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Maxwell Proposal and Contract with Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission

Maxwell Proposal to Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission.

Randy Maxwell Contract with Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission including the Proposal above as Exhibit A

Thursday, November 21, 2013

21 November Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

21 November Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Executive session meeting ran 1.5 hours. Randy Maxwell left after the executive session.  

Present: Dave Deddens, Jim Deaton, and John Rahe.

Also present: MaynardBarrett,Council, Terri Randall,Administrator, Andrea Ewan, Attorney, and Sue Hayden, taking minutes.

Absent: Jim Helms and Kevin Lynch

Executive session preceded this meeting regarding strategy for buying real estate. The Commission decided that Randall is to submit 3 grant requests to Lawrenceburg  foundation  for a county wide study, a coordinator, and money for the redevelopment commission. [Note: Not sure what these three items have to do with strategy to buying real estate.]

Minutes accepted for October 2014


Agreement Contract with DCEDI-existing one suffices for this so this item is not needed

Consulting services contract agreement- for Maxwell Development for professional services. Per Randall- Randy, Andrea, and Randall set this up for $4200 per month, 24 hours monthly services. Conflict of interest items covered in it too. Deaton is pleased with Maxwell’s services and board accepted the agreement and signed it.


Financials- Randall said this does not include today’s claims. Doesn’t look like our old statements- we are working on getting the format. $800,000 transferred from Lawbg grant for property acquisition. Keeping all accounts separate. The report was approved.

Claims- Hayden said she added the checks going out for the Stone property. EDI is transferring the rest for $600,000 to redevelopment. Board moved to pay the bills. Tri Township is getting paid for water line too and Whitewater Mills is covering their amount as well.

County Administrator Report:

Whitewater Mill project:

Status of deeding property – Odd stuff on the deed. License to use property in place. Will wrap it up in December when Randall is back from vacation. The title problem is from many years ago per Ewan. Aerial view of what is going on out there from Randall. She will be helping with some neighbor that the Mills wanting to use his building this winter. She has been invited to the table to help with that meeting.

Bonding TIF status- all OK per Randall

Groundbreaking ceremony- update on plans- have to get marketing person from IEDC and hope to get governor maybe here.

Grantee cannot use any L-bg funds before any of their funds get used from L-bg.but exceptions can be requested. Since they have spent over $1 million on Mills- Lynch and Randall went to Lbg and the language is changed so they can get $700,000 this year and same next year. She wants update from Mills and they sent $1.2 million expenditures breakdown. They have spent over $5 million on their capital equipment too. Board approved the revised interlocal agreement letter with L-bg and signed it.

Update Zimmer tractor- EDI portion of expense (approved or not?)- $3,000 for extra striping and EDI won’t pay their third of it. So Randall has to talk to Zimmer to let him appeal it to EDI if he wants. The Redevelopment is covering their third and Zimmer will end up with 2/3 if EDI doesn’t come thru.

Any assistance from EDI for Hirlinger and/or Waterline to Whitewater Mill – EDI says they do not have any money per Rahe and they will not have another meeting before end of year. Randall will stay in touch with Randy (Maxwell) and Bill Ritzmann.

Attorney’s report- Andrea Ewan- Resolution to enter into interlocal agreement with another governmental entity. And the interlocal agreement says the parties can get the money before expending all their funds and this relates back to the L-bg Grants to the Mills. The grant has to go from one gov’t entity to another- it cannot go to the private entity. This means Redev has to keep track of the private business to be sure they hold up their end of the deal and hire the required number of people etc. Resolution approved and signed.

Other business- lot of activity going on- land had to be discussed.

Adjourned 5:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19 November 2013 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

19 November 2013 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Maynard Barrett.

ABSENT: Bill Ullrich.

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Aurora Public Library- Mary Alice Horton- board appointment Ralph Droege served since 2001without pay and asked not to be reappointed for personal reasons. She asked them to appoint Maureen Eller who was recommended by Ralph Droege. She meets all the requirements  of state statute and is willing to serve. Approved.

Karry Hollan- presented for the Clearinghouse, even though not on the agenda. She had permission to make her plea tonight. They serve Ohio Franklin, Switzerland, Ripley, and Dearborn. About half of their clients are from Dearborn. Thirty three years ago started by churches in the community. Food bank is 3 places and one clothing outlets. Many walk to get their food. They use churches. They serve 35-40 families a day. Closer to Christmas they get almost twice that. Pennington explained that they can’t decide until January as it has to be advertised. Morris has concerns about setting a precedent- they would have to give to all pantries.

