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Health Care Services Link on EcO15 Site

There is a new addition to the EcO15 web is a page announcing the plan to follow for career pathway development in Healthcare Services. Please go to the following page and don't forget to check-out the video. The video is a demonstration of the 3rd generation of simulator we hope to obtain for Dearborn County:

Thanks for your continued interest and support of the EcO15 Initiative in Dearborn County.

Mark J. Neff
Dearborn County EcO15 Coordinator
Dearborn Community Foundation
322 Walnut Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

(812) 539-4115 Foundation Office
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Ten Indiana Sites Score State Designation for Speedier Development

For immediate release: Mar 13, 2009
Ten Indiana Sites Score State Designation for Speedier Development

INDIANAPOLIS (March 13, 2009) - Ten sites across Indiana earned the title of 'shovel ready' today, paving the way for businesses to quickly locate new operations on property ready for development.

The 10 new sites located in Boone, Carroll, Dearborn, Gibson, Jackson, Orange, Ripley, Spencer and Tippecanoe counties join the list of 38 other 'shovel ready' sites identified by the state since 2006 that have undergone extensive title work, proof of ownership, legal and environmental review and qualify for expedited permitting with state regulatory agencies.

"With more and more companies looking for sites where they can have a shovel in the ground as quickly as possible, this program gives Indiana an advantage when it comes to competing with other states for new investments and new jobs," said E. Mitchell Roob Jr., Secretary of Commerce and chief executive officer of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. "We want to give companies every reason to choose Indiana and expedite job creation plans as we try to grow in spite of a slow national economy."

"Communities are realizing the impact this program can have in attracting new investment," said Brad Moore, shovel ready project manager for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. "Our steady stream of applicants is proof that the Shovel Ready program is fulfilling its mission of lowering costs and improving efficiencies in the site development process."

Clarcor Air Filtration Products announced in August, it would consolidate its Midwest manufacturing operations in the River Ridge Commerce Center, bringing 425 jobs and the company's corporate headquarters to the Clark County Shovel Ready site.

In March of 2008, Medco Health Solutions (NYSE:MHS) broke ground on the world's largest automated pharmacy on a 'shovel ready' site in the Boone County town of Whitestown, 25 minutes northwest of Indianapolis. The new 318,000-square-foot pharmacy that will cover an area equivalent to six and a half football fields is slated to open early in 2009, creating approximately 1,300 jobs by 2012. Additional Shovel Ready sites in Tippecanoe and Ripley counties have also landed new employers in the past year.

Passed in the 2005 legislative session as part of Governor Daniels' jobs agenda, 'shovel ready' sites are certified by the state's Fast Access Site Team that consists of representatives from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Governor's Office, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana State Department of Agriculture and the Indiana State Department of Homeland Security.

Certified sites have been eligible for matching grants to assist with eligible costs associated with applying for the shovel ready program. These sites are listed on the Indiana Economic Development Corporation's Site and Building Database at This online resource allows site selection consultants and businesses to research available commercial and industrial properties that are available for quick development and investment.

The most recent shovel ready sites receiving certification are:

Boone County (Zionsville)
Dow Chemical Zionsville Site (100 acres)
Town of Zionsville
Matthew Price (317) 873-8245

Carroll County(Delphi)
Delphi Industrial Site (60 acres)
Carroll County Economic Dev. Corporation
Daryl Smith(765) 564-2060

Dearborn County(West Harrison)
Stone Trust Property (83 acres)
Dearborn County Economic Dev.
James Kinnett II(812) 537-0814

Gibson County(Princeton)
Gibson Co. Warehousing South (40 acres)
Gibson County Economic Dev. Corporation
B. Todd Mosby(812) 385-2134

Jackson County(Seymour)
East Side Industrial Park (90 acres)
Jackson County Industrial Dev. Corporation
Jim Plump(812) 522-4951

Orange County(Paoli)
Orange County Industrial Park (24 acres)
Orange County Economic Dev. Partnership
Judy Gray(812) 723-3388

Ripley County(Batesville)
Batesville Industrial Park II (72 acres)
Batesville Redevelopment Commission
Rick Fledderman(812) 933-6100

Ripley County(Osgood)
Osgood Business Park (67 acres)
Ripley County Economic Dev. Corporation
Gary Norman(812) 689-4344

Spencer County(Santa Claus)
Santa Claus Industrial Park (205 acres)
Town of Santa Claus
Kevin Patmore(812) 937-4100

Tippecanoe County(West Lafayette)
Purdue Research Foundation (458 acres)
Lafayette/West Lafayette Economic Dev. Corporation
Jan Mills(765) 494-5775

About IEDCCreated by Governor Mitch Daniels in 2005 to replace the former Department of Commerce, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation is governed by a 12-member board chaired by Governor Daniels. Indiana Secretary of Commerce Mitch Roob serves as the chief executive officer of the IEDC. For more information about IEDC, visit

23 March 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

23 March 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Kraus, Jr., Beiersdorfer, Hornbach, Lehman, Thompson.
ABSENT: Hoog, Nelson, and Lansing

Also present: McGill, Attorney and McCormack, Plan Director

Zone map change was requested from Ag to B-1 Restrictive Business to construct medical offices and a Senior Care Facility in Lawrenceburg Township at the corner of Wilson Creek and SR48 on 71.47 acres. Owner is Heakth Services Corp of Southeastern Indiana. The Senior Facilities project is going to Trilogy- a firm that specializes in three levels of care- Independent, assisted, and skilled. They will also have an Alzheimers section.

Thompson asked if anyone wanted him to recuse himself as he’d previously and in past years had talks with hospital and Mike Rozow regarding increased services up there. No one asked him to step down.

Lawrenceburg City limits have a Medical Services zone adjacent to this and Lawrenceburg intends to annex this after the 2010 census. This request doesn’t match the future land use map that was just approved, but has all infrastructure in place to accommodate the request. They do not intend to develop the larger sections of ground on the perimeter as the slopes exceed 20% in most cases. This could eventually be used as part of the parks recreational trails per Pete Resnick, Hospital CEO.

There will be two access points- one off Wilson Creek across from the parking garage and one along SR 48 across from Clinic Drive. There will be 3 buildings demolished in this plan- one on SR 48 by Clinic ( Bischoff house) , the buff brick building, and the old white frame home along Wilson Creek (Smith home).

The plan calls for 60 independent living units in 30 buildings (patio style), 140 assisted living units, a medical office building and also one for Alzheimer’s patients. Jeff Talker, PE, of Land Consultants presented for the applicant. Phase 1 is the assisted living and Alzheimer’s section. The geotech draft report had no major red flags. There is a possible senior housing apt style option considered also. An example of Trilogy development is on Pippin Road in Cincinnati- called Triple Creek.

PC members asked questions: Mark Lehman- can they consider having the buildings to be razed used as fire dept practice? (Perhaps except for asbestos in one) Street will be private? (yes) Patio homes on slab? (Yes – no basement.) Leased homes? (yes- all are owned by the company)


Missy Homan and Dena Grail (sp?) – Adm and Marketing for Woodland Hills Nursing Home- We are a 100 bed facility and like Shady Nook nearby are 70% full. There are beds available and this will hurt our business. Woodland Hills has 80 staff members. The national rate of nursing homes now is 78% full. There is also an assisted living facility by the hospital ( Pine Knoll) Trilogy has affected other facilities in other areas where they have gone. Staffing a facility is a challenge- this will make it harder to compete for employees with them all so close together.
Hornbach- Do you have projections over the next 10 years or more on client base? Resnick did not specifically- but noted that people moved here from Cinti and parents getting older are moving here too.

Joann Vogelsang and husband- from Harriet Drive- our property backs up onto the Smith property and there are issues with the street now. Wilson Creek has hospital employees sitting on the curb- feet dangling in the street on break time [NOTE: ? is hospital a non-smoking campus and this is their smoke area?] There should be a caution light here- with the ambulances etc. and increased traffic.

