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PROPOSED Ordinance to Adopt Dearborn County Policies and Procedures

Below is the PROPOSED ordinance for grant applications and approvals in Dearborn County. This will be discussed at a future meeting of the commissioners.


ORDINANCE NO. ____ OF 2010

Ordinance to Adopt Dearborn County Policies and Procedures
for Grant Application and Approval by Any County Office, Agency or Department

An Ordinance regarding the establishment and adoption of policies and procedures that will apply to any office, agency, or department that seeks to have Dearborn County Government as the contracting agent and business agent recipient for any grant application that seeks to fund personnel position(s).

WHEREAS, Dearborn County, Indiana is an Equal Opportunity Employer; and
WHEREAS, it is the intent of Dearborn County, Indiana to comply with applicable federal and State of Indiana employment laws and regulations; and
WHEREAS, from time-to-time elected officials, department heads, and other agency personnel seek and obtain federal, State of Indiana, and charitable grants to provide services, programs, and personnel; and
WHEREAS, the Dearborn County Board of Commissioners has determined a need to establish uniform application and approval policies and procedures for all grant applications;
THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED that any grant funded position or contract involving personnel compensation, personnel benefits, or other personnel expenses shall follow the attached grant approval and administration policies and procedures.
Effective Date: This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon its passage and promulgation as evidenced by the affirmative signatures of the undersigned as the majority of the duly elected and serving members of the Board.
Passed by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County, Indiana, on this _____ day of ____________, 2010.
Ralph Thompson, President

_______________________________ ATTEST
Jeff Hughes
Tom Orschell


The following general information shall be addressed by the grant applicant and reviewed by the Board of Commissioners and the County Council when an applicant seeks the award of a federal, State of Indiana, or charitable grant:

1) Statement of grant terms and conditions
a) Personnel requirements
i) Space
ii) Tools
iii) Salary
iv) Benefits
v) Training
vi) Travel

b) Time Period
i) Start date of paid position
ii) End date of paid position

c) Obligations
i) Does the amount of the grant award require matching funds?
ii) What conditions does the grant require? How do those conditions impact the county in the form of performance and/or compliance requirements?

2) What are the needs of county government that this grant award will meet?

3) Who will administer the grant and will an administration fee be charged or collected?


1) All offices, departments, or agencies shall complete a Request to Apply for Grant prior to submitting a grant application to a granting authority or source

2) All offices, departments, or agencies shall notify the Board of Commissioners, County Council, and County Auditor that a grant is being considered with as much advance notice as possible.

3) All potential personnel expenses, both direct and indirect, shall be estimated.

4) A proposed job description for the personnel position(s) to be funded by the grant award shall be submitted.

5) The proposed personnel position shall be classified within the County’s personnel classification system.

6) County Council approval of the proposed grant-funded compensation shall be obtained prior to submission of the grant application to the granting authority or source.


1) If the grant is awarded to the applicant, the grant document and contract shall be delivered immediately to the County Auditor. The Auditor shall review the grant using the attached financial impact checklist.

2) Before a contract is executed by the Board of Commissioners, the County Attorney, County Auditor, Board of Commissioners, and County Council shall review the grant requirements and evaluate the liability exposure of the County.

3) The office, department, or agency applying for the grant shall be notified in a timely manner whether the Board of Commissioners will execute the grant contract. The action of the Board of Commissioners must occur at a public meeting.

4) The County Auditor shall maintain a comprehensive list of approved and rejected grant contracts.


Personnel compensated through a grant award may be full or part-time. Their employment or work obligation is conditioned on grant funding. In the event that grant funds are not available to subsidize the compensation for the position, then the position shall be extinguished and the personnel assigned to that position shall be terminated, unless otherwise stipulated by the grant and authorized by the County Council.


Date: ____________________

Office, Department, or Agency: ___________________________________________________

Name and Position of Person
Seeking Request to Apply: _______________________________________________________

Contact Information: _________________________________________________________
(address, phone, e-mail) _________________________________________________________

Grant Due Date: _______________________________________________________________

Grant Name and Funding Entity: __________________________________________________

Grant Summary: ________________________________________________________________

Classification of Personnel Funded by Grant
within County Personnel Salary Grid: ______________________________________________

Request Received by Auditor On: ____________ By: ____________

Copied to Board of Commissioners: On: ____________ Via: ____________

Copied to County Council: On: ____________ Via: ____________

Authorized by County Council to
Proceed with Grant Application: On: ____________ By: ____________


Amount Paid Amount Paid
Description by Grant by County

PERF (If full time, wage x 6.5%)
Social Security (wage x 6.2%)
Medicare (wage x 1.45%)
Who will cover unemployment expense?
Who will cover worker’s compensation

Employer’s share of insurance coverage
Supplemental pay
Insurance expense over excess loss
(self-funded plans)

Training expenses
Personal computer, software licenses,
internet, and e-mail


Vehicle and fuel costs
Office space
Tools of the trade/position
Travel expenses
Does the grant require matching funds? No _____ Yes _____
Grant start date: _______________ Grant end date: _______________
Can a grant administration fee be charged
or collected? No _____ Yes _____ How much? __________________

Is this a new grant application _____ or a renewal of prior grant _____ (check appropriate line)

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