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6 December 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

6 December 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

Previous executive session was to discuss the county administrator position. That will be posted on Career Builder for 7-10 days as the personnel policy indicates. [NOTE: This replaces the county coordinator position currently held by Bill Ewbank.]


Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance- Freedom for Options Form- tabled until they meet Tuesday with the planning Director.

Ratify Life Time Housing Payroll Authorization Letter- tabled – no one here from Life Time and letter was in Sue Hayden’s computer- and she got called away for an emergency today.


Randy Foley- Cardinal Office Products- SE Indiana rep and Paul Holland who is the sales manager presented a program in place for the city and county offices. Foley is local- originally from Milan. He has raised the level of service and pricing structure with user friendly sites for easy access to their system. Holland said that there was a less expensive way to fund office products. The national website has no personal communication but does have good prices. They decided to have the same prices for their products with the same service they provided before- the personal touch and visits to your office when needed. You will get national government pricing- same as the national website. You can order over the phone also if you want and get the same pricing. Commissioners agreed they like to buy local if it’s the same price. Foley said they also carry any product the big box stores carry. They still have next day service. The office at 409 Walnut is a showroom now. They did this to meet the demands of the customers.

Bill Black Jr- EMA- Grant Agreement- $ 3623.18 was distributed because the county exceeded their goal in their assessment from Homeland Security. Signed acceptance.
Greater Cincinnati Hazmat contract was $8100 last year and now is $6380.99. They will probably reevaluate this next year and may go back up. Baudendistel said there is a 90 day termination clause and it automatically renews otherwise. Black noted that the county couldn’t maintain a Hazmat team for that price. Commissioners agreed to have Hughes sign the contract.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer gave the following updates:

Emergency repair work done on Wilson Creek Road just north of US 50 for $5,758.85. Commissioners signed the agreements with INDOT for this.

Met with INDOT regarding Whitewater Scenic Byway- we are the lead agency for this. There will be a separate account set up for this- no count funds will be used for this. There will be an agreement coming to us for this soon.

Working with INDOT to move up the North Dearborn project east of Dover. All ROW is acquired. This is to be under construction summer of 2012. They will be cutting trees to eliminate the Indianan Bat delaying that project.

Bids were all accepted for stone, sand, and gravel from Harrison Sand and Gravel, Newpoint Stone, and Hanson Aggregates. Hot and cold mix asphalt was accepted from Rohe and O’Mara. Gas and fuel was only bid by Laughery Valley Coop. Accepting all bids makes it easier to get best price depending on where the project is in the county and trucking costs.

Bid prices were:

Gas- $2.910/ No 1 Fuel oil $3.551/ No 2 Diesel fuel $ 3.101/ No 2 road diesel $3.258

Hot mix Base Type A $42.50-47.50/ Intermediate type A $44.50-49.50/ Surface type A $48.50-53.50

Cold mix delivered $95-110

Stone went from $7.20-14.75/ Rip rap from 49.90-11.15/Dense road base $7.25-7.35/ Aglime $4.50-6.50/snow and ice abrasive $3.60-3.75/ pea gravel $5.70-9.00/B-borrow $3.60-3.75.

Orschell asked about HVL getting in on our pricing. Grieve checked with all the vendors and they said their process were for the county- not private entities.

ADA (Americans with disabilities act) will be monitored by OKI as the MPO for those projects for compliance.

He also met with Bruce Keller of HVL and said they’d try to advise them when striping is done in our area so they can try to get the vendor at the same time for a better price.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington Minutes adjusted to reflect change requested by McHenry last meeting regarding verbatim transcription of his jail motion. Minutes approved. Claims schedule was approved for 2012. Claims approved without Hughes having time to review so he abstained.

Andy Baudendistel- Jury trial in Superior Court 2 involved an accident on Pribble Rd. County was removed from the case. Insurance paid for the legal work.

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Bill Ewbank reported:

RFP Bids/Shumway and Votaw Buildings- going to rebid this.

Commissioners 2012 Meeting Schedule- same as this year. Will have all scheduled in our building- no longer at Lawrenceburg.

Construction documentation firm for Hoosier Square quote for $2800. This will give a photographic history of all work as done and traced to the construction documents. This is a test to see if they will get further county work. Commissioners signed a contract with Multivista for this- with Shane McHenry voting Nay.

WGU Indiana- Governor signed this for completing online college work. Bachelors in 3 years and masters in 4 years possible.

Had a number of requests for surplus vehicles for first responders- he will have a policy for next meeting. County offices will be first priority.

Tom Orschell- Jail Project moving forward- County has a duty to set up a committee to go around in perhaps 3 areas to have meetings to explain to the citizens what we are doing to prevent recidivism in the jail. Also trying to get a GED program in the jail. He will work with the courts to see how to set these up and will keep them informed. Commissioners agreed it was a good idea. McHenry said the expansion of the jail is so they can expand these programs not just lock more people up and throw away the key. Orschell will keep them updated on this.

Shane McHenry- Overtime policy and actual hours worked- had a lot of concerns coming his direction from highway, sheriff, juvenile detention, and 911. They want personal time off and vacation to be counted as actual hours worked and thus to be included in this calculation. Commissioners decided to enact this soon so that it is in effect before the first snow storms come. Sick time and suspension do not count toward this overtime calculation, as suggested by Kreinhop. Pennington will have the policy revised by the next meeting.

Hughes met with Randy Frey hoping to get money for roads.


Sheriff Kreinhop said they lost control boards over the weekend and in order to fix this he needs a signature to get these fixed.
This was to be done with the jail addition. The need has been moved up with the failure over the weekend. They did get short term repairs done by late Monday. He gave them a proposal that was not bid out- though they had 3 quotes from before. This company is the one doing the work at Hoosier Square. They are familiar with the original system. The indoor panels still worked- just the perimeter doors were affected. This equipment is 22 years old. There is no budget for this. They put this as part of the jail expansion. Liz Morris said at Council budget hearings per Dave Hall that they would have to give emergency funds if necessary. They are honoring the prices quoted 18 months ago. Commissioners signed the Security Automation Systems for $292,000 and approved going to Council for this.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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