2nd, or vote. He did not abstain either.]
Todd Listerman was asked if this had to be decided before Christmas. He said not his year- no snow is expected.
Orschell motioned – Hughes 2nded and McHenry was silent on all of this after Kraus’s statement regarding recipient’s voting on the overtime pay rules. Two commissioners voted that this go to the advisory committee for review. Pennington will schedule that.


Surplus Vehicle Ordinance- read by Baudendistel- any vehicle over $1000- all paperwork submitted to the county. Priority given to county depts. Second priority to agencies, like fire dept and life squads in the county, and third, they can be offered for sale to the general public. Commissioners approved the ordinance.

Proclamation Community Read Project- Dan Toon on Library Board with Jody Maples (Librarian) and Marilyn Hoffbauer (Dearborn Highland Arts Council) in attendance as support. This was started by Dolly Parton. Kids get a book a month to create a library of 60 books by the time they are in school. Adults will be reading great Gatsby and kids will read Black Beauty in the year long reading program. Hoosier Hills Literacy League in cooperation with several county agencies. 2012- Color Dearborn County Black White and Read. Proclamation approved.

Contract Agreement Hoosier Square- construction contract for Seyferth ( sp?) Co in Cleves. $277,732. This will also make the building ADA compliant. Signed after commissioners verified that Baudendistel looked it over. Hope to start this week per Ewbank.

Dilapidated Buildings in Moore’s Hill- Board member and clerk treasurer of Moore’s Hill presented pictures of the condemned building. It has been vacant 4 years. We have a letter from US Bank and also the adjoining neighbor. It was condemned for the pigeon droppings issue. They want county help
14942 Main St- Henry Alvin Brown- delinquent on $8,000 property taxes plus liens for 2 sewer for $7,000 =$15,000 in liabilities to a potential buyer. It was attempted to sell in 2009. It remains on eligibility for Commissioner’s sale. It is a negative liability. Lot may be worth $10-15,000. Only real prospect. We could assist them in finding redevelopment funds for demolition – if there is a public end use. Owner is unwilling and financially unable to comply with this property. Owner is in failing health- aged 79. We are at the point- we want to do something- even if it’s wrong. Bob Blue owns 1/8 of the building- he doesn’t care what happens per the board member. He said he’d give it away. Alvin Brown said he wanted $35,000 for it. He hates the government. Baudendistel said whoever demolishes this- has to own the whole building. Title work needs to be done on the property. Mitchell Brown- his son also had an interest in it- but may have given that back to his father in 2009 in a quit claim deed. Bill Shelton- Building Inspector said it’s beyond repair. It was an original science building for the college. They want to get the taxes forgiven or written off and the sewer lien dropped. More research to be done.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:

Mobilecom- new narrow band frequency radios to accommodate all the radios in the US by end of 2012. The chips are already in our radios bought in the last 4 years. They just open the radios and switch it over. The repeater tower has to be upgraded and that is already in the budget for this summer. Signed the paperwork for Mobilecom to get narrow band for the county.

Working with federal highway adm to get funds for rain caused slippages on Lower Dillsboro- $10,451 and change approved- and we get 100% on emergency and 80% on permanent repairs.

Are in process of purchasing ROW in Bright on Stateline. They were worried about signage that now will not have required setbacks. Commissioners signed resolution that their signage is grandfathered. This is just for area between 500 ft South of Salt Fork and 20 ft North of Jamison and already in existence and related to the Stateline project.

Hope within next couple weeks will have deeds secured to have Stewart St done this summer.

March or April letting for North Dearborn construction this summer.

Still working on Shortridge Rd to secure properties.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- claims signed. Hughes said he hadn’t had time to review some of these. Minutes from Nov 15 approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- letter from Liberty Roberts from jury trial- praising county staff for their help. Bill Black told him the warning levels are now colors instead of numbers. He will have that next meeting.

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Bill Ewbank- request from county Park Board- they were asked to mow the County farm area now that County Highway has moved. $4200 will be requested from council for YES Home and old County Animal shelter. Park Board wanted to be sure this was OK with Commissioners. Parks is storing their equipment there anyway. This will be an existing mowing contract- and added on to that. Commissioners approved Parks to approach council for this request.