Contributions can be mailed to:

Clearinghouse- PO Box 478, Aurora, IN 47001.

CVTB – Convention Visitors and Tourism Commission- Funding- No one showed up for this. Terri Randall and Maynard Barrott haven’t met with them yet. Tabled this until the December salary ordinance meeting. That Council meeting will be Dec 10th at 6 PM. There are no additional appropriations at this meeting so it will still be short.

Superior Court 2- Sally Blankenship- sent a letter that she will be out of town. Changed her request to $12,000 ( from $20,000)for the tape drive. Barrett said that he was surprised she was still on a tape drive. They discussed whether she had cloud service. Passed for $12,000

Public Defender fees were not discussed.

Prosecutor- F. Aaron Negangard- Children’s Advocacy Center- needs an additional appropriation. It is renamed to include region 14 as well as region 15. They call is the regional Children’s Advocacy center of SE Indiana. This helps small counties that can’t afford these services on their own. When Seymour IN state police post merged with Versailles post they started using our facility too. So we serve all the way out to Bartholomew county. Dearborn County is by far the primary user of the facility. They get $70,000from state div of child services and L-bg gives $100,000. They are looking at adding satellite offices in Decatur etc. but those would be funded by those communities. He said there are people in the jail sitting there based on the work they have been able to do at the center. It also sometimes exonerates people unjustifiably accused is child custody cases etc. Those investigations are so much better that in the past, now that we have this facility. $25,000 a year is what the county gives them. Approved with motions by Lansing and Barrett.

Commissioners- Terri Randall-

Courthouse Project Update- John Maxwell to give a brief overview and open for questions. Commissioners had hired him to go over the various studies over the last 9 years. He liked the RQAW 2004 study that was originally done and said that at its 10 year projection it was close to where we are now for 2014. There is 16,000 usable square feet in the courthouse. They need about 20,000 more square ft. Maxwell will interview and get RFPs from architectural firms and select one to come back to council with. In the 2029 projection there is a 4th court. They think that it can be avoided if we use a 2nd and 3rd magistrate. Randall said superior Court 2 is most critical needs over there. Lansing asked about the space vacated by probation. Randall said they decompress some of Blankenship’s issues. Kraus said we put $7million in the old building and we still have an old building. They are not setting any expectations about the cost or placement of the buildout space.

EMS training- Randall said that this training is required to be able to perform adequate services. The hospital  hired a certified trainer. Cost is $325 per student. They want the commissioners to support this one time training.

Transfer funds from Hoosier Square Project to Communications- Using the almost $7500 left in this account to cover the fiberoptics from Centurylink to EMA building. This eliminates the $500 per month fee there.

Redevelopment- Reclaim remaining balance- Denied as this was not advertized correctly

Redevelopment- Legal services- Denied also as it was not advertised correctly. Randall noted that they’d made a mistake on both of these items.

Emergency Management- Bill Black- Purchase vehicle- This is to replace a 2001 Durango with 100,000 miles and several items in need of repair. Looking at Tahoe possibly for under $30,000. Morris said SUVs coming out of sheriff dept should be OK. Even if have 100,000miles they will be 3-5 years old. Pennington to research county vehicles and this will be considered at Dec 10th meeting.

Sheriff- Jail- Michael Kreinhop-  Part time special deputies- No show.

Coroner- Steve Callahan- had a lot of requests below. Questions form Council on why so many autopsies and why drug tests on all autopsies were part of the discussion.

Part time wages- approved $3,000 to Dec 31st.

Autopsies- $5,000 approved to end of year. ( average $1,000 each)

Drug Testing- $2,000 approved- at 185 each

Communications- $1500 to end of year for 8 cells.

Misc. Operations- $1000 approved to end of year

Vehicle Maintenance- withdrawn- denied.

Cot and locking system- $12,470 approved- cheaper than originally proposed at last meeting.

Also informed Council of new rule requiring DNA and fingerprints for positive ID. Another unfunded state mandate.

Auditor- Gayle Pennington- minutes approved for budget hearing and budget adoption with Lansing abstaining on both and Barrett on one, as they were not there.

Health care premiums same and coverage enhanced with no change in deductibles for 2014.

Bonus checks went out for 2% raises that county didn’t get last year.

Kraus noted that Planning Dept has a part timer for 24 hours max per week and the money form St. Leon and W Harrison Plans will have to come in to pay for  ass’t planner.

Council ratified Kraus’s signature on the County health Dept grant that they get each year.

