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Vieste, LLC /Branaman - No Background Check?

If anyone had done any research regarding Mark Branaman, SVP of Vieste, LLC, they would have discovered the absolutely horrific experiences the City of Lawrence has suffered under Branaman's reign as an officer and principal of Lawrence Utilties, LLC, Integrated Resources, LLC, Integrated Data, LLC, Integrated Realty, LLC, and Condgon Engineering - later sold to Vieste, LLC. This web of companies has "operated" the City's water and sewer utilities while lining the pockets of its principals - including Branaman - in excess of $10 million dollars.

This case has been pending since 2004 and has generated a ton of press in Indianapolis, so I'm surprised it was never disclosed to the citizens or Board of Commissioners.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007



September 1, 2007

Dearborn County Plan Commission
% Mark McCormack
Director of Planning
Department of Planning & Zoning
215B W. High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

To Whom It May Concern:

The Board of Directors of the Dearborn County Economic Development Initiative (DCEDI) recently reviewed the latest version of the proposed future land use plan. Our interest in this document is not limited to but lies primarily in the sections that address the future economic development potential of this county.

DCEDI is the primary economic development marketing agency and the primary entity for the retention and expansion of existing businesses in Dearborn County. DCEDI markets and promotes Dearborn County, on a national and international basis, as a location for new or expanding manufacturing projects; office projects; large commercial and service projects; and, large retail and recreation projects. DCEDI also provides assistance to local companies that are expanding their operations. DCEDI works with the local communities to develop the resources and infrastructure to support its economic development programs. The primary goal of DCEDI is the creation of new "wealth" in Dearborn County through the creation of new, diversified job opportunities; the creation of new revenue opportunities for local governments and the general growth and expansion of the area economy.

From the above perspective, DCEDI must take exception to the Future Land Use Concept Maps Alternative A and Alternative AA due to the self-limiting acreage and locations that are designated for future economic development. Given the current and future fiscal needs of this county, our findings are that the two alternative land use plan maps:

1. Do not inure to the long-term prosperity of Dearborn County that would be derived from quality growth and development.

2. Do not provide opportunities for Dearborn County to generate economic development activity with significant fiscal returns and positive impacts on the local property tax structure.

3. Do not recognize the physical and transport limitations of Dearborn County, such as topography, flood plains and developmental highways that restrict significant economic development to only certain areas of the county.

4. Do not provide the physical site location requirements of new and expanding companies considering this community, thus creating a non-competitive situation for the county in comparison to other southeast Indiana and Greater Cincinnati communities.

5. Do not serve the best interest of those property owners in Dearborn County who have expressed their desire to sell their agricultural property for its highest and best use.

6. Relegates significant economic development activity to areas of the county viewed as less desirable by recent corporate prospects in terms of infrastructure, access and topography.

7. Were created in response to ‘no-growth’ rural residents using the emotional issues related to the preservation of the agricultural industry in Dearborn County to serve their cause.

8. Do not reflect the input and counsel of economic development specialists provided for previous versions of the concept plans.

DCEDI encourages the Dearborn County Plan Commission to re-evaluate the commercial and industrial sections of the Future Land Use Plan in terms of creating the most beneficial returns for the long-term growth and prosperity of the county. Status-quo is not an acceptable response to the fiscal issues facing Dearborn County in the very near future.


James F. West, Jr., CEcD

C. DCEDI Board of Directors
Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce



Dearborn County
P.O. Box 21
Aurora, IN 47001
Phone: (812) 926-3375

September 24, 2007

Mr. Mark McCormack
215B West High Street Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

Dear Mark:

The Dearborn County Development Council has reviewed the Draft of the Future Land Use Element of the comprehensive plan. We feel the alternates shown do not address future economic development of Dearbom County.

It is paramount that Dearborn County address economic growth. This County cannot accept this element as a normal condition. DCHBA encourages a re-evaluation of the commercial and industrial component of these maps.

Thanks for your time.


Dearborn County Development Council
Dearborn County Home Builders Association

Comments Received in Reference to the Master Plan Land Use Element Update,

Comments Received in Reference to the Land Use Element Update, from 08-15-07 to the present:

Staff contacted by Nicole Daily concerning discrepancies in, or omissions from, both Land Use Tables and the Lawrenceburg Existing Land Use Map.
Staff prepared an updated draft of the Land Use Element to address the aforementioned tables
and map. No additional comments were received.

Email received from Rick Pope.
Relevant Commentary:
“I just got through reviewing your work, the proposed land use map. Good job. I won't nitpick,
as I know that you won't please everyone anyway.
Good luck…”

Email received from Ralph Thompson.

Relevant Commentary:
“The changes look great. Just what you had talked about!”

Email received from Linda Mitchell
Relevant Commentary:
“I have reviewed all of the documents, and I didn't see anything that I thought needed to be
addressed. I think it was very well written, and in theory will be a great tool for future planning
decisions. My only concern is that it will not bear any real weight.
Also, was there ever any discussion on having percentage limits for different types of
development? For example, any given township could not have more than a certain percentage
of high density or industrial, or anything like that? It would help to keep certain areas and/or
school districts from being overburdened.”

Email received from Travis Miller (Planning Director, 2003-2005).
Relevant Commentary:
“Thanks for the update on the comp plan. Great work! I'm please to hear you are keeping the
document alive. The added text is very well written and certainly improves the overall plan by
making it easier to interpret (with less room for interpretation). The maps are outstanding as
well. Good luck with the next steps with the approval…”

Email received from Helen Kremer.
Relevant Commentary:
Hello Mark,
“First, thank you for making the CD for me, I appreciate the timely response. Also, kudos to
you, and your staff, for working diligently on this project--this draft reflects your hard work.
As you requested--I have the following comments:
1) I strongly suggest the Future Land Use Concept Map Palette (Alternative A) be the one
submitted to the Commissioners. The primary reason, is as stated in the highlighted last
sentence under Introduction & Purpose (p. 124):
"Most importantly, this Element emphasizes that the Plan and its parts must be referenced
collectively--rather than independently--to be effective in the evaluation of land use proposals."
The interpretation of the Comprehensive Plan is, as stated, referenced "collectively", and, with
future development being inevitable, care has to be made to protect the low-moderate density
category, especially in areas near Flood Plain/Flood Prone, and Open Space areas.