End public:
Thompson: Be sure the slopes are prohibited from development as > 20%. It’s contiguous with DC Hospital, there is a lack of IND EPENDENT and Ass’t Living in the areas. The competition will be affected by the higher prices at Trilogy compared to existing facilities. Lawrenceburg will gobble this up fast, (annex), DCH is a big employer in the county.

Lehman – questions answered already.

Hornbach- I walked the property- it is level where the patio homes will go- leafed out trees will buffer, nice views. Demographics show increased age group coming.

Beiersdorfer- questions all covered already.

Kraus, Jr.- Will owner put a restrictive covenant on the outer slope areas ( yes- hospital owns that part and may use it for walking trails for L-bg parks)

Thompson motioned and Kraus Jr. 2nd with amendment for restrictions from Lehman to send a FAVORABLE RECOMMENDATION to Commissioners for a the zone change to B-1 for medically related, assisted and Independent living areas with covenants to retain buffer zones and no construction on steep areas and to file the restrictions in the recorders office regarding the planned density and uses as presented. Finding of facts included that it is suitable to the area and fits the character of the medical zoning around it, even though it is not in the comp plan future map, it is a desirable use for the area and will increase employment , it meets the needs of the demographics, will conserve property values, and is responsible growth adding future jobs and more medical facilities. All ayes. Passed.

1. Land Use Future Map approved and links are all on PZ website.
2. The plan will be updated with new roads and TIFs soon.
3. The will meet soon to decide how to go forward with Adv Board soon (for annual review of plan)
4. Plan to put recreational uses on their list for the plan.
5. Bond report- all current.
6. Fiscal Impact model has bugs to be worked out still- no test yet.
7. Assistant Planner- have 120 resumes- 8-9 interviews set so far. Hope to decide in April.
8. Working on grant for L-bg and Aurora on US 50 Econ Dev.
9. McCormack relate dthat on Friday Jeff Hughes presented concerns over the link on the PZ website to The DC PUBLIC FORUM ( the blogsite) and his letter that he sent to property owners. McCormack explained to Hughes that he linked it as he sends press releases there as well as to the radio and newspaper. McCormack presented the site pages to the Plan Commission and asked them to review what they’d like him to do. One suggestion was to separate the public links from the private ones so that it showed the blog, chamber, etc as private organizations. Chris Mueller explained how the Blog ( PUBLIC FORUM) site works and noted that the Hughes letter was posted there with her comments in red attached. Board will review.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Monday, March 23, 2009


"At the request of Chief Gary Theuer and the Bight Fire Department the Bright Fire Protection District will be tabled until further notice.

The Fire Department, in deference to the opinions expressed by the Citizens of the Bright area, has decided to reassess the parameters of the proposed plan and the operations of the department, as well as, reconnecting with the community to determine a course that may be more beneficial for all. They hope that further efforts, discussions and development of information will improve the atmosphere in the community and open the opportunities for the community and Department to work toward a successful future for the community.

They are open to constructive suggestions from the public and any volunteers that wish to serve the community"

Ralph E. Thompson, Jr.
President, Dearborn County Commissioners

Thursday, March 19, 2009



The information from the Commissioner's meeting (on Tuesday night) is online via the 'Land Use Update' link on the planning website (please refer to the 'NEW" items):

The powerpoint presentation used for the evening is available for download and should be SAVED to your computer--rather than opened...It is a BIG file!

The regional land use plan comparison has also been provided. Ohio County has a land use plan, which is not on the site yet; it will be posted, when PZ staff obtain it.


The 2nd public hearing for the Bright Fire District will be
Monday, April 6th at 7 PM
at the Bright Christian Church on Stateline Road.

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17 March 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

17 March 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes.

Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Witte, Attorney, and Gay- later appointed Attorney pro tem.

Approximately 150 citizens were in the room and out in the hall- nearly all for the Master Plan Public Hearing.

1. Tyler Technologies contract changes were approved for Assessor’s office for assessment. Changes made were in language on performance bond delivery time and they also agreed to work over 3 years to fit into allocated budget.

2. Bright FD remains tabled.

3. Pete Resnick- DC Hospital ADM and Phillip Meyer- Director of Finance asked for and were granted approval for a waiver on the 30-day requirement to change their bonding. Current bonds are at a rate unfavorable to the hospital and they seek to change that on the advice of Bond Counsel- Barnes and Thornburgh. 5/3 Securities is Marketing Agent for the bonds.

4. Lifetime Housing letters for 4 rehab properties were approved for 14579 W Wood St- Moores Hill, 24683 Weisberg Road, Sunman, 29103 St. Joe Dr, W Harrison, and 23604 Salt Fork, Lawrenceburg.

5. PUBLIC HEARING FOR FUTURE LAND USE PLAN- taken off the table from 20 Nov 2007.

Mark McCormack- Plan Director gave a brief history of the master plan including timeline. He thoroughly discussed what the plan was and how it would be used. (A vision and a guide-as an advisory tool- not regulatory- to manage future inevitable growth) It is to give a clearer picture of where the community wants growth to occur, to manage the timing of changes in the community, and to help utilize public funds better. In order to get funding for road projects, master plans help increase scores. Sewer districts use it to plan expansion needs. It helps minimize the impact between incompatible land uses and enhances quality of life. He said also that tax assessments are NOT tied to zoning. Tax assessment is determined by the current USE of the land. This map is about projected future use. The zoning and subdivision ordinances are regulatory- the master plan is advisory.

McCormack showed the last land use plan and map from 1979. That is the map we are currently using. He showed all the communities around us who have updated future land use maps- and he showed the maps of these communities. When there are lawsuits and eminent domain issues – they are against the ordinances- like zoning and sub’n- NOT the master plans. He listed the Old PC board that had passed this with a favorable recommendation.

McCormack went on to show the groups represented by the 60 person advisory committee and then showed how the base map was created and the steep hillsides taken out, the flood plains removed, the sewer districts service areas , and then main roadways. He also said that at any time the commissioners can ask for a change to the master plan and the PC has 60 days to respond per IN code.

McCormack detailed the process of getting the plan to the public – with the newspaper, the radio, and the mailing of 20,000 postcards to county and city and town households. WE are not to interpret the map as having rigid lines- and it must be used collectively with other parts of the plan. The plan lasts about 10-year s with review every 3-5 years. Most of the growth is expected to be along main thoroughfares and in the TIF areas and around towns. He cautioned people not to underestimate what the commercial/industrial land uses were. They represent 4 SQUARE MILES- over 3000 acres- compared to the 918 we have today. (It triples what we have now) The intent is to maintain a core group of people that will meet annually to see how the comp plan is working. McCormack noted also that the 1020 census WILL affect this.

Tom Orschell- thanked the advisory group and Planning Dept. He asked several questions of McCormack to verify that the plan will not be used for tax assessment, that both maps change when zones change and that commissioners have the final say on zone changes. He noted that this map does not encourage or discourage development and that it is NEVER used by itself to approve or deny a project. Orschell asked if there were problems in neighboring cities and counties with their plans. (None that we know of) Was it well publicized? – yes. They discussed that OKI encouraged the process and was here in 2007- both Bill Miller and Larisa Sims. Travis Miller also reviewed it (the former Plan Director)

Jeff Hughes- said this was not mandatory by state code. He said he believes they will use it as a regulatory tool, because he was on the board before. He said he asked a PC member if this map could be the basis of a denial if all other items were fulfilled. And he said that UNIDENTIFID PC member said yes. He believes gov’t is to protect people’s rights. The property owner is the best steward of their property.

Mark McCormack said- here is what happens WITHOUT the community’s input on regional plans. (These plans all cost taxpayer money) He showed the DCRSD plans and maps for sewers- when they couldn’t wait for the master plan to be finished. He showed the original US 50 Corridor Plan and also the Vieste Plan which was to take place over 2007-2015 where land was to be acquired and there was no public input.

