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REORGANIZATION MEETING - January 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

REORGANIZATION MEETING - January 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, who was elected President below, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

This meeting started late and was preceded by an executive session on pending litigation. Commissioners decided to take no action at this time per attorney’s recommendation.

Election of Board President- Shane McHenry


Dept. Heads:

County Attorney- Andy Baudendistel

County Engineer- Todd Listerman

County Highway Supervisor- Tim Grieve

Building Inspector- Bill Shelton

Emergency Management- Bill Black currently- but tabled until next meeting at Lynch’s request as he wanted to review the laws on it.

911 Director- Charlie Ashley

Veterans Service Officer-Mike Burgess

Maintenance Supervisor- Eric Hartman

Animal Control Director- Marlene Underwood

County Administrator- Teresa Randall

Boards Commissioners Serve- (All serve on Solid Waste Board and Drainage Board)

Common Construction Wage- ShaneMcHenry

Juvenile Board- Shane McHenry

Emergency Management- Shane McHenry

Redevelopment Commission- Kevin Lynch

OKI- Kevin Lynch

Plan Commission- Art Little

Personnel Advisory-Shane McHenry, as it has to be Commissioner President

SIRPC- SE Indiana Regional Planning Commission- Kevin Lynch

Citizen Boards:

Plan Commission- Jake Hoog

Health Board- Gerald Miller and Dr Harban S Gill

Cemetery Board- Chris McHenry

Community Corrections Advisory Board- tabled for documentation from them

Regional Sewer District- Steve Renihan

Alcohol Beverage Board- Jim Dole

Park Board- Dave Mattlin

Convention Visitors Bureau- tabled for proper documentation form them

PTABOA- Property Tax Assessment Board- tabled until ordinance is ready to change to 3 member board.

911 Communications Board- Glenn Brandt and Ed Opp currently- tabled to talk to Life Squad about them

Aurora Public Library- Sue Manford and ?? Burkhardt

Hospital Board- tabled until next meeting

Lawrenceburg Public Library- Dan Toon (retroactive to June 2012 and formally appoint him now)

OKI- Donnie Hastings

ADA Coordinator- Teresa Randall


NEW BUSINESS: meeting dates and times for 2013- For Jan and Feb it is the first Tuesday at 6 PM and the 3rd Tuesday at 9 am. After March 1st First Tuesdays at 9 AM and 3rd Monday at 6 PM.

Commissioners also accepted the auditor’s claims schedule.


Ratify signature on Risk Insurance Applications that Shane McHenry had to sign. They did get renewal rates they are satisfied with. They changed some of the insurance carriers to get better rates. Policy disclosure and notice of terrorism to be rejected as our policy covers this already. Trident insurance LLC.

You can relook at that at any time per Randall.

Western World Insurance Group Public Entity application signature also ratified.

Law Enforcement Liability had to get changed to Public Risk Underwriters of Texas. Signature ratified.

Workers Comp Insurance even though a positive trend required a 12% increase, but the other insurances we hold were less so the 8% insurance increase across the board still worked with the budget. Indiana Public Employers Fund- signature ratified. McHenry praised them for their hard work keeping these rates down.

Shumway/Votaw Demolition Contract- Randall gave a brief history of this to bring new commissioners up to speed. AFM Demolition $115,347 is the low bidder. Baudendistel reviewed contract and had no issues. All bills to be sent to Lawrenceburg for payment per Baudendistel. Commissioners approved and signed the contract. Form 96 – accepting the contractor’s bid required by SBOA ( State Board of Accounts) was also signed after Baudendistel reviewed it.  

Bob Hrezo told commissioners they would get bids for site work and so forth after the demolition has occurred. Baudendistel wanted to know the date of the demolition so they could cancel court on those days due to the noise level. Hrezo agreed to notify him.

Barnes & Thornburg Contract- lobbyists for us in Indy. They increased the services last year with Council. Randall and Baudendistel had reviewed this. They help with economic development in Indy and other items per McHenry. Lynch motioned and Little seconded to accept this contract. Passed.  [NOTE: Barnes and Thornburg contributed $500 to Lynch’s campaign. The lobbyist fee is $48,000/year per Baudendistel’s reply during public comment below in these notes. What has the lobbyist done for the county recently? Has anyone calculated a ROI ( return on investment) on these lobbyists lately?]

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Public Official Bond for Rick Probst, County Clerk- required Commissioners signature and also one for Phil Weaver, Treasurer. Signed.

Pennington will have all the other bonds for other officials at the next meeting.

Resolution regarding Public Disclosure of Contracts with relatives of county officials. They can only enter into contracts with relatives of officials if disclosures are signed and filed. They must annually certify in writing that they have not violated this resolution. Resolution 2013-001 was passed.

Minutes of last year were sent for signatures from the previous commissioners.

Claims were approved and signed.

$40,000 for Bright VFD for emergency was submitted for both squads. Randall reminded commissioners that they might want to look at how they want to apportion this payout for 2013 as they had indicated they might change this. Commissioners tabled this until next meeting to look into this further.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel – Hensley the assessor had asked for PTABOA ordinance to reduce the board to three. Baudendistel read the ordinance into the record. This reduces the costs $6-7,000 a year. The board will be politically neutral unless they can’t find a certified person to fulfill that requirement. Commissioners approved the ordinance. Hensley wants more appraisals to take to hearings on tax issues at the state level. The board can go back to 5 members at any time.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Kevin Lynch- read a statement saying he was honored and humbled to serve as commissioner and appreciated Phil Darling running a good campaign against him and glad to see him here tonight. He looks forward to working with everyone. He thinks the county has been a leader in the past and can be in the future. He said they must act in a financially sound manner. They need to reach out to the statehouse. We will certainly face adversity.  He challenged commissioners to work hard.

Art Little also was honored and humbled and need to keep in mind that we are public servants. They will do the best they can.

McHenry congratulated all who were reappointed or appointed.


PUBLIC COMMENT- Phil Darling asked what the Barnes and Thornburg contract. $48,000 and it was retroactive to November 2012 thru Oct 2013 per Baudendistel.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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