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7 August 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

7 August 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

There was no PA system at this meeting.


Maintenance for DC Vehicles (tabled)

Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway (tabled)They are still exchanging information with INDOT. They are still waiting for clarification from INDOT.

OKI Funding Contract/agreement (tabled until Aug 21st)


Jodi Comer, SIRPC- Sarah (? last name)presented-  signature on sub-recipient semi-annual reports for CAC- Children’s Advocacy Center- they will have 3 years in operation in September. She passed out their interview numbers and stats. Hughes signed the reports with the commissioners approval.

Hrezo Engineering- Update on Hardintown Water Project – A bid of $97,982 for CH&M ( Jeff Meinders) from Milan was low bidder and commissioners accepted that bid. They have done other projects for the county in the past. This is subject to final approval by the city of Greendale per their interlocal agreement on this project. They plan to start as soon as possible. There is a 10 day period for the bidder to get his bonds signed etc. Greendale will determine the rates for hook up as it is their utility. Hrezo will meet with Steve Lampert from Greendale about the rates and will let Margaret Minzner know tomorrow.

ADA Transition Plan- adoption by board of commissioners- Feds require this Transition Plan to be adopted by the end of 2012. If not they risk getting any federal money. He County Administrator is the ADA Coordinator. All physical facilities were evaluated. They are recommending $66,000 in improvements in 2013 and 2014. They had to have this for the budget process for 2013. They have a procedure for filing a grievance or complaint. They have an online form for them to request ADA assistance if they have a need. Our website is not ADA compliant. They will have to see what that will cost. This will be part of a new website improvement plan. Signage and door handles are some of the big issues also. They will cross train so that there is more than one person who can handle ADA issues. All employees need to be aware of what to do for disabled people to help accommodate their needs. Commissioners adopted the transition plan and thanked the committee for their work. Orschell also noted that it’s a living document that requires it be revisited every couple of years.

Jail Architect Contract- Andy Baudendistel and Randall wanted to slash some items from that. They want to have it tabled to go through it to be sure before they ask for signatures. They tabled it until the next meeting.

Bill Black EMA- Interstate Mutual Aid Agreement  with Cambell county KY–this will only be signed for county resources- not any other city resources. It will also have to be sent up to the state attorney general to approve per Baudendistel. They also need to have fees assigned for excess hours worked over 12 hours or so. Those fees are reimbursed at the rate of pay that government entity has for their people. This is not for federal disasters aid projects as much as for other issues. This allows Campbell County, KY to help us and their certifications are valid here. Their insurance and liability covers them when they are here and ours covers us when we go to their states. These agreements also work with intra state cooperation. Commissioners signed the Mutual Aid Agreement. There will probably be others for other KY counties in the future.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer- bid opening Weisberg,  Lake Tambo, and Benning Road paving and $989,328- O Mara was the lowest bid ($1.44 million was Rohe’s bid.) O Mara was awarded the contract. We had originally estimated $1.3 million.

Change order request for $0 for Barricade type 3 A’s and using 3 Bs- so this makes the paperwork correct. Commissioners approved this on North Dearborn Road.

Stateline Rd.- first Financial Bank does not want to negotiate while they are selling their property so they were advised they will be condemned. Last contact was in March of 2012. Commissioners want a concrete answer from Gabe of  Beam Longest and Neff on the ROW project and Charles Carrier of First Financial. Baudendistel will do this. Thom Blondell is representing 2 other condemnation proceedings up there. They hope to have a settlement offer from them per Baudendistel. This will all come back at the next commissioners meeting for a decision.

Tim Grieve, Highway Superintendent- all slip repairs they had contracted are completed. Interviewed for county supervisor position this week. Asphalt contract is coming in with Listerman’s report. They are also finished with their budget requests and advertising.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall:

First jail committee meeting and touring of other jails in areas in the region. Council has not allocated the $9.3 milliion yet until they get detailed budget. The architect has to draw several more drawings and so some money will have to be allowed for that. She needs funds to continue working on the project. She recommends that she go for $350,000 out of the total of $9.3 million. The architect fees are $425,000. $359,900 is what Maxwell gets for construction management. So she needs some of this money to get started. She has advertised this and will request this at the Council budget hearings. Commissioners approved with Hughes abstaining.

Hoosier Square Update- CSX  right of way sent in and hopes to get a response. For the fiberoptic cable. They have  a$1250 application fee already sent in. There may be more fees on this- she isn’t sure yet. The staircase rebuild at Hoosier Square was given to Marshall Enterprises- but both inspectors feel like the design is not adequate. So he has withdrawn. Commissioners rescinded Marshall enterprises contract as they withdrew. Maxwell was the only other bidder at $20,300 and they will move the plumbing and electrical. Commissioners awarded the bid to Maxwell Construction. (Maxwell built the building originally and now that it’s being redone the code has changed so they have to use the new codes for these stairs.)

Votaw Demolition Update- Land Consultants, Hrezo Engineering, and Mike Hall Surveying  were invited. Two bids were received. ( Hall declined due to workload) Hrezo ‘s bid was lowest at $4500 fee  and would take care of Shumway also. Land Consultants was over $7000 for both buildings. Commissioners approved the bid to Hrezo Engineering for $4500.

Heart House IHCEA certification from July 30th and Orschell was the only one available to sign this grant availability. No county money for this. Orschell signed and ratification is needed for that signature. Approved.

Old police dept radios for Aurora and light bar for Moores Hill- Baudendistel researched and they can exchange these. These do not have to be advertised or put out for sale per IC. He can draft something on this for last week. They will also check into the item for 4H on the cages at the old Animal Shelter with Phil Weaver.

She was contacted by Ewan Law office on the Spirea bushes at the Votaw building side and it has already been moved per Baudendistel.

Auction sometime in September.

Proposed Designated Smoking Areas – the proposed areas are one per building and sometimes two if the public and employees are in separate areas. Commissioners approved those spots for now. They will be adding signage and benches will be borrowed from other sites. If they decide to become smoke free they should give some notice of the deadline date for that. Employee benefits pay for the first prescription to stop smoking. Sign costs are about $20-25 each. Encourage employees to quit. Baudendistel will prepare the paperwork for the next meeting. No smoking in county vehicles.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- July 17th minutes approved.  Three 10-man tents were given to boy scouts and a girl scout troop. These were from the feds to the sheriff’s dept originally.

Claims were approved and room reservations for a conference that are not needed were called to her attention by McHenry and so she will void that for $416.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Joint resolution and interlocal agreement for $119,477 for demolition of Votaw and Shumway building from Lawrenceburg. Bills will be submitted to Lawrenceburg.  Approved and signed. Mayor Carr still has to sign them. They were reviewed by Joe and Leslie Votaw attorneys for the City of Lawrenceburg.

Officer Prarat and Merit Board passed a bylaw that a retired officer can carry their firearm anywhere in the US for a $10 processing fee. He will prepare an ordinance for that. Randall will prepare a letter to Lawrenceburg thanking them for these funds.




Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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