Wednesday, October 21, 2009

20 October 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

20 October 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell
Also present: Pickens, Auditor and McGill Attorney, substituting for Witte


Hogan Water Corp- remains tabled waiting on Hogan Corp

East Fork Road remains tabled waiting on INDOT

YES Home lease remains tabled pending YES Home review of lease

Happy Hollow Road remains tabled while investigating

SRI Tax certificates remains tabled until Hughes can review- Hughes didn’t want people to lose their homes in this economic climate. Pickens said these were LAST year’s taxes and would put the burden on the rest of the taxpayers.

Emergency Management received signatures for GIS grant application and Law Enforcement Terrorist Grant.

Reaction PC (website)- Wylys are postponed until November – they were unable to reach Witte.


DCRSD – Steve Renihan received permission from Commissioners to go to Council for no more than $50,000 to cover the extras (change orders) on High Ridge Estates sewer plant and lines. Total cost will be about $500,000 when completed and no one will be forced to hook up if their septic is working. Change orders included: $2,000 to fix leaks in current system to get the equipment in to begin, $3,000 to look at manhole on Timberview, $2,500 for concrete testing, $15,500on contractor mistake trying to straighten out plans for plant expansion, and $23,000 for backup generator that was left out of original plans and is required by IDEM.

DCRSD was also approved to go to Council for an additional $75,000 to put a line down High Ridge also per Bob Hrezo’s Plan. His engineering was covered out of the county study funds for $6,820. Of this $75,000 UCB Bank will be contributing some ($11-20,000) to get a foreclosed property in compliance to sell.

Gayle Pennington, Treasurer- received signature on service agreement for website for taxes.

2010 Employee Holidays Calendar was approved

Highway Dept- Listerman didn’t make the meeting in time- so the scour requirement amendment to bridge contract was not addressed by commissioners.

LATE ARRIVAL- CAC- Children’s Advocacy Center- received signature for their grant application with SEIRPC providing oversight. They have hired an interviewer and 28 interviews were done so far.

Auditor – minutes and claims were signed with Pickens telling Commissioners to sign them quickly before Listerman gets back. [NOTE: Pickens wanted to get out earlier. ]

Attorney- McGill had nothing to add except that he’d reviewed all the contracts etc for tonight.

Hughes- wanted to open Animal Control Director up again for 30 days to get more applications to consider. Approved.

Orschell- gave a recap of the first meeting of the Shelter Committee- Carl Fryman gave them plans for a 15,000 sq ft metal frame building with 3,000 sq ft of office space. Most liked the idea and PAWS has it to consider. Next meeting is Oct 28 at 6:30 PM


Robbin Pelfrey PAWS- wanted permission to winterize the kennels at the shelter. She’d been told they were not planning to keep animals outdoors and wanted commissioners to reconsider that. Orschell and Thompson were concerned with the employee’s safety in cleaning them throughout the winter and the animals being outside. Orschell stated that SPCA also does NOT recommend animals outdoors. Pelfrey was concerned that 18 kennels less would mean more euthanization. Thompson said they were working hard to place the animals and get them adopted to avoid that as much as possible. Pelfrey was angry and left the podium.

Sherry White continued the argument about needing the dogs outside to avoid euthanization increasing. She wanted to know the current rate. Thompson said he did not have those figures with him.

Mayor Cunningham was concerned with all the negative publicity and wanted commissioners to reconsider the kennels for one more year until the new shelter is built.

Orschell requested time to discuss this with staff at the shelter. Orschell stated that Marlene at the shelter was getting a big effort to get the word out to adopt these animals. No decision.

Cliff Eibeck asked about morning meetings and was told that they would readdress that in January. All meetings will be evenings until then.

Meeting adjourned at 8 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Curious said...

"Carl Fryman gave them plans for a 15,000 sq ft metal frame building with 3,000 sq ft of office space. Most liked the idea and PAWS has it to consider."

What did these plans cost to draw up?

Chester said...

Equally important, are they available for public scrutiny?
They should be online for everyone to see.

Curious said...

Was my question, in reference to the cost of drawing up these latest plans, too amorphous for anyone to form a direct response?

cbm said...

to curious-
my understanding was that it was a quote from a company- so it was likely cost free.
It's not like getting an architect to design it- more like buying a prefab shell perhaps.