Saturday, February 28, 2009


Dearborn County Commissioners will hold a PUBLIC meeting on Monday March 9th at 7 PM at the Bright Christian Church Chapel at 24457 Stateline Road.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposed Bright Fire District. Interested persons are requested to appear and voice their opinions.

The proposed Fire District will affect the property taxes in the Bright Fire District.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March 3 Commissioner's Meeting Draft Agenda

March 3, 2009

7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room
County Administration Building
215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana



1. Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan – cont. tabled from 11/20/07
2. Bright Fire Protection District – tabled from 1/20/09

1. GIS – Margaret Minzner
Demonstration – Morning Star Document Management System

2. Southeast Indiana Region Planning Commission – Mary McCarty
Child Advocacy Center Project Public Hearing
Associated Document Signatures

3. Ratification of LifeTime Housing letters for 3 rehabilitation properties

1. Updates

VI. AUDITOR - Cary Pickens

VII. ATTORNEY - G. Michael Witte



X. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Tuesday, February 24, 2009

23 February 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Lehman, Nelson, Kraus, Jr., Lansing, Hornbach, Beiersdorfer, and Hoog.
ABSENT: Thompson
Also present: McCormack, Plan Director, and McGill, Attorney.


Zone Change from Ag/Hwy Interchange to Manufacturing 2 to construct an industrial park in the West Harrison TIF District. Applicant- DCEDI (Jim Kinnett, VP Development DCEDI, presenting) Owner is Tom Stone, Joseph Stone and Carol Smith. Location is 82 acres on Harrison Brookville Road in Harrison Township.

Roadway and other industrial sites bound the site on 3 sides. It has 2 entrances proposed and an active railroad line that can be used to transport goods. DCRSD wants commitment before they spend any more money on this, but Harrison, OH has the capacity to handle the waste as long as the applicant builds a 7500 ft line to the end of theirs. Six letters to adjoiners were mailed and receipts received.

Kinnett stated that he was the VP of Development for DCEDI and they had been working with Tom Stone and family on this. The property was entered into option 1- 1.5 years ago. They have applied for “shovel-ready” status with IN. There are currently about 35-45 sites with this status in the state- this would be our first in Dearborn County. They filed Jan 16th for the zone change request and are on target to get his in 90 days. The largest potential request for the site is 500,000 sq ft on 25 acres. They lost the US Playing Cards possibility (which makes cards for gaming industry) Other interest is from assembly, pharmaceuticals, and plastics.

The site is all in the TIF created in April 2006. Kinnett said there is need for business development in Dearborn County. His reasons: Good economic development reduces the tax burden for homeowners, there is a net positive cash flow to the community, with reasonable wages there will be an increase in overall per capita income to the county, it will strengthen other businesses, and it diversified the local economy. It helps keep jobs here at home, where currently 50-60% of workers leave the county.

Kinnett said the economy now is based on spirits, gaming, and casket manufacturing and nothing else. [NOTE: The hospital and school systems are also sources of good paying jobs in the county.]

Kinnett says there are few areas to site a business or industry for Mfg. Hall stated there were 3 sites on Texas Gas Rd, Guilford, and North Dearborn. (3 M-1s)

Kinnett noted the river bounds one side of this as buffer also and that only a tiny piece is in the 100 yr flood plain and about 25 acres in the 500 yr flood plain. He said this might change when the NEW flood maps come out. He has contacted railroad and they are willing to work to get a stop there if needed. Kinnett said this promotes tax base consistent with the master plan. Bayer Becker worked with them on the internal road plans. They intend to maintain those streets privately.


Mike Rozow- (Chamber, DCEDI, and Redevelopment Commission) - talked about importance of being shovel ready. He said a commissioner asked why Bell Tech chose Versailles over us last year. His answer was that we didn’t have a shovel ready site. He also passed out info from Mitch Daniels- no explanation of what that was.

John Rahe- Chair of Redevelopment Commission- said he’d been involved with attracting businesses to the county most of his adult life. It is very difficult to get outside people interested. He compared us with other rural counties and said they have more sites. This is a GOOD SITE. Most people in this county want us to do something for the economy.

