Tuesday, September 27, 2005

26 September 2005 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

26 September 2005 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mark Mitter, Chairman, Jeff Hughes, Mike Hall, Jane Ohlmansiek, Robert Laws, Patrick deMaynadier (arrived at 7:25 PM), Nick Held, Tarry Feiss and Dennis Kraus, Jr.

Also present: Travis Miller, Plan Director, Mark McCormack, Enforcement Officer, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.

1. Nearly Three Hour Debate – and 156 Lot Subdivision is Tabled

Andy Temmel (Red Pine Properties LLC) with Terry Crouch (The Survey Co) requested Primary approval of Sugar Pine (previously known as Heritage Ridge requested under a different owner)
Sugar Pine is located at the corner of Augusta Drive and Stateline Road in Miller Township. Approximately 50 residents of HVL, Bright, Greendale, and Sugar Ridge were in attendance and many spoke in opposition citing issues with the connector road to HVL’s PRIVATE road system, VRUC not having all their permits in place and not having a treatment plant built, school overcrowding, and drainage issues.
Speakers included:

Craig Lysne for HVL POA, noting that HVL will put up a gate at Ridgecrest to prohibit access and does not want to turn that road over to the county.
Maria LaRosa – HVL resident- stated that Rupel put the paper road in so that HVL could expand onto that property possibly someday, NOT for public to access HVL.
Joanne Caudil- was concerned about detention basins in areas already having drainage issues and who will maintain them.
Richard Butler- att’y for Greendale covering for Steve Lampert Utility Director who was not available- stressed the permit status and that VRUC MIGHT have a plant started by fall of 2006. He quoted a letter from Jeff Bittner from VRUC June 2005 stating that VRUC will seek temporary capacity from the entities serving them (i.e. G-dale!) at SDRSD. Butler stated that Greendale IS NOT agreeing to transport. He gave pictures of overflow into Double Lick Creek and also the recent Katrina rainfall overflow into HVL LAKE! He cited Escherichia coli counts of 30,000/100 ml. (Legal limit is reportedly 253/100 ml). He went on to state that Greendale does not have the capacity to take this on even if they wanted to. They are regularly exceeding capacity.
Linda Mitchell- Noted that high density is OK IF roads, sewers, and schools have capacity. The eastern side of the county has issues with all three. The “need” for homes does not exist- it is really that Ohioans “want” homes here. She reminded Jeff Hughes of his campaign on property rights and that if the schools were jeopardized, then development would need to be controlled.
Bonnie ??? and Dave ???? – noted their issues were already addressed.
Stew Owens – owner of adjoining 21 acres with greenhouse and pond- wanted to be included in all reviews of drainage as it is already an issue for his property and this will adversely affect him.
Jim Maupin – read a prepared statement that he submitted for the record. Points included : The builder’s perspective- that it is good for the builder, that realtors make money, but that the residents will be stuck with the problems. He noted the traffic study on Stateline Rd rates it as a LOS (level of service) E on and A-F scale. This will make it an F. He noted that there is a growing group against the VRUC sewage plant with over 800 petitions so far.
Debbie McQueen - “This is a situation where you should ask yourselves not can I, but should I?” Sewage, schools, roads in and out. This is still only a one-way tract with HVL closed off. Stateline road is slipping on the hill. Sugar ridge has access at the bottom by HVL entrance, but this is at the top. Emergency personnel coverage will be difficult and traffic counts bring the LOS to an F with this.
Jean Aichman (sp?) – Safety issues- her mailbox on Stateline has been knocked down 4 times this year- the road is too narrow.
Robert Cannon – asked about detention areas and water pressure- especially if theirs is low now.
Jerry Jacobson- VRUC has no sewer capacity it goes through Greendale. VRUC has 3 realtors on their board and some if not all are employed by the same company selling this land! A package plant in HVL is just another pollution possibility in Double Lick Creek and will hurt Greendale’s safety and health.
Dave McKammer (sp?) – Roads, schools, and sewers – conditions are not ripe for development.
Tracy Robbins – primarily a personal concern about how close these houses will be to her property. Also retention basins and school capacity issues.
Public discussion ended at 8:40.