ADA status- he attended training seminar in Greensburg from INDOT and state ADA coordinator. They are taking compliance effort seriously. June 30 2012 – INDOT will be inspecting reports from every county for roadmarks we have to achieve toward compliance. This will affect our scoring for any of our federal funds. He said the bar is fairly low for this first step so far- we could gain a competitive advantage by surpassing that standard and improving our scores. He suggested they add ADA coordinator to January appointments- and noted it was a non-paid position.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Hughes- wanted to make Bill Ewbank- coordinator- into the interim Administrator for 60 days to review resumes. Approved.
Hughes referenced an email on judicial issues and was wanting feedback from judges and prosecutors etc. he is looking for communication and new ideas.

Commissioners wished everyone a Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year.


PUBLIC COMMENT- Bill Black- trying to get everyone on the same page and now state has changed the codes to colors. Also the radios are being transferred same as Listerman referenced. Hughes also thanked him for the HVL Dam updates.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


The Dearborn-Ohio County Bar Association has a new president. Alan Miller, partner at Zerbe Garner Miller & Blondell in Lawrenceburg, was elected president of the local bar association last week.

“I am excited about this opportunity,” said Miller. “We should be a leading community service organization in the area. I am hopeful that we can achieve this and more during my term.”

Miller’s term will run for 2 years. The Dearborn-Ohio County Bar Association is comprised of all attorneys and judges in Dearborn and Ohio counties.

Monday, December 19, 2011

County Council Meets Dec 20th for Expansion of Jail Funding Vote

County Council meets at 6:30 PM Tuesday Dec 20th in the Commissioners Room of the County Administration Building.

The discussion of how to fund the jail expansion project is planned. There will also be discussion and a probable decision on whether to keep the unanimous vote required for spending any of the Riverboat Savings account. The Council in the late 1990s set this up as a unanimous vote to force consensus before this account money could be spent on any county project. This was done to make sure it was a project that nearly all the citizens wanted.

Like the general public, Council has not reached consensus on this issue. The Riverboat Savings account could be reduced by more than 50% if Council decides to use only the savings account for this purpose. They can also decide to use a portion of it and bonds and/or increased taxes. The current plans for expansion are not the entire project. Council and Commissioners reduced the plan to under the $12 million limit that would have required a referendum and a vote by the citizenry.

Tuesday night is when your voice can be heard on this issue.

Friday, December 16, 2011

AGENDA 20 December 2011 Commissioners Meeting

December 20, 2011
9:00 a.m.
City of Lawrenceburg
Administration Building
230 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance
Freedom for Options Form
2. Ratify Life Time Housing Payroll Authorization Letter
3. Overtime Policy and Actual Hours Worked

1. Surplus Vehicle Ordinance
2. Proclamation – Community Read Project
3. Contract Agreement – Hoosier Square
4. Dilapidated Buildings in Moores Hill


VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1. Claims/Minutes

VII. ATTORNEY - Andy Baudendistel






Thursday, December 15, 2011

Conflicts of Interest Involved in the County Jail Expansion Decisions

Conflicts of Interest Involved in the County Jail Expansion Decisions

There is a group in Dearborn County who believe we require a new, expanded and expensive law enforcement center to address their perceived rising crime rate trend in the county. In rough numbers the object of their desire requires a capital expenditure of $20 million and an ongoing annual operating expenditure in excess of $1 million from the taxpayers.

There is another group who feel that misguided and overzealous law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial practices are creating our inordinate criminal statistics vs. other Indiana counties. They feel policy reform is the answer to perceived jail overcrowding.

Whose argument has more merit is nowhere as interesting as the methods employed by the jail proponents to advance their dream.

We're in a lousy economy with lots of grief and little relief on the horizon. All Dearborn County citizens are hurting heavily. There is no way in hell an expansion of Dearborn County law enforcement at a time like this would be favored by the voters.

Jail proponents, therefore, knew without a doubt they had no way of achieving their dream without depriving the taxpayers of any involvement.

Quandary? Indiana state law guarantees that projects of this magnitude must be approved by the voters. Solution. Break down the project into two or three smaller pieces that only have to be approved by two commissioners and four county council members to succeed.

Thus, on November 1st, two of the three county commissioners voted to move the first downsized $9-10 million project forward and approve county council to explore financing alternatives. Commissioner Jeff Hughes bravely voted nay as he felt the people deserved a say in the process. Kudoes to Commissioner Hughes. Commissioner Tom Orschell voted aye. The deciding aye vote was cast by Dearborn County Detective Shane McHenry, full time employee of Dearborn County Sheriff Michael Kreinhop in his part time role as Dearborn County Commissioner.