[NOTE: The presenters seemed to be EXPECTING opposition to the 82- acre site. I am not sure why- as the West Harrison Industrial Park has been part of almost every master plan discussion and no opposition has occurred.]

Plan Commission:

Lansing – asked about sewer- and was told a 7500 ft line would be needed to get to West Harrison.

Beiersdorfer- asked if West Harrison can handle the industrial waste and Renihan of DCRSD said yes.

Hoog asked why not a 2nd entrance on Johnson Fork rather than 2 on Old 52? Rosenberger said they could- but it depends on the first user of the park. Both he and Kinnett noted it would be expensive to upgrade Johnson Fork to handle the big trucks etc.

Kraus, Jr.- said the county engineer would prefer the 2nd entrance on Johnson Fork so it doesn’t clog Old 52 and have site distance issues.

Beiersdorfer motioned and Nelson 2nd with Lehman’s amendments to include the required conditions: Favorable recommendation to rezone 82 acres in Harrison Township on the Stone property from Ag/Hwy Interchange to M-2 because it meets the 5 conditions for a rezone , specifically that it is in the TIF, increases property values, meets the master plan, and is screened well by road, river, and other industry. It is predicated on the conditions that it has to have 2 entrances and a traffic study will be guaranteed. All ayes. Passed to go to Commissioners for their decision.

Proposed changes to the Zone Codes and Sub’n Codes were passed favorably to go to the commissioners. The Codes are Article 2- 244 and 206 and Article 3- 305 N

1. Bond report passed out- will check with Katie- currently in Ham, Co working0 on the Harley Springs issue for April.

2. Kate Rademacher’s position can be filled and if internally, then the ass’t planner can be filled per McCormack. The ordinance passed by Council requires even rehires to be approved by Commissioners and Council. Commissioners did so last week. Council, rather than meet specially for this, opted to have a phone poll. They agreed also.

3. Annual report is out on the Plan Dept.

4. Fiscal Impact will meet again in March- working out bugs.

5. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN AMENDMENT WILL BE ON MARCH 17th COMMISSIONERS AGENDA. He will advertise this so all PC can attend if they want to attend.

6. Economic stimulus plan info will be emailed. OKI’s MPO gets us about $150,000 and INDIT has some money that Listerman is applying for with shelf ready plans by March 11. The whole Seymour district for INDOT gets $14 million.
They want transformational projects – but not likely due to short time frame. Example of a transformational plan is Brent Spence Bridge.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Super commissioner government - urgent info from association of IN counties

If you wish to contact Bob Bischoff-
If you wish to contact Johnny Nugent- s43@ai,org

February 17, 2009

Talking Points for Local Government Reform
506-Local Government Matters

Senate Bill 506 proposes statutory changes to county government and provides for the elimination of the three member board of commissioners. We believe that the Senate will call SB 506 for third and final reading today or Thursday, so we need to act now!
Please call your senator and ask that they vote against SB 506. Please do so even if they have previously expressed that they would vote against it. It needs to be clear to them that they still are being requested to vote "NO", despite the amendments.

The following is a list of talking points we feel are legitimate points of concern that support our position.
*We feel that the proposal will take power away from the voters to choose local leaders that represent all districts in the county.
*We feel that transparency would be compromised due to lack of open meeting discussions.
*We feel that the proposal would open the door for abuses of power and political favoritism.
*No evidence in supporting cost savings. In many counties this will likely cost more because of increased costs that typically are associated with appointed positions. Counties will have to hire support staff to support and provide a single executive officer. Even the Ball State study, often cited as evidence of reform savings, recognizes that transferring duties to other officials is “a potentially more costly activity.” They will need to provide additional office space in already crowded office buildings. Office equipment will need to be provided. Counties are already cutting budgets to address circuit breaker loses and cannot take on additional expenses that would be incurred.
* The current structure provides great value to the taxpayers. Many commissioners serve to contribute to their communities. They are not in the position for the money. Because of the division of responsibilities some still work in separate jobs. Some serve after a successful career.

