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27 September 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

27 September 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Dennis Kraus Jr., Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Mike Hornbach, Ralph Thompson, Dan Lansing, and Jake Hoog.
ABSENT: Ken Nelson
Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.


Request for a zone change from Agricultural (A) to Restricted Business (B-1) to allow for storage units. Applicant: Shane Coffman and Owner: Ray & Ruth Schlemmer. Property is on Stateline Road near Megrue in Harrison Township on 1.263 Acres.

Part of this property is already B. Existing is Ag and land use plan has this as commercial potentially. Front part is level and back is sloping. Far back end of the property is the only part needing rezoning. Bufferyard has been discussed on the one side. Fencing is proposed to decrease the amount of screening needed. These will be discussed further when they come for approval for the storage units if the zone change is approved. Traffic would be low- about 9 trips a day. If they would have a more traffic intensive use in the future, they would have to have a traffic study completed. (McCormack wants that addressed in the motion) Density as proposed is not an issue. Slopes are not an issue. Sewer can be provided for LMH if another use requires it.

Seven letters sent to adjoiners. Other businesses in the immediate area include Bright Business Park, an engine shop and an insurance agency. It also adjoins Southpointe Development. Storage use will also require BZA approval.

Jeff Stenger, surveyor, speaking for the applicant. Has a user on lot 2. Decided not to go to B-2 use, so that the Schlemmers will have all contiguous zoning for their property, It also fits better in the area to be B-1. They will go for conditional use hearing with BZA. There is a detention pond that will serve all the lots, but will be on Lot 2. They won’t be using the slopes on the back as there is a water line cutting it off and slopes are not as easy to develop. They are withdrawing the waiver on the side yard and will address it at BZA. Very heavy vegetation in the back for screening- so don’t need the bushes usually required. An existing building will be removed.

Mike Henegar- adjoiner. He asked about the current zoning and the plans for the front of the lot.

Thompson said this seems to be a natural extension of the lot there and was inclined to approve recommending the B-1 zone and that it fits the comp plan, shouldn’t affect land values, etc. Kraus, Jr. 2nded. Lehman noted that they should add the traffic study if the density should require that if a use change occurred. Thompson noted that the buffering would be a concern then too. Motion stayed as Thompson proposed and all ayes.


1. Financial report included Tucker’s developments. Laurel Valley proceeded to Commissioners and they denied it. Commissioners sent Laurel Valley back and Seldom Seen was still being reviewed. Tucker was trying to package Seldom Seen with some ROW acquisitions. No decision yet. Old Orchard I financial guarantee renewed with a different bank. Drainage issues and sidewalk.

Indian Ridge with Kern is still out from 10-15 years. He plans to get it done by next year.

Maxwell looking to reduce his bond with improvements also.

McCormack planning to get the list pared down. He also sends this report to auditor and county engineer.

2. In October PC will redo the articles on bonding and financial guarantees.

3. Rutenschroer will reopen at October meeting. Water service and sewage issues. Packets will be sent out to those who don’t still have them from last December when it was tabled. Rutenschroer feels that Greendale and McCormack are in “cahoots” to deny him water. Greendale recommended that he look at other water servers. He is caught in the issue between VRUC and their contracts with Greendale.

4. Series of draft zoning maps will be presented at October meeting. PC can look at them and see if they can make this happen. Some of the arrows and hatching in the old maps are not suitable and hard to read.

5. Grant for salt bins for county, that Ashley Webb helped write, yielded a $100,000 from Lawrenceburg Foundation.

6. St. Leon Economic Development working with Jim Kinnett as consultant. He formerly worked with DCEDI. They will position themselves to try to get some help with Lawrenceburg.
They also will look at Greendale’s Redevelopment Commission.

7. Working with Ag and R revisions in October again. McCormack noted that there are several areas that need to be fixed on the maps. Get map converted to color and digital. Then take care of things that are not right. Staff is staying busy. He said to send anyone up who isn’t busy and he’ll find something for them to do.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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