Public Comment- none

 Late Arrival- none

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township




19 November 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

 19 November 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

Executive session preceded this meeting. Motion to sign agreement with professional property tax services with the Nexus Group. Passed.



Karry Hollan– executive Director of Clearinghouse was added to the agenda by McHenry. They have over 2,000 clients. More keep coming in. They need help with purchasing food. She had passed out their financials and numbers. Pennington said she needs their blessing to approach Council. And it would have to be advertised in advance, so the council meeting tonight won’t work. The holidays will deplete everything they have so getting money in January would still be helpful. Commissioners approved her speaking to Council. Gayle said she could ask Kraus if she could be on the Late Arrival section of council. Then they could at least have her tell them their needs. Approved to go to Council.

GIS- Wade Kimmon- Signatures for OKI TE funds to pay County share of ortho photography flyover- up to $20,000 at 100%. OKI will pay half and this contract is to get funds released from OKI. Council has paid our half. Lynch abstained as he was on OKI Board. Commissioners agreed to sign the agreement.

Kimmon also has 8x20 ft maps of the county for the wall of the commissioners meeting room. They are just trying  to find acrylic sheets to protect it.

EMA Director- Bill Black- ALICE training – he talked to judges and date is Jan 31st and courthouse will close for half day ( morning). He is asking permission to close administration building in the afternoon of the same day.  Hoosier Square staff will go to Courthouse and train in the morning. The others like highway will join administration training in afternoon. It’s hands on- intense training and so they don’t want the public present.

Black also presented severe weather proclamation week which is Nov 17-23 per the governor. Commissioners signed the proclamation. Black also said that news was camped out here during the weekend storms.

Signatures on Vendor form for IEDC Grant- Terri Randall said that Whitewater Mills needs to build a RR spur to the Gennessee and Wyoming RR. INDOT can get up to $300,000 grants for this. IEDC will match with $100,000 but it has to go thru to a sponsoring entity and not to a private business. The county is the grant administrator for this. McHenry has the forms and Commissioners agreed to sign both items for IEDC and for INDOT , with Lynch abstaining as he is a board member of the Redevelopment Commission.

Barnes and Thornburg Engagement- State Legislature Relations Counsel- lobbyist- McHenry wanted to research more- so TABLED

Board Appointments for DCH- Betty Bischoff and Carl Petty will be reappointed effective Jan 31 and March 31 respectively.

 DCRSD- Dennis Folke and Robert Lischge reappointed effective Jan 1, 2014.

 OKI – reappointed Kevin Lynch effective Jan 1

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall – Doesn’t have too much tonight. Cincinnati Bell is trying to bring in fiberoptics to Dearborn County. Charlie Ashley has had discussions with them. Randall says that they can save money on 911 by looking at them doing a cost benefit analysis for us. Commissioners approved Randall to get this cost analysis and notify Centurylink that they have permission to look at our records. No urgency- but they could get started getting the analysis. Baudendistel was given the agreement to look over. Commissioners signed the letter at the end of the meeting.

Generator housing has to be replaced as an emergency but state law requires 2 bids per Baudendistel. They do not have to have a resolution. It has to be in the minutes. Ohio CAT quote $46,520 (tank and labor) and $2,231.68 housing and temporary generator backup. Cummins Bridgeway quote was $55,458 total ($49,900 and $5,558). Ohio CAT was low bid and commissioners declared an emergency with the emergency generator and signed the quote. It will take about 8 weeks.  IC 36-1-12-9 is the law governing this per Baudendistel.

Randall said she will go to Council tonight for Commissioners.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- claims paid. Minutes form Nov 5th approved. Minutes from regional strategic plan for community visioning from Nov 6th were approved.

 Item for discussion- a fireman from St Leon wants $250 toward his training that he is midway into. This is the training we always have paid for. It is NOT the training we discussed last month for the EMTs. Lynch said that he wanted to see if they have clarified the rules on this. They have a 2 year minimum of service post paying for the training. Commissioners TABLED to check on this. Randall will research and get back to commissioners.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- something for discussion- IC 36-7-9 the unsafe building law. Bill Shelton said they have issues with this at times in the county. Building director is usually the executive authority on this. The hearing authority is the Commissioners should a building need to be demolished. There have been some concerns about abandoned buildings in the county. He thinks they should think about this until Bill Shelton can be present. The ordinance would be extensive. No decision yet.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch thanked McHenry for leading the Visioning Meeting last week. He thinks this hasn’t occurred before in the county. Wished Happy Thanksgiving to all and threw down the gauntlet that he would write a check to Clearinghouse for $50. McHenry said he had to go home and check with the boss to get a check.