Hughes said- let the property owners decide.

McCormack asked him- how many public hearings did these plans have?

Hughes said Vieste failed because the people were misled by a member of the future land use plan. Hughes said he never supported forced hook-ups on sewers. Hughes said he was on eth PC for 2 years and they will look at this map as regulatory- he talked to the previous county attorney (Ewbank) about that- not this county attorney.

McCormack said- IN code allows this- it is the “industry standard” in all communities- it is NOT unconstitutional. The preamble is clear about how to use it- and McCormack read that to the commissioners.

Some current PC members spoke:

Russell Beiersdorfer- I was not on the committee that developed this- I will not use it as a regulatory tool. I will make my decisions based on what the individuals want for their property. I don’t see recreational zones, parks in this plan. That can be addressed later. I agree and I disagree with you. We need to approve this and move forward.

Mike Hall- Chairman of PC- This map was gone through with a lot of intense discussion. It didn’t make everyone happy- which means it’s probably a decent plan. This was the work of MANY different people. Something needs to be done to move forward.

Nicole Daily- BZA- and Adv Committee- One way or another- something needs to be done. Whether it’s reviewed by some other advisors or approved. I think the I-74 Corridor has been neglected. Vieste studies had many emotional issues. Not everything should be to the south. It’s a federal corridor- and we don’t have to pay for the infrastructure (road). Her only issue with the plan is that- she worries about economic development now that residential is down- we need to take advantage of professional and industrial offices we can develop. We need jobs for college-educated kids here. Orschell asked if she meant St. Leon West. She said – yes- the whole 74 corridor.

Orschell said he’d hate to invest county money and then St, Leon would annex.
Daily said- we need the tax base- if you keep within the 74-46 borders- they are their own buffer.

Thompson admonished the crowd to keep decorum- be brief and respectful. Don’t repeat. He said there was a sheriff’s officer present but assured the crowd that he didn’t think he’d be needed.

LaVerne Kolb- Benedict Lane Bright- This is one of the best maps we are ever going to have. The committee found that this was one map we could all live with. No disrespect to Nicole Daily, but the I-74 corridor will develop on its own- that is some of the BEST farmland in the county. Only 2% of the USA is in Ag- and they feed the other 98%. Our rights have been controlled for 30 years with eth old map and plan. It is hard sometimes but we obey the rules. We are not required to have this map- but it protects citizens- and helps to not have people walk on others rights.

Mandy Shore ( ??? speaker was unclear on her name)-Chesterville Road- We already have P/Z maps and all these regulations. This map is like double of something already in existence. How will I be assured eminent domain will not us this as a legal document. I am against the map- it all boils down to the property owner having the final say.

Bob Sauerbrey- Oak Ridge Bright- The constitution says the commissioners create legal documents- not the PC. The US Census bureau moved eth Greater Cinti Metro area to 24th place- above Indy. Chicago ate up all that is around it like a giant amoeba. If we don’t decide , Cincinnati will decide for us. We are in an envious place, near a metro area and we still can decide our future quality of life.

Dave Hughes- relative of Jeff’s in Dillsboro- Dillsboro had a plan and some people there said this is a way you can keep certain people out of your community.

Mike Rozow- Mark McCormack did an excellent job (applause) the Chamber needs a good smart plan. I want people to see that Dearborn County has its act together. I want to be sure we do the right things around the TIF areas. We need to build the trust back up after the Vieste plan. I could have choked them for that- they divided this county. We need jobs and opportunities here. People can’t retire now with the economy. I would like to see an unbiased group such as OKI review this map- to see if it is good and smart and will lead to jobs and a better family life. We pay them- we might as well use them.

Thompson asked Rozow- if a land use plan would help or hurt then in this process.

Rozow said – companies will like to see how a county thinks. I’m interested in the 74 corridor between St, Leon and W Harrison- NOT west of St, Leon. Land is valuable- we have to use it wisely.

Henry Knopf- Stewart Road- Aurora- landowner who lives in OHIO. I do believe that Dearborn County needs a plan.

Dennis Merk- White Ridge- Bright- Are there definitions of low and high density here? What if I want to divide my land? McCormack said yes- low is greater than 5 acres, high less than 1 acre and moderate is in the middle.

Thompson said- if you want to split the land you still go thru zoning.

Sheila Merk- Bright- I’ve come here before on rezones. If you are worried about your farm- PASS THIS! In the past things got rezoned high density without these plans. The plan showed where we didn’t have zoning right- spot zoning occurred. I care about safety. This is the best thing this county has ever done- the board deserves a handshake.

Pat Holland- Brown Road- Moores Hill- Talk about trust- the community members spent time on this. People have seen things they didn’t like and wanted to get guidelines. Density, traffic, economy were considered. You can’t have haphazard development. People won’t want to come here. We need a good quality of life to pass on. I want to get recreation here also- when we meet again on the plan we can look at that. This plan is to help eliminate many problems with pollution and safety. Tried to get public input and we did get a lot. We could always get more. When this was tabled the adv board was verbally spanked. Trust was broken. Community worked on this and I think that input is better than someone else coming in and telling us what to do.

Kathy Scott- Property owners can sell to anyone- what if a developer has bought land and to put 250 homes on it and next-door industry comes in and he can’t sell his homes? The map could help. The map should be passed tonight. The map worked for Mr Rozow last month when they requested a TIF district rezone to get a shovel ready industrial site. OKI is a metropolitan group- people need to get on the internet and see what they do. This map will help to give everyone pause to think before taking action.

Chet Wolgamot- SR 48 Manchester- I encourage you to adopt this plan- it was chosen by a huge turnout of Dearborn County citizens. I’m positive that all the people wish the best for Dearborn County. This was a 2-year process and I gave it plenty of time and effort. 530 people wrote comments and lots of people came and did their civic duty at the public hearings. The only reason there are large crowds here tonight is that this was legally blocked by 2 commissioners, one who isn’t here now. I don’t know whether to be angry or feel sorry for Mr. Hughes.. Many people have tried to explain this to him. Let’s adopt this and get on with important business, weather the recession, attract a tax base , not lower tier development. AND PLEASE GET A SOUND SYSTEM THAT WORKS!

Tom Klump- New Alsace- I think something should be in the plan to insure that if a farmer wants to sell to retire he can. I don’t like eminent domain.

Mike Steele- Bright- Thanked Hughes for his letter.

Pat Little- 22269 Stateline Bright- 23 year resident. I have problems with this document. I read what the plan does. This won’t affect future uses? This document can be changed at any time- why do we need it? Most farmers aren’t rich- they have their land to sell if they get sick. Shouldn’t they be allowed to sell their land for something besides Ag? HVL was forested and not good for much except pasture. The tax bills should have a document in them telling what the future land use will be. We need to be talking to our neighbors – not letting county decide.

William Short- Woodlawn- Aurora- How will you use eminent domain? It has to be for public use and there are criteria. McCormack told him eminent domain is exercised by regulatory body not Planning Commission. It would take Commissioners or Redevelopment to do that. He also cited the 36-7-4 series of the IN code for him to check on that to verify.

Thompson said in his opinion taking land by eminent domain for developers is legalized theft and he won’t vote for that. It should only be used as a last resort.

Linda Mitchell- Bright- We are surrounded by Ag- you can’t say you can always sell to the highest bidder. There are property SELLERS rights and property OWNERS rights. Look at the community- we should pass this tonight- even though it is not perfect.

Mandy Shore- again- this is duplication.

Sheila Merk again- We have an OLD version of this map now- it’s no good- pass this one.

Sandy Whitehead- Blue Creek Road- Jackson Township- It’s been said OVER and OVER- it’s and advisory map. My neighbor had questions about this letter of Jeff’s. Who all got this letter? Hughes replied 50 acres and over. But not all- he couldn’t afford to send it to all the large property owners. Sandy went on to say- your letter was not facts. She brought up the NW Quad issues and urged passage of the plan.