*There has been great success with Economic Development in the State of Indiana. We do not believe that economic development success is stifled with the current structure. There have been mechanisms put in place for negotiations and public transparency for new development in communities. Many of the largest projects announced within recent years were county initiated projects. These include: Boone Co. - Anson Development; Decatur Co. – Honda; Gibson Co. – Toyota; Tippecanoe Co. - Subaru-Isuzu; Posey Co. Abengoa (ethanol); Whitley Co. – SDI expansion; Vigo Co. - Pfizer (since closed) CSN (steel); Monroe Co. Ivy Tech project; Hamilton Co. - Village Park

*The current structure promotes cooperative leadership.
*The current structure provides our communities with a diverse representation. Having three commissioners brings more qualifications, experience, and skills to the office and promotes a broad range of ideas to the decision making process. We have business professionals, homemakers, farmers, clergy, and educators just to name a few representing our communities. A three member board compliments each other and brings great wisdom and strength to decision making. The current structure is a true representative government structure.
*Commissioners are often required by statute to sit on different board and commissions. Dividing the responsibilities between a three members allows for greater time management and representation.
*The three member board with election cycles alternating brings continuity to the business of the county.
* This bill prohibits a political subdivision from promoting a position on a public question. The political subdivision knows the strengths and weakness of the county. The constituents deserve to hear the recommendations of the elected officials and evaluate the merit of either position.
* This bill provides that in every general election after 2012, 5% of the voters of the county may petition the circuit court clerk specifying a public question on reorganizing the county government. We believe that continuity with the county business would be compromised.
* The bill exempts Marion and Lake Counties from much of the bill. Many Senators have submitted amendments to exempt their counties. We feel that if a county wants to restructure they may request the change from the general assembly like Marion County.

Please make it a point to call your Senator this morning. Thank you for your continued commitment to local government.

Stephanie Yager
Executive Director

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

17 February 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell.
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Witte, Attorney.


Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan remains tabled from 20 Nov 2007. Commissioners are scheduling PUBLIC HEARING on March 17th at 7 PM on this plan.

Bright Fire Protection District- remained tabled from 20 Jan 2009, but Chief Gary Theurer was allowed to say a few words. (The room was about 2/3 full of Bright residents both for and against the district.) Theurer asked the Commissioners to sign the agreement before the March 1st deadline. If after that it won’t be effective till Jan 2011 at the earliest. He turned in 317 signatures saying that weather and jobs of the volunteers hampered efforts. He also stated that HVL Manager (Keller) told him they were not allowed to go door to door in HVL as this was solicitation.
He gave the revised numbers to Pickens that he had asked for, and said this cost an extra $3,000. He said they have applied for grants and received them and the hospital is willing to work with them on EMTs. He heard their township trustee was NOT in favor of the district and that trustee has $91,000 in reserves. He also stated that the newspaper was not behind them and that the county highway dept was worried that this would take their money. He said other fire depts. wanted to know why they hadn’t included them in their plans. He said they had the same opportunity as Bright has.
Theurer claims his territory would have 45% of the county’s population. He said paying people to provide essential services is the norm. He ended saying there are consequences if we don’t do this.

Commissioners set up a public meeting in Bright for Monday March 2 at 7 PM with the location to be announced in the local paper. Theurer had noted that they planned to have public sessions all over their area explaining what they are doing after it was approved. [NOTE: What good is that to the public- after the fact? Commissioners are correct in getting public input before enacting something with this significant amount of taxation. A flat per house tax makes more sense than a property tax.]

Lifetime Housing Group signature was ratified after the fact. This item was tabled to get correct current form last meeting.

Mark McCormack- Planning and Zoning presented three ordinances for approval. All three were passed. (Article 2 Sections 216,232,244, and 260, Article2 2 Section 280, and Article 7 of the Subdivision Control Ordinance.)


