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16 November 2006 Dearborn County Regional Sewer District Meeting Notes

16 November 2006 DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Chairman Hankins, Maxwell, Dennerline, Fehrman, and Holland
Absent: Enzweiler and Pruss
Also Present: Baer, Health Dept., Benning, Secretary (?), Kramer, Attorney, Quinn, Engineer, and Messmore, County Adm.

Dick Robertson pf Level 5 Engineering/Vieste was also present in the audience

Minutes of Nov 2nd were approved with Kramer’s correction regarding Ameritech being revised to reflect efforts to get Greendale’s approval, which hasn’t been achieved yet.

Treasurer’s report was in their packets- Pruss was absent for medical reasons.

Old Business:
Cole Lane and Stewart Street- Draft copy of agreement between Aurora and DCRSD is going to their council. Fehrman noted that Mayor Hastings wanted to see drawings of the main and trunk lines. Quinn said Turner had them but he’d take another copy to the mayor. Tap fees were discussed more- Quinn was not in favor of tap fees for existing users, when correcting a problem as opposed to new construction. Fehrman said the Mayor did NOT want to waive tap fees in this case. Some DCRSD members thought the $20,000 that would be raised by tap fees wasn’t “significant.”
Maxwell wanted to know if there was an order for new people to tap on. What REQUIRES them to hook on? Baer said state law allows the Regional authority to do it. Aurora has the power to also. Fehrman said that Aurora prefers to offer it as a one-time price now and if they sign up later it is more expensive. There are 43 homes in this project. Only one is opposed to hook-up with a septic system less than 5c years old.
DCRSD wants Aurora to order the grinders and the county will pay for them. They will have draft document by early next week for DCRSD to review.
Dennerline and Maxwell motioned and 2nded to sign the order to proceed for Lykins to begin Construction on Cole Lane and Stewart Street.

Serenity Ridge- Hankins said LMH will serve it if we allow them to expand their CTA to these sections. Board not in favor of supporting this if at some date we have to buy it back. [NOTE: This seems to indicate a potential DCRSD buyout of LMH???]
Dennerline also didn’t want to step into St. Leon’s territory. Hankins said LMH has NOT been to DCRSD to discuss any of this. Dennerline and Maxwell motioned and 2nded to communicate with LMH that we’ll serve Serenity Ridge and then see if we can fee across the road (Henderson) to LMH for transport and treatment. Board felt this was the only way to expeditiously serve Serenity Ridge. Hankins will meet with Tucker near the end of November.

New Business:
SDRSD and DCRSD met Tues Nov 14 for a “spirited and lively debate
Hankins said the new idea that came from this for consideration was that DCRSD and SDRSD COMBINE and go to work to serve the county as a whole. No decision- but Hankins thought the idea had merit.

Dennerline wants Quinn to look at extending G-dale sewer line to Guilford along SR1.
Maxwell wanted to know when we will see Woolpert study. – as it was due in early Sept.
Hankins said they want to wait and coordinate it with the future land use map.

Maxwell wants GRAVITY along SR1 with Kent paying only his percentage use of it, rather than the force-feed smaller line Kent is proposing currently. They weren’t sure in Greendale was 10 or 12- inch at Green Road.
Quinn is to see if Woolpert studied this also. Messmore noted that Woolpert meets with them in December again.
There was some discussion of costs of $600,000 for 1.5 miles of gravity feed at $80/ft. Dennerline asked if a 6-inch forced main could process more sewage than a 12-inch gravity.

Hankins proposed going to monthly meetings. Board suggested keeping 2 in case they need it and canceling one each month. They were checking on how to give notice of cancellation.

For December they will meet on the 7th and cancelled the 21st.

[NOTE: This will save $350 in per diem expenses (7 x $50) each month plus attorney costs and engineer as well. Noting how much repetition is at each meeting, this appears to be a good idea- as long as they can settle on a pattern and notify public of the “real” meeting time each month.]

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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