Monday, March 23, 2009


"At the request of Chief Gary Theuer and the Bight Fire Department the Bright Fire Protection District will be tabled until further notice.

The Fire Department, in deference to the opinions expressed by the Citizens of the Bright area, has decided to reassess the parameters of the proposed plan and the operations of the department, as well as, reconnecting with the community to determine a course that may be more beneficial for all. They hope that further efforts, discussions and development of information will improve the atmosphere in the community and open the opportunities for the community and Department to work toward a successful future for the community.

They are open to constructive suggestions from the public and any volunteers that wish to serve the community"

Ralph E. Thompson, Jr.
President, Dearborn County Commissioners

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Anonymous said...

I hope the chief can take another look at what the community is really asking. I support the BFD.
I commend them for there heroisms.
however raising taxes doesnt benefit anybody. Lets hear a good solution that'll benefit every aspect of the community.