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A video of the new Tanner's Creek Bridge plan driving from several points.

Lawrenceburg web site link

Then click on Lawrenceburg and go to Tanner's Creek Bridge for the video.

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Three names added to the candidates posting of Feb 22nd.

Barbara Wyly and Thomas Blondell were misfiled at the state level and are Democrats running for Superior Court against Republican Jonathon Cleary and Incumbent Judge Michael Witte.

Philip M Darling Democrat is running for County council at large.

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25 February 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

25 February 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Kraus, Jr., Beiersdorfer, Laws, Lehman, Lansing, Thompson, Held, and Nelson.

Also present: McGill, Attorney, McCormack, Plan Director, and Listerman, Transportation Director.

The room was about 2/3 full.

D-1 Commissioner candidate Kathy Scott was present.

Primary Approval for 75-lot subdivision (White Pines) on North Dearborn, Short, and Gaynor Ridge Roads in Logan Township on 56 acres. Zone change was approved to Residential from Ag previously. Owner is White Farm Development (Tucker and Schmidt were present) and the surveyor was JDJ Surveying (Jeff Stenger)

McCormack presented the tech review and staff report. He also showed pictures of the area to bring the 3 new board members up to speed. Aerial shots of the new layout showed a density that was far different from the surrounding lands on 3 sides. The main thrust of the staff report and Tucker’s presentation was how to buffer the surrounding neighbors from the new subdivision. [NOTE: This seems to indicate that everyone “knows” this is a different animal from its neighbors.]

Because of the 100 ft frontage on lots, curb and gutter is not required but sidewalks are required on one side of the main streets. A variance was being sought for phasing of the subdivision. Thompson asked about buffering in the bowed out area of the plat along North Dearborn Road and sight distance. It will be done so that sight distance will not be impaired. The lot owners will be maintaining the trees and buffer yards. Tucker is staying away from HOA- as people don’t seem to want to have them.

Tucker said they did NOT show the 100 ft buffer yard- as they think the owner could put in a patio or basketball goal that would get into it. They think the lot owner should have right of appeal to BZA for variance for such things. [NOTE: Are the reneging on a desired buffer?]
Their buffer is actually a 60 ft setback after the 30 ft ROW. (That adds to 90- not 100) Tucker showed pictures of serpentine and intermittent mounds with trees to illustrate what they have in mind. He thinks they can do a really good job of fixing sight distance issues. They will need a service road for St, Leon to access their lift station about once a week. It will be fenced around the lift station.

Hall asked him to set the buffer wider at Short and Gaynor and Short and North Dearborn to be sure sight distance works. Tucker said it wouldn’t be a problem as there is detention there also.
[NOTE: The county side seems to want adequate buffers and the subdividers want to leave options for the owners. The owners need to be buffered from the farm uses around them- it would be a vital amenity to get that buffer yard right.]

Stenger told the board there will be 2-14 lots on pressure sewer- the rest will be gravity- depending on St. Leon. Listerman advised Thompson and the board that boring under the road to access sewer was not a problem.

Tucker plans intermittent white board fencing. Hall said 2 trees per lot (100 ft) seems sparse. Tucker said they will be spruce, pine, and deciduous like pears. He doesn’t want a wall of trees as that would be uninteresting. [NOTE: Even when a spruce is mature in a windbreak at 15-20 ft spacing- 2 trees would cover only 40 ft. of the 100 ft area.]

Beiersdorfer reminded them that the shallow roots systems of pines don’t do well on mounds, as the recent drought illustrated. Tucker will use conservation officers and covenants to keep the kids from taking four wheelers over the mounds. Answering Nelson- Tucker said he’s staying away from HOA.

Stenger said they want 3-4 phases to help steer traffic to North Dearborn- they won’t open the Gaynor Ridge intersection till about half built out. [NOTE: This is where road bonds etc get into trouble. This variance needs to be really looked at carefully. People might be trained off Gaynor Ridge at first, but once that is open- it won’t matter. All that “training” will be gone. I would say that is not an adequate reason to NOT build that through street in the beginning.]

Tucker told Laws the lifetime for the phases is 5-7 years.

McCormack cited section 2516 on accessory buildings to clarify some points with the board. Stenger noted the front yards face the NEW streets- so the back yards are what the existing streets will view. He said all lots have at least 80 ft from the centerline of the road as setback. [NOTE: Now it’s just a 50 ft setback- above it was a 60 ft from the ROW end. This buffer yard number seems to be bouncing around a lot.]

Nelson thinks the 8x10 sheds won’t be a problem- we made them have internal streets- don’t dink them on this. Thompson noted that though this is already approved- this is the problem with compatibility in high-density situations.


Glen Crocker- 38 year resident of Short Road. The vote was 5-4 by the PC and 2-1 by the commissioners to rezone this and it did stick a knife in rural Dearborn County. The example pictures of buffers are good looking- they show more than 2 trees. You have to make this look good because it’s an area of high visual impact. I’m not sure about the deciduous trees- but that’s my personal opinion. I don’t want a fence around the whole thing- that would be ugly. Lots 47-56 are in an area that is completely wooded now- how is this going to save greenspace? Hopes they can preserve many of these trees. Make sure this gets maintained- like the sidewalks.
Crocker also advised them of the actual location of the sewer lines- as being ½ way down Short Rd on his side. (St. Leon is in error)
He ended saying it was hard to grab a hold of this setting right in the middle of RURAL Dearborn County. We want to be a good neighbor- make it LOOK good…

Todd Schumate- resident of Gaynor Ridge. Minimize the impact and make it look right. This area has high travel and high visibility. The outbuildings should have the same fa├žade as the home. It should look clean. Schumate doesn’t want vinyl sides- showed the example of the one buckling in high temperatures at Harley Springs with one window and door on the whole side of siding.
He said curbs and gutters will prevent parking in the front lots and county has no parking on their roads – which is helpful to emergency and fire equipment. Be mindful of us having to turn fire trucks around. We don’t want 10 years of dirt and dust around us during construction. Would like to see no wood burning stoves in the covenants- a health issue. Who will replace trees if they die?