In both proposed palettes (A and AA), Agriculture has one designation, Agricultural/Rural.
Residential has been reduced to two in "A", and only one in "AA". At the present time, I believe
palette A comes closer to serving the wishes of the people of the county.

2) On Page 147, Designated Floodplain and Flood Prone Areas,--
why not change the last sentence to read, "Development activities and/or the placement of any
obstructions should be restricted."

Why state "...should be extremely limited, if not restricted."?

The current Comprehensive Plan (P. 144) states, "...should be avoided for grading and
construction activities."
In my opinion, saying something is extremely limited is no different than stating it should be

3) The Implementation Program
The goals are laudable. Will you inform members of the Advisory Group when these reviews
regarding Year 1 will take place? I would like to remain involved in this process.”

DCEDI Letter to Commissioner Hughes

DCEDI Letter to Commissioner Hughes

June 5, 2007

Jeffrey L. Hughes
Dearborn County Commission
1702 Yodelodel Lane
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Dear Commissioner Hughes:

Pursuant to our conversation this date, I am providing the following information to help you present the impact of a recent lost economic development opportunity for Dearborn County.

In July, 2006, DCEDI responded to an RFP for a light manufacturing project. The preliminary requirements were: 15-30 acres; close proximity to interstate highway; within one hour of Cincinnati. We later learned that this company, a supplier to Honda and other auto manufacturers, would invest $15-million in a metal stamping facility to produce wire products for the automotive industry. Initial employment would be 35 people at wages in the $18-$20 per hour range. The project was forecast to double in size within five years.

In early November, company officials inspected sites in the Kelso Township and the Town of St. Leon. The company ultimately selected a site in adjoining Butler County, Ohio. The reason given by the company for eliminating Dearborn County was “cost of property and based on their schedule the proposed site(s) would not be done in time for their project compared with other states”. Bottom line -Dearborn County did not have a competitive, ‘shovel-ready’ site.

With this one project, Dearborn County not only lost the opportunity of the new jobs with above-average wages but also the opportunity of new tax revenues. Our estimate is that Phase 1 of the project would have added $273,000 per year in local tax revenues.

In recent months we have hosted at least six other similar projects, most of which have been Honda related. The primary reasons given, if any, for not selecting Dearborn County have been related to site costs, infrastructure, rezoning and other time/cost factors.

The winners in the game of economic development are always the communities that have the market-ready product. Dearborn County has a lot of work to do to catch up with its competition.


James F. West, Jr., CEcD

24 Sept 2007 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting

24 Sept 2007 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting

Present: Hall, Chairman, Held, Cheek, Nelson, Thompson, and Kraus, Jr.
Absent: De Maynadier, Feiss, and Laws.
Also present: McGill, Attorney, McCormack, Planning Director, Rademacher, Enforcement Officer and Planner, and Ionna, Ass’t Planner.

The sound system wasn’t working right- used the tape instead to start the meeting.

Old Business on White Farm Development remains tabled until Oct 22 meeting.

New Business:

Primary approval for 8-lot subdivision- Perfect View. Owner: Tom Kent/H Wayne Ferguson, Jr. Family Ltd. On Cambridge Road in Miller Township- on 115.93 acres. They rezone on this land to Residential is not complete yet as all the commitments for that rezone have not been fulfilled to date. For the purposes of this request the land is considered as Ag zone.
This was moved to a major subdivision request because it included an extension of a public road. [NOTE: If the access into the 8-lot subdivision had been a private drive, would this have come to the PC or just tech and adm. review?]

Cambridge Rd is a 9.8-11 foot one-lane road.
It’s about 0.4 miles long with 4 homes on it.
A building permit has been issued for the 5th home to be built at the end of the road. [NOTE: Interesting that the ordinances somehow allow for a permit to build a home on a substandard road, but they won’t allow an extension of that road for a subdivision. It would seem the same rules SHOULD apply to both requests.]

There are site distance issues at Cambridge and Georgetown both entering and leaving Cambridge. The dip in the road and the curve at the entrance are contributing factors.
There is a separate entrance to Cambridge that has been opened by the neighbors there- it is actually the original Cambridge Road as shown on the 1937 aerials. This entrance also is one-lane “gravel.”
There are issues with ROW acquisition- as there is 25 ft on one side of the road and the Craig family does not want to give any land to ROW.

Kent is willing to upgrade Cambridge to county specs but will increase the lots to 14 at 5 acres each to compensate for the expense.

The extension of Cambridge does not exceed the 25 homes per one entrance requirement per Listerman.

Three members of the Craig family spoke at the meeting. They emphasized the danger at the intersection with Georgetown, they have right of first refusal on the Baker home at the corner there and stated she is also not inclined to give ROW. School buses turn around in driveways at end of Cambridge. The Craigs cut the old road bed out and it is private property- not Cambridge Road. [NOTE: If the road has been publicly used for a long time- it may no longer be private property (squatter’s rights) and if there is no record of vacating the old road- that may also be an issue.]
Craig indicated that he’d recorded that part of the “road” at the courthouse- it is his road.
The newer section of Cambridge was cut through by BE Jackson (whose Dad owned Jackson Hardware per Craig) with the county.
Davis Family owns part of the side road Craig cut through.

Cheek asked about one lane and if it was part of county inventory.

Held noted that ordinance says we can’t permit access unless there is 2-way traffic.

Thompson noted the site distance issues and said he liked the plan and that “8 lots beats the hell out of 55.” He asked about putting a road up from Salt Fork. (steeper)

Nelson- wondered if fixing the dip would fix site distance issues.

Kraus, Jr.- doesn’t think there is enough ROW.

Kent said without ROW we’ll have to build road from Salt Fork. The first aerial of county in 1937 shows the south entrance as the real Cambridge Road. They own the property and have to do something with it. He is willing to bring Cambridge to county specs.

Cheek said it was too bad the parties couldn’t cooperate.

Thompson motioned and Nelson 2nd to deny because of site distance and ROW issues on Cambridge. 5 ayes. Primary Plat denied.

Ferguson stated- someone is building back there NOW!- they will have 5 homes on this street and we asked for 8 more. Building permit was issued for a one- lane road.

Tape ran out and the sound system wasn’t fixable- PC took a recess during this time.
It was decided to have the rest of the meeting rescheduled.
Article 4 ordinance changes will move to Oct 22 meeting.

The master plan will be at a special meeting and will be FIRST on the agenda on Oct 29 at 7 PM. There may be an OKI presentation AFTER that.


