Thursday, March 27, 2008



My name is Barbara Wyly and I am running in the Democratic Primary for the position of Superior Court 1 Judge. If I win the primary, I will face the winner of the Witte-Cleary primary.

My office is on Stateline Road in Bright. I have practiced in Indiana for 13 years. I have practiced law for a total of 28 years-longer than any other candidate for Judge. I have practiced as a Judge Advocate in the Air Force on active duty and in the reserves. My practice has spanned four states, one foreign country and I've even dealt with an Indian tribal court. I was an Assistant United States Attorney in Oklahoma, Chief Prosecutor on a military base and a federal and state public defender before I moved to Indiana.. I also do a substantial family law, juvenile, personal injury and estate planning practice in addition to my criminal law and public defender work. For twelve years I represented the State of Indiana in child abuse and neglect cases and was responsible for ensuring that the children in our community got a fair shake before our courts. Over 100 abused and neglected children from Dearborn and Ohio Counties are in safe, permanent homes because of my efforts as an advocate for children.

Like most of you, I am a native Hoosier. I was born in Richmond and raised on a dairy farm near Cambridge City. I was the first person in my Dad's family to go to high school or college. Early on, I learned how to work hard taking care of animals, raising what we ate, and even making the clothing I wore. I won a Hoosier scholarship to Purdue and majored in psychology with a minor in biology. My husband and I both went to school at the University of Utah, which is where I worked on a masters in educational psychology before I went to law school and graduated from law school. After law school I went into the Air Force and served 5 years of active duty, including an overseas tour in England, and four years in the reserves. Since my extended family remained in Indiana, I did my reserve duty in Indiana. After the Air Force, I set up a solo practice near Hill AFB, Utah, but we moved back here in 1994 when my husband's employer, Fidelity Investments, transferred him to the Cincinnati office. Both of my parents were ill by then, and all my family was here, so I was glad to be home.

Jim and I have three grown children. Bryon and his wife, the former Melissa See, have three children, Jacob, Katelyn and Sophia and live in Lawrenceburg. Rachel and her husband Jeff Irwin live in Guilford, and David lives in Springdale, Ohio.

I want to be your judge because I think I have the LEGAL EXPERIENCE, the TEMPERMENT, the COMMON SENSE, the BALANCED PERSPECTIVE, the DIVERSE EXPERIENCE, the WORK ETHIC, the INTEGRITY and the PEOPLE SKILLS that are necessary to be a Judge. The ability to read people is as important as the ability to read the law. I will be a Judge of character. I will be a Judge with character. I believe that Jefferson was inspired when he said that "all men (and women) are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" (Declaration of Independence) I memorized these words in high school and I believe these words with all my heart. I served my country for these ideals, I want to continue to serve you, as your judge, with these ideals in mind.