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4 August 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

4 August 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes


Thompson, Chairman, Orschell, and Hughes

Also present: Witte, Attorney, and Pickens, Auditor


Latest edition of the county campus plan remains tabled as there has been no action from RQAW to review.

Website discussion was tabled so that commissioners could review two more proposals from Dave Wyly and Mark McCormack.

Policy Recommendations on Euthanization remains tabled so commissioners can see what budget hearings propose for the animal shelter. The shelter is running out of funds for 2009 and decreased euthanizations will increase animal care costs.


Sheriff Lusby decided to be removed from the agenda to further research on Lieberman Technologies.

Hylant Group County Insurance- ended their 3-year proposal and is negotiating for a 5-10% rate decrease for the county on Property and Casualty Insurance. They also handle the Workers Comp. Three years ago the consultant handled all the bids for this for $20,000 and saved us $40,000 in costs. Commissioners decided NOT to rebid but to sign on with Hylant again as they are proposing further rate decreases. Pickens was in support. Thompson and Orschell voted aye and Hughes wanted to rebid and voted nay.

Jewel DeBonis lobbyist to the state was unable to attend because of weather travel issues. She is scheduled for the next meeting.

LuAnn Male form Lifetime Housing requested signatures on a Community Development Block Grant Application. She also wanted the county to fork over $12,500 to show local gov’t support to get an additional 5 points on the application. Commissioners denied that but did allow her to access the IHFA bank match of $10,000 that has accumulated to date. That will be used in addition to the over $4,000 they have from the previous grant that was not used up. Signatures will be provided at the next meeting when she completes the application with those parameters. She may also request DC Foundation funding.

Seat Belt and DUI checks grants for Community Corrections were approved and signatures ratified. Lawrenceburg handles administration of the grant.

Doctor’s agreement for the juvenile center for $10,395 retroactive to January was signed.

Mission statement for the animal control center was approved. Pickens had helped the staff develop it. It reads:
The mission of the Dearborn County Department of Animal Control is to assure the safety and well being of the county’s citizens by maintaining full compliance with the ordinances concerning the proper licensing and control of animals and through the promotion of humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

Amendment #2 for Reassessment contract was signed- Hensley is OK with it per Orschell and Hughes. This is due to the state postponing reassessment for a year.

Highway Dept- Todd Listerman gave a 30-minute report:

Paving contracts for 2009 were awarded to O’Mara- lowest bidder at $314,748 for Stout, Carolina Trace and Pribble hill only. Rohe came in at $410,000. Paving will proceed next week and hopefully be done before school starts.

Dump truck bid was awarded to Fyda Freightliner at $69,793. The spreader box, bed, belt conveyors etc were awarded to Kaffenberger- only bidder at $39,800.

Triple Whipple Bridge is finished- FINALLY! They will dedicate it Aug 27 at 10 AM. This is part of the Lawrenceburg to Aurora to Rising Sun trail. They plan a bronze plaque in memory of John Graf, engineer for Howard Barth Associates who worked, sometime pro- bono- to get this completed. The bridge is the only one of its kind in the USA.

Randall Avenue -Kerrisand Lane (.19 mi) and Lindsay Lane (.14mi) - were accepted into road maintenance pending final plat approval of PZ for the land. Hughes voted nay on this as he did not want to have any undue leverage for this sale to the county.

Wilmington Hills South Section 4 of .30 miles was accepted into the county road maintenance. This is an old section of Elvin Miller’s subdivision.

Public officials bond for Listerman was signed.

Line striping came in low and so now all roads of 1000vehicles per day will be striped. For about $54,000.

Listerman meets with INDOT Friday regarding old US 52 to see when Rohe can start and to check on millings from Rohe’s SR46 project.

Listerman found out that that our request for funding of the Reconstruction of North Dearborn Road East of SR-1 at Hiltz Road has been approved. Official INDOT letter will be sent to Commissioners next week. The total Federal funding for this project is now at 2.8 Million Dollars. Right-of-way should begin the end of August. The project is listed for funding in 2013; however, if R/W is cleared by next summer this project will be shelf ready and could move up if other projects in front of it are not ready.

Yorkridge will be resurfaced Aug 26th with stimulus money of about $1million. North Hogan also is being considered for stimulus as is North Dearborn.

Pickens- Auditor- Claims and minutes signed.

Witte- Attorney- informed the sheriff that he could only research the noise ordinance if the commissioners requested it. The sheriff was worried that a floodgate would open pending some of the discussion at last month’s meeting.

Hughes- nothing

Orschell- He will be working with Greg Henneke- Hylant Ins , Bill Black, and Eric Hartman on an evacuation plan for the county buildings.

Orschell also brought up day meetings – Pickens is in favor. Hughes voted Nay. Meetings changed- see the note at the top of these meeting notes for the specifics.

Thompson- Bid due dates on Animal Shelter have moved to Aug 7 at 2 PM.

No Public wished to speak.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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