Tremmel and Crouch discussed detention basins, and Tremmel said he was not willing to do extra to get improvements on Stateline- he had already purchased additional land to get turn lanes. Tremmel said he had his letter from VRUC and they should base decision on it! [NOTE: Plan Commissions exist for this reason- there needs to be a board to apply common sense and be willing to dig for the answers, rather than just shuffle papers with some bureaucrat’s signature and stamp of approval.]
Mitter noted that they can’t- if there is conflicting information.
Butler reiterated in great detail the VRUC issues and also that Double Lick Creek runs dry often and VRUC will be dumping “treated” water to that. [NOTE: The implication is that VRUC ‘s history is less than stellar….]Board took a 10- minute break at 9:15

Plan Commission Member’s comments:

Kraus, Jr.- had no problem- thought they could get to the conflicting sewer info at the plan improvement stage in-house. [NOTE: What???????] also can get connectivity on a temporary basis even if gated- for emergencies only.
Laws- wants connectivity and a temporary turnaround as a minimum. “The sewer letter says WILL- not DOES have…” [NOTE: Laws gets it!]
Feiss – thought 1971 board had foresight in putting paper access there for HVL. Thinks the applicant has tried to correct previous issues, in favor of making it contingent on sewer access…
Hughes – sewer issues, road issues, may eventually get negotiated…
Mitter- narrow frontage and small improvements on Stateline there- but the impact is HUGE.
De Maynadier – thinks the application is deficient under section 216 – the letter from VRUC is not sufficient. He also noted Section 135 and the land use portion of the Comp Plan that states they should allow new development ONLY WHERE THERE IS ADEQUATE EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE!
Held – sewage is a mess- temp road is a minimum consideration.
Ohlmansiek – sewer “iffy” at this point. Infrastructure should precede development! We need connectivity, but certainly understand HVL position on their roads. They have difficulty maintaining them now.
Hall – lined up with Augusta Drive now, and bought land to do so. We made it contingent on sewer before in Aurora. That doesn’t make it right though. He doesn’t want to FORCE HVL to connect roads.
Mitter- sewer big issue- St. Leon and Aurora had plants that only required expansion- so contingency there was different. Here there is no plant and “Plan B” thru Greendale is also NOT an option. Connectivity is important. The whole school issue is a joke- and not a funny one! [NOTE: SD Schools letter indicated capacity at ECHS but no mention of any anywhere else.]
DeMaynadier- An issue this big should be decided here- not passed on to Travis and staff.

Hall motioned and Kraus,Jr. 2nd to table for 60 days max. to get letter substantiating sewer and connectivity issues to be resolved. All ayes to TABLE.

2. Doris Bedinghaus’s request to convert a farm access to a residential driveway for her son on North Dearborn Road (a collector) in Harrison Township passed.

3. Proposed changes to the swimming pool ordinance to allow mechanical covers instead of fences passed with a favorable to go to the commissioners for possible implementation into the zone book. This will match the zone book with the building codes and state law.

Focus groups are going well- for future land use workshop which will be on Saturday November 5th.

The first deputy position is filled- Karen Abbott will begin Oct 5. Her experience includes work with Ewbank Land title Co, Aurora Casket, and the county recorder’s office.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, September 23, 2005


I was unable to cover this meeting and Ralph Thompson graciously did so and submitted the following notes. Chris Mueller


PRESENT: Vera Benning, Rick Fox, Jeff Hughes Commissioners; Robert Ewbank, County Attorney; Brian Messmore, County Administrator and Cary Pickens, County Auditor

Work Force One

Jean Boyle, Department of Work Force One (WFO), Madison IN was seeking a signature for the new plan for WFO. the new plan reorganizes from 16 Boards to 11 growth Districts. Dearborn County is part of Region 9. The new plan is set up to start July, 2006. Ms. Boyle has been meeting with County Commissioners and Mayors of towns with populations over 5,000 to have them read and sign the agreement. Each County is to select an elected official to serve on the council. Vera Benning volunteered to be the elected official. Also, a business representative should be selected to represent the business interests. Vera Benning indicated she had someone in mind; but, a name was not provided. Someone to represent the County businesses or the developers? Also, the County has to decide to select a Procuring Fiscal Agent or use the State Agent to oversee the funds. If they Commissioners select an agent, they are liable; whereas, if the State agent is used the Governor is held liable. All Commissioners wanted the State Agent. Fox and Hughes had not read the document and the decision was held over till the October 4th meeting (Ms Boyle was trying to collect all the signatures by September30th). The board will oversee how WFO funds are spent to foster economic development.

