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20 March 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

20 March 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

Meeting started at 9:25 AM due to executive session running overtime. Commissioners voted to pay the 1st claim not to exceed the original benefits
Upheld the denial of the claim on the 2nd and 3rd Med Ben appeals.


DCRSD Appointment
- Renihan told Hughes they are interviewing candidates tonight at DCRSD meeting and will have it for next meeting .Tabled until then.


Peter Resnick, Dearborn County Hospital- Notice to Remain Independent County Hospital- Because of rumors floating around the past year, the hospital board discussed this for the last 6 months. They voted at the last meeting to issue a statement announcing that they have every intention of remaining an independent hospital. They hope this stabilizes things and eliminated the rumors floating around.
Hughes thanked Resnick for his years of service. Resnick retires May 12th. He introduced Roger Howard as his replacement. Howard was selected from within the hospital staffing and was the best of their nationwide search per Resnick. Hughes wants to see increased services in years to come. McHenry read the notice into the record. It notes within it that St. E’s physicians are also using the DCH as they did before. Commissioners signed the notice along with the trustees of the hospital board who have already signed it. Orschell congratulated Howard and thanked Resnick for his years of service. McHenry and Howard agreed they would not tell any old stories about each other.

Dearborn County Hospital Board Appointment- Robert Schroeder was appointed by commissioners.

Miller 1 Voting Location- Proposed change to Tanner Valley Methodist Church- they weren’t ready to sign this. Randall- the county adm will follow up on this with Pennington and Phil Weaver.. Commissioners were concerned about time deadlines for this. They will use press releases to notify the voters. Randall called Phil Weaver and the deadline in April 9th so they can do this at their April 3rd meeting. Weaver has to firm up some locations first- in West Harrison.

Margaret Minzner- Hardintown Water- gave the commissioners a draft application. In late 2010 Clark from Hardintown looked for a grant option to get Greendale water to them. They have a grant for this, but they need to update the application which is what the commissioners are looking at today. The county would sponsor this and distribute the funds to Greendale for this. Minzner put herself down as the person to be sure these funds get where they should. Deadline is March 31. She wants to get it in as soon as possible. The water is for the communities and businesses in Hardintown. Greendale may annex once the water us in there per Hughes. They already have sewer in there. Orschell reminded everyone that this process was started last year and the ball got dropped then- this is just a reissue of this. Greendale is willing to do this. She said everyone is still OK with the project. Commissioners approved sponsoring the grant for the water.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:

United Consulting- Bridge Inspections- 2011 and 2013 cycles are handled by them. John Klautfelter ( sp?) told them the 102 bridges are inspected twice in the 4 year cycle. This is paid 80/20 with the feds and county. The important report is the priority schedule for repairs or replacements. This is set up with the county’s program in mind. Some of our bridges are already under design. In order to apply for federal funding they have to be under a 50 rating for sufficiency. Special report on the pre-stressed concrete box beam bridges. They are seeing some beam failures. Some can be repaired. They have recommended maintenance schedule. They have safety items list such as guard rails approach signs etc. Posted bridges- 35 of them- are posted for load capacities. There are several historical bridges and their level of registration. The binders that each commissioner are thick reports. Some bridges required in –depth special inspections. Chris Weaver also spoke about the DVD and the interactive maps they were given. They were also given a tutorial on how to use that to link to each bridge in the county.
Orschell noted that out of 102 bridges 22 needed replaced or repaired. Numbers in the report were based on 80/20 federal projects. They can do some local work also on some. Those costs would be different. Commissioners discussed a county bridge on Davidson that was already stressed over the max capacity as it is cracking. The county constructed that in 1985. Commissioners took this information.

Listerman told commissioners they had gotten a special report on the box beam bridges- especially replacing one on Ester Ridge that was less than 20 years old. These others need protective surfaces put on the top of them. They are trying to put concrete decks on the top of the existing structure to extend surface life. He’s also looking to add a bridge on Lower Dillsboro Rd. over 20 ft long- so it is now a bridge and not a small structure. He’s going to council to seek $300,000 for this. This will have a new Bridge number assigned by INDOT. It is small structure 212 now. Commissioners approved Listerman to go to Council for this funding. This bridge is being bid with 2 alternatives. One using existing steel from Collier ridge and the other for concrete box beam.

Commissioners approved Beam Longest and Neff for the storm water drainage project on Stateline Road design. $37,600 maximum. ( Not to Exceed) This is a supplementary contract. They hope to have all ROW secured and utility relocation this year with Spring 2013 to start project. There are still 4 property owners that would not- Teresa Hassett, Grote store, Bueller property and Bright Enterprises. They will get certified state appraisers to follow the federal process even though this is not a federal project. If they won’t accept that- they can go to court to decide. Most of these people are not concerned about the money as much as they aren’t in favor of the project for some reasons. There were over 20 parcels total and only 4 are left. None of these involve closing entrances or anything like that. This will be a big benefit to the local community when done. Commissioners approved getting the documents to Baudendistel to start the efforts to secure the final properties. (Eminent domain?)

Listerman spoke to Mr. Irwin again about Bridge 34 ROW needed. This has been shelved since 2004 and because the bridge is in dire need of replacement. Listerman asked to get the paperwork to Baudendistel to start the process of acquiring the ROW as negotiations are going nowhere. If they don’t replace the bridge they will have to close the bridge ultimately. Funding is all in place from Council. This is just a sliver of property and not near the house. Commissioners approved getting the document s to Baudendistel to start the efforts to secure the final property. (Eminent domain?)