Contributions can be mailed to:

Clearinghouse- PO Box 478, Aurora, IN 47001. Email is

McHenry also commented on the positive possibilities with the Visioning Meetings. Wants to invite more to share their ideas. Little concurred and also wished everyone a Happy thanksgiving.



Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


AGENDA Nov 21st Redevelopment Meeting



November 21, 2013

4:30 p.m., 3rd Floor Conference Room

County Administration Building

215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



I.              Call to order


II.             Action from Executive Session


III.            Approval of Minutes

·        October 10, 2013 Meeting


IV.          Unfinished Business

·        Agreement/Contract – EDI (this had been tabled)

·        Consulting Services Contract Agreement  (this had been tabled)


V.           New Business

·        Financials

·        Claims


VI.          County Administrator Report

·        Whitewater Mill Project Update

o   Status of Deeding property

o   Bonding TIF – status

o   Groundbreaking Ceremony – Update on Plans

·        Update: Zimmer Tractor – EDI portion of expense (approved or not?)

·        Any assistance from EDI for Hirlinger and/or Waterline to Whitewater Mill


VII.         Attorney’s Report


VIII.        Other Business


IX.          Adjournment





Friday, November 15, 2013

Agenda Nov 19 Commissioners Meeting



November 19, 2013

5:30 p.m., Commissioners Room

County Administration Building

215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


EXECUTIVE SESSION – 5:00 p.m.; IC § 5-14-1.5-6.1(b)(2)(B)





1. GIS – Wade Kimmon - Signatures for OKI TE funds to pay Dearborn County’ share of Ortho-photography fly over up to $20,000 at 100%. 


2.  Emergency Management Director – Bill Black, Jr.

ALICE Training   & Severe Weather Week Proclamation


3.  Signatures on Vendor Form for IEDC Grant


4.  Barnes & Thornburg Engagement – State Legislative Relations Counsel


5.  Board Appointments - Dearborn County Hospital / DCRSD / OKI




AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington

1.  Claims/Minutes


ATTORNEY – Andy Baudendistel









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One Step Way to Subscribe to the Blog

One Step Way to Subscribe to the Blog

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Agenda Council- Nov 19 6:30 PM Meeting FOLLOWING COMMISSIONERS MEETING



Tuesday, November 19, 2013 6:30 p.m.

Commissioners Room County Administration Building

215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



Ill. AURORA PUBLIC LIBRARY - Mary Alice Horton Requesting board appointment


V. SUPER IOR COURT 11 - Judge Sally Blankenship Courtroom recording equipment

Public defender fees

VI. PROSECUTOR - Aaron Negangard Children's Advocacy Center

 Courthouse Project Update EMS Training
Transfer funds from Hoosier Square Project to Communications
Redevelopment (Reclaim remaining balance)
Redevelopment - Legal Services


Purchase vehicle

IX. SHERIFF - JAIL - Michael Kreinhop Part-time Special Deputies

X. . CORONER - Steve Callahan
 Part-time wages
Drug testing communications
Misc. operations
Vehicle maintenance
Cot and locking system

XI. AUDITOR - Gayle Pennington




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Let’s NOT Give Them Something to Talk About


Let’s NOT Give Them Something to Talk About
reprinted from Register Publications Guest Column Nov 7th edition.

Conflict of interest is one of the biggest criticisms that politicians get from the public. What is so obvious from the back row of the meetings is apparently not so obvious to the seasoned politicians running the meetings.

A recent article in the Indy Star regarding former State Rep Bischoff, State Senator Nugent, and State Rep McMillin exposed some information about the internal workings of our Riverboat Revenue grants. The sad fact is that this is not news to any of the private or public watchdogs of the county.

Shortly after the article appeared, Commissioner McHenry took several minutes at the end of the commissioners’ morning meeting to vent his frustrations, saying that he was disappointed in the Indy Star article. The gist of his entire comment was that it was holding 50,000 county people hostage while others use the gambling money for their own political fighting. He thinks that people in Indy are looking to take the revenue and people here feeding the information are potentially harming the county’s reputation and revenue source.

Point taken- but while blaming others for leaking our dirty little process, perhaps we should also look inward and see how much of the blame we bear as well. They can’t talk about you in Indy, and now reprinted in Cincinnati, if you don’t give them something to talk about.