1. Letter to INDOT on issues with I-74 Bridge REHAB project will be sent to other higher up officials as the Seymour office did not seem to want to listen to the County input. County is concerned that the bridge rehab is insufficient to hold what is planned for that area.

2. OKI will meet with the county and discuss the funding of their fiscal planning. They think our dollar amount will be minimal for this.

3. Earl Dawson asked about the TIF zone being in St. Leon’s buffer area and how the county was handling that. It seems the landowners can remonstrate but county can’t.

4. St. Leon Comp plan meets Oct 3rd again on buffer zone issues.

5. Wade Hummel of Hummel Electric presented disturbing information on Sugar Ridge PUD owner Mike Macke. Apparently, Hummel Electric is not getting paid for installing the light at Stateline and Stephens and Macke’s bond lapsed. He will be pursuing him in civil suit. Macke told Hummel his business associate Carl F Tuke ran off business and now Macke is insolvent. The 60 days for Macke to get bonds covered is up in early Oct. Nelson motioned and Cheek 2nd to go to commissioners in support of them holding ALL permits for Sugar Ridge except those for single-family homes currently under construction. He referenced his motion previously in the August meeting minutes to be included as part of this motion.All ayes- unanimous.

Meeting adjourned 9:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Sunday, September 23, 2007



The Dearborn County Plan Commission will hold a public meeting to review the draft Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan on September 24th, 2007 at the Administration Building (in Lawrenceburg). The public hearing will begin at 7:00pm, although the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments are not scheduled to be reviewed until decisions have been rendered for all other case-sensitive items that are on the agenda.

Following the presentation of these items, the Plan Commission and its staff will review the Land Use Element update and will field and address questions, comments, concerns and recommendations from all interested county property owners, business owners, and residents.

The Plan Commission then forwards a Favorable or Unfavorable Recommendation to the County Commissoners. County Commissioners then vote on the plan.

All interested parties may obtain an agenda or staff report for this meeting by visiting the Department of Planning & Zoning office-located on the third floor of the Administration building-or by accessing these items online (via the 'PUBLIC NOTICE' link) at the following website:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

18 September 2007 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

18 September 2007 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator

Uniformed police officer was present.
The room was full to capacity with a few people in the hall and standing all along the sides of the room.

Harrison Fire and EMS Contract remained tabled.

Dillsboro EMS Contract was signed after Randy Jackson presented their budget and a list of excuses as to why the all-volunteer dept. is missing so many runs. Thompson voted Nay because he had explained earlier that Dillsboro was meeting in executive session this evening to discuss the EMS problems and to see if they could provide some way to get better service. He thought Dillsboro should be given a chance to weigh in on the issues and then perhaps structure the payments to get better service. Hughes pushed hard to get the contract signed and Fox seconded. Two Ayes, Thompson Nay. Passed.

Collier Ridge Road Slip- was moved up to accommodate most of the residents who were in the meeting. John Graf of Barth and Associates (Steve Barth also present) explained 4 alignments (including the original one) they will be studied for $8,000 to determine the best fix for the road. There are apparently no funds the county qualifies for or are if qualified, are even available, for this fix. (Example STP- Strategic Transportation Program Funds)
Two substandard bridges are also in the mix and are a problem with fire protection and larger trucks. There is also an issue with the RR crossing. They have soil boring showing bedrock about 20 feet down.
It will take about 6 weeks to get the feasibility study done. That puts possible construction at early to mid November at the earliest.

Fox wants to use a similar alignment to the original just moving road to the right and having the LeMasters property owners (daughter and son) “donate” the land for the good of the area. [NOTE: Fox (twice) has previously been suggesting relocating the road up over the hill- in past meetings.]

Residents’ asked numerous questions about the problem, questioned what was being done as exacerbating the problem in their opinion, worried that they would end up with a road closing and two cul de sacs, and asked about the safety of the current markings with kids driving etc.
Fox said that the commissioners didn’t say anything about a cul de sac or closing the road. It was not their intent to close the road. [NOTE: Intent or not- the road WILL be closed if it deteriorates further and/or if the Council doesn’t appropriate money to fix it. It’s a matter of time and money. Residents may want to check out their Council reps to see if the funding is available. This road has about 400 vpd and so is not considered a major road. ]
Todd Listerman will update Riley and Glenn families about their progress and they will be contacts for the neighborhood. He will also look at further safety measures along the road until it is fixed. Hughes said something about two heads being better than one in answer to getting public and consultant input.
Thompson moved and Fox 2nd to proceed with a feasibility study as expeditiously as possible. All ayes.

RISE 2020 (Rural Indiana Strategy for Excellence) and ORCA (Office of Community and Rural Affairs) -Heather Powell, Erica Speer, and Andrew Finick (sp?) presented an overview of the Hometown Competitiveness Program and told Commissioners that 12 areas will be in the pilot study. Applications due on Oct 4. For $7500 investment by the community they get a 3 day training and phase 1 consultations with the “team” of advisors including USDA Rural Dev., PCRSD ( Purdue Center for Regional Dev.) Ball State- Building Better Communities, IRDC- Indiana Rural Dev Council, and Indiana grantmakers alliance.
They tout this as a Come Back – Give Back approach to community building. One of the 4 pillars this segment is built on is attracting young people. [NOTE: I couldn’t help but note that there were 3 young energized people presenting this concept to a board whose youngest member is in his mid 40s.]

The other 3 pillars are:
Mobilizing local leaders (and they are looking for a diversity of leadership- (not something our commissioners have been known for selecting),
Energizing entrepreneurship- (which requires communication and collaboration with Lawrenceburg and the local towns), and
Capturing wealth transfer (with the idea of finding out of town landowners who have inherited this wealth in land and trying to convert at least 5 % into charitable assets.)

This program uses CDBG and HUD grants, CFF (Community Focus Funds- max award $ 500K with 10% match), Planning Grants (max award $50K with 10% match), Economic Dev Grants, Rural Workforce Grants ( max $150K), and Urgent Needs grants.
They cautioned that his is a LONG TERM approach taking 15-20 years. They plan to use the 12 pilot communities around the state and customize the assistance to each community. Andrew said: Kids can stay in town and create their own opportunities- not have to move away. Messmore talked about the hospital and health care opportunities in the county now. [NOTE: He’s finally noticed the expansion of a large good paying employer on Ludlow Hill.]
Andrew cautioned that this approach is more cultural than entrepreneurial. We will get $200,000 invested in agencies in direct in-kind technical assistance.
Messmore talked about expanding our 800 acres of parkland to 3000 acres. Hughes focused on the entrepreneurs and said he goes to RISE 2020 and gets all excited and then he comes back her…
Mark McCormack asked about the 50,000 population limit for the county and was told that wouldn’t be a problem- that was a rate limit for municipalities.
Messmore will make application by Oct 4.

Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack presented two cases and only one minor question from the public on density issues in the text amendment came up.
Bamberger’s rezoning from Ag to B-1 was passed unanimously in Logan Township on Steele and North Dearborn Roads using the same restrictions that the PC placed upon it and noting specifically that it met all 5 criteria for a zone change. Thompson moved Fox 2nd . All ayes.

Text amendment for section 1640 on major and minor changes to PUDs and how they will be handled by tech review board and the PC passed and the previous section 1640 was repealed. Fox motioned and Thompson 2nd. All ayes. Historical pattern of Sugar Ridge development and issues there prompted this change.

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept gave a less than 3 minute presentation

* * *

(That’s 3 gold stars for a succinct presentation). He updated commissioners on his plans for safety on Collier Ridge short term and the Randall Ave appraisals for property for the Highway Dept consolidation. No action required until they review. [NOTE: Journal Press Tuesday paper has story covering the highway dept. consolidation of districts for more efficient service and cross-training of all employees.]

Pickens- Manchester Fire and EMS Contract signed, claims corrected and signed. Hughes abstained, as he hadn’t reviewed the claims.

Minutes for the Sept 4 meeting were abridged twice prior to the meeting by Hughes to shorten a section where Ron Wullenweber came in to speak on property tax issues.
Thompson had a problem with abridged minutes- the question about tax rates had been left out with Pickens answer that they didn’t have that yet. Ewbank’s comments were left out. Thompson wasn’t sure the summary had actually captured all of Wullenweber’s concerns. They also didn’t have a couple other items covered.

Fox agreed.

Hughes said he’d requested the change to shorten the minutes and then went on with three unfinished sentences- couldn’t get the gist of what he was trying to say.

Motion was made by Fox to approve the minutes with addition of Dillsboro EMS concerns, Wilmington Road issues, and Pickens comments on tax rates added. Thompson 2nd. Passed.

Hughes wants minutes summarized with key points only. Pickens said old minutes had less detail. Comment was made about saving the trees. [NOTE: The original transcription had about 1 page of notes on Wullenweber’s comments. When a citizen takes the time to come to a meeting and get on the agenda and the issue is property taxes- it would seem important to capture the essence of that discussion. This desire to save paper sounds good- until you see the next item- with several pages of legalese generated to get sex offender fees and work release fees for the sheriff’s dept. into ordinances. How come it’s important to print all that, but not important to outline accurately a taxpayer’s concerns? ]

Ewbank- Commissioners approved the Sex Offender Fee ordinance and the Sheriff Work Release Fee Ordinance and they go on top Council for their approval.

Hughes wants Plan Commission to look at an ordinance on Fire Hydrant Visibility- Messmore to check on this.
Hughes also read a letter on Rabies Awareness Alert this month. The paper already covered this issue.

Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, September 17, 2007



2008 Dearborn County Salaries

Commissioner 22,248 (+ 3,000 for President)
Council 8,085 (+ 3,000 for President)
County Administrator 69,010
County Attorney Retainer 28,000 (+ 50,000 legal services + 20,000 lawsuits in budget)
Clerk of Courts 32,736 ( +10,201 + 753 in others sections of budget)
Auditor 43,456
Treasurer 43,456
Recorder 42,092
Assessor 42,938
PTBOA 50,000 ( board members pay?)
Surveyor 31,930
Coroner 15,450
Planning Director 56,662
Zoning Enforcement Officer/Planner 37,000
Assistant planner 30,900 ( includes 15,000 paid from other towns)
Per diem for Planning Commission 100 (due to length of meetings)
GIS coordinator 38,000
Building Commissioner 41,150
Chief inspector 34,563
Veterans Officer 30,645
Soil and water district coordinator 35,370
Env. Tech educator 33,406
Storm water coordinator 33,927
Animal Control director 31,570
Emergency Mgmt Director 40,374
Maintenance Supt. 45,000
Assistant custodian 30,129
Custodians 24,973 (x 5.5)
Health Dept Officer 15,013
RN 39,987
LPN 36,480
Chief Env Health Spec. 42,932
Food Inspec. 34,517
Health Educator 38,060
DCRSD (sewer board) Adm ass’t – 13,974

Sheriff 79,310
Chief deputy sheriff 53,807
Road commander 51,763
Captain 51,764 (x2)
Sergeant 50,999 (x2)
Sergeant 48,848 (x2)
DeputyV 48,976 (x3)
Deputy IV 46,112 (x5)
Deputy III 42,499 (x4)
Deputy II 38,247 (x3)
Deputy I 32,621 (x6)
Evidence tech 48,934
Overtime pay sheriffs dept 20,000
Holiday pay sheriffs dept 45,000
Gas sheriffs dept 185,000
Jail Matron 36,426
Jail Lt Commander 41,244
45 jail employees paid from 23,058 – 35,593
Chief probabtion officer 42,170
Pauper attorney 140,000
Judges 5,000 (pay comes from other source)
Public defender 100,000
Alcohol and drug Program director 40,000
Superior court 2 Probation officer 46,000
Additional officer 37,000
Circuit court judge 4,000 (pay from other source)
Public defender 48,462
Pauper attorney 150,000
Other pauper attorney 41,600
Circuit court probation officer 55,015
Juvenile probation 46,997 (+ numerous other officers)
Juvenile Center Director 44,521 (+numerous other officers)
County Extension educator 32,305 (x3)
Center township assessor 9,457
Lawrenceburg township assessor 23,411
Trustee salaries 15,419 each
Prosecutor 5,000 (pay from other source)
Deputy prosecutor I 69,345
Deputy prosecutor II 54,284
Deputy prosecutor III 53,203
Deputy prosecutor IV 41,200
Supplemental deputy prosecutor 52,517
Prosecutor IV D Deputy 37,641
Lead caseworker 32,388
Victim Adv Coordinator 37,744
Victim Adv 24,360
Adult protective services 44,768
Community Corrections Director 49,608
Ass’t Director 38,116 (numerous other positions)
Communications 33728 (x2)
911 director 44,470
Assistant 911 43,127
9 officers 31,027-40,475