Criminal Investigation Fund Shane McHenry, Prosecutor’s Office.

Dearborn County needs to establish an ordinance to legally continue the Criminal Investigations Fund. The account is a non reversing account receiving funds from seized property (under the Dept. of Justice rules from criminal activities) and using the funds for law enforcement purposes (buy weapons, communications equipment, etc., pay travel expenses, training, salary & overtime, reward money for sting operations, buy money). The ordinance will resolve a conflict with the State Board of Accounts allowing the Fund to continue.

The fund can only handle claims made by the Sheriff with the approval of the Commissioners.
Motion by Fox, Seconded by Hughes, all in favor.

Burns Road Stop Sign Mr. Leslie Stewart, Citizen

Mr. Stewart read a petition by the residents of Burns Road (and the school bus & propane delivery drivers) opposed to the stop sign added on Burns Rd. The sign is 60 feet from IN 48 and at the top of the hill. Mr. Stewart described a series of calls to various agencies (INDOT, County Highway Dept., Planning Commission, Etc.) with no one apparently knowing how it got there or why. Bureaucracy and red tape. The problem appears to be the Carney? Acres (CA) subdivision, which will add approx. 56 houses and 100 cars a day. The intersection comes into a corner of Burns Rd. Mr. Stewart suggest a “Stop except on right turn” or a yield sign for CA. Mike Davis indicated the signs were put up by the CA Contractor per the Planning Commission requirements for permit approval (PC required Contractor to pay for intersection inprovements). Why is a Contractor installing signs on a County Road? The Commissioners feel it is a poorly laid out intersection and needs a sign. Cheaper than fixing the intersection. Todd Listerman, County Engineer, will review intersection and sign options in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and make recommendations to the Commissioners. NOTE: Hopefully, action will be by County Highway department and not a Contractor, as happened before.

AFLAC Barbara Wilson & Vernon Wallis?

Ms Wilson presented Company information on AFLAC (Advertisement) and brief information on supplemental insurance benefit programs that could be offered to County employees (by payroll deduction and not paid for by the County). The Company has 9 products to sell and indicates a stable cost structure and portability. More information on their products and a quote will be provided to Brian Messmore.

Claims and Minutes Cary Pickens

No minutes were submitted
Claims were submitted for signature.

Auction Brian Messmore

The tentative date was set for October 29, 2005. No indication of what was being auctioned.

Land Use Plan Brian Messmore

The Land Use Plan is in the Focus Group Workshop phase. They are working toward Public Open Houses in mid November and referral to the Commissioners in January 2006.

Transportation Brian Messmore

Continuing work on the draft plan. Next meeting September 29, 2005, then an interactive Community Workshop. Working toward inclusion in OKI 2030 Regional Plan.

Emergency Management Office and Storage Brian Messmore

Investigating building for approx. 9,000 square foot of office and 9,000 square foot of storage. Messmore sending out RFQ for construction or renovation of building. Specifications by Messmore. NOTE: Practicing engineering without a license? Benning questioned Messmore further. Now sending out RFP for preliminary study.

Health Care Brian Messmore

County currently has Pinnacle and will need to proceed with Pinnacle for the year 2006. Pinnacle has two options: A higher deductible with no change in premiums or A higher premium with no change in premiums. If Pinnacle is contracted the County will be locked in for a year. The costs are currently within budget. The County self insures for the first $75,000 so excessive health care problems could cause budget to be exceeded.

Hughes was in favor of open competition for the Health contract. He was advocating a selection process through competition; but, the selection had to be made now to get everything ready for December 31, 2005. NOTE: The County (Commissioners?) should have been actively pursuing competitive bidding to provide selection in time.

Ewbank is heading an investigation to review all insurances for the County to determine need, level of coverage, adequacy and appropriateness of the insurances. Hopefully this will be done in a timely manner to allow open competition in the future.

Motion to accept Pinnacle by Fox, seconded by Hughes, all in favor.