La Verne Kolb- again- this is not about eminent domain.

Bob Sauerbrey- again- Vieste could have run those people ( NW Quad) out- we need a vision or we go down piece by piece.

Tom Klump- again- don’t use it against us- write it in there to protect us.

Eugene Cappel- Lawrenceville Road- Thanks Hughes for bringing it to their attention- read it online and liked what he researched.

??? at 6297 US 50- Not going to get direction in the county without infrastructure. Why not make this a public vote at election time?

Thompson said there is no mechanism for that.


Tom Orschell -said this document was written by citizens- it’s a living document and can be changed as we move forward.

Jeff Hughes- I don’t think this is in the spirit of American freedom. It creates an artificial market. I disagree with moving forward.

Ralph Thompson- Zoning already affects what you can do with your property. This is a planning tool to help Rozow with economic development and others with infrastructure plans for development. Property owners have rights as long as we protect the neighbor’s rights too. This is a planning tool. Mike Rozow thinks it will be appositive, if not a perfect, tool. I’ve worked with him- we hope to bring in quality jobs. . If we table this again, it stops the process. We could reject it, send it back with suggestions, or we could approve it, knowing that it will be revised in about 3 years.
A lot of citizens had input on this- the newspaper, radio and postcards were sent out. 2% as a poll is an excellent sample size.

Tom Orschell- I move to accept the land use plan as is.
Hughes said he couldn’t 2nd it.
Thompson said I will 2nd it- I believe the county has to move forward.
Motion Passes- 2 ayes and Hughes Nay.

5-minute recess to clear the room.

Highway Dept- Todd Listerman gave 25- minute report.
$9379.10 awarded to purchase RR signs and markings to be completes by May 31, 2010.

Last Triple Whipple change order approved for $4120 for drain installation at each end of the bridge, sandblasting, and sealing the deck/. Our share is 80/20 = $820.

Listerman was authorized to sign the contract for 3000 tons of salt at the state negotiated price. This locks into the price and we have to use (pay for) 80% of that minimum.

Listerman will train for the new procedure for LPA projects, so that it won’t take years to get things done. There has to be a certified person in charge at the local level.

Hwy is going to summers hours and dividing into 2 crews. Trucks no longer have to go home with drivers. Foremen are meeting this week.

Listerman will go to INDOT to make our case for the 3 bridges we requested.

The stimulus money request was changed to remove the paving for Pribble, Kaiser, and Stateline hills. They might be in OKI MPO also- so it was cleaner to remove them from the listing.

Holt Road was closed last year- they can’t do the bridge in-house as it’s about $250,000 and that requires bids. They did put guardrail on both ends to prevent use of the bridge.

Listerman will be off next week for Spring break- MTW to help his in-laws.

Listerman will have report on 4/10 work week at their next meeting.

Commissioners approved Listerman to go for all $3million on stimulus, and OK’d him going to Council if they need to use extra money here to complete, He can request from Council to use part of $1.2 million from Transportation Infrastructure Acc’t.

Attorney- Jack Gay for Mike Witte- handed them a letter on a resident problem- they can share it if they desire with the resident. (This was probably the ATV problem from last meeting)
Commissioners decided to get a larger facility for next Bright FD hearing. Sue will set that up.
Hughes welcomed Mr. Gay at county att’y for when Mike Witte is serving at Superior Court in Wayne County.

Commissioners decided to stay with evening meetings.

Phil Darling- York Township- with over 150 people here tonight- can you get a switch to allow speaker in the hallway? Sound system needs work anyway.

Ray Wagner- Bright Fire District- Had pictures and a business owner requesting commissioners be informed that petitions against the district were damaged and threatening comments on them all on video tape. He was advised to tell the owner to go to the sheriff.
Wagner also asked about the number of petitions required to eliminate the Fire District and how they could know how many households were in the district? Pickens said- good question! Need 51% - one per household only. That makes it a dead issue for 2 years. Brown county enacted one and then had to remove it because of petitions. Also issues with Kelso and other dept. being caught in the lines- esp with overlap of EMS.

Jake Hoog- Jackson Township- I am speaking as a private citizen and not a PC member. My mother received a copy of Jeff Hughes letter and the letter says a banker said her property would be worthless. He said there were false statements in that letter. What banker said that? Jeff said he couldn’t say due to reprisals. Hoog said the value of the property is what the consumer will pay for it. Hughes agreed it was market value. Hoog said he thought it was unethical to send out these letters- when the other commissioners didn’t know. It should have been done as a board and presented to everyone here tonight. Also please find a bigger room for meetings like this one, so all can participate.

Paul Ravenna- Asked about Thompsons actions at the end of the FD meeting and why ask if they’d agree if it cost less? Thompson said he wasn’t trying to negotiate- he was only seeing where there issues were. Pickens said they can go to DLGF and get approved , but they can’t get more money later. That’s why they ask for so much up front.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 PM

After the meeting Commissioners said the Jail/Court complex project will have a meeting March 31 at 4 PM.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, March 13, 2009


The following is an unedited letter from Commissioner Jeff Hughes to some landowners in Dearborn County. My notations are in red.
Christine Brauer Mueller, member Advisory Committee for the County Master Plan.

Dear Dearborn County resident,

I want to express my concern about an upcoming vote by the Dearborn County Commissioners. The vote is for the “Future Land Use Map” and it is scheduled for the March 17th commissioners meeting. This map would be used by county boards and county officials to determine how your land could be used now and in the future. [NOTE: It would be used as one of SEVERAL tools as guidance for land use requests.]

Currently, land use decisions are left to the property owners. If the “Future Land Use Map” is approved by commissioners, much of the authority for property decisions will be transferred from the property owners to county government. [NOTE: Hughes is incorrect – land use decisions come to the Plan Commission and BZA and have for nearly 44 years in this county. The County Commissioners have had the final say on zone changes since then as well.] Proponents of the “Future Land Use Map” contend that the county needs this tool to help control and direct growth. I strongly disagree. The county already has an extensive permit process, subdivision regulations, and zoning ordinances to insure reasonable growth in Dearborn County. [NOTE: OK which is it? Now he says the government is already doing it? How do these plan for GROWTH?] The “Future Land Use Map” goes beyond the government’s role of protecting property owner’s rights to actually transferring some of these rights to county bureaucrats. I asked if a property owner preformed everything the county required to obtain a permit, except be in the arbitrarily designated lines of the so-called advisory “Future Land Use Map”, could the permit be denied? The answer was most certainly yes. [NOTE: Whom did Hughes ask? There is no one who understood the “Future Land Use Map” who would have said this.] I asked a local attorney how does this affect decision making? In his opinion the “Future Land Use Map” would be a fundamental shift in decision making authority from property owners to government. [NOTE: Why not name the attorney. Is he an authority in planning and zoning law?] I also asked a local banker how the value of the land might be affected if the future land use were restricted by the county via a “Future Land Use Map”. He explained that in general, land is valued at its highest and best use and if government were to restrict those uses, the loss of value to that property could be severe. [NOTE: So name the banker authority also. The error here is in what Hughes leaves out. WHO values land at its highest and best use? The tax assessor? The banker giving you the loans? The landowner? The insurance adjuster? The realtor? Higher land values only benefit the seller and the tax collector!] I called many landowners about this “Future Land Use Map” and a vast majority knew very little if anything about it. [NOTE: Hughes must call people who can’t read, don’t listen to the radio, and don’t subscribe to the paper. You can publicize the process that went on for months and the public hearings- if someone chooses to IGNORE that, that is their right. We don’t count the votes of people who don’t vote. Where was all this fervor for protecting landowners, when Vieste wanted the NW QUAD and Hughes voted yes for that 4,000 acre multi-million dollar project with no public hearing?]

