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28 April 2014 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

28 April 2014 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Dennis Kraus Jr., Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Mike Hornbach, Art Little, Jake Hoog, Dan Lansing.

ABSENT: Jim Thatcher.

Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.

Minutes approved from February meeting.

Arnie McGill was reappointed as board attorney.


Review of the Preliminary Plat for an 8-lot major subdivision- Soap Hill Meadows by A&B quality Homes nka Timberline Homes & Development, LLC on Soap Hill Road in Manchester Township on 29.142 acres on R and Ag land. Mike Hall stepped down and left the room as he was the surveyor on the project. Dennis Kraus, Jr took over the meeting.

This item is no longer being heard as an appeal but as an application for a major subdivision upon the advice of the board attorney per Dennis Kraus, Jr. Soil for septic systems are not officially approved- that is done when the lots are purchased and set for building. They do have preliminary approval. This is a major subdivision because of the street improvement proposed.

Teresa Hall presented for Hall Surveying. She gave an overview of the development plans and how they had decided to upgrade the road. They have to do something about the water heading for the Stafford’s property though there is a swale that exists for that now and it dumps the water beyond their house. They also addressed that aesthetics are not part of septic leach approvals as they are designed to keep water on the owner’s property. Water cannot leave the property any more than it does before development.  The main road stops where it does as that is the maximum length allowed by ordinance for a cul-de-sac street. She said that the suggestion that they do 2 fifteen acre lots to fit in with the current density is not accurate as there are many 1-2 acre lots in the area. Lot density is well below what is allowed. Proposed home size and design is fitting to the area per Hall. She suggests that landscaping will soften the privacy factors. And tagt each neighbor do their own per their preferences. The future homeowner saves money when the developer saves money which makes the county more attractive to business.

Andrew Lohmiller- in full disclosure stated that he is real estate broker who will be helping sell the lots. People need an affordable house. 3 bedroom home for about $200,000 -$250,000. These are not pole barn houses. Going to take this cost down to $150,000-170,000. His parents live 2 miles down on Goose Run Road. He thinks this will increase values in the area- including for his parent’s home.

Cynthia Stafford- called attention to recent annual report by Commissioners  looking for strategic vision and hold ourselves accountable and putting the citizens first. She said also from the website that the planning dept is to radiate development out from existing development. This looks more like it was randomly placed – not radiating out from existing development. Who is doing the overarching plan about where subdivisions should be placed. She also said that item 2a of Mike Hall’s response addressing water runoff and erosion control is not completely accurate. She said it is exactly the point that it already flows to their property. She wants to know how they will measure the current flow and they want to be able to validate that. She does not believe that the problem is easy to solve. She addressed the letter to the PC and got an answer from eth surveyor. They want the answer from the Plan Commission. Are we thoughtfully planning out where these developments should go? She said there are many available lots in existing subdivisions. Do we even need this?

Lance Stafford- Nearly all of the septic systems are draining in the 160 ft draining towards his lot.

Greg Edwards- He doesn’t see that they have brought up any of the water lines etc they are going to bring in. A few years back Elk Run Golf course burned to the ground. He thinks that the developer needs to upgrade the water and have fire hydrants. He also took issue with Mike Hall coming back in after the last meeting saying that it didn’t really matter what was said they were going to put it in. He thinks that is wrong- they should listen to the residents. He talked to a neighbor owning a subdivision across from DC Country Club that hasn’t had anyone want a lot in 3 years. Hillcrest only has 4 lots of 17 sold. All the driveway on the left side of the road is sloped. Are utilities going down the road? ( yes) he thinks the county needs to concentrate more on subdivisions along the main roads- not back on a country lane. Hope you listen and take our concerns into consideration. He thinks the septic evaluation should be up to date- not from 2001. You know you want to get everything dotted and up to date BEFORE they start. Everything here will run off onto my property behind Staffords. How do you keep it all on their land? The property behind me almost lost their house to the last hard rains.