It's interesting to note that Tom Orschell, when elected commissioner, immediately resigned from the county highway department so as to avoid any image of bias or impropriety. Commissioner Shane McHenry seems to suffer no similar concerns when it comes to his employers new jail?

The saga continues in the County Council where the jail proponents have targeted a $15 million Riverboat Savings Account set up at the beginning of the boat era. Council at that time hoped some money from the casino windfall could be secured from the temptation of future councils to spend it, except in the most dire and deserving of instances. They ensured this by requiring a unanimous vote by all seven council members.

Quandary. The jail proponents don't have all seven council members favoring the project. Solution. Attack the legality of the previous councils decisions, reduce the number of votes to grab the money to something less restrictive, such as the number of council members in favor. These shenanigans would be funny if the matter at hand wasn't so serious.

These discussions continue in County Council. It would be remiss and unfair to Commissioner McHenry not to also mention that Dearborn County Sgt. Bill Ullrich, full time employee of Dearborn County Sheriff Mike Kreinhop is also part time County Councilman at large, Bill Ullrich, involved in the acquisition of the financing.

You should be outraged when a project that Indiana law mandates be approved by you is so painstakingly massaged to prevent your involvement. You should be ethically concerned when two of the only six people now required to approve the $10-20 million burden on the taxpayers are so closely bound to the recipient and beneficiary of the funding. How do the commissioners and county council's attorneys possibly justify this blatant conflict of interest and why haven't they required McHenry and Ullrich to recuse themselves from any and all aspects of this project?

However you feel, discussions may continue at the next County Council meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, December 20th at 6:30pm in the County Administration Building. How concerned are you?

Chet Wolgamot
Manchester Twp.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

CASA: Drinking, Drugging and Driving (with Sheriff Mike Kreinhop)

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CASA: Drinking, Drugging and Driving (with Sheriff Mike Kreinhop) -- Host Gary Puckett discusses these inter-related topics with Dearborn County Sheriff, Mike Kreinhop.

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6 December 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

6 December 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

Previous executive session was to discuss the county administrator position. That will be posted on Career Builder for 7-10 days as the personnel policy indicates. [NOTE: This replaces the county coordinator position currently held by Bill Ewbank.]


Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance- Freedom for Options Form- tabled until they meet Tuesday with the planning Director.

Ratify Life Time Housing Payroll Authorization Letter- tabled – no one here from Life Time and letter was in Sue Hayden’s computer- and she got called away for an emergency today.


Randy Foley- Cardinal Office Products- SE Indiana rep and Paul Holland who is the sales manager presented a program in place for the city and county offices. Foley is local- originally from Milan. He has raised the level of service and pricing structure with user friendly sites for easy access to their system. Holland said that there was a less expensive way to fund office products. The national website has no personal communication but does have good prices. They decided to have the same prices for their products with the same service they provided before- the personal touch and visits to your office when needed. You will get national government pricing- same as the national website. You can order over the phone also if you want and get the same pricing. Commissioners agreed they like to buy local if it’s the same price. Foley said they also carry any product the big box stores carry. They still have next day service. The office at 409 Walnut is a showroom now. They did this to meet the demands of the customers.

Bill Black Jr- EMA- Grant Agreement- $ 3623.18 was distributed because the county exceeded their goal in their assessment from Homeland Security. Signed acceptance.
Greater Cincinnati Hazmat contract was $8100 last year and now is $6380.99. They will probably reevaluate this next year and may go back up. Baudendistel said there is a 90 day termination clause and it automatically renews otherwise. Black noted that the county couldn’t maintain a Hazmat team for that price. Commissioners agreed to have Hughes sign the contract.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer gave the following updates:

Emergency repair work done on Wilson Creek Road just north of US 50 for $5,758.85. Commissioners signed the agreements with INDOT for this.

Met with INDOT regarding Whitewater Scenic Byway- we are the lead agency for this. There will be a separate account set up for this- no count funds will be used for this. There will be an agreement coming to us for this soon.

Working with INDOT to move up the North Dearborn project east of Dover. All ROW is acquired. This is to be under construction summer of 2012. They will be cutting trees to eliminate the Indianan Bat delaying that project.

Bids were all accepted for stone, sand, and gravel from Harrison Sand and Gravel, Newpoint Stone, and Hanson Aggregates. Hot and cold mix asphalt was accepted from Rohe and O’Mara. Gas and fuel was only bid by Laughery Valley Coop. Accepting all bids makes it easier to get best price depending on where the project is in the county and trucking costs.