Tim Grieve said FEMA allowed $322,861.21 and $242,142.01 for West Laughery and Hogan Hill respectively which are 80/20 projects. Commissioners approved him going to Council to approve the 20%.

North Dearborn could be piggy backed with the above company doing the FEMA work to get a little better price for estimate of $150,000. There is signage to warn about the slip. It keeps getting worse. They are going to relight the sign. They have to rebuild the existing berm that is completely eroding away. This one is NOT 80/20. Commissioners approved him going to Council for this money.

Weisberg Road Resurfacing Project- 5.38 miles- will take $ 850,000. This includes ditching, lines etc. This goes from SR 48 to Five Points. Small culverts replaced as well. Some are already done. Could add 2.5 Lake Tambo and just under a mile of Benning and then the total will be $1.3 million. Grieve is also working on chip seal program. He’s trying to find some used equipment.

Tom Harris approached the highway dept. from Sunman Dearborn Schools- they want to give them the 3 acre property at Miller and Lawrenceville Road plus the building. Grieve wants it a satellite for salt etc. Baudendistel will talk to Frank Kramer- their attorney to see what this is about.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- $20,000 for St, Leon-and Moores Hill $40,000 for EMS units approved.

Minutes approved Feb 7, Mar 6. Claims approved. One is about getting a fax for use at home when on call. Baudendistel said that prosecutors and judges all have them at home. Pennington wants to see a policy on this. She doesn’t want to tell them how to run your county- and Hughes said it’s everybody’s county. Baudendistel will prepare a policy regarding this fax off site use.

Moores Hill and the tax sale certificate- she has the exact procedure down. Our attorney needs to meet with Moores Hill attorney to have like resolutions made. Then they can sign them and the certificate and they can begin their process. Baudendistel will meet with Watson from Moores Hill.

Kelso township trustee resigned and was independent and Dave Alig will accept the appointment. Commissioners approved him as trustee. Since the trustee was Independent , the commissioners appoint this- it is to finish out the term of about 3 years. Mailing address will be changed and the bank is UCB so that is still OK. There will have to be an audit of change of hands for the bank account by SBOA and will cost extra. Council will need to be notified of this- and Pennington will do that.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- none

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Teresa Randall- thanked the commissioners for appointing her. This is her 10th day. She thanked them for answering her questions. She noted also flags at half mast for the passing of former Judge Anthony C Meyer.

Overview of project updates:
Hoosier Square move- just facilitating all the work done before. They also have RQAW and Seifert on this. They still have money left there. It looks like they will come in at budget.

Working on signage and April 4 meeting to plan move for April 14th. They will be using Community Corrections to help. Getting ADA compliance set up, especially the ramp outside. They have not finished the storm drain in the parking lot. She will meet with RQAW and others from L-bg to find a cost effective answer to this.
Trying to combine the gas meters into one also in the Hoosier Square Building. She also will get one mailing address for that with the post office. (or check Planning office)

Shumway- Votaw demolition project- $119,000 in L-bg budget for this and they want this done. Mario Todd handled this last year so he will handle this so they don’t reinvent the wheel here. There will be issues with fill and grading to get the parking lot created. Mario suggested we need to work with our own county surveyor to get this done- but she thinks we may need our own design firm as the $119,000 seems like a tight budget for even the demolition alone. Listerman was asked if they could do this in house. He said we’d need drawings down to get the drainage right and not affects the neighbors. Permits need to be acquired with the city of Lawrenceburg too. We could get one of our small local firms to help with the geotech work etc. Two contracts- one for demo and one for parking lot and drainage. He thinks a geotech firm is needed so we know what’s in there. A little money up front can save money on the backside. Utilities need to be modified also. Randall will come back to commissioners with estimates. Hughes suggested checking with Art Wenzel too in surveyor office for his expertise. Gravel will be on the lot first prior to asphalt and lighting issues.

Jail expansion project- Council approved RFP funds to hire construction manager. There are only 5-6 IN firms that have jail management experience. She suggested they open that up so they could get more options for management firms. They still have to have experience in a similar project in scope, size, etc. Hughes will let the other commissioners decide this as he is still getting information on the jail. McHenry and Orschell feel it needs to move forward. Both approved over Hughes’s NAY.

Ewbank had been working on statistical info from jail etc. This was to get to the public- Should she continue to move forward on this? She presumes she should- just wanted their direction. Hughes said that it’s important to get stat to public no matter if you are for or against the jail. She will proceed with that.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- McHenry said Community Corrections can’t do Jamison trash p/u as it is a safety issue for them.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Teresa Randall- Adm. Said they will need security in the Hoosier Square building so there will be additional costs there of about $20,000 – they will need additional training of 40 hours so they can carry a taser and firearm. She will go to Council for that. It was brought up at budget hearings, but not approved then. Sheriff Kreinhop sharpened his pencil and this is bare bones. Approved to go to Council.

Whiskey City Metal Sales- Tanya Burdette and Mr. Schinkle -Looking for sponsorship for a grant- metal industry business of over 40 years combined business. Our goal is to buy equipment to roll their own metal. Nearest competitor is 150 miles away. They produce for pole barns, and local vendors, Lowes, Gilmour, etc. Projected to have 10 employees in addition to the two of them. They are locals. She is the manager side and he is the production. Whiskey City Metal Sales is their name. They are looking for a letter of support for the traditional grant from Lawrenceburg Regional Economic Development. Commissioners approved a letter of support.

Bill Black EMA- rapid notify was tested in a recent storm- they are still working out the bugs.


Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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