Dan Neff- asked about the accuracy of the property lines. Runoff is an issue for him also. His kids play in the creek. I bought the property to have clean water for kids to play. Health dept can’t approve the system until they know how many bedrooms are planned per Kraus, Jr. There is no date on the hea;th dept letter he said. He doesn’t know if they are bringing water to the development but a 6 “ line is planned inside the development per Kraus, Jr.- answering Neff’s questions. He is also concerned about the intersection being to narrow for trailers to get in.

Greg Hogston-Dennerline at the Sewer Board said that we have problems with septic systems failing, So why are we building more of them?

Emmert Leffler- Lives about a mile from the development- originally proposed 32 homes here and dropped to 11 eventually. It was turned down every time for Rollander.

Brian Riddle- This is country- it is not a place for another subdivision. The time to stop this is now- before is goes further. Concern for reduced water pressure. Who deals with that? What about noise? How does this affect the country setting.

Teresa Hall- there are calculations that are done for pre and post run off. It determines if there are rock dams and detention ponds. These septic systems are not discharge systems. This was previously proposed by Rollander Enterprises. He had a larger septic treatment proposed.

Greg Edwards- Knew Rodney Dennerline quite well and when we were fighting the old subdivision proposed here he said that 90% of the homes would be condemned because of septic systems today. Is there any plan for running any public sewer up 148? What would it cost us to fix this if the septic systems fail? Also concerned for the road conditions. Goose run is 3 miles to Aurora and SR 148 takes 5 miles. People take a shortcut. And it’s a bad road on Goose Run. Especially when school lets out.


Lansing asked- what has changed in infrastructure since 2002 to allow this? Lehman said that this is different as it is smaller. They may have to combine lots too. Beiersdorfer said that we have no control over the water pressure and fire hydrants. He said it is tough to turn semis and trailers but you get used to it. Beiersdorfer said they have to approve it as it meets all the standards. Or we will get sued. He motioned to approve and Lehman seconded. All ayes except Lansing. Passed.

[NOTE: The Plan Commission may have no control over what utility companies do, but they DO have control over whether or not they should allow development where the utilities are inadequate or not even planned for the near future.  If the ordinance is written so loosely that they fear lawsuits, perhaps they need to look at what they have written in their ordinance. This is an example of the PC working at cross purposes with the stated goals of ALL government- to ensure the HEALTH, SAFETY, and WELFARE of their citizens.  It is also disingenuous to have developers think they have a green light, when in fact they may lose some lots due to no septic permit. That affects their bottom line also. It also affects the quality of their product and their reputation in the end.]

8:22 PM


Proposed changes to the DC Zoning Ordinance related to animal allowances in residential districts, definitions of large and small animals, and storage of certain types of vehicular units. This was being discussed again as the county attorney is redoing the animal control ordinance. Beekeeping was also addressed. Set back issues were discussed. Kennels were also brought up. They want to get this language in concert with the animal control ordinance. He will let the board submit their comments to him in writing and he will redo some of the language. The current ordinance in the planning ordinance is largely unenforceable.

Vehicular unit storage in article 2558 in residential areas. Storage of boats, RVs etc. are becoming an issue. Angela and Steve Callahan (County Coroner) came to talk about this. They showed evidence of how their camping vehicle was screened even though out of compliance and a neighbor complained apparently. This was an example of how they might want to reword the ordinance. Callahans bought a lot in a campground for $1800 for this now. They came to stop this from happening to someone else. They have already fixed their problem. 

There may be no May meeting as there is no applicant yet. They can get some write-up for June for them to consider on vehicular storage rules.


Tucker development bringing new set of engineer plans for their subdivision with an engineer stamped set for them to consider per Mike Hall. Jeff tucker was not there- Jay was for that discussion.

Issues with Harvest ridge intersection.