 Eagle Radio later carried comments from two of the Republicans (Nugent and McMillin) mentioned in the article. Bischoff did not return the call for comment. As usual we get deflection rather than introspection, reflection, remorse, and improvement. They essentially say: Don’t look at them. Look at the bigger boogey man- the rest of the state that covets our money.

The state did not commission that article. It grew from the things we have allowed to happen here. It grew from the tacit deals of politicians and backing business people who are involved in the process and afraid to rock the boat for fear of losing their positions or grants or business.

The conflicts of interest mentioned in the article in detail should serve as a reminder to all elected and appointed officials that they need to be more mindful of ethics in their deals. Our Redevelopment and Economic Development procedures must be looked at carefully as well. There are numerous areas of concern there.

 Are the goals of each grant donation clear?

 Do we measure the effects of the expenditure of county money on these companies?

 Are we fairly apportioning the work?

 Are county businesses able to bid on these projects or are we hand picking and inviting bidders?

 Do we write up the agreements to stress hiring county workers if possible?

 Are certain businesses controlling the county?

Have any of those businesses shown their appreciation by supporting political candidates?

Are the Boards awarding the grants neutral?

Do Board members know how to deal with a conflict of interest?

We need to think about what we do and how it looks to the PUBLIC when it shows up in print.

Clean up our towns, cities, and county.

 Let’s NOT give them something to talk about.


Christine Brauer Mueller writes for and has regularly attended county meetings since 1995. She is also a member of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board.

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6 November 2013 Community Visioning- Regional Strategic Vision Plan Meeting Notes

6 November 2013 Community Visioning- Regional Strategic Vision Plan Meeting Notes
A shared vision for Greendale, Lawrenceburg, Aurora, and Dearborn County
Initial Project introduction
Context Design Landscape Architecture is consultant for the process.
Commissioner Shane McHenry welcomed everyone saying he was a little bit nervous seeing celebrities like Jim Helms in the room....
Introduced several people. Showed a slide of all the groups invited tonight which included all the city and town and county officials, boards, etc.
Introduced Terri Randall- county administrator- who said she was playing the role of Vanna White….
The Agenda
Why are we here?
What is the purpose of a strategic vision plan?
Jeff Stratman from Aurora showed a map and explained why we need a map AKA plan.
It might be good to have certain things like sewer, retail or whatever. Need a map to get where we want to be. Who are key players to get best decisions. Has sat and talked with several people in this room and wasting time until we get this map. We don’t want pieces of maps. Businesses coming here don’t care about all our boundaries.
Who should contribute to the planning process?
Terri Randall said this is unprecedented to have all these people together. Mayor Carr said to her why don’t we just put all these people in a room? We think that all the people we invited are necessary as the first to hear this message. We will have a core steering community representing each major community in the county. We will have a fairly aggressive timeline. There will be public sessions with this process. There is a marketing plan but we have to come together to be successful.
Why now?
Grant Hughes- Thanked everyone for coming- executive director of redevelopment and mayor’s ass’t. Handles the Regional Economic program- 10 counties. One of the common denominators is they have a plan. Like Columbus and Seymour. Community entities like DCH and AEP are also part of the discussion. Business organizations and civic minded groups also have dialog- and they think we need a plan. Have to see what our residents want and what businesses need. Business moves to educated workforce. People don’t move to business as much. Gone are days of large manufacturers- now they are more segments of the industry. Diversified with steady employment. Need a viable plan. Climbing out of economic downturn- need to have a plan. There has to be collaboration of all and leaders and that is occurring now.
What do developers and investors seek when considering locations and destinations?
Al Abdon- 18 months ago the four of us have been meeting and now we have the mayors and others are coming together. We have TIF areas, shovel ready property, county EDI money. Shift in paradigm as to what business is looking for. The biggest hole we have found is that we don’t have the programs. And stability is necessary. Fiscal and government stability. You have to have a plan. Government changes and stability may be affected then. A plan can go from adm to adm. People and officeholders change. The plan should also change and be updated every 5 years. We need a common goal. It is unprecedented to see this group together. We want to show them that we have sound fiscal cooperation. Locally and at the state level. The state is in great shape financially. Plan to work and work to plan.
What will a strategic plan include?
Terri Randall introduced - Fred Prazeau from Context. He is a good collaborator. I hate the term consultants- but we believe this is the right person to lead us.
Fred Prazeau- we are here to facilitate if there is a project. We may or may not get paid.
Strategic Vision Plan has 6 elements:
Job creation
Workforce Development
Enhancing Livable Communities
Attracting and retaining top talent
Emphasizing ed’n achievement
Creating a broader more stable tax base
Need a plan- those without a plan get left behind.
Strategic Vision Plan
Private sector reinvestment requires a quality vison plan by steady commitment to implementation
A strategic vision includes:
Creative and illustrative imagery
Economic development strategies
Regional infrastructure priorities
Potential project opportunities to carry into local plans.
Influx character and creativity
Get plans and images to paint a picture of what is possible.
Example: competitive fishing, new state park on its way, riverfront, regattas, events might market and program that will attract resources and tourism dollars. The level of cooperation we have seen is very rare- make it work for you.
We need actionable plans. All the mayors say this. Ingredient needed: Marketing impact tax study and economic development study is necessary. Is a project a catalyst or a one and done.
Terri Randall- I have come to a point where I think about what have I done with my life and what mark have I left. I don’t want to have my kids and grandkids leave. You have to make big decisions like how to appropriate a half million dollars. If I were in fiscal body how would I make the decisions? With this map or plan you would be able to prioritize. Citizens will understand our decisions if we all have the plan.
Pat Krider- Time frame to get to end plan. 3 months to get data and 3-4 more months to get plans. April to May to be done.
Mark Neff- Can you identify the next steps for us? Terri and Shane will go to the communities. Meet with people. Identify assets of community. Looking for two-three different themes to attract folks to Dearborn. Identified one- like the fishing.
Jeff Stratman- have 8-12 people in Aurora in a charette and bring the ideas to the larger group. Neff wanted to know how to get that info from the common DC resident. This might be a way.
McHenry said the more collaborative we get- the more ideas we will have.
John Rahe wanted to know if they could move on with projects in the meantime. Fred said- do not stop any wheels in motion. World is market driven- and we expect to be flexible.
How is this planning process going to be funded? Stratman said we are proposing a Cadillac plan. If it costs each community can share in it and at the end of the day have a better product. SEIRPC can help some of us get OCRA (Office of Community and Rural Affairs) dollars to help finance it. OCRA is for lower income communities. Community has to put in 10%.
The market piece- working with several companies to get the data we need. $150-200,000 to get there and a whole product. They will be knocking on doors in each county entity to get funds.
Fred said he was located on East side of Indy in Hancock county- Alyssa his wife also involved. Projects in 8 states. is the website of his company.
Jud McMillin spoke about how excited he was about this. Grants can help drive economic development .
Kathy Scott- asked if this is more urban city or the whole county? Fred- said they will look at entire region.  Can you give us a success story? Fishers is going thru a development plan and we have helped with that. No foreign investment.
Jim Red Elk- how do you maintain and update the plan? Keep at it every 5 years.
Terri Randall- I sniff around for money. When you drive into some communities you know what they are all about. The road systems in our county are a challenge.
Terri Randall- We might find out we need a road from here to here. We need to be able to tell our story. To let them know we know what we are doing. To open up other areas of our county. Keep some of our rural areas. Keep what makes us unique. Get people up state to help us make these things happen.
Conclusions and Next Steps to be communicated.
Closing of Joint session 7:30 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