Mark McCormack- Planning Director was given approval ( with Hughes voting Nay) and also is going to approach Council to comply with their budget ordinance requiring all positions to be approved before refilling, should they become vacant. Katie Rademacher resigned as Enforcement officer and planner and they may fill that with the current assistant planner and then fill that position or may fill the Enf Officer spot. McCormack will know more after he talks to the current ass’t planner (a position that is shared with Harrison and St. Leon.) Hughes kept trying to get other dept’s to fill that spot, seeming to be oblivious to the need for a planning degree to be able to cross train, cover, and perform current ( and future) services for the county. The county planning dept. maintains an excellent web page, helped obtain grants for several entities in the county, and aids the GIS dept.

Ruth Ann Batta was given approval to go to Council for money for her summer art program, which is in its 22nd year.

Ron Denney and Robert Hoffmeier were reappointed to the hospital board. The hospital provided information on their backgrounds.

Level 2 Weather Advisory for early Feb was signed.

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept gave a 10-minute report.

Commissioners signed an interlocal agreement with Aurora for Aurora to pay the county back on the $7500 for the sidewalk study on the George Street Bridge.

0.44 miles of Indian Ridge Drive from Dutch Hollow to Tall Oaks Drive was accepted for county highway maintenance. It exceeds county specs for road construction.

The deadline moved to March 11th for the shelf ready plans for INDOT to consider for stimulus money. Listerman is also meeting on Fri Feb 27th with INDOT. He will again submit the same 3 bridge projects for federal money- Collier Ridge Bridge, Bonnell Bridge, and Coldsprings Road Bridge.

Road school at Purdue in March 10-12.

Thompson also noted with Listerman that the Artemis contractor was approved for 2 cameras on our portion of I-275. Becky Skillman’s office notified them.

Pickens- Auditor:

Greendale EMS was approved for $40,000.

Claims were approved pending review by 2 commissioners.

Pickens gave a brief summary of county numbers in their annual budget report: Rounding off- he said they started with $34million, had $148 million in receipts, plus $144million in distributions, this left a 36 million balance. They have $17 million invested and $54million total cash and investments. (This budget was published in the Public Notices on Thurs Feb 12th.

Pickens explained an issue with payroll concerning an employee who was terminated. (For those who are curious- the employee is Bryan Messmore) Pickens wouldn’t pay out sick and vacation pay if he was just moving to another position in the county. Moving straight over required no new physical or drug test. The employee said they wouldn’t take the other job, so Pickens paid out the sick and vacation pay. The employee was working at the new county position and Pickens talked to the dept. head (Aaron Negangard) who said there was one day of separation- period. Apparently no physical or drug test? Pickens said we need a policy on this – he wants commissioner and attorney input.

Thompson said the laptop and phones went to the new position- and were a misappropriation of county property. We should have the county attorney check out these policies and investigate necessary action on misappropriation of county property.

Hughes said it was all tax money.

Thompson said- that new position is funded 100% by grants.

Hughes agreed with investigating the personnel policy, but not the laptop or phones.

Orschell and Thompson approved Witte to investigate both the misappropriation and the personnel policy.

[NOTE: Kind of takes me back about 5 years- to misusing credit cards. Since when does an employee think he can TAKE equipment with him without permission? Or does having the prosecutor be your new boss protect you from repercussions? Does giving it back absolve Messmore? Did paying the credit cards off absolve Batta?]

Mike Witte- Attorney- notified commissioners of 2 cases he handled outside his scope of retainer. They approved.

He also asked for clarification on what they wanted him to investigate regarding the employee with the laptop and phone plus payroll issue.
Witte said it was a case of using 2 separate sides of the same argument. On the one hand the employee says he separated from employment in order to get 3 weeks of vacation and sick pay. On the other side he says he is just making a lateral move so he can keep the phone and laptop. [NOTE: The employee ( Bryan Messmore) didn’t ask the commissioners, he just took these items with him. The budget for these two departments ( Administrator, which is under Commissioners Budget, and Victim’s Advocate Coordinator, which is under the Prosecutor’s rule) is separate and funded totally differently. This employee also doesn’t seem to need commissioner or council approval to be hired, unlike the employees in the adm bldg. Why are Courthouse employers allowed to fill positions without this constraint? Council voted in August to have all new hires and rehires approved by both commissioners and council in an attempt to consolidate positions and trim the budget.]
Hughes- announced a program Purdue was putting on at IVY tech. Couldn’t get the details- he was back from the mic.

