Tuesday, September 04, 2012

4 September 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes
Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry (who arrived at 6:15 PM)
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.
Moment of silence for Elwood Benning who was with EMA for about 38 years.

OKI Funding Contract/Agreement- tabled
Assessor’s Contract Revision- Gary Hensley- just a redo based on some federal law regarding Iran and e-verify. Andy Baudendistel has reviewed it. Approved $49,600 contract with Tyler Technologies.
HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer- not present- on vacation.

Tim Grieve, Highway Superintendent- went to budget hearings- approved chip seal contract for 2012. Council approved buying the O’Mara millings from North Dearborn road and they will take them to Wessler Road near there. Council agreed to let them purchase a new tractor this year also as a replacement.

Fire and EMS Updates- asked to table this until the next meeting, She has some people she needs to meet with to finalize her presentation. Tabled.
Jail Project – Preliminary Design Presentation- Council approved a $350,000 appropriation on this.
Presentation was from Mark from Rosser regarding additions and renovations. Their mission was: To passionately design and build quality jail with unquestionable return on investment. They designed several concept schemes. They divided things into 3 categories. Option #3 was the desirable option. They were trying to maximize bed-space thru dormitory style housing, and flexibility on future bed needs. They are connecting to the existing building at a 45 degree angle. They are looking at A and B dormitories with about 32 beds each. This works because the existing jail has more beds already that are more secure. Sixteen bed dormitories for each J-CAP program (male and female each) They have 8 bed dormitory near the laundry and kitchen. The indoor rec area can later become 32 bed unit. Specialty housing on 2nd floor for J-CAP grads that are still serving time but attending meetings downstairs with other J-CAPs.  Existing kitchen area may become beds or medical areas. Remodeling law enforcement area and remodeled lobby with video conference units to cut down on movement of prisoners and increasing security. Remodeling areas of basement also.
Next step is for the construction manager to put some firm dollar amounts on this. They are working with the sheriff’s staff to see where all the current inmates fit into this plan. They also are checking into staffing needs. He thinks he has a good committee that is wrestling with solving the problems and budget constraints. Orschell noted that by decreasing doors they also have less toilet and plumbing facilities by sharing things within a dormitory style. The plumbing can be centralized also rather than one unit per 2 inmates in a cell. It cuts down walls and doors.
[NOTE: Shane McHenry arrived at this point]
Teresa Randall – said that they have  a talented  J-CAP person on the committee. This doubles are occupants and also adds the graduate program for J-CAP. Mark from Rosser said that J-CAP hasn’t been around that long, but thinks this will further enhance the success of the J-CAP program. Randall said that they have toured other jails to see a variety of design. She believes the dormitory style may help reduce recidivism by keeping first time offenders away from hardened criminals. There is also some peer pressure to keep the inmates on a better path. McHenry asked what they have to cut out if it becomes a price issue. Mark said some of the units or remodeling areas might be able to be cut. Detox padded cells in the medical area might wait to be added later, for example also. The committee will prioritize the cuts – not Rosser International  or Maxwell Construction. McHenry said he wants to focus on the needed beds and the other wish list is secondary.  Mark said they want to have they appropriate project that meets the needs of the community within the budget. Randall said that the committee will reconvene on the 21st. She asked commissioners to direct anyone with questions to come to them. She wants this to be open with communication. McHenry said he wanted to be sure some people didn’t lose sight of the goals or were trying to take advantage to get something that they might not be able to get. He expressed full confidence in both Rosser and Maxwell stating that was why they entered into contracts with them.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- claims approved.

Margaret Minzner- GIS coordinator- they received a grant from DC Foundation for automatic vehicle location and tracking for 911 dispatch.  WTH is the vendor and the commissioners signed the agreement.  She announced she is leaving the county employment after  7.5 years as of Friday this week and expressed positive comments about her time here. This project will proceed thru Ron Barnhardt in Planning office so that it will get completed.  Orschell said it was a real pleasure working with her and she’s always helped him right away. McHenry agreed and said they have helped them out a lot and move dteh county forward. Hughes said it was only a matter of time before someone snapped her up. Pennington thanked ron for stepping up to finish this one off. Margaret said she still lives in the county and can be contacted with questions if needed.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- agreement with CH&M Excavating for the Hardintown project. They need to vote to ratify Hughes’s signature. Approved.

There are ordinance change packets to review for next meeting from Planning and Zoning.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Orschell reminded them of the marathon for Jack’s Forever in Bright this weekend.

McHenry asked about the burn ban. Bill Black said they could lift the county wide ban and leave it up to the fire chiefs in each area to decide what to do. Commissioners agreed to lift the ban and leave it up to the fire chiefs.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Randall said the county owns property in Hardintown and hopes it is not a problem that the water line is going under that right of way. They will sign off on that this week to keep that project moving. 

Bill Black said they purchased the Rapid Notify system and it has been used twice recently. They also got over 200 people to volunteer to help find that lost person. McHenry said their volunteer fire and ems were also invaluable in this search. He said that was why je loves this county- we are blessed with people that come out and help.


Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township



Anonymous said...

Question: Did McHenry want to focus on medical beds or just beds? I ask because it's my understanding there are no medical beds. So is this what he meant?

cebmueller said...

I believe he meant beds in general.