Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jud McMillin- Candidate for State Rep- District 68

Jud McMillin Announces Candidacy—Better Jobs Are His Top Priority

June 26, 2008 – Local attorney, Jud McMillin, announced his candidacy today for State Representative in House District 68.

Born and raised in Brookville, McMillin understands the values that are important to the people in his community. “All too often positions of representation are held by those who aspire to be politicians, which does not serve the public interest,” said McMillin. “I have a deep desire to be a public servant rather than a politician, and I believe being a state representative provides the opportunity to do just that.”

“I have spent the majority of my life in Southern Indiana and I know what expectations the community has on their state legislators. And needless-to-say, what they want done in Indianapolis is not what they are getting,” said McMillin.

McMillin graduated from Franklin County High School, where he excelled as both a student and an athlete. After graduation, he went to the University of Cincinnati and earned his law degree from University of Mississippi. When McMillin is not working to help local folks at his family law practice, Mullin, McMillin and Rychener, he continues to play a role in local high school sports, coaching a baseball and football teams.

“My main objective will be to focus on creating a government that works for the people, rather than a government that the people work for,” said McMillin. “I want to work to bring better paying jobs closer to the people of our area to help the unemployed and the underemployed and reduce the distance people have to travel to get to a decent job.”

McMillin believes that we waste too much time and money in Indianapolis, and he wants to fight to bring change to the State House. He knows if we want to make a difference, we need to change our vote.

Submitted by:
Kent M. Martin
Political Coordinator
Indiana House Republican Campaign Committee
47 S. Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Saturday, June 21, 2008


AIC Supports Early Release of Homestead Credits

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – The Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) supports Governor Mitch Daniels’ announcement today that he is allowing the early release of the homestead credits to local units of government. A news release from the governor’s office states that the $620 million advance is possible because the state has sufficient reserves as it ends Fiscal Year 2008. This will not reduce the amount of property tax relief that homeowners will receive in 2008.

For units of local government suffering through the natural disasters, this gives them the cash to handle the unanticipated expenses of dealing with recovering from the disaster. It also reduces the chance that local units of government will have to borrow money.

“This is great news,” said David Bottorff, AIC Executive Director. “By releasing this money early, it helps every unit of local government in the state. For a variety of reasons, many property tax bills were not mailed in the spring, so local units of government have been strapped for cash.”

The amounts each county will receive in less than two weeks can be found at this link:


The Association of Indiana Counties, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1957 for the betterment of county government. The various functions of the AIC include lobbying the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of counties, serving as liaison among counties, state and federal agencies as well as providing technical assistance and training to county officials and employees.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eagle 99.3 is again posting obituaries on its website

Eagle 99.3 is again posting obituaries on its website,
Just click on the link on the left side of the main page.

Any family member of friend is welcome to submit an obituary as they would like it to be posted. Simply use the form on the obituaries page or e-mail The obituaries will be posted within one business day and will appear as received, allowing families to customize their loved ones obituary.

This will be done absolutely FREE OF CHARGE to the family, which makes Eagle 99.3 the only place in Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland counties to do so. The only requirement is a person be contacted to verify the information.

Eagle 99.3 FM
Lawrenceburg, IN

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17 June 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 June 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Fox, and Thompson

Also present: Pickens, Ewbank, and Messmore. No uniformed county police officer was present. (Lawrenceburg police officer, Doug Taylor, was a guest in the audience) Candidates Tom Orschell and Phil Darling were also present.

The exempt vs. non-exempt employee rules were tabled again.

Southeastern Regional Planning Commission representatives presented a list of $6.75 million in grants that the county has received from eth past 10 years and a listing of all grants since 1985. Many were for sewers, water, and flood relief. They have counselors for foreclosure prevention (Hotline- 1877-GET-HOPE) and for first time homebuyers- plus classes for the latter.
Currently they are doing a Moore’s Hill study grant on sewers and going for a CFF (Community Focus Fund) to build the treatment plant there. Dillsboro is doing a storm drainage project and they have a County Advocacy Center for kids in Dillsboro planned. They are also working on flood assessment with OCRA. Margaret Minzner is the county rep to SDRSD and she praised their work.