Chamber/ Redevelopment/Economic Development/ Tourism
Redevelopment Commission 25,000 in commissioners budget- 10,500 towards COO
CVTB (Convention Visitors tourism) Director 57,520
Chamber President 60,473
CVTB Adm Ass’t 31,956
CVTB Event Coordinator 31,956
CVTB Office Mgr 31,956
CVTBPart timers 41,200

County Engineer (Transp Director) 70,000 (includes 20,000 from state)
Assistant Bridge engineer 40,374
Bridge foreman 39,784
Ass’t Bridge foreman 32,385
Assistant highway supervisor 40,374
25 highway workers 30,479 to 36,505
Shop foreman 36,505
Assistant shop foreman 32,388
Mechanic 31,307 (x2)

Other budget items of interest:

Chamber mgmt fees 18,540
Economic Development 50,000
INDICOM- Communications- 200,000
Liability Insurance 245,000
Economic Development 25,000
Lobbyists 144,000 (includes reimbursements from municipalities)
Jail bond principal 765,000
Jail Bond Interest 97,280
Cum Cap fund 404,200
Dept of Family and Children 4,541,620

Council Benevolent Fund – total 58,750
HHH 250
Lifetime Resources 5,000
4 H 5,000
Youth Services 18,000
RSVP 5,000
Family Connections 2,000
New Horizons 10,000
Historical Society 7,500
Heart House 5,000
SKIP (kids with disabilities) 1,000

Capital Projects long term fund 197 600,000
County gov’t operations 5,160,000
Education assistance private schools 120,000
Park board Capital improvements 60,000
???? another 60,000

Capital project long term – requires 7 votes – 640,000
One time match for Community Foundation 100,000
Growth and development fund, jail, criminal justice, GIS – 1,369,000
Emergency appropriations 333,000
Transportation infrastructure 5 year commitment thru 2010 444,000
North Dearborn Rd realignment 5 year commitment thru 1009 222,000
Courthouse renovation payment 592,748
Emergency services 21 depts. 370,000
Shared gaming admission tax with municipalities 1,850,000
Highway projects with annual council approval 1,479,260

Information taken from the approved 2008 Dearborn County Budget which is available in its entirety via email as an excel file from the Commissioners or Auditor's office.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Master Plan Land Use Element- PUBLIC HEARING

Land Use Public Hearing

The Dearborn County Plan Commission will hold a public meeting to review the draft Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan on September 24th, 2007 at the Administration Building (in Lawrenceburg). The public hearing will begin at 7:00pm, although the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments are not scheduled to be reviewed until decisions have been rendered for all other case-sensitive items that are on the agenda.

Following the presentation of these items, the Plan Commission and its staff will review the Land Use Element update and will field and address questions, comments, concerns and recommendations from all interested county property owners, business owners, and residents.

All interested parties may obtain an agenda or staff report for this meeting by visiting the Department of Planning & Zoning office-located on the third floor of the Administration building-or by accessing these items online (via the 'PUBLIC NOTICE' link) at the following website:


For the past 2 years, the County Plan Commission, its 58-member Advisory Committee, and the local planning staff have been building upon the land use framework set forth in the original, adopted Comprehensive Plan. These groups developed alternative land use scenarios in consideration of the feedback returned from 4 public workshops (which included 533 surveys) as well as the findings and recommendations forwarded by the active membership of the Advisory Committee during its 12 meetings.

The current proposal for the updated Land Use Element features the following amendments: revised existing land use maps; an amended series of future land use designations; new land use criteria maps (that may be referenced to establish a community "base map"); a future land use map guide; two alternative future land use maps; and a preliminary implementation program.

Some of the critical items that the Plan Commission will consider during the public hearing process include:
1) which future land use map, and map palette, to forward to the Board of Commissioners for its final consideration and action; and
2) whether specific geographic areas identified within the Land Use Element should be analyzed or modified further.

Public Review & Comment

Hard copies of the draft Land Use Element and the existing, adopted Comprehensive Plan will be on display for public review at the County Planning & Zoning office as well as the public libraries in Lawrenceburg, Aurora, Dillsboro, and Logan Township. Digital copies of the plan may also be obtained online by referencing the 'Land Use Workshops' link online at:

Public comment forms are also available-both online and at the aforementioned locations-for those who would like to forward their written comments or for individuals who may not be able to attend the September 24th meeting.

Mark McCormack
Dearborn County Planning Director

Friday, September 07, 2007

6 September 2007 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events.

6 September 2007 DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Acting Chairman, Fehrman, Pruss, Dennerline, Maxwell and Enzweiler. Adams and Hankins were not present.Also Present: Baer, Executive Secretary; Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Benning, Secretary; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; Robert Hrezo, Hrezo Engineering; Denise Freitag-Burdette, Register Publications; Jerry Jacobsen, SDRSD Board member; Stan Beeler, VRUC Board member; Charlie Fehrman, County Council Chairman (part time); James West, DCEDI; Russell Montgomery, Serenity Ridge resident; 2 others and Ralph Thompson.

Meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. Meeting was not recorded.

Michael Hankins Resignation
Hankins has submitted his letter of resignation for the DCRSD Board. (No reason stated.) Fehrman indicated the Board needed a new Chairman. Dennerline moved to elect Enzweiler, Maxwell seconded, approved.

Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes for August 2, 2007: Maxwell moved and -------- seconded, approved.

Minutes of Executive Session held August 16, 2007 Action, An Executive Session Was Held for the Purpose of IC 5-14-1.5-6.1-6(A). No Subject Matter Was Discussed in the Executive Session Other Than Specified. No Vote Required.

Note: The specific section cited: Sec. 6.1. Executive sessions may be held only in the following instances:..........(6) With respect to any individual over whom the governing body has jurisdiction: (A) to receive information concerning the individual's alleged misconduct;

NOTE: This item was on the agenda; but, not mentioned in this meeting. No vote is permitted in an Executive Session.

Also, the following is excerpted from the same Indiana Code: (c) A final action must be taken at a meeting open to the public.

No action or comment was made.