Robert Ewbank

FEMA has sent notice to the County (via Dan Batta’s home address) demanding an investigation into a house constructed in the Whitewater flood plain in 1998. The homeowner applied for refinance and flood insurance review indicated the home was in the flood plain. The home is on piers and the homeowner indicated he was not in the 100 year flood plain (presumably because he thought he was above it?) and the County signed off on the permit without catching the problem. Mr. Miller and the Surveyor have determined the house is in the flood plain in violation.

Mr. Ewbank has tried to contact the FEMA Director ( who is in New Orleans), to indicate there are procedures in place to prevent further occurrences. The structure may have to be moved, torn down or a variance obtained. The cost may be borne by the homeowner or the County. NOTE: The County is the expert not the homeowner, will the County step up to its responsibility for its mistake?

Three new tort claims were submitted to the insurance.


No issues.


No issues.


Annual Conference of Commissioners conflicts with October 18th meeting. To be able to award the bids for Sawdon Ridge (opening on October 4) the meeting has been rescheduled to October 11, 2005 and a meeting will be held October 18, 2005 with Fox and Hughes for Claims only.

Pickens suggested amending the Credit Card Ordinance to have the Department heads issue County Credit Cards to necessary personnel in lieu of current system per the State Board of Accounts. Bills on County business (and all County correspondence) should be sent to County office (previous misuse of credit cards). Action???

A signature was requested for approval of a motion of DCEDI to waive its annual meeting and retain the present officers until the next meeting. Since DCEDI is a corporation and Dearborn County is a member the request was sent. Ewbank indicated not necessary; but, would cause no harm. Motion to sign by Fox, seconded by Hughes, all in favor.

Meeting Adjourned.

Notes by Ralph E. Thompson, Jr.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Update on the Future Land Use Portion of the County Master Plan

Update on the Future Land Use Portion of the County Master Plan

The Kick Off meeting for the Future Land Use Plan was August 18th. Following that are 4 focus groups set to meet. The first was Open Space and Parks, which met on Sept 13th.

Agriculture will meet Sept 20 from 5-8 PM at the Lawrenceburg Library. Residential will be on Oct 6 and Commercial will be on Oct 21st. Both are from 2-5 PM at the Lawrenceburg Library.

These meetings are open to public VIEWING, but if you are not part of the focus group, your comments need to be submitted in writing to the Planning Office.
Summaries of each focus meeting will be posted online at the Planning Office website - http://www.dearborncounty.org/planning/

Members of the Advisory Board can access them there or request a copy from the Planning office.
The Advisory Board will take the results of these meetings and meet sometime in November to discuss the future land use map before it goes out for public input.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Thursday, September 15, 2005

DCRSD Board Meeting Minutes - Sept 15

SEPTEMBER 15, 2005 - 7:00 PM


Mike Hankins
Barry Pruss
Rodney Dennerline
Pat Holland
Brett Fehrman
David Enzweiler


Lisa Lehner
Doug Baer
Tom Quinn

CALL TO ORDER, CHAIRMAN HANKINS Meeting called to Order by Chairman Hankins at 7:00p.m.


Motion to accept the minutes of the September 1. 2005. meeting as they stand by Mr. Enzweiler. seconded by Mr. Fehrman. all ayes, motion carries


Seed money balance $366,939.28

Grant money balance $75.951.81



Mrs. Lehner will look into the need to change the wording of the easement and call Mr. Quinn on the second.


Chairman Hankins brought to the floor discussion on request for proposal vs. request for qualifications. Mr. Enzweiler stated that RFQ will not obtain pricing information.

Chairman Hankins stated there needs to be a good faith effort to contact numerous engineering firms for this project.

Chairman Hankins received commitment form Lawrenceburg to fund the study of the county sewers. Mr. Hankins believes there should be a 45 day time line established to get this project under way.

Discussion ensued on what parts of the county should be included in the study.

Chairman Hankins suggested that if the cost difference was not great. the entire county should be included. Mr. Dennerline suggested this is supposed to be a county wide plan. therefore the entire county should be included.

Chairman Hankins suggested that a new method, pipe bursting, may be a way to save neighborhoods from being tom up while construction is being done. This may be appealing to the Hidden Valley area.

Mr. Baer brought an application for funding.

Ms. Lehner stated she has asked Lawrenceburg City Counsel to vote in 2005 for the district to be in a line item in 2006 and provide the acceptance in writing.


