Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alan Miller Announces Candidacy For Judge Superior Court II in 2012

Alan Miller Announces Candidacy For Judge Superior Court II in 2012
There are substantial problems with the administration of justice in our county. Our justice system is filled with inefficiencies that ultimately cost the taxpayers money. It is also filled with inequality, the costs of which cannot be measured. Such inequality undermines the public’s trust in the justice system and leads to a lack of faith in it.

After a great deal of reflection and discussion with others involved in the system, I have come to the conclusion that the task of fixing these problems can only be done from within. Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy for Judge of the Dearborn Superior Court II.

If elected, I pledge to run the court in an efficient manner, always keeping in mind that it is taxpayer money that keeps the lights on. I will strive to find places where the system can be streamlined and have the courage to make cuts, if necessary.

I also pledge to give every individual who appears before the court a fair shake and treat them with respect, regardless of their last name or lot in life. I will not place my thumb on the scales of justice to give anyone an unfair advantage or impose my personal opinion of a case on those involved.

I look forward to meeting and listening to the citizens of our county. With their help, we can restore the justice system we deserve.

Alan Miller

Make It Miller For Judge



ScarletPatriot said...

Mr. Miller I am so happy you are running! Thank God, for you. I am usually Republican but you got my vote, because it is country over party and you my man are the person we need to restore are very broken justice system! Good Move I will help you campaign!

Chester said...

Dare I say "It's Miller time!"

Maxine said...

I like this guy- it's refreshing to have someone smart and willing to try to fix things from within. How many lawyers and people of stature in ths town are waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting? This system needs some major repair. Good for Mr. Miller.
Make it Miller for Judge!