Bill Black- EMA. Commissioners signed the Emergency Declaration from the June 5 storm. There were 3 businesses damaged and a trailer park on Cole Lane. There is also a bill- SB334 that designates more warning sirens but no state funds. We have a couple years to accomplish this. Currently the county has 33 sirens for 14 townships.

PAWS- is in need of about $200,000 more to reach their $1.3-1.6 million goal to build the shelter. When they sign things over to the county- they will incur $400,000 MORE costs due to paying prevailing wage ($320,000) and also architect fees as he will then be under contract (increasing his liability)
Commissioners sent them to Council to see if they could help in any way. [NOTE: The shelter will be built on county land]

Jim Kinker- Jenny Lynn Dr came to commissioners to get the emergency access issue finished. Currently residents of Old Orchard are cutting thru the gravel to go out Jenny Lynn. He is concerned for safety as Jenny Lynn access to Stateline is hazardous. Listerman is to get with Ewbank and they will send a letter to Tucker to give him a time limit to get the soil and seed on the access and a cable put up. Commissioners want a barrier up now as it will curb the habit of using it.

Bruce Keller- HVL Manager and Robert Starks, POA Board President- asked to put an informational sign up in the county ROW on Georgetown by the old dump site. Highway dept will help with placement o be sure site is OK and safety issues addressed. Commissioners approved.

Pat McAdams- Mt Tabor presented for his wife Theresa who is housebound due to her chronic severe asthma. They currently have a no- burn area in their neighborhood enforced by letters approved by Lusby and Negangard and possible prosecution if they violate. Some new people have moved in and open burning is occurring in the area. He read a letter by her pulmonologist (lung doctor) Dr Zidarescu.
This is not in an Agricultural area and takes in about the first 1/8 mile of Mt Tabor and some side streets. Ewbank will review the letter and the wording on some signs marking off the area as a no burn area. McAdams showed pictures of his wife in a coma for a week after people burned in the area. Some people have asked them to leave for a weekend and one to leave permanently. Apparently, there is cause to enforce this as it is life-threatening for Theresa McAdams.

The ordinance for the Health Dept- establishing nominal fees for vital records passed. Ewbank read it- fees are in the $10-15 range.

Mark McCormack, Planning Director, presented the 3 items sent to commissioners with favorable recommendations. Only one person from the public spoke- and was NOT opposed. All three passed. The ROW between Lake Dilldear Road and Megan Drive was vacated for Hope Baptist Church. The future ROW connector for Data Park at the end of Process Dr was vacated for Maxwell. He has upgraded the other roads to current county standards on a subdivision from the 1970s. Decker is building homes there now that the road is in. The M-1 zone area in question for Washington Township along US 50 by the Legge properties was approved to clean up some paperwork that hadn’t been done years ago. There is a caveat that if a home is destroyed there- they can rebuild as residential use still.

Listerman- Transportation Dept- gave a 45-minute report:

1. The Triple Whipple bridge change order was reviewed by Thompson with the engineers (Graf and Barker) and commissioners approved the $36,150 increase. (80/20) The bridge will be painted black as it was before.

2. Matt Stegman- Land Consultants- spoke about the geotech work and “cure” for the Wilson Creek slip. They are going for funding to fix this next year. The plan is to excavate a new key-way and re-establish the slope. They will realign the road horizontally and vertically there. The garage by the house there WILL BE AFFECTED. Cost for the slip fix- estimated at $600-700,000.

3. Data Park Roads that Maxwell fixed will be accepted by the county eventually. Homes being built again in there now.

4. Grubbs Road connector is getting paved

5. Mt. Pleasant paving was finished today. Johnson Fork, Huseman, S Hogan, and Ester Ridge will be next in that order. Pipes and ditching are done on all the roads. (Thompson said DCRSD said they weren’t going to be ready to sewer Huseman for 3-5 years – so paving now is OK)

6. Striping starts for the next 2 weeks.

7. Chesterville Road won’t be closed Wed- have to clear ROW first.

8. Bells Branch- Bridge 15 will be let July 9 and DLZ will do inspections for the county.

9. Listerman will be in Henryville Wed to get new budget numbers for MVHA and Local Road and Street funds. Looks like a 5-10% cut due to loss of gas taxes as people drive less.