Bob Gaynor- these were to be ¾-acre lots. I see 16 at ¾, 29 at ½ and 30 between ½ and ¾ acres. Who will maintain the retention areas? Listerman and Thompson said- the property owner or HOA if there is one.
Gaynor is not sure about the mounds- 3 ft isn’t going to do it, especially on a 2-story house. There are 26 homes on the outer perimeter- he wants a decorative fence there as a protection for the kids playing. Noted that cars travel faster than speed limit out there. Treat the backyards the same as the front yards- make it look nice.

Tom Gaynor- Farmland is adjacent- still concerned about traffic- the fence is a good idea. Where did all the green space go? Where will the kids play?

Steve Kuhn- Gaynor Ridge- most is already covered- his big concern is the visual impact- don’t know of any other subdivisions in the county bounded by 3 roads like this. Concerned for the safety of the neighbor kids. Make the fence look like a prize- not an eyesore.

Kathy Scott- Heard about covenants- will this have a Homeowners association (HOA)? Who will bear the cost of the sewer extension and lift station? Hall said the developer would.

Lydia Schumate- Doesn’t think 3- ft mounds will be enough. Fence with trees on both sides of it would look somewhat woodsy. Worried about lights form homes and cars driving in and noise. We’ll have to deal with that. They need to remember we still farm and they will have to adjust to that and the smells etc.


Thompson- Could have a hodge podge of fencing styles. Who will enforce retention? Who will keep mounds and trees?

McCormack- Enforcement after build out will be complaint based.

Tucker- The other lot owners will enforce the covenants (in court). He will address the maintenance and fencing issues in the covenants.

Listerman- Traffic speed calculations and the sight triangle will be worked on in the improvement plan.

Tucker- How about 4 trees average per lot?

Lansing- 3-foot mound- standard?

Tucker- actually 3-5 feet. More than that looks like a wall. There may be some vinyl homes- they can look nice. I live in an all vinyl home- that was the style. Sheds can match the homes color scheme.

Stenger- Owners will do regular maintenance on the detention ponds- but if it blows out- the subdivision community will have to help repair.

Tucker- Brookstone Way is 9 years old with no problems- Tucker cleaned it before the county took over roads. Also Old Orchard.

Stenger- You should put in an Ag covenant to say that the subdivision buyers can’t complain about adjacent Ag uses. They do that in Ripley and Franklin.

THOMPSON moved and NELSON 2nd to approve the primary plat based on:
1. An average of 4 trees /lot in the buffer
2. Controls by covenant or HOA for uniformity of fencing and
3. Retention of character of the buffer
4. Repair and maintenance of the detention by the developer until buildout is complete,
5. Sidewalks on one side
6. Service lane to the lift station
7. Requirement for architectural review by the developer of the primary structure
8. Ag Covenant(as described by Stenger)
9. Accessory buildings to match the residence in color scheme
10. Sanitary sewer lines to be run inside the development rather than on adjacent property as on the west side of Conifer Court- unless St, Leon provides a sound reason
11. Require a buffer on the east side of the subdivision
12. Have an appropriate way to prevent leakage should the lift station fail and thus protect the pond to the east.
All ayes- Passed.

The variance for phasing the development was questioned by Thompson as not fulfilling the requirements. They were all over the problem of the Gaynor Ridge intersection being opened and when. This was tabled until March until Tucker has plans.

Subdivision ordinance changes tabled until March.

First bond report given to board.
Financial guarantee steps- have a fireproof safe for these documents.
Kate Rademacher is sending series of letters to get the bonds updated. They mentioned Old Orchard bonds lapsed and they have NOT withheld permits for this. [NOTE: Why not?]

The Sugar Ridge mess was mentioned also

Comp Plan – McCormack is still trying to keep discussions going with Fox and Hughes.

Fiscal Impact Study is proceeding at OKI

Kraus Jr. complained about fees for small splits as being excessive when attached to the $100 for the original panhandle. He’s talking about corrections of slivers of land. McCormack is authorized to waive those fees.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

2030 OKI Regional Transportation Plan - OPEN HOUSE March 6

From the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments
Regarding the 2030 OKI Regional Transportation Plan:

Come see the transportation recommendations for your community! We need your input.

Open House will run 4-7pm., feel free to stop by between these hours!

DEARBORN COUNTY: Thursday, March 6
Dearborn County Administration Building
215B West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

If you have questions, concerns or need additional information contact:

Florence Parker
Public Involvement Specialist
OKI Regional Council of Governments
720 East Pete Rose Way - Suite 420
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513.621.6300, Ext 103
513.621.9325 Fax

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County Candidates for Election 2008

County Candidates for Election 2008

Information received from Clerk’s Office at 1:30 PM today. Deadline to sign up was noon. Republicans = R and Democrats = D after the candidate’s name


Jeff Hughes R - Incumbent

Kathy Scott R

Rick Pope R


Rick Fox R- Incumbent

Jerome (Jake) Hoog D

Thomas Orschel D


Charlie Fehrman R - Incumbent

Bill Ullrich R- Incumbent

Maynard Barrott R –“Incumbent” appointed to fill Mark Mitter’s unexpired term

Casey Finnegan R

Patrick Holland R

Thomas Hammond R

Philip M Darling D


Dennis Kraus, Jr. R – Incumbent

Roger Woodfill R


Donald Holt


Gayle Pennington R


Phil Weaver R

JUDGE SUPERIOR COURT 1 (These candidates sign up at the state and info gets updated at Clerks Office)

G Michael Witte- R- Incumbent

Jonathon Cleary R

Barbara Wyly D

Thomas R Blondell D


Ralph Thompson
Chet Wolgamot
Helen Kremer
Thomas Fehrman
Randy Bentle
Bryan Messmore
Shirley King
Michael Gardiner
Michelle Fentress
Fred Lester
Maynard Barrott
Marty Hon
Phil Weaver
Glen Deddens
Tracy Cleary
Ken Courtney
Ernest White
Cary Pickens
Patricia Little
Gary Morris
Bert Wagner
Craig Beckley

Thursday, February 21, 2008

St. Leon and Its Bond Documents.

