Monday, June 14, 2010


This editorial by Chet Wolgamot, Manchester Township, was published in the Dearborn County Register last week.


I hope Register Publications demonstrates more prudence in the future and refuses letters such as Donna Hartman’s example of vitriol and innuendo, “Hatch Act allegations just another Thompson attempt to run county”, June 1, Journal-Press.

Hartman accuses Commissioner Ralph Thompson of “irrationally” upending projects, processes and progress, springing “allegations”, attempting “to run Dearborn County according to his own whims”, having “no regard to protocol”, “common sense”, “courtesy” and “decency”, “micromanaging”, “bullying”, “intimidating”, “ambushing and derailing”, “creating chaos and controversy” and “thrive[ing] on the chaos he creates”. Thompson also “shockingly spews streams of hateful remarks and outright lies” about those he “despises”, shows “contempt for others [and] is outrageously disrespectful”. He “maligns and blind-sides well intentioned people”, has an “unusual appetite for power and vindictiveness” and “unleashes bizarre scenarios”.

Hartman makes no attempt to validate her statements, only citing that; “everyone involved knows”, and it is “well known” by “many”. She fails to cite even one substantiating event. Well, I guess………. “everyone involved knows”.

If you’re going to accuse someone of being the devil incarnate, it would better serve your purpose to include at least a supporting fact or two? And if you’re an editor you should demand same before publishing a slanderous level of unsubstantiated disparagement?

The only real event mentioned by Hartmann is County Commissioner’s Attorney Michael Witte’s discovery and legally mandated disclosure of a perceived federal law violation that involves two county employees, Bryan Messmore and Shane McHenry. No linkage to her subject of scorn, Thompson, is provided, other than he (and at least one other commissioner), as part of their legally prescribed annual duties, chose respected ex-judge Michael Witte as their attorney and decided the County Administrator position as then held by Brian Messmore wasn’t an efficient use of taxpayer funds. That we’ve suffered no noticeable administrative failures since then seems to support the fiscal wisdom of their decision.

Register Publications should have aided it’s readership with a sidebar explanation that Donna Hartman, aka Mrs. Jim Scott, is involved with the PAWS organization and there has been considerable friction between that group and Thompson over the desired opulence of a future animal shelter and it’s staffing expense. Hartman’s scorn may revolve more around Thompson’s resistance to an extravagant level of taxpayer funded accommodations for stray dogs and cats than elephants in rooms.

Chet Wolgamot
Manchester Township


Jim Scott Wears Ear Plugs said...

Poor Chet Wolgamot, soon to be the object of Donna Hartman's "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!" rage and ramblings.

Jim Scott must swallow handfuls of Xanax to maintain any sanity to live day to day with his loud-mouthed and social climbing harridan of a wife.

Durrr.... said...

I don't think Chet would have any problem debating with Donna. Chet is level headed and well spoken. He says it like it is. Chet should run for council or any other Dearborn County office. We need people like him to clean things up.

NWQUAD1 said...

"Chet is level headed and well spoken. He says it like it is. Chet should run for council or any other Dearborn County office. We need people like him to clean things up."

Chet would get my vote. Now how do we convince him to run.

Anonymous said...
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Phake Fhoney Types said...

"i would like to know why is commissioners hanging out at the animal shelter all the time i know they need help so do the people of dearborn county."

Maybe to please self-important types like Donna Hartman? Or at least to get her and others like her to shut up for a moment in the hope the commissioners can get on to other, possibly more pressing, issues concerning this county's welfare? Who knows. Politics are what they are. I would love to see just what the total amount of animals that Hartman has "adopted" or "rescued" as compared to the animals that Thompson has "adopted" or "rescued!" Wanna bet who and who does not just talk the talk but walks the walk?