10. June 30 Listerman goes to INDOT to check on federal funding for North Dearborn Road. He’s hoping our old DES number from the $1 funding will help put us ahead. He plans to go for just the urgent section and work on the end parts later.

11. John Maxwell has approached Listerman with copies of letter to commissioners about building a cul de sac at the end of Chappellow Ridge. He plans to put a private street off this for a MINOR SUBDIVISION of 8 homes maximum. He will bring the concept plan to the next meeting.

12. INDOT approved the ARTEMIS cameras on I-275 (2 of them) with the county as lead agency. All funds invested by the county will be reimbursed. They want the one with the view of the bridge to see on and under the bridge for Homeland security reasons. This happens next spring.

13. Listerman is skipping his intern this summer and hiring 2 part time summer employees to help offset the 3 he has on disabled list.

14. SR1 signs are up they think- but guardrail is wrecked by Guilford and Phil Darling suggested a no semis sign for Guilford and Yorkridge like Pribble has. Apparently, a semi has turned around in Wildoff’s 3 times and also went DOWN Burzelbach to Bonnell. (Which is next to impossible)

15. Thompson brought up the baseball diamond issue on County Farm Road. He had met with the township trustee and also McCormack and Listerman. There are numerous concerns for safety for drivers and spectators and the kids. Cars parked along the road, spectators in the ROW etc. The county will furnish the labor to get the barriers with guardrail and posts in and the township will pay for materials. Signs for speed limits will be moved PAST the park and slow signs placed appropriately. The township will be looking for more land for parking and more fencing.

Pickens- Auditor- presented 2 Greendale EMS contracts that were signed.
Three sets of minutes were signed. He noted that post office costs were high for their mailers on the minutes. [NOTE: Why not email them for review?]
Claims were approved with Fox having reviewed them. Hughes said he had not and was concerned about holding them off. Thompson did not get to them either. There were 2 boxes of them. Hughes 2nded Fox’s motion and approved- with Thompson abstaining. [NOTE: Perhaps a master list of the claims should be included to narrow down the potential problem claims. Two boxes to review would be time-consuming. The Auditor SHOULD catch the clerical errors. Commissioners should be looking more for claims that are for services not approved or work not completed. How did they get into the role of “accountants?”]

Messmore- County Administrator had NOTHING to report.

Ewbank- Attorney- had sent letter to SBOA with copies to commissioners on claims pending. There is a planned executive session on the light at Stateline and Stephens by HVL.

Hughes attended SDRSD and asked them if the county could have a non-voting seat to stay aware of all building going on. [NOTE: I can think of better reasons to be on that board- like making sure the master plan and the planned expansion and extensions of lines match up. But then I’m looking at the county as a whole and not at a certain special interest group.] He wanted Messmore to be the source to go to the meetings.
Thompson asked if they were aware that he himself had been going to SDRSD for about a year now?
Hughes and Fox said Messmore has been going all along.
Messmore told them he had not been going for several months now. Messmore was told by Hughes and Fox to look into that possibility for SDRSD. [NOTE: It was abundantly clear that they did not think Thompson should be the non-voting member. They did not say why. It was also clear that the county commissioners don’t know what meetings their administrator is attending for them. Perhaps some communication is in order.]

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DCRSD 5 June 2008 Meeting Notes

5 June 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to provide a summary record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events or issues.

Present: Chairman, Enzweiler, Fehrman, Maxwell, Pruss, Dennerline and Renihan.Also Present: Benning, Executive Secretary (replacing Doug Baer, who resigned earlier this year); Robert Hrezo, Hrezo Engineering; Tom Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; Jerry Jacobsen; and Ralph Thompson.

Meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. The meeting was NOT recorded.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes for April 3, 2008 approved (Moved by Fehrman and seconded by Pruss).
Treasurer's Report
Regional Sewer District Savings Account $ 75,709.31
High Ridge Account $109,628.50
RSD Project Fund $255,849.63
Aurora Debt Service Account $ 3,000.41
Sewer District Savings $ 2,381.34
Serenity Ridge Account $ 53,124.22

Serenity Ridge
Hrezo reported work is proceeding along Serenity Ridge and Tranquility, next will be the service laterals and pressure test. Completion expected in several weeks. Target is one month. The Contractor is driving casing under the road.

West Aurora Project
Quinn indicated for the 32 lots a budget cost is $135,000 [Versus the $1.3 to $2.8M for the other schemes]. Amounts to about $4,200 pet home. Edgewood Lane is unbuilt. If it is included John Draper could build them out and it would add about 10 to 15 % to the cost. Would cost each property about $2,870 at 17,000 GPD.

There is an area between lots 20 and 25, a 10' easement for sewage. Quinn suggested putting the treatment plant there, tapping into the existing line into the plant and back to the existing line, down to the outfall. Draper will donate the land. Draper's father is in bankruptcy.

There was a discussion of the Board of Health's position on the additional lots being buildable. Dennerline indicated the Board probably had no opinion if there was sewage available.

There are currently 32 lots with 23 houses. To go to 54 lots would increase the cost to $155,000. If they add the additional lots they wanted the money up front. They didn't know if Draper could do that. With the larger plant set the fees at $3,000 to $3,500 per. They have to take of the existing, the rest are optional.

Without the added lots it's about $5,900 a house (some houses have two lots). There also several duplexs with separate meters. The discussion centered on cost, amortization and time frame. It is River boat money; but, it has to be paid back. Cole Lane and Stewart are paying about $16 a month at a 1 to 2% amortization.

The package plant is based on activated sludge. O&M costs are not yet available. There is the issue of sludge elimination, probably once a year to SDRSD. The estimates are about $5,000 over 480 months at under $15 a month without contingencies. This will compete with Aurora with a comparable rate.

The permit for Highridge has been canceled. They think that IDEM will reactivate the permit for a package plant. They need to get something on paper with costs and contingencies to take to IDEM. If there is no loan the sinking fund is up to the Board.

They need to see costs for the various options and whether Draper wants to pay for the 10 extra lots. Start with the 23 homes with contingencies for the other lots. It should look like a business plan. What else can be done or picked up and who will sign on, like Serenity Ridge. Other areas and developers were discussed and options are to be considered for example for the drive-in; but, they will have to cover the cost up front. If they are not interested in paying, move forward with Highridge only.

Tom Quinn commented about the grinder pumps having 100 gallons capacity at worst case, about a days storage without power He was trying to debunk the issue of the systems backing up during a power outage. [Note during the heavy storms in early June many areas saw two and three day outages and in the snow storms last winter some people had no power for up to six days].

Steve moved to authorize Quinn to proceed. After more discussion about how many houses to include, Steve withdrew motion.

They agreed to invite John Ziedan, Starlight Reception to have an opportunity to sign on. Would cost him about $25,000 to bore under the road to get to the plant and upgrade the plant. They didn't think he would do that since he didn't want to pay the $2,500 to buy the right tank to met the state requirement. There was a discussion of Starlight not being in compliance and operating with a valid permit.

It was discussed about changing the next meeting date and it was decided not to.

Ralph Thompson asked if the Board intended to do any sewer line work on Huesman Road in the next three years, because it was on the list to be paved this year from US 50 to Texas Gas Road and he didn't want to pave it and have it torn up for sewers. A discussion ensued and no decision was available. Dennerline said pave it they couldn't accomplish anything in three years. Dave Enzweiler gave a speech about the government not working together and not providing money and putting road blocks in the way of the Board actions. Too many people have stood in the way. They should just work on solving Highridge and move on. It's time to work together, otherwise they should quit.

