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4 October 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

4 October 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

EXECUTIVE SESSION@ 5:30 PM on Pending Litigation. Tabled for more information and attorney negotiations.


Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance- tabled again

Revised Jail Expansion Project- Orschell had a meeting last month and meeting Oct 12 for final plan hopefully. Will have something then- Tabled.

Med Ben- Wellness Program- Mike Kramer and Suellen - comfortably in budget and wanted to evolve to a wellness plan. Wanted to change the utilization review company also. Lab draws in the beginning and each employee gets results up front. Costs $34,000 for those labs. Another plan just reminds them of the 6 tests and just let their Physicians do them to avoid duplication. This keeps it more private for employees. There’s an $8,000 additional cost but is offset by not spending the $34,000. Cholesterol, Pap smear, mammogram, PSA, and colonoscopy are the 6 tests. There are still health coaches available. Going from Complete Care Management to I-Health. Commissioners approved.

Sick Time Donation-Gayle Pennington said the committee met again today and Suellen will type for next committee meeting. If approved they will come to the commissioners after that.

Unnecessary Regulations Discussion- Plan Commission will have public meeting and bring it to Commissioners.


Brock Brown – Gallager Asphalt- not available tonight.

Hoosier Square Bid Presentation- Bill Ewbank- Seyferth of Cleves $ 264,732. Reconstruct steps and ramp- Seyferth $13,000. remove water in back lot and upgrade lighting for fed guidelines. Will submit to County Council for additional appropriation of $40-50,000 to finish this. If they approve then they will award it to Seyferth. County will be handling security devices on their own. Commissioners approved pending Council’s approval of extra funding.

Margaret Minzner- Data Sharing MOU and WTH contract- GIS will be more integrative with 911 and with sheriff’s department. They got the grant so the WTH contract for $11,200 was approved by Commissioners.

Data sharing with Hoosier Hills Regional Water Corp so they will share theirs with us also. Dennis Kraus, Jr. prepared that and Andy Baudendistel reviewed the agreement. Commissioners approved the data sharing with a memorandum of understanding with Hoosier Hills regional Water Corp. No liability for either side.

Monthly reports show more visits and requests on the GIS site. This will add money to the GIS perpetuation fund. They are looking on how to get larger maps to be able to print in a cost-effective manner. Fee for printing to a webmap as it takes server strength. They are still working this out.

Steve Renihan- DCRSD Request to go to Council regarding Contingency Fund 5- Sewer district needs additional out of their contingency fund that will put their balance back to $10,000. Budget less than $40,000 annually. This $10,000 helps with their small extras issues. Balance of $2,523.33 and they have a bill that came in on legal fees with West Harrison TIF project and the OKI regional project. IDEM still has to rule on that. That depends on how much we have to cover for the county. Frank Kramer does a lot for us- but he’s half the cost of our other attorney. Some users had not paid their sewer bills for awhile and now those bills are coming in. We set the rates affordably- but if only a few don’t pay, we don’t have excess to cover the loss. If the 3 companies go into the West Harrison TIF then they migt have about 400 jobs and more tax base for the county. Several legal fees exist with St Leon issues over the TIF sewerage out there. They want to get the fund back to $10,000. Renihan said maybe we should ask for $18,500 to cover the legal fees and still have a $10,000 cushion. Renihan said the county has to have representation even though the services are provided by the municipalities. The county does not want to be stuck with justteh problem areas that don’t really pay for themselves. Without DCRSD the unincorporated folks have no representation at all. Commissioners approved going to Council for the $18,500 request for operating expenses.

Sheriff Mike Kreinhop- Inmate Medical Fees-medical copayments by inmates to be raised for doctor and dental visits from $10-$15 and a new category of mental health have a fee for $15. Prescriptions copay from $3-$8. There are no more over the counter medications offered at the jail. If they are indigent they do not have to pay. Nurse charge of $10 remains the same. Commissioners approved the new fee schedule.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer gave the following report:

Received the design consulting contract on Bridge 138 – Bonnell Bridge from American Structurepoint for $139,195. Commissioners signed.

Working with auditor, assessor and attorney- on last property for North Dearborn. Looks to be completed.

Slips from spring floods. Stateline Road 80/20 approved by INDOT to repair the slip on Stateline hill for $212,000. We need to get 20% of this. Hogan Hill for $152,000 and $161,000 for West Laughery for 25%/75% will be reimbursed later by FEMA afterwards. Commissioners approved going to Council for total funding up front and also for Stateline so that they can be reimbursed upon completion.

Tim Grieve, Highway Superintendant – The tractor approved before we have quotes on now. Smith Implement in Greensburg was $1600 cheaper than Zimmer here for the tractor. They can give us a tractor NOW. Others thought spring time to get it in maybe. This is a John Deere- $27,789 total. Commissioners approved.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- claims approved. She was in conference last week- nothing else.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Park Board and 4H provided you with statutes and also the deed that was supposed to be transferred. He will continue to look into it and hopefully they will sit down and come to an agreement. Hughes said he did see Mike Heffelmire at Aurora parade and he said I need to talk to you.

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Bill Ewbank- Public Surplus Auction- Completed records storage in water rescue building. So now they need to get things auctioned off faster. They want to list it on the website and let them sell them for us as they come up rather than age in the parking lot. There are about 5 vehicles to try on the Public Surplus website. References checked and they look good. Taxpayers should be proud that the stuff we use are used up so that most of it is junk. The first picture will tip them off that it’s junk. Commissioners approved trying this out.

New PAWS building open and all animals transferred. Effective start date of the 36 month contract to start Oct 1, 2011, when they opened. Approved. They will get $1500 to cover the week of transition time in late September.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Tom Orschell- wants to have Mike Burgess VA officer to write a letter to the Bondurant family showing a letter of support for the sacrifices he made after being injured. Approved.

Hughes had a moment of silence for Miss Pody Freiberger who worked for many years from the county. She passed away this week.

McHenry- talked to the town board and they will get with Bill Ewbank- Trying to get building torn down or donated next to the bank in Moore’s hill as it has not been cleaned or rehabbed.


PUBLIC COMMENT -Andy Baudendistel- Thanked Tom Orschell for coming to Drug Court last week and show support. They have 22 participants they are trying to help.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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