Bid prices were:

Gas- $2.910/ No 1 Fuel oil $3.551/ No 2 Diesel fuel $ 3.101/ No 2 road diesel $3.258

Hot mix Base Type A $42.50-47.50/ Intermediate type A $44.50-49.50/ Surface type A $48.50-53.50

Cold mix delivered $95-110

Stone went from $7.20-14.75/ Rip rap from 49.90-11.15/Dense road base $7.25-7.35/ Aglime $4.50-6.50/snow and ice abrasive $3.60-3.75/ pea gravel $5.70-9.00/B-borrow $3.60-3.75.

Orschell asked about HVL getting in on our pricing. Grieve checked with all the vendors and they said their process were for the county- not private entities.

ADA (Americans with disabilities act) will be monitored by OKI as the MPO for those projects for compliance.

He also met with Bruce Keller of HVL and said they’d try to advise them when striping is done in our area so they can try to get the vendor at the same time for a better price.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington Minutes adjusted to reflect change requested by McHenry last meeting regarding verbatim transcription of his jail motion. Minutes approved. Claims schedule was approved for 2012. Claims approved without Hughes having time to review so he abstained.

Andy Baudendistel- Jury trial in Superior Court 2 involved an accident on Pribble Rd. County was removed from the case. Insurance paid for the legal work.

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Bill Ewbank reported:

RFP Bids/Shumway and Votaw Buildings- going to rebid this.

Commissioners 2012 Meeting Schedule- same as this year. Will have all scheduled in our building- no longer at Lawrenceburg.

Construction documentation firm for Hoosier Square quote for $2800. This will give a photographic history of all work as done and traced to the construction documents. This is a test to see if they will get further county work. Commissioners signed a contract with Multivista for this- with Shane McHenry voting Nay.

WGU Indiana- Governor signed this for completing online college work. Bachelors in 3 years and masters in 4 years possible.

Had a number of requests for surplus vehicles for first responders- he will have a policy for next meeting. County offices will be first priority.

Tom Orschell- Jail Project moving forward- County has a duty to set up a committee to go around in perhaps 3 areas to have meetings to explain to the citizens what we are doing to prevent recidivism in the jail. Also trying to get a GED program in the jail. He will work with the courts to see how to set these up and will keep them informed. Commissioners agreed it was a good idea. McHenry said the expansion of the jail is so they can expand these programs not just lock more people up and throw away the key. Orschell will keep them updated on this.

Shane McHenry- Overtime policy and actual hours worked- had a lot of concerns coming his direction from highway, sheriff, juvenile detention, and 911. They want personal time off and vacation to be counted as actual hours worked and thus to be included in this calculation. Commissioners decided to enact this soon so that it is in effect before the first snow storms come. Sick time and suspension do not count toward this overtime calculation, as suggested by Kreinhop. Pennington will have the policy revised by the next meeting.

Hughes met with Randy Frey hoping to get money for roads.


Sheriff Kreinhop said they lost control boards over the weekend and in order to fix this he needs a signature to get these fixed.
This was to be done with the jail addition. The need has been moved up with the failure over the weekend. They did get short term repairs done by late Monday. He gave them a proposal that was not bid out- though they had 3 quotes from before. This company is the one doing the work at Hoosier Square. They are familiar with the original system. The indoor panels still worked- just the perimeter doors were affected. This equipment is 22 years old. There is no budget for this. They put this as part of the jail expansion. Liz Morris said at Council budget hearings per Dave Hall that they would have to give emergency funds if necessary. They are honoring the prices quoted 18 months ago. Commissioners signed the Security Automation Systems for $292,000 and approved going to Council for this.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, December 02, 2011

Agenda for Dec 6th Commissioners Meeting

December 6, 2011
6:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

EXECUTIVE SESSION – 5:30 PM Personnel Issue



1. Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance
Freedom for Options Form
2. Ratify Life Time Housing Payroll Authorization Letter

1. Randy Foley – Cardinal Office Products
2. Bill Black, Jr - Grant Agreement


VI. AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington
1. Claims/Minutes

VII. ATTORNEY - Andy Baudendistel

1. RFP for Bids / Shumway and Votaw Buildings
2. Commissioner’s 2012 meeting schedule

1. Tom Orschell – Jail Project Moving Forward
2. Shane McHenry – Overtime Policy and Actual Hours Worked