Vinnie Fazzino moving back here from Wash DC area- is 6’7” tall – new planner he hired. (joked about a PC basketball team)

Regional trails plan was attended by Mark McCormack. He said it was a good learning place. He brought brochures for the PC members too. He keeps the Facebook page updated. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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15 April 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

15 April 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Proposed Animal Control Ordinance- Baudendistel had given the draft to the commissioners. They changed one section to strongly recommend spay and neuter. Not enough staff for enforcement of actually requiring spay and neuter. They cities and towns have a copy of this. Marlene Underwood will be present for 2nd meeting in May. This will be posted on the county website for 30 days prior to adoption of the ordinance. Check www.dearborncounty.org


Recognition of Chuck Johnson 45 years as an auctioneer- National Auctioneer day is April 19- Susan Johnson, Chuck’s daughter –in-law represented the Johnson family. Chuck went to auctioneer school in Iowa in 1969. His slogan was “auction means action.” He worked for Bill Hoffmeier for a while, before striking out on his own.  She told several stories and history of his years of auctioneering. Commissioners also presented him with the Distinguished Hoosier award from Gov Mike Pence and recognition from Senator Johnny Nugent also. There are several family members who have followed him into the business. Pictures were taken with the family and commissioners. This was a surprise for Mr. Johnson.

 Commissioners observed a moment of silence for Sue Hayden whose brother passed away suddenly. Hayden is the Commissioner’s executive assistant.

United Families- Kathy Riley- Mental Health Awareness Month Proclamation – Commissioners signed the proclamation to mark children’s and young adult’s mental health needs. McHenry read the entire proclamation before they signed it.

Clerk of Courts- Rick Probst- Polling locations approval and notification- commissioners are required to designate the polling places and because there are three changes it has to be published twice. Polls are open now- for early voting. Commissioners approved.

Grant Agreement with Indiana Family and Social Services Administration- Pennington presented for Negangard. It is a grant that the prosecutor receives every year. Commissioners approved it and Negangard signs off on it. $98,895 for adult protective services program. It reimburses one whole salary and parts of 2 other salaries for the people who work in this department.

Change orders- 2- for Jail Expansion- Terri Randall covered for Brad Rullman. Change order #1 with 5 items on that- showers and grab bars $1279, security small deduction , security hardware $888, doors $19,696, substitution of exterior glazing small deduction for Fab Core. Total additional of $20,801. Change order #1 approved.

Change order #2 – Quality Fire Protection- $16,204.37 for sprinkler head valves. These require 2 events to activate them. This keeps inmates form tampering with them. Commissioners approved change order #2.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Tim Grieve, Highway Superintendent- Emergency Watershed Protection- thru the USDA Conservation Service. This is regarding the recent heavy rains we had. There was no declaration on these rains. They are seeking grant funds 75%/25% for repairs we need to make. The USDA pretty much does the whole project. He showed a picture of Johnson Fork and Peppertown. There are 3 locations there- one is on the Losekamp farm. Since these are expensive fixes and it requires getting into the creeks, this helps solve that problem and they do the permits too. There are other locations in the county needing repair also. This letter is going to Ms Jane Hardesty showing support for seeking this funding. Commissioners signed it.

Highway Dept is closing North Dearborn Road on the hill for repairs. This will take a couple weeks now and a few days also later this summer. McHenry said to be sure to put Art Little’s name and phone number on all the signs declaring the road closing.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall-Moving forward with the courthouse annex analysis and soil borings and geotech getting bids. Alt and Witzig was low bidder. $4875. The other bid was $7778 from ATC. Randall reached out to them to let them know there was a large discrepancy, They knew they could not sharpen their pencils enough on this to compete on this one, but they understood and wanted to be considered for future work. Commissioners approved Alt and Witzig at their bid price. 

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Updated personnel handbook- Suellen Cauble presented this. Commissioners had copies sent to them on Friday. There were 16 changes. They added the county adm to the advisory committee. Nepotism was spelled out. The jail matron and the deputy coroner position are not exempted from the nepotism law. (Tradition allowed the sheriff and coroner to hire their spouses.) Part timers were to be around 24 hours per week. Matrix employees was changed and sheriff’s employees eliminated as matrix covers more than sheriff employees. Highway employees can earn larger comp time. New hires don’t get vacation time earned from Oct – Dec. Vacation can’t be used until earned. Holidays are defined as 8 hours. Vacation time must be used during FMLA once sick time is used. No smoking in county vehicles. An employee must be there at start of shift- not within 15 minutes. Professional attire is fleshed out. Dept heads have more leeway on suspensions etc for employee conduct issues. They are asking for commissioners to sign off on this. Randall has offered to go over these changes with Cauble in instructing employees on these changes. Council decided not to exempt the jail matron and deputy coroner positions. The handbook reflects that. Commissioners approved the new personnel policy handbook changes.