5 November 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

5 November 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.



Courthouse Analysis- Project Update- Terri Randall- Maxwell Construction has been doing this with council’s approval. John Maxwell and Allissa Ruhlman gave a power point presentation.  John Maxwell stated the following:

Started with the idea we could knock a few walls out etc- but that is simply not going to work. We reviewed all the previous studies. Judges, clerk, prosecutor, maintenance, sheriff and Bill Ullrich were interviewed as stakeholders.

Seven previous studies – the first in Nov 2004. When the jail and sheriff issues were taken out that set the stage for where we are now. That 2004 study was the really good one they based all their decisions upon.  When you take out the rotunda area etc you own about 16,000 sq ft of usable space. The 2004 space projections for 2014 were remarkably close to what we have now. We did have to project a 2000 sq ft for the magistrate that was added for Humphrey’s court to help with Ohio county. Storage spaces needed, private conference spaces needed and ADA is not up to par in areas. Gross areas that is needed is 37,000 square ft.

He had originally hoped that the prosecutor space could leave the site- but it has to be in the complex. He still likes the total review of the functions in that report. That is how they came up with the 37,000 square ft. A third superior court would take more square ft. than adding magistrates. By adding 2 magistrates for Cleary and Blankenship’s court they can save on space. They need to add a little over 20,000 sq ft.

Maxwell will create an RFP similar to the jail project. He feels they were blessed with the architects and subs on the jail. He sees a similar process of short listing qualified firms to choose from again. They would then come in with recommendations. The architect selected will then go thru all the items Maxwell has gone thru. At that point they will do preliminary work and get a budget. It will go to Commissioners and Council then.

