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23 February 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Lehman, Nelson, Kraus, Jr., Lansing, Hornbach, Beiersdorfer, and Hoog.
ABSENT: Thompson
Also present: McCormack, Plan Director, and McGill, Attorney.


Zone Change from Ag/Hwy Interchange to Manufacturing 2 to construct an industrial park in the West Harrison TIF District. Applicant- DCEDI (Jim Kinnett, VP Development DCEDI, presenting) Owner is Tom Stone, Joseph Stone and Carol Smith. Location is 82 acres on Harrison Brookville Road in Harrison Township.

Roadway and other industrial sites bound the site on 3 sides. It has 2 entrances proposed and an active railroad line that can be used to transport goods. DCRSD wants commitment before they spend any more money on this, but Harrison, OH has the capacity to handle the waste as long as the applicant builds a 7500 ft line to the end of theirs. Six letters to adjoiners were mailed and receipts received.

Kinnett stated that he was the VP of Development for DCEDI and they had been working with Tom Stone and family on this. The property was entered into option 1- 1.5 years ago. They have applied for “shovel-ready” status with IN. There are currently about 35-45 sites with this status in the state- this would be our first in Dearborn County. They filed Jan 16th for the zone change request and are on target to get his in 90 days. The largest potential request for the site is 500,000 sq ft on 25 acres. They lost the US Playing Cards possibility (which makes cards for gaming industry) Other interest is from assembly, pharmaceuticals, and plastics.

The site is all in the TIF created in April 2006. Kinnett said there is need for business development in Dearborn County. His reasons: Good economic development reduces the tax burden for homeowners, there is a net positive cash flow to the community, with reasonable wages there will be an increase in overall per capita income to the county, it will strengthen other businesses, and it diversified the local economy. It helps keep jobs here at home, where currently 50-60% of workers leave the county.

Kinnett said the economy now is based on spirits, gaming, and casket manufacturing and nothing else. [NOTE: The hospital and school systems are also sources of good paying jobs in the county.]

Kinnett says there are few areas to site a business or industry for Mfg. Hall stated there were 3 sites on Texas Gas Rd, Guilford, and North Dearborn. (3 M-1s)

Kinnett noted the river bounds one side of this as buffer also and that only a tiny piece is in the 100 yr flood plain and about 25 acres in the 500 yr flood plain. He said this might change when the NEW flood maps come out. He has contacted railroad and they are willing to work to get a stop there if needed. Kinnett said this promotes tax base consistent with the master plan. Bayer Becker worked with them on the internal road plans. They intend to maintain those streets privately.


Mike Rozow- (Chamber, DCEDI, and Redevelopment Commission) - talked about importance of being shovel ready. He said a commissioner asked why Bell Tech chose Versailles over us last year. His answer was that we didn’t have a shovel ready site. He also passed out info from Mitch Daniels- no explanation of what that was.

John Rahe- Chair of Redevelopment Commission- said he’d been involved with attracting businesses to the county most of his adult life. It is very difficult to get outside people interested. He compared us with other rural counties and said they have more sites. This is a GOOD SITE. Most people in this county want us to do something for the economy.

[NOTE: The presenters seemed to be EXPECTING opposition to the 82- acre site. I am not sure why- as the West Harrison Industrial Park has been part of almost every master plan discussion and no opposition has occurred.]

Plan Commission:

Lansing – asked about sewer- and was told a 7500 ft line would be needed to get to West Harrison.

Beiersdorfer- asked if West Harrison can handle the industrial waste and Renihan of DCRSD said yes.

Hoog asked why not a 2nd entrance on Johnson Fork rather than 2 on Old 52? Rosenberger said they could- but it depends on the first user of the park. Both he and Kinnett noted it would be expensive to upgrade Johnson Fork to handle the big trucks etc.

Kraus, Jr.- said the county engineer would prefer the 2nd entrance on Johnson Fork so it doesn’t clog Old 52 and have site distance issues.

Beiersdorfer motioned and Nelson 2nd with Lehman’s amendments to include the required conditions: Favorable recommendation to rezone 82 acres in Harrison Township on the Stone property from Ag/Hwy Interchange to M-2 because it meets the 5 conditions for a rezone , specifically that it is in the TIF, increases property values, meets the master plan, and is screened well by road, river, and other industry. It is predicated on the conditions that it has to have 2 entrances and a traffic study will be guaranteed. All ayes. Passed to go to Commissioners for their decision.

Proposed changes to the Zone Codes and Sub’n Codes were passed favorably to go to the commissioners. The Codes are Article 2- 244 and 206 and Article 3- 305 N

1. Bond report passed out- will check with Katie- currently in Ham, Co working0 on the Harley Springs issue for April.

2. Kate Rademacher’s position can be filled and if internally, then the ass’t planner can be filled per McCormack. The ordinance passed by Council requires even rehires to be approved by Commissioners and Council. Commissioners did so last week. Council, rather than meet specially for this, opted to have a phone poll. They agreed also.

3. Annual report is out on the Plan Dept.

4. Fiscal Impact will meet again in March- working out bugs.

5. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN AMENDMENT WILL BE ON MARCH 17th COMMISSIONERS AGENDA. He will advertise this so all PC can attend if they want to attend.

6. Economic stimulus plan info will be emailed. OKI’s MPO gets us about $150,000 and INDIT has some money that Listerman is applying for with shelf ready plans by March 11. The whole Seymour district for INDOT gets $14 million.
They want transformational projects – but not likely due to short time frame. Example of a transformational plan is Brent Spence Bridge.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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