Orschell- stated he met with Todd Listerman and was meeting with Larry Smith- property owner on North Dearborn in Dover to try to get safety worked out on the hill as INDOT won’t have money till 2014.

Emergency Mgmt Grant for multicounty area was signed for $849,999.93

Carl Fryman- received permission for part timer and to go to Council for their consideration. The part timer is William Shelton. It will be paid for in permit fees. Fryman plans to run the dept with part timers, when his full timers leave in the next year or two.

Gary Hensley was approved for signatures on his contract for trending and new construction for $61,900, under the $65,000 in budget. This was subject to Witte’s review. Witte will have review by tomorrow evening via email to commissioners.


Linda Zix- 21519 Stateline Rd. (in a humorous way) complained that a deer was dying in her front yard Sunday morning at 11:30 AM. A deputy arrived and shot it. She was told to bury or burn it. Dispatch told her the county does not pick up dead animals. Listerman said they pick them up in the road or if they are in front of a house.

TJ Jacobs- 3296 North Dearborn- stated reasons that he opposed the Fire District tax, which was $240 per $150,000 house. (The fire chief said the NEW numbers put it at $207 for that house) Jacobs said it would take over $300 in new taxes to get a $36 savings on house insurance with the ISO ratings for the county being on average in the 6s except for the cities.
The Bright budget was $2.4 million and Harrison’s is $2.7 million. He claimed Bright FD would be the biggest employer in Bright. He noted they compared it to Bargersville, which also has 6 full time deputies. Does Bright need that, he asked.

Cliff Eibeck- Can you fix these speakers in the room- they keep making random noises. Thompson said they would.

Tom Jacobs- TJ’s father- thinks the FD is well and good as a VOLUNTEER F.D. They claim 22,000 people in the district and yet they only have 317 signatures? That means over 21,000 people are not in favor. The economy is bad now- people can’t afford an increase in taxes. The highway dept covers the whole county- is their payroll this big? There are 351 fire runs- how many are actual fires? Who owns this dept if this passes? Why can’t this be on the ballot in Indiana?
Commissioners noted this will be addressed in the Public hearings.

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Friday, February 13, 2009


The commissioners hosted a meeting to discuss RQAW's Plans for the Courts, Jail, and Administration Buildings on 13 February 2009 at noon in the Commissioners Room. All three judges, the sheriff, county clerk, prosecutor, commissioners, and several others attended to see three options being discussed and to comment on them.

The total plan costs are estimated to run between $33.3 and 38.7 million.

Discussion from judges and prosecutor centered on how long the projects would take to complete ( about 2 + years), costs, desire to keep all courts in the courthouse, and logistics of safety with regard transport of prisoners.

There is an option to add the 4th floor on top of the current adm building, add a courtyard and transfer corridor ( 2 stories) between the courthouse and adm bldg, and a new 30,000 sq ft bldg across the street either by purchasing empty land or the old Shumway and Votaw buildings.

There is considerable real estate in the plans being consumed by parking lots. There is no mention of a parking garage. There was no discussion of the old I&M building.

Financing seems to need much more discussion as does the referendum that would be necessary to spend this tax money - if it is not broken down in to different projects. Referendums are required if the project is over $12 million per RQAW. There are issues with redoing the bonds that are coming due as apparently they have already been redone once, so that is no longer an option. Commissioners apparently would like to do this without tax increase.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 with Commissioner Thompson asking attendees to look it all over and submit comments or questions to him.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Townships in Indiana- $200million in reserve

Indiana townships have $200 million from taxpayers in reserve... Full StorySee how your township compares here !