Claims approved. Minutes approved for April 1st.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- nothing except he asked about the polling location names- like Dover 47022- which is really Guilford and St. John Lutheran- Lawbg 9 is not Aurora- but Lawrenceburg. Pennington gave him a little “history lesson from before his time” on where the missing Lawrenceburg poll numbers went. They ended up as Greendale locations. She will fix the addresses before posting the polls.

McHenry said that hearing history lesson made him worried as the last time he heard that expression, the next thing he knew he had a Hatch act violation filed against him! (He later explained that Witte had used the expression before filing the Hatch Act violation.) [NOTE: Should he be re-elected, McHenry may have to check his new position with the county prosecutor to make sure it accomplishes both Hatch Act rules and also the rules for not being a COUNTY employee, including his benefits.]



PUBLIC COMMENT- I reminded McHenry that we had talked last Thursday about getting the DC Redevelopment Commission Board legal. They have 6 voting members and should only have 5. McHenry said he forgot as this was not on the agenda like he thought it would be. McHenry asked if anyone had talked to Helms. Randall brought up Helms possibly not wanting to stay on but no one had spoken to him apparently. Lynch said that he had no problem stepping down to make it legal. Randall said that if someone else resigned perhaps Lynch cold be reappointed and that the law does not require a commissioner to be on it. Commissioners voted to allow Lynch to resign.

Meeting adjourned at 6:02 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


April 15th Agenda- Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting



 April 15, 2014

5:00 p.m., Commissioners Room

County Administration Building

215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



I.          CALL TO ORDER





1.  Proposed Animal Control Ordinance



1.  Recognition for Chuck Johnson 45 years as Auctioneer

            National Auctioneer Day is April 19th


2.  United Families – Kathy Riley

Mental Health Awareness Month Proclamation


3.  Clerk of Courts – Rick Probst

            Polling locations approval and notification


4.  Grant Agreement with Indiana Family and Social Services Administration


5.  Change Orders (2) for Jail Expansion


6.  Highway Supervisor – Tim Greive

            Emergency Watershed Protection




VI.        AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington

1.  Claims/Minutes










XI.        ADJOURN

Monday, April 14, 2014


 Ongoing Campaign. Political candidates, except Township Advisory Board (under $500), must submit completed Campaign Finance Reports.  Mandatory Campaign Finance Reports are due before noon on 04/21/2014, 10/17/2014, 01/21/2015 and Supplemental Reports of large contributions are due in 48 hours after receipt of contribution. Subsequent Annual Reports are due by the third Friday each January until submission of “Final/Disbands Committee” CFA-4 Report. Reports submitted after noon on the due date shall be subject to $50 per day civil penalty. Defective reports shall be subject to $10 per day civil penalty. Knowingly filing a fraudulent report is a felony and subject to $10,000 fine, 3 years imprisonment or both.

Runoffs for State Senate and US Rep on May primary ballots

There are two state/US primary elections each with three candidates. One runoff is with Republicans in State senate race D 43 and the other is for Democrats in US Representative Race D 6:

Chip Perfect (R) OR
Mark Schneider (R) OR
Bill McDonald (R)

*** Primary faceoff for republicans in D43 senate race
Check out http://votechipperfect.com/
and http://markforindiana.com/home 
and http://indianasenatecandidatebillmcdonald.com/ for information on the  three primary candidates.

Susan Hall Heitzman (D) OR
Lane Siekman (D) OR
Corrine Nicole Westerfield (D)

Check out  http://votesmart.org/candidate/biography/135977/susan-heitzman#.U0vU_79OWM8 and
http://lanesiekman.com/ and
no website found for Ms. Westerfield

Primary Elections in May- Local Candidates Slate

Candidate Slate for 2014 Primary Election

Listing of candidates who have filed a declaration of candidacy with the Dearborn County Clerk Office.  Lists are in ballot order; the order that names and positions will be displayed on the Primary Ballots.  In addition to Candidates filing with the Dearborn County Clerk's Office individuals identified as running for Judicial Offices (Judge, Superior Court 1 and Prosecuting Attorney, District 7), will also be identified.