As an elected official I believe it is my responsibility to protect the rights of the citizens we represent not diminish those rights. I believe this “Future Land Use Map” strips the rights from the property owners and potentially decreases the value of their land. I intend to vote against the passage of this “Future Land Use Map”. I am only one of three votes. [NOTE: Hughes is telling us how he will vote and also telling us how he thinks his fellow commissioners will vote. What's the point in the hearing? Isn't Hughes going to listen to the Public Tueday night?] The other two commissioners have implied they will vote to accept this “Future Land Use Map”. If you share my concerns please come to the Dearborn County Commissioners meeting on March 17th at 7 PM. The meeting will be in the Commissioners Room in the Dearborn County administration building.


Jeff Hughes District One Commissioner

[NOTE: Hughes does not really understand how most of the county landowners and homeowners feel. In some some ways his stance is hypocritical. He chose to live in HVL, one of the most restrictive communities in the county. He is well insulated by their rules and the mass of people in his community who agree with those rules by choice. Contrast that with the typical landowner who isn’t protected in a gated community.

The PUBLIC was invited to express opinions on this draft map. The PUBLIC chose to protect some of their land values (not just monetarily) years ago by enacting planning and zoning with the original comprehensive plan in 1965. That plan was first revised in 1980 and a giant rezone map was done. A couple years ago, the plan was redone again. The county planning dept. has resorted to using maps of current land uses as a tool to determine appropriate zoning decision. Our zoning maps with firm lines are what are driving permits now. This Future Land Use Map is a VISION- not a zoning map. It helps project where the county thinks development can occur.
We tried to keep it close to current development patterns to avoid taxpayer expenses that would become unaffordable, such as what Bright is looking at with their Fire District issues and others are seeing with school expansions. Hughes’s friends- the realtors, bankers, lawyers, and developers actually wanted to EXPAND those lines. They wanted a map too- one that benefitted them.

So what is it that Hughes really wants? Does he even understand the ramifications of what he is saying?]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lincoln Day Dinner Program Info

Lincoln Day Dinner Program
Dearborn County Republican Party
Lincoln Day Dinner
February 27 2009
A Very Special Thank You
To our generous
Business and Corporate Sponsors

Ewbank and Kramer
Attorneys at Law
RQAW (jail and courthouse design)
Consulting Engineers and Architects
John J Frick and Associates
Public Relations Services
Lewis and Kappes (lobbyists for county)
Attorneys at Law
Government Relations
This Evenings Program
Gary Morris, Chairman
Dearborn County Republican Party

Presentation of Colors
Honor Guard
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department

Pledge of Allegiance
Todd Young

Musical Invocation
Jeff Tucker


Mr Fritz Klein
The 16th President of the United States

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Other ads attached
Nugent Tractor Sales (Suzi Nugent-Randall and Johnny Nugent)

Bourbons Bar and Grill (Bill Wagner)

Senator Johnny Nugent

F. Aaron Negangard Prosecutor

Jud McMillan for State Rep HD 68

Lincoln Financial Advisors -Gary B Morris

Mike Kreinhop, Investigator Special Crimes Unit- for Sheriff

Maynard Barrett County Councilman

Indiana Republican Party and the Dearborn County Republican Party

The Bright Beacon- Liz Morris Editor/Publisher

Dearborn Country Club

Gary R Hensley Sr. Appraiser/Level II Assessor/Auctioneer/Real Estate Broker Three R Realty Services Inc.

Curt Kovener: We’ll All Pay for Government Consolidation

A view of fire dept funding is included in this posting:

Posted By On March 12, 2009 @ 8:17 am In HPI Weekly


CROTHERSVILLE - Despite a stinking economy, a hostage holding stock market, unemployment idling nearly one in every 10 Hoosiers, and the majority of the population scared about their future but trying to put on a brave face, it seems all some elected leaders and their hired guns want to talk about is how much government consolidation will be the state’s savior.
The Governor touts the findings of his appointed Kernan-Shepard Committee on how to improve Hoosier government. Kernan-Shepard was a flawed committee providing a jaundiced view of Hoosier life. Not a single member of Kernan-Shepard had any experience is town, county or township government. They were mayors, former state legislative officials and representatives of big business. Every member of Kernan-Shepard resides in an urban big city.
So I ask: What the hell do any of them know about life as we live it out here in the country? Visiting their weekend cabin in Brown County or on Lake Wawasee doesn’t qualify them to speak on living life out here in the sticks.

You see in the big cities, they are used to mass transit so that folks living on the edges of the city who are in need of services can board a bus and be dropped off where ever they need to go. Alas, no buses serve the residents of Jackson, Scott or Washington Counties.

And the government consolidation pundits claim that much of the government services business can now be handled on-line. But unlike the metropolitan areas where residents can have a choice of high speed internet (a necessity to do business with government on-line) only portions of rural Indiana have the needed high speed internet connection. Some folks living less than 3 miles from Crothersville and Austin are unable to get DSL and are still forced to use dial-up service, if that can be called technology by today’s standards. If you live in the bucolic hills of Jackson or Washington County you can forget about wireless broadband because of the terrain or lack of cellphone signal.

And the big city proponents (they really get bent out of shape when they are called that because they know it’s true and have no response other than to call us “backward”, “status quo” and “resistant to change”) would have us believe that someone in the county seat knows better how to provide fire protection than on the local level.

A county wide fire protection service would be required to provide equal funding & services. Jackson, Washington and Redding Townships in Jackson County currently have their fire protection provided by residents paying dues to their respective departments. The more “efficient” county-wide fire protection method would mean a property tax increase in those three townships…even though lower property taxes is the main motivation behind government consolidation.

The needs of Crothersville and Vernon Township along the much traveled I-65 corridor are vastly different than the western county where hilly, curvy roads would prevent some large fire apparatus used in the eastern part of the county from navigating to a fire scene or medical emergency.

And remember that all county residents will not pay equally into the fire protection system. The City of Seymour—where about half of the entire county’s assessed wealth is located—those residents, businesses and industries would not pay anything to fund county fire protection because the city has their own paid fire department.

Do you think that a county seat bureaucrat using only the currently available dollars will have your best interests at heart and be able to improve funding for all rural fire departments?
Should fire protection be determined by the county will some current fire stations be closed (a synonym for consolidation) for financial reasons? And should that happen, while we may save some in tax dollars, some will be greeted with increased insurance premiums for rural home and farm coverage since proximity to a fire department is a factor in the insurance premium equation.

I travel to the courthouses of Jackson and Scott County each week to gather the news. Should the consolidation effort succeed, I am not sure where the respective counties will place the needed offices to deal with residents’ concerns. Wouldn’t it be “penny wise & pound foolish” if to save money by a consolidating government, that more government offices must be built, leased or purchased?

Recently the Indianapolis Star reported on the amount of surplus dollars township government had squirreled away. What wasn’t included in the report is the amount of money being saved in cumulative (that means save it until you need to make a purchase) fire equipment accounts. It is much more damning if you can report how government taxes its residents while having piles of money in reserve.

Besides, here in the country aren’t we raised to save for a rainy day? Or would they want you to believe it is better to get a loan from the bank for operating funds and then pay the bank interest using tax dollars? And speaking of the Indianapolis Star, if all of Indiana is to operate the same, do you really believe that the state’s largest newspaper and the Crothersville Times have the same business model? There are differences; onesize does not fit all. If the state’s leader doesn’t believe that I will be happy for our 5-foot-something governor to exchange suit coats with me for the day.

The government model the big city folks have developed may work quite well for urban, metropolitan areas. I don’t live there & don’t have much inkling of their needs and issues so it would be improper for me to offer suggestions. That is diametrically opposed to the urban based government consolidation proponents who haven’t done their homework for what works in non-urban areas.

It seems the big city advocates just want to force it down our throats and tell us it’s good for us.

Kovener is publisher of the Crothersville Times. He serves as Vernon Township trustee in Jackson County

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Master Plan Info in Journal Press 10 Mar 2009 Issue.