Bret Fehrman thinks Aurora Utilities may extend the Cole Lane line out a little further. There was discussion about passing an Ordinance to force Cole Lane and Stewart Road to connect. Again talked about the state law and whether or not to enforce, especially with most of the County against enforced hookups. Renihan suggested not enforcing the State Code, like the other 90 Counties don't.

They asked about the Health Board forcing them on. Dennerline explained the process including proving they were polluting and taking the offenders to court and how the Owners can defeat the testing.

John Ziedan was again discussed and the fact he had two non-certified tanks in place and would need to install the correct tanks (state certified) in order to renew his permit. He didn't want to pay the cost of a new tank. His permit expired in March and a new tank would cost about $2,500. (As opposed to the $25,000 discussed earlier to hook him up to the package treatment plant). The State has changed the rules and he cannot do a 'pump and haul' forever. The health Department can no longer give him a permit. It was again agreed to invite him to join in and pay up front to join on the package treatment plant.

Two claims were for the bonds for Vera Benning and Barry Pruss in the total of $1620. One for insurance in the amount of $904. Benning had gone to Council to get money from the Riverboat money to cover these items since they were not in the budget. Also, $4,340.80 for Ewbank and Kramer from 2/21/08 to 6/2/08. And $1,508 for Quinn Engineering. Dennerline moved and Maxwell seconded to pay claims. All ayes, except Renihan who recused himself. (He works for Seitz, the insurance agent)

Adjourned at approximately 8:00 PM.

submitted by Ralph Thompson and Jerry Jacobsen

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Dearborn County's local newspaper has two NEW and IMPROVED websites.

You will find breaking news on the sites at times.

Obituaries are posted as received- which is an important community service as they will no longer be on WSCH. and

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

4 June 2008 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Present: John Rahe, Chairman, Jim Helms, John Maxwell (arrived at 6:30).
Mike Rozow, potential new member Kevin Lynch from Greendale (replacing Abdon) who has to be appointed by Commissioners and Richard Butler, Attorney were also present.

1. Meeting minutes were approved.

2. Rozow gave a report on year to date financials.

3. Butler administered the oath of office to new member, Jim Helms.

4. The 2009 proposed budget- similar to the 2008 budget- was approved.

5. Rozow announced that he will be attending CDFA TIF seminar in Washington DC , paid for by DCEDI funds. He stated he wanted to understand more about TIFs and their ramifications.

6. Rozow and Rahe discussed new business development. Rozow said he was addressing perceptions like: We are a 3- day train ride from Cincinnati. Do we have an inventory of housing? Do you have any sit-down restaurants?

Rozow thinks we haven’t really branded Dearborn County. They are using some of the tourism ads to reposition the county. (Example- Night and day the perfect place to play and only 30 minutes away.)

They plan to update the inventory on the DCEDI site. We need to be able to accept all sorts of businesses- but Rozow stressed that we will turn down a business if it isn’t right for the county.

Rahe asked if Jim Kinnett has facts and figures on why someone should build their business here rather than in N KY. Rozow said they have to figure out the right studies to do.

Rahe said- he wasn’t asking for a study. Just get the facts we need.

[NOTE: One statistic set could be the number of businesses we have in the county. How many have closed in the last few years- with a list of their names and products or services. Another nmight be how many businesses IN THE COUNTY are thinking of expanding. Maybe by helping them grow we will be perceived as business friendly. That perception may draw more. And so on.]

Kevin Lynch said he works for US Bank in Cincinnati and said some of the Greendale Commission had recently gone to Las Vegas. (It was unclear exactly what the trip to Las Vegas was about) They apparently were trying to get Greendale noticed for business. They were learning about what business might consider.

Butler told the group about the state park concept for Greendale (and the county.) For more info see the Tuesday Journal Press this week. They will be looking for 4 MILLION from the county. This amenity would be good for development per Lynch.
Rahe talked about Sunday paper with Western Southern agreeing to a TIF but also paying the school tax.

Butler noted that of 297 districts in the state, only 2 spent more per capita than Lawrenceburg. He didn’t think TIFs in Lawrenceburg had to worry about the school finances.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

3 June 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson

Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator
A uniformed police officer was present.

