Friday, June 09, 2006

Financial Snapshot Dearborn County Regional Sewer District

Financial Snapshot Dearborn County Regional Sewer District

DCRSD Budget Major Expenses from 2003 through April 2006

94,837.46 Lisa Lehner, (Wood, Lamping, and Lehner, Attorneys)
67,500.30 GRW Engineering Consultants
28,549.42 Woolpert Engineering Consultants
22,594.51 Quinn Engineering
6,532.00 Seitz Insurance-liability and bonding
5,500.00 St. Leon TIF Sewer Study
3,024.49 DuWel Office Furniture and supply
2,329.30 Mailing and postage
2,055.05 Wullenwebber transcription services
1,632.87 Mike Hankins, Chairman (includes mileage cost of $82.87)
900.00 Atlas Appraisal services
725.00 Hall rentals and refreshments
646.25 Rainbow Printing
493.60 Pat Holland, board member (includes mileage cost of $93.60)
400.00 Rodney Dennerline, board member
400.00 Barry Pruss, board member
400.00 Brett Fehrman, board member
400.00 Dave Enzweiler, board member
355.00 Indicom phones
340.00 Wendelman Sound System
224.23 Register Publications public notices
228.03 Walmart supplies
200.00 John Maxwell, new board member
160.00 Memberships and meeting fees
50.00 Greg Vollmer, former board member

INCOME since 2003:

125,000.00 Seed Money 5/1/03
357,000.00 County Council Interlocal agreement “loan”
100,000.00 Grant money 11/22/04 transferred $74,000 to interest bearing acc’t
200,000.00 Project Funds 1/24/06
883.44 Interest Income from savings

Balances in accounts: (some is already “spoken for”)

21,907.28 Savings acc’t
352,169.68 Seed money
177.87 Grant acc’t
167,499.16 Project Funds

Information taken from Excel speadshhets of accounts provided by Doug Baer for DCRSD

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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