The Tuesday March 10th Journal Press has information on the Master Plan Maps that are being resurrected at the March 17th Commissioners’ Meeting.

If you need to refresh your mind about the maps or are new to the area and want to find out what happened previously, the newspaper has taken the time to upload their articles.

You can go to their archives on the master plan update and process at

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


PUBLIC HEARING ON THE BRIGHT FIRE DISTRICT- 9 March 2009 at Bright Christian Church

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell.

Also present: Pickens, Auditor and Dave Wissman, Sheriff’s Office [Wissman was available due to the use of private facilities.]

Please note: There is an audio file approximated 1:35 in length with a direct link noted on the blog courtesy of for a complete record of this meeting. There were between 800 and 1000 people present. The church holds about 1000- not all seats were filled, but there were many standing in the back also. Citizens Against New Taxes provide information flyers and buttons at the entry to the church. They also had signs announcing the meeting around Bright. The Fire Dept brought fire trucks and had numerous volunteers in uniform at the meeting. Other fire depts. covered for them during the meeting.

43 people signed up to speak. (I apologize for any misspellings of names!)

Chief Gary Theurer gave a 15-minute introduction of their plans and current status of the district’s finances. This was essentially the same talk he gave at Commissioner’s meeting in January and in later February. He did add that he would not be the fire chief of the new district. He did not explain that. He said they were self-imposing some other ways to cut expenses, like garbage pick-up, phones, training, and alpha pagers. He said the collected fees Bright residents all pay in the county do not come back to Bright- they are earmarked for the cities and towns and library and school districts. He said there would be capital expenditures on station 2 and a new one to be built in the new budget. That was in addition to the equipment and personnel costs of $1.9 million the first year. They are currently running a $0.5million business run by volunteers. In the 2010 tax bill there will be a 30% reduction and the township taxes will drop off. Property taxes of $675,000 would go to the district. Those taxes used to go to the cities, towns and schools.

Theurer added to answer some questions they’d heard: The Red Suburban that he drives came from Lawrenceburg for $1.00. The white Command car came from Aurora for $1.00. Firemen don’t sit around and play cards. Hiring full timers will be by federal guidelines. All property will belong to the district and oversight will be by the Fire Trustees appointed by Commissioners from each township. They will not be members of the fire dept.

Jeff Peters- Finance consultant for the district. The dept is giving you advance notice for what will happen in 2012 Vehicle excise taxes and property taxes will now come to Bright in 2012 if this passes.

Mike Cushman- FD member- we don’t have the head count for volunteers. It takes 50 hours of basic training. EMT takes 220 hours. If 1/3 of the people would step up to volunteer- I have 50 applications here if people want to. It took 18 people to cover a head on collision this weekend. It takes 80 hours of my time to help with community festival.

Tom Cottingham- Harrison Township Trustee- representing his township and Myrtle White and Art Little’s Township also. They have all had calls. NO ONE IS AGAINST THE FIRE DEPT. But they are all against the tax. All respect the fire dept. and members. We are here to reflect our citizens’ comments to you.

Dave Shearing - from fire dept. – I’m and EMT – NOT a paramedic. People think we have paramedics- we don’t. We bandaid you and transport you. It takes us 25-30 minutes to get there because we are coming from home as volunteers. Doesn’t like the signs with circle slash over the FD- it says you are against the fire dept. [NOTE: It is over fire DISTRICT not Dept. as explained by a sign owner.]

Dale Lutz- The commissioners could have created the FD by the stroke of a pen- I’m commending you for not doing that and having a public hearing. Thanks to FD, EMS, and the church also. The chief said 2009 and not 1959 at the last meeting. Bright and the fire dept have far better equipment than in 1959. We are a bedroom community with no industry to support this. I’d like to stay on our family farm. There are foreclosures, tax sales, etc. The economic times are bad now. There are 14 in a class and only one remains. That tells me there is an internal problem. Lutz was cut short and ended with saying- we need to be like Barney Fife (Mayberry, USA) and just nip this in the bud.

Dr. Steven Page- FD member- I responded to 240 runs /year. The reason one remained of 14 is due to burnout. Getting toned out night after night and going to work the next day doesn’t work. Saw a 16-year-old girl die—never want to do that again. Wants to be ALS – want to take people to cath lab and not the hospital or PAC center. Want to take to stroke center or to Children’s or UC for trauma. Air Care doesn’t always fly. Community should step up and help us with this.

Capt Mark Gillespie- 10-years on the FD and Captain of Station 1. Addressing Dale Lutz- we didn’t create this problem. We didn’t build the homes, sell the land, or sell the homes. FD was egged last week- don’t know why. I received 2 calls at the firehouse for facts – why didn’t all these people call?

Sammy Gutzwiller- one of those who sell real estate and people like it when we get them a large profit on their homes. 64 years in the county and over 30 in HVL- am a progressive person. BUT this FD is just too much money too quick. Wanted the FD to come to the communities before spending money on studies. Economic issues also. Too much money too quick.

Linda Mitchell- 40 year Bright resident by next month. We donated our family home for fire training to be burned down. On 4 separate occasions I went to the fire dept to get them to speak out against high-density development. Same issues with the schools and increased taxes. The FD didn’t cause the problem, but they didn’t prevent it either.

Kent Keller- ( already covered )

Mike Hankins- 25 year resident. Support the Fire Dept. but am opposed to the Fire District. This is the worst possible time to do this. Perhaps we should incorporate Bright and do it that way.

LaVerne Kolb- came here 55 years ago as a new bride. Worst time to do this. Foreclosures. Note the caps on property taxes are caps on increased assessed values. Also consider the farmer’s equipment and businesses will be at 3% cap. We will drive these people out of business. People will be driven out of their homes and farmers will not be here to produce food. Maybe if the economy improves.

John Edgerton- I called all 3 of you and I thank you for standing up for all of us.. We need FD and EMS. Thanks to you for volunteering. We feel like this snuck up on us and wish I could find a better word for this. Luckily you 3 commissioners stopped this. Money is being pulled from too many places to do this now. The process should have been done differently.

Elizabeth Imhoff- already covered.

Carl Strathman- went thru the ISO ratings and as an insurance man said that this won’ really affect your insurance rates much. Commended the FD- but this was just not handled well.
James Wilson Jr.- said he had a letter from Tom Knollman ( state rep) talking about tax caps again. The current assessment is going up 14% per Cary Pickens. Yes you need money and I’d give it to you if I had it- but I don’t.

Shawna Keller- came from Hamilton County. Came because of the community that comes together. Why let developers run the county, when no one is there for us. We should have a paramedic. Harrison responds to our calls at times. If we don’t have enough volunteers, then how come you have them in your plans? [NOTE Thuerer said paramedics are in the plan]

Paul Ravenna- I have assign and I want to clarify it is against the Fire DISTRICT and not the Dept. I want us all to sit down and come up with a plan for everyone.

Greg Gavin- was on the FD for 15 years- from a state report we had 269 fire runs in 2007 and a 10% decrease to 246 in 2008. We are budgeting for 450 runs- and he’s curious as to where the numbers are coming from. I see a lot of past members here. I wonder why they are past members I commend the FD- if this is such a great thing- why not educate the public?

Lisa Taylor- I am undecided- Thankful for the FD- am an implant and not here many years. This is the right cause, but the wrong time. I want cold hard facts- how many runs, why do you need this? Give me cold hard facts and I will give you cold hard cash.

Ray Wagner- former chief- was in the FD for years In the 1980s this was brought up- but we couldn’t tax the people this much. What is the leadership thinking? Across the land no one knows what will happen. I was raised in an era of needs or wants. I hear we want new equipment etc. The solution is to call for a vote of confidence and vote out eth present leadership.