Treasurer's Report
$0.99 in Lawrenceburg Community Grant Fund.
$338.02 in RSD Savings Account
$61,745.61 in RSD Project Fund

Serenity Ridge
Have funds from 7 of 10 residents, who had committed. LMH agreement has been provided, though should not be signed until all the funds are in the account. The construction bids can be advertised; but, cannot proceed with application until all funds are submitted. Pruss moved to proceed when all funds are received, Maxwell seconded, approved. Montgomery (from the audience) asked if they could proceed. It was again stated they cannot proceed until all the funds are provided.

Quinn noted he was not authorized to proceed with design construction services. A $5,000 proposal was submitted at a prior meeting; but, not approved. Hrezo submitted a proposal for $2,800 for Construction Management.

Maxwell stated all is part of the previous motion.

Special Requests
Charlie Fehrman was present for comments on the Budget Request Review. C Fehrman wanted to acknowledge Hankins service with thanks.

He stated this was their first meeting since the Council Budget Hearings. DCRSD was budgeted $0. The budget is less dependent on gambling money and is therefore more available. The council needs more explanation before approval. With regard to the engineering study in the budget request, they didn't know if this was in the $116,000 for the West Aurora Project. They didn't have enough information. They are not cutting DCRSD off. When money is needed for emergency, there is some limited amounts available. Larger requests will have to go before Council by procedure, will need to be advertised 40 days in advance, and could be available in 70 days.

Council wants more detail and explanation.
Council did fund Benning's position.
Bid items were not funded.

He knows they are planning for the future; but, Council couldn't see it with DCRSD. Some issues were funded in the West Aurora project. All the 400 category items were zeroed.

When needed C Fehrman said he will be available to help them get Council funding.

Dennerline: When we do an appreciation award will you (C Fehrman) sign it for Council?

C. Fehrman (joked): Hankins saved the hospital enough on anesthesia, by talking to his patients about sewers. (Laughter). Guess I shouldn't say this, this won't be on the record will it.

Benning: This will not be in the meeting notes.

C Fehrman: I will sign the letter. Does the DCRSD has someone you want us to consider for Hankins replacement? (Council appointed Hankins.)

(C Fehrman left shortly thereafter.)

West Aurora Project
Quinn: For preliminary work to proceed with the State Revolving Fund we need a signed application. We need a motion from the Board. There are other criteria - low income.
Dennerline: We can't meet that.

Quinn: I am about to start design. We need an application to IDEM for modification to the discharge permit. Hrezo is to do survey.

B Fehrman: Randy Turner wants us to take another look at taking the sewage to Aurora.

Maxwell: I met with Doug Hedrick, the day Hankins called me, and Doug encouraged me to consider sensible discussions; but, I haven't heard from him since. He (Hedrick?) felt they would look at a project to run to Aurora, SDRSD with Greendale as a productive partner. I haven't heard from him for three weeks. DCRSD has been passed and "punched in the mouth" more than once; but, I would like another try.

Dennerline: I had lunch with Butler and Butler had not provided any comment. Is the agreed order going to be released?

Baer: Would have to talk to Mark Stanifer (IDEM)

Dennerline: Proceed with the State Revolving Fund. Presume it can be used either way?

Quinn: Pretty sure it can be used either way.

Dennerline: Moved to have the chairman sign the application as soon as it is ready.

Quinn: Should he stop work? (Presumably design work.)

Dennerline: Proceed.

Enzweiler: Need to meet with Aurora.

Maxwell: I will call Hedrick.

Dennerline: I will call Butler.

New Business

B Fehrman: SDRSD is to vote on the Greendale - VRUC agreement Tuesday.

Dennerline: Asked Jerry Jacobsen (in the audience) if he had any information.

Jacobsen: No information available.

Jacobsen: DCRSD was going to buy in, then VRUC, then St. Leon, etc. SDRSD doesn't know what to expect until you (DCRSD) put something down.

Dennerline: Kramer put together a letter for 100,000 GPD; but, got a 'NO'. We need cooperation.

Jacobsen: Charity begins at home.

Maxwell: The GRW study said to build a treatment plant at Highridge Estates. I signed up to solve Highridge, I've heard about it for 30 years (slight exaggeration?). The direction was given: build a plant. The 'turf' battles may be softened by the Greendale - VRUC agreement. Turf battles have not been productive. I am interested in revisiting SDRSD's cooperation. Maybe we can find common ground. The atmosphere hasn't been conducive. If somebody wants a fight, I can punch them in the mouth. Or I can walk.

B Fehrman: I want to start cooperating. I am still interested.

Enzweiler: People have to work together. Till the county will work together we won't move on. Time to quit and work as a team to make it happen.

Dennerline: Doug (Baer) can handle issues for budget numbers - avoid the choke factor.

Baer: Tell me when you have more concrete evidence of what you want to do.

Claims for reimbursements. Enzweiler moved to pay claims, Dennerline seconded. Approved.

West Aurora Project
Maxwell: As work is authorized, I want to know how much will be done in the next 30 days.

Hrezo will do ground control. If they go with SDRSD, I wouldn't feel good about it.

Quinn: The collection system will be the same and will cost about $8,000.

B Fehrman: Check status of agreed order, if going to Aurora. Can start a better discussion.

Jacobsen: About going to Aurora, I understand IDEM will not allow Highridge to transmit through Aurora.

Quinn: Applied 18 months ago - denied.

B Fehrman: Randy Turner has asked.

Dennerline: That's why we have drug our feet, we didn't want to put in a treatment plant.

Jacobsen: I thought Highridge only, might pass IDEM.

B Fehrman: Thought that a year ago - No.

Baer: Mark Stanifer is the Compliance Chief.

Maxwell: If SDRSD was standing with DCRSD, they would have the power to garner a 'Yes'. Before we were standing alone. There's power with SDRSD and DCRSD, then IDEM won't stand in the way. The one lift station is going now, the next deadline is 2011. SDRSD needs to help Aurora get it done. Three months ago we decided to build a plant because we couldn't get it through.

Dennerline: We need to do our homework and try again.

Dennerline: move to adjourn.

Adjourned at approximately 8:40 PM.

A discussion ensued, outside official meeting time, regarding an appreciation letter for Hankins or throwing him a dinner. There were five members in a discussion at the right end of the Bench (Maxwell, Dennerline, Enzweiler, Pruss and Fehrman) along with Hrezo, Quinn and Baer.