St. Leon and Its Bond Documents.

For the past few years citizens in and around St. Leon are being forced to destroy their functioning septic systems. They are being forced to hookup to the St. Leon Sewer Works system wherever the sewer board has laid this low pressure sewer line given that one’s property line, not their home, is within 300 feet of the sewer line.

To finance the Sewer Works St. Leon issued industrial revenue bonds in the total amount of nearly 5 million dollars. The earlier bonds of 1996 bonds were described as not to exceed a 6% interest return to owner of the bonds.

Subsequently more bonds were issued to expand the sewer system.The interest paid to the owners of the bonds is exempt from the Federal Income Tax.

An industrial revenue bond pays interest and the cost of the eventual repurchase of the bond comes only from the income generated by the project for which the bonds were issued. Therefore the fees generated by hooking up to the sewer lines, and the monthly fees to receive the sewer service are the only permissible sources of revenue to pay for all of this. Additionally there are ongoing Sewer Works operating costs such as maintenance, repairs, replacement of outdated or worn out equipment, office costs, equipment and liability insurance costs and the fees paid to the company EES, which is the for profit operator of the St. Leon system. The town of St. Leon has no legal financial responsibility for this Sewer Works.The source of the revenue to pay for all of the above is the customer of the Sewer Works.

The Sewer Works, in order to protect the investment of the people who bought the Sewer Bonds which financed this project can adjust rates and charges to guarantee the bondholders the interest payments they receive plus a guarantee to repurchase the bonds from the owners of the bonds at very definite dates. This is clearly described in the Bond Document “Amended Ordinance Number 1996-7, page 12, section 16.

In the subsequent bond issue ordinance a clause was inserted into the document which has caused most of the trouble in regard to the people of St Leon and its surrounding area related to the St. Leon Sewer Works.
The following is a Direct quote from the Bond Document labeled exhibit A, Ordinance Number 2003-4, page 39 section ( g):

· “The town shall take all actions or proceedings necessary and proper to require connection of all property where liquid and solid waste, sewage, night soil, or industrial waste is produced with available sanitary sewers. The Town shall, insofar as possible cause all such sanitary sewers to be connected with said sewage works.”

There is it. Welcome to a possible sheriff’s sale of your property.

This begs the questions:
1. Who recommended this clause?
2. Who agreed to put it into the document?
3. Did anyone including the bond council explain to the signatories of the document the possible dire effects upon our neighbors?
4. Did the signatories of the document actually study the document and question this severe clause? Did they actually read it?

All the Sewer Works people, had to do thereafter is lay sewer lines, invoke the Indiana code of mandatory sewer hookups of property lines within 300 feet of the sewer line, and they had A MONEY MACHINE, far better than a printing press in the cellar.

The following is another direct quote from the 1996 Bond Document page 15 section (g):

“The provisions of this ordinance shall constitute a contract by and between the Town and the holders of the Bonds and after issuance of the said Bonds this Ordinance shall not be repealed or amended in any respect which in anyway adversely affects the rights of such holders so long as any of the Bonds or interest thereon remain unpaid”.

Thus all this talk about amending the law, modifying the law ad nauseum is outrageously foolish. IT CAN’T BE DONE!

These clauses are in the documents, they are public documents written in plain ordinary English. Anyone with a 6th grade education can easily read and understand these documents. Where were those who have sworn to look after the welfare of the citizens?

The only possible answer to this problem is to get the state to purchase the bonds and destroy them. The state has plenty of money as compared to a measly few million dollars of state money. Remember the State gave Honda in Greensburg 140 million dollars worth of tax breaks and 50 million dollars of cash.

Remember that Senator Nugent and the Governor , Mitch Daniels even persuaded Lawrenceburg to give, yes, give 10 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to the City of Greensburg. John Nugent together with the Governor ought to find this 5 million There is plenty of money around. No, I am not asking Lawrenceburg to pay off this debt, it should be done by the state.

The argument that other municipalities will go to the state to ask for help to relieve debt is not valid. We have an egregious set of Bond Documents that are destroying the right of our citizens to pursue a pleasant life out from under heavy handed government and/or its sycophants. People are suffering as they think of the consequences of these ordinances.

At the Commissioner meeting of February 19, 2008 we had to listen to a young mother and wife pleading on behalf of herself and on the behalf of others, some aged, to be able to live in peace in their homes without the specter of losing their homes. It was embarrassing to listen to this woman baring her financial woes, telling all of us that she can’t afford to do what the St. Leon sewer works demands from her in order for her to keep her home.

Here in the United State of America people can actually lose their homes because of these Ordinances?? Ordinances which perhaps no one studied? Yes they can!

This is indescribably shameful.