Candidates present in the audience: Tom Orschel (D-2 Commissioner), and Phil Darling (Council at-large)

1. Hughes asked for a moment of silence to mark the passing of Bill Hahn (sp?) director of AIC (Ass’n of IN Counties). Hahn had a massive heart attack.

2. Sheriff Lusby had commissioner’s approval for Hughes to sign the grant acceptance for $39,897 from the Dearborn County Foundation for a patrol boat for the Ohio River. DNR will help train officers for this duty. [NOTE: Who pays for the gas on this?]

Lusby also informed commissioners that they were getting $9,000 for accident reconstruction equipment.

3. Brandi Fishvogt representing INDOT got commissioners to sign the UNOFFICIAL Detour for SR1 agreement. The official detour is 275 to 74. The unofficial one is Pribble Road. Listerman and INDOT had a video of the current conditions of Pribble and INDOT will repair to its current conditions when the need for the detour is over in October. They will go to Lawrenceburg to get an agreement for their end of Pribble also. People experiencing problems can contact customer rep Glenda Seals at INDOT at 812- 534-3720. [NOTE: Now if they can just keep the speeders under 50 mph...]

4. Chris McHenry introduced Chuck Whiting, President of the Historical Society. They were OK’d by Commissioners to request $10,000 in the 2009 budget.

5. Commissioners tabled the exempt vs. non-exempt workers discussion until further research was done.

6. Highway Dept report was given by Mark Seiler in Listerman’s absence.
Bridge 20 Contract was awarded to McAllister Excavating the lowest of 6 bids at $795,014.55.

Barth as Associates was awarded the inspection agreement at a price not to exceed $60,000. (John Graf is their local engineer)

The 2008 Paving agreement was signed for O’Mara with removal of ESCALATOR clause at Listerman’s insistence. They will have the 3rd bond copy by next week’s start date.

7. Pickens got the last certificate for Congressional School Districts signed. New legislation finally puts this under state auditor. The Med Ben appeal has been resolved.- no further action needed. Claims signed. Minutes tabled for time to inspect.

8. Messmore- reported that a citizen has expressed interest in buying the land the county owns in Hardinsburgh (the property behind the Shell station in the floodway. County apparently has thought it would make a good place for Park and Ride. Fox said Lawrenceburg and Greendale should be told as a courtesy. The park and ride uses Ameristop now. Ewbank said the county surveyor needs to verify the land area. (the old town square)

Workers Comp proposal for 2008 was awarded to Hylant Argonaut at $127,932. Seitz bid was $153,428. The costs in 2006 were $163,600, in 2007 were $153,000, and in 2008 were $168,000.

Terry Dillard asked Messmore to present the state funding that Community Corrections is eligible for for 2008-9 as $321,960 plus $14,201 for community transition program. Commissioners accepted the money on behalf of Community Corrections.

Beckley of Heart House asked Messmore to get certificate of local approval for non- profit signed to accept a state grant for $34,000 for their emergency shelter grant program. Approved.

9. John Graf informed commissioners of a $36,150 change order on the Triple Whipple due to rusted weld plates that were not discovered in original inspections. There was discussion on the suitability of welding a wrought iron bridge and Jim Barker will be called to consult and inspect this. Fox had wanted Thompson to go on site and inspect as this was his area of expertise, but Thompson said he didn’t consider himself an expert on this. (Thompson is primarily an electrical engineer) Graf said there was enough federal dollars in the project to handle this change.

10. Ewbank told commissioners that the HVL light litigation is ongoing.

11. Thompson informed Commissioners that Lawrenceburg Mayor Cunningham reported on WSCH that they were taking on commercial inspections for their city because the county can’t do it anymore. (The state curtailed the county’s commercial inspections)

Fox said there is a targeted list to fix this problem.

Messmore said that Lawrenceburg is adopting an ordinance to current standards and appointing an inspector. The problem is that the city has the bulk of commercial work and they can’t be slowed down by the county building department’s issues with the state inspectors.