Notes by Ralph Thompson Washington Township
and Jerry Jacobsen Lawrenceburg Township.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

4 September 2007 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

4 September 2007 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes provided by Helen Kremer
Logan Township

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore,
Administrator, and a uniformed police officer were present.

Harrison Fire/EMS contract

Hughes stated today he talked to Chief Herzog, they were getting the budget together, and wanted to know if we were going to sign the contract for their assistance for West Harrison, Kelso and Logan townships. Hughes stated they were considering taking it over ourselves. Hughes talked to the chief at Bright, and the chief said it was tough to do right now. Hughes said he had to check with St. Leon, New Trenton. Looking at response time, the issue is would there be the same response time.

Hughes said the contract with Harrison is for three years, and we should table or go ahead and sign the contract. Fox asked if we could terminate after one year. Thompson asked if there was a term clause in the contract. Thompson moved to table until we have more information. All voted in favor of waiting until Hughes gets back with more information.

Ratification of NO Burn Emergency Proclamation
Bill Black of Emergency Management stated that several fire chiefs asked to put in a No Burn Code. Black said that Ewbank told him only the Governor can declare, we can declare a No Burn, but it will have no teeth in it. Black said the fire chiefs asked for it and it has been done in the past. Ewbank said that if each chief in his own district wants to he can, it will be an infraction. It is up to each individual fire chief. Black stated a proclamation makes people aware. Greendale did not sign-off on fireworks.

Thompson said we can declare, why not continue as we have. Thompson moved that they sign on with the No Burn policy, and continue as we have. Fox seconded, all agreed.

Ron Wullenweber – Property Assessments
Wullenweber gave his name and address. He lives in Dover and has been a lifelong resident of Dearborn County, which he has enjoyed up to this point.
He received his reassessment (on his property), and is frustrated. He was a board member of the South Dearborn School District, and school corporations had to borrow $600,000 to keep teachers behind desks.

Wullenweber received a tax bill of 64,000 in assessment. He then read from the Notice of Assessment of Land and Structures, ‘Using annual adjustments, assessors will adjust or “trend” property values every year to reflect market values of property.’ He has had his house appraised.

Wullenweber asked, “Where is the riverboat gaming money? We all voted, those in Guilford, Dover, Logan, even up to Penntown for riverboat gambling, but other areas control the purse strings.” He is concerned that Dover, St. Leon, Logan are not getting their fair share, while Lawrenceburg has a two-million dollar clock. Lawrenceburg has a big stash of money, they even hired a lobbyist so the state can keep their fingers off of it, all this while some schools in Dearborn County are cutting teachers, enlarging classes. Wullenweber was surprised people are not concerned about these matters, and are not filling these seats. He worked in Norwood for 32 years, and the company “went belly-up”, and to get a good job he is working in Louisville. He may have to move out of the county.
Ten million went to Greensburg, why not have a light industrial park, so we do not have to drive out of the county for work, there is McPherson and Franks in Sunman. We are not getting our fair share. Sunman Dearborn schools have debt, while Lawrenceburg gives $2,000 to students toward higher education. If those in Dover, St. Leon, New Alsace did not vote for riverboat gaming, there would be no statues, sidewalks, streets, or a two million dollar clock in Lawrenceburg.

Fox said it is the short-sidedness of those who are anti-everything that causes people to leave this county to get jobs. Fox said he receives calls from people who have septic systems to be replaced, or their homes will be condemned, and they can’t put in another septic system. Fox continued when you vote to be anti-everything you can’t fix roads, there are inflationary costs, have to get heads out of the sand. Phones start ringing when people get their tax bills. He and Jeff knew it was coming.

Wullenweber discussed the housing market in the country, and knew of a place in Indianapolis that had 18 framing crews and now they are down to 1. Property values are depressed.

Thompson said we are in a cyclical downturn, but Dearborn County isn’t as bad as other areas, in Cincinnati they are down 15%, while Dearborn County is down 1%.

Wullenweber continued that all these other entities voted for the riverboat, people were sold a bill of goods. It is difficult to get out of Rt. #1, if you decide to go to WalMart it takes 30-40 minutes. There is no help on property tax, schools are not receiving help, and we pay these lobbyists to keep fingers off of it. Help should come to all the people of Dearborn County who voted, not just Lawrenceburg.

Hughes said that if we would have hired Vieste we would have the infrastructure. We need to bring some kind of (industry), but don’t have any place to put them. Hughes continued that in Lafayette they have Subaru, and have $25 an hour jobs. They have dropped property taxes, and pay for EMS.

Thompson said no tax abatements.

Hughes said it is a shell game, either property tax or income tax, just shift to another group. We need to bring in more assessed value—manufacturing area.

Fox said we also have to cut spending.

Pickens told Wullenweber that riverboat money was spent for the courthouse renovation, at the sum of 4.4 million, so a bond issue was not needed. He told him he could come in anytime to discuss this issue.

Ewbank talked about the history of the riverboat. Pickens said that the issue passed narrowly, and the rural areas voted it down, while the cities voted for the riverboat, and it only passed by 100+ votes. Pickens continued that they have archives of this information available.

4. Emergency Management – Bill Black
The Grant agreement needed signatures , which is reimbursement for 1/2 of salaries, and part of benefits (about 13%). The amount was $40,604.65. Rick Fox motioned to sign, all ayes.

5. Prosecutor’s Department – Aaron Negangard
Signature for ongoing grant program
No one presented. The Commissioners had a copy of the grant and Ewbank reviewed it. It was for about $199,000. Thompson moved for Hughes to sign the grant contract. Fox seconded and Hughes signed.

6. Contract Signature for Dillsboro EMS
Thompson requested to table until next meeting. Thompson spoke to Scott Fortner, Manager of Dillsboro. There has been difficulty in providing a response, calls going to other units. Pickens said they need financial records with contract.
Motion was made to table until next meeting. Motion passed.

7. Planning and Zoning – Mark McCormack – proposed text amendment to the Subdivision Control Ordinance
. Article 3, Table 3.1 – Street Classification & Requirements
. Article 5, Section 500 – Construction Inspections & Fees
. Appendices A-D – Construction standards regarding streets, curbs & gutters,
sidewalks, and driveways.
McCormack stated that on July 9, 2007, Planning Commission members met. There were eight members, and they unanimously approved all of the above. McCormack discussed Article 5 first, Sec. 500, one sentence at the bottom of the third paragraph referenced other appendices, with reference to the Indiana Department of Transportation.
Also, instead of prequalified IN contractors, all construction should be by IN bonded, authorized to do business.