Alan S. Freemond, Sr.
Tanners Creek Farm
Jackson Township.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


2008 Lawrenceburg Municipal Development Fund Final Budget
Total amount budgeted $90,509,561. Total available $115,063,265

Salary Council 10,000
City Manager 114,729 -3.5% raise
City Manager secretaries 75,006 -CM sec’y and construction mgr sec’y
Salary Mayor 11,000
Salary Clerk treasurer 16,670 -as directed by Council
Salary Pool 40,000
Temp help 5,000
Longevity 6,020
Overtime 5,000
Human resource person 44,998
Sick Pay incentive 2,400
Social Security 31,000
Medicare 7,100
PERF 49,000
Unemployment 60,000
Assistant City Mgr 40,000 -1/2 year salary
Court Part time help 29,120
Union pension 13,000
MDF Clothing allowance 1,575
Construction inspector 70,898 3.5% raise
Utility Maintenance staff 90,000 2 employees
Office supplies 6,000
Computer equip/services 10,000
Fall Fest 350,000 there is no carryover this year
City Christmas party 18,000 same as last year
Copier maintenance 5,000
Eq and computer repair/maint 20,000
MDF Pool servicing 6,000
MDF pool supplies 45,000
Law’bg bond bank 0 current balance $2,493,309
Winterfest 110,000
Council private business loan 8,000,000 same as last year
Council public entity loans 5,000,000 same as last year
Training funds 50,000 15,000 canine- rest for safety training
Remedial operation 200,000
Water dept. support 225,000
Riverfront garage operations 225,000 increase to cover raise and ops
Electric bills 356,000
Water bills 110,000
Sewerage bills 60,000
Services and consultants 350,000 includes GIS contract
GIS mapping 30,000 going to contract
Survey and misc 75,000
Legal fees and services 350,000 up $250,000
Annexation 250,000
Spring and fall cleanup 25,000
Travel and other expenses 20,000
Postage 15,000
Telephone and fax 100,000 up $40,000 cover police station
Business cards/stationary 1,000
Health insurance 2,200,000 from union contract
Infrastructure master plan 25,000
Council donations 75,000 up 35,000
New scholarship fund 100,000 same as last year
Old scholarship fund 400,000 same as last year
Main St Association 275,000
MDF Housing Grants 25,000
City/Argosy mowing 12,000
Subscriptions/dues 2,000 same as last year
Gov’t support grant program 12,383,045 last year of 3 yr Honda commitment
Franklin Cty revenue share 500,000
Upgrade at Hilltop station 0 complete
Fire safety Ed’n trailer 0 complete
Fire dept training bldg 1,000,000 on track for 2008
Public warning siren replace 0
Riverfront Dev. Phase II 0
Alley projects 250,000
Ludlow Hill Phase II 2,000,000 see note below
Ludlow Hill 2,000,000 repair SR 48
Ivy Tech landslide 0
Adult Center Improvements 0
Argosy electric substation 450,000
Annex’n utility improvement 1,250,000
L-bg Aurora trail 0
US 50 utility mains 200,000
Water treatment plant 300,000
Electrical substation 40,000
SR 48 utilities relocation 300,000
Downtown underground 500,000
Unfinished projects 500,000
Tate St. Park 0
Property acquisition 1,000,000
Dearborn Cty Econ Initiative 0 end of 04-05-06 commitment
Dearborn Cty Chamber 25,000 increase to support Bus and trail
Agner Hall Renovation 50,000 complete ceiling installation
Fairgrounds Improvements 100,000 catchall throughout park
Utility Meter improvements 50,000
Utility dept & MDF vehicles 473,000 see note below
Env study for Rt 1 Bypass 0 Project is Most Likely Dead
YMCA Bldg improvement 0
Community Center Program 500,000 operations+ 105,000 from foundation
Swimming pool exp.iceskate 2,500,000
Tanners Creek Bridge Project 8,000,000
Dearborn Cty Foundation 1,800,000 same as last year
City Marketing program 100,000
Small business grant program 100,000 same as last year
Stormwater improvements 275,000
Parks Maintenance fund 2,000,000
Industrial Dr. improvement 250,000
Bldg/monument maintenance 2,000,000
Library Improve Bond Pay 750,000 ongoing until 5 mil paid off
Ivy Tech Buildout 0
Riverfront Condos project 50,000 to study River View condos
Fairgrounds Race Track Exp 4,500,000 project is underway
Riverfront Phase III Dev 5,000,000 meeting center/hotel project
Special Crimes Unit 100,000 annual giving
Walnut St Row houses PhII 500,000 begin property acq for PhII
Holt Hoffman Housing Dev 20,000
Arch St Park Improvement 0
New Storage Building 0
Police K-9 seminar 30,000
Vance Tousey House Ops 10,000
Dearborn hospital Improve 500,000 2nd of 5 payments
655 SR48 Lift Station Imp 750,000
Dearborn Cty School Grants 2,000,000 raise 1 mil plus carryover
Senior Housing Development 3,000,000
Ludlow Hill Ph III 200,000 finish current projects
Little League Exp Fgds 225,000
Fairgrounds RVarea Imp 150,000
City Compound Gravel 0
Downtown St Improvement 3,000,000 to be decided at later date
Streetscape Maintenance 150,000
Stockpile Concrete Bumpers 0
Traffic Control Safety Eq. 25,000
Tanners Cr Dock Imp Ph I 350,000
Fire Equipment 175,000
LERU Equip 50,000
LERU part time wages 50,000
Capital assets 20,000
City election expenses 0
Walnut St Row house const 2,500,000 should cover all 13 units
Animal Shelter match grant 0
Self insurance fund 2,000,000
Crime stoppers fund 10,000 same as last year
CVS site development 700,000 mostly st improvements
Fuel expenses 250,000
Police tech equipment 100,000
George St Park 350,000 rehab park and lift station
Tanners Cr Dr Fill 400,000 continue to fill at post office
Security Management 35,000 manage security camera system
Riverfront reconfiguration 250,000 Budget for the Riverwatch
Homesteading Program 1,000,000 to be developed
Transfer station 500,000
County match to DCF Endow 100,000 Match DC grant to foundation

Notes- Includes rehab of Fairview, Sunnyslope, Edgewood, Heiner, Quarry, and Bielby

Vehicles- 1 ton dump for 2000 1 ton dump 40,000
Trash hauler for #42 110,000
Zero turn mower for J Deere tractor 10,000
Garden Tractor replacement 2,500
Crew Cab P/U to replace 1 tin dump 30,000
1 salt spreader 5,600
New roll off truck 150,000
New bobcat for old bobcat 48,000
Replace ass’t Fire Ch car 28,000
Replace city mgr car 23,000
New truck body for utilities 25,000
Total vehicles not counting police 472,100

19 February 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

19 February 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Thompson, and Fox
Also present: Pickens, Auditor and Ewbank, Attorney.