Thursday, February 12, 2009




February 17, 2009

7:00 p.m., Commissioners Room

County Administration Building

215 B West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana




1. Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan – continued tabled from 11/20/07

2. Bright Fire Protection District – tabled from 1/20/09

3. LifeTime Housing Group signature – tabled from 2/3/09

4. Planning & Zoning proposed amendments to:

Article 2, Sections 26, 232, 244, 260 & 280 and

Article 7 of the DC Subdivision Control Ordinance


1. Ruth Ann Batta – Sunman Dearborn Summer Art Program

Request to go to Council

2. Re-appointment of Hospital Board Members

Ronald Denney

Robert Hoffmeier

3. Mark McCormack, Planning and Zoning

Request to fill employee position


1. Updates

2. Signatures for Bridge #159 Contract w/Aurora

VI. AUDITOR - Cary Pickens


VII. ATTORNEY - G. Michael Witte



X. COMMISSIONER – Ralph Thompson, Jr.




Wednesday, February 04, 2009

3 February 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell.

Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Witte, Attorney, and Messmore, Departing Administrator.

[NOTE: The county attorney and the administrator now sit at the side table, where they can give advice, when solicited, from the microphone placed there. For those who asked, there are no police officers REQUIRED to be at these meetings.]


Margaret Minzner- GIS Data Sharing agreement was reviewed and was approved to sign once she locates the original and not a photocopy.

Bright Fire District remains tabled.

Contract for PAWS Animal Shelter - Witte reviewed the old copy, found errors, and then reviewed the corrected copy. Commissioners approved the contract. Hughes then asked if the building dept was handling the construction mgmt. Thompson said that was what they’d agreed to do, thus saving money for the animal shelter.


Bill Black- Emergency Mgmt- got the level 2 snow emergency signed from the ice/snow storm. He noted he’d be back for tonight’s storm also- Level 1 or 2 would be declared soon.

McCormack- Planning and Zoning – proposed amendments to zoning code was tabled
FORMALLY per Witte’s suggestion so they would not have to readvertise. It will be heard at the next meeting. (McCormack had a family emergency to attend to out of town.)

Lifetime Housing Group signature for DNR was tabled- they had sent in an old agreement from last year and the commissioners weren’t sure what they needed.

Highway Dept- Todd Listerman-

[NOTE: This was listed as Updates on the agenda- instead it turned into a 35- minute report and approvals for expenditures. This should be clear on the agenda as to what will be discussed, particularly if expenditures of taxpayer money and new projects are being approved.]

1. George Street Bridge Design is 80-90% complete with Barker Design on widening the sidewalk to accommodate the walking trail. We pay $7500 and Aurora reimburses us. Commissioners approved with the stipulation that Aurora is to reimburse the $7500 to the county.

2. The federal economic stimulus package will be looking for dedicated infrastructure projects. Listerman was at a meeting with INDOT and these projects have to be on the federal aid system. The roads should be major collectors and above. They have to have contracts developed for these projects so they are “shelf ready.” By Feb 20th . [NOTE: Is shelf ready anything like shovel ready?] Listerman came up with 5 projects that could be used for this and needs $13,000 for Barth and Associates to get the contract documents ready by Feb 20th. There is a risk that none will be chosen- but these are 100% federal stimulus and not 80/20. Of the package a certain amount HAS to be dedicated to local projects and so those counties that can get these ready will have an edge. The projects are Old US 52 resurface- $600,000; Yorkridge resurface- $1.3 million, Weisburg resurface- $1million, the hills on Stateline Pribble and Kaiser- resurface- $650,000 and chip seal fog seal on sections of North Dearborn and North Hogan- $725,000. Total $4.275 million. Striping, wedging, leveling etc are also allowed.
Commissioners approved the expenditure of $13,000 from the design account for contracts to be written for potential 5 projects.

3. House bills have been introduced to redirect funding from toll roads back to locals maybe. This is the old Major Moves- that stopped after 2 years. Pickens said- “that is a stinking idea”- it’s just a band-aid and then it goes away again. They need to solve the funding problem.

