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17 May 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 May 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

Commissioners had a one hour executive session prior to the meeting and at the regular meeting voted to allow the employee donating time to complete the AP and wait for further from the doctor. Regular meeting started at 9:30 AM


1. Real property endorsement fee- Baudendistel read the resolution into the record which allows the $5.00 fee and will be used for maintaining plat books in a dedicated account. Commissioners approved.

2. Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance- tabled until after the PC meeting next week.

3. Animal Control/PAWS contract- no action until the Council meeting next week on May 25th.


Intersection of Short Rd and North Dearborn Rd- Todd Listerman was asked to look at that intersection’s safety by Hughes. Listerman said there is limited sight distance looking east. Signage was placed there to make people aware of the intersection. He had Howard Barth and Associates take a quick look to see about alignment. They suggested realigning it to match with EZ Way Drive. Estimated cost is $450,000 to do this. He gave them the pictures of how to do this. The developer would probably accommodate this. Hughes asked what would happen if they closed the intersection and made it a dead end. Through traffic would not be as affected as the people who live right there, it could add about 3 miles to them to go around the loop. Cost is high because of utility movement. Hughes said to keep working on that to find something less costly. Maybe talk to the developer (Tucker and Schmidt) for his input. They had been granted a one year extension on their primary plat earlier this year per Kraus, Jr. Hughes was surprised at the cost- he had hoped they could just shave the hill off. Kraus Jr. told him there is amass of utilities in that hill. Listerman was worried about fill as it would take a lot of dirt and it would use land beyond the county right of way. If it developed they could see what could be done. Listerman will talk to Schmidt.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT- Todd Listerman-gave the following report:

Last fall county pulled letter of credit for Hillsprings Development and received quotes and the work has been completed. He asked commissioners to accept Hillsprings Court officially – a distance of 0.14 miles. Listerman was there and the contractor had a testing company to do the report and all meets county standards. There are 4 houses on that currently. Commissioners accepted the road.

Bidding for salt bldg- Cousins Construction- $173,800 is the low bid. Sedam $174,600Poole group $190,000, and Maxwell $219,000. We have $100,000 grant and asking permission to go to Council for the $56,600 remainder to finish the roof. The rest is already in the budget. He wants approval to go ahead if they get the money from Council. Hughes asked if Grieve thought this was an effective way to handle the salt. Geive concurred with Listerman. This allows the stockpile to be on hand. It’s hard to get when everyone needs it at the same time. It also keeps it dry- so less is lost in the rain. Commissioners approved Listerman seeking $56,600 from Council and also allowed approval to award the contract for $173,800 to Cousins Construction PENDING Council approval of the money.

On Ester Ridge by Happy Hollow and Bonnell by Yorkridge- Osmosis Construction- with the railroad will close these intersections from 7am-5 pm. These will be closed 3 days at a time for railroad work. They will get it on the radio WSCH and WRBI and the paper.

Grieve answered Orschell’s question on getting private mowers. He said that he has one individual that they will test in a pilot program probably. Mowing started yesterday. Grieve said they really need 2 full time people for sure. Listerman said there will be 4 openings coming up soon per Listerman. Hughes said he should bring up numbers for them to consider.

Hughes asked about the Moores Hill issue. Utility work encroached on the county’s ROW. County approved corrective action to repair Volz Rd. The repairs are not completed yet. They are working thru Moores Hill to get Bracken to finish this.
Listerman said we won’t turn down part time either. They were going to get interns to do sign inventory. They have not completed the installation of all the new traffic signs. They may use seasonal help to have resign completed. How long before this is due? Listerman said by the beginning of 2013 and they hope to finish it this summer. By the end of 2011 we have to have the policy set on how we will do this. The street signs don’t have to be in place till 2018. Grieve trying to get all this work scheduled.

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Claims were approved. Minutes were approved.

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- nothing more.

COUNTY COORDINATOR- Bill Ewbank- request from SEIRPC to have Hughes sign off on grant completion for the Children County Child Advocacy Center. Total cost was $426,793. This finishes that grant off. Hughes signed.
Update on status of predesign on Hoosier Square and reassigning space in ADM Bldg and Courthouse. They will look at resolution of Superior Court II space at their meeting at noon today. Ewbank said they have found common agreement among most of the departments. $458,483.50 will be requested form Council May 25th for that. He will have a more extensive report and showing actual design and prices for each component part. Orschell said its gone well and he didn’t do anything- he was “smart enough to keep his mouth shut.” Ewbank said it’s been a successful process.

Ashley Newnam from Planning and Zoning with Marlene Underwood , Director of Animal Control, seeking a grant from the DC Foundation needing standard equipment and transportation of animals. Animal Control is proposing $30,000 for the vehicle as our match for about 37% of projected cost. The match has been accumulated in Animal Control account. Orschell thimks this will improve safety for the personnel and the animals. Officers will be trained and certified for the tasers and the rifle. Deadline is May 31st for the grant. They take 3 months to decide before awards are given. They will pursue other funding resources too. Commissioners approved. Highway dept testified that the vehicles the ACO’s use are junk- as they service them. Commissioners approved Hughes to sign the grant application.

Michael Burgess – veteran’s service officer- requested approval to get a grant to get vehicles appropriately equipped to transport mobility challenged people. Wheel chair lifts and fold down seats as needed. He wants to get a grant thru the DC Foundation. Mobility Works in Cincinnati equips these vehicles. They have $9,000 donated from various agencies. They need $73,500 from the grant to get these two units. This also has to be in by the 31st of May. These will last 5-6 years without major repairs. Commissioners approved the grant application for Hughes to sign when completed.

Ewbank said they will need to invest in the type of equipment several of our departments need to do their tasks. They should plan for this.

Tim Grieve- require USDA assistance for the NRCS under the emergency watershed protection to fix the flooding damage. We will pay 25% and USDA is 75%. Our 25% can be in labor costs doing some of the work. This is a different avenue than FEMA. This is for Cook Road off of SR 1 – it’s a catastrophic failure – they aredown to one lane. There is only so many FEMA dollars- so this will help fix what FEMA can’t cover. This incident will actually qualify for these dollars. Commissioners approved Grieve going to USDA for these funds.


LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Dennis Kraus Jr. working as a private surveyor- not as County Surveyor on Nolte Road ROW. Baudendistel told Commissioners that they can approve the preliminary apparent ROW today. They can then have publication and public hearing on this.
Kraus. Jr. showed pictures, gates, mailboxes and remnants, as well as two old atlas maps. The old creek has washed out the other end. Neither of the two property owners he spoke to seemed to disagree that this was the way to the Larson property. He used 36 feet and the county will occupy about 25 ft. He located the centerline of the old road bed and went 18 ft on each side. On the Stenger property they had actual measurements on dedicated ROW from a 2001 survey. They thought that was an estate survey. The county cannot recognize anything more than 20 ft half ROW for apparent ROW per Baudendistel and state code. He went through the 1980’s commissioners meeting minutes and found no documentation.
Buadendistel said they need to publicize two times and the last at least 3 days before the hearing. They have to notify all adjoiners. They would then hear the public, accept or deny. They are wanting a June 7th hearing date. Commissioners approved the preliminary finding of apparent ROW down to the Larson on Nolte Road. Hearing is set for June 7th.

Meeting adjourned at 11 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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