ABSENT: Messmore, Administrator (at GIS conference until Wednesday)
A uniformed police officer was present.

The meeting room was full- most were from CASE- Citizens Against Forced Sewer Hook-Ups.

There were several candidates for commissioner in the audience as well.

1. The personnel manual was tabled again.

2. Donna Imfeld- spoke regarding forced sewer hook-ups. She asked the commissioners if St. Leon Sewer reps were obligate to give the commissioners accurate numbers when they present information. Hughes said that they would have to look into it if they hadn’t. Imfeld told them she didn’t live in St. Leon and that she was here because “you are my elected officials.” She gave them a packet outlining the record of deceit of the St. Leon sewer officials throughout the years. She spoke of IDEM saying they were not to go outside their corporate limits until they had first supplied the inhabitants inside the town. She said that Andy Bischoff (on the board) spoke on giving the people a choice protesting forced hook-up and that was 5 months AFTER he was supposedly hooked-up.

They said in writing that if they were 500 ft or more from the point of connection they didn’t have to hook-up. Her home was 1365 ft from the point of connection and now they tell her she “rolled the dice and lost.” And they are forcing her to connect.

They said the state is making them do it.

On Nov 7, 2005 they said the town ordinance was making them do it.

Now they say the bonds are.

Your letter to Lawrenceburg supporting them does NOT force them to retire the bonds.

Watson told you 42 were unhooked of the 115. 77 out of 115 weren’t hooked and 71 of those will not hook up. (Later in the discussion it was noted that all of these people were called within the past week and this data was verified by three women who gave their names for the record.)

They have shown favoritism in deciding who gets letters to be forced to hook-up and who does not. They are based on business or personal relationships.

Imfeld went on to say that personally she cannot afford the over $30,000 quote she got to hook-up. She does not want to do business with St. Leon- because she doesn’t trust them, she has no vote, and she has no control over what they can do.
She asked the commissioners to not put up an argument and support St. Leon’s sewer deception.

Fox: You are not under our jurisdiction for sewers. But I also do not want forced hook-ups.

Hughes: Not wanting forced hook-ups either.

Imfeld: Lawrenceburg is NOT interested in doing this loan without the 3 of you.

Fox: If St. Leon could get the money it would get you free and clear if they retire those bonds. [NOTE: Not necessarily- only if they retire the bonds AND have another source of money to pay off Lawrenceburg’s loan. DCRSD may have lead St. Leon to think that they will be the recipient’s of that $4.5 million sewer money that Council is holding. That would then stymie the effort of West Aurora sewers that High Ridge needs.]

Imfeld: You could say they won’t get a letter of support until they retire these bonds.

They filed a lawsuit against 18 of us 2.5 years ago and the only action is their motion for a summary judgment. John Watson told me I would be the last one sued.

Hughes: The state has Indiana Code, which says municipalities can go outside in a 1-mile radius and DCRSD now has authority so they can’t sewer anything further. I talked to Tom Knollman a state rep via email. He said he would look into it. [NOTE: What specifically did Hughes ask Knollman to look into?]

Imfeld: How long can they hound us? She delineated her costs and maintenance issues and asked- Are we to lose our houses over this?

Fox: The law is flawed- they reason we took over the county with DCRSD was to help stop this. [NOTE: Why does this idea make me laugh? Who is he kidding?] We wanted to support the loan because we thought they’d swap future customers for those of you under this. The law is crazy- if existing septic works.

Imfeld: Shouldn’t you actively pursue this?

Thompson: I have- I talked to Senator Beverly Guard and also Bischoff and Nugent. I didn’t sign this letter. Ewbank says it’s a bad law. We need to write to these people- the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Imfeld: You were close to fixing this for us.

Fox: IF Lawrenceburg doesn’t give them that much- then they can’t retire the bond. I don’t think they’ll get enough from Lawrenceburg to retire the bond. [NOTE: Why is he hedging now?]
If you could go to Lawrenceburg to get the money to retire this…

Mary Lynn Hertel: (another CASE member) Lawrenceburg insisted that St. Leon make peace with their people and make sure they can pay back the loan- they wanted a 100% guarantee of monthly payments. So how will they pay it back?

Ewbank: We don’t want Lawrenceburg to feel like they can’t use the same enforced hook-up law. Though he didn’t think they forced hook-ups and they did have lines outside the city.

Donna Imfeld and Mary Lynn Hertel and Judy Schneider identified themselves as the 3 who called the 77 members to see who was hooking on or not. They noted that the mother of one of the people of St. Leon was hooking on.

Thompson motioned and Fox 2nd to authorize Ewbank to provide veracity of St. Leon’s version at their next meeting. All ayes. Ewbank will check with the attorneys and court.

Ewbank: Wants to see the bond documents. [NOTE: Watson will give those documents out- I personally have seen them as have other activists.]

Ewbank:The local municipal authorities won’t want to give up this power. [NOTE: Government gets its power from the people. When its power ceases to serve the people- we all know what is supposed to happen next. The history of America is based on what happens when government forgets whom they serve. We even have a national holiday on July 4th celebrating it.]

Imfeld noted that Thom Hammond, their spokesperson, was out due to surgery and Thompson reiterated the importance of writing to get the law changed.

3. All 5 text amendments to the subdivision ordinance were passed. (Bonds, fences, and collector road access issues were corrected) PC will look into making text changes only effective twice a year – unless emergency.
McCormack said the biggest changes will be in the zoning district texts, but that will occur after the master plan maps get adopted.