Mr. Dennerline made a motion to send Mr. Holland. Mr. Baer. and Mr. Enzweiler to this meeting and pay for it. seconded by Mr. Fehrman, all ayes, motion carries.


Ms. Lehner states the need to obtain updated plans from GRW and to get a rate consultant. Then there would be the possibility of a 20 year bond bank.

Mr. Dennerline suggested the need to get figures for the Aurora Interceptor.

Ms. Lehner stated a letter of intent was brought up to VRUC and their attorney said they would be willing to sign it.

Chairman Hankins suggested having Jerry. Sam. and Floyd at the next meeting. Ms. Lehner will have the Letter of Intent ready for them to sign.



Mr. Quinn had specs ready for review. He needs to know where gas and water lines are run. Mr. Fehrman will set up a meeting for residents of Cole Ln. and Stewart St. at the Aurora Firehouse September 27 at 7:00 p.m.


Mr. Larosa came to the meeting due to talk of a sewage treatment plant in Hidden Valley. Chairman Hankins advised him of the prior discussions on the subject. Mr. Larosa advised he and some others have gathered nearly 700 signatures in protest. Mr. Dennerline requested a copy when they are finished collecting signatures.


Mr. Dennerline asked Mr. Baer to get a copy and fax it to Ms. Lehner.


Mr. Enzweiler made a motion to adjourn. seconded by Mr. Fehrman. all ayes. motion carries.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

School Board Meeting

Notes September 12, 2005

South Dearborn Community School Corporation

School Board Meeting

1. Minutes Unanimously Approved

2. Policy Changes recommended by the Indiana School Boards Association. Six changes recommended. They read the titles only and approved all six unanimously.

Only real concern with policy changes came from Terry Luhrsen regarding injectible medications to be administered by school staff trained by a Registered Nurse. He questioned if that was really good enough. Answer seemed to be that’s what the statute says...so that’s good enough. (Perhaps Mr. Luhrsen would like to see RNs in all of our schools. I know I would like to see that.)

All policy changes were related to changes in state law. (Unfortunately I don’t know what they are.)

3. FCCLA Cluster Meeting Field Trip Nov. 9-13 to Hartford by way of New York City by charter bus approved unanimously. If trip is not funded by grant it will cost $315 per student.

4. Donation of $3,630 for Tennis Court Screens accepted.

5. Donation of $46.93 to SDMS accepted from Target.

6. Discussion of Disposal of Weight Room Equipment. The plan is to sell equipment to the City of Aurora for $1. Aurora plans to give to the fire department. Equipment is still being used.

Pat Rahe wants administration to ask if it is needed in any other place at South Dearborn. She suggested the equipment be placed in teacher lounges.

Daryl Cutter thought the equipment should be offered to all the Fire Departments.

The item was tabled.

New weight room equipment is ready. But administration has asked that delivery be delayed.

Administration denied Football team has not had access to weight room as reported in the newspaper. They claimed there was only a week or a weekend without weight room access.

7. Budget...Unanimously approved. They had the public hearing and a budget workshop for the board. (Perhaps the workshop should have been public.) No real discussion

8. School Calendar. Building Administrators recommended adding missed days to the end of the year. Terry Larsen indicated his plans were already made. His kids won’t be in school those three days. And the board or administration (I don’t know who he was referring to) would have to answer to his daughter for messing up her twelve years of perfect attendance.

9. Vouchers paid. Karla Raab was wondering about Character Education Supplies for Manchester School. She would like their program extended to other schools if it works out well.

10. Verkler gave construction update.

There was discussion about recess at the Middle School...Students rushed out of Cafeteria and sit in Gym for 12 minutes. (There is no way to have a safe and effective recess with 300 students in a gymnasium...my personal opinion here) Children can’t go outside due to construction.

11. SAT report. They did not share the graphs with the public. From the discussion, it was obvious scores are not as high as previous year. Verbal is lower. Math is higher. (This information will be available on IDEANET under K-12 school data. I don’t know how long it will be before this is published by the DOE.)

12. There was a discussion about Advanced Placement Classes. Some wanted to know why we only offered two. They think teachers needed special certification. (Maybe we don’t have enough appropriate subject area teachers in the High School for the program.)