Sue Garrison- single parent – no one wants to pay more. But we can’t get the milk for free. I work an hour form home and my 11-year-old daughter had to call 911 when my son passed out. What happens in 2013. When they can’t operate any longer- what will we do?

Julie Sipple- had a gas leak at home. Have a grandson coming soon. Safety of home, family and neighbors is desired. Am a teacher- not much money- but we have to consider safety.

Randy Lutz- 25-year landowner in Logan. Comes down to one word – MONEY. Health care has gone up. Retirements have gone down. No one has the money now. We just need to find a way to solve it.

Donald Macrillis- not present.

Carl Statman- nothing to add.

Melanie Powers- volunteer came to my home and said a neighbor wouldn’t sign- and he’ll remember her address. Will he remember mine now?

Glenn Richards- nothing to add

Dan Johnson- attended several PC meetings and dense housing was approved. The letters signed by the current fire chief said they have adequate facilities to handle these developments. These are not built out yet and they are already saying they need this?

Vince Martini- nothing to add.

Harold Hall- Senior citizen- I can’t handle any more taxes- unless the county wants to take care of me. They say they don’t need us old people anymore when I went to day shift at work.

Dewey Angel- Asked about mutual agreement with surrounding cities and also about buying equipment with other dept’s to get economies of scale. Theurer said yes to both. Hall also said he didn’t want volunteers whining about missing meals etc. That is what volunteers do. That is my opinion.

Kristin Ketcham- Should have brought this to the citizens before spending $20,000 or more on studies.

Robert Palmer- nothing

Brandy Cosby- Dec 15th- had a house fire- with a 6 month old and a 3 year old. There are things we can’t replace with insurance- photos, mementos, and lives. It took 3 months to just START rebuilding. Fires run people out of homes, not taxes.

Rick Manion- No one is against the FD- Solution is a FLAT RATE PER HOME- like $100.

TJ Jacobs- Has the independent audit reports for the FD. Profits all years until 2007-8. In that one year $106,000 or 44% increase. What happened to account for t eh loss? Chief gives the proposed budget to the board for approval. Looks like the chief wasn’t fiscally responsible. [NOTE: Chief Theurer responded that they started paying EMTs in 2007 to get then to respond to runs and Station 3 built in Logan]

Clara Jacobs- I had a home completely destroyed by fire- I was left with the clothes on my back. The only FD with an ISO 4 rating is Harrison. They have business to support it and they cover the interstate. Do this without this big an increase.

Robert Sinkhorn- has used EMS- hats off to them. We need to get facts on the table. We need a consortium of individuals and transparency. Don’t take it out on the FD- they voluntarily expose themselves to disease and danger. Undecided. Let’s have a process that can share facts- we have a responsibility to one another.

Kyle Luebbe- 29 year life-long resident- support FD and buy raffle tickets yearly. Commissioners and zoning allowed all the development. It won’t be the community we love anymore if we build too much. If we have enough volunteers that will solve it- I will volunteer tonight!

John Scully- I used EMS for a medical run last year- it cost $450. And when transported form Good Sam to Shawnee Springs it cost $1600. Our EMS was cheaper. How can you put a value on a life?

Commissioner Orschell- Would you be willing to fund with more info? (uncertain response)

? Schmidt- 7 year resident. 14 applicants- 1 left. Why? I can cook for you- but am too old to fight fires. Maybe more people need to know what is needed.

Cushman again- People drop out due to time- FD requires every other Sat for 10 Saturdays and passing a state test so study time. Step up and volunteer if we can’t get the money.

Joann Dobler- 5 years- Do we really need all these things? Maybe just charge $100 a year.

Commissioner Thompson- asked for a straw poll- How many in favor of a fire district as stated. (Mostly fire dept and EMTS.)

How many opposed? (Majority of the room)

How many would support something less than this? ( Majority of the room)

Commissioners gave out their phone numbers and asked for forms to be filled out and mailed if they wish to use those.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

3 March 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Witte, Attorney


Land Use Element of Comp Plan remained tabled from 20 Nov 2007 [NOTE: The PUBLIC HEARING on this will be at the next Commissioners Meeting on March 17th]

Bright Fire District remains tabled from 20 Jan 2009 [NOTE: There is a public hearing on this at the Bright Christian Church on Stateline Road on Monday March 9 at 7 PM]


GIS- Margaret Minzner- is working on a grant for document management.

She also introduced John (no last name given) from Laserfiche to give a demonstration on the Morning Star Document Management System. The software he demonstrated can store scanned or printed documents or documents within the computer system. They service the IRS, the CDC, Los Angeles, Mexico City, etc. Documents can be easily emailed and tagged in the system. They are stored as TIF files and the changes to the files are in layers so that the originals are intact. This works on PC networks or internet. The system can search among all the files for words or phrases. They can set it up to match your typical file system. OCR is included (optical character recognition) Security rights can be set for different employees. All redactions are printed in white instead of black to save ink and toner. Each folder on the computer can store up to 32,000 pages. Mexico City stored 12 million documents. Costs vary- but some basic packages run around $12-15,000. Public access to documents will be enhanced with this system.
Commissioners took it under advisement.

SE IN Regional Plan Commission- Mary McCarty- re-presented the grant application they have redone from last year to be signed and considered in the March round of grants for the Child Advocacy Center in Dillsboro. Negangard also spoke in support and noted this is for the region and several other counties participate. The state pays about 70% of costs, but they raise the other 30% in these counties. They are a 501c3 – so it is a charitable deduction for private donors too. Negangard says child sex abuse cases are being dealt with on a weekly and often daily basis. They anticipate a small staff and using remote teleconferencing for prosecutors unable to make the trip to Dillsboro. Costs include $250,000 for the Schmaltz Building, $3000 remodel, and $120,000 from 5 other county communities. Commissioners signed the grant application knowing that they will be asked for money in the future to help support this.

Commissioners ratified letter signature for 4 rehab properties for Lifetime Housing at 13265 Bank St Dillsboro, 16510 S Broadway in Moores Hill, 151 Pinhook and 4920 SR 46 both in W Harrison.

Bill Black – EMA_ noted their radio grant came through and also that March 15-21 is Severe Weather Awareness Week. Commissioners signed off on that. Sirens will test twice on March 18th. Sirens are for those outside- people are to go inside and turn on weather alert radios or TVs. Dearborn County sets alarms off for WARNINGS only- not Watches. All 33 sirens go off at once- so if a tornado is in the north- the whole county hears alarms.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- gave a 35-minute report:

1. Lead based paint removal – change order of $58,799.99 for the Triple Whipple will cost us just under $12,000 for our 20% share. Commissioners approved it for a Regulated Materials Disposal A for $58,799.99. It goes to Illinois for abatement and removal. There may be one more additional on that of up to $15,000 per INDOT with drainage issues. Commissioners and INDOT want the contractor to share in that cost as it is due to their work. Triple Whipple will be finished in April with ribbon cutting in May.

2. Collier Ridge slip- commissioners signed Barth and Associates Plans and also those for the slip by the RR tracks. Council already assigned funds. Bids to go out.

3. Commissioners will sign the 3 Mylars for Sagamaw, Johnson Fork, and Salt Fork bridges when they arrive.

4. Bells Branch Bridge is having preconstruction conference- Force Constructions and DLZ are on this project.

5. March 19- Listerman will preset Collier Ridge, Bonnell, and Cold Springs as possible options to INDOT for federal dollars.

6. Collier Ridge- holes in bridge deck- he will replace with steel deck to lower weight and increase longevity. Will check with Council on funds and coordinate with Emergency services etc. Has to happen before winter.

7. Friday morning – meeting on stimulus money- we have submitted 5 projects totaling $4.3 million. There is $9.3 million for the entire Seymour District. ( Also $150,000 from OKI MPO) We are ahead as we have plans and are submitted.