4. Todd Listerman quickly updated commissioners on the Triple Whipple and said they were seeking federal aid for bridges on Collier Ridge, Cold Springs, and Bonnell.

He also introduced Matt with Gehring Group to discuss a geotech assessment of 6 borings to see what problems actually exist above the hill. Cost is $17,500 that is already in the engineering budget. They think a smaller wall may work near the RR tracks versus the current larger wall in the HC Nutting report.
Thompson agreed it was a way to quantify and see what problems are on the hill. Fox motioned, Thompson- all ayes to proceed with the borings.

5. Claims signed- minutes tabled for corrections.

6. Ewbank said there were no new lawsuits.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Sunday, February 17, 2008

2030 OKI Regional Transportation Plan Public Meeting MARCH 6th

2030 OKI Regional Transportation Plan Public Meeting
Get Involved NOW in Shaping the Region’s Transportation Future

The Plan is the long-range, comprehensive transportation-planning document for the three-state, eight-county Greater Cincinnati region. The public's input is especially important in this process.You can participate in the update of the 2030 Plan.

March Public Open Houses
Now is the time for Greater Cincinnati community to become involved in determining the future of the transportation system. A second round of public open houses will be held in March, 2008. Transportation recommendations for roadways, transit (rail and bus), freight, bicycle/pedestrian and IT/ARTIMIS will be presented.

Dearborn County's Open House on this plan is MARCH 6th (Thursday) from 4-7 PM at the Dearborn County Administration Building at 215 B West High Street in Lawrenceburg, IN
For more information go to
You may also view documents online and comment from the oki site.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


3059 State Road #46
West Harrison, IN 47060
Phone: (812) 637-2530

January 14,2008

Dearborn County Commissioners
215B West High St.
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Attn: Bryan Messmore County Administrator

Re: St. Leon WWTP Expansion


As you are aware, the Town of St. Leon is currently preparing to initiate construction of an expansion of its Wastewater Treatment Plant. This expansion will provide for future anticipated growth within the Town as well as allow the Town to support Economic Development in Dearborn County, specifically within the West Harrison and St. Leon TIF Districts.

For example, the Town is currently in receipt of a request from DCEDI to commit to provide sewer service to the Stone Trust Property within the West Harrison TIF District. Sewer service must be available to secure the classification of "shovel ready". The Town is unable to make that commitment unless and until the WWTP expansion is financed and under construction.

The most cost-effective financing for the project is the Lawrenceburg Public Entity Loan Fund, which the Town is now pursuing.

The support of the Dearborn County Commissioners recognizing the Economic Development benefits of this improvement is very desirable and we hereby request a letter documenting this support. The favorable financing terms provided by Lawrenceburg would also allow potential cost reductions to TIF District users.

Finally, it should be noted that the proposed WWTP expansion to secure Economic Development needs in the Northwest Quadrant of Dearborn County is consistent with the "Woolpert Study."

Your support is appreciated and would provide the most timely method of enhancing Economic Development of the TIF Districts.

Since time is of the essence, we would appreciate your letter of support at the earliest possible date,

Please do not hesitate to call with questions.

Town of St, Leon

5 February 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

5 February 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator

A uniformed police officer was present

1. Commissioners tabled the employee manual again.

2. Fred Emley of Wilkerson Road asked for his road to be paved as the chip seal is deteriorating. There are now 21 homes on the 1 mile dead end road. He reminded the commissioners that when the boats came, the public was promised the roads would be paved with that money.

Hughes asked Listerman to explain the road priority list. Listerman went through the usual spiel about how road are selected for the list via a point system and that Wilkerson wasn’t on it yet.

Fox said that Listerman was telling the truth.



Pickens said there is $13.4 million per year total.

Fox said- we are not picking and choosing- we have a standard point system.

Emley said- well- at least I tried…

3. John Zeidan- well- we just heard there is no money. So we need business to pay for the roads. Zeidan went on about his last presentation to the commissioners and was upset that he turned on his computer and found pages and “pages about me and you” on it. [NOTE: He’s referring to comments on the blog after the meeting notes.]
He said we need improvements and subdivisions and that we are in trouble. When are we going to realize this and start doing something about it? I pay a lot of taxes and people are not happy about me saying something that will improve the county…

Thompson: How will these comments affect us?

Zeidan: You are not on the site- they are happy with you. But it looks like you are closing the garage door on US 50 so no one is coming up. A neighbor of yours nearly died from mosquitoes- (he tied this to sewage.) Businesses need sewage.

Thompson: There are more problems than just sewage- US 50 and road issues. I’m for smart growth- not for cheap subdivisions. I also am for economic growth.

Zeidan: You are working your agenda- you need to work for US. You don’t work for us or for our area. I think I put the wrong person in that chair. Kids can’t find jobs here.

Thompson: You gave this speech before…

Zeidan: You don’t want sewage because of forcing others on- but they have to. There are cowards on this site with pages of things that made him angry.

Hughes: They have first amendment rights. They can say what they want.

[NOTE: It was unclear if Mr. Zeidan was only complaining about other’s comments on his last presentation or if he was complaining about Thompson not working to get his sewage needs met for his business – Starlight reception Hall- on US 50. Zeidan is evidently caught in a tough spot- he bought a reception hall and it has now sewer to it. The health dept. probably figures in this also, as they would be in charge of deciding how Zeidan can operate without complete sewers.]

4. Don Townsend gave his year end report and highlighted some figures comparing 3 categories of permits with those in Franklin and Ripley County:

In 2006 Dearborn issued 203 single family, 94 remodel/additions, and 104 commercial. In 2007 Dearborn had 138 single families, 101 remodel/addition, and 64 commercial. [NOTE: I checked with Planning and Zoning and in 2005 Dearborn county had 292 single family, 6 multi family, 6 multi family, and 32 manufactured homes. In 2006 PZ had 200 single family and 3 mobiles. In 2007 they had 129 singles, 2 mobiles and 1 manufactured home. In 2006 PZ had 3 commercial and in 2007 they had 2. So I am confused- it seems that the single-family numbers are close- and the commercials are off. PZ office staff thought it was because Townsend was including the city and town permits also. In any event it is clear that the county is feeling the pinch of the economic downturn. Numbers for the county residential development have remained steady for a number of years up through 2005 at about 300- ON AVERAGE.]