12. Hughes wants the county to install the signs for citizen achievements so that they are in the ROW and not a problem for the hwy dept. They will not be paid for by taxpayer- just installed by the county.

13. A letter from Wilson on Georgetown protesting the increased speed limit on Georgetown was forwarded to Todd Listerman.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Notes of St. Leon Town Council Meeting, Monday, June 2, 2008, 7:30 p.m.

Members in Attendance: Kevin Alig, Jerry Stenger, Doug Farrow, Andy Bischoff, John Watson, Attorney, and Darlene ________

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Kevin Alig read the minutes of the April, 2008, meeting:
- Various committee reports—some had nothing to report.
- Two signs were to be placed, one off of I-74, and the other at the town (St. Leon) entrance.
- They turned in CDs.
- If studies were done for developers by EES, they are to be sent to Curry and Associates, and copies sent to the Town Council and Sewer Advisory Board.
- They have a CPA, Stephanie Bauer.
- People are going to receive another letter telling them to hook-up (to St. Leon sewer system).

Corrections made to the minutes, were as follows:
- Doug Farrow said the minutes should state everybody getting sued (regarding hook-ups—wastewater tap fees) should get another notice. John Watson interjected and said that if the people getting sued have an attorney, the notice should be sent to the attorney.
- Andy Bischoff wanted to make clear the statement about EES and the developer studies should state that “before a study can be granted it needs to go to the Town Council and then the Sewer Advisory Board.”

The corrected minutes were approved by all the members.

(NOTE: The minutes are read quickly, and it is often difficult to understand what is being said—it would be helpful if copies of the minutes were made available for the public.)

John Watson said those opposed to Wastewater tap fees, and are suing St. Leon, have a new attorney. The original attorney resigned. The new attorney is named Merritt Alcorn, and he is from Jefferson County. John Watson found this out last Thursday.

Regarding the signs mentioned in the minutes, there was a long discussion regarding putting up signs and having graffiti painted on the signs, or having the signs disappear.

Darlene gave the financial report: Revenue Sharing $612,995.76;
Bond funds $96,270.78
It was decided to give the CD amounts every other month. Andy Bischoff suggested they name the CDs and how long they have been there, and when interest is received.

Police report was given of arrests, etc.

Cliff Bischoff gave the Planning and Zoning report. Cliff Bischoff said Mark McCormack, of Dearborn County Planning and Zoning, had maps updated, and they discussed future ordinances at their meeting.

Rick Hertel, Prosecuting Attorney for Ripley County came as a representative of Safe Passage. Safe Passage is a home for battered women, and men too, but only women have used their services to-date. They do not just house women and children from Batesville. They take care of women, with their children, from five counties – Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland and Franklin. They have a budget of $300,000 per year. Safe Passage has a three-story building. They do not charge women and children who need to come there. They want to provide secure housing so people can get their lives together if they have been battered, or in need of safety. The women using the service can stay for 45 days.

Safe Passage also has speakers who talk to high school students regarding teen violence, and dating violence. Mr. Hertel explained they have received some funding from Rising Sun Regional Fund, and other Federal and State grants, but the need is great and he asked if St. Leon could help support them with perhaps a $1,000 donation at some point. He did not know when St. Leon’s fiscal year began or ended.

After much discussion, Andy Bischoff made a motion to give Safe Passage $300, and when they make up the budget for the next year, include a bigger donation in the budget. Jerry Stenger seconded, and all voted to approve the motion for Safe Passage.

The members discussed they also give money to Lifetime Resources, and have asked them for information before the next budget cycle.

Old business discussed was apparently a bid for bushes, etc. The members decided to not buy bushes, or mulch. They approved a sign at I-74 and SR #1, by the Alig Shell Station, to be placed ASAP, and not to exceed $1,000. All approved.

The members stated that the Girl Scouts do a fine job cleaning up the area.

New business – John Watson is to check into property that needs to be settled, and newspaper notices will be placed.

Doug Farrow motioned to close the meeting. Andy Bischoff seconded the motion. All members approved.

Helen Kremer
Logan Township