8. IT contract for Artemis approved consultant. Still not sure about message boards, but cameras are OK.

9. Orschell brought up the summertime 4 day work week ( 10 hours per day) He said it saves on paid lunch money, one less day of vehicles on the road, and will cut down on sick time. [NOTE: Not sure how sick time fits into the short workweek.] Listerman will look into it- maybe do a MT (off W) Th F week. Orschell wants it to be 4 days in a row. [NOTE: Perhaps divide it into 2 crews and one works M-Th and the other T –F. That way the public sees 5 days of work happening. Other concern might be 10-hour days in the heat- how productive is that?] Listerman will calculate pros and cons for the first meeting in April at Commissioners’ request.

Pickens- Auditor- Claims and minutes signed.

Witte- Attorney- still investigating the Administrator pay and equipment issues. Will have by next meeting.

Witte is not giving any advice on the open door violation that Hughes filed against Thompson and Orschell unless he is asked to by two of the commissioners. He said they were allowed to respond to it on their own without his advice and noted they have until March 9th to do so.

Witte gave his input on the Contract for Work Force 1- a late arrival on the agenda. They selected Hughes at Hughes’ request to serve on the board. Agreement signed.

Witte requested a temporary leave of absence from mid March on to serve for up to 60 days on the IN Supreme Court to fill a vacancy there. He doesn’t anticipate duties of this duration in the future. He has found a substitute lawyer for his absence and will let commissioners know tomorrow if that person agrees.

Orschell- talked to Larry Smith and the hwy dept is approved to work on his land to fix the N Dearborn safety issues there.

Thompson said he has had requests to have one day and one night meeting a month. The day meeting would be for administrative, vendors, and discussions, as well as signing off claims. The evening meeting would be for more public issues- and Public Hearings. Commissioners are to consider this for the next meeting to decide.

Thompson also said they need to schedule a working meeting for the adm. position to decide if they will fill it or change duties etc. Sue will contact each of them to set the date and advertise it.


Brian Beamer registered a complaint about Dennis Road at Sagamaw in District 3- regarding quad runners in the road, on private property without permissions, and without mufflers. They have 6-11 of them on weekends and when 911 is called they disappear. (perhaps using police scanners) Safety issues with then on the roads as well. Pickens privately told Beamer of a possible solution to their trespassing. Witte will research the legalities on quad runners on roads.
Mrs. Beamer
also told them of a safety issue with the one lane bridge and curve there and no one stops- and many just speed through. Listerman will check that.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


On March 17th, 2009 (St. Patrick’s Day) the Dearborn County Board of Commissioners may be prepared to take care of some old business—specifically, the draft Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan. The public hearing, set to begin at 7:00pm, will mark the first time in which the Comprehensive Plan update has been opened for discussion since it was tabled on November 20th, 2007. Both Plan Commission and staff members will be in attendance to address questions, comments, concerns and recommendations from all interested stakeholders.

Copies of the Comprehensive Plan update are currently available at the Department of Planning & Zoning office—located on the third floor of the Administration building—or online via the ‘Comprehensive Plan Land Use Update’ link at:

For the past several years, the County Plan Commission, its 58-member Advisory Committee, and the local planning staff have been building upon the land use framework set forth in the 2004 Comprehensive Plan. These groups developed alternative land use scenarios in consideration of the feedback returned from 4 public workshops (which included 533 surveys) as well as the findings and recommendations forwarded by the active membership of the Advisory Committee during its 12 meetings.

The current proposal for the updated Land Use Element features the following amendments: revised existing land use maps; an amended series of future land use designations; new land use criteria maps; a future land use map guide; a future land use map; and a preliminary implementation program.

FACTS about Land Use

Future land use plans and maps:

· Indicate the future land uses the community prefers. Future land uses are defined by the primary activities for which land is projected to be used.

· Are general in nature—identifying uses and use areas conceptually within the Comprehensive Plan (Indiana Code 36-7-4-501, 502, 503)

· Are prepared by the Plan Commission for a 10-20 year time frame

· Are ADVISORY documents that are based on the community’s vision of the future

· Establish criteria to determine which mix of land uses may be appropriate

· Are used by residents, businesses, schools, utilities, and government officials to guide development and project community needs

· Are used—with zoning ordinances and the comprehensive plan—as a secondary tool to evaluate development proposals

· Emphasize the importance of compatibility of adjacent land uses

· Must remain flexible and up-to-date; may be amended by the County Commissioners at any time (Indiana Code 36-7-4-511)

· Do NOT change or regulate the existing use of land

· Do NOT replace zoning or subdivision control ordinances or comprehensive plans

· Do NOT change the zoning of a property

· Do NOT change taxes or tax rates

· Do NOT constitute the taking of private property as it is not regulatory—nor does it eliminate land use or economic viability of a property (Penn Central vs. City of New York, U.S., 1978; Lucas vs. South Carolina Coastal Council, U.S., 1992)

Mark McCormack
Director of Planning & Zoning
Dearborn County Plan Commission
(812) 537-8821


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FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT FOR SB 428 on Consolidation of Probation Departments
NOTE PREPARED: Jan 7, 2009
BILL STATUS: As Introduced

IMPACT: State & Local
Summary of Legislation: Multiple Probation Department Consolidation: The bill consolidates multiple probation departments in counties having more than one probation department into one probation department under the supervision of a joint probation committee consisting of all judges having the authority to impose probation.

Joint Probation Committee: It specifies that the joint probation committee has the authority to appoint probation officers, assign probation officers to particular courts, and remove probation officers.

Probation Officer Supervision and Powers and Duties: The bill provides that a probation officer assigned to a particular court by the joint committee is under the supervision of and directly responsible to the judge of that court. It specifies that, unless the joint probation committee determines otherwise, a probation officer who comes under the authority of a joint committee in accordance with this article retains the powers and duties that the probation officer possessed before the officer came under the authority of the joint committee.

Transition Planning: The bill requires courts in a county with more than one court having the authority to impose probation to submit a transition plan to the Judicial Conference for approval, and authorizes the Judicial Conference to approve the plan, modify the plan, or deny the plan.
It makes other changes and conforming amendments.

Effective Date: July 1, 2009. ( This has been postponed)

Explanation of State Expenditures: The bill could minimally increase costs for the Judicial Conference to review transition plans submitted or resubmitted by an affected county.
Background: The Judicial Conference is chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the board of directors is comprised of judges and other court personnel from throughout Indiana. Staff is provided for the Judicial Conference through the Judicial Center. In FY 2009, the Judicial Center received an appropriation from the state General Fund of $3.1 M.

Explanation of State Revenues:

Explanation of Local Expenditures: This bill will have indeterminate fiscal impact on counties that have more than one probation department. If a combined department is more efficient, costs could be reduced for those consolidating counties.

Background- Under current law, a court or a division of a court that is authorized to impose probation may appoint probation officers sufficient to address the needs of the court. Under the bill, probation officers would be appointed and assigned by a joint committee of the courts in the county that have authority to impose probation.

In addition, authority to jointly appoint probation officers for two courts not in the same county is removed by the bill. There are no data available to indicate that any courts not in the same county are currently jointly appointing probation officers.

The 2007 Indiana Probation Report indicates that many courts have unified their probation offices. The following 26 counties have more than one probation department. (and only 7 out of 92 have more than 2 depts.)

Allen 2
Boone 2
Clark 6
Clinton 2
Dearborn 3
Decatur 2
Delaware 3
Dubois 2
Elkhart 2
Floyd 2
Gibson 2
Grant 3
Hancock 2
Hendricks 2
Jennings 2
Johnson 2
LaGrange 2
Lake 15
LaPorte 5
Madison 5
Porter 2
Posey 2
Putnam 2
St. Joseph 2
Vanderburgh 2
Warrick 2

State Agencies Affected: Judicial Conference.
Local Agencies Affected: Counties with more than one probation department.
Information Sources: State Court Administrator, 2007 Indiana Probation Report.
Fiscal Analyst: Karen Firestone, 317-234-2106.