RIPLEY County in 2006 had 121 single family, 30 remodel/additions, and 19 commercial. In 2007 they had 86 single family, 63 remodel/additions, and 33 commercial.

In FRANKLIN County in 2006 there were 79 single family, 45 remodel/additions, and 5 commercial. In 2007 they had 77 single families, 49 remodel/addition, and 10 commercial.

Townsend also told commissioners that his staff all passed their weights and measures test and that he can operate with just 4 inspectors right now- saving the extra salary for when construction picks up again. (The 5th inspector quit this year) The building dept. is in the black with their fees covering their expenses.
Dutch Hollow building finally got torn down today and Union Ridge has another building that will need to be torn down.

Fox complimented Townsend- saying he’s done a tremendous job here.

Townsend also answered Thompson’s question on the pigeon infestation on a Moore’s Hill property. It’s been condemned due to histoplasmosis (lung disease caused by pigeon droppings).

5. John Watson and Frank Leone presented a request for a letter of support to Lawrenceburg for the St. Leon Waste Water Plant expansion. They are going for a grant or loan for the $4.68 million expansion for an additional 720,000 gpd. They plan no line expansions. They are at 75% capacity and will start hearing from IDEM at 80-85% capacity- they want to plan ahead. They are willing to commit to economic development but don’t know how much they can offer. DCRSD said they need 500,000 gpd. Watson believes they are still interested but they haven’t signed the contract with St. Leon yet. He said St, Leon needs to move forward.

At their 2nd meeting with Lawrenceburg – they recommended a grant/loan combo. If west Harrison TIF needs sewage the developer will have to bring the line about a mile to St. Leon’s point. There are also citizens in St, Leon who want commercial development.
Watson sees this as mutually beneficial plus it gets jobs. They NEED a letter of support from the county, as Lawrenceburg requires it.

Fox: I’m familiar with all this from eth time I was in the SD school board. Getting sewage to the schools was a tremendous benefit to the taxpayers. The only thing about this is the forced hook-ons. None of us is in favor of that. If you get cheaper funding, then people get cheaper rates. I want to see the customer base without forced hook-ons. I believe you could get Lawrenceburg to help and cushion the costs of the forced hook-ons. I don’t think we can restrict your use to commercial versus residential. I don’t think it’s legal to do this.

Watson: Planning and Zoning controls development- not sewage. Sewers are needed for commercial. Your staff provides services for the town of St, Leon- we have a minimum lot size of 1 acre- we’re more restrictive than the county. He complimented our PZ staff- as giving them excellent value for their money spent on them.

Thompson: How big a grant with Lawrenceburg?

Watson: 80/20 grant for $1million.

Thompson: How will you pay it back?

Watson: We’re doing a financial study- maybe the county could get a grant also so we may get it in a cost-neutral way. Our sewer rates are favorable when compared across the state and have been the same since 2002. Our TAP FEE is high. But we charge the same- inside or outside the town. The only rate differences were due to a grant that financed the free grinders in the beginning.

Leone: We worked for 3 years with Bryan Messmore and DCRSD- with bids and IDEM approvals. The first payment on the debt is 2 years away. We’ve had requests on the Stone property in the west Harrison TIF to get certified with the state.

Thompson: Why are you forcing the people if you need the capacity for economic development?

Leone: It’s just two different issues- they are separate. They are promised to hook-on. [NOTE: Leone did NOT answer this question.] Woolpert supports this . we wont build any lines- you can choose where the development goes. We just do the capacity.

Hughes: We’re not going to tell Lawrenceburg what to do. But we can cultivate a seedbed in a TIF to get new business. [NOTE: I do so love these farming analogies.]

Fox: You can direct this money to retire the first bond and then get rid of the forced hook-ups. [NOTE: Holy cow! A creative way to get around the problem!]
Get this bad taste out of everyone’s mouth. Retire the old one’s first and the new ones will be cheaper.

Watson: We send 970 bills a month. 115 not hooked are down to 42 not hooked. 18 are being sued. We’ve made on offer on reduced hook-up fees to $800 and financing the grinder over 2 years.

Hughes: Why are we getting involved?

Watson: They (Lawrenceburg) want to see county support.

Fox: Motioned to send the letter to Lawrenceburg.

The second was interrupted by Cliff Eibeck telling them that Ziegler was turned down years ago by them.

Thom Hammond asked to make 2 points. He wants to work with St. Leon- but wants the forcing issue to cease as a condition of the support letter. He wants the 18 lawsuits dismissed- and the thorn will be removed from this process.

Fox: This should help- go to Lawrenceburg and this gives St, Leon the loophole to get you out of this.

Hammond: The opportunity is here- it’s so close- let’s get these suits off. Simply ask them to drop the lawsuits and THEN you will give them the letter. Your citizens have been coming here on bended knee to ask for your help.
There are 970 users, 117 mandatory letters, and 18 lawsuits.

Thompson: I’m in favor of expansion for economic development- but I won’t second this because I don’t hear them saying they won’t force hook-ups or restrict this to economic development.

Hughes: We can’t even farm without subsidies. People go out of the state to work. We can’t just look at this as one issue only- don’t want it to be held hostage for one issue.
I second the motion. [NOTE: but it’s OK for your citizens to be held hostage to some bond document wording.]

2 ayes- Thompson Nay.

Fox: Motioned : I want a letter to say that if this pans out we want them to stop forced hook-ons if at all possible.

Thompson 2nd. All ayes.