Hughes questioned the matter of three days notification by developers to Dearborn County Engineering. McCormack explained that they have to keep us informed throughout inspection, contractor has to subgrade and have testing data complete to monitor. Hughes asked why not 24 hours, do they have to layoff people?

Todd Listerman, County Engineer joined and said that should not be an issue, they should keep us informed. Hughes asked if that is not a hindrance. Thompson said three days is not a hindrance. Listerman stated they have to keep us informed.

Ewbank asked if this was Ordinance was published, and McCormack said it should have been, they were notified in July. Thompson motioned to accept. Fox seconded motion. All approved, motion passed. The amended text to Section 500—all ayes—approved.

McCormack said regarding Appendices A-D, completely remove 40 pages and replace them. McCormack explained they are trying to reference INDOT manual, which condensed ours to 4-6 pages. Listerman stated that we have to follow the most recent INDOT specifications, and they are all on the Internet. McCormack said we have footnotes where current the INDOT manual can be obtained. Discussion followed regarding Article 3, 3.1, and Appendices.

Hughes asked if anyone wanted to speak to this public hearing (regarding the Subdivision Control Ordinance changes). No response. Rick Fox motioned to close hearing. Thompson said we accept Article 3, Table 3.1, and Appendices A-D, Fox seconded, Motion passed.

McCormack said at the next Plan Commission Meeting the first land use draft will be presented. There are copies of this draft at all four libraries in Dearborn County, for citizen review.

8. Transportation Department – Todd Listerman -
Hughes said before starting asked status of Sparta Rd., old 350, was it not turned over and accepted by city commissioners. Listerman said there are slip areas and the cost of funding, what benefit? We would have trouble funding.
Fox said we have to be careful, we have trouble keeping up with our funding.
Hughes asked about contracts for Tower Rd. Listerman said it will be done.

Listerman said he had a meeting regarding George St. Bridge, a double whipple, iron truss. If everything goes according to schedule it will be ready before Farmers Fair of 2009. They had to work with the City of Aurora to remove existing sidewalk, and will put in a wider sidewalk on the north side.

Fox asked about Collier Ridge and the drilling contractor, what was the rough estimate? Listerman said it will be close to $300-400,000 to fix the road. They talked to Barth Engineering, Greensburg, for a feasibility study, and a long-term solution.

Listerman said the OKI cement fund is $400-500,000, and he wants to have a meeting with Ohio DOT, INDOT, and OKI to talk about getting an Artemus (sp.?) system for 275—having two cameras and two message boards, to inform people going from 50 to 275 if there are accidents, to go west. This will make us part of the Artemis system. They are putting boards on I-74 into I-75. No schedule with INDOT on 275, the earliest could be 2011, or 2014. If we use the cement funds maybe we can have the system in a year or so.

Hughes asked about traffic signals. Listerman said going to 350, it cuts you off at Walnut. Traffic signals are not on time, interconnected loop system is not computerized. It is based on traffic, traffic through midday—according to Cox, Lawrenceburg – Wilson Creek, George St., etc. are on an interconnected system.

Thompson said from McDonald’s west to old 48, not wired yet.
Hughes asked about Federal grants. Listerman said he is trying to get all the players together to try and write the grant for the Artemis system. Listerman said the STP funds have $400,000 in account to use on consulting for Stateline Rd. and Jamison project. They need to process the necessary information, We need to get funds and move to get it done, it is on our top five. We want to do what is the most beneficial.

9 & 10. Cary Pickens – Personnel - Claims/Minutes
Personnel matters: 1) Visitors in the workplace. Human Resources state policy is against it—but there are instances, such as snow days, etc. Hughes said this is a place of business. Fox stated you can’t take your kids to the workplace. Thompson said that if that is the policy, it should be followed. All agreed.

2) Computer work at home. Human Resources against policy, we don’t have one
now, but there are stipulations to be met, and verify that children are taken to a day
care center, logging on and off at certain times. Lots of folks would like it. Are you going to put something in place to allow it, or don’t want to get it started. Thompson said government offices need to be open to the public, and that can’t happen at home. All agreed no work at home.

Minutes: Pickens said there were two sets of minutes, one for the Executive session. Fox didn’t vote at the 8/7/07 meeting, the second is the 8/21/07 corrections. Thompson moved to approve the 8/7/07 minutes, Hughes seconded. Fox abstained. Motion passed. Thompson motioned to approve the 8/21/07 as amended, Fox seconded. Hughes wanted it to say summation not verbatim. Thompson said no problem, and moved to approve the 8/21/07 Commissioner Meeting summation meeting as amended. Fox seconded. Motion passes.

Claims: Justice Center roof claim is $78,500, York and Kuhe Roofing. Motion was to approve. Thompson asked him to hold until documentation received.

11. Bryan Messmore
Messmore wanted to remind everyone that the Rural Office of Community Affairs and Hometown Competitiveness and Rise 2020 will be at the next meeting. There should be several people here. There will be Soil and Water, Park Department, and boards from our community to review these programs.

Messmore stated will be a fire drill next Friday, September 14, for the Administration Building and the Court House buildings. It will be coordinated with the Fire Department, and we will be graded.

Pickens then said he had two more items to discuss. Since the Vieste contract was terminated, shouldn’t the Level 5 Engineering aspect for North Dearborn Road be terminated?

Thompson said Todd Listerman wants to speak.

Hughes said we had a contract with Vieste, and we may be in breach of the contract.
Ewbank said the attorneys for Vieste are looking for the letter.

Thompson asked Ewbank if he was working on the letter regarding the forced hookups.
Ewbank said he would talk to him after the meeting.
Hughes said there are no hookups, is there an Ordinance on that. Thompson said we are working on it. Fox said we have to cross the "t's". Thompson added we have to do it right.

Listerman commented on the person in charge of Vieste working on capital improvements, Dick Robinson, he no longer works for Vieste. Level 5 is a subsidiary of Vieste, a separate department. There is no problem with the engineering, and it is not related. The firm is a qualified firm, and to stop the design and hire someone will take multiple years. We don’t want to jeopardize the project.

Fox said we won’t change. Thompson agreed. Hughes said stick with Level 5 engineering.

Motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Helen Kremer
Logan Township