Monday, February 07, 2011


Website brings more news faster for subscribers

The wait is over.
Are you a Journal-Press subscriber? Do you want your news faster? Wish granted.
Welcome to the All Access Press Club.

As a subscriber you will receive your news faster and will be able to read the “newspaper” online.
You also will receive special features including video, government and school agendas, full obituaries listed at least every weekday, and much more.

What do you need to do? I am glad you asked.
When you receive your newspaper in the mail this week, take a look at the address label. There you will see your account number, listed right before your subscription expiration date.
Go to the
On the righthand side, go to the All Access Press Club box.
Type in your account number as your username.
Then type in your zip code as the password.
Click the login button. That is it. Your all access press pass has been officially activated.

Don’t worry. You will still receive the paper version of The Journal-Press in the mail. (That is unless you want go electronic only and save a few trees.)
But if you want to see the newspaper online, you simply need to log in, then hit the e-edition button. Present and past copies of The Journal-Press will appear for you to read.
Sometimes you might have to log in a second time when you hit the e-edition button, but we are working on that bug in the system. Click the Remember Me box to help keep you logged in.

We just could not wait any longer to bring news to you faster!

Copies of articles appearing in the newspaper also will be broken down into categories. If you want to see sports stories only about South Dearborn schools, then go to the South Dearborn section under sports.
If you are looking for letters to the editor, then pick that section under the opinion tab.
We also have bloggers ready to share their knowledge with you from shopping to gardening. Staff photos also are available for sale.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be highlighting some of the special features and sections of the new website in issues of The Journal-Press (and online too of course!)

Do you want to provide feedback? Then take a look at our new Facebook page. We will be going there to ask you what you think about a variety of topics! We also are on Twitter to keep you informed.

Are you a nonsubscriber feeling a little jealous? Then give our front office a call at 1-812-537-0063.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the new website e-mail


cbm said...

site works well- and you can even view it just like a newpaper page- if you click the e-edition on the right side of the webpage.
Plus- subscribers can get their news on time now- instead of a day later in the mail.

sam heurry said...

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