[NOTE: Now do you think that second letter will get written? And will that – if at all possible line- be another loophole?]

Fox took a break at this point but the meeting went on.

6. Dan Stroup was appointed to Historic Hoosier Hills.

7. Lifetime Resources letter in support of a federal grant was signed.

8. Todd Listerman -Got contract and title page signed for Bells Branch Bridge.
Faulkner Construction from Louisville will do the Triple Whipple to begin in April.
Listerman informed Hughes that PZ office is monitoring bonds and that ordinance will be coming to them soon from PC.

9. Pickens got 3 EMS contracts signed for Dillsboro- St, Leon, and Moores Hill.

The annual financial report showed rounded off figures for County General as $2,897,000 initial balance. $18,357,000 receipts and $17,332,000 in distributions, leaving a final balance of $3,900,000. No deficit.

Thompson approved the claims except questioning the checks being sent out for 2 cents etc on reimbursements on taxes. He thought that was dumb- as it costs more to send it than the refund.

Pickens will check with state about this.

10. Messmore had nothing to report.

11. Ewbank said the insurance has been invoked to clear a lawsuit by a prisoner against a cop on excessive force.

12. Hughes asked if John Rahe should be appointed to WorkForce One region 9. Commissioners agreed to hold this till next meeting to get more info.

Meeting adjourned about 8 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Bill Beiersdorfer Obituary Notice

Bill Beiersdorfer Obituary Notice
Taken from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

BEIERSDORFER William J., beloved husband of Hilda Beiersdorfer (nee Brauch) Loving father of Gerald (Sharon) and Russell (Elizabeth) Beiersdorfer, JoAnn (Matthew) Reis and Robert Beiersdorfer. Devoted grandfather of Kevin, Jeremy, Corinne, Travis, Adam and Ethan Beiersdorfer, Ryan Hornberger and William Reis. Great-grandfather of Cena and Zachary Hornberger . Dear brother of Mae Wang and James Beiersdorfer and the late Alvin and Cyril Beiersdorfer. February 3, 2008. Age 74 years. William was the founder and owner of Beiersdorfer Orchard in Guilford, Indiana. Visitation Thursday 5-8 P.M. at the Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home, 3155 Harrison Ave., Westwood. Mass of Christian Burial Friday 10:30 A.M. at St. Martin's Church, Cheviot. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Arthritis Foundation, 7124 Miami Ave., Cinti., OH 45243 or the Tri-State Parkinson's Wellness Chapter, 151 W. Galbraith Rd., Cinti., OH

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

5 February 2008 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

5 February 2008 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Present: John Rahe, President, Grant Hughes, Vice President, and John Maxwell, Secretary.

Absent: Rick Fox. (Bryan Messmore attended for him- and said Fox needs meetings to be after 2:30 PM. Apparently that is a problem for the other board members.)

Also Present: Mike Rozow, Chamber Director, and Richard Butler, Attorney.

Citizens present: Mark Hall and Chris Mueller

Meeting began about 9:25 as Maxwell thought the meeting was at 10 and not 9 AM.

2007 annual meeting minutes were approved.

Grant Hughes informed the board that they need to get a replacement for him as well as for Jim West. Commissioners will be notified. Board suggestions for possible replacements include: Al Abdon, Paul Filter, Tom DeVille, and Jim Helms. Mark Hall suggested they consider someone from the NW part of the county. John Rahe thought that Maxwell served that area, but they took note of that option.

New officers for 2008: Rahe- president, Fox, VP, and Maxwell, Secretary.

Board members signed their oath of office prepared by Butler.

The board will meet in 2008 as needed.

Rahe commented that the people of Dearborn County don’t realize how difficult it is to market the county to outside business. We don’t have what it takes to market, besides the casino. He noted they will have to set up a meeting for the new members when they are appointed.

Cary Pickens has set up 3 accounts for each of the TIFs per Rozow- and they have captured a very small amount so far. Jim Higgins of London Witte checked it out. Hughes asked about income from Aurora Industrial Park area. Rahe said we don’t get the taxes till a year after they finish the project.

Annual meeting adjourned and the quarterly meeting began immediately.

Quarterly Meeting:

Minutes were approved and the 2006 audit and 2007 year end financials were approved.

The 2008 budget was approved. $403,122.47 is available in the budget. Of that, $300,000 is site acquisition money that was given to them by Council.

Rozow also included an email from Jim Higgins of London Witte on TIFs in their packet.

Grant Hughes was involved in an economic development project in Rising Sun and outlined what happened there as an illustration of what kind of competition we have for economic development- even in the local area. This project involved expanding a business to another site where they were GIVEN 2 acres in the industrial park and received funding of $550,000 at just below 5% of a $750-800,000 total project. Rising Sun’s Econ Development also bought the client’s old building for a new business. The USDA gave the guarantee for the loan. This Economic Development Fund in Rising Sun kept 25 jobs there.

Mark Hall noted that 3 years ago the Redevelopment Commission turned over marketing to DCEDI and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (public and private money) and he wanted to know if they accomplished anything.

John Rahe said they haven’t really done anything. DCEDI was frustrated- and there was no political will to compete in the Cincinnati area. It is unknown if DCEDI will get a new executive director now that West has resigned.

Board members cordially discussed several topics brought up by the two citizens in attendance. Topics brought up included:

the possibility of taking the economic development possibilities to the people in an open forum,

sewer issues both in the northern and southern ends of the county,

the possibility of Lawrenceburg using funds to help bring Aurora up to the same level of sewer transport capacity as Lawrenceburg and Greendale, thus opening options up on the SW side of the county,

land in the TIF’s that is still unable to be developed due to family members not being ready to sell yet,

attracting and/or retaining smaller businesses,

possible usage of Lawrenceburg MDF money for projects now that they have opened it to Dearborn County Economic Development projects in 2008, etc.

Meeting adjourned around 10:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township