Three things came up thru interview process that require attention in the short term per Maxwell:

Sheriff’s dept wants space outside women’s restroom as holding area. It currently has storage items in it. This would secure them better.

Clerk’s space is very difficult and crowded. They have asked for space across hall- vacated by probation.

Blankenship Court by the front door- she would like to move it across the hall as it would have more space. The other idea is to add a partition wall to separate people entering from the front door immediately to her courtroom. They want o raise her level of security.

Maxwell said they were treated respectfully and everyone was cooperative.

McHenry asked if these space needs were absolutely necessary and not just a wish list. Maxwell said Humphrey ripped off a list of 10 things and they matched up to what needs they had determined, for example. We can defend the program as written. We could argue politically about his- from the human side or psychological side.

Terri Randall said that RQAW’s space info is completely validated. We could look at must haves nice to haves and wish list. We have already pushed that envelope as hard as we could and that’s why we never moved forward. [NOTE: This was before her tenure as administrator.]They need more space than exists there. If you are going to invest money- do something that hold s the county for 20 years. The beautiful historic building has been turned into an eyesore with the cubicles in the rotunda area. A department may have to move- but they are all interconnected in work relationship. They will get numbers in the next few months before going to Council. McHenry said he has spent time over there. It’s obvious the space is inadequate. Lynch said that they have shoehorned things in there. He doesn’t like the partitions in the historic space and also the safety concerns. Little agreed with them.  It is obvious to see Aaron’s cubicles and security desk sitting over the beautiful floor space.

Lynch motioned to let Maxwell get RFPs to get architectural firm selected. Little seconded. Commissioners passed.

Grant Application Request- Health Dept- $12,056 no match required and this is a reimbursable. Trailer to set up clinic sites. Walk thru clinics for vaccinations etc.  Approved.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer

United Engineering- presentation on 2013 Bridge Inspections- Chris Bueller sp?- said that they like to present in person in case they have any questions. They also have an interactive pdf file to plug into computer to search more easily than the written book form. There are bridges replaced and some are under design. Bridge 5 at top of replacement list as it is also on a 12 month inspection cycle. Bridge 88 is also on their 12 month inspection list due to bearing areas of the bridge. They have recommendations also to extend the life of these two. McHenry said he met with Todd and Tim – and they were complimentary about what your firm does. Report was taken in.

Todd Listerman said there are 23 bridges needing to be replaced. We have done a lot- but there is a lot still to do. The property taxes aren’t covering it all. We are at 1/3 of the rate that is possible by the county at 3.33 cents. If we doubled that to 6.67 cents we could do additional 3 bridges per year. The casino funding is not our long term solution. He knows it is a tax increase. Library in Aurora is at 15cents. Lawrenceburg is over 7% on libraries. He is lobbying for more funding for bridges. He is trying to combine some design work into other contracts also. Commissioners need to take a long look at this.

Bridge #55- Collier Ridge -  INDOT Supplemental Contract- scheduled for July. ROW cleared. Waiting in INDOT review. Federally funded. Trying to petition INDOT to get moved to April. $2 million fed funds. The agreement has fed funds of $661,000 extra is added via this agreement for this project. Approved and signed. Listerman said that INDOT is graded on meeting their dates for projects to start, so they select safe dates. Hoping that they can get it moved up- as someone else doesn’t make their date, so we can push up on the list.

Bridge #108: Harrison-Brookville Road - Howard J. Barth and Associates:  $74,700.00- less than projected for engineering. Approved and signed contract.

Bridge #76: Jamison Road:  FPBH, Inc. for engineering - $45,900.00. Approved and signed contract.

Strand Associates Agreement- Multi Bridge Rehab Project Box Beam Bridges: (concrete decks on bridges) Design not to exceed $42,700 and Bid Related Services of $7,000.  Total $49,700.00. Two part contract  depends on what has to be done on each bridge- so there are possible permit requirements on some of them.  Approved and signed.

Road Inventory Changes due to annexations: All approved by commissioners as below:

Pleasant View Drive from 0.13 miles to 0.04 miles due to City of Aurora annexation. County maintains Pleasant View Drive from Dutch Hollow Road to 185 feet east of Dutch Hollow Road, 0.04 miles. 

Scenic Drive from 1.88 miles to 1.39 miles due to City of Lawrenceburg annexation.  County maintains Scenic Drive from Wilson Creek Road to 165 feet north of Paxton Lane, 1.39 miles. 

