Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Filed August 9, 2011

CAUSE NO. 15D02-1103-FD-084

Comes now the State of Indiana by M. Joseph Kisor, Chief Deputy Prosecuting
Attorney for the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Indiana, and hereby moves the Court for an
order keeping the names and identities of the jurors confidential from all parties. There is
a strong reason to believe the jury needs protection from the Defendant for the following
1. The Defendant has previously attempted to interfere with the judicial
process, including the continuous and long-term harassment of witnesses,
judges, and attorneys involved.
2. The Defendant has previously made threats against witnesses, judges, and
attorneys involved in the current court proceedings.
3. Jurors' safety would be jeopardized by revealing their names and identities
to the parties based on the Defendant's past behavior.
4. The names and identities of the jurors must be kept confidential to prevent
potential intimidation of the jurors.
5. The names and identities of the jurors must be kept confidential to prevent
them from being contacted or harassed about the court proceedings.

Memorandum in support thereof, the State of Indiana attaches Major v. State,
873 N.E. 2d 1120 (Ind. Ct. App. 2007).
WHEREFORE, the State respectfully requests the names and identities of the
jurors be kept confidential from all parties because there is a strong reason to believe the
jury needs protection.

M. Joseph Kisor
Prosecuting Attorney
ISB# 11449-98
Seventh Judicial Circuit
215 W. High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
I hereby certify that a copy of the foregoing has been served by personal delivery
or U.S. Mail, upon Bryan E. Barrett, Attorney for Defendant and Special Judge,
Honorable Brian D. Hill on the date filed.


Dontgetit said...

This sounds like he has been found gulty before he has even went to trial. Isan't all of what they are saying what he is going to trial over.

craziness said...

Unreal, the prosecution keeps making themselves look dumber and dumber. The man has rambled on the internet, not stalked people. Now they are the ones looking crazy!

Higgins said...

Don't be surprised folks, this is just more kabuki theater designed to do a little character assassination on Brewington before they get him to trial. The sole purpose of this is to try to make him seem really scary. Problem is, what they say about him doesn't make it so, only the things he does count, and from what I can see, he hasn't done anything. Their concern for the safety of the Jurors is pretty laughable given that this scary mafia don is locked up in the county pokie and can't even get a competent lawyer, at least not one that they will let in to see him. Next thing you know, Judge Humphreys will have four ex-SEALs for a security detail, just so that criminal mastermind they have locked up can't get to him.

You know, it's really hard to imagine that such a dangerous criminal extradited himself from Ohio without even having a shootout with a SWAT team or taking any hostages.

Make no mistake, this is the legal filing equivalent to marching him into court in an orange jumpsuit, wrist/waist/ankle manicles, and a Hannible Lector style hood/muzzle. But that's coming next, isn't it Aaron?

If they want to make him a little less 'dangerous' maybe they ought to quit messing with his ADHD meds. Nope. Can't have him focused enough to defend himself. That wouldn't do. All I can say is the Prosecutor must really be worried that this guy is going to get off and make him look like a fool.

oops -- too late.

Anonymous said...

I wish like hell I was in a position to help this man and I believe in the end he will prevail. I would say there is a high probability that he will be convicted. If the jury needs protection its from the prosecution and their lies. How is it that you can offer a man time served after 4 months and some change when you have had him locked up on over half a million dollars bond? These two things are so incongruent that just about anyone should be able to see through this smokescreen. You are telling me this guy is so dangerous he has to be locked up so he doesn't hurt anyone and then offering him time served. People it is time to rise up !

ScarletPatriot said...

After following Dan's blog for about A year and watching this terrible injustice continue to play out I am appalled. This case sounds like something that you would read about in Communist China not right here in the heartland of the United States of America! What happened to all the good cops, fair judges, and ethical, competent attorney's? This case is a crying shame, an expensive shame to this community. I will pray that they come to their senses and realize the great wrong they have committed. In their arrogance they have not only destroyed Dan's life, they have committed political suicide and will self destruct. It's time to rise up Dearborn County and do some house cleaning next election.

Dads In Court said...

Just because their own credibility has been threatened does not mean they have actually been threatened. This case really needs some national exposure.