UPDATED:  12:02 PM, Feb 7, 2014

Suggestions, corrections or questions concerning content on this webpage may be directed by e-mail to dcclerk@dearborncounty.IN.gov.
Democrat Party:

     County Commissioner, District 3 - Aaron S. Watson
     County Council, District 1 - Andrew Addison

     County Council, District 2 - Dan Lansing

     County Council, District 3 - Kevin Turner

     County Council, District 4 - Philip (Flippy) Darling
     Center Township, Trustee - Nancy Fahey Turner

     Lawrenceburg Township, Trustee - Lonnie Walcott

     York Township, Trustee - Leo Martini
     Center Township Advisory Board Member - Kenneth Greive

     Center Township Advisory Board Member - Doris Schipper

     Kelso Township Advisory Board Member - Shelly Snapp

     Lawrenceburg Township Advisory Board Member - Darry Hutcherson Sr.

     York Township Advisory Board Member - Lawrence R. Joerger

     York Township Advisory Board Member - Ralph A. Martini

     York Township Advisory Board Member - Barbara Pierson

Democrat Precinct Committeeman
     Greendale 2 - Larry Weber

     Greendale 3 - Timothy Brucz

     Greendale 3 - James R. Hamill
     Greendale 4 - Robert J. Bischoff

     Lawrenceburg 1 - Jane Pope

     Lawrenceburg 2 - Aaron Cook

     Lawrenceburg 3 - Richard L. Richardson Jr.

     Lawrenceburg 4 - Mike Lawrence

Democrat Party State Delegate  (12 to be elected)         
     Andrew Addison

     John Johnson III

     Tristica Sheckels

     Nancy Fahey Turner

Republican Party:
     Judge, Superior Court 1 - Jonathan N. Cleary

     Prosecuting Attorney, District 7 - Aaron Negangard

     Assessor - Gary Randy Hensley Sr.

     Auditor - Gayle L. Pennington

     Recorder - Glenn Wright

     Sheriff - Michael R. Kreinhop

     County Commissioner, District 3 - Shane McHenry

     County Council, District 1 - Liz Morris
     County Council. District 3 - Maynard Barrett

     County Council, District 3 - Vickie L. Hon

     County Council, District 4 - Dennis A. Kraus

     Clay Township, Trustee - Ryan W. Brandt

     Clay Township, Trustee - Jerry R. Caldwell

     Harrison Township, Trustee - Denise (Cottingham) Bowling

     Harrison Township, Trustee - Dennis R. (Denny) Winia
     Logan Township, Trustee - Myrtle M. White

     Manchester Township, Trustee - Laura N Ankenman

     Miller Township, Trustee - Patricia A. Little

     Sparta Township, Trustee - Craig E. Beckley

     Washington Township, Trustee - David J. Wunderlich

     Center Township Advisory Board Member - Barbara L. Tibbs 
     Clay Township Advisory Board Member - Scott Fortner

     Clay Township Advisory Board Member - Sue Grace

     Clay Township Advisory Board Member - Martin W. (Marty) Hon

     Miller Township Advisory Board Member - Randy K. Bentle

     Miller Township Advisory Board Member - Allen W. Goodman

     Miller Township Advisry Board Member - Jeff L. Hughes
     Washington Township Advisory Board Member - Todd Bowers

     Dillsboro - Clerk-Treasurer - Janice Sullivan

     Dillsboro - City Council, At Large - Tom Wafford  

     Dillsboro - City Council, District 1 - Rick Fields
     Dillsboro - City Council, District 2 - Mary Lou Powers 

