Thursday, January 29, 2009

Annual Local Election Finance Reports

Filed by 21 January 2009- data collected 29 Jan 2009 by Christine Brauer Mueller

Commissioner D-2

Tom Orschell- $0 additional. Total spent on election $3112.62

Richard Fox- $4700 additional ( Rick Fox $2700, Bob and Mary Ewbank- $1000, Violet Fox-$100, and Barnes and Thornburg (lobbyists)- $1000.) Total spent on election $6250.09

Commissioner D-1

Doug Taylor- $522.66 additional from himself and unitemized. Final report.

Jeff Hughes- $1554.51 additional (Mr/Mrs Bob Ewbank- $1000, Fred Schmits-$200, Jeff Hughes- $354.51.) Total spent on election- $15,168.72

Council – at Large-

Phil Darling- $300 additional (Asbestos Wkrs Local.) Final Report

Charlie Fehrman- $0 Final Report

Maynard Barrett- $288.45 from himself- Final Report- Total spent on election $4768.45

Bill Ullrich- $0 final report


James Humphrey $37.66 interest from UCB CD – total fund $1131.18 (annual report only- did not run in 2008)

G Michael Witte- $1114 unitemized + 1900 itemized ( Eric/Deb Werner-$500, Marty Pieratt- $600, Tony Witte-$300, Kevin/Linda Murname- $500) Total spent on election- $22,594.97.

Barb Wyly- $7640.07 additional from Jim Wyly. Total spent on election - $21,309.55

Thom Blondell- sent $418.81 to Election for Ann Brady Cook Cty Judge campaign. Had $50.95 left in fund. Total spent - $6409.27.

Jon Cleary- sent ck to Gene Cleary $2279.09 and had $426.22 unitemized. FINAL report- Total spent on campaign- $32,626,31.

Clerk of Courts-

Phil Weaver- final $0


Citizens for Dearborn County- Final report filed Nov. 2008- $0. Total spent- $3480.75.

Dearborn County Positive Growth PAC- Final report one sheet dated 1/14/09 shows $400 in and spent but no attached sheets to see who contributed or what was purchased. The treasurer is Kim Roell, the chairman is Mark Rosenberger, and the Custodian of Records is Vera Benning.

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