Thursday, February 08, 2007


Dearborn County Council meets at 6 PM on Tuesday February 13th in the Adm Bldg to decide on what direction to take regarding the tabled NW Quadrant funding from the Vieste report.

This meeting was set up at the Jan 23rd Council meeting when that part of the funding and decision to proceed was tabled pending a meeting headed by Councilman Mark Mitter.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Jim West can "dazzle" us with more stories about the Magical 30 Mile Loop!

Iida adds that Honda knows nothing of a 30 mile radius within the site of the Greensburg plant which it will not use suppliers.

"I don't know where that speculation evolved. I guess some people might be coming up with their own ideas as to how we might be looking at that situation. But again, we haven't given any specific direction to suppliers in that regard. We expect that suppliers will make use of their existing facilities," Iida said.

Mr. West will be anxiously and vainly looking around the room for a furtive glimpse and a wink and a nod from a ghostly and ethereal Vera Benning, before she pounds an otherworldly gavel down, closing this agonizing and excruciating meeting to the public, allowing him to be with long forgotten friends once more!!!

Oh, for the good ole days!!!

Anonymous said...

ethereal Vera Benning

I picture an unearthly and wraithlike Lisa bending towards Vera, whispering with deathly undertones in Vera’s ear, tapping her phantom fingers on a vaporous legal pad, demanding attention to the corpselike and pallid Vera’s talking points.

But that’s just me!!!