13. They discussed upcoming teacher in-service. Poverty and writing for the ISTEP will be subject.

14. South Dearborn was one of the 19 school districts in the state that narrowed the achievement gap. (The poverty gap was narrowed. I think we can thank Aurora Teachers for that.)

Submitted by Karen Loveland

Thursday, September 08, 2005

6 September 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

6 September 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Benning, President, Fox and Hughes.
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Messmore, Administrator, and Ewbank, Attorney.

1. Commissioners voted to deny all 3 health claims appeals from their Executive session.

2. Gayle Pennington, Treasurer- updated commissioners on tax collection. All done in house now- and should be in the mail in late Sept- early Oct. BOTH 2005 installments are due in November.

3. Pinnacle Advisory- Mike Kramer- gave a concise explanation of the health care cost containment plan. Council requested he do something to be able to stay within a set amount of money. The bottom line: There can be a core plan with decreased benefits or a core plan with increased employee contribution amounts. They are also working on disease management and need to know the commissioner’s preferences by October. Cost increases are about 9.5% per year- under the national average of 13-15%. [NOTE: Perhaps two options could be given- and employees could CHOOSE which they prefer- the increased contribution for higher benefits or the decreased benefits for lower contribution amounts. Many employers offer these choices]
Benning asked Kramer about possibly health insurance for “people who worked for the county for a number of years and were retiring without any insurance.” Pickens stated this would be for NEXT year’s budget hearing in 2006 to take effective 2007. [NOTE: Guess which commissioner’s term ends in December 2006? This is not a good way to reduce taxpayer costs. It is also a benefit that many large businesses are unable to continue to fund. It will also greatly increase the amount of insurance costs to the county as a whole, because the risk is greater the older the covered person is. The entire group then absorbs that cost increase in premiums. The county needs to stay in line with what the rest of society is doing.]

4. Health Dept.- Doug Baer- presented an interpretation drawn by Butler- their att’y- regarding 2ndary site requirements on old lots that they want to grandfather and require only one site. They are still reviewing all building permits and if they fine septic problems they HAVE to be fixed. This includes Section 2576 from the zoning ordinance.
Hughes asked about getting septic or sewage to the D-1 garage site. Benning mentioned pump and haul as an option. Baer noted that pump and haul could only be temp solution- for 2 years max. They have to permanently fix the problem and that would require acquiring more ground, as the ground there has been disturbed too much to be a good leach site.
Benning also asked about the County Regional sewer District. Baer reported that Cole Lane and Stewart St were small enough to try to fit into Aurora with their overflow issues, but that IDEM wouldn’t allow High Ridge- which was the REAL reason the sewer district began out there. He also stated there is a movement to have the county coordinate bringing ALL the sewer entities in the county under one roof. Funding to coordinate this isn’t available yet. Baer wants IDEM to allow them to fix HighRidge and grant a variance for overflows, which are intermittent- rather than allow continuous sewage pollution as is occurring now. [NOTE: Perhaps the money needs to be sought to bypass the overflow and pump straight to SDRSD in Lawrenceburg. Maybe the COUNTY needs to become a member of that.]

5. United Fund- Lynn Deddens asked permission to fundraise with the county employees with the option of payroll deduction. Contributing is optional. Commissioners OK with this.

6. Sheriff’s Dept- recommended NorCom for the security camera bids. OK with commissioners.

7. Bill Black presented the 911 new communications system- Because of a QPA (Quantity Purchasing Agreement) that the state has with MobilCom (Motorola products)- Black is recommending them for the contract. They do not have to bid because of the QPA. Ewbank noted that they should also mention health safety and welfare of county citizens and the savings on tower rent as they move the 911 from Pribble Road to the jail. Antennas will move to the L-bg water tank- for free. They save $30,000 on lines to Dillsboro and other outlying towns. L-Bg has committed $1 million- still need $48,000. Approved- contingent on Lawrenceburg’s money. [NOTE: There seems to be more and more ways the open bidding process can be avoided lately. This goes for “contracts for services” too that bypass the open door laws- as in the recent agreement with DC Economic Development Initiative. The government seems to be getting far less transparent in their dealings. On the plus side here- Mobilcom (Motorola) is considered the top dog in this business.]Sept. is National Preparedness Month- commissioner’s signed proclamation.

8. Brent Roberts of Butler, Fehrman, and Siefert (sp?)- passed out info on their firm’s engineering and planning services and noted his office is in Jeffersonville.

