Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sad State of Traffic Control on US 50

I would like to offer comments on the sad state of traffic control on the US 50 Lawrenceburg/Aurora corridor. Though I have no formal traffic control expertise, I feel that my observance of the poor traffic flow conditions on my commute every weekday morning and evening for the last 10 years qualifies me to comment.

First - this isn’t rocket science folks. Lots and lots of cars go east in the morning, and lots and lots of cars go west in the evening. We don’t need a huge, costly study to figure out what the problem is.

Second - in consideration of my first point, allow a dramatic increase in directional flow by timing and lengthening traffic lights appropriately. Businesses may object; i.e., this may slightly delay an evening eastbound WalMart patron from turning left(!), but I believe in the long run, more folks would be willing to make the trek to these businesses if they knew they wouldn’t have to face snarled traffic (myself included). Feeder routes would undoubtedly face somewhat of a delay, but quite frankly, the only feeder routes that I currently see jammed are those used in attempts to evade US 50 in downtown Lawrenceburg.

Third - to take full advantage of the lengthened and timed traffic lights, allow large trucks to travel in one lane only - left lane or right lane; I don’t care. How many times have we all been stuck behind two side-by-side trucks that, because of their slow acceleration, only allow a half dozen or so cars to follow them through the green light? (Tho’ we all know about the success of controlling large trucks; i.e., Rt 1).

The cost? No studies, no consultants, no contractors = no tax dollars.

Richard W. Hartle

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