Republican Party State Delegate   (19 to be elected)
     Craig E. Beckley

     Daniel Carraway

     Mary Carrell

     Tom Carrell

     Lynn M. Deddens

     Doug Dole

     Allen W. Goodman

     David W. Hall

     Jeff L. Hughes

     Jerald Jacobsen

     Kathy Jacobsen

     Barbara R. Koch 
     Michael R. Kreinhop

     Stephanie Libbert     

     Arthur Little

     Patricia A. Little

     Ruth Ann Little

     David W. Lusby

     Kevin J. Lynch

     Randy Maxwell

     Robin Maxwell

     Shane McHenry

     Bryan Messmore

     Albert J. Moore

     Liz Morris

     Aaron Negangard

     Audra Negangard

     Doug Oldham
     Gayle L. Pennington
     Chip Perfect

     Ellen M. Perfect

     Carl Pieczonka

     Tom Savage

     Barbara J. Scherzinger

     Jim Thatcher
     Quinn Webb

     Michael Wheat

  Looking for candidates at the state level?  State Candidate information is available at the Indiana Elections Division website, select "2014 Primary Election Candidates".  Website is - http://www.in.gov/sos/elections/2395.htm

Comp Plan Advisory Committee Meets Wednesday Aug 16th @ 7 PM

Next Comp Plan Meeting
Date: Wednesday, April 16th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Commissioners Room, 3rd Floor of the County Admin. Building in Lawrenceburg
Please note that we will begin our next meeting by reviewing the goals and strategies in the Housing Element and we will follow that discussion with a review and exercises pertaining to the Environment and Natural Systems Element.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 April 2014 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

10 April 2014 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes 

Present: Dave Deddens, Chairman, Jim Helms, John Rahe, Jim Deaton, and Maynard Barrett.

ABSENT: Kevin Lynch and Dusty Burress- non voting school board member

[NOTE: There are 6 voting members on this board and only 5 are legally allowed to vote. One of the commissioners appointees is technically not allowed to vote. Deddins and Barrett are Council appointees. The rest are commissioner’s appointees. The board can have 5 or if they want to expand it they can have 7 voting members. To date there has been no public discussion of how they plan to correct this situation.] 

Also present: Terri Randall, county administrator and economic development director, Andrea Ewan, attorney, and Randy Maxwell, consultant. 

Erika Schmidt Russell (Register Publications) covered this meeting

There was no agenda available as of closing time at the county administration building August 9. Basic agenda was available this morning at the meeting. Meeting started at 8:45 AM

Action of Executive session- Continue negotiation with the company confidentially.

Approval of minutes of March 13th meeting-approved.

Unfinished business-none

New Business- financials and claims- Through a routine audit from Barnes and Thornburg they discovered a billing for $2626 they had failed to submit in 2012. This was from when Kunkel was with the DCRC. They are legitimate services on TIFs per Randall. If we pushed back they may write it off. But the board wanted to keep a good relationship with them so they approved that along with the claims.

County administrator report- Randall said there were some legislative bills that affect Redevelopment. She will forward Tom Pitman’s report to them. Reorganizing the summary on redevelopment reports is on the list of items included in senate act 118. There are some more formal procedures and it will involve the council more on validating things that DCRC does. This has to do with building up excess TIF money. We are not near that amount here yet.

Barrett asked if they’d changed how the TIF money is used. Randall said no. Legislative body (council) reviews the DCRC budget too. DCRC no longer has eminent power domain. Friction starts with council when RC would start hoarding money per Barrett. Randall said we could have a conference call with Pittman where he would walk through this for the board. Randall said there is another bill that allows a local entity to decide whether or not to abate personal property tax. This might pit county against county for competing for business. [NOTE: isn’t this already happening?] Barrett said we are not full out on our COIT or a wheel tax. Legislature is trying to look at this.  Barrett said that he doesn’t see council raising taxes. [NOTE: Apparently, they are thinking that if we remove personal property tax to lure business, we will have to make up the shortfall by raising COIT County Optional Income tax and/or wheel taxes. So business gets a break on the backs of the taxpayers.]

Randall said that we are completely done with Whitewater mills and the bonds etc. All paperwork signed. Pitman said that the company gets the fees for $63,000 for all this as they get the benefits. Siemans of Whitewater Mills “graciously” took this over per Randall. Both $700,000 pieces from the Lawrenceburg Grant program for Whitewater Mill have been passed thru and accounted for to Lawrenceburg Grants program. Siemans will get the last check delivered personally from Terri Randall when he is the guest speaker at the Farm Bureau dinner at Tanner Valley Methodist church next week.