9. Lifetime Resources- Luan Male- asked to be able to resubmit the Owner Occupied Housing Grant as the state or the mail lost the last one and they had to redo it- Approved.
Hughes asked her to set up Catch a Ride for Logan Housing residents to get to the Logan Supermart. Male noted that they could call for service anytime.

10. Pictometry- Craig Wittmer- presented a slide show of aerial oblique images of land. This patented system could do the entire county for $100,000. He noted it was a great tool for assessors and auditors because you see more than the rooftops that an aerial orthogonal image produces. It is also good for 911 and GPS locations. He can be contacted thru Margaret at the Planning Office or Bill Black.

Claims were approved and minutes signed.

Messmore noted an auction was planned for late October including 9 vehicles.

Ewbank is dealing with a FEMA letter that was addressed to former commissioner Batta regarding 1 1999 bldg permit issued to a house built in the flood plain in the Whitewater River area.

Hughes asked about getting ordinance numbers on the violations issued by the building inspector, so people can read up on the violation. Ewbank noted they have appeals processes too.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Thursday, September 01, 2005

DCRSD Board Meeting Minutes - Sept 1

September 1, 2005 - 7:00 P.M.


Mike Hankins
Pat Holland
Barry Pruss
Brett Fehrman
Rodney Dennerline


Doug Baer
Lisa Lehner
Tom Quinn
Ken Schneider

* Chairman Hankins called the meeting to order.

* Minutes - Motion was made to correct the amount in the treasurer's report. and accept the minutes by Mr. Fehrman. seconded by Mr. Holland. all ayes. motion accepted. The correct balance was $366.939.28.

* There was no change in the Treasurer's Report from last month


* Review of Quinn Contract for Services - Chairman Hankins

Ms. Lehner stated that because this was a professional service it did not have
to be bid out.

The contract has the scope of services is in phases. The contract states it will take 30 days for completion. Design. Bidding. And construction management is included in the contract.

Mr. Hankins pointed out that construction supervision is not included. Ms. Lehner talked to Rick Fox and Bryan Messmore. Who both agree the county engineer can be used for the construction supervision.

Ms. Lehner stated the next step is to sign the Notice to Proceed. Mr. Dennerline moved to accept the contract. Mr. Pruss seconded. All ayes. Motion carries.

The Notice To Proceed was signed for all three phases by Chairman Hankins.

Mr. Quinn suggested there be 2 separate meetings for Cole Ln. and Stewart St. so pan of the audience would not be bored with the presentation/questions.

Ms. Lehner will look into the verbage of the easement to see if the district is responsible for servicing the grinder pumps that will be given to the residents. The suggestion was made that names for servicing companies be given to residents for if breakage should occur.

Special Guest Ken Schneider was introduced.

The Petition for Variance was given to Patricia Coghill with the request to forward it to Donnie Hastings.

Mr. Fehrman stated it will be going in front of the Aurora Utility Board on September 12, 2005.

Chairman Hankins stated the application to Rural Development says the district is building a treatment plant. Joe Tierney will amend the application. Mr. Hankins requested a bulleted list of what is needed to complete the application.

* Update on Comprehensive Sewer Meeting - Chairman Hankins

Mr. Hankins stated the political powers want a consolidated sewage system throughout the county. He also states he has been given the impression the district will be involved and primarily responsible for the consolidation. There needs to be an engineering plan for Cochran Street to present to Federal Representatives for funding.

Mr. Hankins stated there will be a committee formed to interview engineering firms to do said plan. He appointed Dave Enzweiler and Pat Holland to this committee. Mr. Enzweiler will send requests for qualifications to different firms.


* Other Items at the Chairman's Discression
Ms. Lehner stated the district needs to get on the agenda for the commissioner's meeting. Mr. Baer suggested the district come with him on September 6.2005.

Ms. Lehner will set up a meeting with Mike Sodrel's office. and will contact Brian Messmore to get dollar amount for line item of RSD.

Chairman Hankins believes the interceptor will be accepted by the state.

Chairman Hankins stated 2 more houses want to be part of the district on Lower Dillsboro Road. The second house would force it to become a main line extension.


Motion to adjourn by Mr. Dennerline. seconded by Mr. Holland. all ayes. motion carries.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.