Pribble Road from 2.92 miles to 2.64 miles due to City of Lawrenceburg annexation.  County maintains Pribble Road from SR-1 to Shady Lane, 2.64 miles

Contract #R-30956- Change Order 14 on North Dearborn Road. This is from the end of the job that shows an item changed for over $20,000. All has been settled on this road. This is paperwork for INDOT. Approved.

Paving has all been completed last Saturday and line striping are in now. Should be complete this week.

Lynch said he wanted to acknowledge that citizen said he was responsive in handling situation with road striping.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- asked Eric Hartmann to join her. Very serious leak coming from behind the jail of diesel fuel.  McHenry pulled Baudendistel to the side for a sidebar conversation at this point. Hartmann said the tank is not easily repairable. The tank is for the generator. The generator sits on top. They could get temp generator for 3 days to replace tank etc. This is an emergency situation. Resolution declaring an emergency per Baudendistel. Pennington concurred. Approved Baudendistel to get resolution. Will have by next meeting and council will meet after that.

Brad Ruhlman from Maxwell gave a jail project update. Invited commissioners to drop over anytime. Poured slabs and masonry walls going up. Security metal frames. Demolishing and remodeling existing basement. Rough ins of plumbing etc going in. Looking to complete that area in December. Precast walls will go in next- and it will start looking like a building. Hope to have roof on about Christmas time. There are some plumbing items that require change orders. That will be here next meeting hopefully. Project budget is still good so far. Crime scene investigators are doing more in house work and so chemicals can’t be put in drains etc. They are looking to do this with grant funds as this was not in original plan. This will be a lab addition in that space.

Randall has some appropriation requests. One is on legal services. Some have required more legal services than last year. $20,000 additional needed before the end of 2013. Approved to seek $20,000 from Council for legal fees.

Two others are fund transfers.

$7473.80 was left over from the other funds for Hoosier Square Project to use for running fiber to Emergency Mgmt to eliminate $560 per month for phones at emergency mgmt. Approved.

$800,000 balance left from L-bg. for Economic Development. $300,000 was reappropriated for incentives by “old”  Redevelopment. Move it from Growth Fund to Land Acquisition account.  Lynch abstained as he was on the Redev. Board. Approved to seek transfer to land acquisition fund.

Parking lot done.

$28,282 for a study to improve SR 1- Belleview traffic back-up esp during Perfect ski season. American Structurepoint will do study. Greendale is paying $20,000 and CVTB is doing remainder for the study. Approved to partner with city of Greendale for this with no money due from the county. Baudendistel will have interlocal agreements on this next meeting.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- claims signed. Longevity disbursement is included in the payroll on these. October 15 minutes approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- suit filed for accident on Stateline- insurance has picked it up. Sue Hayden compiled and sent accident reports in this.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch wanted to encourage Veterans ceremony attendance Monday 11 AM on Courthouse lawn. Also big success for 34 companies at IVY Tech job fair. Many people hired.

Lynch said Messer’s staff called and he will be in on Nov 25th to thank Work Force One for their efforts on that.

Little said to thank the Veterans and also is amazed that the roof will be on jail in December already.

McHenry said Courthouse restrooms available for veterans during the ceremony.

McHenry said that he was disappointed in the Indy Star article. The gist of his entire comment was that it was holding 50,000 county people hostage while others use the gambling money for their own political fighting. He thinks that people in Indy are looking to take the revenue and people here feeding the information are potentially harming the county’s reputation and revenue source. [NOTE: The conflicts of interest mentioned in the article in detail should serve as a reminder to all elected and appointed officials that they need to be more mindful of ethics in their deals. Our Redevelopment and economic development procedures should be looked at carefully as well. Are the goals clear? Do we measure the effects of the expenditure of county money on these companies? Are we fairly apportioning the work? Are county businesses able to bid on these projects or are we hand picking and inviting bidders? Do we write up the agreements to stress county workers if possible? Are certain businesses controlling the county? Have those businesses shown their appreciation by supporting political candidates? We need to think about what we do and how it looks to the PUBLIC when it shows up in print.]

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- $15,000 awarded for project per Bill Black EMA. Also one for $5100 grant for assessment. Black has had trouble getting approval in a timely manner when these are not applied for- they are just given to us. There are rules with SBOA on this. McHenry said he and Kraus could sign these and bring them in for ratified signatures at the next meeting. Pennington said that this is FEDERAL audit rules. All these grants have to be placed on the GATEWAY now for the public to see.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township