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7 September 2004 Dearborn County Commissioner’s Meeting Notes

7 September 2004 Commissioner’s Meeting

Present: Karen Shell, President, and Vera Benning. Absent: Dan Batta and Lorie Howard County Administrator.
Also present: Cary Pickens, Auditor, and Lisa Lehner, Attorney.

1. Bill Black- Emergency Management – gave an update on siren exchange (sale) with Lawrenceburg and also the 800 radio system meeting with Commissioners and Council to be scheduled this month.

2. Eric Hartman- got approval to plaster and paint the rotunda with the quotes he obtained.

3. Bill Ewbank -Veteran’s Officer- announced that September 23 the Disabled Veterans Van from Indy would be in town from 10-6 at the Memorial to the Common Man in Lawrenceburg. He also informed commissioners that RSVP was doing a complete mapping of the bricks and donors for him so that when families call, he can tell them where to locate their particular person.

4. Cheryl Lohmiller- Animal Control- needs another cell phone for additional helper. Also reported that currently they house 53 dogs and 48 cats with 6 euthanized. They are looking into getting a security camera and tapes to secure the site at night. Cost is under $200.

5. Ellen Davis- Lifetime Resources- will apply for the 18 person owner qualified grants in the spring.

6. Mike Davis- Highway Dept.- upon Karen Shell’s request provided commissioners with a written report. Work on West Laughery slips nearly complete and crew went to Legion Road where a major problem had to be fixed.
Survey work is beginning on White’s Hill. Davis is going to Soil and Water to be sure they do their permitted work correctly.
Phase 1 paving almost completed. Phase 2 is “in Lisa’s and Lorie’s hands.” He found they had a $62,000 savings doing work in house on 17 miles of roadwork.
There was a $7,000 shortfall on Ennis Road work due to inaccurate estimate of road length in specs. Karen Shell recommended that Davis find money elsewhere to transfer when he makes request to Council- NOT to ask for additional.
No decision today- but there was a big discussion on the 147 account balances etc.
Davis needs to get current amounts and encumbrances.
George Street Bridge project in Aurora- Governor Kiernan’s wife is coming to town with the check Sept. 10. Davis and a commissioner are expected to speak. Vera Benning suggested Dan Batta be their speaker because of all his work on US 50. [NOTE: Not sure what US50 and the bridge path have in common.]
Ebert and Milligan are probable contractors for the Guilford Bridge on Main Street off SR1. Lisa is to review the contract.
Mike is attending a meeting at Purdue on Sept 22 to learn how to tap into money to fix road slips.
Line striping bids were opened and taken under advisement:
Atlantic Construction- $186,770.60
NES Traffic Safety- $70,971.84
[Note: This is a huge difference in price- were the specs clear?]

Phase 2 paving bids were redone and opened:
Rohe: $739,498.35
O’Mara: $753,548.19
Taken under advisement.

7. Lisa Lehner- Attorney- revised agreement with IFA on CMHC housing project that exists on county owned land. She is working on the wording on the covenants and wants the county held harmless should CMHC not properly adhere to the IFA covenants. Taken under advisement.
Plan Commission ordinances already approved were signed.
Lisa advised commissioners of two favorable zone requests and also favorable recommendation on the Master Plan that were to be advertised and held for public hearing next meeting – Sept 20. Travis Miller will give a 45-minute presentation also on the Master plan for the hearing.

8. Cary Pickens- Auditor- submitted claims and payroll for approval. Approximately 10 sets of minutes were to be approved. Most were, leaving a few that Dan Batta had to be present to approve.

9. Vera Benning announced the death of a daughter (Ryan) of a former highway employee, Terry Livingston in a car wreck on the KY Bridge this weekend.

10. Public Comment: Mark Richardson and Keith Mosier of Rohe - wanted to review the bids that were opened today. Lisa Lehner said they couldn’t until they were approved- then they were open to the public. Keith Mosier insisted that once opened at a public meeting, they were open to the public to view. He was denied access to them.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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