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7 July 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

7 July 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, Chairman, Orschell, and Hughes

Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Witte, Attorney

5 Council members were also present for the joint session on the County Campus: Kraus, Sr., Barrett, Lansing, Morris, and Cheek. (Fehrman and Ullrich were absent)

1. Brett Dodd of RQAW gave an hour-long presentation showing 4 options for the county campus plan. Two were older plans and two were newer ones. The plan options have some major differences in costs, time to implement, and affects on security and maintenance issues. The vacant lots across High Street are no longer available as Lawrenceburg has residential use plans for them (thus increasing their tax base.) The remaining properties there are not large enough for the county uses, require connectors, and secure transfer of prisoners to courts. The 2 newest plans require adding a floor to the current administration bldg. There is also the option of using the old juvenile building for the prosecutor and/or probation depts., keeping them attached to the courts areas.

RQAW looked at other properties in option 4 and located the Motorsports Building near the old IVY Tech on Industrial Drive in Lawrenceburg ( 14,500 sq ft on 8 acres with 8 parking spaces and plenty of expansion room) and the YMCA in Aurora( 23,000 sq ft on 3.3 acres with 79 parking spaces) Taxing functions have to stay in the county seat- so those offices go to Motorsports and Services like Health Dept, Veterans Affairs, Building Inspector, Planning and Zoning, County Transportation, and Commissioners can go to Aurora. The current Adm Bldg is 30,000 sq ft- these new building add up to 37,500 sq ft solving some space issues.

Costs of these options including hard and soft costs range from $10 million to $27 million. The cheapest option is number 4 with the 2 additional campuses. Timing is also fastest for that option with completion in March of 2011, 9 months ahead of the other options.

Council members and citizens asked questions including the lawsuit over the YMCA, consider using Alton Box Company with 6 acres, how much help will Lawrenceburg provide, the EMA center is not mentioned and is against moving to Randall Avenue, flexibility of uses in buying existing buildings, getting people used to 2 more sites, costs to purchase buildings, and how to pay for it.

Pickens stated that the $10 million is nearly covered if we choose option #4 - with money in the Redevelopment Fund, the Rainy Day Fund, and the DCRSD Fund. (1.5+3+4.5 million = 9 million)

Cheek cautioned that adding any space no matter where increases costs to maintain, and utilities etc. Council needs to remember that in the budget. Also not think they can hire MORE people because they have more space.

Orschell wanted to be sure phone lines and numbers would transfer to new sites. Also there is no need for a receptionist at Motorsports as the building is easily navigable with signs. Orschell noted the YMCA is also.

Commissioners tabled this until July 21st meeting so that Council could digest the plans and come to a consensus. Funding would be further discussed at Budget time in August.

[NOTE: This whole issue of the campus and certain functions having to be in the county seat would be a moot point if the 3 cities were united under one government. The total population would be about 15,000 or so- not too large by any standards. Imagine how much good the Gaming Money could do for services in all three cities instead of being funneled into residential projects that should be private enterprise.]

2. Commissioners signed the Nurse Agreement for Juvenile Center- same as last years.

3. Randall Ferguson gave a presentation of AFLAC insurance options for the county. They service the 3 main cities and others in the county. This insurance is all supplemental to what the county pays for. It is 100% funded by the employees who choose it and is personal and portable. They offer Accidental, Cancer, Specified health, Short-term disability, Long-term disability, Dental, Vision, Life (whole and term) Intensive care, etc. They have stable rates and are guaranteed renewable. AFLAC insure 500,000 companies, 20,000 of them are government entities. They pay $10 million a day in claims! Claims are paid in 2-4 days. Commissioners took this all under advisement.

4. Bill Black EMA- asked for Mike Davis to be appointed to the District Planning Council- Commissioners approved.

Black also is having Witte look over their documents to be the legal entity for EMA. Black is the fiscal entity.

5. Aaron Negangard- Prosecutor- gave an overview and public notice of the EDWARD BYRNE MEMORIAL GRANT for $14,809. He plans to use it for overtime pay for officers in the county sheriff’s dept o the city officers in the Special Crimes Unit. No action is required of Commissioners- just his public notification.

Witte advised Commissioners of the liability issues with Special Crimes Unit using officers outside the county staff. He cited 3 lawsuits currently. Negangard was unaware of them. Witte named 2 of the 3 and then commissioners asked him to forward that info to Negangard.

6. Transportation Dept- Todd Listerman gave a 17 minute report:
Commissioners signed a non- monetary change order and also one for $54,749.16 on Bells Branch Bridge #15. There will be one more change order on this bridge after costs are determined. This is an 80/20 INDOT project with an additional 80/20 with Ohio County.

Sagamaw is complete with guardrail to be added.

Johnson Fork starts next week- to be complete by mid August.

Salt Fork overlay is on and rockers fixed- will be done before July 31.

Collier Ridge- caissons all installed and now putting lagging in. On schedule to reopen in mid- August.

Contracts for paving to be advertised next week for Stout Carolina Trace and lower Pribble. They will open in July and award at Aug 4 meeting.

Listerman met with INDOT July 1 regarding the hill at Dover and Hiltz Road. INDOT has $5mil to award and only 3 counties vying for it. These funds available for 2012-2013. July 29th he’ll know about funding.

Parks Board needs a truck to haul their tractor and the commissioners approved transferring the 1996 Dodge with a cap to the Parks from Highway. No CDL is needed to drive it.

Hughes asked about Old SR1 to Gaynor and Listerman said the traffic counts are keeping it off the high priority list. They will try to patch. Orschell said he plans to hold a Franklin Cty Commissioner to his promise to show how chip seal works by demonstrating it here for just the cost of materials.

7. Pickens, Auditor- Claims and minutes signed.

David Wunderlich was appointed Washington Township Trustee because the party did not appoint in 30 days.

Aug 4- Med Ben awarding County for Most improved health at 10 AM.

Commissioners Thompson and Orschell authorized Pickens (at his request) to correct or discipline if necessary on the mornings he is in charge at the Animal Control Center. Hughes asked if this included firing. Pickens said part timers could be let go at any time anyway. Hughes voted Nay.

8. Witte- Attorney- thanked commissioners for his extended leave to serve as judge outside the county. Commissioners renewed his contract starting July 1. They also approved Witte to appoint Jack Gay to cover two suits where he has a conflict of interest ( Jesse Reynolds vs. DC and the HVL Tax appeal)

9. Orschell- asked commissioners to send a letter to DCRSD to include High Ridge Dr in their package treatment map. Timberview is only one included. High Ridge Dr is on septic tanks. Commissioners were concerned that the remaining spot out of 62 total would be used up elsewhere before this entire subdivision was covered. Hughes wanted to be sure no one was FORCED to hook on. Letter is to RECOMMEND that HIGH RIDGE DR be added.

Orschell also asked that a letter be sent to Health Dept to give these neighbors a 30-60 day extension once the package plant is in place to comply. Commissioners agreed.

10. Thompson – talked about 3 more sets of drawings for Animal Shelter and needs their comments this week. They are going to BZA in July to get a variance on the set back requirements for the fenced runs for animals. The Animal Budget is ready for August per Pickens and it still won’t be enough to run the whole shelter probably.

11. No Late Arrivals and no Public Comments

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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