4. The salt contracts are high and in an effort to lower process and get sufficient amounts, political subdivisions and maybe INDOT in the area are looking at consolidating and getting bids as a larger group. Listerman ordered and received another 500 tons of salt from Peru by barge.

Hughes stated at this point that he wanted to go on record that he wasn’t in favor of the economic stimulus package, but if it goes through, he is all for it. [NOTE: I guess he was referring back to #2 above.]

5. Listerman introduced Andy Patel (sp?) form Beam Longest and Neff- who requested money to rescope the project on Stateline from 200 ft S of Salt Fork to 200 ft N or Jamison as a locally funded project. He was finally pinned down to an estimate not to exceed $5,000. The original work on this was form 1999 and a little more in 2001. Pickens said Dick Robertson was with Beam Longest and Neff then and was doing what Andy is doing now and the project stopped because there was no money. [NOTE: Remember- Robertson was with Level 5 Engineering and working with Vieste with the NW Quad/jail campus project.]
Commissioner Thompson asked Patel how long it would take- 2 days tops, 2 guys per day at $100/hr each- so 32 hours total= $3200. Commissioners approved with a limit of $5,000.

Pickens- Commissioners approved the addendum for the SRI contract for tax sales. EMS contracts for Moores Hill (2), St, Leon (1), and Dillsboro (2) - were approved- at $20,000 per ambulance. Claims and minutes approved.

Witte- Attorney- Ongoing state tax appeal is in the attorney general’s hands at no cost to the county now as he handles this at the state tax appeals. Witte also met with Ewbank and he brought him up to date on the county legal affairs and pending litigation. There are 2 cases closing out- and Witte recommended they let Ewbank finish those. Approved.

Hughes- said the county administrator has a lot of transitional things- lots of things that he’s on and several citizens want a day-to-day person there to contact…
Orschell said he thought it was time to go in a new direction.
Hughes said he had tried to get an executive session, but they couldn’t get the notice to the paper in time.
Thompson – said that a working session would be adequate to get the type of position- adm or coordinator- job description. He said that Messmore’s position is finished this week.

HUGHES MOTIONED TO REAPPOINT MESSMORE. The motion died for lack of a second.

[NOTE: Apparently Messmore was allowed to work this week in Feb because the month extension was made at the Jan 6 meeting and they interpreted a month to mean till Feb 6.]

Hughes asked who OK’d a $35 million master plan? (as he waved some colored paperwork) Pickens said Tom went with him to Indy. Thompson said- there were no approvals- they are meeting with judges tomorrow. Pickens said $35 million is the high side of the options proposed. RQAW gave them – for free- [NOTE: Be careful- nothing is free- they EXPECT to get the contract and now have an inside track.] 3 copies to look at. Brett Dodd of RQAW threw out some ideas in INDY and there is NO CONTRACT at this point. Hughes said- this was a red flag- seeing this $35 million plan. [NOTE: Interesting how worked up he is at this and get the millions that Vieste proposed was hard to get to the light of day under his watch.]

Orschell- He met with Gary Theurer of Bright FD- Bischoff gave him a list of possible grants that might be available for them. Orschell has had a LOT of negative phone calls on the $2.3 million budget- he thinks it’s too much- too quick- and wants to find a better way. Orschell said maybe a flat fee per house/business. He has trouble taxing ag lands for this service. He said he couldn’t get to a decision by March like they requested. He wants to see the public opinion and suggested maybe using CH 5 to do a poll on it.
Thompson noted that the Bright Beacon was not public notice legally and he is trying to get 2 public hearings- one at the Bright firehouse and one at the county bldg. He said Pete Resnick (adm of DC Hospital) is in favor of supporting paramedics. He too has gotten negative comments.
Pickens said their CPA has never given him corrected numbers on eth taxes.
Orschell said Bright wants a used sheriff’s vehicle and he will check with Lusby about that.

No public wished to speak tonight.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township