Barrett said the paperwork is all done- BUT we have to maintain a relationship with them to keep track of the other companies they are bringing in- like Naegele. [NOTE: and also to track the success or not of the business.]

Lawrenceburg city is following this closely too and have been able to tour and see how the money was used.

Randy and Randall has met with USDA and Jerry Haag who helped with OCRA grants. A lot of their stuff is low interest loans- but the grants would be worth going after. If they need a satellite firehouse out there- that might be worth running down per Randall.

Duke Energy has grants to help get a site ready to market- if it is one of the sites they service. Cardino ATC – they met with them regarding brownfields. We may have to get involved with the municipalities to help them target sites for this help. Farmland can even be eligible for brownfield help if they have used a lot of chemicals.

Attorney report- none [NOTE: Perhaps Ms Ewan might want to get with the county to get this board legally constituted. They have an incorrect number of voting members- and have had them for some time now. ]

Rahe asked about fixing up the Aurora Industrial park to make it more attractive to business out there. Randy said they had to make sure they help maintain this improvement. Lighting and landscaping. You also have to see who owns the land there. Perhaps the Highway Dept. could help with that as they are located there also.

Randall said that she and Grant Hughes attended a Redevelopment Commission meeting in Dillsboro. ( Deaton is affiliated with that one also) Grant had worked with Multiple Machining and she got to meet with them. She was amazed at how much they do. He had started out on Wilson Creek Road in his barn. His business is in Dillsboro’s first TIF. Moores Hill and St Leon are all working on their comprehensive plans. She said she was thanked for the county showing an interest in Dillsboro. Deaton said this was important to Dillsboro RC as it showed how important it was to work cooperatively.


Meeting adjourned at 9:17 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township



Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Attention Property Owners of Dearborn County

     Dearborn County Recorder, Glenn Wright, has noticed an increase in letters to local property owners wanting to provide deed copies and property information for a fee ranging from $60 to $100.
    According to Wright “ Copies of  your Deed can be obtained in the Recorder’s office located in the Courthouse Annex Building for a $1.00 per page fee. Other recorded documents are also available for the same $1.00 per page fee. There is no reason for any citizen to spend more than this to receive the information this company claims to provide. ”
     Property information can be obtained on the GIS website www.beacon.schneidercorp.com .
     Information about documents recorded after the year 2000 can also be obtained on the Doxpop website www.doxpop.com.
     The Recorder’s office is located at 215B West High Street (Court House Annex) and is open daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Their phone number is
812-537-8818 or 537-8837.  If you have received one of these letters, please contact us.
Glenn D. Wright
Dearborn County Recorder
215 B West High Street
Lawrenceburg, In 47025

1 April 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

1 April 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.



911 Charley Ashley- National Telecommunications Week Proclamation is April 13-19. Commissioners approved the proclamation.

Building Dept- Bill Shelton- Request to approach Council with computer needs- the two secretary’s computers  are 6-7 years old - $2700 needed approximately to include software and installation from Midwest Data. Approved to approach Council.

Clerk of Courts- Rick Probst- Election- wanted to go over election material with the two new commissioners. 1-4 in the afternoons for early voting April 8 from M-F and a couple Saturdays at the end of the month and early May. Not on Good Friday.

$150 inspectors and $100 for judges and poll clerks. 45 precincts at 35 locations. State will purge the election rolls this summer to clean up registered voters list.

Primary in 2012 there were 13,000 voters. They have prepared 24000 ballots for the primary. There are 55 different ballots depending on who can vote and for what (as in school board elections etc,)  

CHECK THE COUNTY WEBSITE or call the Clerk for further info.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer – Signatures for Stateline Road slip project- things are moving along and expect an August letting to get constructed yet this year. The commissioners signed the title sheet. There were design exceptions and they can’t design the full 8 ft. shoulder width. It is already preapproved by INDOT. The commissioners signed the acknowledgement of the design exception for this project.

Collier Ridge Bridge is scheduled to let tomorrow- should have the low bidder tomorrow.

