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3 april 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

3 April 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


DCRSD Appointment- Dennis Folke, a local veterinarian, was appointed to the sewer board.


Voting Location Proposed changes for Miller 1, Logan 1, and Harrison 3- Phil weaver, County Clerk said 42 precincts stayed the same and 3 changed:.
Harrison 3 moved from The Heartland to the Dearborn Hills Methodist Church along with Harrison 2 that is already there.
Logan 1 moved from the Library to the Bright Fire Station.
Miller 1 moved from Miller York FD to Tanner Valley Methodist church on SR1.
They will get these changes posted in the local media per Weaver. On www.indiana voters.com by putting your name and birthdate, it will tell you where you vote and the candidates on the ballot.
Commissioners approved the voting changes. Tanner Valley Methodist user agreement was approved for using their premises for voting.

Policy on equipment for county employee use at home. Baudendistel prepared the resolution, as requested by Gayle Pennington at the last meeting , for judges and others that have faxes in their home for warrants etc. This establishes that the equipment will be returned to the county, unless otherwise agreed upon. Commissioners approved the resolution.

Irene Estes- Connie from Dearborn Hills Methodist Church requested National Day of Prayer- for about ½ hour on Thursday May 3rd. Hughes said he needs all the prayers he can get. The 61st annual prayer day was approved. No one said WHERE the prayer day will be held.

Bonnie Rhodes- Citizen concern regarding structure on Spangler Road- there is a dwelling at the end of her driveway- a shed from the 1960’s across the road. It’s an eyesore. She showed commissioners pictures of it and the doublewide without permits. Apparently someone is living there without any permits on the place. She has talked to a few neighbors about this and all are upset about it going on. There are $300-400,000 homes down there. She wants it removed and Bill Shelton has talked to them about it. They put a whole other side on a modular home without permits. She claims the house has black mold all along the side along the creek. She wants to know why they don’t have to abide by the law.
Bill Shelton said he and Ron (from Planning Dept) went there. His main issue was safety with the home and they took care of those issues. They are cleaning up from a fire 2 years ago and they are getting permits retroactively. Shelton asked for 2-3 months for them to see if they could get the improvements accomplished. They will make monthly inspections on this. They don’t want to kick them out of the house- first try to fix the issues. The Hopkins’s are working with the Building Dept. Rhodes claims there are no footers poured on the addition.
Baudendistel said there are no laws on eyesores. Rhodes said the shed (not the doublewide) is unsafe- the whole back is out. Shelton has not inspected the shed. The double wide has been there since the 1990s. She moved in knowing this was there. Her brother in law owned it before. Rhodes is concerned that commissioners are allowing people to break the county laws. She says they can fine them for doing things without a permit. These fines would be more than what the place is worth. She thinks this is unfair to the others who abide by the laws. McHenry said that she won’t be happy unless a bulldozer goes in and demolishes the whole place. We’re not saying this is fine- but we are trying to make the best of a bad situation. He said he understands her frustration. Rhodes will try another avenue- and she thanked them for her time. She really does not want to let this situation go. The property owner said the commissioners were welcome to come out and check their progress. She said they clean things up at their home at 15377 Spangler Road. They don’t have a junkyard there like some people… referring to tires in Rhodes backyard.

Signature of letter and title for sale of sheriff’s vehicle (2007 Dodge Durango) to Bright Fire Dept. McHenry said they need a 4-wheel drive in Bright at times. Commissioners approved and Hughes signed the paperwork.

Steve Walker-Park Board- board resignation (Shawn Simons) and new recommendation – Dave Mattlin, who has experience in construction with his own company. The board said this would enhance the board’s skill set. Commissioners approved Dave Mattlin’s appointment.
Walker discussed property on County Farm Road and asked that if the Animal Control is demolished or sold, that the Park Board could use some of the facilities there and rework it into a visitors center/restroom facility. Orschell said he thinks it would be a good idea for the Parks. Walker thought Dave Mattlin could help them decide the feasibility of t his. Commissioners are open to taking a look at the transfer possibly.
Walker passed out the 2011 annual Park’s report.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Tim Grieve- Highway Superintendent said he’s coming with his hands out again- highways are an expensive business. He wants to buy a new Mack tandem dump truck, and a mowing tractor, and a single axle. This would complete the items scheduled for 2012. The original schedule was set in 2005. They have modified it a bit to reflect more urgent needs. The total is $420,000. The dept maintains the trucks well. Commissioners gave permission to go to Council for an additional for this.
Baudendistel talked to Frank Kramer about the building at Lawrenceville and Miller Roads. They will draw up papers to transfer it like they did with the Votaw Building. They will pursue that.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- Tanner Valley Church agreement was passed out. It’s a standard agreement they use for receptions etc. They are waiving deposit and fee is only $50. This is for the voting precinct.
The deadline for Lawrenceburg’s traditional grant expired and she put a grant in for $130,000 to help with the parking lot issues at the Hoosier Square building. She hopes to hear from them in May. Hughes approved her doing this and commissioners ratified this tonight.
She put out construction managers RFQS and will bring the short list to them soon.
They are still working on the drainage issues at Hoosier Square. She and Orschell met with Mike Clark there. She will have quotes within a couple weeks on that also. That is beyond the budget. They are looking for a long term solution. Orschell said pumping to the street is a permanent fix and French drain repair is 10 years or so.
McHenry commended Terry for getting the grant on short notice.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Has an ordinance to amend the personnel policy to show we are an EOE. Equal Opportunity Employer. We fill out a form on every employee and all contractors have to show they have complied with the e-verify system. We have been following this federal rule- but need to amend the policy to reflect this. Baudendistel read the ordinance into the record. Commissioners approved this ordinance.
Commissioners approved March 20th minutes correcting Robert Howard to ROGER Howard. Commissioners approved all claims.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- For next meeting he will bring material on the HVL officers and sheriff’s office and HVL POA. Tabled until next meeting.
For next meeting there will be a resolution for tax certificate on the Moore’s Hill building.
McCormack will be here at next meeting for the rezoning of Harrison Township property.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

Hey, Rhodes!

Quit your bitching!

If such an "old" property structure is "now" depressing your property values, then it, assuredly, permitted you to purchase your property at a bargain rate.

Grow up!

Do not move near a "nuisance" then complain of the "nuisance."

Truly Concerned said...

This whole complaint by Rhodes, seems just so mean spirited, like she's being the neighborhood bully, wanting fines placed upon her neighbor and even calling for her neighbor to be kicked out of their humble home, why because she ans the other more affluent neighbors don't like it, Geez, whatever happen to love thy neighbor, why doesn't she use her energy to gather the other neighbors and help this neighbor fix the shed, apparently they have means they could love and help this neighbor instead of trying to inflict harm on them when their down. This just kind seems a bit cruel and Baundistel is right for sticking up for this property owner. If you can afford to live in $300,000 home whats a $2000 between several neighbors to help someone in need? Why do you have to act so ugly? That love thy neighbor, Commandment God means it.