Maxwell Construction- Brad Rullman- change order- $22,516.93 for Queen City Mechanical. This was to accommodate the chemicals in evidence processing area. They need chemically resistant countertops, sink, and disposal area. There were additional water lines for the emergency shower etc.  They also needed a dilution tank under the slab. There are some commitments from the sheriff’s office to get some funding for this. ( but there is no money yet) Commissioners approved the change order. There should still be $180,000 for unforeseen contingencies. Addition is about 70% complete. We’ve spent around $70,000 on change orders so far. They have also saved some money. There were $400,000 gross in contingencies so far- (but over $300,000 in savings apparently on other items to balance it off.) Commissioners approved the change order. Lynch was over there Thursday and Rullman offered to have the commissioners tour anytime.

Purdue Extension- Mike Hornbach- Cooperative Extension Centennial resolution- 100 years nationwide. Dearborn County started in 1917 – 3 years after the national start date with the signing of the Smith Lever Act in 1914. They still celebrate with the nation. This act brought the research education of land grant universities to the rural parts of the county. The clover emblem was adopted in 1924 for 4-H for youth programs. Local and online learning networks are also available. 4 H, master gardeners , and cooperative extension homemakers etc. are all volunteers they recognize. Hornbach read the entire proclamation at McHenry’s request. Commissioners approved the resolution recognizing the Centennial of the Cooperative Extension.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- had a couple informational items- DLGF sent out an email update of statewide assessors congratulating Dearborn County assessor for submitting their report first in the state.

Ready and Resilient Counties Prepared- is another announcement and she will get the word out to media on these items.

Follow up on jail contingency- to clarify- she has been very very tight with the budget and this particular item was very important and was recently raised so that we could save money in the future. Prosecutor and sheriff have committed funds to this and they will seek enough to cover this extra cost.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- minutes of March 18 approved. McHenry let Baudendistel know he needed to get with Startman to get the county accepted into the Port authority.

Claims paid. SRI will conduct certificate sale for taxed at 10 today.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Proposed Animal Control Ordinance- He has found this more difficult to get this put together as there is no real guidance in the statute. He would like to have it for the next meeting. Since this affects more people – he thinks it might be good to post it on the website for the public to view in advance. They have removed the blanket pit bulls are dangerous or vicious dogs designation. They will also have something added in for dealing with feral cats. There are no interlocals for the cities and towns to pay into this coverage by the county. Baudendistel said that we should at least have interlocals in place so as not to run afoul of any city ordinances on enforcement. Large animals and small animals definition is an issue. Exotic animals also might need to be defined. They will have to register the animals in the new ordinance so that their location is known. He was hoping for a public comment place. McHenry wanted to have Baudendistel and see what the city code enforcement officers have on record. The ordinance is no more restrictive than before. It does allow enforcement in dog bite cases, for example.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch said McMillin and Frye have been out in the county and updating people on the recent session. Tomorrow at Reds game – Nick Goepper is throwing out the first pitch and that’s pretty exciting.

Little thanked Grieve and crew for great job this winter.

McHenry- said that he discussed with Pennington that there were some properties that owed $15,000 in back taxes that Moores Hill is interested in acquiring for future expansion. Manchester St and 350 is where both are located. Approx 2 acres. Glen Wright said they are about 1 acre each, they both front on 350. At one time Hedrick and Butler were going to put a subdivision out there. If the county is familiar with that area.  Moores Hill has no immediate plans for this. McHenry thought maybe the county should pull and hold those for the future. Randall said that they are about to get their comp plan done. Perhaps there is a plan for it there. Wright said that it has gone thru 2 tax sales. Guinevere Emery asked him to come here in case there were any questions about it. It is a good location- but no one has picked it up. He thinks it would be a good idea to get it off our tax rolls. Pennington said that if gov’t owns it we don’t make future taxes on it. McHenry said they should leave it on the tax sale. If it doesn’t sell then they can revisit.  If they get it for free they didn’t see a problem per Wright.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Glen Wright said- Casey Finnegan stopped by the office and some elderly have also called in. This company has said they will get them property info for $89 and this is essentially a scam. He is getting the word out that this info is available online and thru doxpop- the online company they use- and they can get copies for $1 per page at the recorder’s office. It is a waste of money. They are seeking out people with new warranty deeds to scam. He said that he can make a list of people who are getting this contact from the scammer so doxpop can investigate them.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township